• Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Release Date: Oct 13, 2011
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 470 Ratings

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  1. Oct 13, 2011
    First I want to dispel some of the myths you'll find in the mixed and negative reviews:
    1. You can move your units before battle, but you need to get a skill to do it. Had the reviewers who argue this isn't possible played beyond the tutorial they would have learned this.
    2. I do not have any graphical glitches whatsoever. It may be a driver issue for some, I'm running a Radeon 6970 so it
    might be an nVidia issue or something who knows.

    Okay so I really love this game. I think the graphics could be better and I think it's tough for the developers because so many people just want them to remake HOMM3. So for myself the really only issue I have with the game is no random maps and I'd like to see an option for even higher quality graphics.

    The new things they've brought in are quite welcome. I'm a huge fan of the massive skill tree. The previous option left you with random choices when you leveled up and you couldn't build the character you wanted. The tutorial shows you how to do just about everything so there's no need for confusion. The voice acting and music is good, and I also like the combat. So all in all a good game. I'm really excited to try out the multiplayer. And just a friendly reminder to all the whiners giving this a 0: you can place your troops, but it's a skill that you get when you level up. Play more of the game before you review it.
  2. Oct 13, 2011
    Suprisingly good. I LOVED HoMM III as we all did, and hated IV and V, however this is remarkably good, and goes back to its roots more. It doesnt offer much new, although it feels very polished and well thought out. The game looks amazing in play, the graphics and animations really blend well, its not an easy game, and the AI whilst not genius level seems to offer a decent challenge for learning the game. You will get at least 40 hours play in single player alone. All in all a good addition to this series. Expand
  3. Oct 13, 2011
    It's great Might and Magic Return, good graphic, audio, interface, gameplay and great story. Music of Paul Romero is beautiful. Voice of actors is amazing. Big game for 40-60 hours, it's giving a lot of fun!
  4. Oct 13, 2011
    A true successor of the Heroes series. The game play is smooth and the graphics is just fantastic. Combine that with the excellent music and you get a true heroes atmosphere.
    There are very good innovations in the game, like the area control. You don't have to chase the weak enemy heroes capturing your mines over and over again, you just have to control the Towns. The duel mode is great,
    i spent countless hours with it during the beta and will continue to do it in the released game. Expand
  5. Oct 13, 2011
    Apart from the town screens and a few bugs (soon to be fixed, I trust), this game is brilliant. Graphics, animations story and combat are all optimal, UI & level design are fine and there is a good balance between new stuff and legacy aspects of the MMH series.

