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  1. Mar 11, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I have never written a review about a game before, but I felt very compelled to do this to vent my frustrations.

    Throughout my time playing Mass Effect 3, I was hooked. I enjoyed every minute I played, and I felt that it was the best in the series. The combat system was impressive, and the story seemed to fit the perfect role that it needed to be for the conclusion of the Mass Effect series. However, as I kept playing, I kept noticing more and more that the choices I made previously didn't really matter at all. For example, I worked to keep all of my squadmates alive in Mass Effect 2, but in Mass Effect 3, they were reduced to minor characters who mattered little more than a few points of War Assets and some whimsical reminiscence. However I pushed through, because I believed that this was the culmination of my choices, and if I just kept playing, I would eventually see what impact my Shepard had on the galaxy. I was wrong. Instead of seeing the ramifications of ALL of the choices I had made, I got a cookie cutter "Choose which ending that has nothing to do with the rest of the plot" ending. Maybe I'll max out my galactic readiness score to try and attain this "best ending possible" ending, but for now, destroying/controlling/combining with the reapers all seem effectively the same.
    Mass Effect 3 was supposed to be the epic conclusion to an epic story, that many gamers had been waiting 5 years for. While this game did conclude the story of Commander Shepard, it did not give closure to those people who had invested playthrough after playthrough, meticulously choosing options that they believed would make a difference in the end. Instead, gamers were treated to a sloppy, cop-out of an ending that effectively negates any choice made previously.
  2. Mar 12, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I'm a huge fan of the first Mass Effect and enjoyed the second almost as much. That being said I am massively let down and overall unsatisfied with this game. It didn't really improve on anything as far as gameplay goes, it essentially the same as ME2. I felt like the exploration was reduced and the game felts incredibly short (18 hours logged on my first complete playtrhough).

    The story was, overall, good. I enjoyed several of the mission sequences and the dialogue was what I was expecting and hoping for. Until the ending. I'm having trouble finding words to describe my disappointment and unhappiness. The ending alone was C-rate at best. I felt no closure to the story (which may have been intentional with EA/Bioware's new view of DLC) and felt like a complete asspull by Bioware.

    But hey, there's choices right? Maybe the ending I choose was crummy but I'm sure the other two are better. Spoiler alert, there is only one ending. The cutscene might look a little different and the dialogue might change a bit but there's still one outcome. Everybody dies. The Mass Relays are destroyed. The cycle is broken and the Reapers are gone. The End. Never before has a video game left such a bad taste in my mouth.
  3. Mar 12, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. *minor spoilers*

    The choice of endings we get is completely unacceptable. Bioware PROMISED varied and unique endings based on what choices you made throughout the series. Instead we got some illogical deus ex machina garbage that, for a lot of people, utterly ruins the whole trilogy. All the cutscense are identical and after the credits there is no closure or epilogue. We just get a Photoshoped stock image and some old grandpa way out of left field. It takes some serious effort to make an ending that bad.
  4. Mar 12, 2012
    If Bioware hadn't rushed this out, and put in a proper ending, then I wouldn't have created an account just to voice my displeasure. As it stands, Bioware destroyed several hundred hours worth of enjoyment in all of thirty minutes. They took a series that has, from the beginning, been grounded in enjoyable science fiction, our choices having impact, and a powerful main character that consistently defied the odds... Then they turned said main character into a braindamaged invalid unable to question orders of a random star-child-god-thing. They removed any actual choice, as in the end each ending is just the same thing with different colors. Science fiction went out the window for random crystal-crazy metaphysics and some omnipotent star-child.

    First Dragon Age 2. Then issues with TOR. Now, issues with a finale I have been waiting years for. No, I don't think I'll be buying anything from Bioware again. They can talk all they want about EA not having changed them... But there's been a lot of bad since they came along.
  5. Mar 12, 2012
    Worst ending ever. 99% of good game and 1% of destructive and wasting fans minds stupidending...
    Few years of my love for universe was destroyed by few last minutes of Mass Effect 3. BioWare... I'm dissapointed and very sad. It's incomprehensible impact!
  6. Mar 12, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I just finished this and.... wow just wow. I mean all right, the game didn't have the best story and also had those crappy dream sequences, but it was fairly okay(not good though).... until that DAMN ending and three "choose your bad ending/death" choices! Why the heck nothing we do during the game(and the previous ones) matters? Why the relays exploding doesn't destroy their solar systems? Why is the Normandy mid-jump when this is happening and how is that sequence even possible since the jump is almost instant? Shouldn't the Normandy be fighting above Earth? And how the **** do your squad mates especially those that were with you till the end find themselves on the Normandy? I mean there are a lot of annoying gameplay decisions that I could describe but the ending is SO crap and with so many plot holes and questions, that it takes the cake for most disappointing aspect of the game. It's like seriously, I know fanfiction better than this! Expand
  7. Mar 12, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. BAD endings destroyed the game and the whole series. GREAT GRAPHIC, MUSIC AND GAMEPLAY. 95% of the game is interesting. it was so great that you felt even worse when you got through the ending. Expand
  8. Mar 12, 2012
    This game should be a 9, I cared about the characters, the sense of drama was palpable. The action was furious without devolving into a pure shooter, even the side missions didn't feel as forced as they have in the previous games, for the most part it was fantastic.

    However, I have to knock off a point for general inexcusable QA failures (LI's not responding to actions in the previous
    games) another point for some horrific animation glitches (characters not facing each other when they talk eyes rolling back into heads, necks twisting 180 degrees), a point for the poor integration of the From Ashes DLC (Seriously, a Prothean? much more content was needed for such and important character, I'd have been happy to pay more for it), another point off for the multi-player which is good but the matchmaking is horribly unstable (On PC at least) making it a frustrating process, And finally a massive 4 points off for absolutely horrific and poorly thought out ending that has soured the whole series for me, and obliterated any replay value. Hence we go from a "near-perfect" 9 to an "Oh goddess what have you done" 2 Expand
  9. Mar 12, 2012
    This game left the series in rubble. The action was great, the story was great, until the end of the game. The end of the game left me feeling cheated on not just mass effect 3, but the entire series. Would have been a solid 9, but the ending was so bad, it gets a 1.
  10. Mar 12, 2012
    If you have been playing these games since the first and expect to be able to import your custom made Shepard, then stay away from this one, at least for now.

    There is a bug preventing face importing of characters created in ME1 and carried over to ME2, and despite what Bioware has said, no amount of tweaking in the character creator or with fanmade tools will get you your Shepard back.

    So you will be left with a useless pile of computer bits in your harddrive collecing cyber dust, hoping for a patch that seems more unlikely with each day, just so you can finally start playing the game you've paid for so long ago.

    The menus did look nice so I'm giving it a 1.
  11. Mar 12, 2012
    Beautifully written game up until the last 5 minutes. If you do decide to play, just stop playing before the final cutscene. The ending completely ruined the game for me.
  12. Mar 12, 2012
    They did it again, they mad an awesome game with Mass Effect 1, a little while later they made a good game, a little dumped down but still a game that was true to its roots in the RPG genre. And now they made this.... It was, for me, the only game i have been looking insanely forward to, iv have spent so many hours with my 2 characters that they feel like a part of me. But in this game, they don't!!!
    The RP elements is all gone, this is more off elaborate cut-scenes that feels like any time a quirk time event could pop up.... And don't even get me started on the endings, I just don't feel "involved" in every 8 off them....
    The multi-player system is ok, but feels "detached", you cant even text chat with the other players?!?!?
    The companion ai is soo bad... default: they will run off and get them self killed, and if you try to control them they just stand around and can't find the way... or ignores the order... The animations and sound feels rushed, the side quest tracking system simply don't exists, you have next to none communication with the quest giver (they have no idea you are about to go around the galaxy to find something) These are for me just the top off the iceberg. All in all, Bioware has ruined the Mass Effect ending for me.
  13. Apr 5, 2012
    Thanks to EA's announcement that a clarification to the ending will be made, I can finally give the score this game deserves. My playthrough was an absolute blast. Meeting my old squadmates again, meeting new ones, travelling to new places... I've never been so emotionally invested in a game. It was an absolute blast to play, and I can't wait to see the ending.
  14. Mar 12, 2012
    Thanks Bioware , for providing me a great gaming experience through these 5 years only to screw up the last 5 - 10 minutes of Mass Effect 3.

    Now I know how it feels like to live in denial. =(
  15. Mar 12, 2012
    10/10 before the last fifteen minutes, but for me the last fifteen minutes ruined it for me. Don't buy this, instead make up your own story it will be better than the **** that bioware wrote for you to digest. 4/10. Its a game it should be a happy ending because its a goddamn video game and people play it to have fun not to be preached at **** bioware you suck go dieeeeeeee.
  16. Mar 12, 2012
    The first Mass Effect, though it had its faults, was a very good game. The writing, while sometimes stupid and drab, had its moments such as the conversation with Sovereign. As time goes on, the quality of the series lessened until now we have this terrible hunk of crap.
  17. Mar 12, 2012
    What can i say that it was not already been said ?
    I was disappointed with so many things in that game : the Beginning how did they arrest me ? i was able to destroy the Collector base and survive but been caught by these incompetents that didn't not even care to listen and help ?, not able to recruit again my last crew for some lazy excuses, quest journal so incomplete, the various
    dialogues options and the lack of them, and the endings...
    The Bioware games are less and less attractive than it was before...
  18. Dev
    Mar 12, 2012
    I am truly disappointed with this game. I loved the mass effect series, and was looking forward to this game for some time. The conclusion of this game makes absolutely no logical sense. This ending has not only ruined the re-playability of this series it also ruined all the time I spent on the mass effect series. I have no idea why bioware opted out like this but I feel cheated and foolish for believing in them. Expand
  19. Mar 13, 2012
    I actually waited to play the game before commenting on it. I thought it was outstanding. I tried not to look at it as the game it could have been if they had of stuck with and refined the RPG elements. I would have liked that. The squeaky wheel got the grease though, and ME2 was more of a shooter. ME3 brought back a bit more RPG depth. So I'm not sure why the hate. It was an improvement as a shooter from ME1 and an improvement as an RPG from ME2. The experience was greater then the sum of it's parts.

    The story, individual plots within the story, the music, sound effects and voice acting were all great. The graphics weren't top notch on my PC, but it's limited by the consoles, and lower end machines. This was countered greatly by the overall aesthetic choices I've loved from the start. Some animations were a little weird. Sometimes it seems a characters hands or other things are moving just for the sake of having animation to make them seem more life like, ironically making them dip down in the uncanny valley. Overall the animations were very good though. Very visceral, and gave a great sense of impact. The animations of the powers make the game much more splashy. Others might find it a bit less boring to watch you play as compared to ME1 and ME2.

