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  • Summary: Combining the thrill of illicit street racing and tuner customization with the intensity of strategic police pursuits that rivals any Hollywood-style chase scene, Need for Speed Most Wanted challenges players to become the most notorious and elusive street racer. Players instantly feel the thrill of the ride as they hit the streets in an open world environment where drivers can tune their cars to compete against any class of vehicles or use their wits to out-fox the law to satisfy their need for speed. Need for Speed Most Wanted delivers a unique, fast-paced and gripping ride in the racing genre as players build up their Rap Sheet and street cred to move their way up the Black List to become the most wanted racer on the streets. Players go head-to-head with the top drivers on the scene as well as strategically evade more than half dozen cops at any one time. Also included are a dynamic open world, new gameplay and customization as well as tuners, supercars, muscles and sports cars. [Electronic Arts] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 16 out of 19
  2. Negative: 0 out of 19
  1. It's safe to say that NFS: Most Wanted is perfectly balanced between real-life steering and physics and arcade-style handling.
  2. Does Most Wanted feed my adrenaline addiction from start to finish? No - repetition, while unavoidable in a game ilke this, ultimately does in the game's ability to raise your blood pressure. But while it lasts...damn, it's good. [Feb 2006, p.80]
  3. A superb arcade racer that's a feature or two away from greatness. [Feb 2006, p.88]
  4. Fantastic gameplay variety, and stunning graphics make this a worthwhile investment if you own a high-end PC.
  5. A decent enough racing experience. The police chases are excellent fun, but where is the proper civilian traffic? [Dec 2005]
  6. 80
    Pulse-pounding car chases, lighting-fast races, and a beautifully crafted game world.
  7. It’s a nice, clean package that delivers enough hi-octane chases and enjoyment to warrant a purchase. [Christmas 2005, p.121]

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 48 out of 59
  2. Negative: 6 out of 59
  1. Apr 16, 2013
    Far superior to it's latest version by Criterion. Better story, better visuals even though the graphics are slightly weaker, full tuning, great variety of cars and more realism. It was just a perfect balance, although it could use a bit more realism in certain parts, this game cannot be classified as an arcade-racer unlike the utterly-rubbish Criterion version. Expand
  2. MurtazaM.
    Dec 13, 2006
    Hey I have a lot to praise bout this game this is a mind-blowing game and actually it is better than any other games I've ever played in this game the most exciting thing ever is the cop chase n remember I've already finished the whole game including completion of the blacklist,the challenger series including the special black edition challenge more than that I've even played nfs carbon but this one seems to be better than that one yeah. My most favorite thing in the game is ramming the road-block and spike-strip cars cutting corners and everything.this game has everything a racing game needs none of a game neither any GTA game is better than this one this game took me a month to finish. Expand
  3. Apr 27, 2011
    This Game Is My Personal Favourite ,,,,, The Storyline Plot Was Brilliant .... Graphics Are Great ....
    Police Pursuits Love Em . Car
    Selection In This Game Was Excellent .... I Cant Praise How Much I Love This Game .....No Other Need For Speed Game Has Come Even Close To Being Better Than Most Wanted .... And I Doubt There Ever Will .... Expand
  4. Mykal
    Jan 5, 2006
    WOW! Some of the bad reviews make me wonder if we're playing the same game... Linear-nope, you
  5. Nov 3, 2012
    Need for Speed: Most Wanted is by no means a bad game, but it doesn't necessarily bring anything new to the table in terms of racing games. The gameplay is much less repetitive than any other racing game I've played to date, and the gameplay is much tougher than most racing games (due to the inability to hit civilian cars). It's purely fun, with good customization and fun racing. It's worth the time to check it out. Expand
  6. Jun 10, 2011
    In Need For Speed Most Wanted like in previous two games you will be a street racer. But this time you will be an agent that turns into street racer. You will have a solid, quite big free roam. Your guide through the game will be Mia and Razor, the bad one who is just frightening you. There are some faster cars than the previous two games. The graphics are quite good. You have to defeat all 15 blacklist members, the first ones are easy to defeat but the later ones are harder to beat. Sadly though tuning is a bit worse than Need For Speed Underground 2. In this game there is police too. Someone will like it and someone not. Story is good and easy to understand. There are some cut scenes in this game but many of you wanted more of them. But this game is quite good and everyone who likes fast driving and police chases on the streets, this game is for you. Expand
  7. TylerM.
    Nov 28, 2005
    The only inovation in this game is the graphics. Everything else is a step in the wrong direction. In my opinion, games should be moving towards unlimited possibilities, not linear racing with almost no exploration. The gameplay is very limited, the racing feels sticky. Reminds me of Rad Racer.... If all you care about is graphics, this is the game for you. Collapse

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