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  1. Sep 7, 2013
    This game is utterly terrifying, there is a new horror around every corner, and I was constantly having to change my pants, and that is why I love this game. You are in constant need of Batteries, the element you must collect to keep the night vision in your camera on. The enemies are very terrifying, and the atmosphere is very chilling, the graphics are very beautiful, and the jumpscares are real... And your character actually has competence, unlike most main characters in pop horror movies. From the moment you step foot in Mount Massive Insane Asylum, your goal is the escape, unlike most other plots, where you are constantly wanting to "find the secret of (enter generic horror movie location here)" Although your main character wants to escape, you actually find yourself WANT to learn more of what happend in Mount Massive... The only 2 downside to this game are the repetitive, "run or hide", moments, and the story once you have to follow the priest, I will give no more spoilers, but I will say, you could easily break through a window or door and just follow the priest instead of look for a way around to him... This is a great game and I recommend it if you are brave enough, and if you are looking for a great scare... Expand
  2. Sep 8, 2013
    This is the scariest game I've ever played!! And it's more dreadfully than any horror film! Play at night and in stereo headphones, then bedtime is provided to you long trek to the toilet)
  3. Sep 13, 2013
    Outlast's over-reliance on jump scares and shock eventually desensitizes the player, turning what was a terrifying experience into something repetitive and trite. It's over use of common western horror cliches and tropes wreaks of two-dimensial thinking, and I shouldn't have to explain how the old "haunted mental asylum" setting is pretty old hat.

    At first, Outlast is actually pretty
    satisfying. There are some good surprises, and the visuals and sound are outstanding. Beyond the first hour, though, you quickly realize that you are just in for more and more of the same, and the game only rarely steps outside of it's comfort zone to offer real tension and 'new' surprises. Coupled with some technical issues and absolutely horrible character models, the game just falls flat on it's face very quickly.

    It's better than a lot of horror titles that similarly rely on the same tricks, but not by much. It delivers for a while, but ultimately it becomes a bland and predictable walk into an amalgam of cliches and wasted potential.
  4. Sep 10, 2013
    Is it the best horror game ever? No.
    But that doesn't make it a bad game in fact the game it's pretty amazing in comparison to any other horror game released in the last 2-3 years.The graphics are the best it could offer with the Unreal Engine 3,and you would be amazed at some of the game scenery, though the NPCs faces look not so great and the game looses its sense of horror.The story
    starts out strong but you start losing interest at the half of the game and the end is pure mediocre like from a bad Hollywood horror movie.The fear of the game starts out with mostly jump-scares and then it rests on the atmosphere for trying to make the player paranoid.The characters are really cool and interesting from start to finish with a few exceptions.
    In the end Outlast is the best horror game in the last 2 years but not the best of all time.
  5. Sep 15, 2013
    Inlast place starts out as one of the best horror games in years. The first half of the game is filled with heart-pounding terror, hiding from maniacs who want to kill you (or worse!) and you can't fight back. The story isn't exactly new and creative, but it serves the game well.

    The second half of the game is significantly worse in terms of gameplay, but still reasonably scary. After
    the third or fourth "avoid 2 enemies and interact with 2 objects" puzzle, you start to groan when you see "You need 3 fuses." By this point, you run away from enemies in long chase scenes at least as often as you hide from them. The chase parts are mostly good a couple seemed to be more like "hit a dead end, die, hit a dead end, die, then you know where to go." It didn't live up to the first half, but it was still very good, and still had me hooked. Expand
  6. Sep 10, 2013
    This game...i love it. I only expected that Red Barrels make a new Outlast 2, or a similar game. This style is the most impactant horror that you can experiment. Only you, and your camera. Stamina, shadows, blood, hide... This is the only one terror game that engaged me until the desire of not to finish it. Im sad now... Red Barrels, PLEASE, make me happy again.
  7. Sep 24, 2013
    First of all, i must say this game is a must buy to all horror game fans... reason for my 8... even though my review might seem i think less of it, i insist on my 8 for there is no other game on this category at this level.

    I wont linger on how awesome the game is, but instead i shall leave my 8 and must buy comment as it is. However, i must talk about all bad aspects of the game,
    aspects that may not turn it into a bad game, but that will definetly not grant it a 10 or even a 7 if there were many other horror games.

    First of all, i love the fact that unlike another great horror game, this one has no puzzles... all i gota do is pass by enemies... with that said, i must say that i am disapointed with the fact that after a while you realize thats pretty much it... i can actually go a bit further and say that not only thats pretty much it (running from enemies) but you can and WILL figure mechanics quite fast... rendering the game "scaryless" or atleast turning it way less scary.

    On the same bridge, i must say that most spooks are pretty much cliches and expected... they use them over and over so much that after a while, you just pass by some dudes like, "oh hello there"... which is actually funny since they did not use some cliche scares that i expected but did not receive... For example, even though they made this interesting movement animation delay in order to create that interesting "horror movie slow camera" thing, they wasted opportunities such as the ladder climbing scare (that you see in a famous action/shooting/fear game) they also wasted some ventilation crawling spooks which i couldnt believe.

    In general, you kinda get most of the mechanics pretty early. For example the fact that most "puzzles" (situations where you gota pass by enemies to reach destinations) are rectangles, so you either move from left to right/right to left or top to bottom/bottom top. regular spooks get silly and overly used... even though like i said they decided to leave out some interesting cliche scares.

    In my humble opinion, i think horror games should use difficulty to their advantage and to players interest. For example, increasing difficulty could decrease door bashing time, increase enemies movement speed, decrease my vision, increase enemies perception, decrease battery handouts or atleast increase their consumption, etc. that way players such as myself that saw the game getting less and less scary, could just increase difficulty to raise tension level.

