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  1. Mar 12, 2014
    this game is in the same Genre as Onechanbara, but with NO adult content in it.
    this game is alot more difficult on normal than onechanbara
    berzerk difficulty (wii and xbox 360)
    the game uses a bit of sexual appeal by using attractive characters, but doesnt really do anything lewd with them.
    camera occasionally is an issue, but its not often and its seemingly a small oversight issue, i feel if they fixed it, it might become worse, ie camera automoves and you run where you DONT want to.)
    your character is upgradable in battle which is VERY useful.
    the games battles can feel repetative after a few waves, but when you fight waves of enemies in a brawler/hack and slash game that tends to always happen in the genre, but they throw in new enemies and new attack patterns to liven things up occasionally.
    AI on normal seems a bit cautious, so it gives you a challenge if you keep pushing the same button over and over again, or aggressively attack everything in sight (or play the defense too)
    the game plays well on a controller (id advise this STRONGLY)
    the controlls are fluid, no screen tearing, the graphics look GREAT for an indie game that came out at comiket 85.

    id reccomend it if you like hack and slash games like onechanbara, Onimusha, god of war, bayonetta, darksiders, lolipop chainsaw, devil may cry, ninja gaiden or xblades.

    start on easy so you can keep the bonuses/upgrades on normal, this game is kinda hard until you upgrade a lot of your stats..

    Pros: not a perverted game like most think it is, no nudity or lewd content.
    fluid controls,
    good graphics,
    nice upgrade system
    no screen tearing
    good value
    some replayability
    AI that can occasionally adapt.
    interesting AI attack patterns.

    Cons: difficulty if you start on normal first,
    2 upgrades can mess up your gameplay because they are dash directional attacks, thus making combos less efficient, (I just reloaded a save and im not using these)
    camera issue (but after you get used to it, it never happens again)
    game and story is a bit short
    has some repetitive gameplay but all hack and slash games have this.

    and for its price, thats not a bad deal :)
  2. Jun 24, 2014
    a very well done game with one of the best combat systems seen to date. a wee bit short, but good none the less. For its price anyone who enjoyed DMC should definitely pick it up Expand
  3. Oct 8, 2014
    This game is very simple with little to do but just hack and slash.
    But a good one at that, really in-depth combat with nice looking
    characters and attacks. Expand
  4. Mar 15, 2014
    Okay, let's start by saying this game is short. Probably about 30-45 minutes long.
    But it's an entertaining 1/2 hour as you hack and slash
    demon with your katana wielding Japanese school girl.

    The whole game is set in an arena type environment and you're attacked by waves of demons culminating in a boss battle. I'm surprised at what they managed to do with a 250 MB download.
    The characters (specially the protagonist) are very well modelled and although the backgrounds are nothing to write home about, serve their purpose well.
    The controls are tight and there are there's plenty of room for tactical fighting with the surprisingly deep fighting mechanics. It's kind of like Devil May Cry but with panty shots.

    The main shortcoming of this game is the level design. there are two basic stages repeated once with different colour. I guess it doesn't matter on a game this short but some variety would've been nice.

    As a budget title (I bought it for 9$ on Steam) this is a good, good game that although short, it provides plenty of entertainment and even some replay value.
  5. Jun 27, 2014
    The game is really short which is a big downside. Voice acting is good. The combo systems & graphics are okay but who doesn't like seeing a lot of pantsu? Fan service at its best.

    PS: It's really hard to play this game with one hand only.
  6. Mar 17, 2014
    A surprisingly good indie title. I was expecting it to be very technically flawed, bad programming and options. However, this game nails it in terms of quality compared to my expectations. Controls are fluent, combat is perfectly paced, the progression is straightforward. You can acquire all the moves very quickly, and upgrade by earning points during combat. I like how there are no complicated menus or RPG systems, it's all about the combat. You kill enemy, earn points, use points to upgrade. Furthermore, the game is very much pick-up-and-play. It may have a miniscule moves list, but the long combos and fast animations make for some satisfying brawler action. For a game that's 286 MB, the graphics aren't too shabby. The ability to save anytime, anywhere and return to the action without going through cumbersome menus or loading screens is commendable. This game distils hack and slash to its most core mechanics, adds its own little power-up twist so that it isn't a direct clone of other games, and puts you right in the action. It's literally all combat, there's no clutter at all. If you value simplicity as well as challenging difficulty - a game that relies solely on mechanics rather than fancy visuals or a story, this game is for you. HOWEVER, this is all assuming you can overlook the extremely difficult boss fights, where your timing has to be perfect and your health is so small and you do so little damage to the boss. If you just want to style, stick with DmC. If you don't mind frustrating boss fights, then this might be OK. Expand