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  1. Mar 19, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Great game until ending.....

    which color do u like? oh, doesn't matter, everybody screwed

    u take nothing back....

    It's only just a lie....

    what's more, they think this is a good idea....
  2. Mar 20, 2012
    Shepherd lies disgraced

    Bad end ruined good story

    I am heartbroken

    I can't put my disappointment into words greatest game ever razed to the ground by it's own ending. If you enjoyed the other games avoid this one until they fix the end. Check out retake mass effect on facebook and twitter.
  3. Mar 20, 2012
    One of the most profoundly disappointing endings to any story in any medium. The writers removed the cornerstone in which the entire story was built upon - choice and consequence. So, the entire building comes crashing down at the end. In the end, none of the choices your character makes throughout three games matter. All the relationships you've built are meaningless. There is no closure in the relationships made, whether between LIs or squad mates. They never come to fruition, and there is no resolution. ME3 was advertised to have a multitude of outcomes based upon players' choices. That's what originally made the Mass Effect franchise such a great success. The finale should have raised the player to great heights or taken the player to despair... and everywhere between based upon the consequences of the player's decisions throughout the entirety of the series(Paragon, Renegade, or somewhere in between). BioWare should have finished their remarkable work on the strengths that it was built on. Choice and consequence. It seemed like a given, but...

    You leave the game feeling complete and utter disappointment. It is truly remarkable how an ending can be so profoundly and remarkably bad. It truly destroys the franchise entirely. This is not an easy thing to say, as I've loved the series from the start. There is no replay value at all.

    BioWare has ruined years of work in the last ten minutes on what should have been one of the greatest RPGs of all time. It will be a study in the future on how not to end a story franchise.
  4. Mar 21, 2012
    I gave this game 10/10 on the Xbox review, and reading some comments. The galactic readiness meter needs to be patched. I have realised it is pointless. U work really hard to get everyone into the fight, making important decisions and completing sidequests. And the readiness meter stays at 50% !! Till u go kill some stuff in multiplayer, where u can conviiently spend lots of Bioware (EA Points) on weapons packs. That is a huge fault with this game. That can be patched tomorrow in a flash (although I ran into a few bugs so maybe that is this ?)Despite this, and my last mission having a depressing casualty count. I Would still score this game 8. The more I think about it - what a huge flaw. But it is so incredibly easy to patch. Just make it possible to get single player readiness to 90% and politely tell us when that is reached to go play some multiplayer. Expand
  5. Mar 22, 2012
    The beginning starts with that which you have been fighting to keep away from your world, the Reapers have come to Earth. Shepard has been grounded and stripped of his status because of what he did during the event of Arrival (ME2 DLC) The combat system has been improved slightly, making it easier to go from cover to cover, as well as easier running, unlike ME2, where running was near impossible if you're avoiding something or trying to run around corners. ME 3 allows faster, unlimited running, and you can run around corners easily, which helps if you're trying to run to much better cover. The weapons are customizable this time, as well as there being more weapons, not as many as ME1, but you receive plenty to choose from, especially if you're a PC user. The modifications are back as well, but these are limited compared to its ME1 predecessors. Story is just as good as it was before. There's certain points where, if you've played the games in succession, you will cry. On a bad note, there's some things that are not good. While throughout the game you gather Alliance strength for the final battle, it seems like gathering a lot doesn't matter. As you're fighting, you don't see the Rachni Queen's people on the ground (if you saved her). You don't see Turians, Asari, Batarians, Krogan(if you saved Wrex in the first game, and helped Wrex and the Turians become allies this game). Which is a huge let-down. I wanted to see everyone on the line with me. I wanted to go through the battles, and see these people, and creatures, fighting with me while we assaulted the ground units of the Reapers. Another bad thing is the day one DLC. Paying 10 dollars for the content locked on disc. It's a horrible business practice which companies need to STOP. The character is worth it, though, because unlike Kasumi and Zaeed, the DLC character has a story. He's interactive inside and outside the ship. You talk to him, you have choices. Your shipmates talk to him, NPCs on the Citadel talk to him at one point. If those two are worth 5 bucks, and you don't even interact with them aside from they spout something, without a conversation wheel popping up to interact with them. The DLC character for 3, has all that, and he's a great fighter. All in all, this game was great. It was almost perfect, however I do understand why people are giving this game a terrible rating. The ending(s) are why. However, almost every question is answered thanks to what is fan-researched: The Indoctrination Theory. When you finish this game, if you have questions still, go to YouTube, look up the 22 minute video Mass Effect 3 - Shepard's Indoctrination by ACAVYOS. This will explain SO MUCH. It ties into the endings easily, and it helps explain them as well. Again, this is a great game, and well worth every cent. Expand
  6. Mar 23, 2012
    We were promised an epic battle for Earth ... The sophisticated dialogues and the consequences of choice. As a result, none of these promises, in the ME3 is not satisfied. The game drags in the first half. And the second is simply FAIL. I will never buy a single BioWare game (
  7. Mar 25, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. First of all I like this games single player and love the multiplayer and glad they added it. Making Shepard die is bs and day one dlc just makes me rage. If there was a good ending and no dlc this game is a 10 but EA's greed has made it to a 6. Expand
  8. Mar 29, 2012
    I have been a fan of the series for half a decade, and I was really looking forward to the third installment of Mass Effect 3. As a result the game managed to disappoint me beyond what I thought was possible. Bioware has created something so awful that retroactively makes the whole series pointless, and I doubt I will ever bother with this series again. Add in the lack of PC customization options and PC controller support, together with day 1 DLC, which clearly was an important part of the game to begin with, and you have one of the worst sequels in RPG history. Expand
  9. Mar 29, 2012
    I can't and will never understand how other fans of Mass Effect series found this game to be a let down. Bioware is changing the endings with a DLS/Patch in april, but regardless of that fact I still found the endings satisfying. Yes the various endings to this game weren't led up to by previous decisions within the game series, that being said they weren't "Bad". I Loved this game just as much as the previous ones in the series. Sure its my opinion but enjoy the experience people, Bioware has taken one of the top 5 spots on my favourite game developer company's, and I respect and loved them and their work. Also another note that people seem to not understand, the multiplayer is NOT REQUIRED to get the best endings, You can unlock the others threw longer and better play threw out the singleplayer campaign. Please people before you storm off and call this masterpiece crap do some research. Expand
  10. Mar 31, 2012
    Loved all the mass effect games, why would they destroy such a wonderfull series with such a blatantly illogical LAST 5 MIN... I justify my score with the following articles and videos:


    Fix this ending plz.
  11. Mar 31, 2012
    Fans of the first two Mass Effect games might find the return of the weapons/mods system a little frustrating and the dialogue a little lacklustre and forced. Aside from those two things, the rest of the game is on par with the previous two: action, adventure, awe-inspiring cinematics. The decisions made by your Shephard do have serious consequences in the third game but no one seems to want to recognise that fact, focusing instead of how little impact they have on the very final cut-scenes and decisions of the game. I don't see any reason why they should.

    Regardless of how much people think the ending was disappointing or pick on a few minor problems with the game mechanics, ME3 is still a very good game and hardly deserves a zero score. It falls short of being a 10 experience, but play it through, finish it, give it a few days and you'll start to appreciate how good the game actually is.
  12. Apr 4, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Gameplay - The Good: The combat is much faster paced, being able to use any weapon but balanced by the weight factor is a nice improvement, being able to dive/roll is a nice improvement. The enemy variety, particularly the Cerberus troops with their deployable turrets and shield generators, as well as high priority targets and dangerous melee opponents forces much more tactical and engaging combat. The mounted turret combat and the mech you can pilot are nice breaks from the cover shooter gameplay. Powers are also a bit more responsive and easy to use. The Bad: still the annoying problem of 1 button does about 6 different things. and now roll is added to the list making it even more annoying when your Shepard doesn't do what you want because everything is the same button. The quest log is an absolute disaster, every single stage of every quest is static text for that quest. there is no way to tell if you have an item for a fetch quest or not. you may end up flying around systems dodging reapers looking for something only to realize you already have it, and then you have to go and find the person that needs it, and the quest tracking is sketchy at best, and non-existent most of the rest of the time. There are also about half the squad members as the previous game. Squad AI is still pretty dumb. Also. the multiplayer is required to get the best ending for singleplayer... this is absolute garbage, I don't intend to ever play multiplayer and trying to force me to play it so you can try to milk more cash with the "buy the mystery box" thing? seriously? f*** you. disconnect singlplayer and multiplayer and I would have no problems with it, despite the obvious money grab. Graphics, atmosphere and technical - The Good: Facial Textures are improved, and the game runs a lot cooler on my system, so an optimization improvement only a couple crashes in around 45 hours. the music may be composed by someone else but its still very good and captures moods well. The voice acting is top notch as always, and the characters are as good as ever. The Bad: some blocky shadows and some really low res textures every now and then particularly distant textures with a bit of texture pop-in but nothing terrible. The Story- The Good: 98% of the game is just as brilliant as the other 2 games in the series, you can see all the effects of your choices from the previous 2 games, characters may help you out if you saved them in a previous game ect... the war assets system is quite good as it gives an additional bonus to just fetching something, it adds the number, and a little flavor text making it feel like everything you do is helping the war effort. and the entire tone and pace of the game are very desperate, as it should be for a war against super machines of doom. The Bad: THE ENDING... omfg the ending is appalling. suffice it to say, all the negativity about the ending is well founded. full of plot holes, ignores all choices made and comes down to choose a color, but it doesn't even matter they're all the same. Other than the ending, the rest of the game is brilliant and well made. Another complaint I have is the complete removal of the neutral option from the conversation wheel, its only paragon or renegade now and there seem to be fewer conversation choices during cut scenes overall. kind of annoying but not game breaking, and it doesn't take much away from the story. Also, why is Shepard being so bothered by some little kid's death after all the s*** hes seen? Also, Tali's Face... wtf is that Bioware? couldn't be bothered to make a 3d model? Now you may be wondering, why the 6/10? 5 reasons. 1. the ending is a steaming sack of s*** -1 2. After the crap ending there is a screen telling me to buy DLC... rubs salt in a fresh wound -.5 3. forcing multiplayer that effects singleplayer -1 4. Have to deal with that pile of crap called origin to play it. -.5 5. Day one DLC on the Disc, just to be greedy and milk consumers with corrupt business practices. -1 The only serious issues with the game itself is the ending and the forced multiplayer. But I can't stand by and deal with such horrid business practices, part of the product being reviewed is the purchasing options and service, and these should be included in the rating ihmo. I blame EA for these failings of service, Bioware made a great sequel to a great series (minus the ending) and EA mired the whole thing with their greedy corruption. EA, gtfo, and bioware, fix the damn ending, and disconnect multiplayer and singleplayer please Expand
  13. Apr 19, 2012
    ** This is my own opinion on the game, It should be noted that these reviews aren't exactly completely trustworthy because of this.
    Mass Effect 3 isn't a perfect game, the whole first day DLC fiasco and disappointing endings are some of the major let downs of the game. Despite this Mass Effect 3 succeeds in delivering good game-play blending in RPG elements (leveling up, picking specific
    bonuses to powers/characters) with a shooter creating something that is a decent hybrid. The ems system is somewhat effective and actions that were previously taken can impact your general story as certain scenes and missions are only available if certain choices were previously taken. Exploration with the Normandy SR2 is available in a simple system. The story itself is decent. The main things pulling it down is that fact that our decisions don't have a direct impact to the ending (this was promised). With the plot holes and lack of explanations in the ending it just feels better to play the game up to the ending and then stop. If the endings do get fixed though, this is a game that should be tried in my opinion (of course after the other two games of the trilogy ). Expand
  14. Apr 23, 2012
    I never was a Huge fan, but I played the two first and had fun. However ME3 is BARELY a ME game! 1) First is Disregards for announced gameplay: a)Promised closure : -No closure depending on what you did in 3 games. No difference. -Cheap loophole, stuff made before is IRRELEVANT - PERIOD -Old crew is not to be part of new crew so, if they died or not have NO impact beyond some score (20pts on 5000 total, yeah it's that cheap, Miranda is now some points ... )
    -Xenophage or not, end stat, no more
    -Saved council in first one or not ... who cares? Same with Anderson In Council, nope whatever you chose in any games i'ts Udina. Yep, in a way they tell us to shut up and swallow!