    Finally, the changes we have seen are a direct result of YOU, the consumer. Game makers make games. They then sell them to make money, so they can go on to make more games. Without money they have to get other jobs, and can't make the games they want. So they compromise on what they want to do with what the consumer wants to buy. This way they have money to get to make things that are 70% of their vision, and 30% what the market wants. If people had of supported Mass Effect 1 better, and bought it, they would have stayed true to it. It's not like traditional art with little monetary input needed to produce a final product.

    Haters are ridiculous. This is by far the best Mass Effect game of the three. Refined, improved, and well executed in almost all regards. Deserving of the critical acclaim it is receiving, not the petty down votes from spoiled kids.
  20. Mar 13, 2012
    I preordered this game. I got it, started playing it, and within about an 2 hours of playing it I was satisfied. Bioware streamlined and improved every system, including missions (although some were hard to do because they weren't on the galaxy map), and they brought back the Citadel with a number of new really cool areas to check out. Dialogue seemed so much more casual than it had been in the first two games, and in my opinion it was acted and animated better. Any character that was still two-dimensional after ME2 was made three-dimensional, and every character that was three-dimensional after ME2 was so multifaceted you could believe that they were real. For example, the whole interaction between Shepard and Garrus was just priceless. Garrus used to be just another companion in the first two games, but in Mass Effect 3 he became something like Shepard's best friend. The rest of the characters, like Tali, Ashley, and James were very well-developed. Even the Prothean squadmate had his moments. I felt like the romances in this series were also so much more real. I kept Liara as my love interest from the first game, and there was a lot more emotional talking going on than just plain sexy time at the end (that happened too, aw yeah). The plot was pretty freakin sweet, I loved the Tuchanka mission and the Rannoch mission... but man those decisions can be hard. Conversely, the end of the game was disappointing. The game led the player to believe that every choice would have its unique conclusion to the story, but that never happened. It's really sad to see something that could have been one of the greatest RPG's ever made kind of flop because the ending was lackluster. The multiplayer can be tough getting into it, especially if you fight reapers or something (don't do it, just don't) but it pays off (headshots **** yeah) and makes for a generally fun experience. This game is pretty freaking cool. The ending sucked, but it's definitely worth playing again with a different experience. I don't know why people posted reviews on here the day that the game came out, because you obviously couldn't have finished the game in a single day, and if you did, you didn't pay attention and subsequently the game sucked for you. So boo hoo, go play COD and keep the tissues and vaseline nearby. Expand
  21. Mar 13, 2012
    I registered simply to put perspective on the rampant INTJ and pseudo-nerd-computer-hugging personalities that have absolutely infected this review page.

    Mass Effect 3 is not only the strongest game in the series, but also the most thoroughly put together. It, unlike 1 and to a lesser extent 2, is incredibly streamlined and much deeper as a result. The vast majority of negative opinion
    seems to revolve around the ending of the series. That being said, anyone with a brain can assume that hours 1-25+ of Mass Effect 3 will enjoy one of the most incredible experiences a video game can offer.

    Now, ignoring spoilers, the ending is fantastic. It's reception has, so far, been very similar to that of the TV series Lost. A show which drew people in with it's cool Sci-Fi mysteries, but actually MATTERED because of it's human content and ambiguous sense of good and evil. Mass Effect ends in much the same way. If you truly think about it all, the series could not have ended effectively otherwise. The whole series wasn't about choice, but the implications of fate versus freedom and consequences of our decisions. These are HUGE existential question for a video game to approach.

    I CAN and will say, with almost 100 percent certainty, that the backlash originates from a socially inept and ridiculously over invested group of computer geeks. There simply is no other way to put it. If the kids/ gamers that rated this game anything less than a 7 would have written the ending, be it collaboratively or otherwise, it would have been a **** technical-filled-SciFi-Channel-Uber-Geek nightmare with no sense of poetic understanding. I seriously called this sort of ending from game 1. The tone for it has always been there, but unfortunately the personality types of most scifi-douche-bag-couldn't-talk-to-you-about-anything-but-manufacturing-procedures from-the"mars"-series-of-books prevent any sort of large scale understanding of what the game is about.

    Don't deprive yourself. Play the finale and enjoy this great game.
  22. Mar 13, 2012
    When I look back at the mass effect trilogy, I really can't see it in a positive light anymore after the terrible ending. This is not about the actual details of the story, for that is Bioware's vision and they can do what they want with their own story. The real reason that this ending is so horrible, enough to ruin this game for me, is broken up into two main reasons. Without spoilers:

    First, the ending does not provide any real closure. In my opinion, as the conclusion to a trilogy that many played 100+ hours of between the three games, ME3 really should at least provide an actual conclusion no matter how the story goes. Even just an epilogue of just text (Which would be really simple to do and something Bioware has done in many previous games) would be sufficient, but the fact that I left this "conclusion to the trilogy" with more question than I started with was really disappointing.
    (1 ending really))
    Finally, and most importantly, the main reason for the ending really ruining the series for me is that none of the choices from previous games matter. Mass effect has always been about having the player create their own story through a multitude of decisions and choices that are given to the player over the course of 100+ hours. This was a main strength of the series, and really drew many people to it. On top of that, the wonderful relationships the player makes with the many amazing(personality-filled) characters of the series just adds to the lasting appeal of Mass Effect. However, all of this is essentially thrown away with the ending, for none of those relationships and choices really mattered at all, which is BS and very disappointing. On top of this, there is essentially one ending, with the only differences really being superficial changes that mean very little. Overall, Mass effect 3 was the most disappointing game I have ever played because the story is basically ruined at,sadly, the very end. I am not denying the amazing moments this game has (I even felt like crying at one great scene) but the ending makes it not really matter(hence the low rating. With the story ruined it is hard to look back on ME3 with a positive light, for, lets be honest, the story is Mass effect's main appeal.
  23. Mar 14, 2012
    After DA2 and SWTOR, I was really scared that Mass Effect 3 would be really bad, and oh boy, was I right... First of all, you are forced to play multiplayer or most probably you get the bad ending. This is a problem now, but in 3-4 months, when people stop playing multiplayer, its going to be an even worse situation. Second of all, the goddamn first day DLC, when its already present of the disc I goddamn buyed few days ago, and Bioware lying about it just makes things worse. Overall I am just disappointed, I will most likely will not check the next Bioware game even tho it was one my favorite gaming companies... RIP Bioware that delivered us Baldurs Gate, Neverwinter Nights, KOTOR... Expand
  24. Mar 14, 2012
    I'm not saying the ending should be changed, nor should there be a DLC... this game is dead and done with. I hope it rots in hell with an ending like that.
  25. Mar 15, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. **(Possible Spoilers)**

    So like many other here on Metacritic, I am a huge fan of this series from the get-go. I found this game to very engrossing and live up to the exceptions we've come to expect in a Mass Effect game. I really did enjoy the over-arching narrative that gives conclusion to many of the characters in the game. I was also pleased with the level system and the weapons upgrade and customization system. They both feel balanced, but flexible at the same time giving the player plenty of room to try out new powers and weapons without a lot of hassle. The graphics are clean and crisp although there is some rendering problems from time to time, but it's so short it's barely noticeable. I was please overall with the game, the story, and the class system, but I should touch on the subject that has polarized every ME fan: the Ending.

    No spoilers here, but I just want to put on record that I think the execution of the ending is what was a major let down for me, and not the actual ending itself. If you had done the game through 100% you get some interesting extras at the end credits. The ending of this series feels like the end of "2001: A Space Odyssey" both the film and the book. There is this interesting technological philosophical idea that Bioware is attempting to play with at the end that they have been trying to get at for the past few games. Bioware is trying this idea out in an interesting form, but the execution falls flat for me, but this is a little glimpse of hope out there for Shepard's end that may come in the form of more DLC. Aside from the ending of the game, I couldn't have asked for anything more out of this game. Given all of the hype and build-up for the last 2 years this game wasn't going to live up to everyone's exceptions and this wasn't going to be a perfect game by any means. I enjoyed my play-through of the game and it makes me pine to go back and relive all of Shepard's adventures again from the start. For those that have decided to abandon the series entirely just for the last 15 minutes of a 100+ hour series is completely ludicrous.The simple fact that the game ends on a much different note that it has created so much talk is something I find inspiring and exhilarating. I was more interesting in the story or the process than the end. I'll remember my Shepard through all narratives and friendships build up and lost. I get great joy knowing that my Shepard said "I love you" to Liara. i take comfort in knowing that Wrex is leader of the Krogans and is having a child. I also am delightfully surprised to see Tali and Garrus and EDI and Joker together. I am happy with MY STORY of Shepard. We were so focused on the destination, we completely forgot about the journey we had taken to get there. I am happy with the Mass Effect series ending, while the final credits rolled in the late hours of the night. The journey felt complete...that is until so DLC comes out and I start all over again.
  26. Mar 15, 2012
    Firstly I am really annoyed that an 'essential Priority Mission' has been charged extra and packaged as a Day 1 DLC. If it was cheap then it would have been acceptable, but it is way over priced for what is something that improves the (back)story. Squad mate AI seems worse then in ME2 and makes the game harder then it could have been.

    There are a few other small issues such as the odd
    bug, game crash and game stalling upon Exiting.

