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  1. Oct 18, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Very fun. I like the game, yet there is not much people playing, yet enough to have fun. I think that if you had made the Hovercraft spawn more than once per round, the game would be totally unfair. But it should be twice a round, since most people FIGHT over the only one that spawns. Again, it's a good game. But, I think you should focus on powering a tank a little more. The tank just doesn't feel like it. I like the game even more, since there is a thug car that actually BLASTS BEATBOXING XD! But seriously. Again, the game is good, for the last time, but there is the problem that the Omegalodon is a bit too slow, and takes damage on land. You should either A: Make the Omegalodon faster or B: Make the Omegalodon take NO damage on land, even though he is a shark. Expand
  2. Sep 23, 2013
    Omegalodon does not feel like a complete game and contains many questionable design choices

    The Omegalodon only has one attack effective
    Omegalodon does not feel like a complete game and contains many questionable design choices

    The Omegalodon only has one attack effective attack against its foes (a area of effect roar), which make the other attacks redundant against anything but barriers and buildings.

    The Omegalodon moves at a sluggish rate even when you consider that the game is a race towards a nuclear reactor. The sluggish speed drags out the game length and makes the Omegalodon little more than a roaring mass of hitpoints

    The human characters move at absurd speeds making cars and such pointless

    Cars handle like 20 ton shopping carts on ice

    The extremely low celling for aircraft makes flying planes awkward and force dragging the mouse back all the time while bouncing against an invisible ceiling.

    The lack of an aiming mechanic or autoaim makes using missile platforms and helicopters awkward since they both fire at a fixed angle.

    The game does little to prevent griefing and base-camping.

    There is only one map and rarely do more than 16 people seem online at a time (EU)

    I believe I could continue this list, but let's move on to the actual game

    You attempt to stop, assist or guide the Omegalodon through a laser-maze drawn over a city towards a nuclear reactor. All humans can move through the laser maze barriers, so the function of the maze is only to make the Omegalodon take a really really long walk

    Despite the description as a tower defense the game rarely functions as such, rather your goal whether as the police/military or monster-friendly "enviros" is simply to take any nearby hardware and kill either the monster of the defenders in a chaotic manner. The only real tower defense feature is a few rare stationary turrets (which are easily defeated and can be used by both teams) and the maze for the monster. The game would probably do better as a pure "city defender"

    I really cannot recommend this game in it's current state. It needs a lot of polishing and probably a few design changes