    2) Poor quality ending that disregard the working of it's own story mecanics.
    -Deux-Ex writing mecancis ... writer did an asspull in the end. CHEAP ONE TOO!
    -Reaper having circular logics, really they seems to be there because of a simple logic loophole ... but it's even worse than that in term of writng skill!
    -Illogical and inconsistent ... so much stuf going wrong here!

    3) Unacceptable answer from BOTH company. They ignored that we spent OUR money on stuf we THEY promised in their product but did not.

    4) Low quality pre-ordor edition that is NOT worth it!
    -Bad weapon mecanics. Special weapons are all broken. Who need a shotgun with medium damage and pinpoint precision! It got no range too ... jeez. All basic weapons are beter than the 'special' sones.
    -They cna't even be there for the show! You can only see them in single player!

    5) Day one DLC! Enough said

    6) Trough the whole ME3 experience, you feel like a cash cow. and up to the end game. Deep rooted impression that the publisher or makers are pushing too hard on their client wallet.
    -Day one DLC
    -Cheap end game pop up (yeah, they do a 3 line epilogue saying "Game over, shepard is hero and wait for more in DLC).
    -Pre-Order Art book is in fact a DEMO of the "real one". They also advertise it along the way (Do you really think that afther 80$ spend on DIGITAL i'm going to break another leg and buy a 80$ book from these guys?)
    -Their PR keep to the players not as customers but as "emotional fans". Oh, I'm getting emotionnal alright and I'm sure NOT a fan. I'm a human being and i'm spending my FXXXXXXX money on falsely advertised prodcuts! -These guys have NO respect for their clients. I wonder what we are in fact, I cows are at least well cared for so they can be milked for years. Yeah, it's THAT bad ... 7) EA and Bioware Refused to appologise that is/feels sincere. If you read between the lines it says : Shut up whiny kids. Hey i'm over 30 with two kids and i'm not that rich. If I spend 80$ on a product that is badly advertised I'm expecting at least a little respect from those who sold **** to me and called it gold!

    8) The interconnection inbetween game journalism and publisher is not to be dismissed. We all know it, we don't beleive the big review guys anymore. Especially thioses who gave a 10/10. And chowbot, com'on! A journalist should not be part of the story she's reviewing! Imagine if Lucas tell you phantom menace is great, will you beleive him?

    9) One of these mistake in itself would not be too bad. Actually there is a ton of games that have similar or bigger issues. However, it's when you put it ALL together that you get a pile of **** soooo smelly and soo disgusting that you don't want to go trough the ME3 experience. Play 1st and 2nd but don't ever play the THURD one!

    Do they think we are morons? Do they care calling 90% of their client idiots? WE, the hard working players, we don't seem to matter for these guys, In fact, we are less important than the lowest of corporate scumbag at EA.

    Why should I care anyway, i'm not here to help these company, i'm here to tell you guys:


    And if you love ME, Please please , don't finish the game in ANY way. Get your character killed and call-it a day. Avoid the rage. Marauder-shield forever. He tried to warn us :(
  15. Apr 30, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I purchased the game solely based on the reviews I have been reading - very mixed.

    I personally was not a fan at all of ME1 or 2 but I bought 3 anyways. I understand people were probably upset at "fresh start" and unable to continue from game 2. Overall the game was pretty good. Todays games are being rushed by the publishers so its common to expect glitches but I find it pathetic people are complaining about the small things like the gun not matching what they are equipped in the video. Who cares? If you want a REAL glitchy game with no story and no unique things to it - go play Force Unleashed 2.

    This game had it all - story, twists and turns, good ending, good music, etc. Now about the ending - the ending was fine. Yes its controversial but ITS A TRILOGY PEOPLE! Its gotta end some how. And if you pay attention between the lines at the end, its not really "the end." Maybe if some people weren't so focused on clicking positive or negative actions, they would listen to the story. The ending fit well. Deal with it.
  16. May 9, 2012
    For me the game was mostly a disappointment. My decisions mattered, but not necessarily in the way I thought they would. They affect how the game plays and not the ending. Which I am generally okay with this. The ending was actually really good, I wish they had personalized it about your crew and the people you had met. However, that isn't necessary just would have been nice.

    bothered me was that the series has gone from an RPG based on FPS elements to an FPS with a little bit of RPG elements thrown in. If this game hadn't been mass effect 3 I wouldn't have even thought of buying it. Expand
  17. May 21, 2012
    I was very excited for this game, and i bought it besides that i had problem with the dlc practice of the company. the game itself is fun to play and there are some very emotional moments and some excelent music in it... i am not a big hater of the ending but i do have some problems of reasoning with it.
  18. May 25, 2012
    For those new to series, ME3 as a stand alone game is probably not bad, though without playing ME1-2 it's rather difficult to understand multiple references to earlier series events. But again, if to play with pressing SPACE all the time to skip dialogues to short cut to action - then neither story no its end matter and you have only to worry about some bugs and your character refusing to move properly according to your commands from time to time.
    But I used to be a ME series fan and I was playing and paying for entertainment I was getting. I have started with ME2 and soon dropped it for a while to play ME1 first and then returned to replay ME2 for better ending. And I was ready to replay ME3 to get desired outcome. And here comes not only ingame issue with linear plot and bad joke devastating ending - but also an ethical issue with Bioware managers publically lying to users, encouraging them to play and replay by assuring them that it's possible to achieve higher scores necessary for a secret ending without myltiplayer. Which is not true. But people believed, why should not have they - it worked like this in ME2. And purchased and played and replayed.
    And then the stupid ending itself, promised to be variable, not a display of RGB colour model. Amazing how Boiware been building its loyal userbase for 5 years managed to ruin the best RPG franchise in one go acting as if there was no tomorrow and the only thing important was to make people buy the copy of the game regardless. No apologises, no explanation, quite the contrary...Looks like Bioware regards its users as a cattle which exists only to be soothen with **** if necessry and milked.
  19. May 26, 2012
    Everything up there is a pile of **** I decided to write 'cause i could. i am actually a nice guy. Here is my top ten movie list: 1o. The Shining. It is absolutely classic. 9. Alien. The first time I saw it i was scared ****less. 8. The Children of the Corn. It is almost as messed up as 'IT'. 7. Shaun of the Dead. Funny. Funny. Funny. 6. Hellraiser. It has a nice plot and Pinhead is awesome.
    5. Sleepaway Camp. Nobody remembers this movie but I reckon it was KICKASS.
    4. Nightmare on Elm Street. Also classic.
    3. Friday the 13th. Jason is almost too KICKASS.
    2. Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Pretty messed up but it kept me on the edge of my seat.
    1. Halloween. Myers is slightly KICKASS and the movie was brilliant.
  20. May 28, 2012
    ATW - Another Time Waster..... AMW - Another Money Waster..... I got so excited when I heard the 3rd installment for Mass Effect 3 was coming to town.... My wife even pre-ordered a copy for me for the same date release and play...... BUT.... I was sadly dissapointed. I was so impressed with Mass effect 2's dynamic play, control, featres and RPG type feel to your players, I was certain that ME3 would be that much better....but its not. ME2 you could mine minerals off various planets and solar systems, giving you a feel of control and power, but now, you need to dogde aliens from destroying whilest you basically collect 1 item, if you are lucky from some random planet. The gameplay is very much the same as ME2, altough not a bad thing, it was not enhanced, just the same with slightly different damages.... The story feels more scripted then before too. ME2 I could not put down, had to finish, played it day and night till I did..... ME3, I may have played about 8 hours.... and is not currently installed..... Feel that my money was a waste this time round....... Boo.... Expand
  21. Jun 5, 2012
    The professional reviews of this game are so ridiculously similar that I'm not completely convinced that there isn't some kind of conspiracy in the gaming industry. It is dishonest and unethical not to mention the **** ending to this game, if only for it's extreme polarization.
  22. Jun 19, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Mass effect is a game that tries to appease old fans and be a natural starting point for new fans sadly it fails at both new fans will feel overwhelmed by the situations while old fans will feel betrayed by the lack of differences in choices, i will elaborate on both but i would like this time to say the there will be spoilers

    spoiler alert

    new fans wont understand the gravity of the geth quarian conflict and wont feel the much passion when the shepard (the protagonist) talks about the sacrifice of a squad-mate that occurred in the first game, its also a bit overwhelming to be dumped in to this world with a lack of understanding of the different races

    older fans will play a much more dumbed down version of the game, as the organization that you may have helped in previous game will be your enemy no matter what you did before, the game is also much more linear then previous games, and your a pigeon-holed in the the ending no matter what happens

    if your new to the series, you will still be taken on an emotional roller coaster that you may enjoy and this game should be rated a 6/10

    however if your a new fan the ending (at least for me) actually makes the two previous games worse meaning that this game should be given a negative score, as i am a fan of the previous games i will give it the lowest possible score of "0", as im not allowed to give the game a negative 20 for ruining the other two 10/10 games in the series
  23. Jun 25, 2012
    So, I share the same gripe that everyone else has with ME3: it only has 3 endings. And by 3 endings I mean 1 ending with 3 different color overlays. Red, green and blue. Now the 1 ending is fine, but I was expecting no less than 6 distinct endings and frankly I was hoping for more like 9 or 12 given all the hype over how our choices would impact the end. But no, all those choices culminate in 1 ending with 3 color overlays...

    That said, ME3 is a great game. Graphics are great, story is great, the soundtrack is excellent. It has in depth character development and ties up all the loose ends. You will meet all the (surviving) characters from the first two episodes and help them out at least one more time. It will make you smile, laugh and cry... or at least look really solemn. The game does NOT deserve a score less than 5 from anyone. It is a shining example of the kind of games the industry should be producing and deserves your vote and purchase. How the user score on this is lower than the likes of Alan Wake or Duke Nukem Forever is beyond me. But yeah, I have to dock it some points for having no visually distinct endings.
  24. Jul 1, 2012
    The problems that everyone had with the ending have been fixed with the Extended Cut and additional closure and clarification was added making this game the ideal choice for purchase if you haven't already. :)
  25. Jul 5, 2012
    While I enjoyed the game play on its own, it most definitely was not the Mass Effect I remember. This game is to Mass Effect what a personal plane is to a personal jet, good on its own, but not what you wanted.
  26. Jul 11, 2012
    first time i play mass effect 3 i hate the ending but now when bio ware decide to released extended ending DLC i love it again now i will play from part 1 again to write my own story
  27. Jul 13, 2012
    I have played Mass Effect from the first one, It had a marvelous and original setting that no much rpg's could mach.Still aside from the story combat was creative but often frustrating. In second one story got a lot blander with all that Cerberus nonsense but at least combat was better and game more refined.
    But third one is just terrible, the new writer who overtook the scene is awful,
    knowing nothing of previous games, overall game quality is bad, an ugly copy-paste ripped from previous games, low-res textures, logic errors in quests, unasked multiplayer component in a singleplayer game, day-1 DLC, broken promises, brought out reviews, defiling of the scene with "human master race" storyline.

