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  • Summary: Travel to distant worlds of epic fantasy-filled lands, perilous dungeons and bloodstained battlefields. Join a troop of courageous heroes to battle the forces of darkness, or brawl alongside evil cohorts bent on destruction and chaos. Battle hundreds of creatures and recover unknown treasures as you strive to be crowned champion. [3DO] Expand
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  1. 69
    It is on the cusp of being a fun game, but the lack of editing capability and the omission of offline bots severely limit its replay value.
  2. An unbalanced and unoriginal game that has been done better many times before.
  3. LoMaM isn’t a bad game it’s just unoriginal and stuck in mediocrity...lacks that little spark of magic to make it worth a purchase.
  4. Legends isn't so much bad as brutally derivative. Fans of Counter-Strike will certainly find some fun within these castle walls, but ultimately will likely opt for a more legendary adventure.
  5. A mediocre offering. While it has its fun moments, and some of the maps are intriguing, Legends ultimately comes across as lacking ingenuity.
  6. Nothing more than a total cock-up, an uninventive and technically poor copy of several games, primarily Counter-Strike, which was meant to achieve a lot and actually achieved nothing.
  7. A feeling of been there, done that, with some poor game design choices that limit the fun.

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