    But such is the quality of the game, I still give ME3 10 out of 10. Totally refined and a joy to play
  27. Mar 16, 2012
    What a fantastic game just finished it enjoyed all of it. Now playing multilayer which is just as good. The game is definitely worth buying it has a good solid story and strong game play, as far as the ending goes for me I didn't mind it at all it was definitely unexpected. Anyway a message to all the haters and trollers who rate this game 0,1 out of 10 get a life. You dont know how to write a review. Pathetic minority of people.
    Fantastic game :)
  28. Mar 18, 2012
    Don't get me wrong, ME3 is an AMAZING GAME! It's just the ending that pisses me off. I've spent five years on this franchise working hard making all the right choices in order to have a closure that suits my expectations! However, the ending made me feel as if none of that mattered! I've lost interest in continuing the game or even replay it anywhere in the near future. I was also frustrated by BW's Day-One DLC policy! It made me feel cheep! As if I'm nothing but money-milking machine for the Big Gaming Kahunas. THE ENDING MUST BE CORRECTED! BW is a great company that makes great RPG's. I'm confident that they won't disappoint their fans for long. Maybe! Expand
  29. Mar 18, 2012
    A very pretty game that kept me engaged with the action, but that's the least I expect for the money these days. But that extra something that made mass effect 1 & 2 (in my opinion) so good? It's just not there in ME3. Many reasons to say this but I suppose one of the most striking is the Deus Ex Machina (i.e. the reapers cannot be defeated... oh wait we've got this thing that can defeat them). Whilst that is arguably only one small issue, to me it sums up the entire point of the story line. Obviously I like so many am not happy with the ending but only because it's full of plot holes, and even if we are to consider the unlikely "DLC ending" scenario then it feels like a cheap shot from Bioware. In summary not a bad game at all but certainly a disheartening one to any of us who played ME1&2... oh and EA are the devil Expand
  30. Mar 19, 2012
    This game wrapped up many of the plot lines from ME1 and ME2 very well. The only reason I'm not giving this game a 10 is because of the graphical bugs scattered throughout the game (none of them game-breaking). I'd like players to realize that the ending to the mass effect series is not the last 10 minutes of ME3, but instead the ENTIRETY of ME3. I would highly recommend this for true fans of the series. Expand
  31. Mar 19, 2012
    For some reason, Bioware decided to make ME3 a third-person shooter game with pretty cut-scenes. The RP element that made the Mass Effect series so unique was largely missing from the game, along with side-quests. I can't say I understand that, given there's a 'combat-only' game option. And, for pretending to be a shooter, there was actually no ending boss fight. I probably would forgive some of the dialogue shortage if the ending had actually been worth the tediousness of playing through the game. I was insulted by the ending that was played off as "16 wildly different endings". Bioware didn't even have the respect for their fans to make ONE different cut-scene and instead recycled the same one for every ending. If they had actually delivered, I probably would have forgiven the fact they dropped the RPG element from the game. As it stands, I can't bring myself to play through the game again. It says something when you'd rather read a book than watch a cut-scene again. In ME1 and 2, at least you could vary the dialogue. 30 hours of mediocre game play (riddled with graphics and sound issues that do not do the excellent VA cast and OST justice) is not worth $80. Expand
  32. Mar 20, 2012
    The game itself is a really good game, with good combat and good conversation options. Weapon choices and customization add a great variety, whereas different armour types and moves ensure the player can play exactly as they want to play. The characters are fully evolved and draw great depth, creating what could have been the best game of the year. If I could have stopped a second before the ending, it would have been 10/10. However then there is the ending. This ending respresents something complete unknown to Mass Effect, gives no closure or reasoning, has no basis for being there, and completely and utterly ruins the game. In fact it ruins Mass Effect 1 and 2 as well, as how could anybody restart the series with this kind of appalling disgraceful ending? Expand
  33. Mar 19, 2012
    An amazing game, and an amazing trilogy, ruined in 10 minutes by a terrible ending, that makes all of the players actions and choices meaningless. Lets hope the last 10 minutes were all in Shepard's head, and the secret clip is him awaking back on earth to kick some ass in the new DLC ending, only $9.99!
  34. Mar 20, 2012
    The world of Mass Effect finally came to its end. As a commercial way to rip peoples money off. The game is only full of utter disappointment, besides a few drops of light that are far from saving the game. Good job, you tried to improve graphics that were already working, now the clips have bugs and the game is so huge it eats a lot of space from my laptop's hard drive. Combat had already got so boring I lowered the difficulty before I started multiplayer and story.

    Onto the multiplayer. Such golden promises, a lot of expectation from people and... ta-da! They "created" what's been created in numerous games before. Repetetive, dull multiplayer that's seen after you play a single round of it. It has no chat besides voice, and personally as a female gamer I'd hate to talk to strangers, knowing how it has ended up many times. And what about people that aren't really into shooters and come from the RPG side, or without a microphone? The only drive to keep playing it is unlocking new weapons and characters and the playing itself reminds me of a Disney made childrens game that at some point has a shooter mini-game. If I want to play a shooter game with no "goal" or purpose, I'd rather pick something like Left for Dead 2 or Bulletstorm, or hell even Call of Duty: MW. With real kick-ass weapons.

    What the ****, Bioware? I can't romance James Vega? I went to Mass Effect Wiki because I was curious about the romances. For my utter defeat, I found I cannot romance the (in my personal opinion) hottest character in the ME universe so far. I even signed a petition, a petition, to get a DLC for a possible romance. Which would also be the only DLC I'd ever consider buying for the game. Note, consider. I do not dig aliens. I do not dig whimps. Even though, I have to give it to Kaidan, he's manned up. Did I already mention I do not dig aliens? I wish I hadn't picked any romance in the game, but how was I supposed to know it'd just be 1 man, 1 alien and lesbians in the end. In my opinion the lesbians are there to sell the game more anyway. Personally I really don't like it that my assistant in both previous games has been after my character's bum.

    Besides that, I never finished the game. I played it for a good couple of hours and decided I'm not putting up with having to play multiplayer that murders my brain for a better ending. The story felt like an on-going drag that I just wanted to stop looking at even with my short play time. Much things didn't make any sense. And I was also disappointed I seriously cannot romance Mr.Vega.
    There's been a lot of complaints that the ending is very bad. I probably won't make it there, seeing that it was difficult to motivate myself to finish ME2 either. I shall be glad.

    I can very shortly analyze the reasons I would push myself to play it. 1) I could live in hope to beat Illusive Man, 2) Wrex is splendid, 3) James Vega.

    No expectations, no disappointment. I wasn't expecting the game unlike many people I know, which most likely makes me a lot less disappointed in Bioware and the stupid game. I was more disappointed in Dragon Age 2, which was a joke.
  35. Mar 20, 2012
    Even more dumbed down and railroaded than ME2, complete with stripped content.

    Sorry, Shepard, but the real ending is in another citadel.

    Oh, and buy moar DLC!
  36. Mar 20, 2012
    more then 200 hours of playing just to get this stupid ending, and no, i don't care for closure or happy one, but this one slap in the face. Beside that game was fun, not ME2 fun bu still playable, too combat heavy and not as good as two other parts. In the end frustration and anger forced me to make account on MC just to warn - if u play - stop playing before ending - more fun then watching the real one :/ Expand
  37. Mar 20, 2012
    The reason for such a low score is not for lack of a good game, quite the opposite the game itself is absolutely brilliant and worthy of it's prequels.
    The ending however was probably the biggest let down of any game I have ever played, leaving the previous experiences with the entire trilogy feeling very hollow and quite without meaning.
  38. Mar 20, 2012
    One of the most profoundly disappointing endings to any story in any medium. The writers removed the cornerstone in which the entire story was built upon - choice and consequence. So, the entire building comes crashing down at the end. In the end, none of the choices your character makes throughout three games matter. All the relationships you've built are meaningless. There is no closure in the relationships made, whether between LIs or squad mates. They never come to fruition, and there is no resolution. ME3 was advertised to have a multitude of outcomes based upon players' choices. That's what originally made the Mass Effect franchise such a great success. The finale should have raised the player to great heights or taken the player to despair... and everywhere between based upon the consequences of the player's decisions throughout the entirety of the series(Paragon, Renegade, or somewhere in between). BioWare should have finished their remarkable work on the strengths that it was built on. Choice and consequence. It seemed like a given, but...

    You leave the game feeling complete and utter disappointment. It is truly remarkable how an ending can be so profoundly and remarkably bad. It truly destroys the franchise entirely. This is not an easy thing to say, as I've loved the series from the start. There is no replay value at all.

    BioWare has ruined years of work in the last ten minutes on what should have been one of the greatest RPGs of all time. It will be a study in the future on how not to end a story franchise.
  39. Mar 21, 2012
    This game is great, except the Day 1 DLC AND THE LAST 20 MINUTES!
    Dumbed down EVERYTHING too, less dialogue options, less squad members, less type of missions, less interaction with characters, almost no answers, FILLED WITH PLOT HOLES. Don't buy this game, do ANYTHING but buy this game. Really, we have to let EA know we wont pup up with incomplete ridiculous endings and DAY 1 DLC.
    lied about everything, this game is a fail, on EVERY SINGLE LEVEL. Expand
  40. Apr 13, 2012
    The good: The story kept me not wanting to put the mouse down until I was done. A lot of decisions you made back in the previous 2 games come up in conversations pretty often which is a nice touch. Many cameos from the previous games' characters as well. Graphics are very nice and really well optimized, ran great on my 4 year old PC at 1920x1080 with max settings. The multiplayer is pretty good, better than what I was expecting it to be like. Much more fun than the combat in the single player mode.

    The bad: Combat got pretty monotonous after the first couple hours. Every fight in the game is the same except for the rare occasions when you get to pilot a mech. The ending was lackluster, yes, but that shouldn't make the game an automatic 0 or 1 score, the ending is just one tiny part of this amazing series.
  41. Mar 23, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Well I just completed Mass Effect 3. Like 10 minutes ago. Needless to say I am severely disappointed with the ending, because the mass effect games are one of my favorite games ever(along with hl, sonic 2 and silver(1999)). The end itself is totally inconsistent with the rest of the game, it's like if Frodo at the end of LOTR decided to give the ring to Snape (yes Snape from Harry Potter **** you that's why), and then the whole world turns to lava and everyone dies except Boromir and he mates with himself and creates a race of boromirs on Uranus. Also all the choices I made in the game didn't matter whatsoever. It was just brutal to see the awesome universe of mass effect end this way... I expected more. And I bought the collectors edition with the dlc and all that crap, makes me want to puke. Expand
  42. Mar 29, 2012
    I have been a fan of the series for half a decade, and I was really looking forward to the third installment of Mass Effect 3. As a result the game managed to disappoint me beyond what I thought was possible. Bioware has created something so awful that retroactively makes the whole series pointless, and I doubt I will ever bother with this series again. Add in the lack of PC customization options and PC controller support, together with day 1 DLC, which clearly was an important part of the game to begin with, and you have one of the worst sequels in RPG history. Expand
  43. Apr 6, 2012
    Overall interesting and engaging in concept and some content. The black box idea of decisions having consequences was what hooked me. Who were the writers trying to copy, Arthur C Clark? Ursula K LeGuin? My fault for trusting that I was in the hands of capable writers. I find no basis for developers to claim artistic integrity. The current ending has an incongruousness that belies the so called pursuit of artistic integrity. It is lazy. it is cobbled. it is Bad Art. Expand
  44. Apr 13, 2012
    total **** I hope EA goes bankrupt. Always **** titles.. They are the cancer of the gaming world. STOP!!! Close yours fk*ng offices EA, just do damage and ****
  45. Apr 16, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Playing this game is like finding out that your beautiful, intelligent and sweet girlfriend was really a hooker all along who hated you and was only in it for the cash. I played ME1 once before ME2 came out. After ME2, I played both games in succession about 8 or 9 times. I was so excited when ME3 came out, I was finally going to wrap up all my Shep's stories, and they were all going to have a different ending. Except not. It's the same ending for every single one of them, and it makes no sense. After finishing Mass Effect 3, I felt repulsion to a franchise that I once adored. There are some great moments in the game, almost like Bioware's last shred of integrity was working overtime to outdo all the bad, but it's not enough to redeem it. It's not just the ending, the players who romanced most of the ME2 characters were left sorely disappointed by the lack of character interaction. Ashley, the tough soldier girl, was mirandafied - because apparently the game didn't have enough pornstar looking women in it. The addition of Allers, a badly voiced, do nothing character based on an IGN reporter, was a glorious mistake. Kai Leng, one of the main antagonists, felt like he accidentally walked into the wrong game on his way to Street Fighter or something. Day one DLC is a massive Eff you to the fans (and the "Buy More DLC!" message that pops up while you're trying to process the endings is just awful). The multiplayer, while fun, should have been given less development time. I would have accepted it as a DLC even, if that were possible. I don't know who's idea it was to scap the final boss fight, but that person needs to go sit in a corner and think about what they have done.

