Links 2001 PC


Generally favorable reviews - based on 22 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 20 out of 22
  2. Negative: 0 out of 22
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  1. Daily Radar
    This, as of right now, is the de facto standard in high-end golf games, and no golf-game fan should be without it.
  2. 92
    The graphics are jaw dropping and simply the best ever in a golf simulation.
  3. PC Gamer
    Any one of the "Big Three" is a good choice. I'll choose this one, thank you. [Jan 2001, p.165]
  4. Antagonist
    Above and beyond the course designer, the online play, or the graphics, this is what makes Links 2001 the golf game of champions in my mind -- the ability to create an even playing field for anyone who wants to join in.
  5. The new 3D graphical rendering engine and photorealistic environments help to breathe new life to the series, finally trading in the carbon copy backdrops for lifelike and truly beautiful settings.
  6. With the significantly improved graphics engine, the wealth of options and an extremely powerful course editor, the trip to pick up a copy of Links 2001 may be your best drive to date.
  7. CNET Gamecenter
    When you get right down to it, this is the best-looking, best-playing, and most full-featured golf game on the market, bar none.
  8. Good, very good. Excellent playability, a large selection of game modes, five good courses included, and improved graphics over the last version. What would I like to see? More pros, better chatter from the pros and players, and I would also like to see a build-a-player mode.
  9. The 3D accelerated graphics are a big boost in my eyes and the addition of the APCD is going to give this sim the legs it's been lacking in recent years.
  10. Simply the best golfing simulation available right now.
  11. While the course selection features slim pickings, the inclusion of the Arnold Palmer Course Designer is a welcome sight, and one that will undoubtedly excite the Links community as a whole.
  12. While Links 2001 isn't sufficiently superior enough to pull anyone away from "PGA Championship Golf," it'll definitely please Links fans, especially once the promised course-converter becomes available.
  13. 85
    If you've ever wanted to design your own courses, this is probably the closest you'll ever actually get to the dream, so you may want to jump at the chance.
  14. Da Gameboyz
    As close to golf you're going to get this winter. The only thing missing from this one are the beverages, the golf carts, and the camaraderie between friends.
  15. Total Video Games
    If you are an avid ... aficionado [of the sport], the included course designer makes Links worth more than its $55 retail price.
  16. Next time, the developers should do something about the voice acting and maybe add a more intuitive real-time mouse-swing system, and then we'd have an undisputed champion.
  17. It plays a rockin' good round of golf, and looks simply stunning into the bargain.
  18. CheckOut
    With the addition of the course designer and the improved graphics engine, diehard Links fans will definitely want to get their hands on this year's model.
  19. A decent golf game, but has it's share of problems.
  20. Its gameplay was relatively good, but there is still room for improvement. The sound quips in the game could use some improvement and features such as the course editor could clearly use more work.

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