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  1. Mar 15, 2012
    you could say that "Flight" has done the things that FSX should do, but before you say "FINALLY!" learn that "Flight" compromises everything else. Free to play games are dominating the market. Many of those are sneaky and wont let you win if you dont pay, others do this model just right with being fair with free players. Flight doesn't fall in any of those categories and the reason for this is that its a glorified demo and not a freemium game. the only difference is that unlike other demos you will never get a full game, but rather buy content for expanding the demo. needles to say that this might be very expensive than just buying a full game Sure, i gave this game a chance. i said "ok how bad could it be?" thinking that the initial reports of what the beta included(just two planes) was not what the final game will have. i was mistaken. indeed there are just two planes and the world is as dead as it gets, no AI airtraffic, no cars on the road or boats in the sea and total lack of animal life. Another compromise done is the realism. its not realistic while its not arcady either. it just cannot decide what it is. it has an identity crisis. you will stall, but you cannot overstress the aircraft? what kind of sorcery is this?! to change the mood a bit, the scenery is well designed and the aircraft look gorgeous, and best of all the performance is smooth and way better than dear old FSX, and that's where the good things end. the sound? yes, the sound is good especially the engine sounds of the aircraft, beyond that there's the music which another problem are the missions and challenges. they get repetitive while absurdly enough, most missions that already exist in the game require an aircraft you must buy for real money. there is also a leveling system in place. that means in order to do some challenges and missions you must be in the proper level and this could mean you would have to grind. yes, this is not a typing error, grind in a game like this. last but not least the false advertisement and MS herself. we got tons of sugar coated news on how Flight is reconsieved and renovated and how is meant for old and new fans, but it turns out its not like this at all. the game is not an advancement rather a significant downgrade and with its realism stripped out(both in physics and world) and its limited scale, Flight deserves the dislike of old fans. MS seems to have asked the marketing department rather the fans or devs, she bullied third party devs and required them to accept preposterous terms in order to let them make content for Flight. in the end this whole DLC model is as stupid as the people that decide to make money out of it and the people who would pay for it. Full Review »
  2. Jul 14, 2012
    To improve this game they should add inside views to all the planes and add additional dlc content. Also they should add ai planes, moving ground vehicles, and some of the other features that were in previous releases from microsoft. Full Review »
  3. Apr 23, 2012
    if you're looking for an aircraft simulator because you aspire to be a pilot (or you're already one and wanna practice the basics) by bunk-flying actual planes... don't download Microsoft Flight even if it's free. stick to FSX or even FS 2004.

    Microsoft Flight has absolutely nothing to do with simulation because they've messed up the angles in order to emphasize the game's graphics. one can't "scan" any instruments... there's just a GUI small enough to see the aircraft's heading, airspeed, altitude, power setting, fuel, and an annoying cross hair. there are no indications for vertical speed and turn coordination. there's also no point in having navigational instruments and flight planning since the game only takes place in Hawaii.

    as a game, it's not that impressive either. it only has the ICON A5 and the Boeing Stearman (if you have a Windows Live account) as default aircraft, the rest (which aren't that many) are DLC's in exchange for Microsoft points. i haven't tried this game with a joystick, but it does feel very awkward with an Xbox 360 controller especially during taxi. also, this game can be finished in a day because there aren't enough missions. flying freestyle is also boring with either of the default aircraft. the ICON A5 looks and feels like a car more than an aircraft while the Stearman is painfully simple.

    the only good thing about this game is the graphics. that's just about it.
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