Mystery Case Files: 13th Skull PC


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  1. Feb 28, 2011
    This is one of the better hidden object games and proves that this genre is still alive and quite healthy. For most veterans of this genre, it will take them around 6 to 7 hours to successfully complete and for newcomers, a little more, depending on how often you use the hint system.
  2. Dec 23, 2010
    Mystery Case Files: 13th Skull is an enjoyable adventure game with an interesting story. If it weren't for the constant back-tracking and the horrendous acting of the characters, this game could have been great.
  3. Dec 22, 2010
    Overall, Mystery Case Files: 13th Skull is an impressive mélange of solid storytelling, interesting gameplay and superlative production quality, and strives proactively to blur the line even more between casual and traditional adventure games.

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