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  1. Oct 14, 2014
    NBA 2K15 might be the best sports game of the year. NBA Live is not a competitor for NBA 2K15, as 2K15 is way better thanks to the great gameplay, thorough MyGM-mode and the phenomenal A.I.
  2. Oct 13, 2014
    This sports game is full of subtleties and nuances.
  3. NBA 2K15 is most amazing NBA game ever. MyPARK mode, realistic graphics, animations and customization options are waiting for you. There is no need to say more, you should play this game.
  4. Oct 28, 2014
    Allow yourself to get pulled into the show, and it’s hard to see where real life finishes and NBA 2K starts. It's the best sports series on earth. By a distance.
  5. Oct 26, 2014
    Considering that NBA 2K14 was the best basketball simulator ever made, NBA 2K15 has even better animation, graphics and A.I. For basketball fans there is no other choice.
  6. Oct 9, 2014
    Thanks to some good tweaks and the outstanding MyCareer mode, it’s still a game I can recommend as a strong offline basketball game.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 8 out of 26
  2. Negative: 12 out of 26
  1. Oct 21, 2014
    As a big fan of NHL (hockey) and Premier League (soccer), I wish there was game such a close to it´s reality as NBA 2K15 to basketball.

    have owned game from last year and improvement is breathtaking. When I watched youtube gameplays, it looked like NBA 2K14, but once you play it, it is amazing and completely different.. MyGM and Myplayer are modes, which gives me satisfaction just by them selves. There is still Myteam and Mypark, which are just that top of the cake.. Offline play with mates is something, which I enjoy even more (full matches with 12 minutes quarters is must). I do not experience any network difficulties out of something ordinary worth to mention. It is best team sport game on the market right now and set´s the next-gen level, which other franchises will be hopefully able to reach regarding to graphics, sound in 3-5 years. And I am not talking about absolutely brilliant gameplay and AI. Every play you make there on the court is so unique - and that is something, in which NBA 2K15 excels like no other game before. I have preoredered the game, been playing since and I recommend this game to everyone, who likes team sports in general. You will not be disappointed with this Masterpiece, you will be amazed!

    Please, read this, as it is really not fair to base user score on the things like:

    1) My computer is not fast enough for next-gen, so the game is rubbish.
    2) Problems with online on first few days, because everything is working well right now.

    And now my review:

    I have seen some people to point out the negatives in Mycareer. There has been replacement in Mycareer - First draft has dissapeared (which have to, because of the story..), and talking with GM also - yet to be perfectly honest - how many times did you speak to your coach? Once or twive in whole time? On the otherside randomised interaction with staff, coach, players, that is something much more interesting and I am always looking forward to it. In 2k14 have been stereotype patterns, after game press conferences with boring and useless dialogues. First few games it was interesting, but after while? I have enjoyed much more, when they told me that I am on a cover of 2k15 game, or they have put billboard with my player on the street and these kind of things to mix game a bit. And that is what 2K really worked hard on this year. In 2k15 everything feels unpatterned (so far), on and off-court - almost everything you say and do actually change things about your character and affecting how your player, coach, and the other staff acts in situations on and off court. Miss to many threes and coach will be upset to you, when you back to bench. Do not pass the ball around, and coach and one- most important player in your team will tell you. Do not work well as a team on rebounds, again - coach will be really ... . And that is something, which no-other team sport game came ever close to.

    On court? Everything is much more about read the situation - in 2k14 you were able to follow same path and get that way points much more easier- it didn´t really matter on what difficulty. AI have been improved so much in this way. In 2k15 you have to be much more illusive and unpredictible, with dribbling, passing, shooting, and deffense. And it is much more rewarding when everything you do works out well. Same as in a real match - sometimes everything is working so perfect, the other time no-matter what, it is so bad and your mates in mycareer doesn´t score single point either. That is something what is going on in mycareer with Orlando Magic - where we occupying last spot from whole NBA - yet, I know it is about team as whole, which is very weak and looking forward to make big line after season and move to some more competetive team. But I do really enjoy game even with Orlando - as it is very close to reality and wondering what it would be like if Howard didn´t go to Rockets and played with me in the same team.. Men, we could make Play-off like nothing.. :D And that is what I am after. I am sure, that diehard fans of the team must have difficult time to accept the reality and therfore in game also. But this is not game about make your team win Play-off after first season, to be honest it is going to be difficult with some teams to get even to Play-off, and that is what is so rewarding about it, you do not have to fight for first spots, there is plenty of challange even on the last spot.

