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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 43 out of 47
  2. Negative: 0 out of 47
  1. One of the most beautiful games to hit home computers in a long time.
  2. This is a very modest game with big ambitions. I don't think I've played a game since Portal which is such few things to complain about. It costs $20 and you should be playing it right now.
  3. 100
    Aside from the lameness of the tutorial minigame and the occasional obtuse puzzle, this is indie gold. A fantastic, rewarding, deeply satisfying adventure with one of the most beautiful game worlds you'll see this side of a team Ico game; it's a rare must-play.
  4. Playing it is a pleasure for the mind and the senses, ever stimulating and ready to surprise and make us smile.
  5. The adventure in the world of Machinarium is an exciting discovery of beautifully designed details and strange machines, which will entangle the player in an alien world made of weird laws, defining a new way for the point and click genre.
  6. games(TM)
    Remakes and IP revivals may be raking in the big bucks at the moment, but this artistically unique original is the game that really deserves your love and respect. [Nov 2009, p.106]
  7. We have the chance to take part in a journey that for style and atmosphere has not been experienced before; not in the videogame industry.
  8. That aside, this is the best time I've had with an adventure game – 2D or 3D, big or small budget – this year. With an original charm all its own, Machinarium is a real winner and an instant classic.
  9. Some hiccups notwithstanding, Machinarium is just plain one of the best adventure games ever made.
  10. Machinarium is one of the best games of the year. It stands as a pillar of excellence for all independent developers, and will undoubtedly be revered for years to come.
  11. One of the greatest PC games that we've tried so far this year is a puzzle game mixed with stunning graphics. A truly robotical adventure that's meant to be one of this year's GOTY without any doubt.
  12. Machinarium's distinct visual style and seamless animations are etched with a staggering level of detail, and few games come close to possessing the sheer beauty found here.
  13. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Fascinating and touching story of a little robot in a vast mechanical city excels in every aspect. Most unusual adventure game you can find these days. [Nov 2009]
  14. Amanita has put a lot of effort in all details, creating an adventure like no other we've seen in the latest years.
  15. 90
    Machinarium wants to tell you a story, it needs you to eek your way through it, and the artists have clearly sweated buckets of WD40 in creating a world originally brilliant for you to absorb, but it isn't 'free'. Your payment (besides the 11 GBP it costs) is the dying brain cells and droplets of blood forming on your forehead as you ponder another conundrum. But pay gladly my friends, because this is a kind of value you'll rarely see in any world, mechanical or otherwise. Savour it too, because Machinarium will pay you back tenfold.
  16. With a brilliant musical score, gorgeous artwork, solid adventuring mechanics, and a ton of other generic positive reviewer comments I can heap on it, Machinarium is elevated from merely good to gaming greatness, and I can only hope that the minds at Amanita produce some more masterpieces like this one
  17. The charm of Machinarium is the perfect play between the magic of the setting, the mysterious characters, little visual details and the soundtrack who binds it all together. This reanimation of a extinct and decapitated genre is still going strong, between all the great games coming out on the market these days. It gives us hope about the future of point-and-click.
  18. Machinarium demonstrates, once again, how ideas and creativity in the world of video games today can impress the public, despite the current gaming market being governed by graphics and constant run-up to the latest technological developments. Proudly presenting an unique nature, and belonging to a genre of videogames that is unfortunately going to disappear, Machinarium stands out for originality, thanks to the stunning quality and many hours of puzzles and fun filled with really interesting ideas.
  19. Total PC Gaming
    Imaginative and memorable. It really blew us away! [Issue #27, p.56]
  20. The few complaints I had were pretty nitpicky, and the issues are outweighed by the number of good qualities. Obviously, fans of point-and-click games check this out, but even if you weren't a fan of the genre in the past, this might help to change your mind. Machinarium may not have gotten the attention it deserved earlier in the year, but it's never too late to play a fantastic game.
  21. 90
    The game is worth experiencing for the atmosphere alone – it's a great world to get caught up in, yet at the same time it's very easy to simply dip your toe once in a while.
  22. 90
    A brilliantly crafted, imaginatively realised and totally engrossing independent game.
  23. The unusual graphics are nice, and the puzzles are not only mindboggling, but also great fun. Machinarium shows what you can do with simplest methods.
  24. Therefore, Machinarium can be considered a very successful adventure game, which I recommend to any player, be it or not a passionate of the genre.
  25. PC Format
    It's as accessible and charming as any Pixar creation, and it's completely won over this reviewer's heart. [Christmas 2009, p.95]
  26. Machinarium is an old-school Adventure, and a must-buy for hardcore fans of the point and click genre.
  27. This is excellent, independent game design - a small, self-contained, and awesome experience, easily justifying the $20 asking price
  28. Some games need to be on your hard drive, for yourself, your family, your friends. Machinarium is one of them. It’s a supremely accessible, lavishly illustrated, and beautifully scored point and click adventure, with charmingly conceived (at times madly detailed) puzzles, genuine humor, and tin men with big hearts.
