• Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Release Date: Oct 13, 2011
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  1. Sep 26, 2014
    Do NOT buy this game! It has been THREE years and there is still a bug which apparently has been there from the beginning and which causes the screen to just go black. You can still see the mouse cursor and hear music but you can't progress and at least I wasn't able to Alt+Tab out of the game, also unable to launch the task manager. I had to start the log off process and interrupt it in order to kill the game! Such severe issues are questionable even right at release. But three years afterwards?! Completely unacceptable! Expand
  2. Sep 9, 2014
    I don't like the removed resources, but besides that it's a fast paced and enjoyable to play. I can recommend this game for every Heroes fans, don't know why some people HATE this game. The story telling is great as well, and thumbs up for the crow! ;)
  3. Jul 22, 2014
    I would like to say I could enjoy this game, but before I could play I was required to create and account in a stupid platform called Uplay. After patiently providing personal information and creating and account the Uplay "service", it crashed and I was completely unable to enjoy the game.

    I contacted support and was not very lucky. I think the company has excellent game creators but
    very bad marketing people. I encourage everyone who has had problems with Uplay and had problems playing Ubisoft games to complain here. They might listen and make their games accessible to the people who actually buys them. Expand
  4. Jun 22, 2014
    Really nice game, good graphic, audio, interface, gameplay and great story. long lasting game for 50-80 hours, lots of fun!. i would like to give it a 9, but with all the negativity around it got 10.
  5. Mar 19, 2014
    Love Might and Magic. Love this game aswell. Very creative and addictive! Fun and addictive! :-)

  6. Jan 9, 2014
    This game could be great, but broken gameplay (thanks to unwanted expansions) and the horrible Uplay experience have left me more than certain that I won't be buying any more ubisoft titles.

    The only saving grace is that I only paid $9 on steam at boxing day. I played the demo, and it was super fun, seemed a reasonable difficulty, and was well done. Well, after purchasing the gold
    edition (only $2 more than regular, why not right?) the game did a 180. Starting with the absolutely attrocious Uplay interface. The game will launch successfully less than 50% of the time, usually it will just freeze and I have to End Task, and restart. Then, assuming the Uplay network is actually up, I get to play.

    If the Uplay system IS down, which happens quite regularly so far and from what I've read you do have the ability to play, but most of your features won't be available (dynasty traits for eg.).

    Once I started playing the full version I noticed 1 HUGE change from that of the trial version, and it's a real game changer YOU CAN'T HEAL..............

    So basically you're trying to bum-rush the NPC to cap it's forts/towns before it gets too strong. Never mind trying to do any side quests at your leisure, there is no leisure. The longer you wait, the stronger the npc's get, and since you can't heal every small "winnable" battle just whittles down your army and piddles them away. You cannot MAINTAIN your army, all you can do is basically buy all the heroes and transfer their units to your main hero, or hope that friendly NPCs choose to join your cause.

    There are ways to win, but when you first start out you have to feel your way around the map and find out what to do and where to go, so basically you're going to be reloading and trying to replay the same maps over and over again until you figure out the magic formula that makes it click. Using the right skills, the right timing, and the right path. Yay.....said no one.

    In it's current state (Jan 2014) this game is extremely broken and dissappointing and I don't recommend it to anyone. A real shame because just a few small mechanics wreck the entire game and it could have been so good.
  7. Jan 5, 2014
    **Disclaimer: I've been a fan of the HOMM series since the mid '90's, so this review is a bit biased.

    This game might have scored a 9, if it weren't for a couple of issues. I've owned this game for about a week now, and this is the second night in a week that I've been unable to connect to the Conflux servers (which give access to more content than is generally available). While I
    can still play custom games, I can't continue on in my campaign--the only option I have is to start a separate, presumably offline-mode one.

    I understand that companies are interested in protecting their properties via online requirements--but if they should decide to do so, at the very least they should have their servers up on a regular basis so that you can -actually play the game-.

    Besides that, the game is fine. I was skeptical at most of the changes, but I've found some of my fears to be unfounded. For instance, dropping down to four resources hasn't really bothered me as much as I thought it might...and having to take over forts/cities in order to control mines just changes the dynamic so that you've got to focus on said properties--basically, it's harder to change ownership, but once you get it, it's harder to lose ownership as well.

    I'm missing some of the vast variety of buildings, plus the ability to have heroes learn spells by visiting some of those buildings and cities as well. I miss running heroes around and getting them uber-powerful.

    The storyline is old-hat fantasy stuff, with orcs that don't use connecting words, heroes that all have British accents and the like. There's a handy little "skip" button that I like to use for the cut scenes, but unfortunately there's no way to automatically skip the little animation that plays when one of your stacks gets a critical hit. Seeing it two or three times is fine--the fortieth time gets a little bit weary.

    On the positive side, the graphics are light-years beyond anything that they've been before, the maps are huge, the sound is atmospheric, and beyond the ridiculous Conflux issues, I would argue that this is a suitable advancement of a series that has devoured as many hours of my life as any other.
  8. Jan 5, 2014
    I will start saying that this game is not bad. Not bad, for what it aims, good graphics, nice combat, cute stories. I will continue saying, that for a Might and Magic game, for what ideea stands at the basis of this game, it is catastrophic. I actually managed to kill Kirins with my Chakram Dancer in melee attack. When you achieve such thing in this type of game, well, it makes you quit. Why? Because there is no fun in it. I played Heroes for having the thrill of killing a mighty dragon with my hero and his army. Now, the only thing I have to do, is amass huge numbers of core creatures and its done. Lame. No story, no fantasy, no beauty of being a hero and saving your kingdom. If I wanted to play something like this, I would go for Age of Empires, they aim for that, and they do it good. Since Ubisoft has taken over the game, its decline is inevitable... Expand
  9. Dec 18, 2013
    As a HOMAM veteran, I find absolutely unacceptable that I can't even finish first mission (after tutorial) in this abomination! All is well, until you find AI castle with around three times bigger army. Then I went to cry on forums only to found out that you apparently have to play this in very specific fashion, which removes all fun and variation.

    And it's a damn shame, because I
    really liked the game, even story was decent! But sometimes I guess you create game only for hardcore experts. Expand
  10. Dec 2, 2013
    After buying this game on Steam I have only been able to play it around 30% of the time thanks to the obtrusive UPlay and Conflux DRM. When they're not glitching out the game, the Conflux servers are down and I'm completely unable to save.

    Meanwhile, pirates are able to download the Skidrow version and play the game and save whenever they want! Screw you, Ubisoft. Lesson learned.
  11. Nov 15, 2013
    Could easily be a 9 but I put 6 because of its broken Uplay server.. Seriously why do I have to be online to play single player game? Why do I have to be online to use dynasty weapons? why do I have to be online so that I can save my game? You know, I wouldn't complain here if your online server actually works! I bought this game ~3 weeks after its launch because I heard about its buggy online system, was happy and felt lucky that I didn't bought it too early.. BUT! After you launch the latest ~2Gb DLC content, your server has experiencing problems for 2 weeks!! seriously? For about 2 weeks I can't play a damn thing! This is so frustrating. This game is so fun but apparently it is ruined by the stupid DRM just like many other games these days. Again, I wouldn't complain here if your DRM actually works. I guess for games like this, I will nvr buy them at their launch day. Expand
  12. Nov 5, 2013
    A decent improvement on the previous game in the series but with 2 major problems. The DRM system is terrible. Basically you have to be logged on in order to play properly. When the server is down (as while I write) you can't play at all. If the connection drops (which happens mysteriously frequently considering I have a very good broadband), you immediately get kicked, losing your progress. The next problem is the bugs. It has taken more than 2 years to correct a bug so fundamental it beggars belief where mana costs rise to ridiculous levels making the game unplayable. (You can play, you just can't use a lot of your skills, and you can't reassign them either). This happens in the first chapter of the main campaign. How did they not spot it? Even though it has finally been fixed, they didn't bother to include a utility that would have taken half an hour to write, to correct your savegames, which are now corrupted. To ruin a good game like this is lunacy. Expand
  13. Oct 22, 2013
    It's staggering to see another attempt to improve a game from 1995 end in tears and vomit.

    If you can see past the sea of bugs, you'll find a desert of gameplay, graphics, audio and whatever else might endear you to a game. Not a dessert, a desert. Do not eat it.
  14. Sep 26, 2013
    Great game but i give it a 0 for the fact that i have to log on to steam then i have to log on to uplay then i have to launch the game an its quite buggy so yeah sick of companies thinking that it is cool to bundle useless online account software (DRM) with there product just make the game an let me play it quit asking for all my info!!!!!
  15. Sep 17, 2013
    Firstly, why I gave an 7, not a 8/ 9 or 10:
    1) town count is too low for the sixth game of the series, it should be growing, not decreasing, to me 6+2 was the best option till now, but I would be happy for 8 towns on the original game, as well :D
    2) No racial abilities. I mean, what the hell? that is what basically made each town special aside from units!
    Could have just expanded the magic guilds so that more spells could be obtained, but now you have to lose an ability point to learn a spell. Does not make sence to me.
    4) A lot of small things that keep on bugging me through the game, like almost all units having magic defence. How can a simple squire have some sort of magic defence??? How can a dragon have less speed than simple melee units??? Why the hell you cant look around your town???
    5) ONLY FOUR RESOURCES!!!! an so on and so on. BUT:
    1) graphics are great, story is interesting, campaign is captivating,
    2) the huge skill tree is awesome no randomness anymore),
    3) no bugs for me surprisingly, so I dont get what is the big fuzz about that one.
    4)great job creating Sanctuary, but still can be improved!!!
    5) The music is ok, does not bother me, keeps the mood, but could be improved.