    21.10.2014 Update: Ok, after pain in the Orlando - I have moved to Bulls and that is what I am talking about baby, Noah is perfect on Rebounds - in 2k14 I didn´t thing he is any special - but now? I am really glad he is waiting as a shark under basket with very high numbers in rebounds - this was really weak point in Orlando. Same goes with the Layups - Chicago looks really strong side to me. Rose is amazing player. With 12 minutes quarters, whole season in front of me (usualy it takes me 82 day´s to get to Play Off ) and Bulls I am really looking forward to play-offs!
  2. Nov 10, 2014
    I really dont belive how much the user score is low. I have been a vivid fan of the 2k series for a long time, and this is probably the best 2k game ever, and here is why:

    First of all, the graphics are great, even though some player models are too skinny. The crowd animation is fantastic, player faces are realistic. Some of the coaches faces are not really good but thats not the main thing. The gameplay is good but the default simulation sliders are cheesy. The computer attacks the paint too much, grabs too many offensive rebounds, AI is too fast and hits too many contested jumpers and layups, but once i found a realistic slider set on a NBA 2k forum it fixed all of these issues, including the way too fast AI that was unguardable(and i really like the new defence, people there are really bad defenders in the NBA and not everyone plays elite defence, plus you have to be smart about how you guard some players, and the elite superstars...well just like in real life its unrealistic to lock them down but you can contain them with good defensive players), the only thing we are awaiting for is a realistic roster which will fix the too many drives to the basket and not enough mid range and 3p shots by editing the coaching sliders. But overall the AI is improved, they play better defence, they rotate well, they ICE the pick and roll and its easy to turn the ball over if you are not smart, and on offence the new freelance offences improve the gameplay. The Spurs play their motion offence, the Knicks run the triangle, basically get yourself equipped with a good slider and roster set (i do this every year for 2k) and the gameplay will be much better. I like the new contact system but i dont like the fact there are few fouls called in game.

    As for the game mods, my favorite one is the My GM. I loved the assosiation on earlier 2k even though it was broken in some aspect and it was too easy to build a contender. Here you have owners who are realistic counterparts of real life owners, you have goals you have to meet otherwise you are out. Training has been completly changed and is now realistic, you have to be careful how you are developing a player, injuries are so realistic, for example you have to watch Derrick Rose and his knees, and if you dont he will get injured often and there is a chance his knees will break down later in his career. Drafting is revamped, you have to be careful who you draft, you could get a steal of a player if you scout well, and if you dont, you may get a bust out of a player so you have to scout carefully, watch the mock drafts, big boards, and the social media. It is such a fantastic mod, even though the AI trade logic is still a little broken but overall probably the best mod ingame. My League is similar do My GM but i havent tried it. My Team is awesome, i love collecting cards and players, and the My Careear i really dont like, the story is a bit cheesy, i do like how you start undrafted and have to fight for a contract, and then you get to go to free agency which is fun, but you player starts very raw, and the new atrribute system doesnt let you create the player you want.

    Overall, the game is great, i really dont understand the criticism.
  3. Oct 18, 2014
    It has many flaws, but NBA 2K is still the best sports franchise of the last years. This time shots and defense are harder to master in "hall of fame" difficulty, and the broadcast experience is better than ever.

    Con sus defectos NBA 2k sigue siendo la mejor franquicia de juegos deportivos de los ultimos tiempos. Los tiros y la defensa es más difícil de controlar, y la atmósfera de una verdadera transmisión de TV está muy bien lograda.
  4. Oct 30, 2014
    i haven't touched a basketbal game in over 6 years, but i was in shock on how bad this game plays, the controls are slow, you really don't have the feeling you got control over your character. It's also very hard to understand anything from this game if you are not well known with anything basketball related, so if you just want to start a game and play a quick game of b-ball, forget it, i have never seen a sports game with such a big learning curve, and there is a no tutorial at all, they just got some badly written tutorial videos with a voice over from a NBA player who doesn't sound like he wanted to voice them at all. To be able to do some simple defense you have to pull so many moves your sticks i am not even bothering to do it anymore.

    And than their is the My Career mode, avoid like the plague, your guy starts up as a wash up who did not even get drafted, and it shows why, he can't hit even hit the basket from 2 meters without a defender putting pressure on him. And the A.I is just terrible, i am in a perfect open position and my team just wont pass me the ball, instead the guy with the ball just stands there dribbling away until the shot timer is over. Your player also seems to be the main target to be defended while if i don't do anything, my team just rushes through their defense. And talking about teammates, even my teammates can't hit a ball, when my guy got transferred to the L.A Lakers, even Koby Bryant was missing shots that the real Bryant would be ashamed for.

    And the biggest is with My Career is that they reward you after a match with VC cash, with this you can upgrade your character. But they give you so little, you might as well not bother, the main reason why they give this cash in such little amount is because you also have the option to just buy VC with real money, so why would i bother with doing well if a can just cheap out and max my guy out with real money?

