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  1. Mar 8, 2012
    This is not bad game, unless you compare it with mass effect I or mass effect 2 which were really awesome games where you were driving the character and the history. All that magic is gone, thus I understand why people give this game low ratings . For a mass effect game this is lame. For the average games this is agood one. Probably people who never played the previous ones of like fps game style would vote this one higher. What is unbelievable is all the (paid?) critic reviews who are giving only top scores and highlighting how good is the game almost without negative aspects. Fortunately here in metacritic most of the users have expressed their opinions so everyone can read that this game is not the perfect product paid reviews are trying to sell. I imagine Bioware is trying to get users to vote and comment in their favour, but that would be a bit more difficult than to heavily advertise in a bunch of gaming publications. I mean, if Bioware is paying you a los of money for publicity, you won"t be talking down their new star product .That wouldn't be a business wise decision. Expand
  2. Apr 23, 2012
    As a game, Mass Effect 3 was both a disappointment and a decent game.

    Straight off the bat, none of the decisions made in the previous titles matter any more. Someone died? They dont show up. They lived? You get 10 minutes of facetime. Or they die. Bioware realised that the amount of binary decisions given to the player made such a complex game that they could not create it, and cut most
    of them out. The main decisions of the previous games matter little. You get a line of dialogue, it dosent matter what you chose, the outcome will always be the same. 1/10
    Graphically the game is worse. Lots of low-resolution textures because of the move to consoles. Thats ok, we can live with that, as its most likely that they will have post-release texture packs, etc. Noticeable, load times are much better; the game runs smoother, polished, and mostly bug free. Overall, it shelved up as a acceptable package, but nothing innovative here. Animations were a bit jarred as well, but its not game breaking - yet. 8/10
    Mass Effect 3 has the same content as Mass effect 2. Its good, kept me going for a good 20 hours with a bunch of side stuff. Day 1 DLC is a crime; paying 80 dollars isnt enough to give you all the content they made, they want you to give them 20 more. THAT is terrible. Either way, it doesnt dissapoint in that sense. Voice actors and environments are good; no reuse of areas, exotic worlds and planets - its all good in this sense. 8/10
    The story started off solid. The lack of previous characters was unsettling, and downright annoying. You spend hours upon hours scouring the galaxy for them, and you barely see them again, or they die. The writers wrest them away from you, killing them off for superficial drama. Its hard to watch. It also felt dumbed down, as if they were trying to simplify it to the point were all the political dealings are gone, and you just shoot things. 3/10
    Most dissapointing ending EVER CREATED. I spent weeks under a rock so I could play it spoiler free (I already had the game, but went away for a while), and it just hurt when I played it. !!! SPOILERS !!!; The ending is terrible; I always play paragon, I actually cant do anything else, its just the way I play. I thought I did everything right, did the hero's job, but EVERYONE DIED FOR ME IN THE END. Damn, it was the most heart breaking thing, purely because in a game you should have SOME power to choose your ending in an RPG, not have the developer just decide that for you. I went out of my way to get paragon points, but found those options greyed out at every turn, even at the maximum. You dont get any control over the direction and end of the story. I didnt use any walkthrough but you shouldnt have to read Biowares mind to get a decent ending. Its not worth playing again. 0/10
    Bioware has promised to make a extension to the end of the game, but youll probably have to pay for it. Because its corporates focus has ruined their games (see Dragon Age 2), its just a waste of money. VERDICT
    Skip this entry, just watch the endings on youtube for "closure". But, if you didnt play any of the previous games/ dont care for the story/rpg elements, its not bad, an average entry into the series.
  3. Mar 19, 2012
    This game is excelent from all points of view, gameplay, story, graphics, art design.
    Starting with the argument, solid, the story is centered on the important things, Bioware as improved from Mass Effect 1 to 3 adding things, but keeping the original essence of the game.
    The story has some generic aspecs, but itself triumphs on others:
    originality, diversity, consistency, and it
    The gameplay is just perfect, still not allowing to jump, something necesary in many games, the expereince is just excelent, Bioware really knows how to improve in this aspect whitout creating the sense of change. The game is diferent, but only to improve, it doesn't create troubles for the player.
    Graphics are not the best in the industry but are efective, they look great, finally the game incorporates Antialiasing!
    Art Design/Direction is just excelent, so diverse and original, the highest point for me in the game..
  4. Mar 13, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is a fantastic game. Right up until the end I was so engaged in the gameplay, the story, the characters that I was literally on the end of my seat. Which is why the terrible endings were such a kick in the balls. I really wish BioWare could have provided some sort of effect for what you had done, and closure for the characters you'd grown to love. Nothing you do matters even a bit in the end. Everything you do in the series was building up to that and to have it limited to a choice of 3 cutscenes with no consideration of what had happened before. The game itself is fantastic as I said, and I do think you should buy it but just... close the game before the ending and think of the ending you want. Because it will be better than everything BioWare come up with. Expand
  5. Mar 9, 2012
    I thought the game was enjoyable, the gameplay is fun, and the graphics are good. With that being said, ME3 is nothing close to the game that ME2 & ME1 were. There is a feeling of inevitability throughout the course of the game, it is far too linear. The endings are the biggest disappointment I've ever experienced in any game that I've ever played. I got the "perfect" ending, and it still left me feeling queasy.

    There are only 3 reasons I give the game a positive rating at all:

    1. The universe/storyline that Mass Effect is set in is so great that even screwing it up it is still solid. 2. The length of the game is about perfect, I hate games that are too short, and this isn't one of them.
    3. The "final battle" is great, it was very intense, and I was about to forgive all of this game's failings after it (until I got to the crappy endings).

    Also, in spite of the complaining, the Multi-Player is actually very fun.
  6. Mar 20, 2012
    And finally came the continuation of one (and for me, best) role-playing game series. Well, I did not know what to expect, the final battle can transform the game from a rp to normal shooter which can upset fans. The game was not quite as easier and shows things as good as in the previous section to this was added to the enormity of interesting things and refreshed a few. But this is not the same as the previous parts and does not include the quality of a shock or anything like that. My increased rating - 9/10 Expand
  7. Mar 12, 2012
    You probably think that most of the people on here are just bombing the score, or tolling. But, go play Mass Effect 1 and 2 and then play 3 and I try to come back here and give this a good review. The endings alone are enough of a complaint to warrant outrage
  8. Mar 18, 2012
    I'm going to say from the beginning the story sucks there was basically no writing involved especially with the endings being as bad as they were. However if you are like me and gave up on Bioware writing a good story like I did years ago. Then you will at least enjoy the gameplay of this game. The game is FUN. the story sucks but it's funny and I'm glad that Bioware had some of the funniest dialogue I've heard in a game. But like I said the game is fun story sucks. Expand
  9. Mar 7, 2012
    It is day two and there are already 560 negative reviews. Agreed that this game has its flaws, but at LEAST play the game all the way through ONCE before completely trashing it. I have a feeling that 90% of these reviewers never even finished the game, or even got through the first act. I haven't finished either, but from I've played it deserves at least an 8. Oh and btw for you homophobes, bioware had homosexual relationships back in ME1, remember? So I don't know what the big deal is with this game. Next time you go to post here, please at least beat the game ONCE before destroying, because all you're doing by posting "reviews" on DAY 1 is making yourself look like a tool. Expand
  10. Mar 11, 2012
    All in all a decent game, nothing special. Good voice acting, decent graphics/sound, memorable charcarters (good and bad) and a somewhat thought through story. I dont get the why people are so angry about the endings? Yeah they arent happy, with kittens on the top, but so what? I would rate this game at 6, but since Lance Henriksen is thrown into the mix.... I cant help it: 8 points to Mr. Bishop.
  11. Apr 8, 2012
    Bad graphics for the PC, maybe worse than ME2, but that didn't bother me. You all know what's really wrong... the ending. Great game until the end, but then, like a friend of mine said, WTF?
    Seriously, fix the ending Bioware or else you are never, ever going to get a dime from me again.
  12. Mar 24, 2012
    THE BEST OF THE SERIES! I'm 90% completed with the game, and didn't want to play through the ending before writing my review. Reason being, I don't want to change the overall game score (which is damn near perfect) based on what happens with the end of the story line. Basically... this game balances the best of the first two and adds a ton of choices on top to change the way the game plays out. Each decision weighs heavily on the outcome... not merely for kicks, it actually affects your ability to fight the reapers! I am playing through as an Adept and have played the same class since ME1... the new abilities are tweaked perfectly and with armor customization, I'm able to achieve the exact build type I wanted (pure Biotic). The game makes it easy to jump in with no backstory at all, if someone wanted to start playing the series in this last adventure, however it's recommended that you at least play through ME2 so you have an understanding as to what major events pre-curse the scene you're entering. I do have a Gripe though.. the cover system isn't perfect by any stretch. I've gotten caught between covering between two objects involunteerily... just trying to come out of cover on one and jumping right behind the next. The aiming is tightened, the battles themselves are very exciting, and many times it forces you to be strategic on your placement of the squad to avoid flanking. It's impossible to play this game and not have fun in the combat. Of course the story line is amazing... the characters and dialogue continue to be the heart of this game, whether it be Joker falling for EDI (the artificial intelligence that takes on a hot robot form), or Anderson talking about how hard the reapers are hitting Earth... it all blends together so well and becomes immersive! Amazing game. Don't hesitate buying it based on these user reviews complaining about the ending... BAH, you'll miss out on an amazing experience. Two thumbs up! Expand
  13. Apr 1, 2012
    The good: great galactic apocalyptic story (albeit a bit weird at the end), excellent third-person shooter action with varied enemies and situations, lush environments, excellent voice-acting, multi-player is surprisingly addictive and frenetic.

    Slightly annoying: wearing a type of armour that boosts your shields has a visor, meaning that in some of the "emotional" cut-scenes you can't
    see Shephard's face! Also, I hate not having a button specific to "cover". The amount of times I got stuck to a wall or something and I didn't want to! Also, when you're speeding around in the Normandy and get spotted by the Reapers, it's not much fun trying to evade them as their ships are somehow faster. Finally my one criticism of the multi-player option is that the environments could have been more varied, plus it would have been nice to have to fight a combination of enemies, such as Cerberus and Reapers etc ..

