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  1. Oct 3, 2013
    The 2k team really screwed the pc fans again this year with another terrible port with last gen graphics. Pay the same price as everyone else, yet we still got left behind. This company is easily becoming as bad as EA. Full Review »
  2. Oct 2, 2013
    This is just NBA2k13 with a roster update. PC systems are several times more powerful than the current consoles but why do devs keep holding back?
    NBA2k11 looks exactly like 2k14.

    Graphics are too old, controls have changed again and are ackward so prepare to spend some time learning them again.
    CPU still cheats like crazy (silly boundary defense, steals, rebound between 5 players and boxed out).

    Commentary is still good as usual, presentation is also nice with nice intros, music, facts/stats.
    But nothing really changed compared to previous years.

    Annoying Bugs:
    A loose ball can bounce around without even touching anyone from left to right.
    Player reaction towards a loose ball: there is none, they wait till the opponent grabs the ball first and then reacts. You can't move either cause you're in a locked animation.

    Force field defense and boundaries. You can't move past a defender on higher difficulties when you make your dribble move because the game has predetermined that you won't score.
    I crossed my opponent and he was 3m away from me but I still couldn't move forward.

    Dumb teammates AI, they seem to follow you around and are always in your way.

    Holding fouls during myplayer still aren't being called. You want to go to your position for a play and you cross the paint: the defense will hold you like crazy and you can't move anywhere.

    and many other annoying bugs that happened in previous games still happen in 2k14.

    Not worth the money.
    Full Review »
  3. Oct 1, 2013
    Purely a roster update, and no fixes from last year's bugs. Please don't give 2K your money, they don't deserve it. No texture updates, game looks like it is from the beginning of this generation instead of at the end. My Player mode yet again pits you against people who are on average 10 or more points overall better than you, the game will dock you points for your teammate mistakes. This game is closer to NBA Jam than the NBA. Full Review »