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  1. Oct 16, 2014
    This used to be my favorite franchise. I have put at least 500 hours into ME1 and ME2, all in preparation for ME3. I wanted to have the perfect save file ready, so I could see how my choices would add up in ME3.

    What I got, however, was a rushed mess, that didn't even deliver on half of the promises made.

    The game knew that it had a lot of knots to tie, relating to the different side
    missions and characters I had interacted with in my many playthroughs of ME1+2. This was solved mostly by lazily sending an email to you ingame, telling you that "This char did this, and now he/she is dead" or "Hello, I am xxx you helped my with yyy a while back, thanks"

    The characters didn't feel like the characters from the first two games, they felt a little "off". Like they were written by a different person (which turned out to be correct). This became blatantly obvious the farther I got. I often had the feeling that "this person would not say this" or "this person would not do this"

    The zones/planets/places you visited felt small and confined, I felt like I traversed one long corridor with no option to explore or branch off the given path.

    Decisions you made felt superficial, and I didn't feel like I had an impact on the world, contrary to the two previous games, This was mostly because the game focused on completing old storylines, poorly, instead of creating some new ones as well.

    The whole game I had a bad feeling about these occurrences, and when I reached the end, the game simply caved in on itself. I could only sit there and stare at the screen completely silent. Then, as something I can only assume was a joke, the DLC message popped up: "Commander Shepard has become a legend by ending the Reaper threat. Now you can continue to build that legend through further gameplay and downloadable content"

    I simply shut the game off, uninstalled Origin, and I haven't touched an EA game since. The fact that I stumbled over this in late 2014 and still feel angry, is a testament to how much this game disappointed me.

    This game has ruined my love for the two previous ones as well, as I sit back with a "what's to point" feeling whenever I feel like playing ME1 or ME2.

    If you haven't played the Mass Effect series, I would recommend you to only play the first two games, and forget that this stinker exists.

    ...And lastly, looking at the professional critic score, is a perfect indicator of what is wrong with game journalism today.
  2. Oct 15, 2014
    What the hell happened? I thought ME3 would be just as good as ME2, or even better, God willing. Nope! The whole thing feels downgraded from ME2: the story, the soundtrack, the sound effects, even the combat seems downgraded! Okay, enough raging. Let's get on with it . Things that the game does well: The graphics are amazing, even on bad computers, there are new things available in the combat that make it seem a little more real, the voice acting is splendid, and the DLC's are not bad.

    That's all.

    Oh boy, here come the bad things: A) the ending (I'm not saying a word about how it goes) sucks hard, B) there are no more heavy weapons, C) there are less points where you can implement renegade/paragon interrupt buttons, and... wait for it... the combat. Sure, it may seem more real thanks to the combat rolls, but a) the gunfire sound effects stinks, there's no more bullet visibility (when you can see the bullets flying around), there's, like, three types of enemies all in all (Reapers, Cerberus, Geth), and the soundtrack sucks hard! Whereas in ME2 you would have some sort of really, really, really epic music every time you entered combat, here there's no more of that. It's the same **** music every **** time, and it is dreadful!

    The only reason I gave this story a 5 is because of the sick story.

    What happened, BioWare? Did EA finally take over and do their crappy work?

    Okay. Finally done raging. I need some noodles.
  3. Oct 14, 2014
    Mass effect one and two were among the best story driven experiences available across any medium...which evokes the rage of the real mass effect fan base...the ones who played over and over again, the ones who feel in love with this galaxy and all its occupants...the ending is worse than "he woke up it was all a dream"..the developers gave a big **** you to the fan base which they later regretted by giving us dlc they intended to charge us for to shut us up...yes the ending is bad enough to be considered worst ever across any medium Expand
  4. Oct 9, 2014
    I love the end of the game. It is so courageous, anti-mainstream and philosophical like a special final of a good movie. And: No, I don't also like the ending of the television series "Lost".
  5. Oct 2, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. this game is one of the worst games i've ever played it completely destroyed what ME stood for Gameplay The gameplay is a TPS Gears of war clone,forcing you on action sequenceshorde mode to finish the levels all you have to do is point and shoot,point and shoot ME2 removed many RPG elements from the original ME1,but this game,this abomination,it destroyed it completely for example,in ME2 you could chat with squadmates and they could tell you random things that would get you in a long and interesting conversation with various investigate options,here is different,you get a 1 minute long conversation at best,and the autodialogue takes 90% of your conversation away,and after that said conversation after 1 main mission,you think you can talk with them some more? NO,they greet you randomly with 'hey' 'hi' 'hi shepard' like Zaeed in ME2 did..that pissed me off so badly i hated the Zaeed system in ME2,that's why i never spoke with him at all in ME2 The interactivity is reduced to none on the ship,you don't have a reason to check out the other parts of the ship The dialogue wheel is reduced to 2 options,and doesn't appear so often,since Shepard talks on his own for 30 minutes before you can do something,and that something is another shooter section they force you to do shooting sections over and over,long shooting galleries i remember in ME1-2 there were missions where you didn't even have to use weapons exploration has been dumbed down to a pacman like game you scan the solar systems with a circle like transmission that detects items on nearby planets and attracks the reapers,if they reach you there's no space battle or something cool,it's game over so retarded side quests are ridicolous,you overhear people talking about a random object lost in the reaper conquered space and you automatically have the quest,you have to do the annoying search minigame with 3 loading screens and then give it to them for 10.000 credits and sometimes a war asset N7 missions are like 5-6 of them,and are ripped straight from the multiplayer The Story the story is bad,but the kind of bad that would make you facepalm for the entire game Shepard is warped from the Normandy (ME2 ending) to Earth,and 6 months have passed. WTF? what shepard said to the illusive man in the ME2 ending? 'the reapers are still out there,and i'm gonna stop them without sacrificing our species' soul' yeah,one that does want to stop the reapers goes to Earth to be jailed. spectre authority?Doesn't matter all you did before doesn't matter,at all: you could do whatever you want and all you get is a slightly different line of dialogue instead of another the rachni for example,a critical choice in ME1 is completely invalidated,the rachni are there,regardless of what you have chosen WHY GIVE US THE CHOICE AT ALL? all it changes it's a number that's all it changes in ME3 EMS,when in ME2 we had flags that determinated who died or who survived here is a number that,you've guessed it,doesn't matter,it just determinates if the space magic device is intact or not each story arch is forced and boring screwing over lore whatever they could like the Geth and the Quarians there are many other story **** that you can imagine Action or RPG 'mode' What the hell is this? is some kind of pandering to COD? stop this **** so tired of it from the description RPG mode would give you total control over what your character says Action mode all dialogue becomes autodialogue,renegade options but it's not like this,at least not in the 'RPG' mode Autodialogue sucks out 90% of what you say and what you do Shepard becomes a retard approving all they say to him without being able to ask questions Tali's Face ....,bioware,why did you **** it up? why do a Photoshopped image,A BAD PHOTOSHOPPED image FOR A CHARACTER THAT WE WERE WAITING 5 YEARS TO SEE? you heard right,they didn't even bother to give her a 3d model,it's all hidden like in ME2,only that photoshopped image pisses me off. especially when i know that a certain Mary Sue (Liara)is given a lot more focus this game has made me hate her I hate Mac Walters and Casey Hudson too. Including the multiplayer Why the hell did you include multiplayer? it's stupid,cheap and idiotic it's just a overglorified Horde mode from GOW with different playable characters of course,then there's the infamous ending it's the worst ending of all time,i cannot express how much hatred i've got for it,and how much i've got it for the game now so much potential,wasted Advice Stay the hell away from this piece of crap Expand
  6. Oct 1, 2014
    As far as the epic conclusion to the Mass Effect trilogy goes, 3 is a mixed bag. On the one hand, it starts out amazingly, where you feel like the fate of the galaxy is at stake and every race that inhabits it, for better or worse. Unfortunately, after a great start, it stumbles, then falls flat on it's face in the end. If by the end of ME3 you're left wondering what happened, even with the end game DLC, you're not alone. This game could never meet every fan's expectations, and there's no way bioware could have made all the choices the player made over the course of 3 games end in an exponential number of endings, but when it's all said and done, your choices are essentially rendered inconsequential.

    The game is very playable, and re-playable, and you can easily get your money's worth out of the entertainment values presented here, just don't go into it with high expectations.
  7. Sep 27, 2014
    Bioware has been progressively dumbing down the immersion felt in the Mass Effect universe, starting with the transition from Mass Effect to Mass Effect 2 and now dealing the killing blow with the final game in this wonderful trilogy.

    Don't get me wrong, Mass Effect 3 was a solid single-player experience; however, this is not about a "solid single-player experience", this is about the
    third game in a series known for its immersiveness and ability to make you feel empathy for its characters. In this game, that immersion has been diluted to the point of many characters having their purpose in the overall plot made negligible and simply added in to provide a cameo for the fans of other Mass Effect fiction (see: James Vega), and this unfortunately includes our protagonist: the one character you were supposed to feel connected with given the game's status as an "RPG".

    Sure, some of this was solved by DLC, but the simple fact that we're talking about "solving problems" for a game that spent a sizeable amount of time in development means that there is a problem. But, that is all about the immersion.

    The crippling point of this game - for I had foolishly thought that the game could still be saved - was not the lack of immersion, it was the poorly developed plotline that had great beginning. Having been built-up by the first two games in the trilogy, I expected that the pacing and ultimate resolution of the plot would not leave me with a sour taste in my mouth as it did. The plotline is developed in a ridiculously cliché manner, to the point that it feels like I was watching a series of overly edited cinematics with gameplay only serving as a buffer between viewings. Is it a bad thing per se? No, but this takes us back to this game's position as the third game in its series, meaning that it has a certain standard to live up to and a certain method of gameplay that a player of such a series would expect. The new method of delivering the plot is disjointing at best and game-ruining at worst, with me leaning closer to the latter end of the spectrum.

    Finally, we get to the ending (with me addressing the vanilla ending, as I should be). While not absolutely terrible, it does leave enormous gaps of "What happened?" moments that should NOT be happening with the closer of a series. Sure, inference and speculation are alright if another game was to be expected, but the this is the final game of the series that would star Commander Shepard, so this game - as the other 2 provided - should have given us a sense of finality even if it was not decisively final. While Leviathan fixed many of the holes that were exhaustively mentioned by reviewers, there should not have been anything to fix (refer to my DLC rant).

    Tl;dr - The game was decent as a single-player experience, awful as a multiplayer experience, atrocious as a Mass Effect game, and the apotheosis of plot failure as a Mass Effect trilogy finisher.

