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  1. Mar 29, 2013
    Here's a different kind of review: I actually liked the ending!

    Ok, so I started my Mass Effect journey with a bargain purchase of the first game in 2010, followed by a bargain purchase of the second part of series in late 2011 and now the final part in 2013. I still clearly remember the whole story and the feelings I had while playing it, so I can speak both for ME3 and the trilogy as
    a whole.

    Technically speaking, ME3 had superb audio and nice graphics. Very satisfying and enjoyable audiovisually. Game never crashed, I did not encounter any bugs either. Game felt very solid all around. The Origin requirement is a downer, but a small one. The atmosphere of the game (ie. the despair of the war) was a bit forced at times, but in the end held quite nicely. In ME1 I liked the feeling of vastness, how the plot spanned a lot of places on a huge scale. ME2 had perhaps did not have as epic a feel to it, for most of the game you spent hiring squad members from not-so-epic places and fights. I think ME3 went back to the roots in the epicness of scale.

    In ME1 I liked the fighting system and finding and upgrading new weapons. ME2 kind of streamlined the combat, but also removed all those micro-management details such as weapon mods. ME3 took somewhat a middle road in that regard: weapon mods return, but the weapon arsenal is quite limited. The biggest problem in fighting I had was Shepard getting stuck in cover when trying to run, resulting in a couple of unnecessary deaths in some of the harder fights. Other than that, gameplay felt pretty smooth.

    On terms of dialogue I think ME2 was the high point of the series. I really liked especially the female Shepards delivery of her lines. ME3 is not that good, but certainly not bad, either.

    The galaxy map mini-game this time was avoiding reapers, who were alerted by scanning the space for artifacts etc. I think ME1 had the best mini-game in that you actually landed on the planet and searched for stuff, even though it did get quite repetitive after while. In ME2 the mineral scanning was just dumb, as it did really not offer any challenge and there really was no big difference in the tactic you did it. The reaper mini-game in ME3 is again quite unnecessary, but at least you can apply some tactics to it, and it isn't really that much of an annoyance.

    And then there is the ending. I did play the extended cut, but also watched all the original ending videos from YouTube. I didn't really see the necessity of the extended endings, although they were perhaps a bit more satisfying. And the fourth ending type was indeed a smart move, which should have been in the original release also. On a side note, I also have played Eye of the Beholder, which threw you right back into DOS prompt after finishing the game, so I'm used to not having any fancy ending scenes. Anyway, most comments I've read about the ending being bad had two things in them: previous choices in the games had little to no effect, and not everything was explained. I think both are wrong accusitions.

    Choices in the previous games mainly affected your companions: who you were working with. At no point do I recall making any huge decisions directly regardin the forthcoming reaper invasion. Killed or saved the rachni queen in Noveria? Who cares, no one probably even knew she was there in the first place. Killed Wrex or was his best friends? Doesn't matter, there are plenty of krogans to be their leader, and plento of people on Normandy to be your wingmen. My point is, all the choices you made only affected the people around Shepard not things on a galactic scale. Therefore, I don't see how can someone expect so see any huge change in the outcome no matter what they did in the previous games. On the other hand, I still think they did a hell of a job with all the different combinations of who are alive and who you are with: dialogue changes according to the setting, and there are a huge number of different settings, which your previous choices _do_ affect.

    And the other thing, about leaving stuff open. I think the ending tied all the knots there were to be tied regarding galactic scale. Again, what happens to your mates is a different story, and left open. But that was not the point of the big picture. The point was the reaper invasion, and that was concluded in satisfying enough a way.

    The multiplayer requirement for the "better" endings was a stupid move, but I hear it was removed in the extended cut patch. I wouldn't know, as I ended up hacking my save game just to be sure I get the best ending: there were no multiplayer games anymore to boost your rating.

    All in all, a highly recommended game, and nowadays very good entertainment value for the cost: I only paid 9,95 in Origin store. I would give the game 8.5/10, which rounds to 8 just because of the multiplayer thing possibly affecting your single player campaign ending.
  2. Apr 3, 2013
    A year after its release, I just wanted to post my review. Mass Effect 3 is a real amazing experience and I would recommend it to everyone who enjoys sci-fi RPGs. I don't usually bother posting reviews, but this was truly one of the finest games of its genre for our generation.
  3. Apr 28, 2013
    I know many people are very angry at this game, and I understand that. Mass Effect 3 is just as much a step backward as a step forward from the previous iterations of the series. ME3 is much more action-oriented than the previous two games, something which I don't mind, There are more weapons in each category, and each class can now use every weapon. For me this opened up new gameplay possibilities. I could be a sentinel with a sniper rifle, a shotgun-wielding adept or engineer. While I like some of the new combat changes, the loss of RPG elements annoys me. Shepard can still pick his/her squad, but now there are only 6 squad members to chose from, 7 if you bought the DAY-ONE dlc, as opposed to the 11-12 there were in ME2. Loyalty mission are also gone, which takes away a personal element. Long-time fans of the series may be a bit disappointed by all this, but ME3 makes up for it in other ways. The Graphics are actually impressive, with nice lighting effects and great CGI space battles. These battles will be in great abundance, as now Shepard is facing the full force of the reaper onslaught against the galaxy. Shepard will have to unite the races of the galaxy, no easy task, to successfully fight off the reaper invasion and recapture earth. Choosing which races to side with, and some actions that Shepard chooses have an effect on and overall "readiness" bar which indicates military strength, and chances of victory in the final battle. Unfortunately, none of the other decisions Shepard has made throughout the other games will have ANY impact on the final ending. The end of the game feels rushed and lazy. For this i find that EA is probably to blame, rushing the game out ahead of schedule. An ending DLC does fix many of these issues, but leaves many unanswered. The fact that there even is an ending DLC to me shows that bioware cares for the universe it created, even if the messed up the first time around. Another good thing is that the awful mining mini games are be replaced with a less annoying, simpler, "find stuff on planet to help you in the war effort". One final thing that annoyed me about the gameplay was that instead of multiple factions and enemies, there are only three: Cerberus, reapers, and geth. This feels like another move away from more rpg elements to action elements. The AI is adequate; on higher difficulties some of the bigger enemies can be troublesome. Despite the changes, ME3 still feels like Mass Effect, a third person cover shooter.rpg hybrid. Using Shepard's powers and squad mate's powers to effectively combat enemy strengths and weaknesses is something true fans of the series will find fun and familiar. The soundtrack is great, the characters still great, and the story only slightly less than what most expect from Mass Effect.
    Which brings me to the multiplayer. Many people were worried it would take over from the single player, but it doesn't, in fact, it provides a welcome distraction from the reaper attack. Multiplayer is a horde-based mode in which up to four players can fight against waves of enemies of different types as many different races and classes. Ever wanted to play as a quarian engineer? A drell assassin, turian soldier, or even Krogan and Geth? There are also scores of weapons, upgrades, and attachments available. So far all the MP DLCs have been free, but MP still feels like EA trying to make quick cash sometimes. Multiplayer can still be fun, though. All considered, Mass Effect 3 feels a slightly rushed ending to a series dear to many people's hearts. It is still a good, dun game, but lets down in many things fans have come to expect form Bioware and the series as a whole.
  4. Apr 28, 2013
    This game is a fistula. What is a fistula? In anatomic terms it's an abnormal hole connecting two things that should not be connected. One of the most problematic is obstetric fistula which connects the vagina (awesome) with the bowels (super not-awesome). This game connects amazing writing, good gameplay with a ending.

    You can't fix this game's ending but you can help women world-wide
    suffering from obstetric fistula. Go to and donate today! Expand
  5. May 2, 2013
    Great game, loved every minute of it, except for the ending.

    Ending could have been better but I don't know if I'm just annoyed I wont have any more Mass Effect
  6. Jun 20, 2013
    Mass Effect 3 is a good, good, good game. Yes, the part of the ending with the child makes no sense (not to spoil-y I hope). But other than that, Mass Effect 3 is a great accomplishment in gaming. With ME 3, Bioware found a good balance between action and RPG elements. For RPG fans, there is a long list of skill trees to mess around with and weapon modification to match your gameplay style. They removed the class limitation on weapons and simply let you choose which of the pistols and rifles you want to use. All of the powers have been balanced so that all classes are equally viable on the hardest difficulties. All in all gameplay has been greatly improved from ME 2. The story is still great. You have less squad members than ME2 but they are more fleshed out. If you haven't played the first two games a lot of the story might be lost on you but for people have played both ME1 and ME2 in order, ME 3 finishes up the Story arcs of each character(s) in a beautiful and cathartic way. You have a lot of influence and involvement with how the stories end which increase the player's investment in the game. I plead with you, dear reader, ignore the bad user reviews and give this game a chance. Expand
  7. Jul 23, 2013
    It's by no means a bad game, the game play is amazing, the dialogue is great, the characters are relatable and it has that emotional tone that the first two games carried. What brought it down from a positive rating is the ending which managed to piss SO many gamers off. The ending of this game is a total slap in the face to fans of the Mass Effect games. It was like the developers completely forgot about the fact that all of the games are based around choice, but the ending betrays that fact. All three endings are incredibly similar, which made us feel as if our choices never mattered in the first place. I love the Mass Effect games but the ending of this game just brought it down. Never has a game ending developed so much controversy than the ending of Mass Effect 3, and that's a damn shame. Expand
  8. Oct 17, 2013
    I like very much the single player version,the story is very good for me,very good graphics,a lot of characters but i have problem with the multiplayer game!I never understand what i must do there!
  9. Dec 13, 2013
    Personally, I do not normally read any reviews on games before playing it as it may give me a biased perspective on it. However this is the first time I totally regret not reading any reviews on ME3 before playing it. Although I admit i've been hearing countless praises for its prior titles.
    Mass Effect 3 was my introduction to the series as I have not played the prior games yet (and I
    must admit, ME3 is totally preventing me from playing it). Im sure ME fans know that this game has its own very unique atmosphere while containing many moral and philosophical twists. I was immediately hooked on to the game thinking this might be one of my favorite games in my life. To be honest, ME3 Gameplay was pretty good at the least above average in my opinion. It was very interesting, entertaining until the end where (keep in mind, ME3 was an introduction to Mass Effect for me) it just became flat out abysmal and insulting.
    Non, and I mean NON of my hard thought decisions throughout the game even mattered in the end and I can't imagine what it would have been like to the players who spent so much time on previous titles. Im not sure what the writers were thinking but when I heard that damned space kid at the end telling me the few options I have, I knew they made a BIG mistake. Simply said, the ending ruined the game 100%. Im afraid the ending was one of the saddest and most pathetic close ups in video game history and I offer my sympathy to those who played throughout the whole series.
  10. Jan 2, 2014
    Mass Effect 3 gets a bad rap, I'm here to say that it is the best of all the Mass Effect games. ME3 combines the best elements of the first two installments: it takes the vastly improved game play of Mass Effect 2 and makes it even more fluid, more stream lined and more exciting. I appreciated the slightly expanded level-up system and weapons choices, even if still lacking from the ME1 days. I didn't care for the graphics upgrade between 1 and 2, but I appreciated the overhaul in this one.

