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  • Summary: Written by active U.S. Tier 1 Operators while deployed overseas and inspired by real world threats, Medal of Honor Warfighter delivers an aggressive, gritty, and authentic experience that puts gamers in the boots of today's most precise and disciplined warrior. Medal of Honor Warfighter is an up close and personal look at today's battlefield and the fight against the ongoing global terror threat. Expand
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  1. Oct 29, 2012
    Warfighter is a typical "more- of-the-same-game." Developer Danger Close didn't reach the goal, creating a "most authentic" shooter - the 5h-campaign feels like a Hollywood war movie, lots of firefights, some nice pursuit-sequences and a most confusing story-plot. Playing Warfighter online in various modes is kind of fun, though there are still lot of bugs in there.
  2. Nov 27, 2012
    Danger Close's Medal of Honor: Warfighter cannot stand out of the huge amount of military shooters. And that's a shame, because aside from the evil terrorist's story, playing is quite good fun. Even if there is no proper use of the Frostbite 2 engine, Medal of Honor: Warfighter is a solid game that doesn't have too many own ideas.
  3. Oct 25, 2012
    If you dissect Warfighter, every little aspect is better than in its predecessor, which in the end only means minimal progress. As a whole it is nothing more than an average shooter that has problems in leaving its mark.
  4. Oct 27, 2012
    Medal of Honor: Warfighter doesn't merge its cliched parts into a satisfying whole, making it just another middle-of-the-road military shooter.
  5. 50
    Unfortunately, this is another game that cannot reach the quality of its predecessors, especially the first titles in the series.
  6. Oct 29, 2012
    It wants to be respectful of military veterans and present a realistic, gritty experience with a heart string-tugging story that's layered with a thrilling secret operations plot – but it's so fundamentally jumbled, thrown together, and confusing that I can't begin to recommend it.
  7. Dec 2, 2012
    Plot holes, broken scripting and offensive self-contradiction makes Warfighter one of the worst games we've played all year. [Dec 2012, p.85]

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  2. Negative: 60 out of 154
  1. Oct 23, 2012
    Let me just start off by saying I'm an avid Battlefield player and I haven't played a Call of Duty since 4.
    I've played 300+ hours of MoH
    2010 and was on the leaderboards. I've got over probably over 2000 hours invested battlefield as a series and have played it at a tournament level multiple times.

    First thing I will address is the class system because it really feels like its one of the beefier more fleshed out aspects that will make it stand out from battlefield. When I first started playing I though that the Spec ops wall hack was so overpowered. But then as I played the other classes I realized that all of the classes have some sort of OP ability.. so it all evens out in the end. Assault has a VERY hard to aim and shoot grenade that is a 1hit kill to the body. Long reload means if you miss you are dead and it has limited ammo that can't be refilled other than a squad resupply defense chain. The heavy gunner has an unlimited ammo deployment that makes his LMG an ACTUAL lmg (unlike in battlefield 3 lol xD) if you get flanked you are screwed though. No hope for you. The sniper has an auto spotting mechanism built into their bipod which is handy (but again if you are flanked you are dead... also it makes you stand still for the easy counter snipe). The demoman has the mask that makes you a walking tank with double the health. It definitely helps you get 1 kill unscathed After taking any sort of damage you can't see and its better to just remove the mask though. Makes you slow as hell though and an easy target for the 1 hit kill headshots. The pointmans ability has a single magazine of ammo that does more damage. The ammo kicks like a mule though so you can't abuse it really. The specops ability to do the really hazy wallhack (with a 2 second delay) doesn't really help you do much other than lay down your point streaks and tell where the enemy is coming as a general direction. No class is seemingly OP - it all boils down to the situation and what you like to play with.

    Next I will address the "wall hack aura" that is cause for much controversy:
    This aura only appears in certain modes. It will be the thing that gets you killed the most. So after killing someone I usually keep tight eyes on corners - sometimes people rush and it enables you to get the drop on them even though they should have had the drop on you. I don't really like it atm - will probably play modes with it turned off most of the time - but it might warm up to me. I can definitely tell there is a lot of psychological warfare that goes hand in hand with it and I am not against any of that at all keeps things tense and keeps you thinking on your feet.

