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  • Summary: Features an all-new graphics rendering engine, perfected ball physics, new tour players and courses, and the new Arnold Palmer Course Designer (APCD). [Microsoft]
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  1. Daily Radar
    This, as of right now, is the de facto standard in high-end golf games, and no golf-game fan should be without it.
  2. PC Gamer
    Any one of the "Big Three" is a good choice. I'll choose this one, thank you. [Jan 2001, p.165]
  3. The new 3D graphical rendering engine and photorealistic environments help to breathe new life to the series, finally trading in the carbon copy backdrops for lifelike and truly beautiful settings.
  4. While Links 2001 isn't sufficiently superior enough to pull anyone away from "PGA Championship Golf," it'll definitely please Links fans, especially once the promised course-converter becomes available.
  5. Da Gameboyz
    As close to golf you're going to get this winter. The only thing missing from this one are the beverages, the golf carts, and the camaraderie between friends.
  6. Next time, the developers should do something about the voice acting and maybe add a more intuitive real-time mouse-swing system, and then we'd have an undisputed champion.
  7. Spank!
    Me, I'm gonna have another go, but I'm odd like that.

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