    Worst game I ever brought truly shocked and angered beyond reason for destruction of my favorite trilogy, whoever in EA is responsible for this atrocity should be hanged for his crimes against the fanbase, I now need some strong alcohol to forget what I saw. oh poor Tali what have they done to you.(sob) :(
  28. Jul 18, 2012
    Truly a greater loads of garbage has never been made. I can't even bother to finish the game. 59$ my arse. I would never buy any product from Bioware again.
  29. Oct 2, 2012
    If you enjoyed ME 1 and 2 you will enjoy this game. The game looks great and the fighting is fun. I agree that the initial ending was not good but the revamped ending was very good. Also the game was much more action oriented than RPG and the dialogue did not change the story at all. In fact you can play the game without making any choices in the conversation if you pick to play the game as an action game. All in all a great game. Expand
  30. Oct 28, 2012
    This stunning game is by far the best of the trilogy. I tried playing the first one like 2 years ago and i couldn't figure out how to do all that stupid rpg crap. I love how this game just lets you run around and kill stuff without all those menus slowing you down. The story was a constant rollercoaster ride that keeps throwing curveballs at you. I was on the edge of my seat for the whole 7 hour campaign. Bioware has released another timeless classic that will be remembered forever. This truly is a company that can do no wrong Expand
  31. Nov 3, 2012
    Fantastic game - combat and presentation are simply at the best and this game sets a new standard to 3rd person shooter games, for sure! The story itself, while I agree that the ending is confusing somewhat, is still awesome and I don't think it's bad and frankly with the new free "ending" DLC, things feel a lot more clear. Even if you won't like the ending - it's not something that affects the rest of the game IMO and thus you shouldn't miss this game just because of a small section of it! Expand
  32. Jan 7, 2013
    My favorite color is red. I like orange too. Choices, choices, choices. Why does life have to be so complicated? Why, Lord? Why? Hristos se rodi, D
  33. Mar 29, 2013
    Here's a different kind of review: I actually liked the ending!

    Ok, so I started my Mass Effect journey with a bargain purchase of the first game in 2010, followed by a bargain purchase of the second part of series in late 2011 and now the final part in 2013. I still clearly remember the whole story and the feelings I had while playing it, so I can speak both for ME3 and the trilogy as
    a whole.

    Technically speaking, ME3 had superb audio and nice graphics. Very satisfying and enjoyable audiovisually. Game never crashed, I did not encounter any bugs either. Game felt very solid all around. The Origin requirement is a downer, but a small one. The atmosphere of the game (ie. the despair of the war) was a bit forced at times, but in the end held quite nicely. In ME1 I liked the feeling of vastness, how the plot spanned a lot of places on a huge scale. ME2 had perhaps did not have as epic a feel to it, for most of the game you spent hiring squad members from not-so-epic places and fights. I think ME3 went back to the roots in the epicness of scale.

    In ME1 I liked the fighting system and finding and upgrading new weapons. ME2 kind of streamlined the combat, but also removed all those micro-management details such as weapon mods. ME3 took somewhat a middle road in that regard: weapon mods return, but the weapon arsenal is quite limited. The biggest problem in fighting I had was Shepard getting stuck in cover when trying to run, resulting in a couple of unnecessary deaths in some of the harder fights. Other than that, gameplay felt pretty smooth.

    On terms of dialogue I think ME2 was the high point of the series. I really liked especially the female Shepards delivery of her lines. ME3 is not that good, but certainly not bad, either.

    The galaxy map mini-game this time was avoiding reapers, who were alerted by scanning the space for artifacts etc. I think ME1 had the best mini-game in that you actually landed on the planet and searched for stuff, even though it did get quite repetitive after while. In ME2 the mineral scanning was just dumb, as it did really not offer any challenge and there really was no big difference in the tactic you did it. The reaper mini-game in ME3 is again quite unnecessary, but at least you can apply some tactics to it, and it isn't really that much of an annoyance.

    And then there is the ending. I did play the extended cut, but also watched all the original ending videos from YouTube. I didn't really see the necessity of the extended endings, although they were perhaps a bit more satisfying. And the fourth ending type was indeed a smart move, which should have been in the original release also. On a side note, I also have played Eye of the Beholder, which threw you right back into DOS prompt after finishing the game, so I'm used to not having any fancy ending scenes. Anyway, most comments I've read about the ending being bad had two things in them: previous choices in the games had little to no effect, and not everything was explained. I think both are wrong accusitions.

    Choices in the previous games mainly affected your companions: who you were working with. At no point do I recall making any huge decisions directly regardin the forthcoming reaper invasion. Killed or saved the rachni queen in Noveria? Who cares, no one probably even knew she was there in the first place. Killed Wrex or was his best friends? Doesn't matter, there are plenty of krogans to be their leader, and plento of people on Normandy to be your wingmen. My point is, all the choices you made only affected the people around Shepard not things on a galactic scale. Therefore, I don't see how can someone expect so see any huge change in the outcome no matter what they did in the previous games. On the other hand, I still think they did a hell of a job with all the different combinations of who are alive and who you are with: dialogue changes according to the setting, and there are a huge number of different settings, which your previous choices _do_ affect.

    And the other thing, about leaving stuff open. I think the ending tied all the knots there were to be tied regarding galactic scale. Again, what happens to your mates is a different story, and left open. But that was not the point of the big picture. The point was the reaper invasion, and that was concluded in satisfying enough a way.

    The multiplayer requirement for the "better" endings was a stupid move, but I hear it was removed in the extended cut patch. I wouldn't know, as I ended up hacking my save game just to be sure I get the best ending: there were no multiplayer games anymore to boost your rating.

    All in all, a highly recommended game, and nowadays very good entertainment value for the cost: I only paid 9,95 in Origin store. I would give the game 8.5/10, which rounds to 8 just because of the multiplayer thing possibly affecting your single player campaign ending.
  34. Nov 28, 2013
    Why the hell is this game so underrated? I enjoyed it so much! It was even better then the ME2! The plot is interesting, the comrades are awesome as usually, the combat system is fascinating, the music is simply perfect. 10/10 for me.
  35. Mar 7, 2013
    True. The ending storyline didn't live up the the incredible standards we have become used to with the Mass Effect series. I was upset with the ending the first time I finished the game. But i've completed the game 3 more times(with the slightly improved new ending they made for free DL) and I now realize that the ending is a small 1% of a game that is otherwise a very enjoyable work of art. 9/10. Loses 1 point for ending storyline. Expand
  36. Apr 28, 2013
    I know many people are very angry at this game, and I understand that. Mass Effect 3 is just as much a step backward as a step forward from the previous iterations of the series. ME3 is much more action-oriented than the previous two games, something which I don't mind, There are more weapons in each category, and each class can now use every weapon. For me this opened up new gameplay possibilities. I could be a sentinel with a sniper rifle, a shotgun-wielding adept or engineer. While I like some of the new combat changes, the loss of RPG elements annoys me. Shepard can still pick his/her squad, but now there are only 6 squad members to chose from, 7 if you bought the DAY-ONE dlc, as opposed to the 11-12 there were in ME2. Loyalty mission are also gone, which takes away a personal element. Long-time fans of the series may be a bit disappointed by all this, but ME3 makes up for it in other ways. The Graphics are actually impressive, with nice lighting effects and great CGI space battles. These battles will be in great abundance, as now Shepard is facing the full force of the reaper onslaught against the galaxy. Shepard will have to unite the races of the galaxy, no easy task, to successfully fight off the reaper invasion and recapture earth. Choosing which races to side with, and some actions that Shepard chooses have an effect on and overall "readiness" bar which indicates military strength, and chances of victory in the final battle. Unfortunately, none of the other decisions Shepard has made throughout the other games will have ANY impact on the final ending. The end of the game feels rushed and lazy. For this i find that EA is probably to blame, rushing the game out ahead of schedule. An ending DLC does fix many of these issues, but leaves many unanswered. The fact that there even is an ending DLC to me shows that bioware cares for the universe it created, even if the messed up the first time around. Another good thing is that the awful mining mini games are be replaced with a less annoying, simpler, "find stuff on planet to help you in the war effort". One final thing that annoyed me about the gameplay was that instead of multiple factions and enemies, there are only three: Cerberus, reapers, and geth. This feels like another move away from more rpg elements to action elements. The AI is adequate; on higher difficulties some of the bigger enemies can be troublesome. Despite the changes, ME3 still feels like Mass Effect, a third person cover shooter.rpg hybrid. Using Shepard's powers and squad mate's powers to effectively combat enemy strengths and weaknesses is something true fans of the series will find fun and familiar. The soundtrack is great, the characters still great, and the story only slightly less than what most expect from Mass Effect.
    Which brings me to the multiplayer. Many people were worried it would take over from the single player, but it doesn't, in fact, it provides a welcome distraction from the reaper attack. Multiplayer is a horde-based mode in which up to four players can fight against waves of enemies of different types as many different races and classes. Ever wanted to play as a quarian engineer? A drell assassin, turian soldier, or even Krogan and Geth? There are also scores of weapons, upgrades, and attachments available. So far all the MP DLCs have been free, but MP still feels like EA trying to make quick cash sometimes. Multiplayer can still be fun, though. All considered, Mass Effect 3 feels a slightly rushed ending to a series dear to many people's hearts. It is still a good, dun game, but lets down in many things fans have come to expect form Bioware and the series as a whole.
  37. Jun 20, 2013
    Mass Effect 3 is a good, good, good game. Yes, the part of the ending with the child makes no sense (not to spoil-y I hope). But other than that, Mass Effect 3 is a great accomplishment in gaming. With ME 3, Bioware found a good balance between action and RPG elements. For RPG fans, there is a long list of skill trees to mess around with and weapon modification to match your gameplay style. They removed the class limitation on weapons and simply let you choose which of the pistols and rifles you want to use. All of the powers have been balanced so that all classes are equally viable on the hardest difficulties. All in all gameplay has been greatly improved from ME 2. The story is still great. You have less squad members than ME2 but they are more fleshed out. If you haven't played the first two games a lot of the story might be lost on you but for people have played both ME1 and ME2 in order, ME 3 finishes up the Story arcs of each character(s) in a beautiful and cathartic way. You have a lot of influence and involvement with how the stories end which increase the player's investment in the game. I plead with you, dear reader, ignore the bad user reviews and give this game a chance. Expand
  38. Jul 23, 2013
    It's by no means a bad game, the game play is amazing, the dialogue is great, the characters are relatable and it has that emotional tone that the first two games carried. What brought it down from a positive rating is the ending which managed to piss SO many gamers off. The ending of this game is a total slap in the face to fans of the Mass Effect games. It was like the developers completely forgot about the fact that all of the games are based around choice, but the ending betrays that fact. All three endings are incredibly similar, which made us feel as if our choices never mattered in the first place. I love the Mass Effect games but the ending of this game just brought it down. Never has a game ending developed so much controversy than the ending of Mass Effect 3, and that's a damn shame. Expand
  39. Apr 21, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Mass Effect 3 had some absolutely wonderful high points, but the lows completely ruined the series I had come to love over the years. Lets get the high points out of the way first since they are few and while great, are completely overshadowed by what's wrong with the game.
    First off, the graphics were outstanding even though the game was a console port, as was the music. The genophage cure series of events were absolutely incredible as long as Rex was not killed off in ME1. The paragon resolution to the genophage was heartwarming and the renegade resolution (if Mordin didn't die in ME2) was one of the most painful things I've ever done in a video game. Shooting the guy in the back was soooo wrong.
    I also enjoyed many of the aspects with previous squad members and friends from both ME1 and ME2. Running into Major Kirrahe from ME1 was a real treat and the deathbed prayer was so unexpected and moving that I actually got all teary eyed... a feat no video game had achieved in almost 30 years of gaming.