    The bad: The game is possibly a little too easy, so it could have been slightly more challenging, especially at the end. The ending is, as you all know by now, a little bit "WTF", and I agree that its ambiguity is ultimately a bit frustrating.
  14. Mar 14, 2012
    The game was OK, There was some interesting story decisions to make and the action was pretty nice. multiplayer is pretty fun, all the classes are very different from eachother but adept can solo everything. all of the endings are terrible, i am no longer supporting, EA, Bioware, or origin.
  15. Mar 20, 2012
    What a obvious part of trolls here. Bunch of greedy kids that are disappointed. This game is really good and I will explain about my personal opinion of how this game is with positives and negatives.

    + Nice graphic, including facial expressions and that sort of things. And nice design och the characters as well.
    + Very good voice actors, nice to have the old ones coming back from mass
    effect 1 and 2.
    + Polished at some parts that definitely needed it from the older games (like mass effects combat system). + Fantastic sounds on the guns. Even the music is very good especially at the citadel.
    The Citadel is bigger and gives you a welcoming feeling every time you enter there.

    - Sometimes I'm speechless, I don't have the ability to pick my own reaction, but that's not always though.
    - It didn't felt like it was so many touching side quests, It was like - alright another one, combat, combat...
    - And the worst **** ever is the map. Can't find for a **** and if you scan for objects It's like "You found oil" is that suppose to make me happy or what? No don't use that crap bores the hell out of me.

    If you never played any Mass Effect game you should ABSOLUTELY not start with this one. You need the whole background, to build up this personal feeling. At least play trough Mass Effect 2.
    I would also like to point out that you don't need to worry about the ending, it was alright nothing special. I mean how would people it to end anyways?
  16. Mar 19, 2012
    I have about 300 hours playing Mass Effect before I ever picked up ME3 for play. Frankly I love the series and even though Bioware has made some questionable decidions (Terminator Human from ME2) I still found a lot of fun in each of the two previous installments. With ME3 I found that indeed a lot of the key mechanics have been improved, while most of the RPG elements were stripped out in ME2 they did manage to improve on the weapon element enough that I found it pleasing. The minigames from 2 are gone, as is planet scanning which is a good thing. I do miss something like the MAKO which added a needed element (Exploration) to the game. I think ME lacks this enough that its telling. The best way to describe this game is that the combat elements from 2 are streamlined and made into a game with limited dialog. I find in retrospect that the main strength of this series was always in the conciquences for your actions. In ME3 however I believe Bioware made a bad decision to bypass all of this with replacements that bypass any conciquences. I believe this is for the crowd who are new to the series but its telling and takes something away from the fanbase. Having said that its still enought to make a good game worthy of a score of 6 or higher, that is until you reach the climax of the game. Up until this point this series has been known for provding an experience based game that is defined more on the users choices rather than an A, B, or C path. It appears for the ending Bioware was unable to build an ending that followed the main game logic so they inserted a bland choose your path 1, 2, 3 to quickly end the series. To the uninformed this would not seem at first glance to be such a bad thing. However the thing that seperates ME from say Call of Duty in space is that who you TALK to and what you SAY to them really matters. When you decide to do X it affects Y. This was thrownout and a terribly written ending was inserted, to make matters worse the possible endings are drawn down into 3 main choices (15 sub choices) that are really just 3 endings. All of them slightly different and frankly bad. Very little is understandable, and nothing is really resolved. There are glaring plot holes in all of the endings, some so bad you see dead characters alive and well. For a series where the choice is the main attraction, to decide in the last few minutes to go out in left field is beyond me. Had the game been just average before the ending the score would be a deserved zero but since I was able to get 10-20 fun hours I have to up it a little. But the fact they ruined a series this badly is simply amazing.... Expand
  17. Mar 12, 2012
    The gameplay: Pretty decent. Makes some much needed improvements to weapon and armor customization. The need for a workbench was a little stifling, and you couldn't customize your armor pieces-- only which pieces you wear. Dialogue was decent, but there was almost NEVER a middle "neutral option". Too much auto-dialogue as well. Paragon/Renegade choices didn't really come into play until well past the middle of the game.

    The graphics: Good looking game. Animations, however, seemed robotic at times and lip synch was often painfully maligned. I'd say this was a step backward from ME2.

    The story: This is where things get really dicey. Older characters from ME2 only make quasi-cameo appearances, which irked a lot of people. The choices you made in the past two games mattered to some extent-- some more than others. For instance, I know that your choice on whether or not to save the Rachni queen or not was supposed to have a decently large impact on the game. As it turned out, it really doesn't. The Rachni under her control simply contribute to your military strength score and are never seen again. Okayyyy.....

    Character development is decently well done. There are some gut-wrenching choices you can make that can result in characters dying in very emotionally striking ways.

    So what's wrong? It's hard to explain just how sour things turn around the last hour of the game. Imagine if at the end of Return of the Jedi, Luke woke up in his bed on Tattoine only to realize the entire series had been a dream. Granted, that's not exactly what happens in ME3-- but it's the same sort of self-destructive ending. The ending is so nihilistic that it essentially invalidates everything that you've done in ME1 and ME2. It does this while creating EGREGIOUS plot holes and trampling over everything that had been established in the prior games and even lolBooks.

    Bioware claims that there are 16 endings, including several hidden ones. This is fallacious. All of the endings are based on the same 3 main "endings", which are all VERY similar in the first place. I could rant for hours about just how poorly this ending was carried out, but I digress.

    Check out this poll to see the general consensus regarding the endings and take solace in knowing you are NOT alone:

    Overall, the game was probably a 7/10 overall until the ending. The carelessness of the ending, the way that it comes out of left field and creates massive plot holes, and the complete and unavoidable destruction of the ME universe's unique attributes essentially invalidate the entire series. With no point in resisting, why replay the game at all? With that in mind, the game earns a 0/10 for me.
  18. Mar 15, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I'm not going to address the game so much as the public's response to it.

    The game is incredible, don't get me wrong. The graphics show up anything else even approximating this size and scope, the writing and voice acting is off the charts, the story is deep and involving, and the entire gameplay system has finally been honed down to a razor edge.

    Now let me address the complaints.

    1: The ending. Everyone is complaining about the ending. They criticize its writing, its pacing, how previous decisions affect it... but really, they're just angry because it didn't end the way they wanted. Well, I'm sorry if you didn't get your sunshine and bunnies, you got an emotional, intense ending that made you FEEL something. Would you have remembered it if Shepard blew all the Reapers away, nobody died and they all sang kumbaya? No. Nobody would. So shut the f**k up and take your whining elsewhere.

    2: Character placement and day 1 dlc. Do you honestly think Bioware had a say in this? Bioware creates Mass Effect, money-grubbing EA forces them to include Diana Allers, forces them to include multiplayer, forces them to include day 1 DLC. They handled it with grace, incorporating these elements without ruining the basic principles Mass Effect has always stood upon.

    3: Past decisions. I'm not sure what's going on here. Maybe people are surprisingly forgetful. Maybe they imported the wrong save. I'm seeing a lot of people complaining about inconsistency, but for me, everything was perfect. The only skip in the road was the game not explaining how Anderson went from Councilor to Admiral. Everything else was handled exceptionally well; I loved how the way you treated characters in Mass Effect 2 directly affected the way certain missions turned out in Mass Effect 3.

    4: Length. I don't see this one as much because the people who complain about it are just idiotic. This game was a HELL of a lot longer than Mass Effect 1, and the only reason Mass Effect 2 was longer was because you spent ten hours scrounging for minerals on every planet in the galaxy. If it took you less than 25 hours to complete this game, you were doing something wrong.

    I'm tired of scrounging through the 'ones' and 'zeroes' for complaints. And if you posted a 'one' or a 'zero', shame on you. Seriously. Even if you don't like the ending, even if you think it's short, even if you find SOMETHING wrong with it, you can't deny that this game did almost everything right. Compare it to Duke Nukem Forever. That game deserved low ratings. This one did not.

    So go find something else to pick on you pathetic vultures and stop tainting the public's opinion of an excellent game.
  19. Mar 11, 2012
    A fantastic production, a decent FPS, and a slim RPG. The story-telling and voiceover work is phenomenal, and it's just beautiful to look at. The gameplay is extremely easy, however, but that's true of the first two games as well. RPG and sci-fi fans will love the world-building and character exploration, even if there's a lack of depth in the mechanics. Forget all the whining about the ending and romance choices (the amount of complaints on this is sad to see in 2012), it's a journey well worth taking. Play it as a trilogy; to get the most out of this, start with the first two. Expand
  20. Mar 14, 2012
    I'd give the game a 9 but I'm bumping it up to a 10 due to all the ridiculous reviews here.

    Awesome game, everything I was hoping for minus an epilogue, and I'm sure with the outrage all over the internet, Bioware will eventually release something to clarify.
  21. Mar 7, 2012
    Quality game. I don't know what these other reviews are talking about - it hasn't been "dumbed down" - if anything, the game has gotten more complicated! Leveling has more branches, and you can now upgrade your weapons with a wide variety of attachments. Armor has statistics - there's numbers everywhere.

    The graphics are definitely improved, and the gameplay has as well. Combat is
    intense, the controls are smooth, and the powers actually feel *powerful* - it's a lot of fun. The multiplayer only adds to the experience and is a ton of fun with friends.

    Ignore all the 1's and 0's reviews - 90% of them haven't even played the game. From someone who HAS played the game, let me tell you - ME3 is a quality game.
  22. Mar 7, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Well, being a Yorkshire lass i canâ Expand
  23. Mar 7, 2012
    I'd like to review it, but since it came out 24 hours ago there's no way I could really do it.

    I'm actually writing this review to show how stupid it is to have user reviews open on MetaCritic the day the game is released.

    Not a single user review on this website, for or against the game, have played it all the way through. The legitimate critics obviously had copies ahead of time. The
    users? Either people who are currently enjoying wherever they are in the game and trying to defend it from the people who are trolling this website so bad that it's lost its credibility. Neither of those camps have played this game through enough to give a solid review.

    With that said, I've played about 6 hours and I think it's a big-scale, epic adventure. Not perfect, but definitely groundbreaking. Animations are a bit shoddy, to be honest, but textures and shaders are very impressive as are the effects. Voice acting is good, not as good as SWTOR sadly, but still top-notch. The combat is the same as ME2 with some improved melee mechanics, which is entirely a good thing. The multiple playstyles (Action, RPG, Story) are a nice addition to give people a streamlined or drawn out way of playing the game - which is another example of how messed up the reviews are here, simply visiting all three options for a few hours of playtime each would have taken too long for these reviews we are seeing here.