    There are some positives, I won't forget them. The voice acting, for the most part, is superb. Some of the character arcs are handled brilliantly (Mordin !), I found the combat system highly enjoyable (coming from someone who fumbled through ME1 on normal). As a card carrying Garrus fangirl, I felt spoilt by the romance subplot. I liked the idea of the EMS, but I wish some of the larger plotlines (Racnhi, for example) were given more in the ending. The squadmate banter was fantastic, and it was great nice to see them recognise each other's existence in the cutscenes. I liked that I could customise my weapons again, even if it did feel a bit pointless.

    But none of this makes up for the fact that it feels like my reward for being a devoted fan is getting treated like a nuisance. My first gut reaction after the ending was "Wow...Bioware must really hate me." It's like they got sick of crafting a masterful story and phoned the rest in to appeal to the COD crowd. I don't like to play the "they dumbed it down to appeal to the masses" card...but that is really how it feels. The worst part, is I am not sure this is all entirely Bioware's fault. The ending, of course, rests solely on their shoulders, but I am not sure about everything else. If the reviews say anything, it's that Bioware now makes games for critics, and not their fans.
  46. Apr 21, 2012
    If the first and second episodes were not, I would have given a 6, may be a 7 for this game. Unfortunately, they exist. This episode has no scenario, no charisma, and the RPG side is dead. I'm very surprised by the scores that ME3 received. This game doesn't deserve 8 or 9 points compared to it predecessors.
  47. Apr 23, 2012
    Was definitely a let-down but I dont think it deserves the 1-2 that a lot of people are giving it. I do think it lacked a lot of what was promised though and what made the previous games so solid.
  48. Apr 28, 2012
    Highs :
    Game-play - Quick, fluent. Action packed. Squad mates were good and the AI was clever through out the entire game. Story - Through out most of the game you made choices some of them were brilliant and mattered, some brought you to the point of tears, some may of made you question your own morals.
    Multiplayer - Fantastic multiplayer, although seems a bit more sluggish somehwat,
    maybe its just me, but overall it was good.

    Characters : Dead, personality wise, completely dead. You get a completely new character and he is basically a idiot who works out a lot and somehow he is actually and N7 Candidate, I have already forgotten his name, SERIOUSLY. Oh, and the small amount of characters is also quite disappointing considering in the other two there were so many. Story/Ending : Sucker punch in the face or a kick in the private area. Your pick
  49. May 16, 2012
    I'll keep it simple. ME was perfect, ME2 was not as good but held itself quite well. What is this 3? How do you take a brutal amount of good things and trash most of them is beyond my understanding. The ending, bioware.... did you really thought about paid DLC for the ending before the "rage"? That stupid kid is a joke. But not only, ME3 is full of lame characters and dialogs, it feels as a new crap series, not ME. Expand
  50. May 19, 2012
    I've read all the reviews here and I must say, I'm agreeing with the guys in the middle. Mass Effect 1 was a strong opener. Yea the movements of the NPC's became old rather quick, the dialog was good, not amazing but good. Some conversations were very well done, such as the one with Sovereign. A very expansive world was offered to the people as well. You would drop on planets and moons, ride around in your little mako tank, and even get to jump off a cliff once in a while. Not to mention all the stunning ruins they implemented. The combat system was lack-luster, however. The new system in Mass Effect 2 was (in my opinion) that games single redeeming quality. Now Mass Effect 2 was honestly the weakest installment of the series. The expansive universe you were able to explore in its predecessor was completely cut out. You also lose the ability to really customize... anything. Your weapons are all cookie cutter, and ammunition is now an ability instead of a mod to your weapon. Though the designers had succeeded in expanding the dialog, they were unable to capture the sense of camaraderie you had in the ME1. I will, however, note that his game included peril at the end. If you hadn't interacted with your companions throughout the game, they die during the final mission. Now onto our current topic, Mass Effect 3. ME3 was most certainly the cleanest of the games in graphics no argument there. Yet somehow Bio Ware managed to ruin the entire story for its players. None of the major (and I stress major, minor decisions influence the game only slightly) decisions you made in the past two installments really matter unfortunately. Udina still ends up being the councilor, Cerberus is still a thorn in your side, and saving the council in the first game has 0 impact whatsoever. Its sad honestly. This release was truly disappointing. The new battle system in ME2 was shifted to play more like the Gears of War franchise. It was a clumsy adaptation. Secondly, the downgrading of the grenades for the solider. The old grenades would glide on the air in the direction you tossed them. Perfectly futuristic. The new grenades work the same as... well... short range Halo grenades. You will also notice some rather frustratingly lazy decisions throughout the game. In my mind, the most noticeable one is when your on Thesea.

    The mission where you are sent to the Asari home world to retrieve a prothean artifact is what I'm mentioning here. You might recognize that little green V.I. when you are working that mission. To my surprise, they didn't go out of their way to make something prothean in nature. Instead, they used the same model as the combat drone and Liara's little helper drone. Its truly sad to see a fantastic game degenerate into something so... mediocre. Though Lets not forget the Pro's of ME3. We do have a multiplayer mode now, allowing the game to have real value to a larger audience. Not to cut my little Pro section short but, I believe it may have had a negative effect on the game as a whole unfortunately. Next, we can customize our guns again. Though ammunition is still class specific in story mode, and temporary in multiplayer, the guns we use are not from a cookie cutter. I miss my plunonium rounds... Next we get our old crew back, mostly. I wasn't largely into the new crew other than Thane and Jack, the only interesting members of the new crew in my opinion. Next, we have a larger citadel. Though not as wondrous as that beautiful place we had all the way back in ME1, its not the joke you were handed in ME2. Finally, we get to play with a real prothean, and learn about their past if nothing else. (It is DLC). Overall, this game deserves a solid 6/10. You improved from the filler that was ME2, but failed to meet the Majesty of ME1. I've played the entire series, and I must say, for the first time with the newer games I've played, ME3 fails to live up to the very first game in the series.
  51. May 27, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is the biggest crap in the entire series, this game is a disappointment this game has become the call of duty no more rpg elements.This game is really horrible first constantly shooting and always the same.
  52. May 28, 2012
    ATW - Another Time Waster..... AMW - Another Money Waster..... I got so excited when I heard the 3rd installment for Mass Effect 3 was coming to town.... My wife even pre-ordered a copy for me for the same date release and play...... BUT.... I was sadly dissapointed. I was so impressed with Mass effect 2's dynamic play, control, featres and RPG type feel to your players, I was certain that ME3 would be that much better....but its not. ME2 you could mine minerals off various planets and solar systems, giving you a feel of control and power, but now, you need to dogde aliens from destroying whilest you basically collect 1 item, if you are lucky from some random planet. The gameplay is very much the same as ME2, altough not a bad thing, it was not enhanced, just the same with slightly different damages.... The story feels more scripted then before too. ME2 I could not put down, had to finish, played it day and night till I did..... ME3, I may have played about 8 hours.... and is not currently installed..... Feel that my money was a waste this time round....... Boo.... Expand
  53. Jun 5, 2012
    The professional reviews of this game are so ridiculously similar that I'm not completely convinced that there isn't some kind of conspiracy in the gaming industry. It is dishonest and unethical not to mention the **** ending to this game, if only for it's extreme polarization.
  54. Jun 6, 2012
    There was some great moments, but overall it was a disastrous end to a great series. All of the choices you made in the first 2 games didnt really have any impact on the course of the last game. The game has changed from a rpg'ish actiongame to a pure actiongame.

    On top of that the ending is the worst ending ever. I had way more enjoyment watching a video-rant on youtube which listed
    all the reasons why the ending sucked. Expand
  55. Jun 9, 2012
    Gameplay was decent, but overall; this game did not feel as if it was "complete." In the second Mass Effect, there was so much to do and you could TELL Bioware put their hearts and souls into it! But in this game, I don't get that feeling, there was just no depth and the interaction with the characters was disappointing, to say the least, Bioware seems to have forgotten that Liara, Garrus and Tali aren't the only characters in the game. This game seemed to be around 65% complete and the lack of detail is unacceptable for a Bioware game. Expand
  56. Jun 19, 2012
    A weak ending to a promising series. It had it's moments, but the absurd finale and overall low budget feel of the game kill it completely. Gameplay-wise it's still a linear third person shooter with subtle cRPG elements like exp, skill points and minor dialogue choices. The combat isn't as dull as it was in the previous game, but it's still not enough to keep you from falling asleep during some of the longer firefights. The new teammates we recieved were rather uninteresting too, especially when compared to the weirdos we had to put up with in ME2 (Jack, Legion, Mordin, Thane...). On the other hand, Shepard himself seems a little more human and less BA, which is an improvement. Still, in the end the only thing that keeps this game alive is the multiplayer mode, which doesn't get boring quite as soon as one would think. Overall, ME3 is a disappointment, although it could have been worse. Probably. Expand
  57. Oct 3, 2012
    I loved both Mass Effect games that came before this one. I kept saves all the way from 1 through 2. After finishing Mass Effect 3 I understand why people are upset. I thought "Bioware won't let me down" I wanted to see this trilogy through to the end. I got to the end and it didn't matter, because there are no differences between the endings.
  58. Jul 8, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. It is not often that the last game in a series manages to effectively ruin the work of its predecessors and their replay values, along with its own. But Mass Effect 3 does exactly that. The extended cut does nothing to alleviate the problems introduced by the original ending, just as patching a few holes in the hull of the Titanic wouldn't stop it from sinking because of the ginormous hole created by the impact with the iceberg.