    Now... onto the bad. The whole opening sequence was absolute garbage. You can't just throw a new player into a situation assuming they already know these key people from previous games... add in a brand new main character not even ME veterans know even though the game treats the player like they should (Meat-head Vega), and after no buildup have earth attacked where they slap a pistol in your hand and expect you to fight wave after wave of f*cking aliens. You want to see a great opening to a game? Just look at Mass Effect 2. That introduction was one of the most brilliant in video game history. The player gets a sense of how to control movement through the environment, allowing them to get a feel for things, and aren't pressed to instant combat with zero idea what they're doing.
    Second... whatever happened to the promise that all these decisions in ME1 and ME2 having clear and distinct effects on the end of the trilogy?? Where was the payoff for saving/killing the Rachni? Or saving/destroying the Geth deep-space station? or most importantly... saving/destroying the Collector station at the end of ME2? And WTF is up with Cerberus still having the human-reaper even though I nuked the station from orbit? Only my ship had the Reaper IFF to activate the Omega 4 relay and my ship was dropped into Alliance hands as soon as I returned from the galactic center.
    Those are just a few of my problems with the game, but the biggest issue started from when you set foot on the Illusive Man's space station and didn't end till the credits stopped rolling. The entire space-ninja thing with Kai was beyond retarded, and as I said earlier... the human-reaper being there was complete BS... but it really got bad when you return to Earth. The space battle started good, but with no clear payoff for gathering every race in the galaxy to help other than one heavily damaged reaper and no show of the massive firepower you've amassed for the Normandy herself was deplorable.
    The "say goodbye" sequence was hollow, unfeeling, and didn't contain anything that showed the player the deep emotional bonds you've developed with your friends and loved ones. The whole thing was pointless.

    Last and least is my problem with the run to the beam and the f*cking star-brat. Your whole squad gets vaporized, no fight with Harbinger, no dialogue with him. Nothing. He just fries Shepard and leaves the scene. Oh... I can't forget the final boss battle!!! Shepard VS Marauder Shields!!! Bioware were too stupid to come up with a proper end fight so instead they had Shepard face THE ONLY MARAUDER IN THE GAME WITH SHIELDS.... as the final battle. Pathetic.
    Then... after three games where Shepards life was completely dedicated to stopping the reapers, preventing human extinction.... the trilogies antagonist.... the reapers... are pi$$ed out the window for Martin Sheen and a light-up ghost of the brat you tried to help at the beginning of ME3. W....T....F....

    Casey Hudson said in an interview prior to ME3's release that all your decisions mattered and how you would NEVER see a cookie cutter ending where you choose A, B, or C. But that's exactly what they did. It's like the development team at Bioware all went on vacation just after finishing the Illusive Man's space station, handed the keys to the newest Intern who previously was fetching them coffee, and told him to finish the game himself even though he had never played ME1 or ME2 and only was allowed to see a few bits and pieces of ME3 while in development.

    I, along with millions of others absolutely loved the Mass Effect series. So much so that we actually had an emotional attachment to the characters. Other game studios would KILL to achieve such a thing. And the way that Bioware said "f*ck it" and rushed the game out the door to meet EA's deadline for release, which was just in time boost quarterly profits for EA has disgusted me to a level that i'll never pay money for another one of their games. Pi$$ off!
  40. Sep 24, 2014
    Mass Effect 3 is a phenomenal experience, and a fitting end to the Mass Effect trilogy. The stakes have never been higher, the action never as intense, and by the end of the game, when you arrive back at Earth with every fleet you've gathered and finally bring the fight to the Reapers, it would be hard to not at least cheer for the Galaxy that you've known and loved for three games, finally putting aside old grudges and conflicts to work together as a united force. Bioware also hasn't held back in the emotional scenes of Mass Effect 3, from the opening scene where a Reapers destroyer mercilessly destroys a shuttle escaping with a child on board, to the deaths of many main characters and the nightmares that Shepard goes through, this game really pulled at my heartstrings. Of course, there is the ending, which caused much controversy for its abrupt end without providing resolution to long time fans of the series, however as I only played the game after the release of the Extended Cut DLC, I was satisfied with the ending, it was not the best way to end the series, but it was fine in my honest opinion, and overall, Mass Effect 3 was one of the most amazing and compelling games I have ever had the pleasure of playing. Expand
  41. Oct 17, 2013
    I like very much the single player version,the story is very good for me,very good graphics,a lot of characters but i have problem with the multiplayer game!I never understand what i must do there!
  42. Dec 13, 2013
    Personally, I do not normally read any reviews on games before playing it as it may give me a biased perspective on it. However this is the first time I totally regret not reading any reviews on ME3 before playing it. Although I admit i've been hearing countless praises for its prior titles.
    Mass Effect 3 was my introduction to the series as I have not played the prior games yet (and I
    must admit, ME3 is totally preventing me from playing it). Im sure ME fans know that this game has its own very unique atmosphere while containing many moral and philosophical twists. I was immediately hooked on to the game thinking this might be one of my favorite games in my life. To be honest, ME3 Gameplay was pretty good at the least above average in my opinion. It was very interesting, entertaining until the end where (keep in mind, ME3 was an introduction to Mass Effect for me) it just became flat out abysmal and insulting.
    Non, and I mean NON of my hard thought decisions throughout the game even mattered in the end and I can't imagine what it would have been like to the players who spent so much time on previous titles. Im not sure what the writers were thinking but when I heard that damned space kid at the end telling me the few options I have, I knew they made a BIG mistake. Simply said, the ending ruined the game 100%. Im afraid the ending was one of the saddest and most pathetic close ups in video game history and I offer my sympathy to those who played throughout the whole series.
  43. Jan 2, 2014
    Mass Effect 3 gets a bad rap, I'm here to say that it is the best of all the Mass Effect games. ME3 combines the best elements of the first two installments: it takes the vastly improved game play of Mass Effect 2 and makes it even more fluid, more stream lined and more exciting. I appreciated the slightly expanded level-up system and weapons choices, even if still lacking from the ME1 days. I didn't care for the graphics upgrade between 1 and 2, but I appreciated the overhaul in this one.

    Story-wise, ME3 succeeded where its predecessor failed. The fact that BioWare decided not to encore 15 hours of utterly unengaging "team building" was a great start. The plot feels less like a grocery list, and more like an actual moving timeline, where Shepard really is interacting with the galaxy at large and taking actions that effect it. The old crew is mostly back, and the Normandy is an alliance ship again. All is right with the world. I didn't struggle to find a reason to care. This game rediscovers the clarity of purpose that the series began with.

    I hear grumblings about how the Mass Effect storyline simply became too linear, and that complaint might be valid. I never said the game was perfect. I still prefer linearity to whatever the hell ME2 was supposed to be. It might not be very RPG-like with the little things it does, but it is still very much an RPG in the bigger picture. You made a lot of choices in 1 and 2 that are going to directly affect 3 and you're going to make more choices in 3. It's easy to forget how many branching story lines there are a play in this series and the kind of effort BioWare put into making sure the player feels fully invested in whichever one they might find themselves in, and as always, the script and voice acting is top notch.

    Are the last 15 minutes of the game unworthy of the Mass Effect series? Yes, it's all true. It's sad to see that the ending completely lacked the thought and care that the rest of the story got throughout the saga, but the ending has it where it counts; the final mission is difficult and thrilling, even if the bits following it fail to win hearts.
  44. Feb 17, 2014
    Good game, letdown of an ending. The ending alone (along with the fact that some of the previous companions aren't companions in this on) is enough to knock it down a couple of points. But combine that with the Day One DLC and you have another shameful display by EA. Come on EA, stop buying good game developers and leaching money off of them and the consumers. That being said, this is still, in no shape or form, a bad game (despite the **** ending). Expand
  45. Feb 23, 2014
    I liked the game, despite all of the hate, I still found the game very enjoyable. I know the decisions weren't as expansive which is a bit of a let down, but in regards to the over all game, I still enjoyed playing it. I still liked the endings, I do wish that they had more variance, but not to the point where I want to set the disc on fire and rage out. The multiplayer isn't the most polished, it needs work. It just feels clunky. I do agree that this game isn't as good as the last, but it is still worth playing. Expand
  46. Feb 24, 2014
    This game is only for the series fans I guess.

    I felt like it had unbearably long, and boring cutscenes every 5 minutes, and horribly linear gameplay with an illusion of a choice. Annoyingly consolish controls for not demanding players, operated basically by one button to cover/use did not help either.

    Graphics were pretty good so not a complete zero. But this game was so seriously
    story oriented that in my case was just unplayable. I would rather spend that time watching good movie, than playing it as a video game. Expand
  47. Nov 16, 2014
    Although most of the reviews are negative, i must say i'm happy with the game overall. The end, tho a bit disappointing, in my opinion, fits (not perfectly) the story constructed so far. Is there a better fitting end? Yes, i believe so, but the presented alternatives are not that bad; but a surviving Shepard would be better, for sure. The major flaws of the game are not in the ending. It has many bugs, some inconsistencies in story line and lore. For example, in ME2 Samara told Shepard that only 3 Ardat-Yakshi existed (her daughters), and we (usually) killed one of them in game. Now in ME3 there are so many that they need a Monastery to remain apart and isolated from society.
    There are some places to go and many side quests to do, but the only place where you do spent some decent time is the Citadel. There are not huge places with many quests to do, like in ME2 where you spent some good hours in Ilium, Tuchanka, Virmine and Omega, just to name some. The side quests also seems a bit shallow (end too fast)...and with exception of the some moments at the last part of the game, the quests are fairly easy to accomplish.
    There are some humor on the dialogues, but it seems that, through all the game, you have less options (and even less people to talk to) than you had in ME1 and ME2. The mechanics of armor and weapons and damage are also worse as they were in ME1 and ME2. You buy the upgrade of you current weapon, so shotgun 1 is bought into shotgun 2..3...4 and so on, which takes the "happiness" of finding a new upgraded version of your current weapon. Armor customization has its benefits, but it's a bit tricky to compare different armor configurations, since you lack the "all info in one screen" tab, so it is harder to see if a +10% shield shoulders do the benefits you're looking for. Mass Effect 1 did a great job in this camp.
    Here's another problem: percentages. All improvements - weapons and armor - are upgraded by percentages. This is problematic in terms that if you have a low damage weapon, and want to upgrade its damage (in a scenario where you like the other aspects of this particular weapon, like accuracy and reload speed), a 20 % dmg increase won't even show in your graphic readings of that weapon. You would get some results only if there were in game improvements around 200 or 300%. So all is in absolute terms, which in this case is not a good option. A numeric version would be better (like increases damage by 70 points or such).
    The reapers interfering on galaxy map traveling is a bit pain, and you hardly do some good deed in your travels, because exploration is in short supply here too. I miss Ilium, i miss all those colonies and random quests, but most of all i miss the heavy rpg element. There are too much cinematic sequences and fewer interaction in game. Overall i'd say you have less choices than the 2 previous titles. Bioware saw this so clearly that the next game on the franchise will feature back the old exploration of ME1 (with a better version of the vehicle Mako) and, with some luck, some good space exploration with had on ME2 (like docking on deranged space station). This surely is more an shooter with rpg elements than the otherwise. It is a good game, don' t get me wrong, but surely it was rushed into completion, and those of us who spent hundreds of hours playing the first 2 titles surely will miss a lot of the good elements presented on the past.
  48. Mar 22, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Anyone who gives this game a good review is being payed to do so.

    Mass effect 3 could not be a worse conclusion to the story if Bioware had tried.

    This game has really put me off buying from E.A ever again. E.A's new game titanfall, can sit on the shelf until a sale comes along because i now refuse to pay full price for games anymore. Now i wait until a steam sale.

    I genuinely believe that somebody in E.A decided that it would not be cost efficient to produce a decent game and instead convinced everyone to produce a game that was quick and poor quality because lets face it, the fans will buy the game regardless. Fans have already invested in the other two games so who cares about this one lets make the game as cheap as possible and maximize profits.

    I cant believe that in the second game you have an extremely advanced ship with A.I computers and for some reason, you don't have a camera installed so you can prove to the rest of the galaxy that the reapers are coming so get prepared for war. Nope..that would be too simple. Instead you (the player) has to (for the second time) act like a diplomat to get other races on your side. Then to add insult to injury your crew, for the most part is gone...why? you just spent a whole game recruiting them, why wouldn't you use them in the third game you stupid fools!!

    then there are the small things, like every time you go from one side of the ship to the other (the cic to the war room) you have to go past airport scanners....why????? your the captain for **** sake!!