    The lack of support for gamepads is definitely off-putting, but the controls for the KB/M are solid as expected.

    The story so far is compelling and emotional, even if it is rather cliche. Some people could be offended by being expected to have compassion for those getting slaughtered on earth but it's not surprising in the least, some people just want to play video games for superficial entertainment, whereas ME3 is more like playing a movie. If you don't want any story or emotional attachment, then this game is not for you.
  24. Mar 7, 2012
    This is one of the greatest games I have ever played, all the "0" reviews are obviously trolls who have nothing better to do with their time. To give some reasons to why this games is greats is that not only is the game well written but it's fun to play as well!
  25. Mar 7, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I found it to be a really engaging game, until the end. Yeah, I came across a few bugs and glitches here and there, but the dialogue did not bother me much. I found the voice acting to be quite good. But the just does not sit well with me...So the Reapers are synthetics that were created to kill organics to prevent them from building synthetics that would kill organics? From what I remember, the only other synthetics in the game were the Geth, which are only a few centuries old, and they were being controlled by the Reapers in the first two games. I would also like to know what happened to my old ME2 squad members, such as Miranda or Grunt, did they survive the events of ME3? The fact that they made no mention of any other squad members, other than those that get off the Normandy after it crashes on some random planet, at the end really, really bothers me. And the final scene after the credits, was this all just a story being told by some grandparent? As well, it did seem like my choices in the previous games got disregarded, though it could be I was just not paying that much attention. I also wanted to make little blue children...Other than that, I did enjoy the game. Expand
  26. Mar 14, 2012
    SO I finally finished the game. It is a GREAT game... I see many complains about little things people don't like... but I loved it. I won't spoil the ending, but all I have to say is that it does make a lot of sense and it is pretty good. Granted we would all like to see an ending tailored to every single decission we have made, but thats not the way things work. In ME3, as with life, you don't get to choose the ending you consider to be the perfect one... what you get to choose is how to get to that ending. It is a Journey and not a destination.
    The trilogy does progress into less RPG and more combat as it goes along, but it makes sense given the story. I can't help but feel a little sad that it is over.
    I fully recomend this game to anyone, but specially to those who have played the first two and loved them... and are also mature enough to realize that you can't always get what you want in life, but you must enjoy every minute of it. That is ME3.
  27. Mar 8, 2012
    (1) Yes the game has day 1 DLC, which sucks. Does that detract from it? Heck no.
    (2) Yes, the game requires Origin to play. Does that detract from it? Heck no.
    (3) Yes, some of the animations in the game aren't perfect. But overall, they're very good. It's no worse than the other games in the serious, I don't understand why people are whining about this so much.
    (4) The graphics and sound
    quality are very good, especially considering this is made on the Unreal 3 engine, which is ancient.
    (5) Yes, the ending is total crap. But that's only 10 minutes out of a muuch longer game. As much as I and a lot of people loathe the ending, it's still just a small part of the game.

    Overall, I loved it. Very enjoyable story, good graphics and sound quality, new gameplay mechanics (thank you for getting rid of that stupid hacking minigame, and for finally replacing the resource gathering minigame with something that isn't a total waste of time) and better weapon/character appearance customization and variety. I truly think it deserves a 10/10. It was pretty bug-free too, I encountered very very few bugs, I had worse bug trouble in ME and ME2.

    Ignore all the moronic trolls spamming extremely low scores. They're just butthurt sheep (I really wonder how many have even played the game) who don't like the Day 1 DLC and/or the ending (heck, I saw some complaining that BioWare used stock photos--a great deal of games/movies/books/ads/everything uses stock material. That's what stock material is made for, to be used in a big variety of projects.)
  28. Mar 8, 2012
    Most of the game is amazing _________________________________________________________________________________ -Good combat _____________________________________________________________________ -Great atmosphere _________________________________________________________________ -Amazingly done little details __________________________________________________________ -A lot of very emotional moments _______________________________________________________ -Some of the toughest and most heart wrenching decisions I've had to make _____________________ -Thoroughly addicting and enjoyable (until the end). ______________________________________________________________________________ So-so stuff: _______________________________________________________________________ -Slightly too much autodialogue. Not a huge deal though. ____________________________________ -Effect of many previous choices given mention but not explicitly detailed, left to your imagination (works for some) _________________________________________________________________________ -Dialogue ranges from great to cringe inducing _______________________________________________________________________________ The horrible: ______________________________________________________________________ -Ending is some of the worst writing/storytelling of all time. NOT because it is a "sad" ending. Because it comes out of nowhere and makes no sense. It would take an essay to detail everything that is wrong with it. ________________________________________________________________________________ 90% of the game is awesome. By that measure, I could give it a 9/10. But endings are important. ________________________________________________________________________________ Worth buying and playing. Expand
  29. Mar 9, 2012
    I pre-ordered and I played ME3 on day one. Then I saw the low user score on Metacritic and I have only one question to the people who gave it a low score... are we playing the same game? In my humble opinion, it's a fantastic game. Is it perfect? No. There are a few things that bug me. Adding side quests are now activated by overhearing conversations. That stinks. You can't holster your weapon... minor annoyance. Besides that though? It's a good game. The story does draw to a close and there are a few story plots that make your heart drop... but I expected that given the plot. I'd also like to know how many of the negative reviews are *really* about the same sex relationship options in the game. If your negative review is solely about there being a gay romance option in Mass Effect 3 I have a very simple solution for you: Don't choose the gay romance option. Expand
  30. Apr 12, 2012
    DONT LISTEN TO THE USERS SAYING THAT YOUR EARLIER CHOICES DONT MATTER! Its just not true, depending on who survived the suicide mission and dozens, if not hundreds of other choices, this chapter will unfold in surpriningly, and yes, satisfying ways. I think most people judged this depending on their first playthrough, and you just cant do that. Its amazing and its a work of genius worth defending. End of story. Expand
  31. Mar 10, 2012
    RPG-side is better than mass effect 2, but worse tham ME1, shooter-side best in the series.
    Very good story and epic ending, but in the middle seems boring
    Graphics 8/10, bad textures and lightmaps, however good art and detaled sharacters
  32. Apr 15, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I have thought about what could be said about Mass Effect 3. I really wanted to like this game, I believe Mass Effect 1 was and still is the greatest Sci-Fi Rpg ever made. The second Mass Effect improved the fighting system and neutered the Rpg side of the game into oblivion. Mass Effect 2 was an adventure game that was just a fair game. But Bioware made it a lot better with dlc I played it again before the release of Mass Effect 3, it was long, the story made more sense. All in all it turned out to be a good game even though it was not the Rpg Masterpiece Mass Effect 1 was. Mass Effect 3, where does it fit into this? The problem is it does not. Seeing all the characters from the previous games was cool regardless of where the story took us. But the story only took us to the end. The big deal that everyone has made about the end? Silly you say? Bioware started it, the whole game is about the end, even when it is not being said, you feel it this is the end of the story. My seven year old daughter has that figured out. This is Bioware fault for making such a big thing about the end. With every step you know you are closer, with every familiar face you realize this is the last time you are going to see them. That is the story they choose to tell. They choose to shortcut any real story about what was going on, and made it about the journey to the end. If this game was the first in the series you would not see the inflated gamer scores on some of the web sites out there. You know who you are! ( Now Hang Your Head in Shame) this game is the first game that should be scored differently even though the story was bad, really bad. Even though the plot mechanics were bad, like talking to someone turning away and walking away only to find them sitting in the other room. Sliding down the ladder only to see you team at the bottom waiting for you, why did I have to deal with the ladder? And did not get to use magic like my team members? But seriously the art in this game is fantastic, it makes it a must own just for the art and environments the level designers created. The artist and level designers should start there own company. And hire some good writers to showcase their awesome work. They were truly trying to make a great game, this is where the artist integrity was, in the art, not in the lame story or half baked ending. That Bioware is still claiming that was in the writing of the end of a great story that spanned two Mass Effect games and was totally absent in the third one. Can Bioware fix the story, only if they can face the story and plot problems they created. But last I heard they just plan to explain the out of character bad ending just a little better, what ever that means. I am giving Mass Effect 3 a 6 score. I apologize to the artist's for the low score. I apologize to the writers for the high score, twice what you deserved. I really hope the writers can redeem themselves for plot holes that you could drive a truck through. But only time will tell. Expand
  33. Mar 23, 2012
    Let's start by saying that Mass Effect is an amazing franchise! A game that TRULY let you feel that you are a part of it. that you decide who and what you will be. And here it is, the so-called the "end" of it... I've finished every game in the series more then 5 times , making sure that every decision stands to my needs and was hoping that normally, the third part of this amazing game will give me peace as a TRUE dedicated ME played, a closure no matter what will happen - And now, That i've finished the game, i feel nausea. i stared at the screen for 5 minutes, while the credits were rolling, and i kept asking myself "But why? why to end like that?" Well, just look at all this hatred for the third game... It is not just a coincidence that so many people hate it. And don't even look at the critics, i personally could smell the BS even before i bought the game. Beside the ending, the game offers a lot. The fighting in game are really fun, dodging attacks by jumping from side to side, forward and backwards, adjusting your weapon by adding 2 attachments to it that will have a certain effect. improving the weapon itself in a certain terminal in the ship. Character improvements that reminds me of ME 1. Cut scenes and plot development are REALLY good during the game. Lots of emotions that touched me. really. I find the side missions pretty fun, they are not that complicated - "Search this planet, look at this planet. check this planet", But still, i this that BioWare could do better. The weapons and the gear in game had lots of improvements! You have a lot of armors to chose so you can make adjustments just to fill your needs, and so do weapons. And all this REALLY fun, i am not going to "Kill" a game because its last 10 minutes BUT, you prepare ~30 hours, making the right adjustments, the right gear, decisions that you feel whole with them, and then, nothing. That is right, nothing. You need to understand that i am not some FanBoy that hate right away because a little thing in-game did not satisfy me, i try to be mature and make a sence out of things, but this is not case in the ending of Mass Effect 3. From one side, though, i can understand WHY to make this ending, But from other side, i feel nausea. Betrayed. Even though i understand and try to accept. Expand
  34. Mar 10, 2012
    The ending to an epic trilogy stretched out through 5 years. The build up, the emotional investment, the fun from playing... all is taken away by an ending sequence which doesn't even bother to be longer than 5 minutes. Your choices affect nothing, Your accomplishments are meaningless. Even if you manage to prove them wrong, you're not given a chance to state that. This is an RPG game. The plot is one of its main components, hell, they even added a narrative mode, where the fights are brain-dead and Shepard can tank missiles forever. To end the trilogy in this way is a joke. It just feels like Bioware suddenly decided to screw over the fans giving them a deus ex machina ending where your decisions don't matter at all. Expand
  35. Mar 10, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I'm not going to give the game a very low score because of the ending, but if not for the ending I would have given it a 9 or 10 out of 10.