    Go for it !
  6. Oct 13, 2011
    Come on guys, 0 for this game? Honestly, I can understand nothing will beat H3 in your nostalgic eyes but I've been following the H6-related news (including the various dev diaries), and after playing it for a sufficient amount of time, I can assert that Ubisoft DOES care, and that Black Hole could teach quite a few lessons to your beloved Bioware. How can you praise Dragon Age II that is clearly an insult to Bioware, and smear H6 in the same post? H6 has room for improvement - the GUI and especially the town screens obviously come to mind - but this game is true to the soul of the Heroes series, remarkable for its overall quality, and most of its innovations will probably become "legacy" features. I'm giving it a 10 to balance the undeserved zeroes, but it certainly deserves between 8 and 9 Expand
  7. Oct 13, 2011
    My opinion it is possible to hate, curse and all the works, but it's the best part of the Heroes after 3, and even challenge is real hard, all the guys who are angry, tell me the game ... terrible shortcomings lock you say, and what with this? type is the main gameplay feature. Dumb AI? I do not want to disappoint you but Heroes has always been a project in which you want to play with friends (Ie living people), simplification of the resource, delirium, they all did the right thing. Maybe someone will complain about the fights, so they are 2 times the beam 5 and 4 combined, and if we take the pumping and 3 next to no cost, because you can actually create individual character, and his mother is cool. Multiplayer is beyond praise, the idea of â Expand
  8. Oct 16, 2011
    There are way to many wrong facts about this game out there. You CAN move your troops before battle, only you need the "tactics" skill as mentioned before. Many people are complaining about the difficulty level. You can start with one of five campaigns so all of them start easy, BUT if you play this game longer then 120 min like some people wrote, you will find the later missions somewhat challanging. I am a HoMM veteran myself (started with II ) and i like this game. Many changes are just comfort, like town portal for every faction or recruiting your troops all in one city. But i like them. Expand
  9. Oct 31, 2011
    While This game has a lot of potential, particularly for long standing fans of the series, it is absolutely ruined by the staggering number of bugs. From graphical errors to non-working unit abilities to random game crashes, the live release actually seems to somehow contain MORE bugs than the beta did. An absolute shame and horrible decision bu Ubisoft/Black Hole Entertainment to allow this game to go live in the current state. Expand
  10. Oct 13, 2011
    My opinion is simple: it's awesome. Hungarian developers created really nice game. Design, graphics, gameplay - everything was made perfectly. New chapter of Heroes deserves the highest ranking.
  11. Oct 13, 2011
    Fantastic game! If you like HOMM 3 then this is the game for you. Beautiful graphics (if you see people say they are no good they must be running the game on a 1995 build computer). Excellent character development, no more crossing your fringers in HOPES to get the skill you need. Plays like any other HOMM turn based game, dont let other people fool you by saying there is no strategy as the strategy is the exact same as the past HOMM games. This is a must buy for those who really enjoy the HOMM universe. The music is magical, graphics fantastic, beautiful character animations and art, revamped castle UI (much needed from HOMM 5). A must have. Expand
  12. Oct 13, 2011
    Great game! It does not change the old good mechanics of previous installment of the titled, but adds some minor flavors to change the experience. It has stunning graphic and excellent music. There are also some minor changes that I do not consider to be improvements, like lack of the alternative upgrade paths, but as far as I remember they came for the Hom&M V with the addon, so maybe will come here in this same manner, Overall it is the only game published this year that made mi stick before monitor for longer than few hours. Expand
  13. Oct 18, 2011
    Good graphics, quite nice AI, but the rest of game feels like its in pre-beta stage. No town screen, just some pop up window, it kills a good feeling of building city which all previous HoMM games had.Music is meh, they should look at HoMM 2 music as guide. Recruiting units is lousy done, you don't have much clue about unit stats. Technical issues are quite annoying, blinking cursor, locking of screen, then heroes , towns and resources randomly disappear. Everything feels like its half-baked, and you will have a feeling like developers wasn't really into this game, its not total disaster, but it does leave a bitter taste. Expand
  14. Oct 14, 2011
    Mmh6 is a very good game - better than all older heroes!
    Many changes but good changes make this game very playable and give heroes series fresh air.
    Give this part a chance then you will see that i have right:)
  15. Oct 16, 2011
    Playing through the game it doesn't come close to Heroes of Might and Magic in the beginning days. Just 4 resources to manage and then Gold counts as a resource as well. I can't understand how people would give this game that compares a lot to Heroes V such a high score. Thinking hard of reinstalling Heroes 3 again. Another big disappointment is the battle screen. Made out of squares instead of hexes. That would have been the first thing to change from heroes five to six but they chose to just 'copy paste' the battle field routine instead. The heroes skills I find very uninteresting, and no town screen made the game even go into a deeper negative score. I had much more fun with Disciples 3 then this clone of Heroes V. Expand
  16. Nov 29, 2011
    Yet another disappointment,. Heroes V was budget gaming at its worse and this one does nothing to change things in positive direction. There are virtually no brave new design ideas, just usual copy/paste from H3 sweetened by some fancy graphics and dull RPG-like hero leveling system. Strategy is completely absent. Battles are repetitive and simple. Once more, Hero does not has its own turn to play (one of H V very few good improvements). No choices between creatures, nothing new in adventure set of heroes abilities, lots of simplifications overall, pure might is useless as usual and so on. Budget game trying to sell itself to old and still remaining fans of the series. Expand
  17. Oct 14, 2011
    Suprisingly good as other have stated before. I am one of these HoMM III fanatics and I love that they have moved back to their roots and improved on what was already there.