    This games not worth your time, so invest whatever time you have left on this planet into something else.
  49. Jul 6, 2014
    People complain about this game far too much, since they updated the ending this game has become a full fledged conclusion to the trilogy instead of the retarded third child it once was. the game play from 2 to 3 was much improved and the online multi-player was non-stop fun (provided you will need to have at least 1-2 friends in your life to enjoy it) Best game of the series by far. If you don't believe go drive in a goddamn Mako for a few hours then return.

    Don't believe the Haters!
  50. Sep 27, 2014
    Bioware has been progressively dumbing down the immersion felt in the Mass Effect universe, starting with the transition from Mass Effect to Mass Effect 2 and now dealing the killing blow with the final game in this wonderful trilogy.

    Don't get me wrong, Mass Effect 3 was a solid single-player experience; however, this is not about a "solid single-player experience", this is about the
    third game in a series known for its immersiveness and ability to make you feel empathy for its characters. In this game, that immersion has been diluted to the point of many characters having their purpose in the overall plot made negligible and simply added in to provide a cameo for the fans of other Mass Effect fiction (see: James Vega), and this unfortunately includes our protagonist: the one character you were supposed to feel connected with given the game's status as an "RPG".

    Sure, some of this was solved by DLC, but the simple fact that we're talking about "solving problems" for a game that spent a sizeable amount of time in development means that there is a problem. But, that is all about the immersion.

    The crippling point of this game - for I had foolishly thought that the game could still be saved - was not the lack of immersion, it was the poorly developed plotline that had great beginning. Having been built-up by the first two games in the trilogy, I expected that the pacing and ultimate resolution of the plot would not leave me with a sour taste in my mouth as it did. The plotline is developed in a ridiculously cliché manner, to the point that it feels like I was watching a series of overly edited cinematics with gameplay only serving as a buffer between viewings. Is it a bad thing per se? No, but this takes us back to this game's position as the third game in its series, meaning that it has a certain standard to live up to and a certain method of gameplay that a player of such a series would expect. The new method of delivering the plot is disjointing at best and game-ruining at worst, with me leaning closer to the latter end of the spectrum.

    Finally, we get to the ending (with me addressing the vanilla ending, as I should be). While not absolutely terrible, it does leave enormous gaps of "What happened?" moments that should NOT be happening with the closer of a series. Sure, inference and speculation are alright if another game was to be expected, but the this is the final game of the series that would star Commander Shepard, so this game - as the other 2 provided - should have given us a sense of finality even if it was not decisively final. While Leviathan fixed many of the holes that were exhaustively mentioned by reviewers, there should not have been anything to fix (refer to my DLC rant).

    Tl;dr - The game was decent as a single-player experience, awful as a multiplayer experience, atrocious as a Mass Effect game, and the apotheosis of plot failure as a Mass Effect trilogy finisher.

    Mass Effect 3 made me experience a thought that should never be experienced with an RPG, much less one as wonderful as Mass Effect: "Do I really want to play this again?"
  51. Mar 10, 2012
    Honestly, I really don't understand the overwhelming amount of negative fan reviews for this game. I can understand some of the problems people have, such as the ending and such, but that really shouldn't determine the score of the entire game. For me, the game was amazing. The characters were still enjoyable and deep, the missions were epic, the environments were gorgeous, and the multiplayer is repetitive but addicting. The PC version also performs very well, even on my somewhat dated laptop. If you have any investment or interest in the Mass Effect universe, this game is an absolute must-have. Expand
  52. Mar 18, 2012
    Worst ending in the videogame history for the best trilogy in the videogame history. The last 10 minutes of Mass Effect 3 ruins the whole trilogy. I don't even want to play with ME1 or ME2 because of the ending of ME3, this is why I give a 0/10. Without the ending the game would be 10/10 for me.
  53. Mar 8, 2012
    This game was a huge dissapointment for me. The soundtrack was terrible compared to what was in me1 and me2, the animations are awful, most of the writing is absolutely horrid. The way they handled the characters from me2(besides garrus and tali) in this game was also a big let down. What pissed me off the most about this game was the story however, more specifically the ending. I wont give away spoilers, if you enjoyed ME1 and ME2, stick with those, dont waste your time with ME3, because when you finish it you will be thoroughly dissapointed with the entire series because of the ending. Expand
  54. Mar 9, 2012
    Have to say this is a nice and dark sequel to me2,lower system specs than before a big plus,superbly updated character graphics and all round graphics updates,new sfx as well as existing sfx from me2,wonderful voice acting as before,gaming area has been expanded somewhat so feels much larger and it shows,those complaining of not being able to import your old saves well i can tell you that they do work but it's your portrait that doesn't import so you have to re do that ingame but the other info from your me 1 and 2 remains intact. A lot of detail has been put into the design of the characters and put in some very strong emotional content for the story and makes for a very good story by doing this,can't believe the scores of 0 and 1 here and should be removed or even banned,this is a perfect ending to the series and what we all knew would happen as the reapers arrived,top class. Expand
  55. Mar 10, 2012
    Currently I'm about halfway through the game, and while the story is good (better than ME1/ME2), the gameplay is merely adequate.

    It feels very dumbed down given that there is even less customization than in prior games in the series. There is no real inventory to speak of, and when you find an upgrade for a weapon (as an example), you can immediately equip that upgrade to as many squad
    member's weapons as you desire. Powers are per-character, with little sharing possible via a new system. I'm not at all impressed with upgrades on skills/powers, as each feels like an almost miniscule change to effectiveness in combat.

    The primary reason I'm rating ME3 as a 5, is due to the unbelievable distaste it has left in my mouth having gay talk, scenes, and innuendo shoved down my throat at every turn. My assistant on the Normandy is a gay female. My dropship mechanic is a gay male. Liara is blatantly bi-sexual, and several other Asari in the story are either bi, or outright gay. There are people sitting in the local hospital talking about being gay, people in the commons talking about turning gay.. etc etc etc. It feels in fact, like there is more gay love and sex abounding in the Mass Effect 3 world than there are straight relationships.

    To reflect on this: I am not homophobic - I can accept that people have relationships of their choosing. But when the NORM is 10:1 (or more) in favor of straight-to-gay in reality, and you have more gay than straight in the game world, it tends to wear on you quickly. It leaves an undeniable taste of "eww" in your mouth, due to the staggering amount of it.

    All in all, a decent game - full of plenty of Mass Effect as we've known it. But a bit too much of "hay there!".. makes you wonder if the team writing/producing it was 80%+ gay. That part of it will not - never will, appeal to the mainstream audience. And is largely why ME3 is being blasted on Metacritic, among other sites on the web.

    It is one thing when it happens in moderation, and isn't blatantly flaunted in public. But ME3 really does shove it down your throat again and again, and for most straight people that does produce a substantial amount of discomfort and distaste. It isn't that it is happening, it is that MOST ME3 characters turn out to be gay.

    My recommendation for the game: either buy and play it knowing what is coming at you, or wait for the bargain bin price and see how much you can stomach before putting it down. It is not one of Bioware's masterpieces, and goes far beyond "touching on taboo issues" than it should.
  56. Mar 11, 2012
    I have to give the game a 5; I can't think of any other score that would accurately portray the mix of positive and negative impressions I have of the game. From a production perspective, it's an absolute masterpiece from start to (almost) finish. I would even go so far as to say that it's the most technically perfect game that I've ever had the pleasure to play. Were I scoring on that basis, I would give it a 10/10 without hesitation.

    But (some of) the writing .. the DLC .. the singleplayer/multiplayer fiasco .. I don't want to give any spoilers out here, and I'm sure anyone who has beaten the game is well aware of what I speak .. Bioware has effectively killed the franchise for a lot of people. At the time of writing, the official forums are aflame with the vitriol that only hardcore fanatics can muster.

    There's no denying that Biowares reputation has taken a serious hit in the last few days, and in my opinion .. it's self-inflicted and rather well deserved.
  57. Mar 6, 2012
    Why did I waste my time on this piece of crap? I could have watched The Room about 15 times instead. It's about as bad as Dragon Age 2, and that's saying a lot.
  58. Jun 29, 2012
    I am re-reviewing this game due to the Extended Cut release. I had originally given this a 4 due to the horrible ending with the Extended Cut I feel Bioware did well in trying to wrap up a difficult story. Bioware can't make everyone happy but I am satisfied with the Extended Cut and look forward to replaying this game over and over now.
  59. Mar 9, 2012
    screw you bioware!!! I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN!!! this is even worse than what you did with dragon age 2!!! Mass effect was supposed to be the best TRILOGY of our time but in the end you ruined it with your **** ending!! i wish i didnt get this game!!! the ending of ME2 would have been fine by me!!
  60. Mar 11, 2012
    The game is an absolute masterpiece through through the beginning to the climax. However, in the end it becomes apparent that the writers had a vision for a sort of Greek tragedy for the series, complete with a deus ex machina and endings that vary from "really dark" to "kinda dark." There is no happy ending, no real catharsis for Shepard. However, it is not the darkness that bothers me as much as the execution of the resolution. It feels so convoluted and illogical considering the themes and narratives that have taken place through the 3 games. In fact, it would make more sense to me if the so called "resolution" turned out to all be a dream. The game itself is very good. The level design was much improved over previous installments, and storytelling wise they generally did an excellent job creating a story that could account for all the possible Shepards. Not everyone from previous games are available as squadmates, but I felt they generally all got enough screen time to do good by the fans. Overall, it was a very engrossing and enjoyable experience, up until the last 5 minutes or so. Because of that, I have to bump it down from a 10/10 to an 8/10. Expand
  61. Apr 18, 2012
    I don't think its fair to give Mass Effect 3 a rating purely based on the ending. The first 95% of the game was fantastic, very engaging and fun, I did have issues however with how the player characters voice acting was handled the amount of auto dialogue really took away any feeling that Shepard was actually my character rather than Biowares. Multiplayer is actually surprisingly fun although does have a tenancy to get repetitive. The last 10% of the game about from Priority: Cerberus onwards was a really big let down for me, they didn't do a good job for the finale of the series and this is especially disappointing given how good other sections of the game where. A good game but does not live up to its predecessors. Expand
  62. Mar 19, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 was advertised, and promised in press releases and interviews, that the decisions we made throughout the series would create a unique ending for every player, that the amount of possible endings would be countless.

    Instead we got 1 ending for everyone to experience. The same ending for everyone.

    Before the ending the game is 9/10, with the current ending they basically
    stole my $80. Expand
  63. Apr 4, 2012
    The first half of the game is quite enjoyable as you progress into the second half of the game it is clear that quite a few missions are missing. Developer interviews confirm this(from the Final Hours of ME3 iPad app).

    The most damning indictment about the quality of this title is saved for the ultimate conclusion of the game. The ending does not work, does not make sense, and feels
    like its tacked on from a different universe. It certainly does not feel like it belongs in Mass Effect`s universe.

    Another 6-9 months of development time likely could have fixed the problems, unfortunately that didn`t happen so I would suggest unless this is fixed sometime during 2012 I would recommend skipping this game.

