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  • Summary: New physics, collision, time-of-day changes and a new graphics engine are a few of the additions to this EA staple which allows you to create your own team and go online to challenge other Madden-heads over the net.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 10
  2. Negative: 1 out of 10
  1. This is probably the most beautiful display of 3-D graphics you will find in any sports game to date. This is of course if your PC has a lot under the hood, especially a good video card.
  2. Great graphics, boring commentary, good sound effects, good gameplay with a few major problems in the game play and ability to run online leagues. I would only suggest this game if you plan to play the game online if you can overlook some of the stuff I mentioned.
  3. It has the eye-popping graphics of the PS2 version of "Madden 2001," but it uses a poor interface, has modest AI, and doesn't provide enough new features to differentiate it from last year's offering.
  4. No difference [in gameplay] from last year's version, except in running. And even that needs more help.
  5. MN 2002 will wear out its welcome in short order if you have any demands on the game as a serious simulation of the sport. Most will want to move on to the current PS2 version of the game, which represents a year of design improvements that this dated port does not.
  6. Gameplay here packs about as much depth as a thimble, with an offensive mode that rewards you for playing a limited style of game that features nothing but long passes.

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Score distribution:
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