    They did a great job with the dialog, music, animation, character development and most of the story -- Then we faced the end and so much disappointment. I didn't think it could get much worse after the destruction of the Asari homeworld. That made me feel so down, but it also reminded me how much I enjoy the series. The ending made me angry and disappointed -- But I really just sat dumbfounded after finishing the game.

    The end seemed so disconnected from the rest of the storyline. And the last thing I wanted to think about was Shepard becoming basically a lifeless organism that controlled the Reapers. I mean, that's just a horrible way to end it all.

    All we can really hope for now is some DLC to correct the upsetting and disappointing ending. There are a lot of angry fans out there already and with the game being out less than a week, in the next few weeks there's going to be a whole lot more. I feel that Bioware really needs to do some damage control or the entire legacy of the game will be ruined.
  36. Mar 11, 2012
    When all is said and done, this is the first game since Half Life 2 where every second I felt the blood sweat and tears of those who toiled to engineer this titan of a game. That hard effort doesn't quite manifest itself in the same awe-inspiring perfection the way it did in Half Life 2, but Mass Effect 3 comes pretty damn close. Every aspect of gameplay, from the pacing, variety, balance, story, and art design, sets industry standards. The only place where ME3 falls flat is in its format, the third person shooter. It simply doesn't lend itself to a immersive, cohesive experience that the FPS format did for Half Life 2. The other weakness is that it doesn't utilize any revolutionary technology. The game looks nearly identical to Mass Effect 2 -not that that's necessarily bad- but a complete revamp of the engine would have been better for a game of this magnitude. These are pretty big negatives I know, and the critic in me wants to give the game a 9.3 or 9.4. But given the current state of gaming development, where designers opt for security rather than ambition, and truly epic, monumental gaming experiences exist only in our memories, this game truly 'deserves' a 10/10. I am writing this review of any true gaming fan who is having doubts about whether to spend his or her hard earned money on this game. If you felt that gaming changed in the last several years, that developers lost that ambition to achieve in a game the human mind's greatest, most powerful imaginations and desires, then this game is your answer and cure. This is undoubtedly Bioware's Magnum Opus, and a testament of the highest order to what games can achieves as an art form. Expand
  37. Mar 11, 2012
    One of the best games ever made. Endings is awesom. Other people who think that endings is bad just not clever kids.
    1) Bad only one thing and this is that i cannot drive car there.
  38. Mar 11, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. You know I've been a huge fan of Bioware and Mass Effect for a long time. I even defended Dragon Age 2 with all it's bugs and rush job. But this... I can't defend this game. There are plot holes, there is killing of characters that didn't need to die. Miranda dies if you didn't play as Male Shepard and romanced her. Even Female Shepard can't save her. The endings were crap. There is auto dialogue instead of the dialogue wheel that was in ME1 and ME2. In place of dialogue wheel there is the interrupt system that was introduced in ME2. In fact in ME2 if you skipped the interrupts you could get a dialogue wheel. Not this time. This doesn't even feel like it's my Shepard, it feels like Bioware's Shepard. The endings. 7 in total. Many say there is 17 but the official game guide says there is only 7 and one secret ending. 4 of the endings are how screwed the earth is when forced to take the destroy ending. 2 of the endings are the paragon ending where you take control of the reapers and send them away leaving the relays intact. The other ending is the synergist ending where you merge synthetics and organics into a new framework or DNA again bad ending. Shepard dies in all of those endings just listed. The only ending Shepard survives in is the seventh ending where you got 5100 galaxy readiness points by playing the Co-op and saving Anderson. Then you need to select the destroy option. By doing this the mass relays are destroyed. Earth survives, and Shepard survives. What also makes no sense is how your companions like Liara, Ashley, Garrus, Tali, The Prothean, and Vega who are on earth magically appear on the Normandy and also the normandy being in a hyperspace jump when it was at the final battle. Again plot holes in the game which make no sense. Then there is the ending with the AI that controls all the reapers, referred to as the cybergod boy or whatever have you. It tells Shepard some convoluted story of how it created the reapers to stop synthetics from obliterating the organics in the first place by harvesting organics. This circular reasoning has no basis in the game at all. They pretty much ripped this off from Deus Ex and from Battlestar Galactica. Shepard just gives up and goes with what the freaking AI child tells her/him and it makes no sense. Especially since Shepard has been fighting since day one to stop the reapers and defying the odds. Beat Saren and Sovereign in ME1 and survived. ME2 killed by the collectors and comes back to kick ass and survives the suicide mission. ME3... Choose one of 3 options and get 7 different endings only 1 where Shepard survives, 3 where the earth isn't irrevocably screwed. Then there are the romance scenes for the female/female. Now I know many people hate the gay romance scenes but they were supposed to be in ME1 they just removed the male/male ones in ME1 and then completely removed the same sex romance options in ME2 due to Fox Network being complete **** and scaring Bioware into being cautious. Anyways in all the same sex romance scenes. The one with Traynor in the shower she's in her bra and panties. No one showers in their bra and panties unless drunk or something. Shepard entering the shower in clothing makes no sense either. Then there is the one with Liara where Liara has no undergarments on but Femshep does. It makes no sense and reeks of poor work. They could have done a tasteful shower scene without clothing hiding the naughty bits and could have done the same for the Liara/Femshep love scene. They kept Liara's naughty bits hidden they could have done the same to FemShep. Again... this game was horribly executed. Yes there are a lot of good things in the game, but the endings and the overall execution was crappy. To those of you who hate gay romances, stop being homophobics and just deal with it. For years you've been catered to specifically as in all games the main protagonist was a straight heterosexual male who always got the girl. At least Bioware is doing something about that and allowing gay and lesbian gamers to have the one thing they've always wanted, a gay hero getting their guy or girl depending on gender. Beyond that I think Bioware just shot themselves in the foot. Expand
  39. Mar 11, 2012
    I was a huge fan of Mass Effect 1 and 2. Not to the point of having Shepard posters in my room or wearing N7 hoodies, but I really enjoyed the Mass Effect story and more importantly the characters I have come to know and love. I was loving Mass Effect 3 and everything in it. How stories where wrapping up, seeing familiar faces triumph, and watching some choices unfold in the last chapter. That was up until the last 10 minutes. Nothing I had done mattered, no resolution, nothing even close to being satisfying. What happened to the divergent story lines? What happened to the characters I have invested so much time getting to know? How can a game franchise built on choice and decisions boil the last and most important 10 minutes down to a few outcomes that are largely the same? I was planning on playing this game over and over like I have with ME1 and ME2 but now.... I dont even feel like starting it up. The ending has sucked so much enjoyment I had in this series its amazing. I wasnt expecting miracles or a story book ending... but certainly not this. I have no motivation to play again or any of the previous games. I didnt think it was possible to rob so much enjoyment out of the series with the last 10 minutes.. but they did. It would take a lot of effort to think of a worse way to end it. As a player you should want to finish the game, you want to see the outcome, and you want to see the repercussions of you actions from the 100+ hours of gameplay before. We get none of that and its why I am very disappointed in this final chapter. Expand
  40. Mar 11, 2012
    Look, I know everyone is butt hurt about the ending and many fans are angry at bioware, but i dont agree with many of the reviews and I have been a DIE HARD Bioware fan since Baldurs Gate I have bought and played hundreds and hundreds of hours playing their games and I believe Mass Effect 3 was perfect. (here comes the flaming). But, ask yourself how else would it end? they have said that this game is the end of Commander Shepards Story and that he will not appear in future games, but does that mean its a bad game? No, it doesn't and the story writing was impressive and voice acting was done well. I had several moments where I had to put down my controller and think about what I was about to do. The thing is I love this game, the universe, the good AND the bad although i dont consider multiplayer bad based on how much fun I have and the challenge of gold and the AI for insanity mode in the story. Sure the ending isn't what you had expected or wanted it was still a great experience. Also, Lord Mandalore terrible animation and graphic issues? seriously? what are you playing on? and the story wasn't dumbed down at all, have you even looked at the scripting an storylines of other games?

    Also, about the Day 1 DLC they finished it after the game was completed and shipped, SO WHAT? It took considerable amount of time to create the DLC if any of you have EVER tried to script, voice over, integrate and even add more lore into a game already developed I personally would like you to do it in 2 months and then give it away for free to EVERYONE. Then and ONLY then can you **** about the DLC release. Seriously if it came out 2 weeks later everyone and their mothers would whore themselves out for it but just because its out the same day people **** and moan.

    TL:DR Everyone is mad at the ending and giving a way too biased review about the game.

    If you read this and have a problem with me come email me your "OMG YOU ARE SO WRONG STFU (insert more flame)" rebuttle to
  41. Mar 11, 2012
    Truely an amazing, if you ignore the end this game is the best in the series. The main strength bioware has always had has been the companions you travel with and they went to the next level on ME3, i was so shocked when I found my companions moving around the ship and some of the dialog had me rolling on the floor with laughter. They also did some amazing truely sad moments with the deaths of long time characters which were done beautifuly. Possible spoilers
    On the issue with the end, when I first played it I was in a black rage and felt depressed for days, but I got over it and for me the series ended with shepard sitting next to anderson on the citadel. No reason for 5minutes of gameplay to ruin a 36 hour game.
  42. Mar 12, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Yeah, it may be childish to give a 0 to a game that obviously is better than that. But it's the only way I've found to gives a slap in the face of Designers & Publishers that could actually hurt them...