    Overall, you can adapt to all the little minuses, and just try to forget about what you dont like, because nothing is perfect and just enjoy the great Campaign and Multiplayer games!!!! Hopingly they will make a fusion of the HOMM5 and 6 taking the best from both games and making one with many cities to chose, many spells to be learnd at the Magic Guilds, great graphics, RACIAL ABILITIES, huger skill tree, more structural buildings to build, more heroes for each race, MORE towns and races, not less, MORE, and MOVING town screens and unit screens, and finally fix all the little bugs we have been complaining for a decade :D
  16. Jul 27, 2013
    This game uses uplay and you're only able to connect when they have their (dns) servers in order (you can copy the ip-address to your etc/hosts (in the hope it won't change) to increase you chance of being able to play it.

    After I bought it, it took 2 days before I actually could login. Annoyingly it blames the problem on the user side while there is clearly something wrong on their

    The game is turn based strategy (TBS). You have a 'hero' that can assist your army with spells etc. And your army consist of the typical 'stack' of soldiers, archers etc. For those not into TBS your army consist of various creatures and the same kind of creatures are visible as one single creature on the battle field with a number besides them. Once you deal enough damage you can kill a few of the creatures lowering the number and the strength of your opponent. Once they all die, it's game over (and you can reload) or you can resurrect your hero (later on in the game). You can save your game at any time.

    The graphics are pretty good and the interface very polished. Apparently a lot of time was spent on the details.

    You have a number of points to move, after that your opponent moves. Every time, you 'waste' time moving, your opponent grows stronger. In the 'normal' difficulty it seems the opponent quickly becomes too strong, if you choose the wrong way around the map.

    Unfortunately after having some fun with the first map the second map became up until now impossible to win. I tried different tactics and sometimes I get a little further than the other. However no matter what I do (I have set difficulty to the easiest level there is) the AI spawns so many creatures that it becomes impossible to win.

    Thinking I did something wrong I decided to check some forums and you know what, there are many gamers out there with exactly the same problem. Fair enough there are people who have seem to have beaten it by just choosing the right skills, reloading the game when they lost any of their creatures on the battle field etc. That doesn't seem like a whole lot of fun to me.

    The game should be balanced if I choose certain options it might be a bit harder but not impossible to win. If I can fight some groups I encounter that shouldn't make the map impossible to win (which it seems to do because you loose your army and win gold but with that gold you can't buy a new army so you're left with nothing).

    Sad, the game looks great but it is more of a chore than it is fun.
  17. Jul 20, 2013

    UBISOFT is a terrible publisher. I bought this game through STEAM... expecting I could just launch the game. Then I was asked to install something called "Uplay". OK. then I was asked to create and account and sign in. OK. Then Finally after 30mins I go to launch the game and I get a black screen with an hour glass. I leave the room for
    15min, come back... nothing. Then I try to restart my computer. Same problems. Finally I check out a forum on steam for this game and there are like148 pages of people who want their money back. Expand
  18. Jul 18, 2013
    HOMM6 is a solid, enjoyable continuation of the franchise. Patched, and carrying complementary DLC in the Gold Edition, this game boasts a very large skill tree for each faction, which means plenty of things to unlock and plenty of reason to explore the game. Graphics are beautiful. Music and sound are fine. Cut scenes do the job. The tactic battles are well balanced and campaigns have LOTS of content. My only real qualm with the game is the simplest detail of the MOVING mechanics for the heroes which is very clumsy and can make it hard to end turns. In all other areas very well built. A game that will give fans of the franchise TOO many hours of enjoyment. Orctowngrot timtimjp@yahoo.com Expand
  19. Jul 15, 2013
    HOMM6 feels like a redesign of good old Heroes 2. From HOMM3 and onwards till part 5, the additions to the game in terms of units and possibilities created more and more clutter and damaged the game's balance. This sixth installment includes a full revamp of hero progression, and simplifies many aspects of the game while adding challenges to the actual combat mechanics, with many more tactical options as before. To me, this is exactly the focus that this game needs, and it plays as a highly streamlined version of Homm2. Which, in my opinion is a good thing. Expand
  20. Jun 24, 2013
    Well this game had really horrible start. At release it was full of bugs and glitches. If devs waited at least half year longer and fixed these bugs this game would not be so hated. To day, after patches, HOMAM VI is really good heroes game. HOMAM 3 are still superior, but heroes 6 got some interesting new ideas and really great graphics. Both Campaigns and quick scenarios are good. I still hope that we will see more than one expansions. Only 5 cities 6 with exp. is a little few in compare to Homam 5 (8) or Homam 3 (9). Expand
  21. Jun 19, 2013
    Might & Magic Heroes VI does everything wrong that Might & Magic Heroes V had right. As a fan of HoMM 2,3 and 5 this game left me crying. The graphics are great, I admit, but then the problems begin. HoMM VI has only few factions and only one creature choice against 5's two upgrade choices, cityview is bad even though improved after initial release, game demands a lot from your computer and I don't think the minimum specs are correct (I had recommended specs and there was awful lot of stuttering even with minimum graphical quality), HoMM 6 uses Uplay(or Udon't) which is the biggest demon alive, only added in order to control piracy and fails in that too. If you're a old HoMM fan coming back to the series, skip this title and buy 5 or play the good old ones. If you're new to the series, this leaves a foul taste in your mouth. Problem isn't that this game should've been a remake of Homm 3, the problem is that this game just doesn't do justice for the series. Expand
  22. Jun 16, 2013
    A very good game which has greatly improved with the latest patches released, such as the inclusion of the city view. Not enough good in history, in the other sections a very worthy successor to the series. VERY recommended.
  23. Jun 9, 2013
    The gameplay is incredibly repetetive, and the "no DRM" DRM means you can technically play the game without being connected to the Ubisoft servers, but so much content is disabled if you attempt to do so that it remains effectively unplayable. This is deceptive marketing and a shady business practice.
  24. May 27, 2013
    I gave this game a 5/10 because it is a broken game. The single player experience is fantastic, however if you plan to play with anyone else, look for another game. Multiplayer games will inevitably end up "Out of Sync" a problem that this game has had since launch and has never been fixed.
  25. May 4, 2013
    Talk about destroying a good franchise. Ever since the release of HOMM IV, this game has been progressively dumbed down, as is the case with so many strategy/rpg games these days.

