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  • Summary: Think youve killed enough orcs? Think again! Return to the dead world beyond the rifts and conquer a new series of challenging fortresses under siege by the orc mob. In Orcs Must Die! - Lost Adventures youll travel from the depths of the Pit to the narrow passages high over the Great Gorge. The Lost Adventures are five of the most deadly rift assaults the War Mage has ever faced!

    Key Features:

    - Five new levels: Test your orc-slaughtering skills in a challenging series of fortresses!
    - Two new enemies: Fear the icy breath of the Frost Bat, and beware the draining magical attack of the Cyclops Mage!
    - New leaderboards: Challenge your friends for the highest score on leaderboards for the five new levels.
    - New skull rewards: Earn up to fifty additional skulls to further upgrade your arsenal of traps!
    - New bonus trap!: Place the Mana Well in strategic locations around a fortress for a burst of magical energy at just the right moment.
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  1. Jan 4, 2012
    Well worth the low price, it is a DLC that fits in the "Just more of it" category. It contains five new (and pretty hard) levels and two new enemies, its not much but I've enjoyed it for quite a while. If you've enjoyed Orcs must die and are figuring out which DLC-pack you should buy right now, I recommend this pack and NOT the Artifacts of power Pack Expand
  2. Nov 16, 2011
    5 new maps, out of which 1 is just rearranged old one. No new story, dialogues (nor monologues) or cutscenes, just more maps. Also no new achievements. But what it does have, is more skulls for upgrades, which is always nice. New enemies are nothing worth mention, the mana well was a great idea, but i dont use it that often myself. Overall a decent DLC, but kinda stands off the original game. Expand
  3. Dec 13, 2012
    These maps are infuriating. I would suggest skipping this and just replaying the campaign on Nightmare or something if you want a challenge. Every map is seemingly non-stop walls of orcs and kobolds coming from 2-5 directions with little room for traps. Expand