    Perhaps the best thing you can do is to is play Mass Effect 1 and just pretend the whole thing ends right there.
  64. Mar 13, 2012
    While the gameplay has improved since the first game in terms of combat mechanics, ME3 marks a distinctly unsatisfying story. Fans of the first two games who import their characters will be dissapointed in the endings especially compared with the previous two installments. This extremely illogical ending to a great IP is only made worse by the inclusion of an important character to the lore of the Mass Effect universe as a paid DLC when it is clear that the character was originally meant to be included with the standard game package. Expand
  65. Mar 12, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 puts the cap ( or does it ) on one of my favorite series. Its been a long time since a game entered my favorites list, a long long time. Its also been a long time since I've been so emotionally invested in the characters and cared for their well being and futures. I credit this fact, at least in Shepard's case to Bioware's attention to the female Shepard option in 3. As a female gamer I felt very included, and to top it off I finally have a protagonist in a major gaming franchise that I can relate to. I can look at the box ( provided I've flipped the reverseable cover art ) and see something of myself in the hero on that cover staring back at me. I've seen the galaxy through Shepards eyes. I saw it as a young commander taking a ship for a test run picking up other rag tag young people along the way. I saw it as an emerging hero, responsibility beginning to weigh on my friends and my decisions. Finally, I saw it all burn. I saw the desperation in my friends eyes as we fought for what we all knew was impossible. It was an amazing journey. A lot of people are angry over the DLC. I for one was also irked by it, but its worth looking past. A lot of people are irked by the ending. I urge you, look deeper, its a lot better than you probably though. Its not as it seems. Expand
  66. Mar 10, 2012
    Unfinished business.All the hype about the fate of your decisions is a lie.Mass effect Story and RPG turned into a naive shooter with a i´m a monkey ending! 5 years of entusiasm to the dump!
  67. Mar 13, 2012
    This should be a 10 out of 10 game, and for the most part is. It provided some of the most epic moments in the series. The characters we know and love are there - those who aren't permanent squadmates often have large roles to play. The major quests are set around resolving issues that the game has been building up to - namely, the genophage and the Quarian-Geth war - and are complex multi-mission quests which leave you in awe. Most of the side missions, however, are repetitive drop-in-and-shoot-things quests - alright, but dull. There's also an inordinate amount of fetch quests consisting of walking past people talking, seeing a journal notification, and scanning a planet for something that you have no idea what it's for or why it's needed - which would matter less were the journal any good, but quests don't update to tell you you've found the item and a lot of the time I found myself wandering the citadel looking for an interaction marker to work out who I was supposed to give it to.

    My first major gripe - Bioware claim that "you don't have to do multiplayer to get the best ending". Apparently you need >5000 effective military strength to get the 'best' ending (with some caveats depending on choices). I completed every quest, scanned every system to completion, and can't even get over 4000 (I had 3500 at the ending and that wasn't sufficient for 'best'). Yes, I know there'll undoubtedly be DLC (this was done WITH 'From Ashes') but ME is at it's heart a single-player game, and I dislike being punished because I don't want to do multiplayer (I've never played the ME series for the fighting, after all!).

    Combat has been polished, however, and compared with the last couple of games is more difficult, though enemy progression does rapidly get predictable (oh look, husks, next it'll be cannibals/maruaders and then maybe a pair of beasts) or is 'a shedload of troops'. Enemy AI is much better, as was my squadmates - no more taking cover in open air and power usage was handled well.

    The dialogue system has changed slightly - no neutral options, which removes possibilities - though that's the way Bioware have been pushing this since ME2, so it wasn't surprising. Dialogue with your crew has been polished, but options removed - usually it's 'click and dialogue will play while Shep wanders around', but I do like the fact your companions talk to each other now, particularly when I walk in on Garrus and James hanging out in the kitchen swapping war stories or Joker asking Liara whether her head tentacles move.

    Shepard's character is also very well-developed in this - still the galactic superhero, but Bioware have managed to introduce signs of some of the stress our favourite protagonist is under by this game. Some people might not like it - I find it only makes it more real. Though one or two efforts at blatant emotional manipulation are a bit overdone.

    The game builds slowly but surely, so that by the time you complete the last priority mission and begin the endgame your heart is pounding and you have the feeling that this, this will be Shepard's crowning moment. You're invested on so many levels, and it's about more than just 'get these Reapers off my lawn' with a couple of subplots coming together in the endgame. And it's brilliant, until the last 10 minutes. In the last major scene and the resulting 'ending' there are over a dozen obvious, fatal errors. The ending is illogical, the reasoning behind it proven wrong in Shepard's own experience, and the ending cutscenes show things that couldn't possibly be real. I have no issue with the endings themselves, but it's disappointing to see that after the immense attention to detail in the rest of the game - and really, every little thing I'd done or dialogue option I'd picked seemed to be reflected throughout the game - all of that just fell apart in those last few minutes.

    With the current media attention and the 'change the ending' campaign, there's a lot of things being said about whining and people wanting a happy ending. I don't want a happy ending - actually, given that we're fighting an impossible foe and Earth is pretty much ravaged from the start, I'd be annoyed if I could make it through the game without sacrifices. Unfortunately, the ending quite simply doesn't make sense - it looks as though we're only seeing half the scenes we should. That is what brings this game down from a 9 or even 10 rating to a 7. Beyond that, I haven't been able to bring myself to play again. I played ME1 and 2, when I first got them, twice consecutively and did every side quest. In ME3, while I will play again, I don't see myself putting in the same amount of effort - and I will probably turn off the game before the final part of the ending. For a game like this to leave as its legacy something that makes you LESS likely to play through again - means something has gone wrong. And that's not the legacy ME deserves.
  68. Mar 6, 2012
    This review is not against the game, it is against How the game is sold. First of all: Origin only is completely unacceptable. I bought both Mass Effect 1 and 2 on Steam and i want to complete my collection in the same drawer. I really love the Mass Effect series but EAs DLC policy as well as the "action-oriented" direction the game is progressing towards to appeal to the CoD audience are the reasons why i will not buy Mass Effect 3. A game has to include everything in the already way too high 60â Expand
  69. Mar 7, 2012
    Well... I buy this game today.. ME2 was better... Give me my money back! It's bad! It's bad! It's bad! It's bad! It's bad! It's bad! It's bad!!!!!!!!!
  70. Mar 31, 2012
    I loved this game and couldn't find anything wrong with the ending but every nerd here says it's horrible so I'll just vote 0 so the Internet won't think I'm stupid or anything
  71. Mar 19, 2012
    Community drama and imagined personal slights aside, it's a really good game that suffers from a general lack of production rigor. If you've played any recent Bioware game, you should have some feel for what I mean. Gameplay is excellent except for the buggy/grind filled ME1 style side quests and journal problems, though not as bad as ME1. The dialog and cinematics are some of the best in the series. The dialog can be hackneyed in places, and there are some cinematic bugs, but it's 90% gravy. The last 10 minutes of the game have some really bad presentation issues, and they tread roughshod over sensitive ground. Watch the ending(s) on YouTube before you play if you're a fan of the series. Expand
  72. Mar 6, 2012
    First EA decides to remove Mass Effect from Steam and make it an Origin exclusive. Them EA starts supporting SOPA. Them Bioware spits on its fans, by releasing a extremely relevant DLC on day one. It is very clear that they want to maximize their profits... but, who doesn't? Every single developer of every single company wants to "milk their fans". The problem with EA is that they do it in a way that we feel exploited. I dont care about wasting 60 dollars on a good game. But buying a game for 60 bucks, on a EXTREMELY worse online platform than Steam, and feeling that my game is missing a very important part of the story unless i spend another 10 dollars, it is too much. I bought Mass Effect 1 and 2, and I`m not going to buy the 3rd game. Shame on you Bioware! Expand
  73. Mar 6, 2012
    I've been playing games for a while, being 48 and all. I played both previous ME games to exhaustion. Mass Effect 3 is a great game. I didn't like DA2 but DA:Origins, TW1&2, the Gothics (1-3), Risen and ME series are on my top games list. (As are D1, BG1&2 and D2 too). ME3 fits that list very well. It has a very immersing SP and an awesome MP. I'm loving every moment of it. It's really a shame people are trying to pull the DA2 Effect on this great game. Expand
  74. Mar 6, 2012
    Horrible game, day 1 DLC, awful story and voice acting. Instantly got a refund after being exciting for it for over 4 years. No big surprise seeing how TORtanic went down, Bioware isn't what they used to be.
  75. Mar 9, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. When the mass relays were destroyed, Mass Effect was destroyed.

    Mass Effect isn't Shepard, it's not the Reapers, it's not a single galactic species. Mass Effect is the connection of the galactic species, it's their bickering, their politics, waring, and friendship; with the mass relays gone that connection is severed.
  76. Mar 18, 2012
    I can't believe you Bioware! How dare you insult your fanbase with such dimwitted story progression, and worst of all, with an idiotic ending that pissed off everyone as hellfire !! Do you guys have any idea how many people are invested in this game, to see their stories achieve a more fulfilling end? What a logically insulting end, with loads of plot-holes?

    The only positive thing about
    this game was the entire process of rallying allies. Because I am a more RPG oriented player, rather than bang bang, pow pow... Yet even at that, I couldn't see any satisfying plot writing. The whole marketing hype, day one DLC, and Xbox kinnect components were already indications that something was off about this game. And yet you were so sure that this would be the best game in the series. EPIC FAIL, by literal definition! You probably can't fall deeper than this. Nonetheless, I gave you 3 for your blood and sweat poured into the making of the game. Please get a grip and revitalize yourselves before the shame becomes too unbearable. But first, get rid of that EA leech! There are a lot better publishers out there, smaller, yes, but treat their developers with respect. My suggestion: strike a deal with Valve or create your own publishing company. The Bioware I have known is capable of doing this. Expand
  77. Mar 21, 2012
    the game Mass Effect is excellent, but Mass Effect is a complete disappointment (((In the pursuit of a new audience Bioware f*** up a second time and this time of thing will not spoil. As a fan of the first part I do not believe them anymore. Let them do simulations gay. It's what they are now able to
  78. Mar 20, 2012
    Let me clarify at this point that I have always been a big sci-fi fan in all forms it comes (I love star trek, Arthur Clarke and Isaac Asimov novels etc) so I became in love with the ME universe since the 10 first gameplay minutes of the first one. I bought the game 3 days after its European release so I was full of user critic terror about it's quality. Now that I have complete it I could say that it really was a descent and fun game to play. Yes, there were bugs. Yes, there are plot holes. Yes, the all multiplayer thing is a mess. Yes, it has lost almost all the RPG elements ME1 used to have. But it was Mass Effect all right. The story and cutscenes are amazing, the gameplay and graphics are great (if you don't like many explosions and surround sound effects in your game you should ask for Steel Magnolias: The game).The hardcore-RPG fans may wait in tremor for their beloved upcoming point-and-click action of Diablo 3 but they have no right to call it â Expand
  79. Mar 8, 2012
    Mass Effect was great . The story , the characters , the combat system . Pure brilliance . Then came Mass effect 2 , which took a step back from the rpg part , but made it up somehow with richer companion stories , great voice overs , and a story build up to the 3rd part , that while weaker than the 1st , gave a sense of continuity and a promise of great adventure to come with mass effect 3 . Well crap . This is the biggest disappointment in the history of gaming . Don't be fooled by the critics , I honestly think they either took money or they didn't play the game AT ALL . Its terribly linear , your choices are choices only in name , they affect nothing . Graphics glitches everywhere that break immersion constantly , the story is just stupid , and the ending ? REALLY ? The Kotor2 ending was a masterpiece compared to this . And while they are at the business of ruining a great game , how about cutting a very important piece of the story and charge extra for it from day 1 ? Yep they did that too .

    Bioware , you are dead to me ....
  80. Mar 6, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I came here to clarify all those bad reviews. It's not because the game is darker and action-filled that it deserves a score under 5. The game is different in its own ways. The series matured and evolved, and personally, for the best. Now for the actual review.

    Mass Effect 3 is set to be the ultimate ending for Shepard and everything I've played so far supports this. There is more emotions than ever, more action and more customization. The different places we travel through our journey are beautiful and each of them have a different feel to them. We get to know about everything the other two games didn't say (For example, we finally see Palaven and Asari's homeworld). This definitively deserves a 9,5 in my opinion.
  81. Mar 17, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Good:
    1. Weapons upgrade system. 2. Getting squadmate's abilities.
    3. Umm, reaching here, but the war effort meter gave me some motivation to visit all the systems.