    Story-wise, ME3 succeeded where its predecessor failed. The fact that BioWare decided not to encore 15 hours of utterly unengaging "team building" was a great start. The plot feels less like a grocery list, and more like an actual moving timeline, where Shepard really is interacting with the galaxy at large and taking actions that effect it. The old crew is mostly back, and the Normandy is an alliance ship again. All is right with the world. I didn't struggle to find a reason to care. This game rediscovers the clarity of purpose that the series began with.

    I hear grumblings about how the Mass Effect storyline simply became too linear, and that complaint might be valid. I never said the game was perfect. I still prefer linearity to whatever the hell ME2 was supposed to be. It might not be very RPG-like with the little things it does, but it is still very much an RPG in the bigger picture. You made a lot of choices in 1 and 2 that are going to directly affect 3 and you're going to make more choices in 3. It's easy to forget how many branching story lines there are a play in this series and the kind of effort BioWare put into making sure the player feels fully invested in whichever one they might find themselves in, and as always, the script and voice acting is top notch.

    Are the last 15 minutes of the game unworthy of the Mass Effect series? Yes, it's all true. It's sad to see that the ending completely lacked the thought and care that the rest of the story got throughout the saga, but the ending has it where it counts; the final mission is difficult and thrilling, even if the bits following it fail to win hearts.
  11. Feb 17, 2014
    Good game, letdown of an ending. The ending alone (along with the fact that some of the previous companions aren't companions in this on) is enough to knock it down a couple of points. But combine that with the Day One DLC and you have another shameful display by EA. Come on EA, stop buying good game developers and leaching money off of them and the consumers. That being said, this is still, in no shape or form, a bad game (despite the **** ending). Expand
  12. Feb 23, 2014
    I liked the game, despite all of the hate, I still found the game very enjoyable. I know the decisions weren't as expansive which is a bit of a let down, but in regards to the over all game, I still enjoyed playing it. I still liked the endings, I do wish that they had more variance, but not to the point where I want to set the disc on fire and rage out. The multiplayer isn't the most polished, it needs work. It just feels clunky. I do agree that this game isn't as good as the last, but it is still worth playing. Expand
  13. Feb 24, 2014
    This game is only for the series fans I guess.

    I felt like it had unbearably long, and boring cutscenes every 5 minutes, and horribly linear gameplay with an illusion of a choice. Annoyingly consolish controls for not demanding players, operated basically by one button to cover/use did not help either.

    Graphics were pretty good so not a complete zero. But this game was so seriously
    story oriented that in my case was just unplayable. I would rather spend that time watching good movie, than playing it as a video game. Expand
  14. Mar 22, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Anyone who gives this game a good review is being payed to do so.

    Mass effect 3 could not be a worse conclusion to the story if Bioware had tried.

    This game has really put me off buying from E.A ever again. E.A's new game titanfall, can sit on the shelf until a sale comes along because i now refuse to pay full price for games anymore. Now i wait until a steam sale.

    I genuinely believe that somebody in E.A decided that it would not be cost efficient to produce a decent game and instead convinced everyone to produce a game that was quick and poor quality because lets face it, the fans will buy the game regardless. Fans have already invested in the other two games so who cares about this one lets make the game as cheap as possible and maximize profits.

    I cant believe that in the second game you have an extremely advanced ship with A.I computers and for some reason, you don't have a camera installed so you can prove to the rest of the galaxy that the reapers are coming so get prepared for war. Nope..that would be too simple. Instead you (the player) has to (for the second time) act like a diplomat to get other races on your side. Then to add insult to injury your crew, for the most part is gone...why? you just spent a whole game recruiting them, why wouldn't you use them in the third game you stupid fools!!

    then there are the small things, like every time you go from one side of the ship to the other (the cic to the war room) you have to go past airport scanners....why????? your the captain for **** sake!!

    This games not worth your time, so invest whatever time you have left on this planet into something else.
  15. Apr 6, 2014
    I thought this game was quite epic. I had played Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 and loved both but only got around to playing ME3 recently. I thought the visuals were a nice step up from ME2 and the story was very emotional and gripping. The quest tracker, however, is pretty horrible and there were a few too many fetch quests but otherwise, thoroughly enjoyed it, even the ending which I thought was a fitting conclusion to a superb trilogy. Expand
  16. Apr 21, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Mass Effect 3 had some absolutely wonderful high points, but the lows completely ruined the series I had come to love over the years. Lets get the high points out of the way first since they are few and while great, are completely overshadowed by what's wrong with the game.
    First off, the graphics were outstanding even though the game was a console port, as was the music. The genophage cure series of events were absolutely incredible as long as Rex was not killed off in ME1. The paragon resolution to the genophage was heartwarming and the renegade resolution (if Mordin didn't die in ME2) was one of the most painful things I've ever done in a video game. Shooting the guy in the back was soooo wrong.
    I also enjoyed many of the aspects with previous squad members and friends from both ME1 and ME2. Running into Major Kirrahe from ME1 was a real treat and the deathbed prayer was so unexpected and moving that I actually got all teary eyed... a feat no video game had achieved in almost 30 years of gaming.

    Now... onto the bad. The whole opening sequence was absolute garbage. You can't just throw a new player into a situation assuming they already know these key people from previous games... add in a brand new main character not even ME veterans know even though the game treats the player like they should (Meat-head Vega), and after no buildup have earth attacked where they slap a pistol in your hand and expect you to fight wave after wave of f*cking aliens. You want to see a great opening to a game? Just look at Mass Effect 2. That introduction was one of the most brilliant in video game history. The player gets a sense of how to control movement through the environment, allowing them to get a feel for things, and aren't pressed to instant combat with zero idea what they're doing.
    Second... whatever happened to the promise that all these decisions in ME1 and ME2 having clear and distinct effects on the end of the trilogy?? Where was the payoff for saving/killing the Rachni? Or saving/destroying the Geth deep-space station? or most importantly... saving/destroying the Collector station at the end of ME2? And WTF is up with Cerberus still having the human-reaper even though I nuked the station from orbit? Only my ship had the Reaper IFF to activate the Omega 4 relay and my ship was dropped into Alliance hands as soon as I returned from the galactic center.
    Those are just a few of my problems with the game, but the biggest issue started from when you set foot on the Illusive Man's space station and didn't end till the credits stopped rolling. The entire space-ninja thing with Kai was beyond retarded, and as I said earlier... the human-reaper being there was complete BS... but it really got bad when you return to Earth. The space battle started good, but with no clear payoff for gathering every race in the galaxy to help other than one heavily damaged reaper and no show of the massive firepower you've amassed for the Normandy herself was deplorable.
    The "say goodbye" sequence was hollow, unfeeling, and didn't contain anything that showed the player the deep emotional bonds you've developed with your friends and loved ones. The whole thing was pointless.

    Last and least is my problem with the run to the beam and the f*cking star-brat. Your whole squad gets vaporized, no fight with Harbinger, no dialogue with him. Nothing. He just fries Shepard and leaves the scene. Oh... I can't forget the final boss battle!!! Shepard VS Marauder Shields!!! Bioware were too stupid to come up with a proper end fight so instead they had Shepard face THE ONLY MARAUDER IN THE GAME WITH SHIELDS.... as the final battle. Pathetic.
    Then... after three games where Shepards life was completely dedicated to stopping the reapers, preventing human extinction.... the trilogies antagonist.... the reapers... are pi$$ed out the window for Martin Sheen and a light-up ghost of the brat you tried to help at the beginning of ME3. W....T....F....

    Casey Hudson said in an interview prior to ME3's release that all your decisions mattered and how you would NEVER see a cookie cutter ending where you choose A, B, or C. But that's exactly what they did. It's like the development team at Bioware all went on vacation just after finishing the Illusive Man's space station, handed the keys to the newest Intern who previously was fetching them coffee, and told him to finish the game himself even though he had never played ME1 or ME2 and only was allowed to see a few bits and pieces of ME3 while in development.

    I, along with millions of others absolutely loved the Mass Effect series. So much so that we actually had an emotional attachment to the characters. Other game studios would KILL to achieve such a thing. And the way that Bioware said "f*ck it" and rushed the game out the door to meet EA's deadline for release, which was just in time boost quarterly profits for EA has disgusted me to a level that i'll never pay money for another one of their games. Pi$$ off!
  17. Jul 6, 2014
    People complain about this game far too much, since they updated the ending this game has become a full fledged conclusion to the trilogy instead of the retarded third child it once was. the game play from 2 to 3 was much improved and the online multi-player was non-stop fun (provided you will need to have at least 1-2 friends in your life to enjoy it) Best game of the series by far. If you don't believe go drive in a goddamn Mako for a few hours then return.

    Don't believe the Haters!
  18. Mar 6, 2012
    Rather than trying to expand on the formula which set Mass Effect as one of those rpg-shooter hybrids which grow more frequent as the years pass by, Bioware decided to dismiss it completely in favour of Michael Bay-grade explosions and the like.

    Mass Effect 3 starts off almost a year after ME2 where Shepard has done nothing of note except somehow end up on Earth and is being trailed by
    the Alliance for the **** you've done". That's nice, guess he stopped working with Cerberus and the Council's spectre status meant nothing.

    Anyway, auto-dialogue sets in with little to no player input for minutes on end, probably one of their new innovations when impatient people found dialogue boring and then explosions occur and the Reapers are there. The entire galaxy acts shocked.

    Now, maybe I expected too much from the writers but the pacing is horrible. This isn't just for the intro--though the intro does a wonderful job of showing it--with the entire game having Shepard talking without the player's input and the game hoping to imagine you know **** when you don't before explosions happen everywhere.

    It almost seems like they were trying to build a blockbuster movie rather than write the end of the trilogy, Mac Walters and Casey Hudson being supervised by Michael Bay who's constantly yelling "MORE EXPLOSIONS" throughout the entire creation process.

    In addition to this, importing serves little to no purpose. Killed a character before? It's somehow back alive! Spare a character? Well, they died off-screen! The consequences which were advertised for years now, since the very inception of the series, becoming meaningless and serving nothing but wasting a writer's five seconds to create a new line for the sake of importing.

    I feel like I've been robbed, not simply because of my purchase of ME3 being a complete waste but the entire trilogy built up absolutely nothing. Unable to play ME1 or ME2 anymore, ME3 spoils the entire experience. If I wanted automatic dialogue, crappy plots and one-liners I would find myself playing Gears of War, least they have a slightly rewarding ending (Yes, ME3 ends on a downer note that tries to be optimistic and leaves you with hundreds of questions, none which they try to answer).

    Bioware has fallen hard as of yet, I don't trust they'll be able to stand anymore.