    The hero skill trees, new levels, beutiful graphics. It's nice.
    I don't like the music though. They should have different themes for the different factions. Now it feels more like I'm playing Uncharted with all these
    african bongos and crap. Great gameplay, good visuals, great improvements and poor music summarizes M&M: H6. Expand
  18. Oct 13, 2011
    One more turn, one more turn... I'm going to play this one for nights... this is a social life killer... :) the game is amazing, it's such a pleasure to jump back into a Heroes game, the musics are fantastic!!! Gotta go back and discover who killed that knight duke!
  19. Oct 13, 2011
    This game is great. Don't trust the negative reviews, they didn't play enough of the game to properly review it. I loved all of the games in the series and this one is the second best after III.
  20. Oct 13, 2011
    This game is a disaster. A lof of technical issues (blinking cursor, no AA, no SLI support, very bad framerate considering how ugly it is, etc), very confusing menus (I have to create a new hero to play that team, etc), strange design decisions (NO TOWNSCREENS, free to pick skills from a huge selection but not skilltrees (so many that my GF actually asked me to just do it for her, and she is a Heroes veteran), global recruiting, only 4 resources, etc) and VERY imbalanced (a skill that gives 25% more XP vs a skill that gives your troops 2% more HP, etc). This is from someone who LOVED all other Heroes games. They also promised to fix many of these things from the beta but it still unplayable. AVOID AT ALL COST! Expand
  21. Oct 14, 2011
    Ok, well something went wrong with the rating on my, much more extensive and robust review so to correct that injustice, in summary, great title, worthy successor of the Heroes brand.
  22. Oct 13, 2011
    0?! praising Dragon Age 2??!! Seriously I don't get it...