    There is no challenge in this game. It feels like a boring routine, or a lame grind.
    I feel like I am wasting my time while playing. I'd rather do the dishes to be perfectly honest.
    Doing the dishes will
    actually give me something in return. Very unlike this game, which leaves you
    with absolutely NOTHING!! No reward or feeling of achievement.
  26. Apr 9, 2013
    They actually killed the series for its simplifications for youngsters and stupid idiots. Want to play in Heroes? Play 3 or 5 of the series, and this YOBA-imperfection to remove the dogs.
  27. Mar 30, 2013
    Just installed the game tonight, and it's asking me to download a 1.2 Gig patch, No, now it tells me in order to play the game I have to create a Uplay account and download that game launcher. No. Maybe I'm new to PC gaming but that's a f***ing joke. Sorry, that's too much BS to go through.
  28. Mar 27, 2013
    This game is worse than any HoMM game. I didnt understand resource variety reduction. Plot is weak, AI is stupid. And how the hell they could ruin almost perfect castle screen from HoMM 5
  29. Mar 19, 2013
    I can no longer play this game because the DRM forces you to play online and register your cd-key to a specific account. I've lost that account, and so, I'd have to rebuy this game to play it again.
    Uplay sucks.
  30. Mar 14, 2013
    Bought the game when it was quite new, took a long break, and have played it a lot in late 2012 early 2013. (Completed all 1.0 campaigns one of the dlc's). After some of the biggest bugs have been worked out and townscreens added, I think it's an ok installment to the HOMM series. I like the creatures, interesting creature compositions in most factions, bosses, many cool spells even though you may end up with building every hero pretty much in the same way (many spells feel mandatory). The AI can be very unbalanced. On some maps it feels like you need to either rush their base or rush some sidequest for bonuses like +buildings in your town, or in other ways oblige to some pattern that you just can't know about before already playing the map. Other maps are more straight forward. This creates an imbalance for me, where the hard/unclear objective maps would require an additional playtrough if attempted on normal/hard, but when I face an easier map on the easy setting it feels like I breeze trough with no challenge at all, making it boring that way. If the AI was more consistent and there were a few more factions included, this may have been the best game in the series to me at this point. I can see that they tried to include what we liked from III fix some arguably unfun things about that game (like excessive resource management, shipping troops around, lowlevel enemies chasing your mines). The DRM is also a minus to me. Expand
  31. Mar 5, 2013
    Long time fan of M&MH. Despite slight technical issues (graphics ect.) and compatibility with dif. systems, this game is very good!!! Very detailed game and special additions to the series. Hope Ubi keeps up the good work!!
  32. Mar 4, 2013
    Takes alittle time to fully understand how full the game is. Such a fantastic game!!!!!! I love the Might Magic series! (long time fan). Such an immersive super experience!!!! good magical graphics, audio, interface, gameplay and stories. Music Voice acting is amazing. it's giving a lot of fun! Always room for improvement. But as for a long-term fan the game truly builds ALOT of improvements into the series. Mainly, the customization and role-playing element is alot more in-depth through out the game. For me anyway I would recommend. Expand
  33. Feb 22, 2013
    I loved HoMM V, but this game is just a pile of c**p, not entertaining AT ALL. Talking about strategy? Lol, this game has NONE. On Hard difficulty, the A.I. "cheats" constantly during the campaign, ignoring mines, resource collecting and such. No matter how fast you catch them, they will always have a stronger army, enough money to convert your cities or to buy full stacks of units, even if you conquered 5 of out 6 of their cities. This happens on normal difficulty also. --So, no matter how carefully you plan your "strategy", it means absolutely nothing, since the game is about being smashed, outnumbered or simply ambushed by the A.I.. THEN, you reload the map and start again to win, by learning from your "errors". Rinse and repeat. --Most of the campaign maps force you to rush to your enemies with your main hero, before they outnumber you. Meanwhile, with a second hero and/or third hero(often with no army at all), you wander on the map collecting resources and hoping not to be ambushed in your main cities before you can buy portals. No mistakes allowed: you fail a single move and you're f***ed: the A.I. is now marked as "lethal" and you have no way to catch up, because resources don't mean a f**k to them. Again, you have to reload the map and learn from even your smallest mistakes. --This has nothing to do with "strategy", it's all about EXPLOITING the game when you know every place on the map already, like a FPS on rails. If i am a good "strategist", I expect myself to be able to overcome the enemy on my first try or to have a chance to survive a small mistake or an ambush, even if I don't know anything about the map. To be honest, when facing a new campaign map, the path you choose and your general strategy don't mean a flying s**t, since it's mostly about rushing through the shortest way (that you can't see) and having the right skills to overcome the huge enemy armies, that will be huge no matter what you do. HoMM6 leaves no space for exploring or for creative moves. There is one way and way only to win, that you will learn game after game on the same map and you have to be quick moving that way because rhe clock is tickling. The only workaround is setting custom options to lower the A.I. unit generation, aka: lower the difficulty just to enjoy a videogame. --"Hardcore" gamers will love this and tell you this game is easy as pie: they're lying, it's not. And it's not entertaining also, it's like being at school with a nasty teacher, giving you bad grades until you "learn" to play A.I. style, like a trained monkey. --If you like this kind of game, buy it, it's your money. To me is just a loss of time, I play games to be entertained, i have a job already. --As if all that was not enough, they managed somehow to worsen the graphic from HoMM5 and the game is full of bugs, both graphical (when you fight along a high ground, you often stumble in a messy terrain that overlays grid and units) and about units, like units that are unable to use their special ability or that miss it at all. Lucky me I buyed this game on a Steam sale. Expand
  34. Jan 25, 2013
    Played single player campaign for 30 minutes, and then game disconnected for no reason (internet was fine). It booted me from my game to the main menu without the option to save my progress. Un-installing and wishing I had my $15 back. Pros: +Graphics look great from the 30 minutes I got to play +Looks like another solid installment of the HOMM series Cons: -Always on DRM that randomly disconnects you won't let you play the game you paid for without kicking you out to the main menu without saving progress.
  35. Jan 16, 2013
    Heroes 6 is a solid if somewhat misguided entry in the HOMM series that struggles underneath the weight of it's terrible DRM. The game offers good gameplay, UI, graphics and soundtrack. However, it makes the mistake of being overly focused on the campaign at the expense of custom games. Heroes 6 introduces a vast and completely unnecessary Dynasty system with tons of unlockable content, probably in an attempt to justify the terrible DRM. Unlockable content simply does not belong in a 4X strategy game. This is not CoD. Instead the developers should have focused on creating more custom maps, and perhaps a random map generator. Enemy AI is also quite poor and needs improvement. In conclusion I'd like to add that the bugs have been mostly sorted out, and uplay, despite the bad rep, has gotten to the point where it's usable (I still hate it). Oh, and yes, they've added castle view. If you're a fan of the series, or the genre, you will probably enjoy this latest entry. Expand
  36. Jan 3, 2013
    Got this game on sale. I love tactical rpg's, action rpgs, advancing characters, leveling up, finding loot etc
    This game offered no customization to me whatsoever, couldn't even pick my hero, every choice was virtually chosen for me from what I played. there was no depth really (to the point I played) in customization such as skills weapons, load-outs etc. Got so sick of it I uninstalled
    it, Some may argue that the "depth and customization" come later in the game. frankly I'm not grinding hours in a boring game to find out if that's true. extremely dissapointed, actually so disappointing I created a metacritic account just to share how much I hated the experience. Expand
  37. Dec 1, 2012
    I have been a huge fan of this franchise. It makes me feel exceptionally old to think about how many years ago I played the first Heroes of Might and Magic. I purchased II, III, IV, V, and most recently VI, but I have played every game in the series. As the series has progressed, there have been great improvements as well as disappointing setbacks. V was one of the most innovative of the series. The beautiful 3d rendering and ability to spin the camera view were wildly successful innovations. The only real complaints anyone could make about V was that the races were not very well balanced, there were not enough custom maps / NO custom campaigns, and the game could sometimes be glitchy before the patches. VI is as radical a departure from V as V had been from previous versions of this game. Many of the innovations in V that were great have been removed, e.g. No more 3d maps/battlefields, no more control over camera angle. For those who played V you will immediately think the controls are broken because you cannot swing the screen around and look at different angles. The campaigns are fun and challenging, the new powerup/levelup scheme is innovative and interesting, if not a bit troublesome to get used to. The biggest reason this game is getting only a 6 from me is because the game is glitchy... severely. The game was released unfinished(perhaps in beta), and over a year later the bugs have still not been worked out. This is shameful. I have been trying to enjoy this game and find myself frustrated with a game that sometimes crashes for seemingly no reason. Ubisoft needs to get its act together if they want loyal fans of the series to buy VII. I am not saying not to buy this. I have no regrets about the purchase, but I waited till the game went on sale. If I had paid $60 for this, the score would have been a LOT lower. Expand
  38. Nov 20, 2012
    The game is visually an improvement from V in practically every way. Too bad then the gameplay is worse. First - its difficulty is stupid. Even on Easy, either playing campaigns or free missions, you're consistently assaulted by hordes of enemy heroes with impossible levels and numbers of creatures. Really, game? Is this supposed to be fun? The "veterans" suggest the OneAndOnly strategies to counter that, but is this the way to play on Easy? Nope. In my opinion, gone is the free exploration, destroyed by enforced tension. Second - skills. Heroes skills are badly balanced. You level a hero in not an optimal way, you're lost on 3rd or 4th campaign scenario. Sorry, should this happen? So, to recap: good graphics, bad balance, bad gameplay experience. Expand
  39. Nov 5, 2012
    To Ubisoft : Please bring more managment and challenge in the next version of the game !!! It's a good game, but not as good as the HoMM 4 nor HoMM 5. We are getting farther and farther from a good strategic game and closer to a games for newbie. Too easy, nearly no managment (Ability to change a City faction after getting the city ... Nearly no morale managment ... Reinforcement comming from build to town arrive instantly without travelling time (no interception possibility)). Expand
  40. Jul 29, 2012
    What I like: The HoMM franchise, have loved every game since the first, and have been a die-hard customer as a result. HoMM 6 has a lot of innovations, although HoMM purists (like myself) really think one ought not mess with a perfectly-working formula too much, and (see below), I think they messed with the formula too much. Graphics and animation are good, not sure if they're a step up from 5, but they're definitely current-gen. Gameplay is addicting, skill trees are interesting to figure out, I definitely feel this is a -richer- experience than any of the prior titles, I feel more like I'm role-playing a character with this one. Connection to online frills are new, and interesting, BUT...

    What I don't like: ... an online connection being mandatory for a single-player game is insane. It would be insane if it worked perfectly. Instead, not only is it insane, it doesn't work. It's broken. It's broken so badly that it breaks the game entirely. The problem is that your saved games are not saved locally, they are saved online. This means that unless your connection to the Internet is impeccable, and Ubisoft's connection to you is impeccable, you're going to experience a world of frustration. You're going to (like thousands of players have experienced and made vocal already) play for hours and hours, exit the game, watch the little thing say "Saving games to Cloud server", waiting a while for that to hit 100%, and then returning later to discover that your game was NOT saved. My connection to the Internet is impeccable, unless a severe thunderstorm kills power outright, I'm online and good to go.