    Useless information:
    Gameplay is choppy on PC, one button covering a thousand functions reeks of bad porting.

    Graphics are worse on PC, shadows everywhere try to obscure poor textures. High Res Patch may be coming but it won't matter since everything is hidden under layers of shadow.

    Multiplayer gets tiresome quickly, essentially being singleplayer without the dialogue (oh wait, that is the singleplayer. lol.) which you fight waves of enemies with Hackett telling you to do things here or there. Level up system is poorly thought out, certain characters have huge imbalances and you need to sacrifice your MP character to get assets for the Single Player (REPLAY VALUE!!111 *cough* not).

    Multiplayer is also necessary to get the better endings, which is absolutely **** absurd.

    Day 1 DLC up the ass costing upwards to 900$ for everything.

    Mass Effect 3 is absolute garbage, as much as I hate to say it.
  19. Mar 6, 2012
    Il be honest i was looking forward to this game true ME2 was more casualized and streamlined then ME3 but i still liked it and was still waiting ME3 now what broke the camels back and drove me to not even buy this game? Where to begin for starters it keeps ME2's lobotomized leveling up system which is thel ats instance of any "RPG" in it on top of that they included some bulking meat head jersey shore wannabe into the crew and in addition gave ashley facial reconstructive surgery so she doesn't even look like the same person. On top of that we have day one DLC YES THATS RIGHT day one DLC. The DLC of course contains a prothean character you know the characters that were supposedly genocided in ME1? Then apparently turned into collectors in ME2 who were then all wiped out now apparently there is one left and for the first time you can have a prothean squadmate... OH one last thing he costs 9.99 on day of release so pay up. Then they tried to excuse the DLC by stating they had recently begun work on it and it was finished late. Gee bioware then explain why we knew of him in early 2011. In addition to that they break the camels back, legs, and any other bone this poor animal may have with the ending. The ending which *SPOILERS* is a travesty wraps up this beloved franchise by revealing how the kid from the demo/beginning was the crucible AKA controller of the reapers and how the reapers exist to exterminate organic life so they do not create synthetic life which will then rebel and destroy all organic life. SO basically the reapers kill us so we don't kill ourselves and if that isn't the most moronic plot you ever heard the end wraps up with a kid being told this game as though its a story and ends with "papa shepard tell me another story" and "papa shepard" then saying "its getting late but ok one more" which basically implies that A. This whole thing was a story which in that case i swear off bioware products forever or that B. The ending was trying to wave their upcoming MMO in peoples faces which in that case i swear off bioware products forever. Then we have player choices. The choices in the game are gathered from ME1 and ME2 to culminate and finally reveal what consequences these choices will have in the final battle against reapers. They however have proceeded to royally screw that up by ignoring half the choices in ME1 and ME2. Rachni exterminated? Doesn't matter theres some behind the orange juice in the great big galaxy fridge. Destroyed or kept the collector base? Bah who cares that wasn't important infact it was so unimportant we won't even talk about it at all. In addition to all these games short comings we get to a matter which has me personally riled up my character in Mass Effect 1 (doesn't exist due to installation of Windows 7 over vista in 2009) has sex with Ashley. Now recently and by recently i mean as recent as tonight (3:30 AM EST right now) a magazine has announced a quote from a bioware employee saying how Ashley is a transsexual. This is what pissed me off not the transsexual part. I have no problem with transsexuals but to literally wait til Mass Effect 3 to tell us something as vital as that and to casually tell us this very vital piece of information is unforgivable. It is basically the equivalent of having sex with someone then mentioning they have an STD. Then we have the multiplayer mode. To those saying it is tacked on i can completely say yes it is tacked on. This multiplayer mode is nothing but horde mode from gears of war, or onslaught mode from BFBC2 (ps3 version only) or killing floor, or horde mode from gears of war, except they have something at least original to them. BFBC2 has onslaught mode which is basically conquest with bots but conquest is objective based so its not endless hordes of enemies. Gears of war invented horde mode which is the first to do something wave based. Killing floor has a shop mid wave which you can use to buy new weapons since you start out with a pistol to begin with. This game on the other hand has nothing new or original in the multiplayer. The only reason i can fathom even having a multiplayer mode is to attract some of the call of duty kiddies to play it. Except they fail to see that people who play COD will never play a game like Mass Effect 3. Thats about it for my review of this waste of money. Expand
  20. Mar 6, 2012
    Amazing game, plus the multiplayer being a nice bonus to play every once in a while with friends.
    i know we are playing the GOTY 2012. 10 out of 10, editor's choice, superb, and all stuff.
  21. Mar 6, 2012
    From the timelimited quests that you get from walking around (and you can't see the actual time limit) to the numerous dumb deaths of characters. The gameplay is, of course, even further dumbed down yet again. The writing is like something out of fanfiction, and the Reapers get retconned to hell and back.
  22. Mar 6, 2012
    They said that the choices from ME1 and ME2 would carry over but they didn't. Day 1 DLC for $15 that allows you to see the best ending. How the **** you go from KotOR to ME3 / TOR is beyond me.
  23. Mar 6, 2012
    Great end to a trilogy, if you play games to have fun and enjoy an amazing world then this game is for you. All of our favorite characters from the past games make a return and all conflicts established throughout the series get an ending. Mass Effect 3 has a darker tone than previous installments and the game keeps you surprised up to the end. The combat is more fun than ever with diverse enemies and great customizing options which always change your experience. There are bugs, but less than most releases I have played over the past year. Definitely the best game I have played since The Witcher 2. Expand
  24. Mar 6, 2012
    I don't think too much has improved from previous games compared too how much has gotten worse. My save transfer didn't work and a prothean DLC was available as soon as I started, which to be honest annoyed the hell out of me. I'm around 6 hours in and have found it a bit of a grind in a lot of places, the combat seems unrefined and the story in places is complete drab. This is my honest opinion on the matter. Expand
  25. Mar 6, 2012
    I was honestly expecting more from this game. The awkward homosex seemed forced, the scenery in the ending is a blatant ripoff of a random wallpaper (Google "space winter"), there's much less dialogue options, the morality is still good vs evil as opposed to several differing factors of morality, and the ending was just a horrible knock-off of Deus Ex, characters can no longer be imported properly, and the game has even less RPG elements than the previous games. If that wasn't bad enough, Bioware removed a core part of the story and sold it separately for $10. This is one of the biggest flops in the industry, worse than Duke Nukem. Expand
  26. Mar 6, 2012
    YA Blew It

    This game really nose dived faster than the Titanic. Horrible clunky control, bad user interface, and just plain embarrassingly horrible writing. The RPG elements are completely gone, the game feels like COWADOOTY GEARS OF WAR IN SPACE with homosexual references shoved down my throat. Now I consider my self a post modernist moral relativist secular-humanist transgender in the
    embodiment of female form but the homosexual references about how Commander Shepherd sucks the best dick on board the ship etc, etc is just way to forced. I personally blame Jennifer "the land whale" Helper, she is not a true ally of the QUILTBAG (Queer/Questioning, Undecided, Intersex, Lesbian, Trans, Bisexual, Asexual, Gay) movement. Some respected sources such as Alex Jones even suggest that she is confirmed Mossad spy sent by Yugoslavia to damage the image of us QUILTBAGs. To me it seems plausible, just look at bad ME 3 portrays homosexuals and it's not too hard to believe. That's about it, pretty much glad it's over. Expand
  27. Mar 6, 2012
    A sparkling meta-game with flawed minigames, but still worth playing. Mass Effect 3 is a stunning tour de force of an epic, arrayed with a cast ranging from legendary writer Jennifer Hepler to reformed misogynist Jim Sterling and such media luminaries as Kotaku and Rock Paper Shotgun. Its story arcs span intrepid epics from the great script leak of 2011, where the seeds of backlash were first sown. Subsequent chapters as the leak of the art book are also worth playing, where you discover that many of the supposed characters were not who you expected, adding both intrigue and drama into the mix. When the second act ended, and Hepler was stoned by the masses despite not even having a role in the great BioWar, I was rapt with trepidation as Sterling rode to her rescue. The third act proves to be even better, with such missions as the Great DLC Robbery and Space Needs Games. Indeed, ME 3 is a stunning indictment of the electronic gaming industry and the insidious ability for media outlets, backed with hard corporate cash, has morphed it into a culture of conformity. Mass Effect 3 highlights this process, from the beginning at the ashes of the previous game to its non-conclusion, in which we have to purchase for $9.99 on the Origin marketplace. The writing of this meta-game is beyond reproach, though the character design leads some room to be desired. However, this masterpiece has a few flaws. The mini-games are not particularly entertaining. The dating simulator is simplistic and contains much laughable dialogue, though it is understandable given that it is a satire designed to parody sophomoric RPGs of yesteryear. The "Cmmdr. Shepherd" gun and run sections fall prey to numerous glitches, rendering levels unplayable or at least requiring numerous playthroughs. Enemy designs are uninspired and spawn incessantly, a fitting tribute to the Gauntlet games that were such a great influence on Bioware. Much of the dialogue seems hackneyed, but that is understandable since the gonzo mini-games were directly modeled after Tales of Game's Presents Chef Boyardee's Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden, Chapter 1 of the Hoopz Barkley SaGa, another game series that Bioware drew more than a little inspiration from. The level design is somewhat mediocre, but understandable given how the bulk of the development cycle was spent polishing the other areas of the meta-game, especially the Forums Realm.

    Speaking of which, the Fandom faction (housed in the Forums Realm) throughout this game is simply tremendous. The Biodrone hive's rise and implosion was a chilling morality play fit for these uncertain times, and truly Bioware has conveyed in vibrant imagery what happens when large groups of people act mindlessly. Bioware's avant-garde depictions of "fanservice" present the proverbial fall of an hubristic artist become waylaid by easy money. ME 3 cleverly teaches this moral lesson, which should be remembered by every game designer, by showing the bizarre incestuous relationship between the fandom, engaged in the torid cutscenes known as "shipping", and the company itself. The company, in turn, rewards the fandom by courteously appropriating its creations, as we see vividly displayed in the ending, a beautiful DA artpiece that Bioware exposes to the world. Ultimately, Mass Effect 3 is not truly a game, but a moment. An experience. It transcends media boundaries and challenges our perceptions as to what games are and what they are made of and what they can do. Who are players and who are characters. What is the pH level of the bodily fluids of an alien lifeform. If you enjoy stunning cinematic takedowns, you will love this game.
  28. Mar 6, 2012
    Everything that was right in Mass Effect 1 has vanished in Mass Effect 3. This series is no longer an RPG with Third-person shooter elements. This game is a really ban gears of war clone with horrible animations, terrible textures and cringeworthy dialogue.

