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  • Summary: You, as biochemical engineer Lilah Kerlin, and your partner Max Powers, an environmental engineer, have created the Ceres Project -- an orbiting satellite that releases nanobots into the atmosphere designed to restore the ozone layer and eliminate atmospheric pollution, which has reached a crisis point in the year 2066. After successfully engineering and launching Ceres, the project is left to operate under its own control. With the job complete Lilah and Max decide to go on a long overdue vacation. However, while vacationing they discover a strange black, crystalline growth that is becoming larger every day ? and somehow it seems to be eerily linked to the Ceres Project. [AdventureGamers.com] Expand
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  1. A classic. That's what it is. Obsidian may be the most innovative, imaginative puzzle adventure ever conceived.
  2. One of the true classics of the adventure genre.
  3. From beginning to end, Obsidian is an entertaining, surreal romp.
  4. A deep puzzle game, and is in many ways better than "Myst." It takes the genre one step further, upping the ante if you will. If you enjoyed Myst, or are just yearning for a good puzzle, you'll love Obsidian.
  5. I'm not a big puzzle game fan, but this title did contain situations which were able to hold my interest - at least, for a while. The luscious graphics come at a "disk-swapping" price.
  6. Anyone who appreciates this particular corner of the genre, Myst fanatics especially, will find here a perilous, riveting, sometimes humorous journey through an awe-inspiring, breathtaking environment. Even with its limited exploration possibilities and a "puzzle grimace" here and there, it’s a trip you’ll want to take.
  7. A slightly above average sci-fi adventure; recommended for those who don't mind slideshow adventures.

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  1. GabeC.
    May 22, 2006
    Obsidian is one of the greatest classics of all time.