  29. Pelit (Finland)
    Machinarium is a successful mix of unique audiovisual atmosphere and traditional point-and-click adventuring. While the character control is a bit flimsy, beautiful hand drawn graphics and funny puzzles make it a true gem among indie games. [Feb 2010]
  30. Machinarium is a great, sweet, charming game. Period. Yep, sometimes, it's too difficult, but the idea of the built-in walkthrough is awesome, you'll understand every emotion and hint without having to read a single word, and it's starring a robot. Yeah.
  31. It's fun to freely explore the gloomy city now that Amanita Design got rid of their bite-sized locations. This is a full-fledged, mature adventure game. Hang around just for a minute, and you'll take a liking to this odd-looking world.
  32. It's a been a while since we've had a proper puzzle flavored adventure game and in that sense Machinarium brings more than a satisfactory choice of challenges. If it weren't for certain gameplay mishaps, the game would've got more attention altogether.
  33. 81
    Machinarium is a must-play for point-and-click fans. It hearkens back to the early days of the genre with a brutal level of difficulty that will keep you puzzled for hours.
  34. But the puzzles themselves are nearly an unmitigated joy.
  35. Machinarium is a treat for the senses that demands more of your brain, a paradoxically gentle yet punishing riff on a genre that, until now, had been revived but sadly defanged for modern players.
  36. Machinarium is the most unusual adventure of 2009. It's part of the game to find out how everything works and what you have to do. What happens if you turn this machine on or pull that lever? Bit by bit everything makes sense and only at the end of the game you'll understand it. This game is a step in the right direction to evolve video games.
  37. A picture is worth a thousand words in this charming point-and-click adventure.
  38. AceGamez
    Machinarium is a solid and thoroughly enjoyable point and click adventure and while it's not without fault, these are passing annoyances rather than sticking points that will sour the experience.
  39. PC PowerPlay
    A spectacular heart-warming and utterly enchanting adventure. [Christmas 2009, p.66]
  40. An overall amazingly crafted game made.
  41. PC Gamer
    A delightful adventure with clever puzzles, a great atmospheric soundtrack and superbly stylized art. [Jan 2010, p.75]
  42. A unique and sometimes strange adventure experience. Sweet graphics and excellent design have to make up for some awkward puzzles and overall weak controls, though.
  43. 75
    However these shortcomings of our metal clad hero does not change the fact that Machinarium is a great addition to the classic adventure genre, and should be played by anyone who enjoys these types of games.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 536 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 76 out of 95
  2. Negative: 5 out of 95
  1. krise
    Jan 21, 2010
    Wonderfully artistic with extreme detail, lovable characters and interesting puzzles which clue you to the next level. Absolutely gorgeous! I Wonderfully artistic with extreme detail, lovable characters and interesting puzzles which clue you to the next level. Absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait for Amanita Design's next adventure. Full Review »
  2. Jul 9, 2011
    This game is a souped up Flash game. It is cute and the music is suitable and fun at times. However I feel I'm often reduced to clicking onThis game is a souped up Flash game. It is cute and the music is suitable and fun at times. However I feel I'm often reduced to clicking on random objects to figure out what I'm supposed to do. There's an option to see a walkthrough for the current area, which is a must for this game to be playable, but you have to play a side scrolling shooter mini game to unlock it. I don't like reading the whole walkthrough, just the steps I need to get me a bit further. Unfortunately every time you open the walkthrough, even for the same screen, you have to do this damn shooter thing. This game is so annoying, it drove me to stop playing and sign up to metacritic just to write this review!!!

    On the other hand, it's a nice concept and I enjoyed it for the first hour or so.
    Full Review »
  3. CRL
    Aug 31, 2011
    Yes. The visuals are amazingly vivid and beautiful. Yes. The music is fantastic. News flash: I don't buy a game because of it's visualsYes. The visuals are amazingly vivid and beautiful. Yes. The music is fantastic. News flash: I don't buy a game because of it's visuals and music, for that I buy a documentary about Italy. I buy a game for a fun and interesting experience, and on that front this was quite frankly a waste of money. Each puzzle is either completely obvious or so ridiculous that you need to resort to the little walkthrough minigame to find the answer. Then, if you actually want to gain some satisfaction by completing a puzzle, the only solution is to randomly click on every possibly object that could be used in said puzzle. Also, it would have been nice to know that deleting flash cookies would clear all saves too... but apparently that's not important enough for the fine print. And there is no way anyone should be able to charge $10 for a game so obscenely boring and eventually extremely annoying. Full Review »