    As you may have guessed by now, the ending is the main reason of my discontent... The ending of Mass Effect 2 was better by far... As soon as I saw Shepard bloody and crawling with only a pistol, I had a bad feeling about the ending...

    Also, the linearity of the story and the galaxy exploration is another let down. And he Normandy-Alliance crew? Been there, done that... The Cerberus crew has more interaction and 'life'... The sides quest are usually hollow, if not buggy. Do it as soon as you get them or risk not being able to finish them. They're also a lot confusing. Often, I didn't know what or where to go to complete them...

    Almost every decisions you made since ME1 result in a few more or less troops and/or ships for the final battle. Correct, but a bit dissapointing... And the multiplayer needed to have a better readiness in single player?... Bad idea... On a side note, the multiplayer is correct, but the 'Magic-the-Gathering-booster-pack' upgrading mechanic that forces you to grind XP or drop REAL cash to get is quite greedy, and another sign that money is more important that creating and satisfying people who bought the game...

    On a more personal note, I hated the 'kid-nightmare-walk slowly' parts... Hated that kind of stuff since the 1st Max Payne...

    Honestly, not everything is dark though:
    - The Action/RPG/Story experience choice can make the game more appealing to different kind of players. (Although I have to try each one to see if it makes a real difference... I don't have the heart to try right now)...
    - The scanning for ressource is now perfect: You scan a region, and if you found something interesting, then you grab or scan the planet (like finding a mission site in ME2)...
    - Ending put aside, most of the story is quite good and interesting, with great moments and surprises...

    Thats 3 huge dissapointments for me from thus far: C&C4, Dragon Age 2 and now ME3... No more preorder, EA... Ever... You can bet I'll wait for reviews & Metacritic before thinking of buying General 2!...
  43. Mar 12, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Game itself is almost perfect. I think even better then mass effect 2. The problem is that i am na huge fan of franchise and i played everything related to this game, so i expected good ending based on all choices and effort i made during previous game-play. That didn't happened. Last ten minutes of game came from blue and reduced everything to three choices. I was dissapointed and don't want to play it again. Expand
  44. Mar 12, 2012
    I honestly don't know why this game is getting so much hate. I absolutely LOVED this game and I'm extremely sad that the series is over. The game was emotionally exhausting. Especially if you carry over all your saves and play the game for its story and not the gameplay. I cared for every character in the game, even the villains were just amazingly done. The ending has been given a lot of hate too. I enjoyed the ending. It wasn't what I expected and I suppose that's why I liked it so much. Without spoiling anything. I did wish there was an alternative...BUT, I still thought it was a very well way to wrap everything up. Simply put. I enjoyed the game. I will admit that the "Rises From Ashes" DLC should of been included into the game, I couldn't see how it shouldn't have been included, it contained a very, very important piece of the story. I wished it was a bit longer. I finished it and ALL side quest in about 35 hours. (Yes that may seem alot but time passes by when your having fun) Overall, I gotta give this a perfect score. I would rate the whole damn Series a perfect 10. Expand
  45. Mar 12, 2012
    This is by far the best Mass Effect game so far. The combat is better and more refined than in the previous games. The scenery is vastly improved, even though it was already very good in the previous games. The story is mostly as good as in the other ME games, however, there are some anoyances. Especially the beginning, it just seems to spout this idea of "soldiers are badass, HOAH!", as if the marketing department wanted to make the game appeal more to the Modern Warfare crowd. It doesn't last past the first mission or two though so it's not a big issue. Then of course there's the ending... which is unusual. I didn't mind it, honestly I found it refreshing. I encourage people to play this game, if nothing else then to experience the ending, the likes of which I seriously doubt has ever been seen in video games before. Expand
  46. Mar 14, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. My verdict is; Avoid this game at all costs. Do not buy it. Do not play it. Stop at ME2 and make up a happy ending.

    On the PC, the game runs smooth and never crashed. It is also possible to finally have a Same Gender Romance Arc in ME 3, sadly, this is where the game's pros end.

    The story was one of repeated loss. The player is constantly seeing old friends sacrifice themselves so that Shepard can complete the current mission objective. Twice, there are two very poignant sacrifices that emotionally cut deep Mordin Solas and Eve and then later Tali vas Normandy. The finale is emotionally devoid because of the repeated numbing the player has taken by that point and after waiting 2 years, the ending is extremely frustrating and a cause of great indignation.

    My verdict is; Avoid this game at all costs. Do not buy it. Do not play it. Stop at ME2 and make up a happy ending.
  47. Mar 12, 2012
    Ignore the 1's and 0's on here. There is no possible way you could have played the other two mass effect games and give this a bad score. Bioware did a great job on this. They have improved every single aspect of the game and made it even better. The acting and the story are rich. The characters are believable. I spend a half hour walking through the ship after almost every mission, because there are so many things to do. The amount of dialogue and ways the story can change based on your decisions is astounding. I found decisions I made all the way back on Mass Effect 1 coming back to haunt me. The graphics are much impoved. Amazing. The powers feel like they have a lot more meat behind them and the weapons now sound realistic instead of some cheap toy. The areas you fight have the feel of a war instead some stiff wallpaper of mountains. The multiplayer is pretty cool. It's like horde mode for Gears of War, but with powers and items to unlock. I like how it directly impacts the single player campaign. Melding those together is something few games do.

    If you liked the first two games you will love this game. Do not listen to the bad reviews on here of 1 and 0. They obviously can't be taken seriously. I don't even like Call of Duty and I wouldn't give it that score. This game is a masterpiece and one of the best series I have played in all my gaming and I have been gaming since the 80's with the commodore 64.
  48. Mar 12, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The game was a travesty on the series. The heroes journey that the game should have been was ruined by a convoluted plot and too much sci-fi trying to be shoved in what should have been an epic battle for the galaxy, sector by sector and relay by relay. We should have seen our choices and decisions we made through all three games bear fruit, for good or ill, and we should have seen epic conclusions to all of the character's stories. We also should not have gotten screwed over with Tali's face, the DLC debacle, and multiple save game issues to list a few of the major complaints. Bioware was supposed to be better than this, but this is just a blight, and I will never trust anything from them again. Expand
  49. Mar 12, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Having done over 5 playthroughs of Mass Effect 1, 2 of Mass Effect 2 I have to say that gameplay presented in Mass Effect 3 is refined, lives up to the hype advertised by EA & BioWare and should prove to be fun for a lot of players, both RPG and TPS lovers.
    Story-wise - while not presenting many choices to alter any major elements of it, still manages to provide a good impression, thanks to several quests taking place on Tuchanka and Rannoch, along with some other, less meaningful ones.
    Everything however is ruined by the abysmal choice of ending for the trilogy of Commander Shepard, my advice to anyone wanting to pick this up:
    If you have any emotional attachment to characters of Mass Effect universe, or you are simply fascinated by all the possibilities that can happen in Mass Effect universe- Play until the part where you get to London, pretend you killed off the reapers and had babies with you LI.
  50. Mar 12, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. What happened?! The ending of this game was a disaster and completely ruined the entire trilogy. I no longer want to play ME1, ME2, or ME3 ever again because of this. At this point, it would have been preferable to never begin playing the series at all.

    All 3 endings were practically the same. The only real difference was the color of the shockwave. And what happens to Garrus on that planet? Given that his diet is not that of humans, it would obvious to conclude that he would die from starvation.

    Bioware spit on their loyal audience by producing this. They didn't, for a single moment, take into account the feelings of those who have been playing this series since the beginning.

    If this isn't resolved, even through some sort of PAID DLC, it will be the last title i EVER purchase from Bioware.
  51. Mar 12, 2012
    Bioware said that the choices we made throughout the series would shape the ending. It turns out the only choice we have is: "red, blue, or green?" I don't know what kind of drugs the developers were on when they made that decision, but they can shove em.
  52. Mar 12, 2012
    EA should be ashamed of them selves. The Day 1 DLC was built into the through line of the story and then removed. This is what I would call taking advantage of my loyalty and insulting my intelligence. It's hard to believe that the folks over at EA are clever enough to fully integrate a complete story arc and then remove it before the game is finalized, and then sell the part they removed back to the people who paid a premium price for the game on the same day that the game hits the street, BUT they were unable to keep the BIOWARE team focused enough to create an appropriate ending for an EPIC piece of popular culture. This defines FAILURE in my humble opinion. Expand
  53. Mar 12, 2012
    this is probably one of the worst endings to a trilogy I have ever seen. Its not that the ending is sad or not what I "wanted" I could deal with that. Its the fact the the whole last 15 minutes is full of dozens of plot holes that make no sense and gives us absolutely no closure or clue what the hell happened, it just goes straight to the credits when you would expect some more info. If you bought the game already, then your like me and pissed off and out of 60 bucks. ( if its the PC version)

    If you haven't bought the game, either play a friends copy or wait 3 months until game stop is so stocked up on returned copies that you''ll get a 80% discount on it. Graphics - 9/10 - Great Graphics
    Sounds 7/10 - Voices for most part are great, music is horrible Story 7.5/10 until last 15 minutes then it goes to a 0/10
  54. Mar 12, 2012
    As a player who has spend hundreds of hours replaying different possible paths in previous Mass Effect games, I can attest that the 'choice' of endings in this game have basically both killed my desire to further pursue Mass Effect titles and to seriously call into question the judgement of Bioware as a game development studio.

    The ending sequence to this title must have passed before
    hundreds of pairs of eyes within the company before going live; the fact that it made it out the door in this state is... largely unforgivable. Plot holes the size of Texas, a nonsensical story twist that just leaves players confused at the end, and an utter lack of closure for the trilogy, the characters, the galaxy, etc, with any 'choice' of ending.

