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  1. It's so exacting in detail, the Marines are showing interest in using it as part of their training programs. [Nov 2001, p.126]
  2. The most entertaining, instantly involving and technically innovative PC game of the year so far.
  3. Provides hours and hours of fun gameplay that will have you staying up way too late and ignoring your spouse. This is one of the most enjoyable first/third person shooters to come along in a long time.
  4. The excellent implementation of combat among an army, combined with the large variety of gameplay and an excellent campaign story make this game truly shine.
  5. It's probably as close to real combat as you would want to get. It's probably too realistic for hard-core shooter fans, and not realistic enough for sim fanatics, but everyone else will find it to be a thrilling game.
  6. The sense of immersion is superb, whilst the scope of what you can actually get up to is unparalleled. Thankfully this realism doesn’t come at the cost of the gameplay, as the controls are instinctive but comprehensive.
  7. Not only does it feature some addictive and versatile gameplay, it also has depth and great cinematic quality.
  8. It’s a rare game that gives you the feeling of being a small cog in a giant war machine. An important cog, for sure, but the world doesn’t end just because you’re not in it anymore. Somehow, that says a lot about how realistic and immersive this game is.
  9. Operation Flashpoint essentially has the playability that people were hoping to find in "World War II Online," with twice the excitement and challenge.
  10. With multiplayer, a full editor, and a growing user community, this is a game that every fan of military shooters should have. It looks great, plays great, and most of all feels right.
  11. 88
    There is so much going into this game its just plain goofy. The more you delve into it and get used to the ultra brutal way that the AI comes after your sorry little hiney, there's an incredibly deep and fun game here.
  12. Offers one of the most believable and immersive virtual worlds to date. While the mechanics of combat can be a letdown at times, the feeling of being in combat grips you at nearly every turn.
  13. 83
    A game which does everything right. Gameplay, graphics, realism, mood, and extendibility through the included fully-featured mission editor.
  14. Those looking for something a little faster paced might decide to skip out on this battle, but the patient shooter fan and hardcore military sim enthusiast will be very pleased with what Op Flash has to offer.
  15. A fun game, but it’s just a little bit too difficult for the mainstream audience.
  16. 80
    That's basically the game's strongest point -- the ability to make you feel as if you actually are involved in a real war. Any gamer looking for that degree of realism in a first-person action game cannot go wrong with Operation Flashpoint.
  17. We take off an extra half point for the high overall difficulty of the game, rendering it all but impossible to play for anyone but the most seasoned war simulation veterans. On the other hand, it is incredibly realistic.
  18. 80
    As fun as the game is, it is devilishly hard.
  19. True, few games let you play as a soldier, tank commander, and pilot in the same sitting, but in order to enjoy yourself you must be able to feel comfortable with your controls and navigate the in-game menus intuitively.
  20. Its level of realism, convincing detail and great multiplayer make it one of the best military FPS games on the market.
  21. One of the most enjoyable tactical shooters released to date (circa 2002).
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  1. Jul 8, 2011
    Operation Flashpoint was a stunner when it was released, but for anyone who hasn't played it and wants to get into now, this review is for you. Firstly, the graphics aren't exactly what they used to be back in 2001, so get ready for a whopping change if your coming from modern shooters, secondly, if your a hardcore COD and Halo shooter fan, you will probably hate this game for one simply shot, one kill; this game will eat you alive, this is the most realistic tactical shooter ever made, so if your into running and gunning, leave now. And last but not least, be patient, this game is HARD, and takes many tries to complete missions at times, but at the end of it all, this is a fun game if you really sink your teeth into it, even in 2011, this game still never fails to impress me. I highly recommend it to any tactical shooter fan, or just a shooter fan in general because you just may fall in love with it. Full Review »
  2. May 10, 2012
    It's the middle of 2012, and I just rebooted and played all three OpF games again - CWC, Red Hammer and Resistance - and it still, for me, is the best gaming experience I've had. Contrary to what many say, I still feel the graphics stack up - particularly the distance rendering. The feel of playing in a huge open world is there. Some missions on the Everon island are so picturesque I pause for a few minutes just to look around.

    I've played almost every FPS there is, and still, more than ten years after it's release, no game has come close to capturing that feel of actually being in the middle of a war. Of being a lonesome soldier, who can make a difference, and yet is just a small cog in a larger scheme. Knowing that facing a patrolling tank is almost certain death, and yet get your hands on an RPG launcher and the watch tables turn. This game gives you everything - the tension of being outnumbered and alone, the joy of launching large scale attacks, the pleasure in commanding an M1A1 abrams and destroying all in your path. Not to mention playing as a highly trained black op and dealing silent death.
    Basically, I could go on and on. This is still THE benchmark shooter for realism and it's ability to draw you into the world. As much as I have enjoyed the CoD series, this game is really what separates the men from the boys, so to speak.
    Do yourself a favour, if you haven't played it, and get your hands on a copy ASAP.
    For those who have played it, and know exactly what I'm on about, give it another go. For nostalgia.
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  3. Feb 13, 2012
    I know that METACRITIC is strewn with user reviews giving any old mediocrity 10 out of 10 (often tactically deployed to balance out the also utterly unjust Zeros.)
    Well, this game is worth 12 out of 10 and is (IMO) the very best FPS/Military Shooter you can get!!
    Completely open World that lets you approach objectives as you see fit - wonderful 1st/3rd person gunplay - HUNDREDS of vehicles (inc user made MODS) from pedal-bikes to F16 Jetfighters, from inflatable dinghies to Nuclear Submarines and aircraft carriers, tanks to beach buggies...
    A million user made missions (running the whole spectrum from utter bilge to utter genius),great epic multiplayer faceoffs between dozens...But best of all to me is the community of modders and mission makers (there's an in-game mission editor in which you can create whole campaign stories and even Direct your own cut-scene movies!!
    There are MANY total conversion mods for it including ones that recreate the american civil war / a Napoleonic mod / modern combat / cold war era / someone's even turned it into a SPACE COMBAT game!! (it's actually pretty easy to make your own stuff on even if you're not a code-ninja, and LOADS of great tutorials by the community) so much to discover!!
    Do yourself a favour and check this game out (give it a chance-you won't regret it!!!)
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