    1. Your choices in the previous games get retconned.
    2. The cover system is totally stupid and can get you killed if you just want to leap over an object.
    3, The space bar is the default interact button for everything (Blizzard is dumbing down their button schemes too to pander to casuals)
    4. The game will try and force you to go homosexual, freaking Garrus made a pass at me and wouldn't leave me alone! Cortez gets all emo on you and wants to hold hands with you every time you see him.
    5. More retcons: Ashley was a man? So where does that come out in the game? Oh it doesn't, it's just something a writer said in an interview later. 6. Stupid boss fights: Fight a giant Reaper dreadnought and blow it up solo when it takes a whole damn army and loads of missiles to blow one up in the final chapter. WTFPWN Leng in both both boss fight against him using shield drain and maxxed out inferno rounds.
    7. Stupid Ripped Off Ending: Instead of a stupid boss fight (which would have been preferable at this point) they give you a half an hour of UNSKIPPABLE CUTSCENES and then give you a choice of three endings which have no bearing on your progress in the game. Yeah, that was satisfying.
    8. DAY ONE DLC! Yeah, the greedy A-holes want to touch you up for another $10 after you already kickd them the $60. Good job EA.
    9. Stupid missions are all the same. Go in a base, kill a bunch of dudes that rush you. Collect data, mats, or some dude and get back to the ship. Timed missions have no timer. It doesn't matter, all of the missions are stupid easy.
    10. The exploration system got even more simplified so that 100% exploration can be achieved in about an hour.
    11. The War Resources Meter has no effect on the game. I freaking rescued the Volus Dreadnought, and I wanted to see it deployed in the final battle. It was no where to be seen. You liberate a bunch of viscous gangs for T'Lara for the war effort and it has absolutely no consequences. You also free T'Lara's murderous associate from jail and nothing negative happens after she swears to go on a killing spree. You don't even get in to any trouble with Bailey the head of C-Sec about it. Basically, nothing that isn't directly linked to the main story affects the game.
    12. I have a top of the line PC and the game graphics are crap. Artifacting and noise everywhere.
    13. The final encounter with the elusive man is a JOKE. Choose the renegade option or die and restart. LOL!!

    I played this game in order to complete the trilogy and make use of my game saves. The whole thing was a serious let down from the minute I saw the message about the day one DLC. All three endings that I had involved Shepard dying in some way and even though they attempted to give you some closure by talking to the characters on a vid screen before embarking on the last mission, it just felt empty and that the sacrifice was for nothing. If you are just learning about this series, just pass on it. It's not worth the investment as the experience degrades seriously as the game progresses from box to box.
  82. Apr 1, 2012
    I shall be succinct: Mass Effect 3 fails to do what was asked of it by the "hardcore" (old school RPG) fans. Bioware did not bring back any type of inventory, the Itemization is still too small and understanding of the mechanics does little to help one play better or lay out skills better. Even more disturbing is the horrendous way Bioware has concluded this game. I will not give any specifics but suffice to say the ending offers no real choice or closure. If given the opportunity, I would return my copy. Expand
  83. Mar 16, 2012
    ** SPOILERS ARE IN THIS REVIEW ** The game was amazing, every story felt tailored to my choices and I felt rewarded when I could chose things others could not due to my diligence in the end of the game. The sound, music, both amazing, and while the graphics seemed a little aged they still worked. (well, bar the random 2D sprites and textures that sometimes popped up which looked like they were done in paint. As of now, I would have put a rating up for 9, or 10 for this game, it was fun, loads of stuff to do, explore, listen to, learn about.. the multi-player is damn addictive and the pokemon trading cards TCG booster pack system is both annoying but addicting. Then comes the bad, the bad that is so bad I am forced to rate this amazing game so low. The bad that is so terrible that it not only ruined ME3 for me, but also made me less likely to ever replay ME1 and ME2. Im sure you all see where I am going, and that is the ending. The endings themselves were weakly explained in story, full of story cannon errors and worse.. but thats not what makes me hate them. The fact is, that no matter what you do, no matter how well you play, no matter if you saved the rachni, made the geth and quarians be at peace.. anything.. Nothing you have done in the past 3 games matters to the ending, you could be good, or evil, and still get the exact damn same choices. The differences between the ending movies are also minor, with a simple colour change being the only thing to stand between controlling them, joining them and destroying them. In all three endings the major transport hubs used by the galaxy are destroyed, meaning that burning civilizations are basically forever alone in the universe and unable to build, travel or anything. A huge fleet of ships is either destroyed, or remains in orbit around earth with no way to get home, and basically all your choices didn't matter since in the end you essentially destroy the universe. Plotholes like my LI who was presumably killed during the final run to the beam mysteriously showing up on the normandy after, the weird joker trying to escape the beam for no reason, The starchild's excuse not mentioning anything to do with the dark energy mentioned all through ME2, or Shepards apparent inability to even question his reasoning. So lets recap why ME3 is good/bad

    - Epic Soundtrack
    - Rewarding to Import Savegames (during game itself)
    - Fun gameplay/combat
    - Improved squad interactions

    Bad - Ending Scenes are identical. - Ending ignors 3 years of your choices, no epilogue or future games possible unless during/in past. - Plotholes all over - Getting 100%, doing everything correctly, still you get punished by dying in all but one ending.

    Overall. Bleh

    Game 10/10
    Sound 10/10
    Ending -20/10
    Total 0/30 :P Seriously, dont pass this game if you want to still love the franchise.
  84. Mar 24, 2012
    Setting aside the ending (which has been covered to death), there are too many flaws in this game to give it anything higher than a 6. The journal, for example, which defaults to the middle or bottom every time you open it, rather than the latest quest you've received; the dozens of "find my long lost doohicky on some random planet" quests which amount to simply scanning a planet to resolve; and ultimately the fact that most of your efforts to save the galaxy boil down to adding 50 points to some vague number which you're trying to get as high as possible before the final battle. And this arbitrary number results in minor little changes to the cutscene you watch at the end -- and none of it really matters. It feels incredibly empty -- wow, sure glad I saved that guy back in ME1 so I could end up with a higher Military Readiness number at the end of ME3 so I could... um what exactly did it change? Oh yeah, Big Ben didn't get vaporized in the cutscene at the end! Yay! That and the fact that every decision you made didn't really matter: let the big bug queen live in ME1? Great! She's back and happy to help you! Killed her? Great! A cyborg version of her is back and happy to help you (or not... but does it really matter?).

    None of this would matter all that much if Bioware promoted ME3 as Gears of War in Space, but they piled on the hype about every one of your decisions meaning something BIG, about all your questions being answered in the end, etc.
  85. Jun 13, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Brilliant game.
    I honestly can't really see why people are complaining so much. I've managed to get 45 hours of play out of this game, and I've not even played the multiplayer yet.
    The story is fantastic, the decisions you make DO affect the game and story.
    But yes, the ending was a little lacking, but what did everyone expect? A 20 minute film? It's a game, people. You play games... for the game. Not the cinematics. If you wanted a cinematic, go to the cinema or play Final Fantasy. Oh wait. You slated that for being too cinematic. Make up your minds already.

    Honestly, I didn't find these plot holes everyone's been banging on about. The biggest one they talk about is "how come the Normandy and crew got out of there alive!? D:" But it's kind of obvious. They did what they do on every mission in the entire game so far - escape just before everything goes kaboom.
    The crew's just seen Shepard blown to smithereens in a giant death ray. Personally, I'd be running the heck out of there too.
    And when a ginormous space station is about to blow up, Joker does exactly what Shepard told him to do - run the heck out of there instead of trying to go down with the ship.
    So plot hole? Not really. It's just people expecting to have everything spoon-fed to them.

    Now on to the "multi-player affects single player" gripe. Personally, I think it's a good thing if multiplayer affects the ending. Otherwise you completely separate the game in multiplayer and single player.

    Next, the "Deus Ex Machina" problem people mention, it's not there. Right from the first game they established that the Citadel summoned the Reapers. Which part of that don't people get?
    And then the "but if the justification is to stop the robots rising up... why're the Reapers robots!? D:" well... because they're machines without AI. Seeing as the Geth missions were all compulsory, and explained this plot point, and went through it several times over saying "but what if they rise up and destroy us!?" I'd've hoped people who played the game and didn't just read someone's ill-informed rant would have noticed that that's what the Citadel was trying to stop. And that the Reapers were 1. Organic / synthetics like Shepard, 2. Under the control of the Citadel, and 3. Didn't have an AI to rise up against the Citadel.
    People are also complaining about the day-one DLC that explains "major plot points". For the record - I've played it. Twice. And it doesn't. The character in it essentially says "I'm a soldier, not a scientist. What did you expect me to know? Moron." Everything else in it is already covered elsewhere in the game.

    But anyhow. The game has a few problems in it. The mission tracker thing doesn't update which can be really annoying, and the pre-rendered cinematics are of low quality. On the other hand, there are hundreds of side-quests, each with their own micro-story. At the end it would have been nice to have a quick montage of how the final choice affected the galaxy, but otherwise - no need for all the negative reviews. Yes, it's disappointing that there are only really three ways the game can end, and none of them have distinct cinematics at the end, but I played this game for the story and the game play. Not the cinematics.
    The end's half-baked, but does that really warrant 2,000 negative reviews that say "I loved the game. Until the end. Have a 0 Bioware. The game was worse than any I've ever played".