    I WANTED to love this game; instead it leaves me feeling ill and abused.
  55. Mar 12, 2012
    Do not waste your money. Bioware has gone the way of most developers and are only in it for the money now. They have established a fan base and exploited them in every possible way. The more hardcore fans will defend Bioware but will lose faith over time to the lack of respect Bioware has for them. EA was the worst thing to happen to Bioware and this game is the nail in the coffin. Take your money somewhere else to a company that values its relationship to its customers. Tanking this score is the best thing you can do for this company now. DO NOT BUY Expand
  56. Mar 12, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The ending was so lame and lazy because it forced a set of copy pasta choices on me that provided no closure to your character or story. Just a space magic ending with different colored lights. I'm absolutely furious because they said all along that this would not happen. Not can I not play ME 3 again, it has killed any desire for me to even look at anything in the ME franchise. This is pretty serious since I've been on board with ME 1. To do me like this is a utter betrayal. If EA thinks I'm going to go buy DA 3 after this heinous crime, good luck. Until this issue is resolved by fixing the lame ending choices with real choices or something, I doubt I will pay one red cent to EA for anything. For crying out loud, this is exactly why they left the Lucas arts franchise behind when KOTR 2 got rush job now they do it to their own game like this? I'm sorry to all the voice actors who worked so hard on this and I still appreciated all their hard work. Most of the game was good and well voiced. However, the ending is just such a betrayal that it has destroyed any inclination to pick up this game or any other in the series because nothing I do has an effect on what architect/ghost dad/star child makes you choose to do. Expand
  57. Mar 12, 2012
    This entire game would get a 10/10 game of the year rating had Bioware decided not to totally INVALIDATE well over 100 hours of gametime spent across all three games in the trilogy. The ending to this game was totally illogical, bad story content, and gut-wrenchingly vague - no epilogue, no conclusion - it feels like Bioware took 100s of hours of our lives, just to hoodwink us in the end.
  58. Mar 12, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The capstone to the Mass Effect trilogy does not end with a bang, but rather a whimper. You chase the impossible, beating every enemy in your path, you save (or condemn) entire civilizations, but in the end none of it matters. With a beam of light (you choose the color) the galaxy dies, the saga ends and your every hope comes to naught. Save the Geth, kill the krogan, renegade or Paragon, you will see the same choices as any other permutation of Shepard. What happens after the finale is anyone's guess as the game ends with a subtle command to "Buy the DLC!". There is no closure, there is only shiny lights and a ghostly child Expand
  59. Mar 12, 2012
    I have to give this game a low score. In almost all the ways that matter it was a great game. The elephant in the room though is that the whole trilogy was about choice and in the end it didn't really matter. All the hours you spent scanning and fight and making alliances mean nothing. You could just do the minimum for the whole series of games and get the same conclusion. There should be a good ending a neutral ending and bad ending if your into those kind of stories. The whole point of Mass Effect was that it was our story to tell and we didn't get to tell it. Expand
  60. Mar 12, 2012
    Full of glitches, the PC version is slightly better than the console one, which is nearly unplayable. For those that play Mass Effect for the rpg elements I recommend playing something with more storytelling like Pac-Man or Tetris. Also, your "choice has consequence" thing is not really true, as you can see when you reach the ending. An unfortunate ending for an once great game.
  61. Mar 12, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Ahoy, Here there be Spoilers:

    Pirate voice off, review voice on:

    Unlike many others, I had no complaints about the day one DLC, or the autodialogue (which mostly consisted of straightforward conversations that would have been difficult to come up with multiple options for). In fact, I really enjoyed the increased ambient dialogue. The character development was top notch and the story did a fairly good job of reconstructing the Macguffin [...] trope. The first (for me as a completionist) 37 hours were really excellent, even if many of my favorite characters from ME2 only had cameos (Though several of those were outstanding: Jack, Thane and Kasumi's for instance). The new characters were quite fun as well. Cortez, Vega and Traynor all had their strong points and none of them bugged me, though I preferred to talk with the old squadmates.

    The reason I'm giving it such a low rating therefore is the ending. Besides coming out of left field (No, broadcasting that something exists doesn't give you license to make it into anything at all) it was massively inappropriate for the genre. It's like if the last Winnie the Pooh book ended with Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, Christopher Robin and Owl murdered, only for the Criminal Minds team to come in and solve it, dragging away Piglet for the crime (Why Piglet? Because the writers say so!).

    A larger problem than the many logical flaws in the Catalyst's stated argument (and why anyone, let alone Shepard would believe anything that comes out of that holographic punk's mouth is another question) is that your character, who you've spent (assuming you played ME1 and ME2 as I did) more than a hundred hours turning into the ultimate badass, facing down the Council, Wrex, Saren, Sovereign, Harbinger, the Collectors, etfc. is unable to give any response but: sure, I'll choose from among the options you give me, because I'm too stupid to point out that your logic is obviously flawed and that even if it was correct, it wouldn't justify your actions.

    In short, even just cutting off everything after the elevator activates would be a superior ending, one that didn't feel like you climbed a mountain just to get booted off when you reached the top. Speaking only for myself, I won't be bothering to replay with any of my (5!) other Shepards until I'm at least given the option to kick back.
  62. Mar 12, 2012
    Read the reviews and take notice. They all share the stereotype of Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons universe. Its a great game with an emotional ending. Not playing it is doing yourself a disservice.
  63. Mar 13, 2012
    This is the first time I played the mass effect games. Got to say for a first time user I'm really satisfied with this game. Never being a fan at R P Gs I didn't know what to expect with this game. Being a fan of F P S I been use to the run on gun thing didn't know if this game would be for me. Mass effect has done a good job of giving me an adventure of a rpg wit sweet battles of a fps . On top of the cool shoot outs the graphics are top notch for console. This game also has great voice overs . I'm my opinion it's one of the best games to make the characters seem human with all the interaction you get . This review is my personal thoughts on this game. But I will say if u tired of the same old same old games and u never played any of the mass effects give this one a chance u might discover something new and fun Expand
  64. Mar 13, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. With the end of the series Bioware wanted to go all out with their final Mass Effect game. This succeeded making you feel a real part of the war with the Reapers. By far this game is the most user friendly finding a cozy spot in between people's frustration with the complicated UI in the first one (I am not one of them) and the simplicity of the second one. Choosing the gun that fits you best, the armor you like most and the skills you like most are now simplified without taking away from the rpg feel. Game play has been sped up with a more emphasis that you are a weapon on the battlefield. Using cover and jumping between has been made much easier but not at all perfect. Shepard will sometimes climb cover head on into battle getting himself killed when clearly you are pressing to the left or right. As usual squad mates are almost useless unless they have powers. The problem that has plagued the game since the beginning is back and worse as ever. In almost all of the cut scenes characters look stiff and awkward. With great voice comes disappointing visual delivery. On the subject of characters I was also disappointed with the number of squad mates and how many of the former squad mates rejected your offer. Having less variety and not a Krogan I found myself not caring who came with me. In Mass Effect 2 you feel more connect to the characters due to the loyalty missions and the ability to talk to them. In Mass Effect 3 you can talk to some of the characters but I feel they only want to talk to you when they approach you, no you approaching them. Other than those minor annoyances the story goes out with a bang and overall worth your money! Expand
  65. Mar 14, 2012
    Before completing the game I was confused at the massive difference between user and critic reviews. However, since finishing the game I now understand why, either the critics have been bribed or they have no seen the absolute mess of an ending. The only reason I give this a 5 and not a 1 is because up until the end the game is all I imagined it would be; it contained rich flowing story and dialog with a very sound game engine. Some people complain about the poor textures and some of the animations but I am fine with that, I don't play the mass effect trilogy for the graphical detail, I play it for the in depth interactive story.
    The negativity of this review is based solely on the ending, which is very vague, full of plot holes and just generally not a "mass effect" ending.
    If it weren't for the ending I would be scoring this far higher, in the range the have critics scored it.
  66. Mar 25, 2012
    Looking back, I enjoyed playing Mass Effect 2 the most; to me the story, gameplay and atmosphere rocked big time, giving me a cineastic experience and a feeling of immersion only few games have given me so far. Although ME2 was mostly linear, the sheer variety of satisfying setpieces and well-done scripts/dialogues made "collecting" character for character (your team/allies) and the over-arcing story much fun. I went to every location and even scanned most of the planets for resources, although it was quite tedious. After a few hours in Mass Effect 3 and some satisfying hours in the multiplayer mode (never played 'Gears') I began to realize there was "something missing". And then I started to feel like "please let me just get through this and don't annoy me too much". Kudos to Bioware for creating a great SF-lore/galaxy with many great characters, but in ME3, the whole recipe felt sooo "been there, done that". I went to earth (in order to finish the game) as soon as I could. There were some great moments and some sparks flying on the way to the ending, too, but most of them had to do with already well established characters. "On the way to the ending" kind of expresses it, too. It should feel like "the end is closing in, but I don't want it to end!". All in all, I enjoyed this game but can only repeat there's "something missing". It could have been so much more... Oh, and all the military stuff with Hackett, war map, soldier talk etc.? Boooooooring -.- Of course it's also difficult so begin a story with an invasion which seems to erase a whole planet's population within hours, just to then start flying through a whole galaxy for weeks(?) in order to be able to "fight back"... Expand
  67. Mar 14, 2012
    I thought the game was awesome up until the end. I hating the ending and I think BW can do much better. That said, the triology was still one of the most awesome gaming experiences that I've ever had and will be much better if they change the ending. While I think the real score I would rate this is about a 7 or 8 I am giving it a 10 based on the rest of the game and previous games and to try and offset the other people trolling on here that are obviously marking the score low because of the ending. I think BW deserves a fair score. Expand
  68. Mar 14, 2012
    Spoilers below. I have played all 3 of the series over the span of 5 years. I have invested countless time and effort into my character and the universe. I really enjoyed this last game in the series. It brought elements from the first and second games together nicely. It also had some of the best storytelling in just about any game I've seen. BUT As you may heard about the endings. They are HORRIBLE. Plot holes galore, your choices never mattered and they literally detract from the series after you've played them. Nothing is ever explained in the endings at all. As far as multiple endings are concerned, there are basically three choices that coincide with almost the exact same CG sequence at the end, with the only difference being the color of explosions you get. I hope that Bioware will show their fans some respect and fix the endings or add to them in some way. The Mass Effect series did not deserve this ending. Expand
  69. Mar 15, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. do not let yourself be fooled by the newspapers or green reviews - they are bought off. apparently fans, BUYERS don't count anymore: if the seller says it is good and the payed media says it's good, you should fork off your hard earn cash because they say so.