    Mass Effect 3 made me experience a thought that should never be experienced with an RPG, much less one as wonderful as Mass Effect: "Do I really want to play this again?"
  8. Sep 24, 2014
    Mass Effect 3 is a phenomenal experience, and a fitting end to the Mass Effect trilogy. The stakes have never been higher, the action never as intense, and by the end of the game, when you arrive back at Earth with every fleet you've gathered and finally bring the fight to the Reapers, it would be hard to not at least cheer for the Galaxy that you've known and loved for three games, finally putting aside old grudges and conflicts to work together as a united force. Bioware also hasn't held back in the emotional scenes of Mass Effect 3, from the opening scene where a Reapers destroyer mercilessly destroys a shuttle escaping with a child on board, to the deaths of many main characters and the nightmares that Shepard goes through, this game really pulled at my heartstrings. Of course, there is the ending, which caused much controversy for its abrupt end without providing resolution to long time fans of the series, however as I only played the game after the release of the Extended Cut DLC, I was satisfied with the ending, it was not the best way to end the series, but it was fine in my honest opinion, and overall, Mass Effect 3 was one of the most amazing and compelling games I have ever had the pleasure of playing. Expand
  9. Sep 12, 2014
    I highly regret this full price preorder this is one of the few times I have ever pre purchased a videogame believing it a solid bet. I played and completed both ME1 & 2 but something about this title really offended me as PC gamer. The plastic and lifeless visuals coupled with a bland 'illusion of choice' script leaves the characters feeling unrealistic and the locations static. Maybe I have just been spoiled by recent gaming highs (TLOU, GTAV, BF4) but where is the quality this time? Where are 2012 level AAA character animations, voice emotion and smart dialogue. Makes me think then why bother releasing this rubbish? Looks like the space RPG genre still has room on the shelf.
    Highly regret this purchase.
  10. Sep 6, 2014
    I can sum this game up in one sentence....... Great game terrible ending.

    Mass effect 3 takes the refined combat of ME2 and adds further improvements out of the entire trilogy I feel that ME3 has the best and most balanced combat system.

    The main storyline is strong right up until priority sanctuary where it takes a steep nosedive. Overall Bioware plays to its strengths ME3 has a
    strong cast of memorable characters and a meaningful storyline that makes ME3 a nearly perfect end to Shepard's stroyline.

    That said ME3 does have its problems
    1) Fetch missions are quite lazy and feel like an afterthought to the campaign
    2) Poor animations at times characters will jerk and do physically impossible things head twisting being a memorable moment
    3)Galaxy at war was not fleshed out and had no meaningful impact other than a red/green/blue ending (expanded on slightly with the Extended cut).
    4) Kai Leng was poorly implemented and felt like a joke. Easily one of the more frustrating moments of the game given that he is made out to be your equal but is laughably stupid most of the time which makes his cutscene wins over you incredibly frustrating.
    5) A more personal one for me was the treatment of Ashley Williams she had just two scenes and was only usable after the first half of the game.

    I've had this game since release but have chosen to review not to give it the score I think it deserves and not one based on the disappointment I had after release. The reason I can give it a 9/10 is due to the fact that the problems only represent 10% of the game and as such I enjoyed the other 90% enough to give it a good score.

    This is a great game and even though I believe it deserves a 9/10 I cannot help but focus on the negative aspects of the has to be the worst ending to a game that I have ever played. Get it right with DAI Bioware!!!!!
  11. Sep 2, 2014
    Top notch graphics, sounds, music and story. Love the character development among the companions and the story that each brought to the mass effect universe. I love the writing and hope there is more DLC to come.
  12. Aug 28, 2014
    Bad game. Tries to hard to be cool. Badly written, a ruined story. Over simplified aimed at those that don't like to think or use their brains to delve into imagination, just like that character in the game says "Aim for the head, because she has no heart" just like mass effect 2, this game is simple and is a try hard. It's lost. Spend the money elsewhere.
  13. Aug 1, 2014
    The free DLC fixed the worst issues with this game, but the story remains the weakest of the series. The combat has been improved and the DLCs are excellent, especially the citadel and leviathan ones.
  14. Jul 26, 2014
    What they did to you, poor baby? Excluding the ending and the orientation on more action, the dificulty level reduction for casual players to get it... and it's an average rpg-shooter hybrid sorta thing. It shouldn't have a Mass Effect seal on it but we can't argue Bioware didn't try. It's not it's best, but you can have fun with the game. If you crush your expectatives from a good ME game.
  15. Jul 15, 2014
    This game was simply amazing. The story, the levels, the combat, all of it was really good. The ending may be a bit weird but with the extended cut I think its becomes okay. The optimization of this game is amazing as well. As must play and a good ending to the Mass Effect trilogy.
  16. Jul 7, 2014
    I think this one is best out of the 3 games. The game play is refined and engaging, the combat is very good, I really like the multiplayer and played countless hours with it, the story is very nice, I see tons of cameos and my decisions reflecting back from the first game and they don't feel forced at all. The buildup, the tension, the writing, the voice acting, the graphics are all brilliant. I deducted 2 points because: 1st obviously cash-grab DLCs that feel like cutout content (day 1 removed character, important story DLCs like Leviathan), 2nd the ending is a disgrace even with the extended cut. It was okay I mean, but the whole buildup for the final confrontation felt utterly pointless and I felt I was cheated in a way. I like how the company reflected on it (extended cut, free DLCs), but still there was no official apology.

    My conclusion: this is a really great game and extremely worth it, but be prepared for some letdown in the end...
  17. Jul 6, 2014
    People complain about this game far too much, since they updated the ending this game has become a full fledged conclusion to the trilogy instead of the retarded third child it once was. the game play from 2 to 3 was much improved and the online multi-player was non-stop fun (provided you will need to have at least 1-2 friends in your life to enjoy it) Best game of the series by far. If you don't believe go drive in a goddamn Mako for a few hours then return.

    Don't believe the Haters!
  18. Jul 6, 2014
    Mass effect 3 is a great game, there is one major flaw that justifies the 1000+ negative reviews, the ending was so.... stupid. But the game play is great, the choices are drastic and meaningful just like Mass effect 2.
  19. Jul 5, 2014
    mass effect 3 is just amazing the gameplay is just a blast one of my favorite stories but the characters aren't the best and the ending wasn't as good as anybody hoped overall amazing game with few flaws
  20. Jul 5, 2014
    A solid third person shooter with some basic RPG elements. The combat is good, the RPG elements are a little more fleshed out, and the atmosphere of impending doom well sustained. It could have been slightly better than the second instalment, but the lack of meaningful choices, numerous corridor shooting sequences, bland writing and of course the rushed nonsensical ending bring the mark down below Mass Effect 2. Expand
  21. Jun 26, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. 5.1 User Score....Seriously?

    As a conclusion of the trilogy is a good ending and it is in the same level of the previous chapters. This is the end of a EPIC sci-fi history drama about friendship, love, tolerance, perseverance, fight, sacrifice and life and talk about what makes human, with a lot of philosophical background. Is the game perfect? For me, yes. Because is the only game that made me to be close to jump in tears in several moments. Its full of inspiring moments.

    In the third part i feel like they focused more in the narrative aspect, with a great screenplay, and althought there arent fights like previous chpaters, i didnt miss it. In the technic aspect is true that uses the same motor and textures but...why to change what it works?

    Dont let the bioware haters confuse you, its a great game. How someone objective can even put a 0 or 1 to this game?? Its ridiculous. I dont know if they are angry about the end or what. Or maybe the didnt play it at all. Anyway they should go to the doctor...

    About the ending is true that is a bit weird end, and maybe not what most wanted or expected, but at least is an original and unpredictable end. Not so bad as people say.
    This chapter is a solid 9 for me. The complete trilogy is a perfect 10, and the best experience ever played in a PC (and i played a lot of games along the videogame history)
  22. Buu
    Jun 17, 2014
    Mass Effect 3 seems like a experiment to get everything present at Video-Games 101 and throw it out of the window. Even the usual "Boss Fight" was sold as "too videogamey" idea and cut from it. Things that don't work include poorly designed introduction, quests that are gotten without indication or interaction with NPCs, and always end in a mini-game of scan-and-run fetch. Inventory still horrible to manage, and quest details and progress are inexistent.
    The great voice actors from the previous games are faded by the bad story and cheesy lines. In fact most of the older characters return completely "out-of-character", to progress a story with lots of violence and deaths.
    Even classic features from the series are defaced. The dialog wheel doesn't follow the classic options of decisions, investigation and actions anymore, and the amount of auto-dialog is significant.
    Besides that, most of the history is preset and don't change based on your decisions and what changes are only showed as scores, changing nothing in the actual game, until the very end, when you're just told that had a consequence. Not showed, just TOLD.
    DLCs still being sold only by Bioware points, which never change price. Thing that cause the each of larger DLCs, which are just a fraction of the game, to cost even MORE than the base game.
    And the worst feature of the game was the ending. One ending that retroactively ruined the 2 great game that precede it. An ending that was included in literature college courses as subject of how to not deliver a narrative. Mass Effect was once called the Star Trek of this generation, but this third game was so revolting that made writers from "the Next Generation" to rise their voices and protest to what was made with the story. It's an ending that will live forever in infamy and is revolting in many levels.
    If you're a fan of the franchise and loved the first two games, but never touched this third instance, refrain yourself, and consider the second game the end of Shepard's tale.
    There is always hope that in the future the IP will fall in more competent hands, and they will consider ME3 never happened, and write a proper end for this Epic.
  23. Jun 4, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. How come this game scored so highly from the critics? It's like DA2. Are the critics actually real people or are the just programs that a large developer can hack into and create their own review? Maybe they were bought off, maybe they didn't even play the game and stayed at home that day.

    I enjoyed the game play and the flash look but it is a game limited by a LOT of stuff. Firstly the epic story that had been developed in ME and ME2 took a nose dive... New writer? My first confusion and concern was the real opening mission... So Earth has finally been invaded by the Reapers and the first stop on the galactic getaway plan is... Mars (I think it's Mars), where you have to fight the reapers who have naturally attacked there too seeing as the Solar System is so small and they need to wipe out all humans... No wait, that's not it... Where you fight Cerberus Who in their attempt to save humanity are ignoring (for most of the game) the upcoming human extinction. So... Put another way, humans are being wiped out in their millions and what do the most powerful humans do in response, that's right, fight each other. Good plan man. There's nothing like the threat of galactic extinction to bring a race together, it's so touching. The interaction with the NPCs seems quite limited to previous games. Every one seems much more 'teenage angst' too which is a bit annoying if you're not 15. It's like everybody suddenly turned emo. Of course the biggest example of the games poor writing and failure to follow the previous games is the fragile time frame and odd 'MUST SAVE THE HUMANS' thing going on... Exactly how long can earth last anyway and why are all the other races planning to go there abandoning their own species and home worlds? Sorry but no matter what excuse you give that will NEVER make sense. Then... (after many more stupid ideas and plot 'twists') the ending/endings/ending (one, three... Who knows). Um... After seeing it once, I will never play the game again and will not engage with the ME universe again. I my opinion it is the worst possible conclusion. Not only do the game mechanics totally break i.e. your decisions change the fate of humanity etc comes down to 'how do you want to die? like this or this or this?' It also doesn't make sense. Are we supposed to all be on drugs or something and go like 'oh double rainbow... starting to look like a triple rainbow'? It doesn't make sense, is trippy and kind of heartbreaking. The time, engagement, people, conversations, romance (way overplayed romance by the way), heart that many players put into the game is crushed by the ending. The ending ruined the whole journey. It would be like Frodo, fighting tyranny and disaster all the way to Mount Doom only to pat his pockets and have forgotten the damn ring. All the choices made- pointless, all the conversations, pointless, all the hope, drive, passion desire... pointless. YOU LOSE is the feeling you're left with and that is just a plain daft decision. It may have tried to be clever but it is quite the opposite. We didn't need clever either, we needed conclusion satisfaction. What we have is a maybe... kind of conclusion and no satisfaction. Does EA have some sort of existential problem it is trying to resolve all of a sudden? Has money made this the case? Can I help by relieving some of the raked money weight?

