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  • Summary: Against a futuristic backdrop of corporate, religious and political intrigue, players will take up the quest of Mace Griffin, once a valued member of an elite police force, The Rangers. Griffin becomes the unsuspecting pawn in a sabotaged incident that kills his comrades and disbands the Rangers, and earns him a 10-year stint behind bars. Emerging from prison hardened and bitter, he becomes a bounty hunter, a vocation that gives him access to classified information and a means to aggressively search for the people who set him up to fall. The character of Mace Griffin is being brought to life by hard rock front man, actor and spoken word artist, Henry Rollins. [Mumbo Jumbo] Expand
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  1. Despite the game's derivative nature, lack of multiplayer, and slightly dated technology, there's a fairly entertaining experience to be had here.
  2. 63
    Going from ground combat to space combat in a seamless transition is a cool idea, but because of some limited creative design and occasionally lackluster execution, Mace's one advantage over other FPS' has gone to waste.
  3. Because for all it brings to the table - space combat, Halo's shield, varied levels - not one single aspect is truly worthy of praise.
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  1. Vik
    Feb 7, 2005
    God game, god history, sound all, 4 cds, god game.
  2. Oct 16, 2013
    The PC version of this game is not very good..
    It has lousy controls, no where near enough checkpoints and the difficulty increases
    exponentially. Not to mention all the bugs.
    I played this game as a kid, and resonantly I tried it aging. It simply makes me want to tear my hair out.
    I know that it is an old game but I simply cannot forgive how ridiculously hard the game becomes towards the end. There is no way to adjust the difficulty level either.
    In what I believe is the final stages of the game it is almost unplayable due to the insanely hard difficulty and the extreme lack of checkpoints. It is nearly impossible!

    The story-line is quite interesting though, and the animations and graphics are really good for it's time!
    I really love how you can walk around inside your spaceship while flying! That is a feature I haven't seen ever since.

    Interesting game-play, but nearly unplayable towards the end.