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  • Summary: Team up with a cast of crazy critters, unleashing your animal instincts in Open Season, the game – a riotous romp in the great outdoors in which a rowdy brood of forest animals turns the tables on a bunch of unsuspecting hunters. When a domesticated grizzly named Boog gets lured into leaving the creature comforts of home by a fast-talking mule deer named Elliott, he finds himself lost in the woods just three days before hunting season begins. Forced to "rough it" in the great outdoors, Boog goes native, rallying all the forest animals to take back their home and send the hunters packing. Interact with Beth, Shaw, and all your animal favorites from the Open Season film. Throw skunk bombs, hurl rabbits, use acorn-firing squirrels, and pull outrageous woodland pranks to scare the pants off the hunters. Roll in a giant snowball, ride the rapids on a floating outhouse, zip through tunnels in a crazy mine cart ride, and take on more madcap adventures as Boog discovers how to go from "Mild" to "Wild". Challenge your friends or team up together in 4-player mini-games. [Ubisoft] Expand
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  1. 75
    Solid action-adventure gaming for their respective systems.
  2. 60
    The comedy, while basic, actually had us laughing a few times through the game, and even though the story and character designs from the film are amazingly cookie-cutter, the game offers a few high points for anyone with little tikes in desperate need of some gaming goodness to go with the afternoon flick.
  3. This rendition of Open Season is a plodding adventure full of inane fetch quests and lifeless dialogue scenes.
  4. Boog, the 900lb grizzly bear, would make a good rug and nothing more. [Christmas 2006, p.96]
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  1. Nov 24, 2013
    Open Season is an awesome movie! I am so glad it spawned its own sequels!

    Elliot is one of my favorite funny characters in the movie!

    Hopefully, Sony Pictures will make a worldwide television series spin-off based on the Open Season movie!
  2. MichaelC.
    Sep 25, 2006
    It's refreshing to get to play a game without blood and guts, and rather to command animals in a forest environment. This game has everything an action adventure game would ask for, and the graphics are cinematic to say the least. 10/10 for it's category. Expand
  3. CarlW.
    Sep 25, 2006
    This game is hilarious. Check it out.
  4. JoseA.
    Sep 24, 2006
    Delightful! Simply a real treat for me and my family. This one is going to be the source of a lot of battles for the family computer! Thank goodness Dad has his own computer. Expand
  5. SleezyS.
    Sep 25, 2006
    I don't like these games, but I like this game. If you're into any kind of... rpg, adventure... fun-type game, this is actually fairly rad. I recommend it highly. Expand
  6. MustardM.
    Sep 24, 2006
    Nice! This is some fun stuff for sure. Rarely do I delight in a game made for kids but I just can't help myself. This game is too much! I laughed the entire 3 hours I played last night and look forward to many more hours of fun from this title. Expand
  7. Aug 15, 2013
    While I don't think this game deserves 9s and 10s the game is still great, good cartoonish graphics, nice solid gameplay, and hilarious dialogue. Although some of the levels and scenery can get a bit repetitive and the game is insanely short, it is still worth the money it costs. Expand

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