    Then... The mixed game play. Some great stuff, some linear stuff and some frustrating stuff. Enough from me, if you enjoyed it, good on you. All in all, I found it to be as tangled and frustrating as a ball of wool rolled into a room full of kittens.
  24. Jun 2, 2014
    It's mediocre as a movie but complete fails as a game. It's the kind of game where I would rather the game just play itself and I watch (twice - once good guy, once bad guy). There is no real freedom, you are on a railroad, and now and then there is a fork (a choice)... but usually the game designer has decided that some choices are less valid than others and will punish you for making them, basically forcing their moral world view on you. And the rhyme and reason of it is quite irrational - the game rewards you for picking fights with strangers doing things the designers expect you to disapprove of, but punishes you for not committing genocide of the last of some ant creature. It's fitting that it has such a bad ending, because the entire thing was bad. Most levels offer no freedom of movement, you are funneled by invisible walls, and have fixed objections that you must complete. Which might be right for a racing car game, but not in what is suppose to be an 'adventure' game... an 'adventure' game where you are not free to actually adventure. It fails as an adventure game because of the lack of freedom, and it fails as an action game because of the lack of depth to the combat... leaving the player with nothing rewarding except a mediocre story that the game demands you jump through hoops to see. I didn't play it through, I watched what I missed on YouTube. Expand
  25. May 20, 2014
    Cons: EA published, less RPG feel compared to the first one. The ending was originally so ambiguous that they had to DLC patch it. No matter what decisions you made during the course of the 3 games there’s only 3 actual endings which are kinda similar to one another. Pros: Great characters, great story, nice decision system, fun gameplay, immersive atmosphere, great sci-fi universe, politically charged & nice classes to choose from. Great & addictive multiplayer. Expand
  26. May 16, 2014
    Forget all the crap you hear about the ending; if you want to see all your favorite characters walking off into the sunset, hand-in-hand, this is not the game for you. On the other hand, if you want to play a game that engages you from start to finish, has you make some truly difficult moral decisions, and makes you care about who lives and who dies, then Mass Effect 3 it is. Honestly, I don't get the hate. The ending is perfectly fitting. The game mechanics are fantastic, very polished, and rarely monotonous. Enjoy it for what it is, a perfectly good way to end the series. Mass Effect 2 will always be the better game, but for me this is not the great big turd some people want it to be. Considering the amount of sub-standard fare that gets spewed out by big game companies these days, the kind of re-heated **** we see regurgitated by Activision every few months, we should be glad this is actually a decent game. Expand
  27. May 10, 2014
    Such a massive disappointment on so many levels, I the game play is still fairly solid which is why i gave it a 3 instead of a zero. However the script writing I have no idea what happened with.... In the original mass effect we had these deep different characters with altering personalities that you could converse with, now all we have is broadly drawn characters like every alien in the galaxy wants to be like the rock or vin diesel or meghan fox..... The ending made me want to light the games studio on fire.

    I see bioware to the likes of baldurs gate 1 tales of the sword coast and baldurs gate 2 shadows of amn and unfortunately there i believe is now external influences "cough EA" "EA cough" ruining what used to be a fantastic games development company.
  28. Apr 21, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Mass Effect 3 had some absolutely wonderful high points, but the lows completely ruined the series I had come to love over the years. Lets get the high points out of the way first since they are few and while great, are completely overshadowed by what's wrong with the game.
    First off, the graphics were outstanding even though the game was a console port, as was the music. The genophage cure series of events were absolutely incredible as long as Rex was not killed off in ME1. The paragon resolution to the genophage was heartwarming and the renegade resolution (if Mordin didn't die in ME2) was one of the most painful things I've ever done in a video game. Shooting the guy in the back was soooo wrong.
    I also enjoyed many of the aspects with previous squad members and friends from both ME1 and ME2. Running into Major Kirrahe from ME1 was a real treat and the deathbed prayer was so unexpected and moving that I actually got all teary eyed... a feat no video game had achieved in almost 30 years of gaming.

    Now... onto the bad. The whole opening sequence was absolute garbage. You can't just throw a new player into a situation assuming they already know these key people from previous games... add in a brand new main character not even ME veterans know even though the game treats the player like they should (Meat-head Vega), and after no buildup have earth attacked where they slap a pistol in your hand and expect you to fight wave after wave of f*cking aliens. You want to see a great opening to a game? Just look at Mass Effect 2. That introduction was one of the most brilliant in video game history. The player gets a sense of how to control movement through the environment, allowing them to get a feel for things, and aren't pressed to instant combat with zero idea what they're doing.
    Second... whatever happened to the promise that all these decisions in ME1 and ME2 having clear and distinct effects on the end of the trilogy?? Where was the payoff for saving/killing the Rachni? Or saving/destroying the Geth deep-space station? or most importantly... saving/destroying the Collector station at the end of ME2? And WTF is up with Cerberus still having the human-reaper even though I nuked the station from orbit? Only my ship had the Reaper IFF to activate the Omega 4 relay and my ship was dropped into Alliance hands as soon as I returned from the galactic center.
    Those are just a few of my problems with the game, but the biggest issue started from when you set foot on the Illusive Man's space station and didn't end till the credits stopped rolling. The entire space-ninja thing with Kai was beyond retarded, and as I said earlier... the human-reaper being there was complete BS... but it really got bad when you return to Earth. The space battle started good, but with no clear payoff for gathering every race in the galaxy to help other than one heavily damaged reaper and no show of the massive firepower you've amassed for the Normandy herself was deplorable.
    The "say goodbye" sequence was hollow, unfeeling, and didn't contain anything that showed the player the deep emotional bonds you've developed with your friends and loved ones. The whole thing was pointless.

    Last and least is my problem with the run to the beam and the f*cking star-brat. Your whole squad gets vaporized, no fight with Harbinger, no dialogue with him. Nothing. He just fries Shepard and leaves the scene. Oh... I can't forget the final boss battle!!! Shepard VS Marauder Shields!!! Bioware were too stupid to come up with a proper end fight so instead they had Shepard face THE ONLY MARAUDER IN THE GAME WITH SHIELDS.... as the final battle. Pathetic.
    Then... after three games where Shepards life was completely dedicated to stopping the reapers, preventing human extinction.... the trilogies antagonist.... the reapers... are pi$$ed out the window for Martin Sheen and a light-up ghost of the brat you tried to help at the beginning of ME3. W....T....F....

    Casey Hudson said in an interview prior to ME3's release that all your decisions mattered and how you would NEVER see a cookie cutter ending where you choose A, B, or C. But that's exactly what they did. It's like the development team at Bioware all went on vacation just after finishing the Illusive Man's space station, handed the keys to the newest Intern who previously was fetching them coffee, and told him to finish the game himself even though he had never played ME1 or ME2 and only was allowed to see a few bits and pieces of ME3 while in development.

    I, along with millions of others absolutely loved the Mass Effect series. So much so that we actually had an emotional attachment to the characters. Other game studios would KILL to achieve such a thing. And the way that Bioware said "f*ck it" and rushed the game out the door to meet EA's deadline for release, which was just in time boost quarterly profits for EA has disgusted me to a level that i'll never pay money for another one of their games. Pi$$ off!
  29. Apr 21, 2014
    I played through the Mass Effect trilogy twice in two weeks,and all i can say is:WOW. Amazing player-driven story,interesting explorable universe,countless of adventures. This is the peak of the RPG genre. I don't think I'll ever be able to symphatize with,love,or hate characters like in the universe of Mass Effect. Thank you Bioware. For the 3rd episode,(played with all dlcs,no multiplayer),it's has really something in it.
    I felt something after every big decision,i felt I'm in a hurry,it sucked me in.
    There won't be another game soon,which makes me feel guilty for decimating a whole race,or makes me play the whole trilogy again because of it.
    Proper ending to an amazing story,in an awesome universe.
    (I understand if some people had problems with the game after it came out,but i can't say a bad thing about it)
  30. Apr 18, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I really liked Mass Effect 1 and especially 2, so i was really hyped to play Mass Effect 3. But after the first 5 minutes of the game i almost started crying about how the developers managed to ruin "my" Mass Effect. The story starts out with the earth being attacked. So far nothing really unexpected. Although the story-writers already managed to screw up this part. Firstly there is no explanation give on how the reapers managed to come to the milky way. Why the hassle with the sovereign if the reapers don't need the citadel anyway? Second: How can the scanners of the alliance detect the reapers before there at the earth? They are moving faster than the radiation the scanners can pick up. Third: Shepard was locked up for an extended period of time, because they don't trust them. This guy is a hero! He saved mankind (twice!) and is a specter (and therefore not to be punished by any other authority than the council) and probably one of the most influential individuals in the whole universe. These are just fluff-related problems, but the technical ones were soon to follow. The game starts as we follow admiral Anderson. Anderson looks like a puppet. While he is running his upper body isn't moving. When finding the emergency beacon, he repeats the same animation all the time. For the first 10 minutes of a game, these are already really big problems. Afterwards we are taken on a scripted journey to Mars and the citadel afterwards, that took me in total almost 2 hours. Now i can move freely on the ship for the first time and the tutorial still isn't over! I wanted to explore but NO! i have to watch a tutorial on the different parts of the ship. Add to that the terrible and unsatisfying ending and you can understand my disappointment.