    1 this is no shooter rpg melange anymore - it's a third person shooter
    2 weapons get mods back and there plenty but you hardly need to use any upgrade on medium
    3 IT IS SHORT - so short they'd have to make 3 expansions and 40 dlc to make it worthwhile. would you really by a per character ending dlc , once the story is done? how would that match the three decisive endings? would you care to replay every month or so for a dlc set before?
    4 people say it's full of holes - it's worse than Swiss cheese and lacks the taste.
    5 5-6 npc gang - really ? after me 2?
    6 you go around without your team mates.
    7 spaces to small
    8 no more vehicle - again.
    9 there really is no difference of game play based on your former choices.
    10 these choices don't impact the finale.
    11 IT"S SO DUMBED DOWN a 13 year kid would feel old and pass the game to his 5 year old cousin.
    12 the plot holes require rewriting - it's like the fourth books - SO BAD in gets a petition to be burned and rewritten.
    13 the great god of today - graphics is a let down.
    14 to give it a 3 for sound and voices ... is an insult to all those games that only had lines of dialog - hundreds of thousands lines instead of voice acting but were still an rpg
    15 it is worse than transformers 3 and shorter.
    16 avoid like the plague - it's better to fantasise about a cake than pay and get a piece of bread with mud on top
  70. Mar 15, 2012
    I'm disappointed in you bioware. I'd have given your game a 10/10, really, it was fantastic seeing the drawing together of so many different plot points. Until you broke it at the end.
  71. Mar 19, 2012
    One of the best games I've ever played to date. No other game has made me feel this much emotion, or had me invest SO much into the game.

    There are two kinds of people. The first believes in the end justifying all the means, and they're the ones giving this game a bad review. The other believes that the journey is more important than the destination. And WHAT a journey it was. If you're
    the latter, you'll love it. Expand
  72. Mar 16, 2012
    I reserve a score of 0 for games that are either non-functional, incomplete or grossly incompetently made. Mass Effect 3 fits squarely in the 2nd category. Rather than bring a conclusion to the Reaper threat, the game introduces a Deus Ex Machina ending (in the traditional greek sense). There's no final confrontation, no closure given, just 1 poorly made ending with 3 different color explosions (Literally, I'm not exaggerating here). It really does feel incomplete, and as a result does not deserve a formal review until the finished product is released. Expand
  73. Mar 16, 2012
    Great series ruined by a bad ending. I wasn't expecting everything to be ponies and rainbows at the end, but a lot more choice and a more fulfilling, coherent ending was what I expected and was promised from these master storytellers, who have let me down.

    The game was also plagued with bugs: first it wouldn't install from the disk (tried to download the whole game from Origin even though
    I had a physical copy in the drive) so I had to find a workaround for that. Then it refused to import Shepard's head, so I had to go online to find a workaround for that. Then there were constant bugs and issues, and the game would often freeze unless I turned sound off in the config setting - meaning I had to watch most cutscenes twice - once in silent mode in-game, and again on Youtube walkthroughs to hear what was going on.

    Nice combat system and very emotional, but the ending really did overshadow things for me, hence the score. I will go back to playing ME1 and 2 for now. My advice is stay away until the bugs are fixed and (hopefully) the devs wake up and add some more endings - decent ones. Play ME1 and 2 and enjoy very successful story arcs which manage to be interesting and emotionally involving whilst retaining coherence and choice and not being excessively bleak.
  74. jat
    Mar 17, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. the game retroactively ruins the entire mass effect franchise. You will not want to play the games again, you will not want to buy dlc, you will not want to read the books, and you will want to punch bioware in the nuts.

    The endings boil down to basically 1 ending where none of your choices matter, and you get 0 closure. Everyone dies, and the implications for the rest of the universe are just depressing. Of the endings you get, its basically the same 1, with 3 colors (6 slight variations, but not really) of the promised 16 different endings.

    Gameplay and multiplayer are entertaining, and the campaign has some well written dialogue, up until the final few minutes.
  75. Mar 17, 2012
    People, are you serious? You can't give a REALLY bad score just because endings are bad and textures are loading not so well. I agree, this game is a little letdown, and Mass Effect 2 is still the best Mass Effect game. However, I don't agree about endings. They're not bad. They're just not like any other ending from different games. And I like it a lot. Sure, endings are a bit disappointing, but they are not bad. What about graphics... I don't care, actually. But everything else is great: story, gameplay, combat etc. That's why I give this game 9 out of 10. Expand
  76. Mar 17, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game improved the game play of Mass Effect 2 and included some of the features lost from Mass Effect, and was on track to be one of my favorite games, maybe ever, until the last act of the game. I feel that none of my actions from previous games had any impact on the ending. I feel that none of my preparation of the galaxy (I estimate 80% of the time spent playing the game!) had any impact on the ending. I actually bought the iOS game and played multi player to get 100% of my forces ready for the final battle, only to face the exact A, B, or C ending choice that the developers said this game would not have. The worst part about this game is how truly great it was until the end-- how BioWare and EA squandered the potential of this game and the epic conclusion to this heretofore great series. Had the game been uniformly bad, I would have been less severe on it, but to ascend to such great heights only to plummet to the ending we were given is a failure I never would have expected from BioWare. I'm willing to overlook the consolization, the failure of the game to update its onscreen messages with my changed key bindings, the comparatively poor resolution of the character's bodies compared to their faces; none of that would have greatly impacted my opinion of the experience if I was not so immensely let down by the conclusion (or lack thereof).

    I understand this is a product, and we are consumers, but did you really have to throw a DLC sales pitch in my face after you shattered my hopes for this game and this series?

    Shame on you, BioWare. I can no longer associate "BioWare" with "great games" after this experience, and I'm not alone in this. How long with you wait before you directly address our issues, without this PR sidestepping and pretending that we just don't understand your supposed "art" ?
  77. Mar 19, 2012
    I wrote an earlier review giving the game a 7 because of the disappointing ending. I've decided to amend that score. The game itself is stellar, with a terrific story, environment, voice acting and musical score. Game play is damned fun and the game really draws you into the story. The ability to see your choices across all three of the games affect what alliances you are able to build in the final chapter is an accomplishment by Bioware and very satisfying to the player. Single player is a blast, and multiplayer is surprisingly quite fun and well implemented. Everything about the game is amazing, so I can't continue to knock it down just because the creative vision of the writers for the ending doesn't match my idea of a good ending. I'd still prefer a much better ending, but the game is terrific through 95% of it and deserves a good score for the 95% they did right. So I'm amending my score to a 9.5. Expand
  78. Mar 17, 2012
    This game was awesome. All these people can complaining about the plot but nI felt thoroughly satisfied with the game. Probably the best trilogy ever made!
  79. Mar 17, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is a very entertaining game that follows closely the formula of ME2, but there are several MASSIVE PROBLEMS with it. I would recommend you do NOT purchase it at this time.

    If you consider yourself a loyal fan of the series, and appreciated the direction of the stories in the previous games, there is an excellent chance you will find the endings deeply unsatisfying. There
    is currently a campaign underway to convince Bioware to add an alternative to the current endings. You can find out more by searching for Retake Mass Effect. Multiplayer is a component Bioware decided to include with this game. Normally this wouldn't be a concern for single player focused players, but a player's participation in MP has a direct effect on your SP experience, specifically the ending. Even if you are a completionist type of player who carefully goes through the game checking everything, you may not have enough of a certain score to achieve the "best" ending if you do not play multiplayer. For those without a reliable internet connection, this is a serious problem.

    The day one DLC is a sore point for many gamers. While I would not call the content "necessary" for full enjoyment of the game, your squad would seem fairly bare without the inclusion of the character in this dlc, and considering the free squadmate offered very soon after Mass Effect 2's release, there is no reason this couldn't have been free as well (aside from corporate greed, which is exactly what this is).

    Finally, a smaller complaint, but one I suspect many fans will be upset about. A certain character's true appearance is revealed in this game. If you are a long time fan you will know exactly who I speak of. Let's just say the reveal is quite disappointing, and it involves photoshop. All these issues (minus the MP) are based on my own opinions. I have been a big fan of the series since the beginning, and 99% of the trilogy has been an absolute blast. I don't expect Bioware to remove or change the offenses I have listed above, but I would sincerely appreciate an alternative. If you share my opinion on some of these missteps, I would again ask that you do not purchase the game at this time. Affecting Bioware and EA's profits is the best way to voice your opinion.
  80. Mar 18, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Mass Effect 3 - perhaps, greatest disappointment in my playing life. There are good moments in him, but them criminally small. On all basic elections from previous parts a scenario writer spit(Did you set about in slivers the base of Collectors? And in headquarters of Cerberus however use works "from that remained". Did you kill queen Rachny in the first part? Reapers-Rachny however will appear in the third.) From an ideal command from the second part there is nothing - her members appear pair of one times for a game, are a how hardly not parody on itself and thank God if fervor in a shot does not die. Be kind to love the personages of ME1 dull tossing of as if parodying casual personage Gears of War and AI....but now in the body of robot! Reapers from a galactic threat goes to the quite stupid bosses, maintaining the pair of rockets. (Teleport on Citadel, one place from where they can be destroyed one only ordinary Reaper guards) But all of it grows dim as compared to the monstrous ending, that turns all clock conducted after three parts in puke, the choice of color of this puke is only given you. All game you collected troops for a battle that so not happened, the final amount of these troops influences only on the insignificant differences of finishing roller. Explaining nothing, entering some idiotic God-child, Bioware allow titles and suggest to buy DLC.Here thank you! Good moments like permission of conflicts between different races and pair of deaths of especially favourite personages only show what could be ME3 if it were not for replacement of scenario writer and desire to do quickly continuation of successful series, instead of that to do a really good game. Sadly, that to say. Expand
  81. Mar 18, 2012
    Everything that made ME1&2 good games is not here (except graphics...).
    No choice and consequence, 1 (well more than one but all feel the same) ending, other characters are non-existant in this episode no way you'll grow attached to any of them, linear and weak story.
    Really pissed off, this is how to ruin a trilogy. The product would have some value but compared to the masterpieces 1&2
    are, this one is just a 5. Expand
  82. Mar 19, 2012
    What disappointing in this game is what simple actions that can make this game atleast 50% better or more,such a good series like this should not be rushed and should be a lesson to bioware about the effects of rushing good games (cough dragon age ii)
  83. Mar 19, 2012
    I just do not understand how they can write such amazing dialog for this one, and then completely botch the ending. The other two games didn't feel nearly as alive and real as this one and it was a lot of fun to play... but the ending was just horrid. Shame on you Bioware.
  84. Jan 4, 2013
    came back after playing the extended cut, which was just another lame failure by bioware, what a complete sellout, a crock of crap , what the hell happened to hudson, he killed the franchise leaving former founders to quit. says it all really, casey hudson ruined mass effect period.
  85. Mar 19, 2012
    I would have given it a 9 for gameplay alone, but I had to say 2 to represent how satisfied I was with this poor end of such an amazing series. The ball was dropped, and an entire story ruined by 10 minutes of plotholes and a failure to give Shepard the real chance to succeed as he/she would have if they had stayed true to the character. Mass Effect deserved better than this.
  86. Mar 20, 2012
    Totaly awesome game and perfect ending of epic trilogy. I really like the this game of the partially returned to the first games RPG elements and the impact of all decisions of the previous games.
  87. Mar 20, 2012
    For the most part, Mass Effect 3 is a beautiful and functional game through and through (save for a rushed feeling and ultimately disappointing end-game and some awful game import bugs that still need addressing). Even the multiplayer gameplay was better than expected. If not for said disappointing ending, ME3 would be the best title in the franchise so far. With some DLC and acknowledgment from EA/Bioware over a few hiccups, ME3 could easily be elevated to a 10 (a rating it otherwise deserves). Expand
  88. Mar 21, 2012
    Boring side-quests, to much repeating. Did not feel the characters, to little time with the ME2 characters. Bugging cut-scenes were heads are turned to the side when having conversations and sometimes just see a wall. Allot of the voice-sounds are gone, use subtitles! Wrong textures., supposed to come on different act. Sometimes strange conversations, were you dont know what they are talking about, like you talking with a different guy. These little mistakes destroys the total experience. Going from ME1 and ME2 to this is a scandal! Seems like Bioware are tired of Mass Effect and now so am I. Not interested in DLCs after this shaite. Expand
  89. Mar 22, 2012
    Buen juego destrozado por el final.
    Nada importa, ni decisiones ni nada, una estafa, vamos...