    What is Mass Effect 3's iceberg? Why does it ruin the first two games in the trilogy for me? Because of what the ending does to the reapers, and how it invalidates 3 games worth of work. The reapers in the first two games were a mysterious, godlike force that were, as Sovereign told us, beyond our comprehension. Mass Effect 1 was shrouded with an ominous enigma; we had no idea what motivated the reapers or what their true purpose was. All we knew is that they wanted to end sentient life in the galaxy, and that this wasn't the first time they had done it. Mass Effect 2 kept this up. Even before the ending in Mass Effect 3, the reaper on Rannoch tells Shepard that the reason for the mass genocide is "not something you can comprehend". But I noticed something was amiss in the proceeding dialogue. The reaper continues to say, "Without our intervention, organics are doomed. We are your salvation." This was just a hint at the **** that would occur in the last 5 minutes of the game. As it turns out, according to the Star-kid-god-deus-ex-machina, the reapers are merely puppets; he controls them. They are well within our comprehension. They aren't mysterious at all. Now when I play the first 2 games, I know that Sovereign and Harbinger are talking out their asses when they say that we cannot imagine their realm of existence. It's just sad how they effectively made two badass bad guys in the first 2 games into stupid little dolls. It makes the first two games hardly bearable.

    The Starkid tells us that they were his solution to the problem of how organics inevitably create synthetic life, which inevitably kills organic life. So his solution is to kill all organic life before this really happens. Are you kidding me? First of all, that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Why not just let organics get themselves killed instead of forcibly doing it? Second, why did I just spend the last 3 games repairing the relations between the Geth and Quarians? Does it mean nothing at all that I manufactured a peace between them? Oh, you're telling me it happens in every cycle? ****. Third, why all of a sudden is the core theme of the game synthetics vs. organics? I thought it was about making my own decisions, crafting my own destiny, and uniting all species under a common goal, organic or not? Now, all of a sudden, oh it turns out the Geth will eventually kill you, so we'll kill you before that happens. Simply unacceptable. Honestly, a third grader could write a better ending. And I'm forced into making a stupid decision at the end of the game that doesn't really incorporate any previous decisions, like the developers promised. Saved the Rachni queen? Cured the genophage? Created peace between the Geth and the Quarians? LOL DOESN'T MATTER. Pick a color.

    Now when I try to replay the series, I know I will be forced into this awful ending, none of my decisions matter, the bad guys are just tools, the Geth will kill everyone if unchecked, and Ashley/Kaiden will still not trust me despite everything I've done for the galaxy.

    Also, what was the point of Mass Effect 1? If the Starkid is a part of the Citadel, why didn't he just open the relay instead of letting stupid Sovereign fumble around like a fool? He can apparently generate a blinding light that merges synthetic life and organic life, which is far more complicated than anything that's ever existed ever, so I'm sure he's capable of pressing a damn button. And even if he couldn't, it apparently only takes 6 months for reapers to get from dark space to the galaxy, so why didn't they just do that in the first place?

    The only reason I'm so upset is because how much I loved the first 2.9 games. I saw the Mass Effect trilogy as this generation's Star Wars, a space opera of epic proportions that has a meticulous and interesting universe. But Mass Effect 3 really just makes me.. sad. Because its ending did not do the series justice. The Rannoch, Tuchanka, Mordin, and Thane scenes all brought me to tears. The entire series was astounding up until the last few minutes. Bioware had the chance to define the Mass Effect trilogy as the new standard for story driven games. But now? It's just.. bleh. I will probably never buy a Bioware game again. First Dragon Age 2, then SWTOR, and now this. They have fumbled 3 great franchises. Oh well.
  59. Aug 5, 2012
    As a huge fan of previous games, especially Mass Effect 2, to say that I am disappointed would be a serious understatement. The ending of Mass Effect 3 is not only the conclusion for this game, it's for the entire franchise, so for it to be like this is an insult to the fans. But to forget about the ending for a second, and look at the entire product, it's not at all brilliant. Combat is faster and yes you can now climb. roll, etc. but it just feels awkward, especially on the pc version, where one button for all makes your head explode. Tons of auto dialogue, many of the previous choices don't matter at all, it's like you didn't have any choice in the previous games, side quests are not side quests, they are fetch quests, extremely boring and idiotic, and to make matters worse, journal is a complete mess, there is no information about any of the quests, have you collected anything, is it 75% complete, no, so you better prepare piece of paper and a pen and get working. Unacceptable, the entire game. I will give it 4/10 because there are still great moments because of the surrounding characters, but all in all, they should just forget about making this and start anew. Expand
  60. Aug 3, 2012
    Most people may concentrate on the ending, but there is so much more that this game got wrong, especially when comparing it with previous releases in the series. The writing in many parts of the game was absolutely terrible, and Shepard did not feel like Shepard in many scenes. The overusage of memes from previous games was cheesy, out of place, and down right irritating. The journal/quest system, which they nailed in the first and second games, is an absolute mess in Mass Effect 3. The people responsible for the new journal system in 3 should be shot in the face for their incompetence, when they had 2 examples to build off of in the previous games. The ending, even with the Extended Cut, is still very unsatisfying and breaks the flow of the entire trilogy.

    I will give it props on its combat system, which is an improvement over Mass Effect 2's system. Personally though, I would have preferred it to stay more like Mass Effect 1, since these games were intended to be rpgs and not shooters.

    Although the writing sucked most of the time, there were indeed some memorable moments and decent scenes. Overall, this game just needed more work. The game seemed rushed, and is not a typical Bioware release because the quality just isn't there. It's really disappointing to see this happen to such a great franchise and developer. Since DA2, Bioware just can't seem to do it anymore. First DA2, then SWTOR, and now ME3. Bioware is a developer to stay away from in the future as their quality has severely diminished, and I am sure this is largely due to EA's influence.

    If you have never played the Mass Effect series before, I would recommend staying away from it, as you are in for some disappoint in the 3rd installment. The first 2 are great games, but you will want to play this one too, which will ruin everything for you.
  61. Aug 20, 2012
    I would not recommend anyone who has played ME1. and ME2. The players own version of what will happen in this game is far superior to the content you will see. If you want to keep your sanity and your warm memories of the Mass effect story, do not get this game regardless how much money EA paid the big site reviewers.
  62. Apr 27, 2013
    4 I wish I could have seen this before purchasing ME3.

    Personally, I was a loyal follower of the ME franchise since a year or so after the first game came out. I watched as a high-quality RPG turned into a fun storytelling-driven shooter hybrid. I enjoyed both of the first two games, but worried that Bioware may have been taking too many
    creative liberties with game play design. After DA2 became a malignant tumor on the whole DA franchise, I worried that marketing was steering video games toward a more obviously profit-driven path. I enjoyed seeing some of my favorite characters in ME3, but having the entire series to compare the game to I felt disappointed and wished I hadn't purchased it before it's price plummeted. The game screams linearity, entire plot lines promised to have wildly different conclusions were railroaded and some of the characters with strong convictions pulled a 180 in the (choo-choo) 6-month mandated shore leave Shep was put on after Arrival (whether or not it was even played). James Vega was chosen by Bioware, knowing fewer squad mates would be included in this game, to accommodate newer players and have someone dumber than them on the Normandy. 17% of your squad is new, has no clue what's going on, and was included solely for first-time players; It really sends a message to those who have played the game for 5+ years (notice Vega wasn't made DLC; he must have either been considered more 'essential' than a Prothean by the devs or EA thought nobody would buy it). A broken journal system ensures players will constantly be wondering whether they scanned the right section of space for an item or have yet to drop it off to the NPC on the citadel who's conversation Shep overheard (these are laughably called 'side missions'). After you're confused by wtf just happened after the endings, you can buy all the answers in DLC form for $10 in Leviathan. This game is complete rubbish without the answers in that DLC pack (and even so, the plot further devolves into a joke). What's worst of all for me: this game makes me feel embarrassed for all the recommendations I gave out for the series after ME1 and ME2. I know I've personally brought 6 friends into the Mass Effect world, and only one of them enjoyed the "experience" of ME3. The rest still joke about the endings over a year past the game's release, and according to much of the polling done the majority of the fan base feels the same way. After this debacle, I won't be making that mistake with Bioware products again. Expand
  63. Aug 13, 2013
    The problem with ME 3 is, that you will need citadel DLC and extended cut to be a good game. Even with these DLC it is still inferior to ME 2. Ending is trash but the rest of the game is ok. Weakest in Mass Effect trilogy by far.
  64. Nov 2, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Easily the worst part of the trilogy. And this is not only about the abysmal end. The game feels shallow and short compared to parts 1 and 2. It starts out with introducing a new squadmate, which Shepard obviously knows but the player, unless they have read the comics, doesn't have a clue about. Dialogues are cliche and mostly run on auto. A kid, the one and only one in the whole trilogy tries to force the player into some kind of emotion, which rapidly becomes a nuisance when the dream sequences start. Multiplayer is tacked on in order to catch what the EA crew calls the COD crowd. I don't need it, and I didn't need the overall shooter feel of the game, whereas the real strenghts of the previous games take the backseat. It's fun to play once, but it's not something having a long shelve life, since the seen one seen them all feeling kicks in with a vengeance. Expand
  65. Nov 21, 2012
    I hate ME3. I even destroyed the dvd pack. What a waste. I can mention many reasons. Main was incomplete story and game. I mean come on money looters! You develop a game and then keep many of its parts away to release them as dlc's (downloadable contents) later on just to make extra money. Why should someone buy an incomplete game and then spend extra money to buy ****ing dlc's just to understand and enjoy the game. You know what I never even looked what dlc's you looters have released for this sh*t, buying is far away. This game could have been a master piece if released as whole not in game and dlc's manner but your money hungry and looting desire destroyed and disgusted it. All the dlc's released throughout the series were part of the whole story and yet were released in main games but as dlc's. What if some one has bought ME1, ME2, ME3 only. Why look and buy dlc's just to understand the whole story and enjoy it. But if you think this strategy of looting our hard earned money will work then you are wrong. We have other means to show you that this strategy is a big mistake and is going to loose customers and fans. BE AWARE.
    Other than that lets talk about main game i.e. ME3. You gather as many resources and armies in the game as possible for the final battle and what you get in the end 'a disgusting deception'. What a waste. I can go on but I have wasted too much on this total sh*t already.
  66. Feb 7, 2013
    This game rightfully earns a 7. And while I could just blabber on about the ending, the subpar game mechanics, and most of the horrendous design choices in general, I'll just sum this review up simply. Don't buy this game for a satisfying single player game, but it for co-op with your friends. Co-op is the only reason I own this game, with a whopping 500 hours played on it, it's fantastic. And with free DLC content being added, you can't go wrong. The MP is fantastic in my opinion, and while it doesn't feel "like mass effect" because it's a 3rd person horde mode and not a story driven emotional title, it's fantastically done. Do yourself a favor and skip the campaign. Expand
  67. Mar 25, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game is a glorious middle bookended by a lame opening and a weak ending plagued by plot holes. People who say there's nothing wrong with the ending must not have been paying attention, because there's continuity errors you can fly Sovereign through. How did EDI go from being *in my party* on Earth onto the Normandy in the middle of the last battle? How did the Normandy get into the Mass Relay network to be ahead of the blast, during the last battle when they had no idea what the Crucible would do? It makes no sense. The ending itself is basically the same no matter what you did in the rest of the game at all, provided the green millitary bar was filled up enough. It turns out there's a God AI that's really doing all this, but didn't think of how to fix it until you showed up and is willing to let you doom all organic life to extinction if you want to. Why would it let you do that when it's been protecting organics for so long with the Reapers (protecting by destroying, yay!)? Makes no sense. It's a real shame because there's great stuff elsewhere in the game. The missions around Rannoch are awesome and some of the best in the franchise. That makes it hard to rate this game. Do you ignore the problems with the ending like the critics mostly did? Do you rate it into the ground like most of the users are doing? I'm trying to balance it off because I had 33 hours of fun along with the bad at the end, so I'm docking 2 points for that and another one for the lame opening with a kid that was thrown in as a ham-fisted attempt to add impact. Expand
  68. Mar 10, 2012
    Currently I'm about halfway through the game, and while the story is good (better than ME1/ME2), the gameplay is merely adequate.