    Ubisoft's connection to ME has been terrible. Or there's some other problem. I don't know, I don't care, I only know that it has made the game, which I like for so many reasons, unplayable. Mandatory online play for a single player game is unforgivable. You are punishing people who pay for games in an effort to punish pirates. Pirates will get your game no matter what. Stop punishing US. I have blown cash on something that doesn't work because of this ridiculous system. The only other gripe I have (the above gripe is a game-killer, so I hardly need go on, but...) is overhauling a system that was perfect to begin with. Most of the awesome new implements would have worked without needing to get rid of factions we'd grown to love over 5 installments. Before, factions (and resources, to an extent) revolved around Might, Nature, Air, Earth, Fire, Necromancy, etc. Now the far-fewer classes (or factions, clans, whatever) feel more generic, and I miss the need to manage resources effectively, that's an aspect of what made this such a unique and complex RTS/RPG. So, some changes, good. Some changes, unnecessary. And the one big change - the online requirement - Horrid. Do this again and I'll be done with HoMM for good, and I can't believe that came out of my mouth, one of the series' biggest fans.
  41. Jul 17, 2012
    I still love the round-based strategy and RPG mix of this series. And I love that a story is being told even if the story is nothing special really. As many I didn't like the fact that the towns owned are presented as static pictures but aparantly that changed with the latest DLC.
  42. Jul 11, 2012
    HEROES of M&M 5 was better in every aspect.

    If you're new to the series, go with 5, as 6, while it has some neat features, is garbage in comparison.
  43. May 25, 2012
    Great game, played the first 3 games in this series but skipped the past 2 as my life was too busy when they came out. Its pretty similar to the previous games I've played and still has the same feel to it yet updates the graphics and adds some new gameplay features to it. This is one series that has not lost its way as time has evolved, I'm sick of sequels to classic games that streamline away the features that I liked about the originals. Expand
  44. Apr 27, 2012
    (Google the DRM issue and what happens when your not connected to the internet and want to play issue, I dont feel like talking about it, it has already been talked about so much just know its really... really.. really bad) A great game! But be warned. This game is not for the faint of heart. I know what your thinking, "A seven but the game is great?" Well, even though the combat is fun, the interface works just fine, and the approach is decent, there are a few things that are wrong. First off anyone that gives this game a 10, your wrong. Right off the bat the story sucks, plane and simple. I dont care if this game is not about the story (I dont know what makes you think that its not, it is..) but its just not there. Bad voice acting, (even the bird sucks) and its all over the place. That being said, the heart of the game is in the strat. So most people dont flock to this game for the story, and its only cause they know there is not one.. People come to this game for the strategy, but! If you like to build up resources and troops this game is not for you! AS YOU TAKE YOUR TIME! THEY GROW AND GET STRONGER! So if your the, build up your base and troops kind of guy you will only hurt yourself and find out that doing so demands restarting. So! Graphics are pretty good. No complaint there. So.. Now the big debate.. THE DIFFICULTY!. I had trouble in the start... and middle... and end, but hey! You might be much better than me, but to tell the truth, I consider my self quite a strategist. I have played games like this all my life and and my first job (US Army Special Intelligence Operations) required me to go to schools where we did the same thing (seriously, like you have this many, he has that many, here is what your troops have and can do, now take turns on this map). So not only do I consider my self good at it, but im certified. Now it was not impossible, just more challanging than fun at certian points. You probably have experianced games where they are so challanging that the fun seems to excape it (N Gidan or how ever you spell it). So if your someone who does not like playing games on easy, but does not like being beat down on normal this is not the game for you, but like I said, its all about strategy and you might be a far greater player than me, so maybe a demo or watching some of the harder fights on youtube is in order. So all in all its a game that needs some tweeking, or maybe different settings. The lack of a good story makes the game feel more like, "ON TO THE NEXT FIGHT FOR A REASON I COULD CARE LESS FOR SKIP SKIP SKIP SKIP" when lets be honest.. Story should be the easy part of the game. How many writers are there on this planet looking for work? The game seems to have a really tough curve (this is diff for everyone). Pro's: Hard game (pro / con) Great turn base strategy, Good graphics, Cool units, Great design. Con: Hard game (pro / con) Story sucks, DRM (who thought this was a good idea???) And pretty much it. But impacts the game greatly. Could out wiegh the pros for a lot of players. Expand
  45. Apr 17, 2012
    If you love repeatedly being kicked off in the middle of a battle and starting over and over again as Ubisoft's DRM server repeatedly goes down for days on end, this is the game for you. If instead you like games that you can actually play -- go ahead and skip this one and any Ubisoft title that uses their astoundingly bad DRM server -- which is never online, and quits your game when it can no longer talk to you. I have nothing to say about the gameplay -- because I cannot actually play the game as long as the 'Conflux' server is down.

    Good job losing another customer, Ubisoft.
  46. Apr 13, 2012
    I bought the deluxe edition of this game Friday night on Steam. Too bad for me: the product key didn't work; while I wait for Ubisoft to respond to my issue (Monday at the earliest), I'm stuck being unable to play the game I already purchased. I've never experienced an issue activating a product through Steam, so I blame Ubisoft's launcher. What's worse: I was even "temporarily banned" due to "excessive requests" (I tried the key with and without hyphens). I just wanted to warn fellow gamers that you may be in for some frustration if you plan to buy the game and play it right away! I also felt that this issue was directly related to the game's playability, hence appropriate to include in a review.

    That being said, I've played the game's demo for a decent amount of time, and I have (mostly) positive things to say about it. If Ubisoft responds appropriately to my issue, I will come back to edit this post and give a proper review of the full game.
  47. Apr 2, 2012
    About good reviewers: I've just checked all that 4 positive reviews made in 2012, and guess what is the same in all of them? The fact that all the users making them made only one review so far, the one that gives good score to heroes VI. That smells like a cheap trick of the makers of the game to me...
  48. Mar 21, 2012
    Heroes VI was not a disappointment like some say, yes there are a few glitches, but nothing major, there is hot seat for anyone who likes to play with friends, there is an online and offline hot seat, the troops for the races are different there are a few that are the same or similar to the troops in Heroes V, there is a small town screen its not as fancy as the town screen in Heroes V but you can still see your town change, the graphics are better then any other Heroes game, the combat system is different and takes some getting use to, and its hard to tell which one of your heroes is selected sometimes. The music is pretty good and the campaigns are fun, they can be difficult but they are still fun. You can customize your own character in online mode, the ability tree is much better then the last games, you can choose what you want to select instead of getting 4 random spells to learn. Expand
  49. Mar 14, 2012
    When I first tried the game I was thinking it was bad, too easy to heal and leveling became bland. Then I realized I could customize the difficulty and how much gold you start with. And then I started to notice a lot of things different to Heroes 5 and how I didn't miss any of them. It feels like a game made by fans of the game who have brainstormed a tonne of improvements and have put in the hard work to deliver a polished experience, with tonnes of customization, and well thought out balanced game play. Maybe not the best Heroes game for its time, but definitely an improvement and an evolution over the previous games. Really good job, Black Hole, keep making em like this, I don't know how anyone can not like this, big ups for a really good game!! Expand
  50. Feb 24, 2012
    Well, i was in mind this game will revive old HoMM 3 style in series.
    But i failed, they just removed classic town, completely destroyed old mechanic and added new graphics.
    No, that's not a game i was waiting for a long time.
  51. Feb 20, 2012
    I would have though it a challenge to make a bad heroes game. I have enjoyed all the series, until now.
    Somehow they have made the game so linear that it is no longer enjoyable for me. They may as well have made it a rolling demo. The graphics etc are ok but it is the gameplay itself that seems to have been sorely overlooked. Absolutely terrible.
  52. Feb 11, 2012
    The best of 6! Now you can recruit all troops in any city, you can teleport heroes between cities more quickly, exists more abilities, good storyline, great quests, more variety of troops and artifacts.
  53. Jan 28, 2012
    I believe Heroes 6 to be a game which had the potential to become the best of the series but failed to meet these expectations at least until now. Up to the current version of the game (1.2.1) and after almost 3 months since release, there are loads of bugs which shouldn't make it into a game that is published. Since Blackhole is busy fixing bugs, there is no hope for them working on balancing between factions. Also there is no balance between skills, which leads to "perfect recipes" that make the game boring. On top of this, the multiplayer part is almost non-existent at this stage because of several reasons: there is no possibility for playing user-made maps in multi, there is no random map generator, there are no simultaneous turns and the fans have been split on regional servers making impossible for members of multiplayer communities to play among each other if they are from different regions.