    Also, Day 1 DLC should be frowned upon by everyone. It is absolutly unacceptable in this day and age.
  29. Mar 6, 2012
    Why did I waste my time on this piece of crap? I could have watched The Room about 15 times instead. It's about as bad as Dragon Age 2, and that's saying a lot.
  30. Mar 6, 2012
    I must say I looked forward to this game before. Now that I've played it I realize it's **** The plot is bad and so is the graphics. The controls are the worst I've played with aswell you can feel it's a bad console port through everything this game.

    Don't buy this...
  31. Mar 6, 2012
    OK, unlike paid critics and users (who actually play with pink glasses on) I will keep this one short. Don't be an idiot like me. I already wasted 100 bucks for EA (50 bucks for SW TOR, and another 50 for this piece of crap). Overall impressions: Graphics - mediocre to the best; Animations - epic fail. Animated by professional programmers, definitely not CGI specialists (lol); Dialogues - MOST EPIC FAIL EVER. They surely have been written by some retarded and are only targeted to impress retarded rednecks; gameplay - FAIL. Plus add here 10 USD DLC on the first day - and that's about that to make a conclusion, that BW is dead. I hope they spend my 50 bucks for this **** for doctor, because it is obvious someone in EA BW needs serious treatment. Oh, and I hope paid critics won't be happy with their bribes. That's all. Expand
  32. Mar 6, 2012
    Horrible game, day 1 DLC, awful story and voice acting. Instantly got a refund after being exciting for it for over 4 years. No big surprise seeing how TORtanic went down, Bioware isn't what they used to be.
  33. Mar 6, 2012
    Bioware. Baby. Darling. Honeycakes. We need to talk. You've always toed the line between a direct narrative and a branching narrative, and in the past it's never been a problem. Probably because the meat of the games was in the character arcs and interactions, and changing incidentals about the characters throughout the game based on choice, while not having a monumental impact, will at least give the player the FEELING of agency. There is no agency in this. None of my decisions matter. Rather than translating into flags with any significant impact on the universe, they translate into "peace points" and galactic readiness points and other hyper-simplistic **** And then there's the dialogue wheels: just like DA2, the 3-word bit of text you pick from the wheel has nothing to do with your answer. **** nothing. At one point Ashley was being emo and one of the options I could pick, in the paragon position (but not needing points), was "We've been through a lot." I thought "Oh, he's going to appeal to her emotionally through shared experience!" I selected it. Cue Shepard angrily growling "You should know me better." This makes me feel as though I'm not a part of events. That's bad. Video games are not movies, Bioware, they are video games. The scene in the demo/opening with the little boy? I know you thought it was heart-wrenching, I do, and that's adorable of you, but it's not. We met that boy literally a minute ago, and had no connection with his emotional state at all. Now he's dead. CUE SAD MUSIC AND SHEPARD LOOK SO SAD. Get over yourselves. You work best doing tongue-in-cheek, not melodrama. Oh, and stop gutting the RPG elements. In ME1 the passives were ridiculous at high levels, and you could highly specialize Shepard. The system in ME3 is the same one from ME2 with the upgrades spread out a bit thinner. The combat sections are largely tedious and laughably easy, even on the hardest difficulty. I will give Bioware one thing: they have improved on the fluidity of TPS control. However, in their fervor to do so, they forgot to make enemies that actually force the player to explore this new fluidity. He can just sit behind his chest-high wall and line up headshots with his x-ray vision Expand
  34. Mar 6, 2012
    Horrible writing, dumbed down gameplay, homosexual romances forced down our throats, horrible writing, awful animations, **** day one DLC and finally horrible writing.

    This game is an insult to fans of the series and to gamers in general. The "professional" reviewers must have been payed off. Do not buy this heap of crap.
  35. Mar 6, 2012
    This review is not against the game, it is against How the game is sold. First of all: Origin only is completely unacceptable. I bought both Mass Effect 1 and 2 on Steam and i want to complete my collection in the same drawer. I really love the Mass Effect series but EAs DLC policy as well as the "action-oriented" direction the game is progressing towards to appeal to the CoD audience are the reasons why i will not buy Mass Effect 3. A game has to include everything in the already way too high 60â Expand
  36. i59
    Mar 6, 2012
    Along with most other EA franchises, Mass Effect has been utterly raped by idiotic decisions i.e. having to pay to get better endings, not being on Steam etc.
  37. Mar 6, 2012
    Absolutely awful and a disgrace to the Mass Effect series. BioWare has really sold out worse than I could have foreseen. The dialogue, story, and characters are not what they used too, and this feels like a game made for that annoying 12-year old that I play Halo 3 online with. I don't want to be that kid, BioWare.
  38. Mar 6, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is an incredible game and ends the trilogy successfully. The gameplay and graphics are top notch, but as expected the storytelling is where the game truly shines. Bioware manages to keep improving the series right until the end and should be commended for it. Buy copies for yourself, your friends and all their friends as you won't be disappointed.
  39. Mar 6, 2012
    Bioware killed our beloved sci-fi rpg with the help of EA. I could pay for this game even if they make it pure action based. But with this level of retardness level of story and storytelling, it really upsets me as a Mass Effect fan. From now on I decided not to pay for any Bioware game.
  40. Mar 6, 2012
    Gameplay feels worse than before and they pretty much just ignored the previous lore. How they could mess it up so bad is anybody's guess. This game was made by EA for the sole purpose of making money off the Mass Effect name.
  41. Mar 6, 2012
    Seriously disappointing. The game is a prime example of how negatively popularity can affect a game, not that popularity in and of itself is a plague to forms of media, but a wider audience means the developers must pander to more people, stretching a game far too thin to be any good to a real fan.

    The combat is clunky, you can't even sprint through a simple fire zone without sticking to
    a wall like a refrigerator magnet, the writing is hamfisted, the characters feel either gimmicky or totally bland, and the multiplayer is lackluster, and to top it all off, first day DLC that could have just been included in the game in the first place.

    A truly worse-than-mediocre experience.
  42. Mar 6, 2012
    After playing Mass effect one and two for hours on end I was heartbroken when I lost my save-files, So I decided before this came out too marathon through the first two games. However I later found out that wasn't even necessary as with the dumbed down choices and for the most part Ignoring of past decisions playing the first 2 games was not even necessary at this point. This was a huge let down because ME2 showed us just how important our choices were. as for the game it self Multi-player is decently fun however sacrificing the quality of single player to add it is a extreme let down. Overall If you enjoyed the overall feel of the first two games this will feel like a let down however if you just want a bro-op game wait for it to go on sale and it should give you some hours with a friend. Expand
  43. Mar 6, 2012
    Regardless of what the paid reviews will tell you, this is another excellent example of how Bioware can take a game and franchise which once held promise, and turn it into a lazily-produced money grab, pandering to the lowest common denominator. Gears of War combat through incredibly linear levels, even fewer dialogue choices that don't seem to matter one bit, stripped-down character customization and skills, and, of course, the quality writing, roughly on the level of high-school fanfiction. Expand
  44. Mar 6, 2012
    The plot holes become impossible to ignore. The motivation and origin of the reapers is nearly incoherent. After all of the choices you've made in the series, only the one you make at the very end has real lasting consequences. The game boasts 3 endings, which are really just the same ending with different window dressing. This game has managed to taint the entire series for me. After Dragon Age II and now this, I think Bioware has lost the magic. Expand
  45. Mar 6, 2012
    I am writing this review in protest of Mass Effect 3's day one DLC. Mass Effect 1 and 2 were some of the most memorable games I've ever played, and I very much looked forward to playing Mass Effect 3. After hearing about the day one DLC I rescinded my pre-order. I believe EA Games/Bioware are fleecing their customers with this type of business practice. I believe this is an attempt to capitalize on a series that has loyal followers who will not be able to resist the [spoiler censor] teammate. I consider 60 dollars a hefty price to pay for a PC game, and trying to squeeze another 10 dollars out out the fan base on day one is just atrocious business. I was actually planning on replaying the first two games, buying the well-regarded mass effect 2 DLC, and then playing through the third on day one. It seems like EA/Bioware is trying to whittle down our tolerance for this kind of tomfoolery, DA/ME2 had free content with new purchases, this time around it's story-significant day-one content for extra money, what next? I am drawing this line in the sand for myself, and I hope others join me in earnest. Expand
  46. Mar 6, 2012
    This game runs like a fan fiction of a fan fiction. Our only hope is that BioWare releases a DLC to fix our brains after the damage this unfortunate pile of crap did.
  47. Mar 6, 2012
    First EA decides to remove Mass Effect from Steam and make it an Origin exclusive. Them EA starts supporting SOPA. Them Bioware spits on its fans, by releasing a extremely relevant DLC on day one. It is very clear that they want to maximize their profits... but, who doesn't? Every single developer of every single company wants to "milk their fans". The problem with EA is that they do it in a way that we feel exploited. I dont care about wasting 60 dollars on a good game. But buying a game for 60 bucks, on a EXTREMELY worse online platform than Steam, and feeling that my game is missing a very important part of the story unless i spend another 10 dollars, it is too much. I bought Mass Effect 1 and 2, and I`m not going to buy the 3rd game. Shame on you Bioware! Expand
  48. Mar 6, 2012
    I've been playing games for a while, being 48 and all. I played both previous ME games to exhaustion. Mass Effect 3 is a great game. I didn't like DA2 but DA:Origins, TW1&2, the Gothics (1-3), Risen and ME series are on my top games list. (As are D1, BG1&2 and D2 too). ME3 fits that list very well. It has a very immersing SP and an awesome MP. I'm loving every moment of it. It's really a shame people are trying to pull the DA2 Effect on this great game. Expand
  49. Mar 6, 2012
    Worst game in Mass Effect 1-3. Why I need to play multiplayer to successfully complete main single-player campaign? Why some characters and pieces of plot are cut from the game that I bought and are selling with additional price? How much we need to pay to get complete game, not piece-by-piece by additional money? Mass Effect is killed by greed.
  50. Mar 6, 2012
    loved ME1, and even mildly enjoyed ME2. This game is made for Xbox COD Kiddies. AVOID!. Let Down, Let Down, Let Down, Let Down, Let Down, Let Down, Let Down, Let Down, Let Down, Let Down, Let Down, Let Down
  51. Mar 6, 2012
    DLC,DlC,DLC, what a complete failure, Bioware, I was incredibly dissapointed of this game, and dissapointed of you, what a tragedy, I hope everyone over there is ashamed of themselves, making us pay on the first day... What a load of bull, I hate everyone over there, Sincerely, Vee Bass
  52. Mar 6, 2012
    Bioware should stop making "games" since they obviously can't be bothered anymore and just stick to their true calling, romance visual novels. Dumbed down gameplay concepts, day one DLC and a plot that's complete garbage, which consists of zero meaningful choice options and a general direction that's put to shame by 10 year old fan-fiction writers. Not to mention the animation is terrible, the music instantly forgettable and voice acting fairly lackluster. Given the choice, it wouldn't surprise me if people didn't even bother pirating this game, it's that bad. Expand
  53. Mar 6, 2012
    Okay, first off this is a great game. Enough said. Sure you had to pay ten dollars and yes its a marketing thing for EA, but if you think about it, its EA who did not Bioware. Bioware made the game, had an amazing story from the first to the end and the game play is also amazing, but other than that quit your whining about the dlc being another ten dollars and it being on release date, Its not like they are forcing to you to go out and get it. And to the people who gave this a bad review look at all the other rpg-fps out there they are mostly the same and you cant choose most dialogue they just have it out there preset and whatnot, bioware is known for there story and there choice of dialogue. Other than that this game is satisfying but not perfect like every other game. Expand
  54. Mar 6, 2012
    Given the potential of the first two games, and all the news and promises, I really thought BioWare couldn't go wrong with this game. Man, I was wrong.

