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  • Summary: Myth III: The Wolf Age takes place 1000 years before the first two Myth games. This prequel is a fully 3D squad-based Real Time Strategy (RTS) fantasy game that follows the life of Connacht the Wolf ? the legendary hero who saved humanity from the Myrkridia and the oppressive Trow to ultimately become the Emperor of all human lands. To defeat your enemies, you must cast spells, gain experience, collect items, and build ancient devices. [GodGames] Expand
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  1. A must-see RTS experience with a rich single-player campaign and a whopping 14 styles of multiplayer competition.
  2. 87
    I was happy to find that the game not only followed the rich background of storytelling from a new historic perspective, but also kept the gameplay that I and so many others enjoyed intact.
  3. Featuring great graphics, a memorable story, and plenty of diverse missions, Myth III's campaign will present a welcome challenge for veterans and newcomers alike.
  4. Keeps the series on the cutting edge of visual excellence, but the storyline goes in the opposite direction, taking the player back 1,000 years before the first two games in the franchise.
  5. 75
    If you can play it, focus your efforts on the campaign -- it's fun, and for the most part works as advertised. Hopefully, by the time you are finished with Connacht's tale, a patch to fix the many multiplayer issues will be ready.
  6. Not only did they slack off while writing AI routines, and ship a buggy game, but they also didn't innovate the series in any way; let alone take it to the next level.
  7. This game mostly adds more of the same… unless you count the bugs, broken features, and unpolished gameplay. Those are all new to the series.

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