    However there are some good points. Contrary to what other fans are saying I find the reduced resource system to be better from a multiplayer point of view. I also find the approach with shared creature pool among a player's castles to be beneficial since it's removing a great deal of the menial chaining of heroes. The 3 tier creature system (core, elite, champion) also seems to make sense. The unit composition of the different races is very good compared to its predecessors. All in all, the cons are more important than the pros and thus until now I find the game too buggy and, sadly, too boring.
  54. Jan 7, 2012
    WAIT !!! ____ I have to admit I was drawn in by the cool graphics and enjoyed the game for a while.____
    Then the problems started.____
    All of your Hero data AND saved games are stored on their server called the Conflux.____
    If the that server is down, you can still play... BUT you will have to start over a new campaign and will not have
    access to any saved games that previously had.____
    It has been down twice in the week since I had the game.____
    (I bought it during the STEAM Holiday sale)____

    And if that was not bad enough, they have a UbiSoft game launcher that you have to log-in to before you can start the game, and that has been down too. If that launcher cannot connect, you have to start the game in "Offline mode" and again you have no access to your Heroes or saved games.____

    Furthermore, their forums are down, and have been since January 1st.____
    On the site it says... and I quote...____ "The official Ubisoft Forums are closed for a few days as weâ
  55. Jan 6, 2012
    The last of the series, MMH6 brings a lot of change in the gameplay mode.Still,with this changes comes the bugs.In my opinion,the bugs and the town windows are the only bad things in this game.These things may change with work from the developers and with great support from the fans.
  56. Jan 5, 2012
    I have been playing the Heroes series since Heroes 2; I consider it to be one of my favorite games. However, Heroes VI is pathetic. It seems like a slapped together version of the games I know and love. No town screens? The story is awful, and even awkward at times. The leveling system is odd.. it is just missing all those things that I love about the old games. Don't waste your money. Hope that the next heroes is better.... Or, if you want to play a game from the Heroes series, try Heroes V, it came much closer to hitting the mark. Expand
  57. Jan 3, 2012
    Well I believe that all the positive reviews were written by company employees or some test group guys? most positive reviews state nothing and look like advertisement: "buy it buy it buy it!" Now about the game, IMHO part 3,4,5 were much better. There is no more fairy tail in this one, I just don't know how to describe it. Full 3-d game is cool, but the castles look really awful now, more like a shack. I d recommend to play HoMM 3 or 5 once more, you ll get more fun. Expand
  58. Jan 2, 2012
    Well what can I say. I am a heroes fan. A big heroes fan. In fact it was heroes that got me into gaming in the first place. So this sequel is pretty important to me. And it doesn't disappoint. No it isn't a total blowout and epic shocker of a game. It is exactly what you come to expect of a heroes game. Its fun. The music is amazing (very nostalgic to past games). The game doesn't take much risk and sticks with the tried and true formula with a few changes. The lack of a townscreen was annoying at first but seeing as the entire interface is built up of small windows (kind of like the source engine menus) the new townscreens make sense. They are fast and painless making going back into the fight (or exploration/domination or whatever else you are doing) that much easier. There is a shift from multiple heroes to a single all purpose hero that takes a bit of getting used to. No more massing heroes and creating relays of heroes going back and forth. One hero is actually enough. With town portals your hero can be everywhere at once. The new skills system takes some getting used to but that because it isn't a typical rpg setup. Instead your hero is exactly who you want him/her to be. The hero has the skills you want and need. A might hero can heal troops (or burn them depending on your preference). And a magic hero can use advanced tactics and war machines (if you want it). There are very few restrictions in the level up menus.
    The creatures got upgrades/revamps. The new creatures fit right in (like the blazing glory for haven that becomes a one fairy army later on) and yes the sanctuary faction (naga) lives up to the hype. Also every creature has its own abilities (learn them if you wish to win later campaigns) and are affected by spells differently. For example the heal spell is very useful for your own troops (if you're haven) but direct it at the inferno faction and it becomes your main offensive spell of a sudden. The campaign is actually worth playing now and doesn't feel as just a clever way of introducing the next map. There are down sides. The occasional glitch will appear almost everytime you play. Nothing game breaking (lets not jinx it though) but are a minor inconvenience (- 1 point there).
    The online conflux is a mess and can be intimidating. Best advice is play the campaigns online (you can carry over certain artifacts between missions) and if the servers are down play skirmishes. There are enough maps to keep you occupied until the servers come back up. (-1 point also).
    Overall this game is still heroes at its core. Just with a different (not new just different) coat of paint. It still stutters at the same places and runs like a dream in others. The combat is fun. The campaign is worthwhile. No its not the best in the series or a game of the year contender but its a great game to pass the time and at is heart its still heroes and that whats most important.
  59. Jan 2, 2012
    I've been a supporter of the heroes of might and magic franchise since it's inception, and this installment has been the biggest disappointment of the series.

    It seems, like so many other companies making games these days, that all the development money was spent on nice looking trailers and PR to hype the game, and the actual game was ignored. It plays like an alpha stage game. The
    animations are choppy/blocky, the amount of bugs is ridiculous. The voice acting and cutscenes are awful, and the storyline un-engaging. The camera control is also horrendous. I have a hard time understanding how some people claim this game is more like the original classics Heroes II and III, as in my opinion it is far from them.

    If all the problems were fixed, this would be an ok game with nice visuals but a poor campaign, fans of the original heroes series should be dissapointed with the new races as they are not keeping with the originals at all however.

    As it is now, this game is a CHORE to play, the bugs, bad animation, poor acting/cutscenes make it thoroughly unenjoyable. What a dissapointment, and shame on UBI, who is perfectly capable of backing some great games and this should have been no exception.
  60. Dec 26, 2011
    Dreadful, dreadful game. The end of a fantastic series. I officially consider Heroes dead.

    This game has changed everything great about the series, and has done nothing right. Even if we ignore the number of bugs that should, quite frankly, not even be present in the BETA of any game, the gameplay and design choices made here are dreadful.

    The beloved town screens are gone. There are an
    unveliavable 5 races to choose from, the lowest number in the history of the series. The skill tree for the hero is nice, but giving every hero the same skills? That just leads to every hero always having the same ones, and others never being chosen.

    The game punishes exploration and patience, and only one play-style will get you through against the cheating AI: Rushing. For those that play that way, that's great. Personally, I prefer to take it easy, build up my armies, and make sure I've uncovered the land properly. my playstyle has always worked, getting me through every campaign and map I've played since Heroes 3.

    Somehow, the balance is completely off. You never have enough resources, building in your towns about half the time from the very first day, and then unable to recruit everything even in the second week. While the cheating AI opponent, of course, is already recruiting it's highest level creatures on day one, somehow.

    Maybe for newbies to the series, this game can be fun, but for any veteran (and especially if you've played Heroes 3) I would recommend avoiding this game like the plague. It is dreadful.

    Neither Ubisoft nor Black Hole are, quite simply, ever getting any of my money again.
  61. Dec 25, 2011
    I am enjoying this game, but the complaints do have merit. Fun but dumb. There's not a lot of depth to the strategy... Even simple stuff like flanking bonuses are absent. The designers should play some table top minis. Serious glitches exist. Example: Level 2 went unsolvable because of a rigid cut scene schedule. Music is mediocre, graphics are fine but not ideal. EDIT: I am taking this down a point after the latest patch did not fix a host of serious problems. Expand
  62. Dec 19, 2011
    I've been playing HOMM game since the original and this game simply goes from bad to worse over the last few iterations. Why are developers releasing games that looks like they are still in BETA? Graphics are better, but I don't see any improvement in either the story or gameplay. Most importantly, go resolve all the bug issues before you release this ****
  63. Dec 17, 2011
    The only improvement I can see is graphic. For the game play it's only fun for a few first hours, after that the repetition of the battle will bore you.
  64. Dec 4, 2011
    Started Playing but unfortunately it did not catch my attention what so ever.
    not interesting and same tedious gameplay as heroes 5, actually heroes 5 were much better in terms of controlls
    many bugs too, and in general is a waste of money, i uninstalled it and sold it
  65. Dec 3, 2011
    Might & Magic Heroes VI, what is there to say about it other than terrible? Nothing much in my opinion. This game is a complete let down just like the IV and V.
    I found myself playing this game for around 2 hours until I realised for a moment - hey what is a game which is similar to this game but only more compelling than this and has a ton of game play enhancements more than this one? I
    know, III. I will not move from III until Ubisoft can actually think about what made number 3 so great and create a game at the same tier - or higher - than this one. Heroes of Might and Magic III all the way! Expand
  66. Nov 29, 2011
    Yet another disappointment,. Heroes V was budget gaming at its worse and this one does nothing to change things in positive direction. There are virtually no brave new design ideas, just usual copy/paste from H3 sweetened by some fancy graphics and dull RPG-like hero leveling system. Strategy is completely absent. Battles are repetitive and simple. Once more, Hero does not has its own turn to play (one of H V very few good improvements). No choices between creatures, nothing new in adventure set of heroes abilities, lots of simplifications overall, pure might is useless as usual and so on. Budget game trying to sell itself to old and still remaining fans of the series. Expand
  67. Nov 25, 2011
    The game looks good, there are many new features compared to the older games of the series and I think it has great potential... BUT it has the worst problem of all.... Bugs Bugs Bugs... The game freezes with no reason... It is completely unplayable... A good game wasted....
  68. Nov 22, 2011
    This game sucks big times! Intentions were good but uunfortunately the result is a disaster! They removed useful features from HOMMV and replaced them with a bugged disaster. The graphics are very nice but I rather have a game that is playable but ugly than the opposite!
    My advise: Stay away!! BUT IF YOU must have the game, wait for the patches (and wait for at least 5, so you are sure
    that all the bugs are are gone - there are plenty of them!)
    There is no way this game has been pre-lease tested !
  69. Nov 20, 2011
    I had high hopes for this iteration of HoM&M aka MM: Heroes having played the promising demo. My hopes for a great game still haven't died but at this point in time I cannot give the game the score I would like to give. And it has nothing to do with the fact I loved Heroes 3 as most of the fans of this series. It's all about the bugs.