    The Mass Effect-franchise doesn't deserve this. This might be acceptable for someone who started with mass effect 3, but everyone who is used to the glorious storytelling of mass effect 1 & 2 will end up in tears over the missed opportunity. It has been over a year since then, but i'm still not over it.
  31. Apr 12, 2014
    this pathetic excuse for an rpg game was designed with multi player in mind primarily. the single player experience is only an afterthought thrown into multi player maps. radical departure from the masterpiece of a single player game mass effect 2 was. if you played mass effect 2 and liked it do yourself a favor and give me3 a miss.
  32. Apr 6, 2014
    I thought this game was quite epic. I had played Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 and loved both but only got around to playing ME3 recently. I thought the visuals were a nice step up from ME2 and the story was very emotional and gripping. The quest tracker, however, is pretty horrible and there were a few too many fetch quests but otherwise, thoroughly enjoyed it, even the ending which I thought was a fitting conclusion to a superb trilogy. Expand
  33. Apr 5, 2014
    By far my favourite game, and with the best ending ever. Having to go on Youtube to understand it - the whole choice-thing being part of a process of indoctrination that's been going on since Shepard first saw the child in the vent and all that - it took a few minutes to realize that it was in fact not the worst ending ever, but the most sophisticated. All in all, this is probably as close to perfection as you're ver going to get when it comes to video game stories. Expand
  34. Mar 31, 2014
    Let's call this game what it is, a POS game. From the the word go Shepard's fate is sealed. Bioware spit in my face and kicked me in the groin. All my choices were rendered meaningless. In ME 2 an Arsai told me the rachni " Would burn clean the sky." I thought this meant they would come save me when things seemed hopeless. In other words they were the key to defeating the Reapers. Bioware "fixed the problem" when they killed most of them off by the Reapers.

    When I first read about Mass Effect Bioware had just finished Knights of the Old Republic. They were making a trilogy where your actions in all three games would affect the ending in third one. Bioware lied to me to the tune of 160 bucks. They only gave one ending with four options. In order to have your actions truly affect the ending, a happy ending has to be possible. The extended cut DLC is nothing more then damage control and selling Mass Effect 4. For me though, Bioware has noway to correct the mess they made. I can only hope they pissed off enough people so there is no Mass Effect 5.
  35. Mar 22, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Anyone who gives this game a good review is being payed to do so.

    Mass effect 3 could not be a worse conclusion to the story if Bioware had tried.

    This game has really put me off buying from E.A ever again. E.A's new game titanfall, can sit on the shelf until a sale comes along because i now refuse to pay full price for games anymore. Now i wait until a steam sale.

    I genuinely believe that somebody in E.A decided that it would not be cost efficient to produce a decent game and instead convinced everyone to produce a game that was quick and poor quality because lets face it, the fans will buy the game regardless. Fans have already invested in the other two games so who cares about this one lets make the game as cheap as possible and maximize profits.

    I cant believe that in the second game you have an extremely advanced ship with A.I computers and for some reason, you don't have a camera installed so you can prove to the rest of the galaxy that the reapers are coming so get prepared for war. Nope..that would be too simple. Instead you (the player) has to (for the second time) act like a diplomat to get other races on your side. Then to add insult to injury your crew, for the most part is gone...why? you just spent a whole game recruiting them, why wouldn't you use them in the third game you stupid fools!!

    then there are the small things, like every time you go from one side of the ship to the other (the cic to the war room) you have to go past airport scanners....why????? your the captain for **** sake!!

    This games not worth your time, so invest whatever time you have left on this planet into something else.
  36. Mar 18, 2014
    Mass Effect 3 was most defiantly a good game in the series. I enjoyed the gameplay, the choice making, story, and characters. Unfortunately, the ending will make you puzzled at the fact of why you couldn't do something different. The ending will most likely abandon the series as a lost cause. We could say to Bioware "There is always another way." Bioware probably knew this, but we are dealing with the publisher EA Games. Expand
  37. Mar 16, 2014
    I'll try to make this short: if you are into ME games, you must buy this one. Simply because the game is pretty great. I'd risk saying its the best one of the series but the ending kinda killed the joy of many players around the world. Could've been better, but crap happens. Some people might understand it, some won't. Still, a great game and deserves the respect of being a good ME game. Hopefully EA/Bioware will learn from their mistakes and not screw up their next installment. By that I mean, not making redundant, bleak endings and launching day 1 DLC's. Expand
  38. Mar 15, 2014
    Игра супер, такого шедевра еще ни один производитель не сделал. Реалистичное РПГ общение, с выборами ответа влияющими на сюжет. Перенос сохранений из одной части игры в другую, а от сохранений зависит не только сюжет, но и персонажи кто жив а кто мертв, и многое другое. Еще забыл написать о красивой графике на лучшем игровом движке Unreal Engine.
  39. Mar 11, 2014
    I wish I could give it a 9.6. The -0.4 for an ending that stood in juxtaposition to one of the most masterful RPG gaming experiences so far. Similar mechanics to the 2nd, with less in common with the first. But the game is more than a rpg shooter with neat looking effects, it's among the best unique to video game narratives and should be played by anyone who likes science fiction, involved dialogue, philosophy, social commentary. Expand
  40. Mar 11, 2014
    Certainly a mixed bag, Mass Effect 3 is a game which is disappointing in a multitude of aspects, ranging from the bland action orientated combat, massive plot holes and poorly written characters and quite possibly one of the worst endings I have ever experienced in gaming.
    After a tense and emotional introduction, the game quickly goes down hill. Shepard, a character whom you define, is
    whisked away on an epic space adventure to save the universe after the Reapers finally made it to the galaxy. Somehow, this entire time no one had listened to Shepard, even though there has been excellent reasons to, now everyone is boned.

    After a game of boring combat (having chose my Infiltrator class who has been leveled up since the first game, I could one shot almost anytime of enemy in the game with a rifle), characters making stupid decisions and a forced character by the name of Kei-Lang, you finally reach the end...
    And oh boy... Did it suck.

    Terrible ending aside, the game had some genuine sad moments, such as the deaths of some of my favorite characters... But overall, a weak passage and pals in comparison to the amazing previous installments.

    Fun multiplayer.
    Multiple/difficult choices.
    Genuine sad moments.
    Great soundtrack.
    Ends multiple story lines and you get to say your final goodbyes.

    Boring combat.
    Plotholes... Plotholes EVERYWHERE.
    Poorly written side characters.
    Vague motives.
    Horrible quest tracker.
    And that ending.... THAT ENDING.

    Overall: 6
  41. Mar 9, 2014
    Well what to say? Besides the bad ending and only 3 different choices who are quite the same Bioware created in my opinion the best part of the series. Its clear that they have failed how the three parts come together in the end but nearly everything from 1&2 was improved. The combat and skill system kicked ass. 10/10 (but only cause i leave out the ending, this is only for the gameplay and athmosphere) Expand
  42. Mar 7, 2014
    I will never forgive EA for rushing the development of this game. It pains to think about what could have been.

    However, I still give this game a 10 because in spite of its rushed development, this game is darn near perfection. Several of the most emotionally provocative moments in video game history are all in this game. I've never experienced such a grand storyline on such an epic
    scale. Thank you BioWare for the ride. I absolutely enjoyed every minute of it up until the end.

    Thank heavens we at least got the extended cut that tied off so many of the stories and choices that were left totally absent from the original ending.
  43. Mar 6, 2014
    I got this game free for my Origin account as part of the debacle that was the release of SimCity. To make up for that mess, Origin gave us a choice of one free game. I chose Mass Effect 3.

    Up till then I had Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 1. Though I have to admit I was never really a fan of Mass Effect 1, as I didn't discover it until way past it's due date. And by then the once top
    of the line graphics were horrendous to deal with.

    However, I think Mass Effect 2 explains why so many people love this series. For it's time the graphics were amazing. The mini games which added to the fun were classic. You got to chose good or bad options. You got to choose your class and skill set, and upgrade as you saw fit. The team member stories were pretty good. And it was just a solid game.

    So when I got Mass Effect 3, I had high expectations. However the reason I never purchased the game before was that I heard EA had dropped the ball on Mass Effect 3.

    Now there are certainly things that were disappointing about Mass Effect 3. But these disappointments need to be tampered by whether your a fan of the series or not. Obviously disappointed fans of the series would give this game much harsher than needed reviews of the game. Which needs to be kept in mind, because if I had never played a Mass Effect game. Mass Effect 3 would be considered a 10 to me. But seeing the drop in quality from iMass Effect 3 compared to Mass Effect 2 I can understand some of the fans strong feelings against the game. And is the main reason I give the game only an 8.

    In short Mass Effect 3 just is missing some of the core things which made the Mass Effect series so great. The mini games were gone. They tweaked the classes, mostly in a bad way. They all but eliminated the companions or team member side stories. They didn't really have tie ins with the team members you grew to love in the other stories. And then to add insult to injury the ending seems like EA was trying to put an abrupt end to the series.

    So you need to understand that the majority of the bad reviews are from loyal fans of the series who felt they were robbed by the direction EA chose to go with the game for Mass Effect 3. Again as a stand alone game for someone new to the franchise it is definitely worth getting. But as the 3rd in the series it unapologetically tries to rip the heart of the franchise out and stomp on it. They probably imagined they would win all kinds of awards for a hardcore story. But instead made a lot of fans unhappy.

    Fortunately EA tried to do some face saving and put in some patches that allow for some happy endings. Though it seems like you have to farm points to make that happen. And that takes away from the story. And story is one of the things Mass Effect is great at.

    So even though Mass Effect 3 is not nearly as good as Mass Effect in my opinion. It is still a solid game. Just terribly disappointing if your a fan of the franchise.

    The game is good enough to keep enjoying. I have all 3 on my computer. And purchased a cheap 1-3 Xbox 360 version. Also if your a fan of KOTOR the games are very similar. It's the freedom to choose the way you want to play, and the way your skills level up. Along with story, companion stories and fun mini games that makes these EA games so beloved.
  44. Mar 1, 2014
    0...There is nothing else you can give this travesty and attempt from EA to leech money out of their fans not thinking about the consequences. BioWare did everything wrong here: from unimportant and speedy sidequests to a toilet flush ending where NONE of the choices you made mattered(Please don't give us the crap about The Director's Cut DLC...BARELY made an impact and a little to late) Everything good that ME and ME2 managed to do with our Shepared experience was beaten to pulp and into submission by this horrendous closing to the Trilogy leaving me (and apparently half of the ppl that played it) a bitter aftertaste that's impossible to wash off.Well Done BioWare! Well Done EA! you can have your ME . That was not the game we came to love and enjoy. ME 4 is DEFINITELY going to be CoD clone! i am counting on that Expand
  45. Feb 27, 2014
    It's not perfect, but Mass Effect 3 is a fantastic game. It improved on ME2 in several ways and took some steps back in others, but at its core, I feel like it's a slightly different kind of game. 2 had a very personal and intimate feel, assembling an elite team for a deadly mission. 3 is much more grand and sweeping in its scale and scope, and therefore has a less focused story.

    gameplay has seen a steady sense of improvement throughout the series (remember how awkward the first one was to actually play?) and the RPG elements make a more pronounced appearance in the third game, though it is still largely a shooter with some skill progression. The shooting mechanics are more fluid and the weapons and abilities more diverse. The sound design and voice acting are both fantastic (mostly), as is the art design.

    As for the writing, I feel like the writers manage the the more intimate and moment-to-moment writing more effectively than the large, overarching plot. the way the Normandy's crew interact with each other and move around on board makes the ship feel much more alive than ever before. There were plenty of nice touches, from meeting old friends to little in-jokes and fan service. Unfortunately it seems like the team wrote themselves into a corner with all of the branching decisions in past games, and not all of them paid off in meaningful ways.