    From the terrible dialogue, to the obviously rushed and illogical plot "twist" and the endings ripped-off from Deus Ex, Mass Effect 3 not only proved to be a poor game but it also made me feel like I wasted countless hours playing and
    replaying the first two games.

    Talking about the first two games, playing them is completely optional, given that no matter what (thousands) of different choices you made, the end-game is strictly the same for everyone. Nothing you do really matters. Yet again, we were only given the illusion of choice.Despite all the false advertisement by BioWare, we are playing THEIR (poorly written) story, not ours.

    And not only they ruined the story, but the gameplay experience continues to move towards the generic-3rd-person-fps path, with dumbed down dialogue, less choices to be made, characters introduced to appease the teenage boys and girls and the (profit-aimed and unnecessary) addition of multiplayer. BioWare definitely wants new target market - one in which I'm certainly not included.
  55. Mar 6, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I came here to clarify all those bad reviews. It's not because the game is darker and action-filled that it deserves a score under 5. The game is different in its own ways. The series matured and evolved, and personally, for the best. Now for the actual review.

    Mass Effect 3 is set to be the ultimate ending for Shepard and everything I've played so far supports this. There is more emotions than ever, more action and more customization. The different places we travel through our journey are beautiful and each of them have a different feel to them. We get to know about everything the other two games didn't say (For example, we finally see Palaven and Asari's homeworld). This definitively deserves a 9,5 in my opinion.
  56. Mar 8, 2012
    I dont know old Bioware. This game doing other company, because I seen very bad game.
    Bad graphic - where is HD texture pack on PC? Where is it? Dialogues - bathos, bathos, bathos everywhere, many bathos. What is that? I dont 7 year is old Gameplay - crap. Where is RPG elements? Where is it? Shooting, always shooting.........
    This is EPIC FAILURE.
  57. Mar 6, 2012
    I feel as though hype and name generated sales more than quality. That can only last for so long; eventually -no matter how much hype you have, quality does matter. Thatâ
  58. Mar 6, 2012
    MW3 reader review terrorist attack all over again? I think ME3 is not bad at all, and there's quite a bit to like here. Different players and fans may have varied opinions about the combat, story, and characters, but I doubt it deserves anything lower than an overall 5/10 at the least. I've played ME1 and ME2 to death, and with that as a basis, my score for this game is 8/10. Very high production values, great graphics, high replay value, and a more accessible mission and combat system. If this will be your first ME game, it'll rock. But for some players like me, I feel that the story's consistency, combat mechanics, and mission system just took a slight step backwards... "Simplified" is a word that keeps popping up whenever I'm introduced with a new gameplay element, and that's with a raised eyebrow. This is also the first time I actually noticed glitches in cutscenes in an ME game (First encounter with the Illusive Man... pointing and pointing without any dialogue?) I don't regret buying this game coz I can now kick ass with friends, continue the story with all four of my different characters, and Liara T'soni still rocks... that's enough for me! ^_^ Expand
  59. Mar 7, 2012
    From the hamfisted forced drama to the endings taken straight from Deus Ex and re-branded, Mass Effect 3 is evidence that Bioware is finished. Between The Old Republic and Dragon Age 2, Bioware have either forgotten what made their games great, or they are being forced to make bad decisions by EA.

    The animations are an embarrassment to say the least, the sprinting animation in
    Gameplay is a carbon copy of Mass Effect 2, but with an inferior level design.
    Choices made in Mass Effect 1 and 2 are barely noticeable, which was a major selling point for this game.
  60. Mar 7, 2012
    From the entertaining first game to the "okay" sequel, it sank deep into "Terrible". Lazy Modeling, bugs everywhere, dumbed down just like dragon age 2, appealing for a wider audience and alienating fans, disappointed disconnected dialogue, piss-poor writing. I could go on. Not to mention removing in-game content and forcing people to pay for it as "downloadable content", which is given to you day 1 instead of with the game, to extract more money from people.
    Sadly, the blind fans will continue to support it, but as a refined gamer, I warn all others to not even touch this sinful shadow of a videogame.
  61. Mar 7, 2012
    Literally the worst game ever made. If you bought this you are the cancer killing the games industry and you should probably kill you are self.
    Also hampurger helper.
  62. Mar 7, 2012
    So, there's a lot of problems, like Day 1 DLC of content that Bioware blatantly removed from the game to sell as DLC, trying to make us feel sorry for a kid when our Shepherd have probably encountered worse tragedies, the incredibly lazy photo of unmasked, which is pretty much just a stock photo of a woman that had twenty minutes max in photoshop, the depressingly disappointing endings, when Bioware told us that there would be a happy ending that we would have to fight hard for, and so many more. Not to mention being exclusive to Origin, which is a massive sin in itself.

    I would have given this game just a five, as it's just that, an average game. However, since it's clear that Bioware bribed journalists and reviewers to give their game a good review, I decided to counter the inflated reviewer scores and give this game a zero.

    Criticism and feedback is one of the most important things for a game developer. Unfortunately, it seems fanboys nowadays views criticism as a direct attack at them or the developers. Fanboys. Understand that criticism is the only way for a game developer to get better. Bioware probably suffered a overblown ego from the fanboys, which results in declining quality for their games. From a fan who enjoyed Baldur's Gate, KOTOR, Mass Effect and even Dragon Age: Origins, it's just depressing to see all of this unfold. I can only hope that Bioware will return to their senses and start making quality games without Day 1 DLC. Also, DLC is a horrendous blight on the gaming industry and should never be supported ever unless it's purely cosmetic. Sincerely, The Checker.
  63. Mar 7, 2012
    This is a terrible letdown. One of the greatest dissapointments in my history with video games. Gameplay is solid, but for ruining the game with plot holes and idiotic ending, I give it a zero. Not to mention the Day 1 DLC. This is the last thing I bought coming from Bioware.
  64. Mar 7, 2012
    My favourite francise is Mass Effect. This is a very good game, but pulled off a lot of trolls. The story is great, the graphics is nice, the sounds are good and the best thing is gameplay is fantastic
  65. Mar 7, 2012
    Well... I buy this game today.. ME2 was better... Give me my money back! It's bad! It's bad! It's bad! It's bad! It's bad! It's bad! It's bad!!!!!!!!!
  66. Mar 7, 2012
    I sincerely hope this is a joke. Come on, Bioware. Come on. This isn't even funny anymore, what happened. I miss great games like Baldur's Gate II, please stop doing this to me.
  67. Mar 7, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is a great game. I'm 25 hours in. The negative reviews: I cannot reconcile my own playtime with what's written here. Mostly seems like people are sore over the Day 1 DLC, not getting what they wanted out of the narrative, or giving the game a 1 or 0 because it is 'dumbed down' or some other similarly vague reason. With a smattering of balance issues intermixed. DLC is just how it is going to be going forward. I understand the anger, but a game isn't poor or unenjoyable because it has DLC. ME2 had a huge amount of DLC packs, of varying usefulness, many of which were far, far more important to the plot than From Ashes. It was generally regarded as a great game.

    The game isn't dumbed down. Combat is essentially on terms with ME2 in terms of complexity. Equipment is more complex (in a good way). The narrative is more mature, both in content and writing style.

    Finally, there is no major balance issue. In the many hours of multiplayer I've seen every class be a real asset to the team. Can things be improved? Yes. Is the game devoid of value because of the imperfect balancing? No.

    It is dishonest to give the game a 0 or 1 review. There's not enough different between ME1, 2, and 3 to justify such low scores.


    Story is better than both of the sequels. There's nothing 'dumbed down' here, from how the squad mates interact to how Shepard changes as a character. It works. There are a fewer long, drawn out, conversations with your squad mates while on the Normandy, but that falls under less is more. There is a /lot/ more realism and casual banter. Everyone feels more like a real person.

    For the first 1/3 of the game, there is a bit of a sense that the galaxy isn't paying attention to what's going on. Earth has fallen, but the citadel is, well, the citadel. The reapers, however, continue their advance and everything changes. It is certainly one of the more dynamic single-player worlds I've seen.

    Your former squad mates return in varying capacities. Many have changed, mostly for the better, since you last saw them. Not all can join you, but that's ok. The choices in ME3 are galactic scale. Several times I've had to walk away at a fork in the road to think about it a bit.

    If I were to point out any big change in the way the game feels, it is a lack of formality. In ME1 and 2, both, there was a bit more of a sense of the ship being run military, so to speak. In ME3, everyone is more comfortable with each other. Shepard doesn't lay down the law quite so often -- it just isn't as frequently necessary. That's not to say there are not strong interpersonal conflicts, there are. Shepard, as well, needs more help this time. They are less of an unbreakable rock this go around, the fractures start to show, and the friendships Shepard has (presumably) cultivated helps take off some of the pressure.

    I'd like to gush more about the narrative, but I'll leave it at: if you enjoyed ME1 and 2's story, this will be a pleasant experience. You can't always get what you want, but that's the point. The reaper invasion isn't a picnic. People are going to die.

    Just as an aside, though, if you judge the narrative by the first few hours you are missing out. Gameplay: It is far improved from ME1 and 2. More of an evolution on what ME2 was, if anything. Combat is focused, fast, intense. Battles can turn on a dime if you aren't careful. Easier than ME2 on normal difficulty, I recommend turning it up if you want a challenge. The enemies and settings are far, far, faaar more varied in ME3. I have noticed that squad mates are a bit less useful without direction, though. Which can be an issue in the more difficult fights. Given orders, though, they are just fine.

    I played somewhere around 50 hours of the demo multiplayer in the couple weeks I could. So combat is fun for sure.


    Load times seem improved. No major technical issues I've run into on the PC. Textures are on par with ME2.