    It feels very dumbed down given that there is even less customization than in prior games in the series. There is no real inventory to speak of, and when you find an upgrade for a weapon (as an example), you can immediately equip that upgrade to as many squad
    member's weapons as you desire. Powers are per-character, with little sharing possible via a new system. I'm not at all impressed with upgrades on skills/powers, as each feels like an almost miniscule change to effectiveness in combat.

    The primary reason I'm rating ME3 as a 5, is due to the unbelievable distaste it has left in my mouth having gay talk, scenes, and innuendo shoved down my throat at every turn. My assistant on the Normandy is a gay female. My dropship mechanic is a gay male. Liara is blatantly bi-sexual, and several other Asari in the story are either bi, or outright gay. There are people sitting in the local hospital talking about being gay, people in the commons talking about turning gay.. etc etc etc. It feels in fact, like there is more gay love and sex abounding in the Mass Effect 3 world than there are straight relationships.

    To reflect on this: I am not homophobic - I can accept that people have relationships of their choosing. But when the NORM is 10:1 (or more) in favor of straight-to-gay in reality, and you have more gay than straight in the game world, it tends to wear on you quickly. It leaves an undeniable taste of "eww" in your mouth, due to the staggering amount of it.

    All in all, a decent game - full of plenty of Mass Effect as we've known it. But a bit too much of "hay there!".. makes you wonder if the team writing/producing it was 80%+ gay. That part of it will not - never will, appeal to the mainstream audience. And is largely why ME3 is being blasted on Metacritic, among other sites on the web.

    It is one thing when it happens in moderation, and isn't blatantly flaunted in public. But ME3 really does shove it down your throat again and again, and for most straight people that does produce a substantial amount of discomfort and distaste. It isn't that it is happening, it is that MOST ME3 characters turn out to be gay.

    My recommendation for the game: either buy and play it knowing what is coming at you, or wait for the bargain bin price and see how much you can stomach before putting it down. It is not one of Bioware's masterpieces, and goes far beyond "touching on taboo issues" than it should.
  69. Mar 23, 2012
    Why does everyone hate the Ending so much? To me it felt just right! I don't care if they're not that different from each other. For me it really is the journey there that counts. And what a journey that was. This is clearly the best game series i've ever played. Nothing else got me so emotionally connected to the story and characters. I don't easily give 10s, but this one deserves it in my opinion. Its one of the rare cases where the game got better with each iteration (after Dragon Age 2 I didn't have much hope left for ME3, but was proven wrong) Expand
  70. Mar 11, 2012
    I have to give the game a 5; I can't think of any other score that would accurately portray the mix of positive and negative impressions I have of the game. From a production perspective, it's an absolute masterpiece from start to (almost) finish. I would even go so far as to say that it's the most technically perfect game that I've ever had the pleasure to play. Were I scoring on that basis, I would give it a 10/10 without hesitation.

    But (some of) the writing .. the DLC .. the singleplayer/multiplayer fiasco .. I don't want to give any spoilers out here, and I'm sure anyone who has beaten the game is well aware of what I speak .. Bioware has effectively killed the franchise for a lot of people. At the time of writing, the official forums are aflame with the vitriol that only hardcore fanatics can muster.

    There's no denying that Biowares reputation has taken a serious hit in the last few days, and in my opinion .. it's self-inflicted and rather well deserved.
  71. Mar 22, 2012
    Overall this was an amazing and emotional game. It is a lot different from 1 and 2, the graphics are beautiful and the game play and combat are more fun, however it seems really dumbed down compared to the other games, more like a gears of war style adventure game. Had there been more rpg elements, better quests, and a better ending i would give it a 10/10, the ending did ruin the entire series for me though... Expand
  72. Mar 26, 2012
    More of the same nonsense. I never was a fan of the series finding the camera angles and character control system very annoying. It is pretty I will give it that but there its another one for the big fans of the ME series. Nothing to recommend it to someone who never thought it was anything but a good game if forced to play console games for a week. Did not meet my expectations.
  73. Jul 19, 2012
    Forget the terrible, plot hole-ridden abomination Bioware calls an "ending". This game has far worse problems than that. An incredibly lazy deus ex machina plot involving super-mega-awesome reaper destruction device known as " The Crucible" to some of the most ridiculous scenes in the history of video gaming(Tali's possible death sequence, for example). The writing is atrocious and seems to be done by a seven-year-old fan-fiction writer. The "neutral" dialog response is now completely removed, so most of the time you have two illusionary choices in dialogs, which don't affect anything at all. That is,if dialog wheel even appears, as it has been mostly replaced by auto-dialog. The world of Mass Effect has shrunk from the quite large Citadel areas and dozen of huge,explorable (though empty) planets in Mass Effect to six crammed locations at the citadel with bland grey architecture and bleak Normandy in the third game. Not even four relatively small, but at least completely different hubs like in Mass Effect 2 .But the final nail in the coffin are "quests".The way it works is already anecdotal-you wonder around the Citadel, "overhear" two people talking about some stupid item, your journal will update, you go to that area, scan the planet via boring planet scanner, "retrieve" that item and give it back to those idiots at Citadel. That's it. No dialog wheel, not even a cutscene, nothing at all. There are other kind of RARE side-missions, where you go to a boxed area and kill everything on your way to... retrieve data or item. There is not a single side-mission, which even remotely looks like an RPG quest should, let alone being interesting. The combat is the same as the second game, a boring cover-based Gears of War like shooter with million enemies per level to kill. Weapon mods are almost completely useless, armor sets are literally copy/pasted from Mass Effect 2 DLC. Hell, most of the time you can't even talk to your teammates on Normandy. The only reason I don't give it a zero, is because some really good moments here and there. In all, a disaster of epic proportions, no doubt. Bioware managed to destroy an interesting and promising science fiction action-adventure game with RPG elements and that's not easy even if you work deliberately to do just that. Expand
  74. Jul 22, 2012
    They ruined the whole goddamn series.

    How many countless hours it took playing through ME 1 and 2 probably 4 or 5 times each, and after playing ME 3 to the end I haven't touched any of them in months.
  75. Mar 7, 2012
    It is on par with the rest of the series, and I'm finding that it appears to have quite a bit more in common in 1.

    Definitely a good game, and in no way a 0 or a 1. Hell, even at it's worst, this game would at least rate a 7 or 8. It might be a homophobia issue, or perhaps people just want to get after EA... but ME 3 is a solid game if you liked the first two.
  76. Mar 11, 2012
    This is more Mass Effect in every way. If you enjoyed the first two games, I can see no reason why you would not enjoy this game. It has the same epic story, solid characterization, and awesome ambiance that made Mass Effect great. Sure it has its weak areas but this game is without question worth a lot more than the 3.5 user rating that it currently has here.
  77. Mar 12, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 had me laughing, crying and truly entertained for 35 hours. It deserves recognition for pulling all those emotions out of a player, and to do it so consistently. The action and continuing romance of the series blew my mind. The developers listened to its fans when improving these two aspects of the game. My Love Interest (Liara) was so well written, and the time that her and Shepard did have together was meaningful. Playing this trilogy has been an honour and I hope Bioware continues creating titles that span numerous games like they did with Shep because after a span of 3 games, I felt like I really knew those NPCs and I was emotionally invested.

    Bioware also has a special place in my heart for creating same-sex characters and they will always have my respect for making that happen with a high-quality story.

    Day 1 DLC? I don't care. Bioware makes the kind of games that I want to play, and if they create more content, I will gladly pay for that content.
  78. Apr 5, 2012
    Mass Effect was a great game. Mass Effect 2 was very simple but still a good game. Mass Effect 3 is just not very good. It seems like Bioware is on a crusade to address every social issue known to man and squeeze it into a 40 hour game. I play to have a good time and get away from real world crap. I wont comment on the terrible ending as thats been covered.
  79. Mar 7, 2012
    Overall I've been impressed with the game, despite what some ignoramuses say below your choices DO matter; In the first two hours of the campaign there was no less then 20 references or games changes related to the DLC or choices I made in previous games, I was counting. The game handles well(albeit the cover system is a bit 'sticky'). The combat system is very similar to Mass Effect 2; load times are drastically shorter then the others, which was one of my biggest peeves about the previous games is you spent more time in a loading screen then playing half the time. Also the annoying(and pretty much required) mineral/element probe mining has been removed and replaced with something more relevant. The multiplayer is fun and seems to be coded fairly well and gives a decent advantage to the single player. Allowing a co-operative play-through of the campaign would be great for a future update.