    There are some gameplay changes that revolutionize the
    series - some of them seem like a great idea but still need some balancing work (skills tree and ability to build your character as you see fit), some of them were probably introduced by the developers to make their life easier (resource count decreased to 4 which will probably help with map design), some of them are plain brilliant (new Sanctuary faction).

    The graphics are beautiful PROVIDED you get to turn on anti-aliasing which is not available without external mods/applications (you can get an unofficial patch for nVidia cards or override default settings or use Radeon card tools). Sound and music are OK although previous games offered more diverse tracks. Some of the music was copied but that may actually be an advantage - new Heroes sound Heroesy.

    And now we come to the most annoying thing about this game (the second most annoying thing is aggressive DRM with limited access to the game features in single player campaign for offline players) - THE BUGS!!!

    The game is so broken it doesn't work on some systems. There are game-breaking bugs like luck is not working at all, some units are not using their abilities properly, some quests cannot be completed, some items are disappearing. For the full list check the official game forum where the bugs thread has 60 pages or so.

    The game publisher fails to communicate with the customers, there is no timescale for patch release therefore my final opinion on this game is largely affected by the fact that the game was released in early beta stage and the publisher tricked me to buying it.

    The game has potential, when fixed it can be the greatest Heroes yet, however I strongly advise you to wait with purchasing it till the patch comes out or the game hits "on sale" shelves.
  70. Nov 16, 2011
    I am extremely disappointed. Played every version and liked each better than the previous. 1) 4 pages of tech issues 2) 100s and 100s of Bug posts
    3) No communication from the Publisher who has also disallowed the Devs to communicate on the forums and go through one proxy
    4) Imbalanced game play (certain race/class builds clearly OP to others)
    5) Lacking imaginative spell trees
    (elemental, light, dark) as well as with the Might side (although I did not play Might)
    6) DRM Issues when playing the game and then losing connections and saves
    7) Very bad AI

    and I could go on.

    The only reason I gave it a 4 instead of a 1 is because this game CAN be a winner over time. Think of it as a scotch that needs to sit for 12 years. This game has the potential but needs a lot of work. Luckily with Skyrim, Batman, and SWToR out and soon to be out, I can wait out the game and not ruin my first time through experience. I like to play on hard, which is enhances my game play, was ruined by the imbalanced, repetitive builds, neutral battles and the AI is atrocious. The only folks that like this game is a small group of folks that probably have time invested in Beta and like doing the same thing over and over again.

    I do hope that this game gets fixed. I believe they released an early beta version because the beta version right before release had less bugs. Its been over a month since release and not one word from Publisher speaks volumes. Are they working on the game? I dunno... i think they got their money and cut bait with a skeleton crew to fix a few bugs and string us a long. This is how I few a long with many other folks on the forums which is loaded with hate and discontent with a smattering of catering reviews. I just can see how someone can look a friend in the face and tell them to plop down $60 for a beta copy of this game. I would tell anyone listening that this game has potential... give it a few months when it will only cost $20 if not less, and read the forums. If they havent fixed the tech issues or loads of bugs, dont buy it unless your a long time fan of the series.

    Very very disappointing that this prestigious title has been ravaged by shoddy work. The title, and more importantly the customers, deserve better treatment. If you dont think you can do the job, dont take it on. I find one aspect very telling... only one month after release, the first page of the forum is already showing signs of not turning over. Bad sign. I honestly cant wait to play the game when it is patched and maybe after an expansion.
  71. Nov 14, 2011
    loved how they made it less complicated. they did a great job with this. really brought me back to the fun I had with heroes 2 on DOS and heroes 3. to be honest the last two heroes game sucked this time they did it right imo.
  72. Nov 12, 2011
    Not worth buying. I don't know why but this game bore me so much. Removed town screen was a bad move in my opinion. I think they really need to make patch fast. Sometimes if my internet conection go down the game is ends and that piss me off too
  73. Nov 11, 2011
    I actually believe that this game is quite a lot of fun. I played all HOMM games and this would be my 2nd to third. First in a lot of aspects is the 3rd part and 2nd and 3rd depending onn aspects would be No. 5 and this. The fights are nice. Models look realistic. Game-play is nice as well. there are some choices I find a little bit disappointing (spells and spell system execution f.e.) but overall this is a nice decent new addition to the HoMM universe. The story is actually quite nice and well made. Better then anything in 4, 5 or 2. So do give it a try. You will like it. Expand
  74. Nov 10, 2011
    A very basic & yet deep game. It definitely assumes you have played heroes before. It could do with a tutorial or a decent wiki. Unfortunately though, what is quite a fun experience is ruined by retarded DRM. Waiting half an hour to synchronise your saved games is unforgivable.
  75. Nov 10, 2011
    First you do not have the right to rate it zero.It is not zero,even if you hate it.
    So i make some balance.
    Come on guys, 0 for this game? Honestly, I can understand nothing will beat H3 in your nostalgic eyes but I've been following the H6-related news (including the various dev diaries), and after playing it for a sufficient amount of time, I can assert that Ubisoft DOES care, and that
    Black Hole could teach quite a few lessons to your beloved Bioware. How can you praise Dragon Age II that is clearly an insult to Bioware, and smear H6 in the same post? H6 has room for improvement - the GUI and especially the town screens obviously come to mind - but this game is true to the soul of the Heroes series, remarkable for its overall quality, and most of its innovations will probably become "legacy" features. I'm giving it a 10 to balance the undeserved zeroes, but it certainly deserves between 8 and 9â Expand
  76. Nov 9, 2011
    I will not talk about the bugs, i simply will try to review the game!
    I made a big mistake in buying this game and should have known better. In the aspect of game play and strategy nothing has changed since HOMM V. It comes out to be a boring routine: You eliminate all of the neutral armies on the map, defend against the AI heroes who come along now and then and from time to time conquer
    an opponent town. Sound like many other round based strategy games, but:

    1) there are hundreds of neutral armies on the map and instead of making the game more interesting it gets more boring because all the battles are the same and repeating. So its more "working off the map" instead.
    2) the ai is absolutely predictable and non-challenging
    3) the role-playing part has been implemented very poor. No matter if you choose "blood" or "tears" u still can choose the same skills
    4) at the end you will always choose the same spells, because battling comes down to one goal: minimize losses (if at all). So you choose healing spells, spells that raise your armies (reinforcements or summon spells) and spells that will paralyze your foes (so u can heal)
    5) not even the story line is very deep nor interesting. It looks like some small stories were tried to be hammered together to one big story. Also the german voices are sometimes a little bit childish.

    Very annoying is the fact, that when you accelerate the battle, the sound is accelerated as well: at maximum speed you hear only beeping and cheeping. I read it in a review and i thought "well, it will not be so annoying" but after playing some hours it does!

    I am absolutely disappointed by this game and i regret having it bought! I have no clue, why it got so many good reviews by professional magazines and e-zines, i cannot recommend it at all!
  77. Nov 8, 2011
    This game suffers from a large number of flaws, first arising with the game design, and then moving onto the atrocious DRM requirements, and finishing with the massive amount of game-breaking bugs. Design flaws:
    - Factions are noticeably imbalanced
    - Game centers around stacking a massive number of creatures on one hero and "Zerging" around the map.
    - Game is repetitive and predictable,
    with minimal strategic and tactical though necessary. You spend most of the game running around killing neutral creep camps, and then teleporting back to a base to quickly destroy the enemy hero, and then resume killing neutral camps.
    - The AI is laughable.
    - "Role-playing aspects" are poorly implemented, though the concept was promising. Several hero abilities (e.g. Reinforcements) are absolutely necessary regardless of your build, most hero abilities are more or less negligible in impact, and basically "useless"
    - Game centers around ensuring that you take 0 losses per battle. There are multiple different version of the "heal" spell, all of which do the same thing - minimize losses. Again, this makes the game repetitive, predictable, boring, and ultimately, frustrating to play.