    Great game. I'm positive I'll end up replaying it 3-4 times.
  68. Mar 7, 2012
    As an addendum to my review, due to writing, the game is riddled with plot holes so enormous, they have become event horizons that suck in the other games in the series.
  69. Mar 7, 2012
    This is one of the most disappointing games I've had the misfortune of looking forward to, and the end of a trilogy I regret falling in love with. The creators of the game have cut almost every corner they possibly could have to push this game out as soon as they could. The A.I group up in a single file line in front of my gun, the enemies will randomly break cover for no discernible reason, when behind cover my camera sometimes starts shacking and falling through the floor, the reduced amount of dialogue choices we get are extremely lacking, interaction with the crew has been reduced, the story is terribly written, much of the lore from the original Mass Effect has been retconned, choices don't change as much as I and many others had hoped for, and all the endings are basically the same with minimal details and colors changed, and no were near as much diversity as you would expect from the ending of a trilogy where choices had initially been used as a selling point. Even the few things they did do better, an example being the much more detailed faces and facial expressions, are wasted by what I assume must be inexperience or lack of care by the developers when used out of context with the situation, or used to so much of an extreme that what little immersion I have is ruined. To add insult to the injury of finding out the game I had been looking forward to for so long had been half assed, they cut out entire parts of the game and attempted to sell them back to me as DLC. This is the last time I make the mistake of putting faith into an Electronic arts or Bioware game, and I would be very concerned about the direction the companies are taking if I was an investor. Screwing over the customer like this will work in the short-term, but the customer base will eventually catch on to the nickle and dimming tactics, and move on to friendlier companies that put out better products. In short, this game deserves a 0 for the price that it is being sold at because of bad developers, greedy publishers, and an overall poor ending to an otherwise great series. Expand
  70. Mar 7, 2012
    So far this game is everything I always wanted... Although it feels more like a shooter/action game than an RPG, that is OK with me. I always wanted a great shooter with RPG elements and ME3 perfected this. They brought back more of the RPG elements from ME1 that they took out in ME2 back into ME3. I don't know what everyone is talking about stuff being dumbed down. I thought they made the character development system much better, if anything all they did was give you slightly less conversational options, but that is not biggie in my book. They did take out the mining that was in ME1 and ME2, which I thought was a great idea I hated mining for ore in the first two games. ME3 is all story and combat none of that crap where you waste your time getting ore. The graphics in this game are improved from the last two games and the map IMO are better they are much more open and have a great feel to them because a lot of them are big war zones which gives the environments a great immersion feeling. They made it easier to purchase upgrades too and it makes sense the way they did it. Being that everyone is being attack by the reapers there aren't really any stores except for the one on the Normandy so you don't have to go searching for upgrades all the time. Expand
  71. Mar 7, 2012
    I loved mass effect. It had it's flaws, but it seemed like the start to a promising series. And yet somehow, bioware managed to make each game a parody of the previous one. The gameplay is weak, the writing is atrocious. The game pretends that it's trying to be progressive with it's same-sex relationships, but more than anything it just seems like it's fetishistic gays, which is frankly offensive. Worst of all, it feels like previous choices didn't actually make any difference. Mass Effect 2 disappointed me: Mass Effect 3 makes me feel WRONGED. Expand
  72. Mar 7, 2012
    This score is based on the view of the build up to Mass Effect 3. If Mass Effect 3 was a stand alone title, with no prequel or setting up of a sequel, then I'd give it maybe a 5. But this game is utter trash as far as gaming standards are concerned. First off, the gameplay experience is weak. Is it fun? It's time consuming and better than doing homework, sure, but is it actually fun? Not for me, I am sure plenty of drones will enjoy this game for what it is, but looking beyond it, it's just a 3rd person shooter, with a leveling system, and a plot-holed filled story-line. And here comes the problem and why anytime I reach the point where I can say: This game isn't that bad, I realize that this game has a story and it's insulting my intelligence. Mass Effect 1 set up this neat little plot/mythology about Reapers and their times in history where they'd come out and wipe everything out. Through the entire game you kind of feared the Reapers, if not, out right terrified of the idea of them. There are tales of how merciless and prompt they were, wiping out civilizations in a matter of moments. They seemed omniscent. Pretty good stuff. Mass Effect 2, it did nothing for the plot really, but at least it had some fun forever-alone stuff you could do in it. Like continue developing relationships with characters, explore, etc. And the Reapers seemed to be scarcely mentioned. Now in ME3, the Reapers are finally here, in the hour of twilight. And what do they do? They suck at their job. They come off as inefficient. They seem like machines given AI to wipe out stuff, but in a rather slow and terrible fashion. I won't spoil anything, but yea, the Reapers, for having this reputation of being amazing, are terrible at everything, even dying. Sure, if you play it as a game, most everyone will like this. If you play it with the mind set that you want to play a video game worth your/my money, and you have an ounce of intelligence, you will find this game disappointing on all levels. Bioware has proven to not care about you, being innovative, or ethics. Expand
  73. Mar 7, 2012
    this is very disappointing lack of variety of combat elements. just shoot and run shoot and run and thats it binding every action into one key responsible for run,pick, cover, heal is absolutely retarded this will get you killed very often when you try to run but it ducks into some ridiculous cover rpg elements are ridiculously insufficient. poor graphics on pc lack quality anti aliasing , just some ridiculously blurry silly fxaa instead of msaa and high texture also lacking no match for skyrim and previous mass effect titles what a shame bioware such a huge let down Expand
  74. Mar 7, 2012
    Lots of bugs in conversation - graphical in nature. Peoples poses instead of seamless transiton into another would just pop into new poses occasionally. The voices a lot of the time didnt match the lip syncs whatsoever so peoples faces sometimes would look like ventriloquists. I even found and experienced a few bugs along the way. My main problem is the games ending. It just failed to deliver on every level. It left me angry and confused. This game had so much promise and it was squandered. I do not recommend this game be purchased at this time. Wait for the price to come down. Expand
  75. Mar 7, 2012
    The horrendous graphics with 2d sprites everywhere, the unfinished product where a crucial thing to be able to connect to your imported character is not working (importing ME2 faces) . The story is written in such a budget-cut way it leaves very little room for replay as I myself have retstarted every mission where one had to make a (what one thought was a game-breaking answer/stance/change) just to replay said mission, take a different choice AND everytime see how the choices I made really didnt matter (these are no spoilers: Hi mordin, Hi Salarian embassy council) . I am extremely, extremely dissappointed with this unfinished product. And my wife being a devout christian the gay relenships and statements in the game are extremely disturbing. I´m taking it back to amazon and demand a refund, Ill push it as far as I can because Im furious over this unifinished crap"game" made in a 14 year old graphics-engine (unreal) which with its 2d-sprites still crasher in important locations so one has to try go another way.... I cancelled my sons SWTOR account and stated the same reasons so you get the message, Im through with you as a developer (still on my 4th playthrough on skyrim with 80% sidequests), never get tired but this crap Ive stopped playing as off this moment. Expand
  76. Mar 7, 2012
    It has good elements, and the gameplay itself is generally fun, but the awful characters, writing, plot, the fact that its about 15 hours long and features 4 companions while claiming to be a rpg along with the whole dlc catastrophe drags this guy down to a 2.
  77. Mar 7, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The game is linear and repetative. Decisions made in ME1 & 2 all lead to the 3 similar suck endings. The ending concludes nothing but leaves more problems. All kinds of tragedy are intentionally forced upon players and provides insufficient reasons. The RPG essenses: dialog, history, puzzle, are all missing in ME3. The rushy epilogue disclose how badly bioware wants to kill this game. In ME1 & 2 the length of the ending cinematic last more than 5 minutes, but in ME3 only a less than 1 minute miserable epilogue awaits you. Expand
  78. Mar 8, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. What a train wreck! I got the feeling all the writers got sacked once ME2 was done and the script was written by marketing department. Writing is THAT bad.
    1) Dialogues. Shep can only spew epic nonsense like "This is EAAAAARTH! There is way to much grandeur and epicness in every line, often completely inappropriate, and they took away all the neutral options.
    2) Retconning. You'd think that when they planned Mass Effect to be a trilogy from day 1 of ME1 development they wouldn't have to introduce major villains half way through the 3rd installment, use MacGuffin as a motivator or have a ton of plot holes.
    3) Ending(s). Um yea, some will be happy that those piss off Disney, lived-happily-ever-after, audience. I'm kinda with them myself. But at the same time they have no difference between them except for special effects color, they invalidate completely every choice the player has made over the course of the trilogy, provide zero closure and have more plot holes than a Michael Bay movie.

    Not to mention that MOST of the arsenal is distributed via DLCs now, Origin is forced down your throat and so is a rather poor Multiplayer. And how could I forget the infuriating 1 button control that always does something other than what you wanted?

    How could experienced and talented developers on a huge budget get every single thing wrong? I guess working on DA2 and SW:TOR at the same time as ME3 didn't help. BioWare bit off more than it could chew and the customers ended up paying.
  79. Mar 8, 2012
    ----The bad:
    1/ The decisions from ME1 and ME2 have very little impact on ME3. Most are decisions are hacked away to funnel one down the story path. 2/ Romance is forced upon the player. In ME1 and 2, I always picked up "lets focus on the mission, no time for that kindof stuff with whole galaxy at stakes" option. Garrus who was the companion I had with me the most in ME2, except for when I
    gave him the lead of the fire squad and the like in the suicide mission. All of a sudden he jumps out of the closet and wants a homosexual relationship !? That is insulting even to homosexuals... makes no sense, breaks the immersion.
    3/ The ending is bad. Seemed to be stolen from Deus Ex, except in Deus Ex they made sense.
    4/ The Game of Thronesque knack for killing off characters/companions the reader/player has grown attached to advance the story and for some canned emotional factor. Except for a novel when it happens the story advances and it is nice. In a RPG the player just feels helpless, conned and like it is a means to shove another cut scene down the throat.
    ----- The good: The multiplayer part. It is a nice addition to the game, although unnecessary if the single player game had any appeal or replayability ---- The ugly: Day 1 DLC. I am less bothered about it than most, for me it just translates into a quite expensive full game. Still it is a blatantly ugly move by BW/EA, and their cover up PR BS is just as ugly.
  80. Mar 8, 2012
    Here lies an honest review...

    To summarize, the story is good, if not somewhat linear. However this may come out of necessity to finish the story. While plot holes are noticeable and some pieces don't make sense, most of this can be credited to bad pacing. While given time the story and pacing become more bearable, it is a disappoint given the polish we experienced from the first two.
    Further more, while it is disappointing many of the decisions in the first two games make little difference here, the progression of the story is set with emotion, and can be over looked when one realizes it wasn't much different from the first two. Gameplay is good, an improvement overall. Combat is good and improved, with more variety in weaponry and tactics, though a somewhat clunky cover system hold it back in some areas, the variety you can get out of a character is amazing.
    Presentation is amazing. A great soundtrack and good voice acting bring you into the experience. Set pieces are huge and bring about a feeling of desperate times and hopelessness. The wars feel like battlefields, and covert missions feel sneaky. The story can hold this back as it isn't as polished as it could be.
    This game was extremely looked forward to by fans, and it simply couldn't please everyone, however it is stupid to rate this game low because of some disappointment. Review correctly, or don't review at all. Oh, and I forgot to review the Multiplayer, that's because it was a stupid idea, and honestly, maybe if they'd put the time they put into multiplayer into the story there would have been less pacing and plot hole issues.
  81. Mar 8, 2012
    This game was a huge dissapointment for me. The soundtrack was terrible compared to what was in me1 and me2, the animations are awful, most of the writing is absolutely horrid. The way they handled the characters from me2(besides garrus and tali) in this game was also a big let down. What pissed me off the most about this game was the story however, more specifically the ending. I wont give away spoilers, if you enjoyed ME1 and ME2, stick with those, dont waste your time with ME3, because when you finish it you will be thoroughly dissapointed with the entire series because of the ending. Expand
  82. Mar 8, 2012
    I really like the campaign setting of the world, and first and second part, I took great pleasure. But the third part ... it's a nightmare.
    The second part was good, even if it had some flaws. They were small and inconspicuous. Here they just did catch the eye.
    Shepard. The hero, twice saved the galaxy, put ashore. What the hell? As the Alliance could write off the hero of the galaxy,
    and perhaps the spectrum at the beach? But okay, the plot error. But the animation is running, oh, I do not want to see ...