    And finally, there's the ending. I didn't like it. I thought it was a cop-out and honestly it made next to no sense and was very thematically different from the rest of the story. It was unsatisfying and some of the fan-made theories that cropped up afterwards were much better. However, I respect the creative team's position and think that DEMANDING a new ending is childish and a sign of "gamer entitlement." The extended cut made the ending as good as it could have been without fundamentally changing it and in the end, it really is about the journey and not the destination. I had a blast playing though this game as well as the whole series. ten minutes of unsatisfying drivel at the end is a bummer, but this is still one of my favourite series of all time, and I wont let that ruin the hundreds of hours that I've poured into it.

    All in all, this is a Mass Effect game and I can look past awkward design choices and some poor writing to just enjoy the ride and hope for more in the future.
  46. Feb 27, 2014
    The emotional journey more than make up for the ending :). L o v e. This game :D. :D. :D
  47. Feb 25, 2014
    Game is way over-hyped. Gameplay has been nerfed and the locations are not as exciting as Mass Effect 2. top it all off, the male-on-male love scenes are disgustingly inappropriate in my opinion. Dead Space is a better trilogy. Gamer beware.
  48. Feb 24, 2014
    This game is only for the series fans I guess.

    I felt like it had unbearably long, and boring cutscenes every 5 minutes, and horribly linear gameplay with an illusion of a choice. Annoyingly consolish controls for not demanding players, operated basically by one button to cover/use did not help either.

    Graphics were pretty good so not a complete zero. But this game was so seriously
    story oriented that in my case was just unplayable. I would rather spend that time watching good movie, than playing it as a video game. Expand
  49. Feb 24, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. An average score of 5/10 is ridiculous for a game this great.

    The combat in this game is a vast improvement over the repetitiveness of ME2 and awkwardness of ME1. The enemies are numerous and varied and a true challenge requiring forethought on higher difficulties. Definitely the best gameplay experience in the series. Heck, the final battle on Earth (before the story takes nosedive) on the hardest difficult was one of the most tense and incredible battles I've ever fought in a video game!

    As for the story: the majority was very well done and the characters and interactions between them are as compelling as ever. Would have liked to see more of some characters, but considering how many new ones they introduced in ME2, I can understand why that would be difficult.

    The obvious glaring exception to the greatness of the story, and the reason for a 1 mark deduction, was the ending. I don't know how they could decide to go so wrong, but they had to realize making a mockery of your choices by virtually saying they were pointless, and giving you instead three "different" endings based on a superficial final choice was a bad idea. They basically gave you three different coloured, fix-all "easy buttons" and labelled it as choice, despite there really being a lack thereof. I remember thinking, prior to launch, that they better not introduce some giant fix-all weapon capable of killing all the Reapers in one go. Oops. When the Crucible was introduced in game, all I could think was "f---". There are also plot holes that come into play near the end, but they weren't game-ending for me and were MOSTLY fixed with the extended cut. Not even having the OPTION for Shepard to survive, however difficult to achieve, was a huge mistake. I don't want to be forced to sacrifice my character, I want to have the choice like in Dragon Age (where I ironically sacrificed my character). I also think ending Shepard's story with this trilogy was a bad decision. There is still more to explore with the characters we came to love. At least another trilogy.

    While some criticized the lack of dialogue options, I really found it very similar to ME2, except for at the very beginning. So not sure what that's about. I really found most other aspects of ME3 to be superior to its predecessors. Multiplayer was surprisingly fun (though shouldn't have been connected to the main story the way it was).

    I also deducted a point for the ridiculous prices on DLC. They cost at least double what they should. Citadel DLC was fantastic, but even it was overpriced. I just can't let outrageously priced DLC and game-altering microtransactions slide anymore.

    Still, up until the final hour of gameplay, I'd rate ME3 as the best action-RPG I've played.
  50. Feb 23, 2014
    I liked the game, despite all of the hate, I still found the game very enjoyable. I know the decisions weren't as expansive which is a bit of a let down, but in regards to the over all game, I still enjoyed playing it. I still liked the endings, I do wish that they had more variance, but not to the point where I want to set the disc on fire and rage out. The multiplayer isn't the most polished, it needs work. It just feels clunky. I do agree that this game isn't as good as the last, but it is still worth playing. Expand
  51. Feb 21, 2014
    One of the best games I'm played. Definitely top 10 for me. The game play is fluid, intense, and fun, The story is a roller coaster of emotion that makes you care about every decision you make and care about the characters you've come to know and love throughout he trilogy. The original ending was the biggest flaw, but the extended cut and other released DLC made up for that. As with most EA games, the release was rushed and thus the terrible original ending. Expand
  52. Feb 17, 2014
    Good game, letdown of an ending. The ending alone (along with the fact that some of the previous companions aren't companions in this on) is enough to knock it down a couple of points. But combine that with the Day One DLC and you have another shameful display by EA. Come on EA, stop buying good game developers and leaching money off of them and the consumers. That being said, this is still, in no shape or form, a bad game (despite the **** ending). Expand
  53. Feb 14, 2014
    Came back to this after a couple of years thinking that the ending is what ruined the game for me the first time around. After going through the end this time around I can honestly say that this game got it's correct score in the user review and not in the critic review.
    Nothing about this game would have made me keep playing it until the end were it not for how good the first two were
    and my wishful thinking that maybe it will get better.
    The value of this game can be seen in the fact that you can get if for about the same price as the second in the series. The difference is the latter has a lot of great DLC that server only to improve the game immeasurably,
    FYI. The 1 is for Mordin, the only thing that can be salvaged as far as i can tell
  54. Feb 12, 2014
    Played: Jan 2014 Pros: + Actually wraps up the Mass Effect story arc + Inventory compromises between simplicity (ME2) and variety (ME1) + Additional Ending content is free Cons: - Character models don’t look updated from ME2 - Some items are highly missable and a bug seems to keep some from appearing in a store if missed I was introduced to the series through Mass Effect 2, which offered some significant streamlining to make gameplay more fun than its predecessor. I eventually played ME1, but based on reviews I’d read I didn’t want to splash out $60 for ME3 so it was some time before the price came down to what I was comfortable paying.
    I’m glad I waited. While the story arc is completed with reasonable effectiveness, it features at least one prominent fallacy that I found somewhat insulting to my intelligence. After some public outcry, Bioware released some (free) additional content to explain the results of your end-game choice-and it’s a good thing it’s free, since it adds about 30sec of content. On the other hand, this series ending compares favorably compared with the non-endings featured in the string of Assassin’s Creed games by developer Ubisoft (up to you to decide if that comparison actually says anything).
    Gameplay mechanics are mostly solid, featuring a more flexible inventory that that presented in ME1, but still simplified enough that it doesn’t feel like a loot game: there are only about 5 options for each weapon type. The player can carry and use any type of weapon desired, however “heavy” weapons (anything not pistol or SMG) severely curtail use of powers. I played this on the default difficulty setting (apparently equivalent to the “Hard” setting on ME2) and only died a few times; even on death the checkpoint system allowed me to return to action and complete the game+90% of sidequests in about 50 hours. Relevant to gameplay is the occurance of “missable” items, which are supposed to appear in a special store if you fail to pick them up. Unfortunately, through some kind of bug or other problem, these items did not appear in store for me (I looked them up online to try to figure out how to complete the remaining quests). The rewards would have been small, but it is annoying to be missing a feature that is supposed to come with the game.
    There were a few things that I found even more disappointing. The character models feature the same faces and hairstyles as in previous games, and don’t appear to be any better rendered than previously. In the same vein, the pre-rendered cutscenes look as though they came straight from 2005 and it is something of a relief when they end and you are allowed to return to your machine's real-time rendering. In short: the graphics don’t seem to have improved at all since ME2, though why this would be the case is a mystery to me.
    ME3 is a decent game to pick up if you like the idea of a shooter/RPG hybrid with a team. It is certainly worth the $15 or so EA games is currently charging, but still suffers from some pitfalls and you shouldn't pay more for it.
  55. Feb 11, 2014
    I really want to give this game a 10. Or I really did want to.
    I do not think this game deserves a 0-5 because of the ending alone, like so many people are doing here. The whole game was very emotional and the connections between characters has never been stronger.
    I do admit that I cried in the ending, but at the time I thought I just got the bad ending and that I had to make better
    choices next time. But nope, it turned out that that wasn't the case.
    Like so many others, I was left hugely disappointed. But after having accepted the fact that that's the way it ends, I have seen this game in a whole new positive light.
    I also want to mention the official soundtracks. They're simply amazing, full of emotions and tension.

    Overall, Mass Effect 3 may not be the best in the series, but it's certainly not a bad game. Everything about it is great except the last 15 minutes.
  56. Feb 10, 2014
    a wonderful game and great ending to the trilogy. the story follows you as you try to find support from the other races of the galaxy to try to fight the reapers. the story, as usual is great,however i disliked the lack of loyalty missions that were in mass effect 2, as well as the much smaller team you have at your disposal, limiting your choices of squadmates. the graphics are top notch as well, as well as the game-play, aside from a few minor glitches i found. along with the single player, there is a surprisingly enjoyable co-op multiplayer mode, where you and up to 3 other people fight waves of enemies across various locations in the galaxy. the enemy faction variants are cerberus, geth, collector, and reaper. playing the co-op mode increases galactic readiness percentage, which in short, allows you to use more of your forces in the final push. Expand
  57. Feb 5, 2014
    A truly great ending to the Mass Effect trilogy. The extended endings help though, since it’s easier to understand what happened. Seen the original endings and they truly were identical, the new ones feel better.
    All in all, all the third game felt like a great finale to the Shepard trilogy. Definitely makes the trilogy end on a high note.
    Now, on to Mass Effect 4.
  58. Jan 28, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Gameplay - Great
    Characters - Great
    Pretty much a good Mass Effect game until you reach the ending, which is largely BSed and the same.

    Also, the Extended Edition ending may possibly be even worse than the originals.
  59. Jan 25, 2014
    The good and bad of Mass Effect 3: Good: 1. Vastly improved levelling system that gives a noticeable upgrade with every skill point added. 2. Much more weapon variety. 3. Good weapon modding. Bad: 1. Terrible controls which rely on one button for virtually every action. Attempting to use an object while moving often results in the character launching themselves across the room or getting out of cover, also no crouch button means the character sometimes stands up in the middle of fire-fights.
    2. Stupid ally AI. Allies are happy to stand out of cover while getting shot at, disappear in the middle of fights or refuse to shoot at enemies.
    3. Levelling is way too fast. In the first mission for example I increased my level three times.
    4. Side missions are boring. The majority of side missions involve jumping to a sector and right clicking a few times. These are necessary for game completion and a real chore.
    5. Player interaction is limited. Much crew interaction does not occur in cut-scenes and player has no control over their own responses. Dialog during missions is within cut-scenes but player still does not get to choose as many responses as in previous games. A Cynical person might assume this problem is due to laziness on the writers/animators part.
    6. Non player characters are boring. Character development appears to have taken a back seat in this game as both new and returning characters have little to say. The only interesting development I caught was jokers relationship but I managed to miss its resolution.
    7. Decisions in previous games appear to have little impact.
    8. Terrible level design. Levels are designed in a boxy arena style and clearly just recycled multiplayer maps, recycled so lazily as to have loads of ammo caches everywhere.
    9. Mandatory multiplayer. In order to get a good ending player is required to play multiplayer battles. This effectively precludes players with poor internet from experiencing some of the single player content.
    10. Dull, dull, dull combat. Most of the interesting enemies appear to have been removed: In combat I have mostly just faced a load of dudes with progressively bigger guns.
    11. Plot points from previous games are ignored. Shepard appears to answer to the alliance now when he was a spectre in the previous game for example.