    I have played Heroes VI for a couple of days now and I felt at first that there were no BIG changes but little by little I noticed subtle but smart moves from previous Heroes such as a new ability system, advanced classes, boss fights, persistent items from map to map, the Conflux online thing. The graphics and animations look
    really amazing but the game has still some bugs but It's usually the kind of game that gets patches. The story is actually pretty cool, the only downpart is the town screen, it's missing the visuals for all buildings... ahh yes, I'm playing on hard mode and AI is making it a nice challenge. Anyway for any Heroes lovers and those who want to play the best turn-based strategy around, you can go for this one blindfolded. Expand
  23. Oct 13, 2011
    I don't get it. Where is the strategy? What happened to city building? Where are the tactics? Why is every map a random spawn of my troops in entirely illogical patterns. My Bowmen stood right out in the open and wiped out before they get off a second shot...and you can't alter it. They just "spawn" .Where is the thought in that - either from the developers or from the user. I loved 3, enjoyed 4, grew to like 5...which is a good thing, as 3 and 5 are what I'm playing again, this untactical/unstrategic tripe spent 7 hours and 22 minutes on my hard-drive before being wiped. If you like TBS games, get Domininions 3 instead and leave this ultra dumbed down drivvel for ultra dumbed down people to play Expand
  24. Oct 15, 2011
    best heroes game since HOMM3....having a blast! screw the haters. It has great music, great visuals, incredible interface and it has achievements which always make a game better. It sticks to its roots, its challenging, long, and well thought out. I dont know how ppl can say the voice acting is good, imo, its atrocious and probably one of the worse in video game history. Other than that, minor flaws such as a blinking cursor thats really annoying. In short, BUY the game and support it. Its great and that intro, is just so beastly. Expand
  25. Oct 15, 2011
    I waited this game for a long time. What can I say, in the first impression is WOW. I like it so much. Now I spend then 20 hour game-play, and I feel more depth of tactics and skills. It's very impressed me. They made a fresh air of this franchise, but not lost their soul. When you play and say "just one more turn", that's remind me a good memories! That's what I need (for a heroes fun)!
    GRAPHICS 96/100 (in this genre)
    Graphics it's amazing, especially the adventure maps (of course in high setting). Some reviewer talking about graphics issue (zoom in, and not looks like Crysis - dude this is not FPS - different technology -and you don't play strategy in fps mode), or glitches (graphic driver problem or lowend PC settings)? I don't understand why. They have bad luck about hardware or driver (or system spam) I think. (UBI referred about bug fix - some people have black screen, or laptop issue - they will fixing). But this is not about game, these are technical problems, what they can fix (Look at Rage - what they got from PC users - on consoles no problem, no tantrums). From that view is not objective the critics. When you can play the game in long time, then you able to discover lot of fun-factor (20 hour not so long to discover every aspect of the game!), and beauty visual.
    Units and map visual are closer to the H3, and leave H5 cartoonish style. This create more serious feeling, and more familiar to the adult audience. (Don't forget H1 released 1995 - that children are parents now.)
    - When your hero walk over the bridge, and you see cascade seem to fall into the depths.
    - You move into the swamp and feels like in sleep hollow movie.
    - You don't wanna leave the dungeon because of beauty.
    What can I say :)
    In this game have lot of different battle area. Some very memorable and some just decent. Effects are nice, but some are very common. I wanted to see some (like in FinalFantasy) huge facedropper effect, or more creative stuff for magic. User interface is ok, very clever and transparent. Icons are nice. BUT I miss the magic book! Scrolling! Of course TOWN SCREEN - what happened, and why? I want full screen town, with lot of detail - come on 2011! (There have rumor about townscreen fix in the future patch - I hope so)
    ANIMATIONS 99/100 (in this genre)
    I like the units animations. Very detailed, and full of life. There have new animation (which was not previously): defense, or critical hit.
    There have humor too. When your troop waiting so long, then start fun animation. :))
    On the adventure maps need some critter - create more life!
    CUTSCENES 80/100 (ingame - PC games)
    Compare to the other AAA hyped title, for example Deus Ex, it's much more decent and polished (especial lipsync). There are lot of them, and not the same at all. Nice touch to story telling, but not every aspect. (-20)
    MUSIC 100/100
    In the 25th anniversary we hear lot of familiar tunes from Might and Magic series. This make me chill, goose-skin, and brake up good memories :) Nice touch.
    VOICE AND SOUND (80/100)
    Voice acting (in this industry) are very decent. Some a bit over/under played, but the average are good. Sound nothing special, just fine. Maybe some missing (example: ship movement have no sound)
    GAMEPLAY 90/100
    Area control, new (not random) skill system, dynasty ability, new race are fresh and exciting. AI fast and sometimes more challenge. (This AI more complex than before.) Hard mode sometimes insane (Be careful: AI in this mode cheating with more resource and units!)
    Town upgrade, and unique buildings are fine (new game tactics for online). Market very clever and easy to use. (Full Townscreen usage more fun.)
    There have hotseat and online mode for living AI :) Duel is fun, just need more level, and opportunity to create unique army.
    TECHNICAL (85/100)
    In my machine this game are stable. Graphics smooth. I would like antialising. Save is very fast.
    Loading or closing the game sometimes a bit long (somthing online issue I think)
    Some dude show about incompetency:
    UNIT PLACING BEFORE BATTLE - Is it POSSIBLE, if you have a special skill for that!
    - Dude where are your eyes? On the Unit window there have a button to show your unit in close, and you can rotate. (OMG)
    - That's just on some configuration, how I saw on some forum. Of course this fix coming, as soon as possible, if you read UBI forum. BIG IMBALANCES IN THE GAME
    - That judge in a few hour play? Oh, and what Heroes was balanced in release? I remember H3 needed 3 addon/patch (year after year) and still not so balanced. I take 10 score, because some "kid" playing as troll and crash the normal count. These dude need to live in middle Africa or Afghanistan for a couple of year - or just playing enough to know the depth of the game...
  26. Oct 16, 2011
    The last heroes of might and magic iplayed was number 2 and i was too young to understand the game but i still loved it, i have now bought heros 6 and i am impressed, the graphics are great for a top down game(especially rpg)and i have had no issues whatsoever, i am using a gtx 580(so for older or lesser cards i would not know how they fair), i am especcially pleased with the trees, water, textures(mmm..) and rocks. storywise i went in not expecting much and was stunned at how good the story is(not like the best story in afantasy game ever but for heros it is well... stunning), but i have not fineshed any campaigns yet as they go for ages which is great, really great, only thing i would like in story is better voices(as always but there still good) and more CG!(lol). The gameplay is fresh and great, balance i really dont know and dont really care too much(of course abit but not like in starcraft or something), the changes they have made have taken away any depth from the game. Sound... i wuuuuuve it. alot. I wuold recommend this game to many poeple and i am enjoying it thouraghlyand hope you do too. Expand
  27. Oct 15, 2011
    As a longtime fan of the Heroes of Might and Magic series... Heroes 6 gives very mixed feelings but is still fun, while it looks beautiful keeping faithful to the HoMM style graphically when it comes to the creatures and heroes unfortunately it also changes some things for the worse.