    That boy, burn him in hell. Yes, he died. It is sad. BUT WHY THEY CURSE OF NIGHTMARES! I am extremely furious when Shepard was walking slowly on the forest. Just do not Mass Effect, and The Path.

    An incredible stubbornness of quarians. No matter what the galaxy is almost captured the reapers, WE WREST HOMEWORLD URA-A-AA COMRADES!

    And, of course, the ending. It's just terrible. Damn you, writers Bioware! Boy catalyst, oh, that was invented. You have killed the game. You burn in hell.
  83. Mar 8, 2012
    I'm really confused by the user reviews here. I am quite a ways through the game and the only thing I have experienced is more of the same from Bioware (which is to say, more gaming greatness). The resolution of plots big and small throughout the series is incredibly satisfying. The combat was a little shaky at first but once I started to grasp the flow of the new combat system it became obvious that Mass Effect 3 would not only overpower its predecessors but my highest expectations as well. Great job Bioware! Expand
  84. Mar 8, 2012
    Mass Effect was great . The story , the characters , the combat system . Pure brilliance . Then came Mass effect 2 , which took a step back from the rpg part , but made it up somehow with richer companion stories , great voice overs , and a story build up to the 3rd part , that while weaker than the 1st , gave a sense of continuity and a promise of great adventure to come with mass effect 3 . Well crap . This is the biggest disappointment in the history of gaming . Don't be fooled by the critics , I honestly think they either took money or they didn't play the game AT ALL . Its terribly linear , your choices are choices only in name , they affect nothing . Graphics glitches everywhere that break immersion constantly , the story is just stupid , and the ending ? REALLY ? The Kotor2 ending was a masterpiece compared to this . And while they are at the business of ruining a great game , how about cutting a very important piece of the story and charge extra for it from day 1 ? Yep they did that too .

    Bioware , you are dead to me ....
  85. Mar 8, 2012
    Is it me or reviewers didn't play this game enough to notice how badly written and designed ME3 is? At first I didn't understand how a game could earn such different ratings from critics and gamers but then I played it... If you played Dragon Age 2 and felt disappointed, wait and play this one. Dumbed down mechanics and a badly written story apparently are the norm for every new game Bioware. I won't waste my time (and money) with them anymore and I strongly recommend you do the same. Expand
  86. Mar 8, 2012
    Not just a terrible way to end the franchise, peoples choices seem to actively be shamed or spit on. Certain LI's are barely in the game and you are pidgeon-holed into how the game will end. The beginning was amazing, especially as a hardcore ME1 & ME2 fan but at the end of the game you end up with a sour taste in your mouth as if you've been sucker punched in the face and made to think you wasted your time. Expand
  87. Mar 8, 2012
    The writing and plot in this game are by far the worst in the trilogy. The use of deus ex machina betrays BioWare's incredibly lazy narrative and ridiculous ending. Choices and consequences are non-existent, the combat is simplified to the point it's painfully easy even on hardest difficulty, animations are clunky and facial animations are always deeply entrenched within the uncanny valley. Characters are stupid, boring, predictable and funny for all the wrong reasons. Avoid this game at all costs, your time is better spent elsewhere Expand
  88. Mar 8, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 isn't perfect. It has some frame glitch issues and character body & face placement errors (where shep is looking vs. where the character he's looking at is standing) that will likely be fixed with follow-on patches. Yes, it screams "there's DLC yet to come"... but this is a business not a giveaway. For the end of what I hope will just be the first Mass Effect trilogy (GIVE ME MASS EFFECT 4!!!!!!!), ME3 is a wild ride with a lot more that is FANTASTIC than bad. I hope Bioware puts in the work to fix some of the problems, but the work they put in already should make them proud. BUY THIS GAME!!! Expand
  89. Mar 8, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Beautiful scenery, wonderful music, and bad endings this pretty much sums up my ME3 experience. No matter what you do, no matter the choices you have made along this road EA has you dying, there is no ending where you see your lover ever again(unless you play mp get +5k EMS then you will get a 1 second clip of someone taking a breath). At the end of the game post credits they a have a grandpa and grandson on what looks like the moon with trees staring at earth. The ending has the mass relays being destroyed so why bother helping the quarians retake the home world they'll never see it. Basically everyone is pretty much stuck in the sol system until somebody figures out FTL without mass effect. To put it simply I emotionally invested myself in this game, in my character, in this mission only to be letdown. I remember when I first made my character Emily, an infiltrator I spent literally an hour just turning her head side to front just so I would have the perfect face. I would redo entire missions in ME2 if I failed the first time to get a crew member's loyalty, I played tedious mining mini-games so I could outfit my ship, I stayed true to my lover from ME1 in hopes of finally having a good ending in ME3 after the disaster called, Horizon. All these choices are moot now thanks to the really rushed ending. The ending was pick the ending you hate the least, not a reward for doing all you could to get a high enough EMS score. No the "3" choices (if you can call them that) are a letdown, just a punishment, no reward. I suggest to those who have not bought it yet wait for it to go down in price, because the bulk of the story is good and some of the scenes will make you a little teary eyed. It is an amazing game right up to the last 30 minutes. Remember peoples the saying goes the only thing that people will remember is what you did...well Bioware what do you have to say for yourself about this atrocious end to a otherwise magical series. Expand
  90. Mar 8, 2012
    I can't believe "news" sites are saying ME3 is hated because of homophobic gamers.This is just the EA/Bioware propaganda talking, hiding behind a homophobia accusation when in fact this game is absolutely horrible.Everything is recycled content, graphics are worse, boring story, boring gameplay and yes boring sexual relationship.The great majority of gamers hate how sexuality is presented in this game because it's stereotypical, boring and forced down our throat, there have been plenty of gay characters in games before and nobody cared, It isn't about that, it's about turning a game into a political platform and making us pay for it by falsely hypeing it up.We knew there was going to be gay romance and nobody cared, what we didn't know was that the game was going to **** this much. Expand
  91. Mar 8, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I had to wait a few hours after finishing the game before writing a review because I wanted to take some time to look back on ME1/ME2 and be as fair and objective as possible when collecting my thoughts on ME3. This game is amazing in several ways: (1) dialogue between familiar (and to some extent unfamiliar) characters feels more real and natural, (2) combat is a lot more interesting and, in some scenes, more challenging than both ME1 and ME2, (3) the cinematic scenes depicting various key events in the story are visually engaging and easy to connect with emotionally, (4) the romance interactions between Shepard and his/her LI is a vast improvement from both ME1 and ME2, and (5) the overall visual element of the game (the Citadel, the new worlds that you visit--Rannoch and Thessia for example, and the characters themselves) made it really easy to immerse yourself in the game. Having been a huge fan of ME1 and ME2, I was happy to see that Bioware came through in these areas. I had moments where I laughed, moments where I felt giddy, and plenty of moments where I cried (e.g., Thane's death). That being said, I was incredibly surprised at how much the ending affected me. Up until the very last moments in the game (I would say up until the part where the destroyer reaper vaporizes people around you while you painfully drag yourself toward the beam), I would have given the game a 10/10 hands down. I would have bowed down to Bioware for telling the greatest story ever told. And then there was the ending: (1) The number of plot holes left is an insult to the bajillion hours that I invested in the first two games, (2) the Deus Ex-style ending completely chaffed my soul, and (3) I received next to NO closure on all of the relationships that I've been building up until the point. What happened to the people on the citadel (e.g., Bailey, the council, etc.) What happens to my team? What happens to the two squadmates that I took with me in the final battle scene? What happens to the races that I just spent hours trying to unite in hopes of a more relevant and fitting ending? I loved the Deus Ex ending in Deus Ex because it fit with what the story was about up until the end; Mass Effect was more than just a morally ambiguous thought exercise on organic vs. synthetic existence--it's SO much more than that--so why condense it all to that? I don't need Shepard to live in the end (and I certainly don't need a happily-ever-after ending where nobody dies and everyone is all smiles at the end of the reaper invasion), but I sure as hell was under the impression that I'd have the choice. I put so much thought into paragon vs. renegade, which is arguably the main driving force in the plot up until the very last scene, and it seems like no matter what you do you are boxed into an ending that's uncomfortable, unclear, and unnervingly disappointing. I was amazed at how emotionally connected I felt to the Mass Effect series, and spent what felt like an eternity looking forward to the final part of the trilogy. In terms of ME3, I felt completely satisfied with the exception of the ending, which seemed totally out of place and unnecessarily broke my enthusiasm and passion for the game. Do I hate the entire series now because of the way it ends? No. Will I deny that all 3 games are amazing in multiple ways and have allowed me to be a part of an epic story? No. Can I jump on the 10/10 bandwagon for ME3? Absolutely not, because the ending of such a huge story is critical, and in my opinion it was an epic fail in this game. If I could go back in time, I would probably have not played the game past Shepard's last speech to his/her team--at least at that point you were excited/terrified/scared, but you also had the hope that other characters instilled in you, and the hope that you spent so much time instilling into other characters. So in the end, I can't give this game a positive review, although it kills me to know that it would have been such an easy thing to do if the ending had (a) more variation and more of an actual decision-making component to it (such that all endings aren't essentially the same--I know there is room for argument here, but I maintain that it can all boil down the same basic ending), (b) incorporated more of the choices that you have been making for the past three games, (c) more relevance to the personal side of Shepard (e.g., how Shepard has evolved over time and who Shepard has become), and (d) more closure on all of the characters, relationships, and decisions that you just spent three games experiencing. You almost did it, Bioware. So close and yet so far. Expand
  92. Mar 8, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game built up so much epicness and I said multiple times before the last mission that this was the best SP-game I've EVER played. And it got destroyed under 10 minutes, by creating paradoxes (synthetic life who kills organic life so they don't get killed by synthetics LOOOL), Joker's getting some pstd and decides to run to a mass relay, and shepard is gone forever, putting the galaxy into a dark age and even if he survives he will NEVER see his LI, his friends or another nebula again. They tried to make a Deus Ex 1-ending, but they failed miserable and decided that a deus ex machina-ending would do the trick. I'm honestly depressed, it was my favourite game series of all time and Bioware gave me the finger. Expand
  93. Mar 8, 2012
    Most of the game is amazing _________________________________________________________________________________ -Good combat _____________________________________________________________________ -Great atmosphere _________________________________________________________________ -Amazingly done little details __________________________________________________________ -A lot of very emotional moments _______________________________________________________ -Some of the toughest and most heart wrenching decisions I've had to make _____________________ -Thoroughly addicting and enjoyable (until the end). ______________________________________________________________________________ So-so stuff: _______________________________________________________________________ -Slightly too much autodialogue. Not a huge deal though. ____________________________________ -Effect of many previous choices given mention but not explicitly detailed, left to your imagination (works for some) _________________________________________________________________________ -Dialogue ranges from great to cringe inducing _______________________________________________________________________________ The horrible: ______________________________________________________________________ -Ending is some of the worst writing/storytelling of all time. NOT because it is a "sad" ending. Because it comes out of nowhere and makes no sense. It would take an essay to detail everything that is wrong with it. ________________________________________________________________________________ 90% of the game is awesome. By that measure, I could give it a 9/10. But endings are important. ________________________________________________________________________________ Worth buying and playing. Expand
  94. Mar 8, 2012
    This is atrocity. 1. DLC 'From ashes' already on the disc of collector's edition at least.
    2. Problems with new facial system. I bought 2 collector's editions of Mass Effect 1 and 2. I lived with my character for 4 years already. And now what? I just have to wait for BioWare doing their job correctly? 2 years of development and this is how you treat paying customers?