    - Imperial griffon dive ability has no effect
    - Luck / Critical hits don't actually augment damage.
    - Dynasty weapons disappear
    - Loading a game makes it impossible to scroll your map using the mouse
    - Creature growth can become negative after the "Week of the Plague". It becomes impossible to add to your army after this point. If you lack a saved game, you must restart the entire level.
    - I'm a long time fan of the HMM franchise, and a game industry professional. This game should not have been released in this state - in fact, looking at the state of the game alone, this game could have, *should have* stayed in development for another 6 months to a year. The number of non-Sev 1 Pri 1-type bugs is staggering (Severity 1, Priority 1, any bug that is a "showstopper"). Sure, Ubisoft's dev house has likely cleared up their most glaring bugs, but the number of severely noticeable extraneous bugs makes it impossible to enjoy this game in more than the manner in which people watch a trainwreck as it occurs.

    However, I'm a resilient person, a die hard fan of the series, and someone whose true passion in life is gaming. I could live with some of these bugs. The hero skills that don't work, the creature abilities that do nothing, being unable to scroll the map using the mouse after loading, even the campaign map triggers that fire improperly and make the entire level impossible to complete. But this Conflux connectivity requirement is the most poorly implemented online-single play functionality I've seen. Look at Starcraft 2 as an example, in the future, of how you should design your PC campaigns to work with online functionality. All saved games should still be accessable without a net connection - especially if your own cloud servers are unreliable. This alone makes it clear to me, seeing as how Ubisoft only bothered to push Black Hole to do the minimum amount of work necesary to push this game out onto market, that this publisher really only cares about getting as much return from their investment as possible, even if they have to essentially scam their customers into buying a ****-poor excuse of a half-finished game. Rather than doing the honorable thing of taking at least a few months to polish up your product to please your customer base, you've alienated long-time fans of this series.

    As things stand, I am never going to purchase another Ubisoft title again. I know people make threats like this and fail to follow through, but I promise that you will never see me buying another title with an Ubisoft logo anywhere near it. Furthermore, I am going to encourage my close friends and acquaintances to avoid purchasing Ubisoft products. Lastly, I am going to do my part to make sure that the Metacritic Score for this title truly reflects the quality and overall experience of this game. A score of 7/10 is simply too high.

    UBISOFT: Hopefully, you will learn from your mistakes. Hopefully, you will learn to treat legacy franchises like HMM with the same sense of devotion and respect that your customers hold for them. Your customers deserve nothing less than developers and publishers who have a passion for each and every title they release. And, in the event that such passion and devotion is lacking, you should learn to opt out. You have no business working to release a title where your only interest is to take a respected name, to sully it, to release a poor mockery of what it should be, and then jump ship with as money as you can grab before the boat sinks.
  78. Nov 8, 2011
    This is an excellent addition to the series. Taking the music score from the previous games, adding additional functionality to the interface and implementing the dynasty bonus amazing. Great job. there is of course some minor glitches to the game but patches will fix that. Fully customizable heroes for campaigns was a nice touch as well. Nothing is ever going to compete with heroes 3 but this is definitely a great step in the right direction. I rate a solid 9 due to some minor glitches and the ridiculous numbers of haters. Expand
  79. Nov 8, 2011
    Good, but hard to get into it to begin.

    Ever since I played IV where the heroes were able to eventually solo dragons, I've been saddened with the newer games. The good: The skill trees aren't random anymore! There's a LOT of options, lots of room for diversity. Feels familiar to the other Heroes games, but basically all the main castles are reworked. A lot of the races have ways to
    bring back fallen creatures with buildings in your towns. The dynasty weapons are fun and useful. It really grows on you as you play, are the plot and characters are well acted and carried out. I particularly liked how the campaigns meshed together. While I don't feel like the game has a ton of replay value, it will suck up quite a bit of time just going through the campaigns (70+ hours easy).

    The Bad: The skill trees are so diverse it's hard to know where to go with them at first, and they don't really give you any ideas either. Since you don't need more then 2 heroes, it's hard to justify playing very different throughout the different campaigns once you figure out what works and what doesn't. The races that can't bring back their creatures with buildings are going to be seriously gimped in any multi player setting. The leveling up of your profile is kinda interesting, though it gets "really" slow to level up after awhile, and the starting bonuses just doesn't seem to make that big of a difference until the super high levels which you won't ever reach even after beating all the campaigns. I really miss having to worry about my back cities instead of being able to town portal whenever you need to go. I also miss having to mesh foreign troops and the penalties associated with doing so, of course you don't "have" to convert the cities, but why not, when the option to do so is there? So, while I enjoyed the game, there were a lot of things they changed I just wasn't thrilled about
  80. Nov 7, 2011
    This game has a great opening, and the characters and story is both good (especially the undead one). However, the gameplay is linear and repetitive, and quickly you realize that you are forced to do the same things over and over and over again for hours. Even hard difficulty provides little challenge once you see true the retarded AI intellect, then you overtake armies twice your size without much difficulty. In our day and age we expect more flexibility and freedom from a strategy game, and when you find yourself steamrolling on easy difficulty just for story, then you realize the only thing keeping you is the role playing factor of the game, and even that has it limits when it can go hours between each story driven encounter. Expand
  81. Nov 3, 2011
    My favourite game at the moment!!! If I'm not looking to the few bugs... its a perfect game for me :) The graphics are realy great and very good in detail! The gameplay is fantastic for a strategie game! and the soundtracks are so calm and beautiful! i love this game :)
  82. Nov 2, 2011
    10/10 i love the new gameplay. I played heroes III for the longest time and I love how they uncomplicated resources and added more rpg aspects. It is very fun and is worth buying.
  83. Nov 2, 2011
    Never gonna buy another MM game for under 10 dollars. Felt the game the wayyyyyyy stripped down compared to 5. Had to log into the archaic Uplay system in order to play, if uplay was down I couldn't access any of the extra material. Big fan of the series and I really do not like this game. The balance of the game is also horrible and the difficulty curve doesn't make any sense. Also buggy.... The worst thing they did was get rid of the dark elf class and had that retarded lotus group used instead. There aren't half the playable classes there would usually be. Ubisoft really really really disappointed me here.

    This game is lammmmme.
  84. Nov 2, 2011
    Unlike other reviewer, I didn't get any bugs while playing this game. I think it's a good release which stands strongly in the veins of HOMM but it's lacking in newness. It's mostly built to be a multiplayer game I think, which I'm not a huge fan of. The campaign is fairly short but you get to play many races. Overall, not impresive but still enjoyable.
  85. Nov 2, 2011
    A lot of flaws in the game discourage the desire to play it. I understand the difference between bugs and flaws of programming code. Bugs is the undocumented features of the programme.But when developers can not test documented skills and weapons it is a carelessly published product.
    Very sad but the developer and publisher has released the crude product.
    There is no reason to trust them more.
  86. Nov 1, 2011
    This is a very well made game. Very fun, many, many hours of story driven game play (quite long). Some of the bad reviews are astoundingly vapid. Many are obviously from players that have not played it long enough, or are merely having technical issues. There have been patches, and the game runs beautifully for me. An absolute joy of a game. More should be like this...
  87. Oct 31, 2011
    While This game has a lot of potential, particularly for long standing fans of the series, it is absolutely ruined by the staggering number of bugs. From graphical errors to non-working unit abilities to random game crashes, the live release actually seems to somehow contain MORE bugs than the beta did. An absolute shame and horrible decision bu Ubisoft/Black Hole Entertainment to allow this game to go live in the current state. Expand
  88. Oct 27, 2011
    Where to start?

    With the sixth installment of this long running series, Ubi seems to have gone out of their way to utterly frustrate and alienate the people whom have kept this franchise alive for so long. Instead of developing a robust AI, they just have it cheat. Not just cheat, but cheat on a grand scale. Even on easy you get out-classed by the AI so fast it leaves only one strategy as
    a viable option. One viable strategy does not a strategy game make. Secondly, they tied a lot of the games better features to being able to connect to ubi online. Then they failed to have sufficient redundancy in their servers. Three times now in the first week of the games availability I have been unable to connect to Ubi's servers. The first time I did not know this hobbled the game and had to re-do the first two necro missions as as result. Also we seem to be heading backwards. The 3D rotatable camera is gone, the town screens are static and unimaginative, and having to waste skills gained by leveling up on spells is just plain wrong! We are down to one rare resource from four and then they have weeks with bonuses to resources that aren't there. As to this being more like HOMM III, if I want to play HOMM III I will play HOMM III. I do not want to shell out $50+ for a game I already have. New versions should be improvements on the last, not rehashes of whats been done already. And very poor re-hashes at that.

    There is at least one area where Ubi has been consistent, and that is the utter lack of proper documentation. Given the fact the games release was delayed so MANY times the fact that the game is still this unfinished is inexcusable. If I thought for a second I could get my money back for this steaming pile of S**T I would. As i won't be able to the only thing I can do is not buy any Ubisoft games anymore. They have utterly ruined this fine series and the only thing we can hope for at this point is that this game falls so flat on its face that they sell it to another developer who will hopefully put it back on track!
  89. Oct 27, 2011
    I'm fan of this franchise for a long time. I've stared with King's Bounty (first one) and then I've played all installments to date. This game stays true to the HoMM franchise and moves it one step further. This is one of those games you can't afford to miss.
  90. Oct 25, 2011
    This game is awesome, im loving everything about it. best game i've played in long time. If you value your social life dont buy it, or you will get sucked into heroes for weeks :]
  91. Oct 25, 2011
    In short: BAD multiplayer, good solo game.