    It could be compared to Heroes of Might and Magic 4 of the series, improving the game in some areas while detracting from it in others.

    For example one of the welcome improvements is not having to hire heroes just to run relay courses to deliver hired troops so you don't spend a lot of the time just moving them around the map.

    Seems there were attempts to simplify (dumb down) other parts of the game, seen in the towns and their building menus etc. You don't get to see the building added to the town so it feels hollow and arbitrary, like you're checking boxes rather than building a town so there's no longer the satisfaction of watching your town grow and improve, instead all you get are a few icons.

    The campaigns have 20 missions which seems decent but only 4 per campaign which doesn't seem nearly enough to level up your hero and get attched to them. For example by the end of the first campaign after letting the hero grab every available experience point he'd only reached level 9, it felt as if the moment he was start to step out of the small fry zone it was over and you have to start all over with the next.

    After 2 campaigns the story isn't great and the writing seems a little childish, they also seem to have a thing for trying to squeeze in a talking bird for some reason. The voice acting isn't stellar but with those lines I doubt any voice actor could shine.

    There are a few smaller shortfalls, as simple as the font being to small in high resolutions and it seems like the view can't even be rotated which makes 3D rather pointless, may as well have stuck to 2D and given more attention to the detail and graphic art style.

    Even so it's still fun and enjoyable.

    Though there is is a dark cloud over it thanks to Ubisoft. If you aren't permanently connected to the internet and try play in offline mode the game constantly rubs it in your face, splattering red text in many places about "offline mode" and even goes as far as to deny you using items or skills because you aren't letting it raise the phone bill or just aren't permanently connected to their servers. Expand

  28. Oct 14, 2011
    Great game, played the beta a lot and as a player that has played this series since it came out of the cradle I must say this installment is great, I love the new talent progression of the heroes and how you can customize to your hearts desire, the combat is fast and fun, it reminds in many good ways of the old HOMMIII but more polished and has something to offer for a broad audience, many fun hours awaits in this game! Expand
  29. Oct 13, 2011
    It's great Might and Magic Return, good graphic, audio, interface, gameplay and great story. Music of Paul Romero is beautiful. Voice of actors is amazing. Big game for 40-60 hours, it's giving a lot of fun!
  30. Oct 14, 2011
    Well. If you are old enough to love HOMM3, it won't fulfill your demands. However, avoid at all cost??? Not at all. If you are a fan, this game offers what you got already. Fun. Nothing to shocking, surprising or annoying. Small changes for menus and skills and a slightly better but more demanding graphics. An 6~8/10 would be fair depending on how you like the improvements on a legend game such as HOMM3. Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 48 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 37 out of 48
  2. Negative: 0 out of 48
  1. Dec 12, 2011
    This is definitely not the high point of the series. Someone may need to return to the old drawing board.
  2. Dec 4, 2011
    A damn fine - if at times somewhat unforgiving - turn-based game with strategic depth and hours upon hours of play. [Christmas 2011, p.52]
  3. Nov 30, 2011
    Engrossing exploration, diverse development, and challenging combat return in Might & Magic Heroes VI.