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  • Summary: Maelstrom takes place on the devastated future Earth of 2040 where an alien invasion has triggered an apocalyptic ecological disaster. In this savaged world water has become the most valuable of resources and divided the remaining humans into two factions. Now, they must wage war against the invaders and each other in a desperate struggle for supremacy and survival. Advancing the innovative gameplay mechanics of Perimeter into a contemporary sci-fi game with action packed tactical gameplay and outstanding features, including upgradeable transforming units. Depending on which of the three factions you choose to fight for, it's all-out destructive war as you battle for control of the entire planet against fearless aliens, an army of high-tech super soldiers and a rag tag crew of human survivors. [Codemasters] Expand
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  1. Positive: 3 out of 22
  2. Negative: 5 out of 22
  1. KDV and Codemasters has a lot to be proud of in their latest creation, Maelstrom is a beautiful game filled with a lot of strategic talent and plenty of room for big pretty explosions, and squirtings of blood. If you love a royal RTS experience then grab Maelstrom and plunge in.
  2. Although the terraforming can become a bit tedious at times, the campaign missions are engaging and challenging.
  3. A largely by-the-numbers real-time strategy effort that twinkles but never shines. It's just a little bit too irritating to score highly. [Apr 2007, p.63]
  4. 60
    The main problem with Maelstrom's design: Tons of options don't equal tons of useful options. You can rip off every successful RTS convention in the known universe (and developer KDV Games obviously tried), but the final product won't necessarily add up to the sum of those parts. That's not to say Maelstrom is a bad game - just one with a pie-full of flaws.
  5. Don’t come here expecting one of the wonders of the gaming world, just a solid RTS that delivers what it has to and no more than that. [Apr 2007, p.115]
  6. Maelstrom had great potential to be a strong strategy game, but the bugs make it far too frustrating. The developers should have programmed a fourth faction, the Earth itself, to swallow up the Remnants, Ascension and Hai-Genti, because none of them have the brains to inherit this world.
  7. 30
    The bottom of the barrel for real-time strategy games.

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  1. FelixC.
    Feb 19, 2007
    Very fun and innovative game to play. With a bit more polish to the pathfinding this game would be a 10.