    Overall i am having just no fun with this, they made it way to realistic and the fun is far to find, this game is only worth it if you are really good with the previous versions of series and are a basketball nut. If you are a beginner, avoid this game. Oh yeah, did they also mention its a whopping 35 gig for PC? Good luck with downloading that if your ISP restricts you in the amount of GB you can download a month!
  5. Oct 10, 2014
    Considering that 1.5 hours of my playtime was spent attempting to play a single player portion of the game lets just say I'm not a very happy customer. 2K is one of the biggest game companies in the world and can't seem to be able to stress test their game's servers/not hide BS DRM in a game with this always online bullcrap. You know how to decrease stress on your servers, don't make the most popular mode (myCareer) always online like ♥♥♥♥♥s. Also stop defending that it's multiplayer game, this isn't Warcraft, there are like max 10 players at a time.

    Onto the actual game:
    Only played myCareer a few hours after release the game is fun, looks good, isn't really as responsive as I'd like, players feel a little heavy (Video game me should be able to react on defense better than real me) I'm not asking to be Scotty Pippin immediately but I can't even attempt to recover to at least contest a layup that would go in but look a little more realistic having someone there. It's kind of tough to get assists as a rookie on HOF difficulty but I'll figure it out.

    I didn't read up on this game too much before I got it because I did that last year then PC got jipped on features that really sounded cool to me. So I was really surprised to find out that I'm best friends with Andre Drummond and he can talk to me, which IS awesome. It would be more awesome if the voice acting was a little better and not so stone faced like Skyrim was.

    Speaking of Skyrim! The game takes up 50GB which is like 8 Skyrims.

    Edit: This is almost worse than I thought. Instead of making the AI smarter on harder difficulties they just make your character artificially slower which is stupid.

    Steve Kerr is an announcer, Stan Van Gundy's guy looks like the penguin from batman. Passing is not working right or is just made more difficult by the previously mentioned crap with difficulty level I can't tell. Myteam still doesn't work, neither does the park, or anything else online as far as I can tell.

    Javale McGee and Dwight Howard doing turnaround fadeaway jumpshots from 13ft out? Yup! You betcha. Invisible players interviewing with Doris, yup. Also since when does EVERY player in the NBA shoot jumpshots from 5ft out instead of a wide open layup? Oh yeah even when I do get a teammate the ball around the bucket wide open, does he brick the layup 85% of the time? I don't know why this is. Probably something to do with the difficulty level forcing me to be 80pt Kobe just to win a MyCareer game. BTW all of this stuff is from myCareer because it's the only thing working so far.

    Edit 2: Add Joakim Noah to the list of bigs doing turnaround fadeaway jumpers. The game seems to just want you to score 40 pts have 15 rbs and 15 asts to get a win in my career. I'm gonna turn the difficulty down to test this theory because my guys miss WIDE open transition layups all the time. The opposing teams big no matter how bad will alway get like 7 offensive rebounds and convert them almost 100% of the time. If one of the players on myPlayer's team blocks a shot the computer gets it back no matter what. Usually with a wide open layup. My team mates will not jump to block a shot after the opposing PG flies by me. But when I beat an opposing PG literally every defender jumps on me dog pile style. myPark is fun until you run into the 99ovr guy who is 99ovr on the damned 3rd day of the game being out (and playable) So that's pay to win, pointless. The entire game is designed to make you feel like you have to spend money to get VC to play well in myCareer, get cards in myTeam, do well in myPark presumably to do well in myGM. This appears to be a pretty dead eyed version of candy crush in terms of trying to get people to spend extra money on an already 70 dollar game.

    Also the sound keeps fading in and out which is really annoying.
  6. Oct 10, 2014
    Don't waste your money and time for this "next-gen, rly?" game...
    First of all, i wanted to see the brand new Nba 2k, with excellent game
    experience, like watching basketball with ability to control all stars. BUT ! Of course, all your expectations will be ruined.
    It's the same Nba 2k14 with tons of bugs, annoying controls, terrible AI, terrible gameplay, terrible physics, pretty good OST and playable MyCareer mode. BUT ! With "new" graphics, which is absolutely average nowadays!
    So, next gen is just a marketing, which branding the graphics level from low (in 2k14) to middle (2k15), but the graphics engine seems non optimized at all, so you gonna enjoy freezes and lags, if you don't have high-end PC. I don't want to waste my nerves and time in this game anymore. Soccer is much better game on PC.
  7. Nov 13, 2014
    The game is completely bugged. Gameplay isn't as reality. You can't play normal.Graphic maybe looks is better, but not it's too bugged. I don't recommend it anyone. And optimisation is on low level. Expand

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