    User submitted scores shouldn't even be allowed until one week after release. It's obvious most of the 0's and 1's haven't even played the game and are just complaining to complain. Frankly if you read this, you should be ashamed, even if you didn't like the game it's not '0' or '1' material. 'Super Columbine Massacre' got a 5.8 and you think this game is worse?
  80. Mar 19, 2012
    "We purposely made the ending awful so we can make up for it in the DLCs"

    Go kill yourselves Bioware. A perfectly good game ruined by a garbage and cliche ending. It's quite literally like they're trying to ruin the game.
  81. Mar 11, 2012
    A great sequel, with enhanced gameplay mechanics as well as bringing back aspects of the original that were missed, and a story that does not disappoint.
  82. Apr 15, 2012
    i am still recovering from the shock , the entire game right upto the last ending part was amazing , and then it fails so hard , i don't think there is no excuse for ruining such a awesome game this way , on top of that , they are extending the horrible ending with a dlc nice :X what good is a game if the ending has been a joke
  83. May 3, 2012
    The game graffics just the same as the ME2 with a little update. The game easier and faster than the ME or ME2. And not to mention the awful story... just a question for BioWare: Why the f**k did you fired Drew Karpyshyn out (ME and ME2's writer) and changed him to, no name writers such as Mac Walters and Neil Pollner? I can give this game 1 point because, I'm a huge Mass Effect fan and I used to love these games. Either way, if you wanna destroy this game history, play with it, and !no complain! because a lot of people warned you.
    PS.: Do me a favour EA/BioWare/Legendary Pictures/WB: Do NOT make a movie from this game 'cause I do NOT want a piece o cr*p from it. This game and the story already bad enough (and not because someone die at the end or not if you "lucky"...)
  84. Mar 19, 2012
    99% of the game is brilliant but the last 5 minutes just destroys the entire franchise and removes any replay value. I was so disappointed that I could not do another playthrough. It's sad that an otherwise superb game was ruined by it's absolute rubbish of an ending. Some may think that giving it a 1/10 because of just the ending is harsh, but the fact is I judge games/movies/books based on the whole. I do not cut out bits and rate them individually. That the rest of the game is so good makes the ending even worse as it ruins it all. Expand
  85. Mar 23, 2012
    I just finished Mass Effect 3 tonight. I have no idea what all the drama is about. I thought the endings were fine. What i did have a massive problem with thought was the lack of character subplots for your crew. Sort of made the typical experience just a bit more shallow. I also cannot and will not forgive Bioware for including FAFFING NINJA'S in Mass Effect. I like Ninjas just as much as everyone else. But not in mass effect. Oh and theres too many sexual innuendos in the opening parts of the game, that dont really fit into the story, to make it totally clear bioware are pandering to gay people. There is so much gayness until the middle of the game. Still. they did manage to improve on the graphics, sound and surprisingly gameplay. The closing experience also left a positive note, so an 8. Ps. I'm not fan of bioware (quite dislike them at the moment actually) or mass effect, just wanted to see the close the trilogy, so my expectations could have been lower than many people here. Lucky me then?? Expand
  86. Mar 27, 2012
    If I had turned the game off instead of playing the last 5 minutes it may have earned a 5. They took an amazing series and ruined it. I lost track of how many times I played ME1 and ME2 all the way through. With ME3 there doesn't seem to be any point at all. I'm not sure if it was hurried out too fast or the designers got lazy. None of the choices you've made in the previous games really matter at all. Fine myself wishing it hadn't been released yet so I could still be anxiously awaiting what I believed would be a great game. Expand
  87. Mar 22, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The only thing that ruined my gaming experience of Mass Effect 3 was checking Metacritic and seeing everyone reviews. I actually really enjoyed the game all the way through. It seems no one really has any imagination anymore to figure out an ending because all people are used to is I kill...I win. Expand
  88. Mar 26, 2012
    Zero because the game was broken out of the box. I can't save the game period! So I have replayed the intro/up to the mars stage of the game 4 times now, and it is awful. Terrible unskippable cinematics. I can't even start playing the game further to rate it. So it gets a zero. The action so far is terrible, and the story is again lame and unskippable. I just have to sit there banging the keyboard hoping to find a way to skip, so I can see if my latest troubleshoot to make the save games work is working. 5 tries over 4 hours and no luck yet. Thanks for the headache Origin. Having to use Origin the wannabe steam, is the final nail in the coffin. Bye bye $60 i'll never see you again, all I can do is leave this nasty review. Saaaaaad. Way to end the series Bioware. Some conclusion. The conclusion is the Devs and EA skulking away with my money on a product that never worked. Now off to Amazon to warn the others... Expand
  89. Apr 17, 2012
    Unlike some people who wrote hastily reviews, I on the other hand played the game VERY thoroughly and I have mixed feelings. I will first start with the Pros: Better graphics! Everyone loves better graphics and the improvements are very satisfying specially how the lights falls onto objects almost perfectly. Improved character builder! In the first and second Mass Effect games I was very sick of limited options and the poor quality of the faces especially on the female shepherd that made your character unpleasant to look at. Now in Mass Effect 3, if done correctly you can actually make characters that look tolerable. Weapons! More guns and best of all... these guns are upgradable with attachments and modifications. Plus Mass Effect 3 adds way more guns to the table then before, and guns from every species. Armor sets and more armor types with better color customization! This really brings more authentic RPG feel then before. Also the sounds, talent trees upgrades from leveling have all been improved! Also the plot of the Reapers finally attacking is really gripping and interesting. However the good things in this game end there. Cons: Poor dialog and the LACK of more dialog options compared to ME1&ME2. This kills that classic ME experience and makes you feel your watching a interactive movie.. then actually playing the game. You cant even ask or discuss things with you squad mates like before and when you can.. its limited. Relationships are a bust and pointless, and lack any sort of interest as its more of just one night stands then actually a relationship and feeling for that character. Multiplayer... I never found or figured out why this exists besides egging you on to buy more DLC for unlocks. Besides... the multiplayer is not good compared to other DEDICATED shooters. Day one DLC... that in in itself in self explanatory. This told me that Bioware wanted to milk more money from an already overpriced game. DLCs should be later additions.. not content Stripped from the original version in hopes of charging extra money. Limited sqaud mates. Compared to the first to MEs the lack of squad mates is astounding... even squad mates from an imported character and nothing more, but side story then anything else since none of them want to join you on your missions with the exception of Garrus(Which is was relieving). Poor animations of team members, they have no other movement animation, but one and if they need to run faster... they look like chickens with their legs moving so fast its funny. WAR ASSETS, these are pointless useless and DO NOT effect the final mission ONE BIT. As long as you have the minimal strength to launch the final mission and do all the story missions you will have the SAME ending as if you had ALL the war assets. The bad dreams about shephard over this little boy was... annoying, after all shepard and done and how much death he/she has experienced... this child is what bothers him/her? In order to make this more fitting I made a female shephard since women tend to feel more towards children. Now.. the notorious ending. I had mixed feelings about the ending, however the ending left more questions then conclusion. One thing was certain that the death of shephard and the the old mad at the end story telling to his the child that this has already happened. This tells me ME3 is the END of the series by killing off shephard and telling that this was all in the past. Ending choices... I felt the ending choices were backwards and each decision had a bad outcome, though the least devastating was the 'green' choice to merge synthetic with organic life. Over all I love the new additions this game and improvements this game gave me, though the story and the ending of the ME series was slap in the face to me. I give this game a 5, despite these short coming the game was undeniably still fun to play. Expand
  90. Mar 17, 2012
    I agree with several of the other reviewers...This game is a let down, compared with ME2. The plot was weake and there were less challenges/puzzles. I played the "traditional" game and found two major irritations: (1) cut scenes were way too long and there was no way to pause the game (2) weapons available for players' use were positively wimpy. The game is ok, but didn't live up to the hype.
  91. Nov 21, 2012
    In some respects I enjoyed this game. In others, I absolutely loathed it. I'll start with what I enjoyed. I enjoyed the multiplayer...Weirdly, I enjoyed it more than the game. It's quite addictive...and then I enjoyed...Damn...Catching up with characters from the series I guess...That's about it.