    There are tonne more issues but really it all boils down to this: In attempting to broaden their customer base Bioware have turned the most exciting and deep RPG/FPS ever into a complete mess with little appeal to lovers of either genre. Both of the prequels I have played many times, including all the DLC, but ME3 was only good enough to get me to play until about five minutes into the final mission once.

    A huge disappointment.

    (also my characters run animation makes her look like she has sh** her pants)
  60. Jan 18, 2014
    An absolutely terrible end to a great series. Reeks of a company trying to expand the target market of their game at the worse possible time and without taking proper concern as to the affect it would have on the game.

    Many of the original choices and decisions you make in previous game are not addressed and completely forgotten. The introduction of new character undermine existing ones
    and have zero depth.

    Gameplay is largely the same though let down by very far behind the times graphics and laughable animations.

    Bioware made a power play for the market when joining with EA and releasing 3 utterly abysmal games in TOR, ME3 and Dragon Age 2. These have pretty much condemned their reputation with the gaming community and undone over a decade of hard work from the company.

    Sad and poor.
  61. Jan 12, 2014
    Excellent game with much a more fluid combat experience than the previous 2 games.

    The Good:
    - Customisation is much improved over ME2. The number of weapons available has been greatly increased to roughly 8 per category and the upgrade system includes weapon mods/attachments.
    Amour is very customisable with interchangeable parts and a much more user-friendly customisation interface
    than ME2

    - Combat is much more fluid and ammunition isn't really a problem (no more 15 rounds total carrying capacity for a certain shotgun) compared to ME2. The addition of heavy melee is another factor to consider when choosing your class and adds more combos.

    - Dialogue and voice acting is very well done overall, often times making up for the number of plot holes

    - Probably the best soundtrack of the series

    The Bad:
    - Lacks a decent inventory system: Picking up 1 weapon and being able to equip everybody with it makes it seem more shallow than ME1. In addition, not being able to sell items of any sort takes away from the role-playing experience

    - Side missions have very little reward and offer very little replay value. When they do have a useful function, they usually end up being tedious and are too simple to actually feel like a mission (Sometimes very close to being as short as the cutscene and dialogue that introduces the mission)

    - The plot has many holes in it and none of the DLCs fix these issues; rather just add more holes. Skip this game if you require a somewhat believable story. SIDE NOTE - there is a community edited cinematic ending that greatly improves the experience

    - Squad AI is still terrible and the limited interactions you can do with them just makes them a distraction so you don't die too quickly
  62. Jan 8, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. A stupid Deus Ex machina ending, that deviates from the history, that make you sad after playing. If you play since the first one, you will fell betrayed. Expand
  63. Jan 8, 2014
    In this third and final release, slowly the narrative coherence of Mass Effect eroded, until near the end, at a fast pace it completly crumbled.
    In ME2 you could say that the villains were unjustified and meaningless in a narrative sense, you could say that choices, events and positions were forced into your character and many were literally asspulls, but at least ME2 provided plenty of
    well written and thoughtful content in the form of loyality missions for example, to couterbalance this. In ME3 there is no such thing and what starts as a contrived, average to bad story, end as a complete mess with giant holes where obviously the writers or devs didn't know what they were doing.
    Or if you played Deus Ex 1, a classical and mind-blowing game unlike ME3, you'll simply know that ME3 ending is a rip off, out of thone, feel and athmosphere from the rest of ME series and even from the rest of the third game itself, not addressing any of the questions and propositions that the ending should address.
    Mission after mission asspulls are thrown at the player and they are supposed to contain core elements of the narrative without any connection with the previous games. "Oh, you know, we found the ancient plans to this super-weapon, we don't even know what it does, but it's our only hope! Why didn't I mention these ancient plans before? I don't know", "Oh, the genophage was stabilished as a necessary evil, was even fully approached in a previous game? Too bad, let's use it again in the narrative in a total different way!", "You reproggammed heretic Geths? Nah, it didn't change anything!", "Forget Ilos and the Conduit, forget Haelstrom!" and so on, with even poorer resolutions than before, sometimes even with implausible forever happy conclusions, where magically everything worked out for everyone and butterflies and rainbows are in the sky.
    As for other aspects, some can be praised: they finally fleshed out powers, cooldowns and shields/armors/barriers, even adding power combos, making the gameplay as a pure adept or as an enginner very interesting. Too bad the game fail to explain this and you are supposed to search in the internet for a guide to which power detonates the other and what defense is vulnerable to what power (for example, energy drain is useless against armor, carnage is useless against shield, etc). The combat system is finally fun and interesting if you have patience to micromanage your squadmates, because they are useless otherwise and never use the proper powers if left by themselves.
    Other aspects must be criticized: the missions journal is confusing and doesn't match the missions name in the galaxy map, the weapons customization is dumbed down and mostly useless, upgrading equipment is a chore, side missions are utterly boring and repetitive, re-using multiplayer maps and the same mission model (active console A, hold postion B, etc), there are plenty and I mean plent of bugs even so long after release, sometimes advancing the main plot makes side missions expire and several, several characters are out of character or at least with very poorly written lines. The game feels short and I wonder if this is because they decided to focus on multiplayer instead.
    Unlike ME2, I can't recommend any DLC except for Javik. Citadel is cringe worthy and apparently made for 15 years old, Leviathan is stupid, inspired by movies such as Abyss and presents more implausible asspulls than answers, Omega is boring and will make you skip full dialogues out of boredom.
    ME3 is so bad that makes ME1 a master piece in comparison, it'll age bad and be a waste of your time. I recommend reading the relevant plot in wikis and skip this game.
    Too bad they are making a 4th installation, I predict a even worse product.
  64. Jan 5, 2014
    I did not played this before extended cut expansion DLC so i don't know old ending. The game is a fair Mass effect game its content may not be as rich as ME2 but it is fun to play as a continuation.
  65. Jan 2, 2014
    Mass Effect 3 gets a bad rap, I'm here to say that it is the best of all the Mass Effect games. ME3 combines the best elements of the first two installments: it takes the vastly improved game play of Mass Effect 2 and makes it even more fluid, more stream lined and more exciting. I appreciated the slightly expanded level-up system and weapons choices, even if still lacking from the ME1 days. I didn't care for the graphics upgrade between 1 and 2, but I appreciated the overhaul in this one.

    Story-wise, ME3 succeeded where its predecessor failed. The fact that BioWare decided not to encore 15 hours of utterly unengaging "team building" was a great start. The plot feels less like a grocery list, and more like an actual moving timeline, where Shepard really is interacting with the galaxy at large and taking actions that effect it. The old crew is mostly back, and the Normandy is an alliance ship again. All is right with the world. I didn't struggle to find a reason to care. This game rediscovers the clarity of purpose that the series began with.

    I hear grumblings about how the Mass Effect storyline simply became too linear, and that complaint might be valid. I never said the game was perfect. I still prefer linearity to whatever the hell ME2 was supposed to be. It might not be very RPG-like with the little things it does, but it is still very much an RPG in the bigger picture. You made a lot of choices in 1 and 2 that are going to directly affect 3 and you're going to make more choices in 3. It's easy to forget how many branching story lines there are a play in this series and the kind of effort BioWare put into making sure the player feels fully invested in whichever one they might find themselves in, and as always, the script and voice acting is top notch.

    Are the last 15 minutes of the game unworthy of the Mass Effect series? Yes, it's all true. It's sad to see that the ending completely lacked the thought and care that the rest of the story got throughout the saga, but the ending has it where it counts; the final mission is difficult and thrilling, even if the bits following it fail to win hearts.
  66. Jan 1, 2014
    One of the most emotionally affecting, visually stunning and immersively compelling games I have ever played. A fantastic conclusion to perhaps the finest video game series to date.
  67. Dec 17, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This trainwreck was supposed to be the epitome of the trilogy and instead one gets gets generic and lazy design slapped in the face from the get go, fetch quests make you feel like a complete stalker since you never talk to the npc involved, all of your choices from previous games are either nullified or tossed into the abomination that is the gauge meter showing you how well you are on track.

    Another emphasis on laziness is using multiplayer match maps in the single player campain in order to make the game feel slightly bigger and remember all the characters you bonded with during mass effect 2? well you are out of luck my friend they are busy doing their own thing for some of the dumbest reasons available to date, at least you get your old crew back with the exeption of the gorilla face in the cellar of your ship that would have been better off dying to cause tension, and of course EDI (the artificial intelligence) becoming a fully fledged sex bot for joker.

    the story itself is a complete mess, instead of focusing on the reapers you get to battle you former employer for half of the game making the reapers feel like iretating bogeymen instead of a galactic menace, but the middle part is mediocre, the start is ****house but it pales in comparison to the ending that Bioware ripped off from Deux ex and somehow made it even ****tier, one would think the writers that gave us games like baldurs gate would deliver something else than horse manure sprinkled with cats piss but hey the EA overlords cant stand quality i guess....
  68. Dec 16, 2013
    This review is coming from someone who completed the game with the Extended Cut instaled. The game itself is excelent, the storytelling is great throughout until the end, when it drops in quality, from amazing to acceptable. But what counts its the journey, and it was an amazing one.
  69. Dec 13, 2013
    Personally, I do not normally read any reviews on games before playing it as it may give me a biased perspective on it. However this is the first time I totally regret not reading any reviews on ME3 before playing it. Although I admit i've been hearing countless praises for its prior titles.
    Mass Effect 3 was my introduction to the series as I have not played the prior games yet (and I
    must admit, ME3 is totally preventing me from playing it). Im sure ME fans know that this game has its own very unique atmosphere while containing many moral and philosophical twists. I was immediately hooked on to the game thinking this might be one of my favorite games in my life. To be honest, ME3 Gameplay was pretty good at the least above average in my opinion. It was very interesting, entertaining until the end where (keep in mind, ME3 was an introduction to Mass Effect for me) it just became flat out abysmal and insulting.
    Non, and I mean NON of my hard thought decisions throughout the game even mattered in the end and I can't imagine what it would have been like to the players who spent so much time on previous titles. Im not sure what the writers were thinking but when I heard that damned space kid at the end telling me the few options I have, I knew they made a BIG mistake. Simply said, the ending ruined the game 100%. Im afraid the ending was one of the saddest and most pathetic close ups in video game history and I offer my sympathy to those who played throughout the whole series.
  70. Dec 12, 2013
    I really enjoyed the first Mass Effect as I had almost all other Bioware titles, most of all the really immersing story. The story elements were continued in ME2, although the progress was halted quite a bit. Sadly Mass Effect 3 is without a doubt the weakest in the series. Even though the gameplay is a bit better than the previous games, and the story as engaging as ever, the ending ruined the whole trilogy for me. This is the first time that I ever stopped playing a series altogether because of a single flaw, but what a flaw. Expand
  71. Dec 12, 2013
    I tried to see this game through to the end, I truly tired. But I just couldn't do it. It is just appalling. I loved Mass effect 1 and though some people disliked mass effect 2 I thought the story was good enough to follow through and keep me entertained. Mass effect 3 has no redeeming qualities. The game play and physics are clunky, the graphics very outdated, the cover system gets you killed more often than it saves you. The Reapers, who are supposed to be the most devastating enemy we've ever seen, are so easy to take it, its laughable. I could go on and on like this, it really doesn't have anything going for it at all.