    Oh, and the graphics were great. I played ME2 and ME3 back-to-back. There was an improvement. If they weren't good enough for you, buy a proper graphics card and put it on full.
  86. Mar 11, 2012
    The Game was awesome, never played something better or equal before ------ and then i come to the end, now i hate it .... WHY BIOWARE WHY!!!?!?! i dont have the heart do play this a 2nd time :(
  87. Mar 15, 2012
    C`mon really? Mass effect died with Mass effect 1 - period.
    Bioware u`r really lacking quality - Dragon age 2 - a joke, SW:Tor - after experiencing 2 lv 50 Chars, absolutely crap when it comes to MMO, Mass Effect even worse - hopefully Blizzard stays at the top of expectations..
  88. Mar 8, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 isn't perfect. It has some frame glitch issues and character body & face placement errors (where shep is looking vs. where the character he's looking at is standing) that will likely be fixed with follow-on patches. Yes, it screams "there's DLC yet to come"... but this is a business not a giveaway. For the end of what I hope will just be the first Mass Effect trilogy (GIVE ME MASS EFFECT 4!!!!!!!), ME3 is a wild ride with a lot more that is FANTASTIC than bad. I hope Bioware puts in the work to fix some of the problems, but the work they put in already should make them proud. BUY THIS GAME!!! Expand
  89. Mar 9, 2012
    Well basically, I play Mass Effect games for the exceptionally deep dating and relationship mechanics. Well, OK, they're not perhaps as deep as in some other games, but there are few other mainstream games that give me quite such a wide choice of subsurfaced polygonal ass to seduce, and do so within the context of a 60 hour campaign. Some people call me a "neckbeard" or even more insultingly and prejudicially, a "faggot" (verbatim quote), but I don't care. I have a perfectly healthy sex life, I just find games that can deal with seduction and relationships so much more mature than other games. Anyway, this is basically where ME3 falls down so hard. In the first installment of this franchise, there were only two female companions to choose from: Liara and Ashley. Now, two might be a small number for a romantic partner selection, but don't mistake ME1 for being a dumbed-down game: the two women were completely different. Ashley was a sexy space-marine (beautifully subverting genre stereotypes), and Liara was a sensitive and kind Asari. Both girls were kick-ass, and the decisions one made about about who to sleep with could be really difficult. This was further complicated by the choice of having to sacrifice either Ashley (potential waifu) or Kaidan (absolute bro). This is why I love this series: deep choices. Now, Mass Effect 2 actually extended this further: there were now not only a vastly greater selection of team-members to romance, but they now also had their own loyalty missions, conflicting with the other members of the cast in a beautiful panoply of enmeshed storylines. Want to romance character A? Well, get ready to piss off B and C in the process! In seducing Miranda, I found the game to be incredibly immersive (I felt just like I was seducing a real girl!), and I was truly brought into the game. This, kids, is good game design. Sadly, ME3 has none of this. It portrays its female, romanceable characters in a frankly sexist and stereotyped way. The whole game blatantly views these females as nothing more than sex objects, and it really shows. Just look at the Ashley redesign! Frankly, I no longer find her attractive, with her Barbie hair and boobtastic outfit. Disgusting. Worse, when I tried to bring this up on the Bioware forums, I was told to stop criticising Bioware and given a cautionary infraction. If you value the depth of romantic interaction usually found in Bioware games, steer well clear of this stinker. I give it a 2/10. Wouldn't bang. Expand
  90. Mar 7, 2012
    So far this game is everything I always wanted... Although it feels more like a shooter/action game than an RPG, that is OK with me. I always wanted a great shooter with RPG elements and ME3 perfected this. They brought back more of the RPG elements from ME1 that they took out in ME2 back into ME3. I don't know what everyone is talking about stuff being dumbed down. I thought they made the character development system much better, if anything all they did was give you slightly less conversational options, but that is not biggie in my book. They did take out the mining that was in ME1 and ME2, which I thought was a great idea I hated mining for ore in the first two games. ME3 is all story and combat none of that crap where you waste your time getting ore. The graphics in this game are improved from the last two games and the map IMO are better they are much more open and have a great feel to them because a lot of them are big war zones which gives the environments a great immersion feeling. They made it easier to purchase upgrades too and it makes sense the way they did it. Being that everyone is being attack by the reapers there aren't really any stores except for the one on the Normandy so you don't have to go searching for upgrades all the time. Expand
  91. Mar 15, 2012
    I have not yet finished the game but I am three quarters of the way through it. So far, this has been the best game I have ever played; the content is amazing, the events I predetermined in the previous installations are flawlessly synced to the plot-line. Mass Effect has not been my favourite series before this game.
    Perhaps the ending does ruin the game, I wouldn't know I have not yet
    reached it.
    But even if it does ruin the series, I will not give this game any less than 10/10 for the journey and for BioWare.
    BioWare was, is and in prospect will be the ONLY good RPG developer, you will not find any other developer (perhaps excluding square enix) that makes such elaborate stories. If BioWare dies... RPG dies.
    Also, somehow people seem to completely misunderstand this business. The choices from previous games CAN'T decide the whole outcome of the game because (1) they need to appeal to a range of audiences, not just complete Mass Effect fans or complete old-style RPG fans because they just wouldn't make enough profits and (2) the old decisions which predetermine the games mechanics would make the game either laughably easy or terribly hard plus would add another couple of years to cover every plot hole which comes with them, etc. You can't appeal to everyone, e.g. I like text based RPG's and action in Mass Effect does a lot to aggravate me, I play and always have for the story, if they took out the action, they would appeal to a minority but lose a lot of clients whereas when they pump up the action, slacking the story slightly, they will gain customers. Although I won't like it, I will still play it as if you really play for the story, you have to continue whereas when you play for action, you just drop it without caring.
  92. May 22, 2012
    Just finished the game and can't understand this strong complaints about the ending/game. Well, it lost a lot of its RPG roots which is surely sad, but I was very well entertained. The story is really great (at least for me), the presentation is wonderful too, and the shooter part does its work. The ending is definitely not the best I ever saw, but by far not as bad as I expected after all that comments. It's OK - not more and not less. Expand
  93. Mar 6, 2012
    MW3 reader review terrorist attack all over again? I think ME3 is not bad at all, and there's quite a bit to like here. Different players and fans may have varied opinions about the combat, story, and characters, but I doubt it deserves anything lower than an overall 5/10 at the least. I've played ME1 and ME2 to death, and with that as a basis, my score for this game is 8/10. Very high production values, great graphics, high replay value, and a more accessible mission and combat system. If this will be your first ME game, it'll rock. But for some players like me, I feel that the story's consistency, combat mechanics, and mission system just took a slight step backwards... "Simplified" is a word that keeps popping up whenever I'm introduced with a new gameplay element, and that's with a raised eyebrow. This is also the first time I actually noticed glitches in cutscenes in an ME game (First encounter with the Illusive Man... pointing and pointing without any dialogue?) I don't regret buying this game coz I can now kick ass with friends, continue the story with all four of my different characters, and Liara T'soni still rocks... that's enough for me! ^_^ Expand
  94. Mar 6, 2012
    Seriously disappointing. The game is a prime example of how negatively popularity can affect a game, not that popularity in and of itself is a plague to forms of media, but a wider audience means the developers must pander to more people, stretching a game far too thin to be any good to a real fan.

    The combat is clunky, you can't even sprint through a simple fire zone without sticking to
    a wall like a refrigerator magnet, the writing is hamfisted, the characters feel either gimmicky or totally bland, and the multiplayer is lackluster, and to top it all off, first day DLC that could have just been included in the game in the first place.

    A truly worse-than-mediocre experience.
  95. Mar 6, 2012
    I was honestly expecting more from this game. The awkward homosex seemed forced, the scenery in the ending is a blatant ripoff of a random wallpaper (Google "space winter"), there's much less dialogue options, the morality is still good vs evil as opposed to several differing factors of morality, and the ending was just a horrible knock-off of Deus Ex, characters can no longer be imported properly, and the game has even less RPG elements than the previous games. If that wasn't bad enough, Bioware removed a core part of the story and sold it separately for $10. This is one of the biggest flops in the industry, worse than Duke Nukem. Expand
  96. Mar 14, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Let me begin by saying I LOVE the Mass Effect series. I have most of the comic books and the novels, (yes the ones with GAPING errors too) and I played the first two games in all the platforms. (though I only own a PC and a PS3 now) seeing as I could only get a complete experience in the PC version, this is the version I chose to play ME3 with. So here's my experience with it.

    The gameplay is absolutely beautiful. nicely balanced, the weapons and powers are very responsive, the sound effects for the guns have DEFINITELY improved. And the upgrade mechanic? It addressed one of my biggest problems with ME2, which was the lack of choices and customization - along with not knowing what the hell the actual weapon stats were. The graphics and have definitely improved, the HUD still clean as ever, and animation.. well, I'll get into that in a bit.

    But why do we even bother playing Bioware games in the beginning, what are they really known for. the story, oh the story. We fall in the world they create, immerse ourselves in the vast and endless universe, and live the life of a character we choose to create. we interact with characters that are deeper than some people we meet in the real world, and fall in love with a few of them. We take on missions upon missions that seems more ridiculous than the last and we come out of it with a stupid grin on our face knowing the next one's going to be even more ridiculous - and absolutely satisfying.
    So this was to be the finale to one of the biggest Sci-fi epic of our generation, and they did it. I wasn't the biggest fan of Mordin, but when he walked into that elevator, I let go of my mouse and keyboard, and sat back as I stared at my screen in utter sadness. When Thane jumped in to save me against Kai Leng at the Citadel, I cheered in excitement. I ended century long wars between species, saved and discovered new ones, and most importantly, united them all in a single force to be reckoned with. All of this for that final moment, when the battle that all 3 games have been leading up to was about to happen. And it all went to ****

    I'll talk about my problems with the ending in a second, but first, the bugs. After I took out reaper's AA cannon, there's a short period where I have to hold the ground until transport comes and picks me up. during which both my teammates froze in place, and stood there as if nothing was happening as Cannibals tore them a new one. I don't know how many times I used the Unity skill, and how many times I died, but it sure was frustrating. Then when I went to go talk to TIM, my paragon choices were grayed out. I did a full paragon playthrough and my meter was full. I thought, "maybe I missed something." so i just went with, and did some research later. Turns out, I wasn't the only one. your final morality choice in the game has a bug? This is truly unacceptable.

    So, the ending. There's a lot of talks about this being a "meta-game experience" and "it's just all a dream." And that bioware will sell extra ending as DLC. Now that's an interesting thought, "extra" endings for extra money. First of all, that makes it sound like there was an ending at all. Second of all, no. When I pay 60 dollars for a game (or 80 for CE) I expect a full game with a full ending. Not "ending coming soon via DLC" screen.
    And if it truly is the real ending? I think that's even worse. What happened to all the choices I made. All the people I saved and united? Regardless of the plot holes (please do look them up, some are quite critical) if a game is over, I want to see the result of my actions, especially in a game where player choice matters so much.

    all in all. it's amazing: the story, the character, the gameplay, IF you leave out the ending. There had better be an explanation in the near future - NOT in a form of a paid DLC - otherwise I may never touch the series ever again.
  97. Mar 6, 2012
    Everything that was right in Mass Effect 1 has vanished in Mass Effect 3. This series is no longer an RPG with Third-person shooter elements. This game is a really ban gears of war clone with horrible animations, terrible textures and cringeworthy dialogue.

    Also, Day 1 DLC should be frowned upon by everyone. It is absolutly unacceptable in this day and age.
  98. Mar 18, 2012
    Probably the worst ending to a video game series I've ever seen. What happens in the last 15 or so minutes completely contradicts the previous ~150 hours of gameplay for all three games.
  99. Apr 11, 2012
    Wow, Bioware turned my favorite RPG series of all time down to a Gears-of-War-type sci-fi shooter. I'll admit, the combat is 100% better. But Bioware has changed the formula from what made us all love the first two Mass Effect games. The conversations with NPCs were the best part of the first two games -- now they aren't much more than cutscenes. In Mass Effect 3, instead of feeling like you are actually conversing with NPCs, you merely watch Shepard talking to them. Its so frustrating to see "my" Shepard get turned into a cookie-cutter gaming action hero. You get a couple of options every now and then, which I'm not sure even cause differences in the dialog. Contrast this to the first two games, where Shepard didn't say anything without you telling him what to say, and those conversation choices made it feel like you were actually making a difference. Bioware tries really hard to make every cutscene (of which there are way too many) super epic and emotional. It turns out most are just really corny. Its a lot like Gears of War, which I enjoyed. But I'm not looking for Gears of War here, I'm looking for Mass Effect!

    It makes me really sad that somehow, Bioware just isn't the studio they used to be. I feel like they are trying to just appease 8 year olds that just want to play to blow things up.

    I makes me more sad that I can't REALLY continue the amazing experience that was Mass Effect 2. Its their same Dragon Age II mistake, all over again.
  100. Mar 9, 2012
    I thought the game was enjoyable, the gameplay is fun, and the graphics are good. With that being said, ME3 is nothing close to the game that ME2 & ME1 were. There is a feeling of inevitability throughout the course of the game, it is far too linear. The endings are the biggest disappointment I've ever experienced in any game that I've ever played. I got the "perfect" ending, and it still left me feeling queasy.

    There are only 3 reasons I give the game a positive rating at all:

    1. The universe/storyline that Mass Effect is set in is so great that even screwing it up it is still solid. 2. The length of the game is about perfect, I hate games that are too short, and this isn't one of them.
    3. The "final battle" is great, it was very intense, and I was about to forgive all of this game's failings after it (until I got to the crappy endings).

    Also, in spite of the complaining, the Multi-Player is actually very fun.

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  1. Apr 11, 2012
    BioWare captures the scale of the conflict well, but always focuses on the people involved in it. It's pretty amazing just how badly EA disregarded the heart of the game – the characters and the world – when they began their marking blitzkrieg, but don't worry, it's oh so definitely there – Day 1 DLC, controversial endings, and questionable use of resources be damned. This is a fine, lovingly crafted game with a clear vision despite the realities of corporations and damning business practices.
  2. Apr 5, 2012
    A game that's more shooter than role-playing, and a conclusion that's more spectacular than dramatic. [Apr 2012, p.47]
  3. Mar 31, 2012
    Finishing a trilogy is always difficult. Tying off dozens of story threads which had been woven by players into many different tapestries is a daunting task. Mass Effect 3 is the first game that succeeded at this colossal undertaking.