    Comparing it to 2010:
    In 2010 the score chains were 'chained' to stronger score chains... The top players basically learned how the spawns worked and would spawn kill to cruise missile. There was even gentlemens agreements that once someone starts laying down you let them get to cruise missile before entering the spawn and making them flip/ sending down your own strikes. It was how the game worked. In this game though you can't chain your point streaks at all. The smoke nets you almost no points. Meaning you have to do an offensive if you want to chain points towards your next streak other than resupply which only nets you 100 pts - Usually what I end up opting for though because the splash damage on the point streaks are abysmal ^^ you have to REALLY get a good hit on the enemy or they REALLY have to be bunched up to get multi kills. Even the apache is weak. It can be shot down easily with a semi auto sniper. All in all - the point streaks are not what you play the game for like in 2010. They won't help you very much and don't really serve you that well. In fact I would argue the most useful point streaks are the level 1 offensive for each class. So the UAV, radar jammer, a mobile spawn point etc. Also - spawn killing is improved 10x over. I will not lie and say it doesn't exist - but it's MUCH harder to achieve than in battlefield 3 or Moh 2010 ( I can't say i've played cod to know how bad it is for comparison ). When you are being spawn killed the best thing to do is to either sit there and not spawn - or to just quit out. No shame in it imo.

    The melee system is a panic system but the reach on it is impossibly short and there is no homing in or lunge. There is a recharge delay after 2 swipes so if you miss one of your two - you can expect to be dead. Your pistol is still a more viable "OH SHI" moment weapon - the pointman is the one you don't want to make go "OH SHI" though - that shotgun is undeniably the best secondary for CQB. The Fireteams system is better than BF3 squads imho - he is your man for everything and you don't have to chase after him HOPING he will drop ammo. You just take it from him. Great for the "no mic" lone wolf bunch that don't really wan to go around with you as a team. I would type more up - but I've hit max character limit. 9.5/10
  2. Nov 11, 2012
    Before I tell you why this game is the better shooter per this day and deserve 10 points on my scale, let me tell you why most people flush it in the toilet.
    Its about taking time to get to know a game and learn it. I think that the reviewers out there have SKYHIGH expectations about this game because it's being developed by danger's close. I am the kind of gamer who likes the different games because i've grown tired of CoD and BF. And thats because there's no variation in those games. But in MoH:WF you have full customization on guns and solidiers, every class have a special ability, and there also is a correct running mechanism and LEANING mechanism which works very well. I think the most wellcome'ed thing about the game is the special abilities. This have been developed to have a solution for nube-toobs without taking the noobtube away from the noobs. For example Spec Ops-class have an ability called "Scan" wich gives you heat-vision through walls for just a sec and give you better control for the situation, this way, the nubetube is no longer in court and judged by the more experienced gamers. The only "neg" I have to report is the maps. They're not bad at all, but they're confusing at first and not as good as the old MoH2010 maps. But in terms of gameplay and fun a clear 10!
  3. Dec 30, 2013
    This will be my first review seeing that I have never, ever reviewed any game, but that's not to say I don't have strong opinions. Medal of Honor: Warfighter was bought and downloaded because I have always stuck to the other FPS titles that are always "front-runners", and wanted to see how good the "other" title was, especially since it was on sale for a great price. I won't mention the other top rate titles but I'm sure you'll get the picture.
    This game was not a real long episode however it's rating in my opinion didn't do it justice at all. The one thing that makes any game good is it's story line. I read the reviews and so many people said they didn't get it. The story line was down to earth, modern day, and real. It captured the frustration, emotions and adrenaline pumping moments that run through every modern day operator's mind. In addition things like radio protocol, slang used on the battlefield and the general attitude of the men were all right on. At different times there were skirmishes or all out fire-fights. What sets it apart from other titles is the skirmishes last a while. Everything is unpredictable, and not always do you have a happy ending or win. Checking your corners and sometimes not being able to tell who is friendly or not is a reality. This game also shows you how to be patient and not take out every "tango" that you see.