    Unlike previous version (H5), you not only miss simultaneous turns , but you are not able to do anything while you wait for other people - you can not check your town, hero, skills, don't even have minimap, let alone ability to fight ghosts like in H5.

    Some tech issues exists, like long savegames on Ubisoft lackluster uplay system, and game
    seems to break when uplay servers are not available. But it does not have game desync issues like H5 at least.

    So, if you plan to play H6 with your friends in multiplayer, you should give it another thought - waiting for 4 min(!) doing nothing after every 2min of your play (if only 3 players) means you play 33% of time, and are bored rest of it.
  92. Oct 22, 2011
    Great game, reminds of me of the good old days of heroes 3. Highly recommended to anyone that likes this type of genre. It is definitely the best in its class.
  93. Oct 21, 2011
    As a fan of the series from the very first game, I was excited to see that the latest incarnation was available and upon installing the game I was impressed by the quality of the graphics which was a massive improvement on the last game. However, less than 10minutes into the game I crashed for the first time, but instead of crashing to desktop the screen went blank, music carried on playing and only thing I could do was to switch pc off/on. Now as a veteran of a game called Runes of Magic which is a massive crash fest I've developed a tolerance for crashing so undeterred I tried again. Same thing happened 2 more times before I thought I'd update my drivers just in case, which has resulted me crashing to desktop instead of locking up my pc around 75% of the time and still blank screening the rest of the time. This morning was the last straw, CTD once and blank screening once within 15minutes - due to the amount of crashes I cannot even play long enough to complete the 2nd tutorial campaign so I cannot provide any information on how the game plays further into the game. I will admit minus the crashes I like what I see so far, however I am absolutely disgusted that in this day and age a PC game has been released in such a state. It shows a lack of quality control, or maybe the developers/publisher simply do not care and think they can just fix it later. I have managed to play all the latest games on highest resolution without any problem, I liaised with Ubisoft's support team and followed their instructions to the letter and still can't play a brand new game that I spent good money on. Maybe when the game is finally 'finished' and no longer in beta I will be able to give a better score, but until then my recommendation is to stay well clear of this buggy game, DO NOT waste your money on this as it is not ready to play. Expand
  94. Oct 21, 2011
    I really want to like this game...but the combat is so tedious. There's virtually no strategy. The fact that there's an auto-battle option says it all: the developers understand combat is rote and dull. Add to that the same world map exploration that's been used for years and years and you get a boring game. There's nothing new here. Granted, the graphics are ok, but Disciples III bests it graphically. This isn't a horrid game...just not a good one at all. I cannot recommend it. Sigh... Expand
  95. Oct 21, 2011
    Heroes of Might and Magic 6 is a lot better than the 4th part in the series, somewhat better than the 5th and almost as good the legendary 3rd :P Just with much better graphics in every category and some interesting new additions like the ability to convert towns to your faction after capturing them, not only might or magic heroes but also tear (more defensive) or blood (more offensive) specialization. It comes with surprisingly good campaign and some great skirmish maps. A random map generator will probably follow in the future so there is enough to keep one entertained for a long time.
    It has some bugs atm, nothing game breaking (at least not for me personally) and some creatures,skills that needs to be balanced better in my opinion. Also a real town screen is missing atm but the devs have promised to add it in near future.
    Cannot wait for the addons (with even more factions hopefully) that probably will come!
  96. Oct 21, 2011
    I have been a longtime fan of the Might & Magic series, having started with Might & Magic 2 Gates to Another World on Genesis. I was skeptical about some of the changes brought by Heroes VI as many other fans, but I'm happy to say I'm having a blast so far with the game. Sure, it lacks some polish, but that's PC gaming for you (even the M&M titles of old had their share of nasty bugs). Anyway there's nothing that can't be solved by a patch. I must also say I loved all the references to past games in Heroes VI - returning heroes, town names ("Sorpigal by Sea" made me smile) and quests. It's possibly my favorite Heroes game since Heroes III. In a couple of patches I think most people will realize just how good this game is. Expand
  97. Oct 21, 2011
    First of all, I want to say that I'm a hardcore gamer and I play the Might and Magic since the second game of the franchise - Might and Magic II: Gates to Another World. I still remember when they launched the first game of the Heroes spin-off. So I think I know a little about this game to rate it, as it follows. Many people look to HOMM3 as being the masterpiece of the spin-off in such a way that nothing after that was worth. Well, it is partially true, but now we have a game that contests that conservative vision. When Ubisoft published HOMM4, I don't think it had assimilated the spirit of the game, so what we saw was a huge implementation of graphical aspects, in detriment to the gameplay the fans expected. But Ubisoft honored its tradition of being so attentive to detail and bought us HOMM5, that wasnt as good as HOMM3, but it was a improvement over HOMM4. And now, two versions later, a much experienced and respectful Ubisoft delivered this game, that mix both the gameplay of HOMM3 and gorgeous graphics, adding new features that actually contributes to the fun of the game. Everything is this game is meant to be big and it does deliver this sensation. I'm in love. 10 Expand
  98. Oct 20, 2011
    Initial score was a 5, bumped it up to 6 after I fumbled through their UI enough to get some custom games (skirmishes) going. At first I was a tiny bit (was never a big deal) put off about the no town screens but trust me when I say it just doesn't matter after you play for a few hours, you don't miss it, largely because you realize it wasn't necessary, it didn't add anything but prettyness. Technically, after you fumble through the current town building screen once or twice you realize it really does what it sets out to do well. Tbh, same goes for the skill/spell trees. At first I hated them, granted I'm still not a fan of the UI in general, navigating around the game after first install literally was nearly enough for me to not even bother getting into the game. But after you force yourself through a game or two, once you familiarize yourself with the menu's and UI, I hate to admit it (because my first score was a 5, hence all the 'no' votes) but the game is good. Now my score is in the green, 7. Expand
  99. Oct 20, 2011
    I was a big fun of Heroes 3 but after playing 4 & 5 i was disappointed. But then i played Heroes 6 and i remembered again the good old days, In some reviews i read that it has a difficult to understand gameplay, guys this is not true, you have to be both a noob and a retard not to understand how the game works. I love the achievements and the online features. The graphics are great and colourful. Ok the story and the heroes names suck a little bit but the point is,this game is quite enjoyable. Expand
  100. Zao
    Oct 20, 2011
    Heroes 6 is an above average game for me.
    I pre-ordered the Collector's edition (which has some excellent content and was well worth the extra money) but a week before the release I got doubts about the game's quality and assumed I had made a mistake with my preorder.
    Things like the minimalist town screen, the talent system and the decision not to include dungeon scared me.
    I didn't care
    much about uPlay though because I maintain a stable connection all the time anyway and rarely resell my games. And contrary to what many people said you can still continue to play even without internet connection, but you won't be able to level you account when doing so.

    The other things weren't as bad as I though they would be. I do miss the townscreens. They added a lot of atmosphere I sincerely hope they bring them back with a future patch. But in the grand scheme of things they're not that big of an issue.

    The Talent system actually turned out to be an excellent addition, as does the reintroduced seperation into might and magic heroes. The system is compelling, because it lets me choose the spells and skills I want and tailor my hero to suit my needs.
    No more "Navigation...again?!"
    They do need to tweak the balance however. Some talents are vastly superior to others. 25% Experience is a massive boost, whilst a defense bonus if a unit gets attacked three times in a row is more than underwhelming.

    The same goes for the factions. Inferno and Necropolis are insanely powerful currently and Ubisoft/Black Hole need to tweak their racials so the supply of units stops at some point.

    Balance in general is quite an issue currently, but I'm quite sure those will get fixed. As long as that isn't the case however you may substract one or two points from my score.

    All in all this is a good game. It's no heroes III, but it's entertaining and as soon as you made some training rounds to get into the new changes like the reduction of resources, you'll find a lot of fun.

    Oh: To the one who said that Squares offer less tactical approaches than Hexagons: A Hexagon has 6 sides and squares offer 8, because you can also attack diagonally.
  101. Oct 13, 2011
    Suprisingly good. I LOVED HoMM III as we all did, and hated IV and V, however this is remarkably good, and goes back to its roots more. It doesnt offer much new, although it feels very polished and well thought out. The game looks amazing in play, the graphics and animations really blend well, its not an easy game, and the AI whilst not genius level seems to offer a decent challenge for learning the game. You will get at least 40 hours play in single player alone. All in all a good addition to this series. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 48 Critics

Critic score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 0 out of 48
  1. Dec 12, 2011
    This is definitely not the high point of the series. Someone may need to return to the old drawing board.
  2. Dec 4, 2011
    A damn fine - if at times somewhat unforgiving - turn-based game with strategic depth and hours upon hours of play. [Christmas 2011, p.52]
  3. Nov 30, 2011
    Engrossing exploration, diverse development, and challenging combat return in Might & Magic Heroes VI.