    Solo se salva por que al menos la narrativa es amena y la jugabilidad buena, pero ese final... MAAAL
  90. Mar 23, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. While some elements of the game were less than great, I think the game as a whole was one of the best that I've played in a while. My biggest complaint is probably the changes to the dialogue system. There are almost no neutral options for conversations and each dialogue option you choose accounts for a longer part of the conversation, whereas it was usually only one or two lines in the previous two games. To compensate for it, they seem to have put in a lot more paragon and renegade interrupts, which are nice in that they give you a bit more control over what your Shepard says and does.

    Another drawback, for me, was the system for gauging your military strength. Unlike in Mass Effect 2, where each loyalty or upgrade you got was used for a specific purpose, this game just gives you a gross total that doesn't factor in either the source or the type of the resource. You also don't really see how it affects the ending of the game, beyond you, as the player, knowing that you got a certain total which allowed you to have certain possibilities.

    Without going into detail, I'll just say that the ending, to me, was pretty disappointing. As someone who's played both Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 several times, I was unhappy with the way they chose to conclude the final chapter of the trilogy. That being said, I still think the positive elements of this game far outweigh the negative.

    One of the first things I noticed about this game was the improved look. They took a lot of what was great about Mass Effect 2 (the vibrant scenery, the dynamic cut-scenes) and added more of the texture detail from the first game and a nice grittiness that seemed fitting for the tone of this game. While a few of the scenes (especially on the Normandy) were poorly lit, that was more the exception than the rule.

    Probably the biggest improvement, in my mind, was the change to the weapons system. Much like in Mass Effect 2, there is no working inventory, so when you find a certain gun, it's then available for the whole squad. However, unlike Mass Effect 2, the different weapons aren't direct upgrades of each other. Instead, each one has a specific feel and is suited to a different style of play. Once you figure out which one will work best for you, you can upgrade and customize it to further fit your needs. Beyond that, the combat system is pretty similar to Mass Effect 2, with a few small improvements, so if you liked it in Mass Effect 2, you'll like it here. The multiplayer campaign is also a nice addition to the experience as a whole, even if it's more of a side dish than a meal on its own.

    Also, I would probably consider this game the strongest of the series as far as use of time. Whereas the first game had a lot of random side quests to make the game longer and the second game sometimes lost the urgency of the main quest between all the loyalty and recruitment missions, Mass Effect 3 is much more clearly focused on gathering resources to use against the Reapers. While the game as a whole was at least a few hours shorter than the other two, a lot more of that time was spent on the main mission. Overall, while there were a few things that I was less than happy about, this game is still definitely worth playing.
  91. Mar 23, 2012
    We were promised an epic battle for Earth ... The sophisticated dialogues and the consequences of choice. As a result, none of these promises, in the ME3 is not satisfied. The game drags in the first half. And the second is simply FAIL. I will never buy a single BioWare game (
  92. Mar 23, 2012
    I played all the previous Mass Effect games as well and enjoyed them all. True the ending is not great ( the more i think about it - it actually kind of sucks) But it is nevertheless one of the best games i´ve ever played. Such a great story, such great characters, such fun gameplay - awesome. **** the last 10 minutes, you´ll have easily 30h of high quality fun.
  93. Apr 5, 2012
    I won't add to it any further. Some of the reviews down here do already get to the point of what was wrong with this game. To summarize it, the settings in the game along with the streamlined dialogues do lack any depths, while the graphics are blatantly dragged from the previous game, with no polishing whatsoever and at times performing low frame-rate levels. From the second half of the game onward, the main plot rises to an acceptable level of narration, only to sink as it draws near to the end. The gameplay is nothing special either. It's mostly fine, but it's clunky and way too "shooterized". Basically, the game has been simplified in order to reach a wider console audience, while the end, sadly enough, encourage the players to buying new DLCs to get further information about the fate of the galaxy. As a result, i recommend purchasing it on budget in the next months to come, as it still delivers some good stories on the mass effect universe, though lacking a major consistency. Expand
  94. Mar 29, 2012
    Ending of this epic game is EPIC FAIL! Graphics, animations... all this is **** Bioware, you spit in my face with this ending, I will not buy your games anymore.
  95. Mar 31, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The Plot Hole Ridden Ending ruins the series. The Dissappointment face when finally getting to the End is incredible. The Cerberus base was fun then at the end of that mission it was all down hill. The Deus Ex 3 choice ending rip off
    The Deus Ex Machina StarChild which seems to come from Wintersun - StarChild reminds me of the idiocy they pulled in the Matrix with the Architect same thing "God out of the Machine" its totally ridiculous
    Harbinger says nothing the main enemy for ME2 had more lines in the Arrival than the whole of ME3. The Arrival wasn't particularly good either. The Normandy running away from the fight. The last shooting/fight area is just a horde of monsters no end game Boss just Harbinger frying which is when full dissappointment sets in. Its absolutely heart breaking that the ending was allowed to be released like this you'd have to be a complete moron to like it and completely irrational to think that others who don't only do so because they don't understand it. Its not clever its a cop out its a load of cheap tricks to appear complicated, but its just convoluted and a mess.
  96. Apr 8, 2012
    i WAS a devoted fan of this saga so i can't say i hated ME3 but...i CAN genuinely say i was very disappointed. Bioware made a few improvements to combat whilst killing ALL the other features that made mass effect what it was... The choices and repercussions from ME1-->ME2 are now worth a **** so the story we had built basically died. Most of the caracters we came to love are no longer with us cause they were replaced by either gay or pretty looking people...none of which ever really have an edifying conversation with shepard cause roleplay is nonexistent in this release... Even little things like the music in shepards quarters went from epic space tunes to half-assed amature fiddling with keyboard. Now.. the fighting and some of the scenes were actually pretty great but, this little approval suddenly finds itself punched, kicked and spitt on by THE END....
    ... Oh God, the end.... could it suck more?... anyways, mass effect 3 is fun to play for any person that doesn't give a damn about the trilogy nor spent time and money on the prior titles. But for us fans... we got screwed. P.S ---those cash mongering tactics like the day one DLC crap.... results in more loss than gain.
  97. Apr 2, 2012
    The Good: Some of the character writing is the best I've seen in a video game. The Bad: Frequent bugs (I started saving before I stepped foot on the bridge). With the exception of a few superb missions, the story writing falls apart in this game (especially in the second half). The overall plot is weak and the ending is as bad as advertised. The entire last mission (London) feels like it was done by a different team. I don't know whether this game was rushed, a victim of corporate politics, or had some massive turnover in the writing staff, but this was a massive disappointment. What makes it transcend the average failure are the moments of brilliance. The game keeps sucking you back in and then smacking you every time you engage in it. A bad game is just dull. This one is painful. If you haven't played ME1 and ME2, avoid this series at all costs. Expand
  98. Apr 4, 2012
    Ending looks like was written by a 10 year old. Full of plot holes, just feels incomplete and full of nonsense. A dissapointment like I never had before in a video game.
    Dumbed down story line in comparison to the first mass effect.
    Again, ending removes all replay value.
    Combat is more dynamic and fun, but what made the previous games stand all (story, narrative, player engagement) in
    this one only ruins the entire franchise. Expand
  99. Mar 6, 2012
    The first Mass Effect is one of my all time favorite games, with really enjoyable gameplay and immersing story, I rate Mass Effect 2 as good but not as good as the first one, the story just didn't progress enough. Sadly Mass Effect 3 is the weakest in the series in my opinion. While the gameplay is about on par with the previous games, which is good, the story was really lacking. Large plotholes made the game unenjoyable for me and the ending was real letdown. I'm quite sad this trilogy ended on such a mediocre tone. Collapse

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  1. Apr 11, 2012
    BioWare captures the scale of the conflict well, but always focuses on the people involved in it. It's pretty amazing just how badly EA disregarded the heart of the game – the characters and the world – when they began their marking blitzkrieg, but don't worry, it's oh so definitely there – Day 1 DLC, controversial endings, and questionable use of resources be damned. This is a fine, lovingly crafted game with a clear vision despite the realities of corporations and damning business practices.
  2. Apr 5, 2012
    A game that's more shooter than role-playing, and a conclusion that's more spectacular than dramatic. [Apr 2012, p.47]
  3. Mar 31, 2012
    Finishing a trilogy is always difficult. Tying off dozens of story threads which had been woven by players into many different tapestries is a daunting task. Mass Effect 3 is the first game that succeeded at this colossal undertaking.