    If you want a good 3rd person shooter go for the dead space series, don't waste your time with this. I give it a 2/10 in honor of mass effect 1 and 2.
  72. Dec 12, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I loved this game, however, the ending was EXTREMELY disappointing. I spent like three weeks trying to make all the right choices in every game so I would get a positive ending, only to have it mean almost nothing at the end. Sure, your paragon versus renegade and effective military strength makes a tiny difference, but in the end you're screwed no matter what. And also, when Garrus (if you romanced him) says something about having kids together and then you end up dying…. ah man. That was awfully harsh. Expand
  73. Dec 11, 2013
    Loved the first two games. Was nothing but disappointed with this one. Combat felt almost identical to the second, and was fine. Outside of that, everything was different. The characters the second game spent so long building felt largely absent except for cameos. The choices made in previous games had absolutely no noticeable impact. The lore from the first game felt completely abandoned by this point, and the replacement arc was nowhere near the scope or impact. I'm not sure if they completely changed the project director by the third game, but it felt like the someone was writing the ending to someone else's story. Wasn't very good in any aspect. Expand
  74. Nov 28, 2013
    Why the hell is this game so underrated? I enjoyed it so much! It was even better then the ME2! The plot is interesting, the comrades are awesome as usually, the combat system is fascinating, the music is simply perfect. 10/10 for me.
  75. Nov 26, 2013
    It's been a year since this game was released, and still people cannot get over the ending. If I ask someone if they've ever played Mass Effect, the answer is usually a no, because they're uncultured swine, or because "The ending of 3 sucked, so I never started." I am truly disappointed with BioWare's fans. This studio gave us one of the greatest sci-fi stories (and universes) of all time. It was lauded by critics and consumers alike. People developed actually feelings toward these characters. All of this is overshadowed by an ending that disappointed. Mass Effect 3 is a good game. There, I said it! Come at me Internet! Yes, it is a little more action/shooter oriented than the previous two, but hey, it's the third installment of a trilogy. This game was aimed at hard core fans (don't you dare disagree!) and those who were breaking in to the franchise, so it's obvious that they would want to up the ante, to appeal to those action game junkies (Thanks, Activision.). But why, WHY all the hate? Please everyone, don't penalize the experience just because of a conclusion that you didn't enjoy. People would've been distraught not matter what they did. I feel like most of these negative reviews are people just getting wrapped up in the internet fervor, not actual, unbiased reviews. I personally loved the ending up through the final choice, though I feel the results should have been expanded, but guess what? They did! BioWare appeased the masses with a free-of-charge expansion that provides better clarity. Anyways, what I'm trying to say is, if, by chance, someone reads this, I hope I can inform some lucky person with an interest in RPG's to not worry and to have fun, to see through all the bitterness. I can sleep better at night knowing I introduced someone to a new, exciting world. Thanks BioWare, and Reader, ENJOY! Expand
  76. Nov 22, 2013
    Mass Effect 3 if a good sci-fi RPG, the online mode is fun, good graphics, great musical score, very good story, ME3 still plays well, with some of the best voice acting and performances in a game, while the ending has been updated and expanded making it barely durable, if you own Mass Effect 1&2 you may want to play ME3 for closure, but be prepared for the possibility be put off the franchise
  77. Nov 22, 2013
    After mass effect 1, i was momentarily put down by the gameplay changes on ME2. However, after a while, i enjoyed it. The same happened with the changes between ME2 and ME3. But this time, i never really managed to overcome the inial bad feeling. I think that ME3 gameplay should have left more close to ME2. Besides that, the other big problem i have with this game is about the ending, which is something that has been talked about to death. Still is overall a very good game and there are moments in the story that are truly unforgetable (others, however, are truly forgetable...) Expand
  78. Nov 19, 2013
    I had to do it. I had to give in. I had too much invested in this game for the ending NOT to affect my score.

    The story, game play, voice acting, all of it is 10/10. The build up from the first in the series, a solid follow-up with number 2 and it's chance to hit a home run, bases loaded with the 3rd installment; it was all there. Hell, I even went full nerd and read the books. I just
    couldn't do it.

    I won't spoil the end, but it might as well been a "Thanks for playing!" message.

    For those who have played the first 2, just play this one and get it over with.
  79. Nov 18, 2013
    Storytelling, RPG elements and dialogue have all disintegrated a significant degree since ME2. Any illusion of some greater adventure is no longer there. You have an L shaped corridor after another to clear of enemies.

    With above in mind, this game can only be seen as a cover shooter such as Gears of War. Considering how other game elements have been either abandoned, simplified
    or streamlined, it is curious how clumsy and void of fun the shoot em up bits are. Nothing about moving and controlling Shepard feels intuitive. Decision to cram taking cover and sprinting behind same button results in plenty of mid combat situations where you really have no idea what will happen when you press the lottery button.

    ME3 is essentially a clumsy cover shooter among others. I would not recommend this game to anyone. I am amazed meta score among reviewers is as high as it is.
  80. Nov 13, 2013
    After all the DLC and extended endings, and having picked it up on sale a year or so after release, I'd say I was pleasantly surprised. Not perfect, and the endings are still pretty weak, but the journey was enjoyable, but doesn't come close to the level of the previous games.
  81. Nov 12, 2013
    KotorFan3231-This is definitely one of the best games i have ever played, and personally one of my favorites of all time. The story and characters are above average in fact they are the best i have ever seen in any game to date. There is so much emotion in the dialogue, the action is intense, well presented, and cinematic. The choices your character makes are more impact full. There is one instance in the game i won't spoil for anyone but it involves the Geth, and Tali, and one of the choices made me feel so much emotion i almost cried. Fortunately i ran into very little glitches. My personal favorite character from this game other than commander Shepard is The Illusive Man voice by Martin Sheen, he is well voiced, and character is well written. Now the only other problem with the game that i found was there were less companions, but each were interesting so that didn't bother me that much. For the people who say the ending ruined the game it didn't yes the original ending did not solve much it was just inconclusive but did not ruin the whole game. The ending did not interfere with my experience because overall the writing was extremely strong. There is a massive amount of content in this game. It took me 30+ hours. Overall i give this game a 10, and it does not mean that the game is perfect it just means the pros far outweigh the cons. Expand
  82. Nov 7, 2013
    Without a doubt the best series i've ever come to play! So much replay value! Its insane and I can't describe it enough. THIS IS A MUST BUY AND PLAY EXPERIENCE. Trust me on this!
    I don't understand why people are complaining about the endings. Do not be scared of the low user score. trust me when I tell you. This game is awesome and you wohn't regret playing it

    Just... wow
    (useless pros. I know :v)
    Story and characters are so well done!

    Combat can get a little linear
    No coop :/
    End of the series
  83. Nov 1, 2013
    Great game, ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE ENDING. It is your same old Mass Effect with crap ending. Giving it 5/10 cause its Mass Effect but the ending just killed it.
  84. Oct 30, 2013
    Amazing Game, a great ending to a great trilogy, extremely polished, and full of detail, incredible combat and excellent story telling, its a must have for this generation of gaming.
  85. Oct 24, 2013
    Good ending to the trilogy, and honestly a rather shameful display of gamers today. I admit to only having played the extendet cut but even with the cut explanations it is not acceptable what some people said/did.
    Only real downside is origin-only. Please stop that
  86. Oct 17, 2013
    Great continuation of the Mass Effect saga and a great improvement over the gameplay and combat of the prior 2 games. The storyline is also brilliant and really sucks you into the game. I would have given the game a 10, however I gave it an 8 simply because of the rather abrupt conclusion of the game. I disagree with some of the other posts, in that I think the end choices are fine if the game didn't seem like it ended so abruptly without a lot of explanation. I was left Googling what the endings meant after I finished the game and I don't feel like I should have to do that.

    Overall, I put off buying this game for a long time due to the negative user reviews. However, after playing the game though, I do not regret getting it at all, and only simply regret not getting it earlier. Great game overall.
  87. Oct 17, 2013
    A good RPG is not without its drawbacks, of course, but it turned out very well. Upset a lot of DLS, which did not at first suspect. If you set the DLS Free Extended cut, then the game (depending on the position of the player) will end well. I was glad to play in the trilogy, and to share money with the developers
  88. Oct 17, 2013
    I like very much the single player version,the story is very good for me,very good graphics,a lot of characters but i have problem with the multiplayer game!I never understand what i must do there!
  89. Oct 16, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Mass Effect has been, and will always be, about the characters and the writing. I've never been wowed by either the gameplay or the overarching Reaper threat plot of the series, but ME and ME2 remain two of my favorites because of the characters. I just wanted to stay in the game universe forever to build relationships with the crew of the Normandy and go to new exciting planets to meet more characters and be involved in their struggles. Each character is well-written, has clear motivations, evolves over time, and is complex and conflicted. Add the fact that Shepard is involved in major decisions affecting them at every term, and I found myself really invested in almost everyone I came across in Mass Effect. Garius, EDI, and Tali's wise-ass comments, Ashley, James and Thanes stories, learning Mordin, Wrex and Liara's life philosophies... That's what I loved about Mass Effect. I wanted to stop the Reapers because I wanted them to live and it would have upset me if I let them down.

    ME3, for the most part, carries on this Mass Effect tradition. I found myself really invested in the game and its characters yet again, and seeing them all before the final assault was a really touching moment. But then BioWare stabbed me in the back. A series modeled around relationship and character building and good writing suddenly takes a total U-turn and the last 15 minutes is one of the sloppiest, most poorly written and contrived endings I've ever seen. Shepard saying goodbye to his crew that's a fitting ending. Shepard accepting death as the Reapers destroy Earth with his friends at his side that's a fitting ending. What actually happened was nonsense and felt like I was playing a different game.