    The SP campaign felt like a real chore to me. The textures were pathetic in places. Pretty
    much no graphical options on the PC. The animations are laughable sometimes. Lots of clipping. There are a ton of bugs and glitches that I encountered and a few random freezes/crashes. The cover system is a completely broken mess. The writing was half-assed. Getting through the game to see the conclusion was a massive chore and not really fun at all. Regardless of any of your choices, there are only 3 endings with very slight variations. None of them are satifiying, and if you want to see a different one from the one you chose the first time, you have to sit through about half an hour of unskippable cutscenes and painfully...Really painfully slow 'gameplay'. I am not kidding, I actually put a weight on my keyboard, on the 'w' , went and made a cup of coffee and came back and I had only just arrived at where I needed to get to...Really, REALLY poor design, story and gameplay decisions...It just feels incredibly unpolished and unrefined, and generally a step back from the 2nd game. My guess is that they had nearly everyone in Bioware working on their Star Wars title and ME3 was pretty much thrown together. Expand
  92. Apr 11, 2012
    Mass Effect never was a great game, not even good. It was passable, if you had few hours to kill. But ME3 is basically the worst part. Its short, simple, boring and insanely small. It's a hallway shooter for kids, with difficulty level acceptable even for sea slugs.
  93. Jun 11, 2012
    The ending is ridiculously bad. Don't even start if you are a Mass Effect fan.. So disappointing.. This game is not RPG, its Action. Do not buy it. once great series, ruined by a once great company. Now both are garbage. Don't buy this. Don't give bioware any money, don't support what they are doing to gaming.
  94. May 9, 2012
    Game of my Life!!! I just finished it. NO SPOILERS, don't worry :) I invested around 50+ hours in the game, done every side-quest, had nearly all the dialogs = I tried to extract as much as possible from the game. I was playing an imported character from ME2, which was imported from ME1. People, listen!!! There is no problem with the story or the ending!! It is consistent, it is even logical, and it has a huge moral and emotional impact (as does the story).
    My decisions from ME1 and ME2 were reflected in ME3. I wouldn't say that they completely changed the flow of the game, but they Had An Effect. A Mass Effect:))
    The game is brilliant!! It is better and bigger in every sense than ME1 or ME2.
    The story is larger, the game is more focused on essence, better graphics, good acting / voice acting, LOTS OF CHOICES and ways to play, and even the combat system and the multiplayer is enjoyable.
    About the ending (WITHOUT SPOILERS): you need to have a LOT of War Assets, and a correct Galactic Readiness level. Thats it. ...for the latter you need a legal copy of the game to be able to play online multiplayer, to increase the Galactic Readiness level from 50% to 100%.
    BUT: I could finish the game with a logical, and effectively POSITIVE ENDING with only 53% Galactic Readiness. ...but for that I needed to collect almost all War Assets throughout the game. if you find less, then increase you Galactic Readiness, and then the end of the game won't be a guaranteed defeat, then you may have a POSITIVE ENDING!!!
    ...but you need to invest energy into it.
    This game has TONS to offer. The story is wonderful in my opinion. There are great thoughts scattered all around the plot. ...without spoilers it would be hard to mention any, so I need to stay silent about that now, but, hell it was a FANTASTIC GAME, and I am soooo sorry, that it was over yesterday night. was long, very long (especially doing every possible side-quest, talking to everyone, etc.), but I could play it for even longer.
    So, considering this, the sheer size of the game, all the content, all the value (which is also Artistic value = Art), I would say that it was absolutely easy for me to forget about the small glitches here-and-there. See: the game was stable like a rock. BUT: here-and-there there were small animation glitches, and even minimal (far from game-breaking) quest-glitches, one or two at most from the latter.
    At the beginning the game is like a tutorial. A bit linear. For newcomers. OK. ...but then, be patient, and it will expand!! 3rd, 4th, 5th mission, and you'll see!! Just give it time. ...if you put this investment into this game, it will reward you with even more!! ...if you like science fiction, RPG and FPS, and all that.
    For me this was one of the best games of my life.
    ...but to be able to get that all, I'd strongly suggest you to play ME1 and ME2 __WITH ALL DLCs__!!!
    The game is constantly referring to ME1 and ME2 with all the DLCs (until "The Arrival" for ME2).
    But they are also great, so I'd suggest you to play it all BEFORE starting ME3.
    THEN all your investment will be rewarded. Money, time and energy - I promise.
    For me it did it.
    I wish if only BioWare (or any other company) would take the time and energy and ambition to make such GRAND GAMES in the future!!!
    Mass Effect 3 is SIMPLY EPIC.
    Nothing more to say.
    Shepard out.
    P.S.: About myself shortly: I am 34 years old, playing computer games for the last 30 years, even now, as a university teacher (I teach informatics and AI at my University).
  95. Mar 11, 2012
    Finished this yesterday. So we went from really cool, immersive, slightly too fiddly RPG where I spent hours upon hours absorbing the lore and marvelling at what Bioware created (ME1) to quite enjoyable pop-corn shooter-RPG with a passive story (ME2) to retarded Michael Bay movie with ham-fisted drama, frame rate issues, horrendous ending and day 1 DLC. Please, Bioware, do NOT make a new Baldur's Gate game. Let it be. Expand
  96. Aug 20, 2012
    The length of the game is acceptable. The graphics quality is poor. Including aliasing and lack of realism and no way for high end pc's to significantly adjust for it (likely because of monetary greed with no other focus in mind). The game play quality has been reduced from previous releases (likely because of monetary greed with no other focus in mind). For instance planet scanning has been all but removed. When you find a planet that can be scanned any items from the planet are recovered with probes only. You never actually fight for the scanned items you simply live or die. Living through it is quite easy to do. A lot of adventure was removed from the game because of this. I thought it felt like an easter egg hunt in a big hotel, all the rooms are identical and so are the eggs. The eggs are just hidden in different places in each room. This game is not an RPG it is an action game with a sprinkle of role play. I thought the ending fit in well with the rest of the game. I didn't like the ending or dislike it. I'm glad I didn't pay release day price for this game. These days those of us PC gamers really have to be cautious of paying release day price. I've found that the pain of disappointment is significantly reduced by waiting for price drops. Still I probably should've waited a bit longer. Expand
  97. Mar 9, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I have put nearly a hundred hours into the Mass Effect trilogy. I carefully made my decisions so as to craft a better galaxy in peacetime. I established a romance, and continued to support it until now is can turn into something truly special. (for me, it was Ashley). I formed deep bonds with my crew and have many true and loyal friends throughout the galaxy. I established alliances between all species and brought the complete military might of those species to Earth for an epic, loud, badass rumble with the Reapers. And most of that meant absolutely nothing.

    The "twist" with the Kid?/God?/AI?.....thing was weak, a la the ending of the rebooted Battlestar Galactica. I was completely fine with the Reapers remaining a mysterious force of incomprehensible evil, it worked just fine for the plot. (Their origins' would make for a good DLC post-war) After all that effort I was given a choice between 3 variations on "Shepard dies and the galaxy goes through a weird semi-reset through the destruction of the Mass Relays by space magic." Thus rendering the victory at Earth pretty much moot as most of the important people who established the alliances are now stuck in the Sol system, this doesn't bode well for the galactic community. The uplifting of the Krogan by curing of the genophage, salvation of the Quarians and Geth and establishment of peace between them, the ending of Cerberus and many other actions simply wasted as the leadership cannot return to rebuild and organize their own people.

    The worst/hardest part for me was that you couldn't experience the galaxy that you have spent five long years fighting to save. Shepard has been through absolute hell, and he (or she) deserves peace, to finally put war behind him and settle down with Ashley (or whoever your love interest was). And therein lies more wasted opportunity for excellent DLC. Seeing how your relationships progress post war would be fascinating. This saved galaxy still isn't perfect. Aria wants to take Omega back, and how long will the mercenary gangs stay peaceful, this is the perfect time for them to make a power play, especially in the Terminus Systems. The Citadel is going to need strong leadership and Shepard's input would obviously be sought. All the alliances and trust between the races was fast tracked and there are bound to still be underlying issues that will arise with the Reaper threat gone. And Cerberus, they had so many secret facilities there bound to be a few of those nutjobs hanging around.

    Bottom line, at the last second we were robbed of true choice and the chance for infinite adventure in one of the greatest science fiction universes ever created.
  98. Mar 8, 2012
    This is not bad game, unless you compare it with mass effect I or mass effect 2 which were really awesome games where you were driving the character and the history. All that magic is gone, thus I understand why people give this game low ratings . For a mass effect game this is lame. For the average games this is agood one. Probably people who never played the previous ones of like fps game style would vote this one higher. What is unbelievable is all the (paid?) critic reviews who are giving only top scores and highlighting how good is the game almost without negative aspects. Fortunately here in metacritic most of the users have expressed their opinions so everyone can read that this game is not the perfect product paid reviews are trying to sell. I imagine Bioware is trying to get users to vote and comment in their favour, but that would be a bit more difficult than to heavily advertise in a bunch of gaming publications. I mean, if Bioware is paying you a los of money for publicity, you won"t be talking down their new star product .That wouldn't be a business wise decision. Expand
  99. Apr 23, 2012
    As a game, Mass Effect 3 was both a disappointment and a decent game.

    Straight off the bat, none of the decisions made in the previous titles matter any more. Someone died? They dont show up. They lived? You get 10 minutes of facetime. Or they die. Bioware realised that the amount of binary decisions given to the player made such a complex game that they could not create it, and cut most
    of them out. The main decisions of the previous games matter little. You get a line of dialogue, it dosent matter what you chose, the outcome will always be the same. 1/10
    Graphically the game is worse. Lots of low-resolution textures because of the move to consoles. Thats ok, we can live with that, as its most likely that they will have post-release texture packs, etc. Noticeable, load times are much better; the game runs smoother, polished, and mostly bug free. Overall, it shelved up as a acceptable package, but nothing innovative here. Animations were a bit jarred as well, but its not game breaking - yet. 8/10
    Mass Effect 3 has the same content as Mass effect 2. Its good, kept me going for a good 20 hours with a bunch of side stuff. Day 1 DLC is a crime; paying 80 dollars isnt enough to give you all the content they made, they want you to give them 20 more. THAT is terrible. Either way, it doesnt dissapoint in that sense. Voice actors and environments are good; no reuse of areas, exotic worlds and planets - its all good in this sense. 8/10
    The story started off solid. The lack of previous characters was unsettling, and downright annoying. You spend hours upon hours scouring the galaxy for them, and you barely see them again, or they die. The writers wrest them away from you, killing them off for superficial drama. Its hard to watch. It also felt dumbed down, as if they were trying to simplify it to the point were all the political dealings are gone, and you just shoot things. 3/10
    Most dissapointing ending EVER CREATED. I spent weeks under a rock so I could play it spoiler free (I already had the game, but went away for a while), and it just hurt when I played it. !!! SPOILERS !!!; The ending is terrible; I always play paragon, I actually cant do anything else, its just the way I play. I thought I did everything right, did the hero's job, but EVERYONE DIED FOR ME IN THE END. Damn, it was the most heart breaking thing, purely because in a game you should have SOME power to choose your ending in an RPG, not have the developer just decide that for you. I went out of my way to get paragon points, but found those options greyed out at every turn, even at the maximum. You dont get any control over the direction and end of the story. I didnt use any walkthrough but you shouldnt have to read Biowares mind to get a decent ending. Its not worth playing again. 0/10
    Bioware has promised to make a extension to the end of the game, but youll probably have to pay for it. Because its corporates focus has ruined their games (see Dragon Age 2), its just a waste of money. VERDICT
    Skip this entry, just watch the endings on youtube for "closure". But, if you didnt play any of the previous games/ dont care for the story/rpg elements, its not bad, an average entry into the series.
  100. Mar 6, 2012
    The first Mass Effect is one of my all time favorite games, with really enjoyable gameplay and immersing story, I rate Mass Effect 2 as good but not as good as the first one, the story just didn't progress enough. Sadly Mass Effect 3 is the weakest in the series in my opinion. While the gameplay is about on par with the previous games, which is good, the story was really lacking. Large plotholes made the game unenjoyable for me and the ending was real letdown. I'm quite sad this trilogy ended on such a mediocre tone. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 23 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 23 out of 23
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 23
  3. Negative: 0 out of 23
  1. Apr 11, 2012
    BioWare captures the scale of the conflict well, but always focuses on the people involved in it. It's pretty amazing just how badly EA disregarded the heart of the game – the characters and the world – when they began their marking blitzkrieg, but don't worry, it's oh so definitely there – Day 1 DLC, controversial endings, and questionable use of resources be damned. This is a fine, lovingly crafted game with a clear vision despite the realities of corporations and damning business practices.
  2. Apr 5, 2012
    A game that's more shooter than role-playing, and a conclusion that's more spectacular than dramatic. [Apr 2012, p.47]
  3. Mar 31, 2012
    Finishing a trilogy is always difficult. Tying off dozens of story threads which had been woven by players into many different tapestries is a daunting task. Mass Effect 3 is the first game that succeeded at this colossal undertaking.