    Thank you Electronic
    Arts for making the BioWare company it is today. Great games, great crappy performance, great greed.

    Lights out.
  95. Mar 8, 2012
    This doesn't feel like it cost 50 million dollars to make. I'm wishing it didn't cost me 80 dollars to buy.

    Before all that, I never really got into any Bioware games beyond Mass Effect, but the first one really snagged me. I bought it on a Steam sale for 5 dollars because it was so highly praised. I saw why! Its combat was moderately challenging, had a great story, cool characters and
    I enjoyed their interactions with each other and the universe they lived in. It was a living breathing environment that I was simply enraptured by. As soon as Mass Effect 2 was announced, I preordered the Collector's edition because I had no idea that things were going to get cheesey. Still, the game didn't disappoint me. It looked better, put me in some great new environments while cutting out a lot of the generic copy paste elements from the first and best of all, introduced some more great characters with genuinely cool interactions between them. Sure the classic combat got thrown under the bus in favor of the tried and true bootleg Gears of War system, but it wasn't broken by any means. It still left me with a good enough taste in my mouth to preorder the CE of ME3. Besides, I was this invested in the series, I had to see it end.

    Oh boy. Too put it simply, Mass Effect 3 is lazy. The characters look, move and sound terribly. On the design front, I could take or leave most to f the new outfits and the textures are also hit or miss, but some character's faces look positively simian (Ashley). Margaret Cho bot makes a cameo in the game for whatever reason that is, taking the place of Kelly Wong's established character. From a quick google search, she is actually pretty, but you wouldn't think so from the way she's rendered in game with her ginormous squirrel face and mouth that moves independent from the rest of her features. I heard that a lot of the development was put into voice acting ,which is believable because there are loooots of it, but the volume normalization is really off and on to the point of me wonderig where the money went. Margaret Chobot in particular has a bad habit of leaning away from the mic every now and then. If she were saying anything important I'd doubtlessly be more irritated.

    The game's animations are also sloppy; there are LOTS of poorly thought out loops mixed with awkward general movements. I giggle everytime I knock an enemy down and they break dance windmill flare there way back to their feet, but I can't help being disappointed with the stupid looking running animations.

    Oh, the breakdance comment reminds me of the developers decision to make the spacebar do everything. Sometimes it works! Really! On tuchanka I found myself just holding spacebar and marvelled at how my character ran and jumped over the stuff I wanted to jump over, and slid and rolled everywhere I inted them to. Theeeeeen... there are cases where I'm trying to pick up an item on the ground and my Shepard instead chooses to do kumbi rolls around it for 45 seconds before sliding into cover behind a chest-high wall, not having picked up the item I tried telling them to. Nobody's perfect.

    One thing that really broke my heart though was the fact that all my Saved character faces were imported poorly. I could recreate them, sure, but that's just pathetic. I don't understand why it's like that. If they added more options to the character creation bits, yeah sure, but they didn't. Why couldn't my sheps be imported properly?

    Of course, aside from character continuity, none of these previously mentioned issues were the thing that made me enjoy this series. After all if I want good and fluid combat I'll play Gears of War. If I want great animations I'll play GTA4. I wanted to see what became of these characters that I'm so invested in, of their universe that fascinates me so. I don't want to spoil anything, but God, this is where the ball was dropped. A lot of characters are cameos and after thoughts, like an old friend who stops by to give a quick hello in the middle of a roadtrip. The story has also drowned in nacho cheese to the point that it has simply become predictable when not outrageous and kinda generic where it used to be something special. It almost makes me feel as if Mass Effect 2 was a completely pointless existence. I have a sneaking suspicion that they knew the old players would come back no matter what and they had to focus on roping in new ones.

    The multiplayer's cool though, I guess. If you're into that. I'm not.

    I thought it would be funny if I ended this review on an after thought. Get it?
  96. Mar 8, 2012
    Got to say i am very disappointed with this game, i dont know if its just me but the graphics have got worse the game mechanics are still clunky and unwieldy (despite that i still love ME2) the character writing has gotten extremely chicle... What the hell happened to Kotor/Jade empire bio ware that's what i want to know. Also this game being clearly developed for consoles has not helped it in the slightest Expand
  97. Mar 9, 2012
    Metacritic started to remove User Reviews. Not only gaming magazines and sites are nowadays bought with EA advertising money but also User Review pages delete User Reviews to please the great EA overlord. This is really poor. So I'm gonna repost my review and lower the rating from 2/10 to 0/10 due to the influence EA obviously tries to take on the consumer's opinion: ----------------------------------------------> First things first: NOTHING YOU DO DURING THE ADVENTURE CHANGES THE ENDING!!!!111111 The end videos are static and you do not even get the text boxes Dragon Age had. Even if you spend your money on DLCs it changes nothing. Also no matter who you had a romance with in ME2 its not gonna change anything. If you had a romance with Tali in ME2 don't count on her being nice to you in ME3. ---- This game is really a letdown. --- HAMMERHEAD LEFT OUT AGAIN TO BE PAID DLC!!!!1111 --- HUUUUUGE PLOTHOLES EVERYWHERE!!! Seriously. Whoever that writer guy is should take a serious break and start all over again with trying to make a good plot that makes sense and somehow manages to draw the player into it --- End sequence picture and Tali's face are just random pictures Bioware stole/licensed off the internet (google has them) --- A lot fewer People you have as squadmates to save money for EA --- Less than half the playtime of ME2 to save money for EA --- Really bad graphics when compared to many titles that come out nowadays. Not even any graphics settings on PC. Bad Frame Rates --- Repetitive gameplay from minute one. --- Repetitive enemies --- Bad AI --- Badly designed dialogues and options not telling you what you gonna say. --- Fewer places to visit so it saves a lot of money for EA! You can only buy stuff in the citadel. --- No character special missions so it saves EA a lot of money but less stuff for you to do --- Really bad presentation. Like the Normandy coming in like a WW2 bomber and dropping a bomb? Srsly!? A whole fleet opening fire and it looks more like 80mm mortars hitting something!? --- The endings are just lol. If you think you've seen bad endings try the ones from ME3. Biggest let down for a triology ever --- Bad Voice Acting --- Many bugs --- Uninteresting Characters Collapse Expand
  98. Mar 9, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. When the mass relays were destroyed, Mass Effect was destroyed.

    Mass Effect isn't Shepard, it's not the Reapers, it's not a single galactic species. Mass Effect is the connection of the galactic species, it's their bickering, their politics, waring, and friendship; with the mass relays gone that connection is severed.
  99. Mar 9, 2012
    Awesome game, Bioware did it again. Updated graphics, updated sound FX, weapon mods, voice-overs, etc. Just wish the game was longer. Seemed a bit shorter than the first 2.
  100. Mar 9, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Well I finished Mass Effect 3, and also I'm very disappointed. I feel like I was reading a good book and the last page someone smeared ****


    I do not feel rewarded for the effort I put myself in that stupid save the galaxy. Treatment **** peace between the Geth and quarians, the entire structure of the catalyst, the improvement of relations between turians and krogans, save Raknii.

    I wonder why I did it, after which the entire efforts of mine by the whole trilogy? I feel after the game that had no impact as a shepard nothing has been changed or anything not affected, everything worked out the trail went.

    I saved geths, why then it asks me to kill them otherwise he would not beat the reaper. I feel as a player by BioWare even punished and not rewarded with the end, and because of this I am very sorry.
    Unfortunately, the truth is that for me Mass Effect was over before the last battle.

    I'm not saying that the end is bad because they are ok, but after what happened in the game introduces a system of galactic ready if it does not give it an opportunity to save an existing life in the galaxy as I expected.

    If it gets such a system forces the player to many hours of gameplay in multiplayer, making the game at 100% of all secondary missions, exploration of the galaxy is clearly visible that which is to be playing it all comes from, doing absolutely everything to ensure the safety of themselves and their crew and to save what he can, and in the end the end of your story practically does not differ much from the end of someone who has been playing for so-called "hurray" is something is not right.

    As I wrote feel very cheated, because it turns out that everything I did, and as they say, "Oh your ass break down."

    Explain to me why the game at 17 Endings, there is no single "Good ending".

    I hope that BioWare is still understood and patch gets even short and simple happy ending
    Hah ... I'm even willing to pay for them ...

    Bioware give us a proper ending, or go the hell and never come back.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 23 Critics

Critic score distribution:
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  1. Apr 11, 2012
    BioWare captures the scale of the conflict well, but always focuses on the people involved in it. It's pretty amazing just how badly EA disregarded the heart of the game – the characters and the world – when they began their marking blitzkrieg, but don't worry, it's oh so definitely there – Day 1 DLC, controversial endings, and questionable use of resources be damned. This is a fine, lovingly crafted game with a clear vision despite the realities of corporations and damning business practices.
  2. Apr 5, 2012
    A game that's more shooter than role-playing, and a conclusion that's more spectacular than dramatic. [Apr 2012, p.47]
  3. Mar 31, 2012
    Finishing a trilogy is always difficult. Tying off dozens of story threads which had been woven by players into many different tapestries is a daunting task. Mass Effect 3 is the first game that succeeded at this colossal undertaking.