    That's why the game gets a 6: because the same thing that made me look past all the things I hate about Mass Effect the crap level design, the boring gameplay, the usually boring side quests, etc ends up being the games demise. A must play if you loved ME and ME2, but stop playing after you say goodbye to the crew of the Normandy for the last time and you'll enjoy the experience much more.
  90. Oct 10, 2013
    The game was fairly rushed, that's obvious, and very little has been done in the years after to help fix that. The storyline is solid, and after a BIG DLC patch, the ending isn't as eye gougingly terrible as it was, the multiplayer is semi-ok. It can be good for a laugh if you have friends in your own country to play with, otherwise, it runs like ass covered ass with a side of ass, and honestly, it's a big let down to the series as a whole.

    Still, if you played 1 and 2, play 3. If you haven't played 1 and 2, don't bother, save yourself the disappointment.
  91. Oct 5, 2013
    Bioware promised too much with Mass Effect 3, and delivered an average shooter that was on-par with DeadSpace3. This is not an atrocious game. It's just average.
    Mass Effect 3's biggest problem is Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2. If this were a standalone production with a modular story I can imagine people would be more understanding. It had a lot to live up to but Bioware knew it didn't
    need to create a brilliant game to get the sales.
    In contrast to Mass Effect 2's cinematic rendered custscenes, ME3 only offers in-game cutscenes. The most notable problem in the character models are the eyes most human characters have a lifeless stare and feel like animated mannqueins. Environment and alien characters are however, very good.
    Combat is a tad nauseating at the start. It plays like DeadSpace, and differently to the previous two games. Many will feel that they're missing 40% of their screen to the large OTS-Character model.
    Ironically, one of the most contrversial features of the game, the "optional" multiplayer component, turns out to be better than expected. It may be annoying at the start, but you find yourself enjoying it more than the campaign storyline.
    I won't need to discuss the "endings" and the "choice" personally I found these issues to be secondary and would have been forgivable if I wasn't playing a rendition of Deadspace.
    It's difficult to understand why so many reviewers have marked this up in the 80s. It's definitely a reasonable shooter but not one for the books.
  92. Oct 5, 2013
    Luckily this is a very small sample size of the people out there who have purchased/played ME3 because the rating is ridiculous. The game is nowhere near as bad as some people have made it out to be and the idea that someone can give it a 0 or a 1 or 2 is quite absurd (giving it a 10 might be just as absurd). I have a feeling that the people who so liberally hand out these low ratings do so for most every game they play. Now I played this AFTER the release of the extended cut, so in that light I'll say the following: The ending(s) made sense. A lot of the criticisms directed at the game because of the ending are borne from erroneous assumptions the various results of which were more dependent on your final effective military score than the actual choice you made, although obviously each choice resulted in some different outcomes for squad mates, people and the universe short term.

    Now for what I didn't like. 1) The game is still buggy, even over a year after its release. Origin let's you download a game that isn't even patched, so if you buy the game make sure you find the last patch for it this way you will avoid some of the bugs. I should note that EA/Origin "help" even missed this fact when called upon to resolve certain issues. 2) You almost have to play multiplayer in order to get the "so-called" best ending. I say multiplayer should never have an effect on single player. 3) Shepard still runs on 2 legs like an Ape and is about as graceful as an elephant, that violates my aesthetic appreciation of the game. More importantly though, "movement" around the playing field is clunky at best. 4) Side quests are truly uninspiring and the whole "scan the planet" to find an artifact is pretty lame. 5) Dialogue in general isn't quite as good as the ME1 or ME2, but not that bad. AND 6) Too many scripted cinematic events and Shepard is sometimes limited in response (and possibly out of character depending on YOUR Shepard.

    There are of course other issues (some involving Origin policies, etc.), but the total sum of all these issues (including those listed above) don't detract TOO heavily from the story/experience. It's still a fun ride and I give it a solid 8. Would have liked to give it a 9, but won't in deference to ME1 and ME2 but I suspect that's almost always the case with sequels to real good games, it's tough to surpass them as the novelty of their created universe wears off and expectations regarding how things should be and how things should be "ended" grow with each passing act/installment.
  93. Sep 28, 2013
    Disappointment, is the word I would sum this game up with. Mass Effect 3, being a last game in a ME trilogy abandons most of the things that made Mass Effect 1 or 2 so successful.
    The story of this game, revolving around a mysterious alien device nobody knows anything about is full of plotholes and irrationalities. The gameplay is an improved version of Mass Effect 2, which still abandons
    most of RPG qualities as it's predecessor did. If that wasn't bad enough, Bioware decided to strip the player out of choices and if there is any they consequences are very similar making the choice itself meaningless. The characters and the world respond to every dialogue option in a very similar way making the whole Paragon/Renegade morality system totally worthless.
    While a player can import a save from the Mass Effect 2, he/she have to be aware that it doesn't make much of a difference, as possibly dead characters from Mass Effect 2 are replaced on the spot with another new/old character without any noteworthy consequence.
    There is no choice which mission you want to do, unlike in Mass Effect 1/2, here you just jump from one main mission to the other, linearly going forward to maybe the most disappointing ending in history of videogames.
    Bad writing, lack of logic, lack of choices and consequences means that this game isn't what it is advertised to be. Add annoying control scheme on PC and you have one of the worst game I have ever played and certainly the most disappointing one.
    Only redeeming quality of this game is it's soundtrack.
    Overall, 2/10 stay away.
  94. Sep 24, 2013
    Pierde un poco en cuanto a su predecesor en algunos aspectos, y el final decepciona un tanto (incluso con el "Extended Cut" de las narices), además de que como viene siendo habitual, nos fríen a DLC para poder disfrutar del todo la experiencia de juego. No obstante sigue siendo un buen juego, con un estilo de combate muy "shooter" y una historia y una ambientación excelentes.
  95. Sep 23, 2013
    i have been spending hours upon hours trying to get mass effect 3 to work, its not my pc's fault, i keep on getting error after error from either origin and this DRM infested %"$!.
    i think i've spent more time trying to get the game to work than playing, once i get it to work, i play, when i finish my gaming session i go out, when i try to play it again i get another error, i spend
    another hour on the internet trying to find a fix to this junk..its starting to get really irritating...thanks EA for not letting me play the game i payed money for. Expand
  96. Sep 18, 2013
    I'm not go to sit here and tell you Mass Effect 3 is perfect. I won't sit back in my chair and explain how it "Doesn't follow a storyline." Spoiler yes it does, as with Mass Effect 2, discussion you made all the way back in Mass Effect come into play. This is whole heartedly Mass Effect. Now dos the Arrival DLC give some crap intro to the next game? Yes. Does it matter that they wanted to explain it at all and release several online and magazine based articles detailing the events for those who didn't want to play? Also yes. They wanted to take the intense Third Person shooting that we saw in Mass Effect 2 and the more heavily driven RPG that we saw in Mass Effect, they then added meaningful weapon customization, upgraded cover, armor, and shield elements, and spiked the difficult. After playing ME3 on hardcore ME2 insanity was a picnic.

    But then we come to the elephant in the room. What about the endings? Are all those who felt betrayed be an ending 5 years old. I didn't have one problem with how they did the ending. They we trying to be artful and mysterious much like Kubrick in the movies. In fact movies have several examples of why you don't need to see every little detail. Do I like the new endings, yes. Well now for the outrange that was a relatively good (maybe great) horde mode multiplayer. I got 4500 force because I made go choices in the other 2 games. I still went through the multiplayer because it was fun, do you need to micro purchase. Well do you need to make them in any other multiplayer. It's not just EA every major multiplayer has come out with something like this so you can not and may not fault them.

    And now I come to the part where I get to be an mean. I don't know when you preordered your copies... but my collector editions were reserved for 9 months. I was one of the first if not the first to Pre-order the collector's edition from GameStop. It was $100 to get it day one and I was happy to pay every bit of it. It made my year along with Skyrim it was my top play game.
  97. Sep 14, 2013
    Mass Effect 3 is a great game, and although the endings are bad the rest is awesome. And people should stop giving this game 3 and 2 just beacuse they didn't like the endings
  98. Sep 14, 2013
    Still a letdown, years later. ME3 is a reminder that the world needs a real RPG revival. The age of dumbing down must end. Unfortunately, EA has announced that it has no intention of supporting future RPGs that don't involve micro-transactions, so there may be more dark days ahead. ME3 is, however, a decent cover-based shooter. It certainly has more characterization than most shooters, which is nice. That is small consolation for RPG fans, who have plenty of options in the over-saturated shooter market, if that is what they wanted to play (it isn't). Don't support ME3, even if it is on sale in the bargain bin. Expand
  99. Sep 12, 2013
    friends and other people have been telling me to buy this, now I've finally got it and what a mistake that was, there are three options at the start of the game action I was tempted because most games these days only do action right? because they can't make a good story, role play no thanks I'm alright I'm not going to pretend that this is my life and finally story mode has a shooter these days finally got a good story! no the story of this is the world is getting attacked! if that hasn't been used a load, so yeah I choose story because for once in these new games I want a good story not just go here and kill everyone then go here and press this, while i was playing i would be cut off by cut scenes it was constant and it got annoying I got bored so fast I don't know if that's just if you choose story or if its like that with action to but soon as I forget about this game I might give it another go Expand
  100. Sep 10, 2013
    The gameplay itself was great, but the direction that the writing leads decided to take the story at the end was terrible. Their faisco at writing a logical and well written ending on the first go around it why I am writing this review.

    They tore apart the lore by giving us an aweful space child. It completeley devalued and ruined the fear that I had of the reapers that I had had for
    years since the first Mass Effect. They suddently because the mere toys of this stupid little ghost boy who just happened to be at the final place and happend to solved everything for you with some color.....

    I could have written an ending with an awesome battle scene involving you and all your collecting war assest fighting alotside you, showing strength through diversity... you either had enough to overcome and prevail with a phyric victory or you didnt have enough and were crushed. Either way, I would have given the fans of the series on hell of an awesome ending battle scene. Not some stupid ghost starbrat.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 23 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 23 out of 23
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 23
  3. Negative: 0 out of 23
  1. Apr 11, 2012
    BioWare captures the scale of the conflict well, but always focuses on the people involved in it. It's pretty amazing just how badly EA disregarded the heart of the game – the characters and the world – when they began their marking blitzkrieg, but don't worry, it's oh so definitely there – Day 1 DLC, controversial endings, and questionable use of resources be damned. This is a fine, lovingly crafted game with a clear vision despite the realities of corporations and damning business practices.
  2. Apr 5, 2012
    A game that's more shooter than role-playing, and a conclusion that's more spectacular than dramatic. [Apr 2012, p.47]
  3. Mar 31, 2012
    Finishing a trilogy is always difficult. Tying off dozens of story threads which had been woven by players into many different tapestries is a daunting task. Mass Effect 3 is the first game that succeeded at this colossal undertaking.