    This game is as close as it gets boys and girls. I can tell EA used actual operators in making this project. I will definitely go back to prior games in the series. The reason I am giving it only a nine is because there are several glitches or bugs during the game that forces me to restart the last check point. The graphics were superb, especially 3D through Tri-Def, and yes, bullets sound like that when they hit a body. Other than that, this game is definitely worth it. This is how real "Ops" are run! Major "kudo's" to EA!
  4. Feb 21, 2013
    I like this game and EA/Dice screwed the pooch on this one. It could of been handled better and should have been delayed instead of releasing a game that needed to be patched. Unfortunately they didn't patch it right away and it lost a lot of people. When they did release the patch. The patch didn't do much for what the community wanted. The devs stated on Battlelog forums that they kept a lot of stuff in game that the community didn't like. That and the patch being released a few months after it was released was a little to late for damage control. This game could have been great. Expand
  5. Oct 23, 2012
    Very boring FPS (typical **** from Electronic arts). Typical arcade FPS with low realism and the typical theme about killing "bad terrorists". The game is nothing knew for the genre and the single player part is very boring and run-of-the-mill Expand
  6. Oct 27, 2012
    Many say this game is rushed but nothing such. This is what it really is. They are using Frostbite 2 which is in use on Battlefield 3, it is refined and graphically gorgeous, most of the job is already done by DICE, Danger Close have to take it tweak it a little, make a few multiplayer maps, throw in a mediocre campaign and their done. But they fail everywhere, even the engine is buggy and you have to wonder how considering DICE has ironed out most of it, just shows you how brilliant the team at Danger Close is, round of applause, while a talented studio like 38 Studios is out of business DC gets a second shot to make another shoddy game. Here is what is wrong with the game:
    - Maps are way too small, corners are tight and if a team is holding top point you are doomed as you will not get through, if you are getting shot you cannot take cover behind anything because there barely is anything, and you can't dart into a corner because most times the maps are linear and its forwards and backwards until you get the options to turn left or right, oh wait your dead.
    - Gameplay in general is like every other game, except this one feels a little more sluggish, probably because of the constant need of having to scope in to shoot, because hip fire is awful and your bullets are like bb pellets they do absolutely no damage so you can't miss any shot. Fireteam/Buddy seems pointless to because if you are playing with someone you don't know they will just go off on their own and I shouldn't be expected to follow them if they keep running into DEATH, also spawning on them is another issue, when they are seen by the enemy the timer shoots up to 4 seconds and everytime they are shot or spotted again it happens all the time. I recommend falling back all the time, you can get to them quicker like that. The lean feature is also dodgy with it forcing you to hold alt and direction meaning you cant actually move your character when leaning.
    All in all this game is terrible, a few changes are obviously coming through patches, better map through PAID DLC unfortunately, I know it sucks, those map can be even worse though. Your better off buying BF3 or any Call of Duty title ANY CALL OF DUTY IS BETTER THAN THIS. Battlefield 3 can offer close quarters with a better feeling, can give you mini maps from its giants and not suffer from it. Want an FPS? then this isn't it.
    One example of a bad map: Think the game mode was RUSH not sure what it is called here, but we had too fall back and we were forced to play in a small mansion, the cut off point of combat area was also ridiculous considering our enemies could spawn there and snipe all they liked without us getting close, it was literally the middle of the combat zone in logic, but DC decided to cut it off because their idiots, haven't they made a game before? Thanks for reading a little rushed, see this is probably what rushed looks like, but this game has mostly been in development for 2 years, it uses a brilliant engine, all it needs is a few drawings of maps and done but they failed. I would give the game to a different studio, not DICE they're busy making awesome.
  7. Apr 7, 2014
    Truly awful. Negligently so. EA may temporarily humiliated themselves by apologising but why not a refund or vouchers? I hope the bonuses of those involved were properly adjusted downward. Expand

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