    Following my difficulty suggestion, i must say that i find door bashing quite illogical. It seems right that you place these destructible walls and whatnot to give players a chance... BUT i do think redbarrel copied another game idea without realizing that enemies are different and that in outlast... enemies are humans with hands... yea sure 1 or 2 should have to bash but not all enemies... what happened to their hands? some even hold weapons lol... cant they hold handles? the fact that all enemies bash doors make this game easily beatable... as soon as i figured that out and the fact that most "puzzles" had bathrooms, i started luring enemies to the bathroom or room, closing myself inside the locker or whatever was inside, waited for them to open then close the room's door... thats it. that would allow me to get on with the objective... specially since there would be 1-3 doors for me to close after that... lol... atleast make enemies bash doors fast if they have to do it one after the other...
  8. Sep 11, 2013
    Well-done Red barrels,

    the best horror games out this year so far and had the guts to bring it out so close to Amnesia a machine for pig and kick is ass.

    made with the Unreal Engine 3 this is the best looking Horror game to date, I have been traveling while playing this game, so iv been playing it On a high to low to mid range PC's and from to low to the high settings it looks
    fantastic, of course is no Crysis, but its still the best looking horror game out at this moment in time.

    Gameplay- only armed with a camcorder with Night-vision, you have to sneak around a insane asylum and run and hide away from crazies mutilated people.a great game mechanic but not revolutionary but it is done effectively, But this game play is not without its flaws it gets abit repetitive, pushing or turning 2 or 3 things while snaking past monsters is ok one or twice, but here its done too many time. fortunately towards to end of the game it changes its pace making you think and act more quickly. also now and again a jump scare is done effectively.

    Just a quick point the music is fantastic don't know what to say about it but it is done really well also the folly sounds (foot steps breathing and atmosphere) are done perfectly

    story- ok it might seam to be the cheesy game you hear about a journalist going into a insane asylum because he hear bad things were happening and what a surprise his phone and radio stops working, and it is really cheesy, but for some reason it works. You pick up documents which tell and inside story from the workers and in certain places when you hold up your camera he writes down his notes, this makes it more immersive.

    Ok now the good is out of the way its now for the bad new. like i said before it can get abit repetitive, AI can be dumb at time and another time it can seem no matter what even if your hiding he can spot you. it is also abit linear and once you get about 2/3rds the way through the scares are no more, this is a problem with most scary games though, they can not scare you the whole time. Also they are too many batteries scattered about, One of the best times i had in the game is when you lose you camera. and you have to go searching in the dark for it.

    One more bad is horror games need puzzles, back tracking, inventory and regenerating health is a bad thing, 3 hits and you dead, is not a good thing, the only game i think did this well is the resident evil in the PS1 stage. its a shame we now lost that type of horror but saying that this still the best horror game to come out this year.

    Ok as you can see I gave this game a 7 but really i like to base it on price this game came out for 14.99 GBP the price i think its worth is 11.99 new, meaning fantastic indie game. but not with out its bad points and nothing new given to the genre.
  9. Sep 11, 2013
    This game is worth the $20. I got what I wanted out of it and that was to get that "panicked" feeling you get in a proper survival horror. And I got that. A lot. Camcorder aspect of the game was enjoyable. I liked the nightvision and the ability to zoom in. The resource managment was simple (batteries) but it was there and a requirement to beat the game. I like that. The environments and levels are well done. I didnt know what to expect when playing this game. I wanted to explore every part of it and find documents and batteries even though I knew I could possibly run into a monster. The game was very immersive. Seeing your characters feet and hands when performing basic actions (like peeking around a wall) added to the realism. And I liked that your character panted and even screamed at times. I like the inclusion of the "button mash minigame" for example, whenever you get grabbed by a monster you sometimes have the option to shake him off by waving the mouse back and forth. The score and sound effects were well done. The graphics and character models were great but were overused at parts. The game is mostly jump scares but they were well done. Its not disturbing but If youre squeamish it could be. Theres lots of gore so that could be a good thing or a bad one depending on your tastes. I wouldnt consider this a psychological horror. Lastly, I like the controls. You can probably remap them but its a plus I didnt need to. I liked the look behind you while running feature.
    I have some issues with the game however. I didnt like that the patients and monsters were encountered frequently. That took away the scare factor somewhat. However, the patients either talked to you, attacked you, or didnt do anything at all, so this made them unpredictable. Sometimes the character models were in plain sight made them less scary. The setting and story were pretty generic. But that didnt stop me from being interested in the game. The pacing sagged a bit towards the end and some of the bad guys werent very threatening (I took up to three hits from some and still lived).

    Overall, I like this game and would recommend it to people. I was able to look past the games flaws and still have an enjoyable experience.
  10. Sep 12, 2013
    This game is the scariest game i have ever played. its better than Amnesia the dark descent. some parts are difficult and the ending was pretty sad but still extremely scary. i was too scared to play it sometimes! red barrels will have a great future with horror. great job red barrels 9/10
  11. Sep 13, 2013
    I personally thought this game was pretty good! for their first game it was great i hope to see more horror games from red barrles, they should have added custom stories.
  12. Sep 17, 2013
    oldukça iyi bir korku oyunu. son yıllarda oynadıklarımın en iyisi diyebilirim rahatça. her dakikası ürpermenize sebep olsada başından kalkamayacaksınız...
  13. Sep 22, 2013
    Not bad, red barrels, not bad. This is certainly not a Slender Man, but certainly this game gets on my nerves. Anxious, uncomfortable, tense. Narrow corridors and permanent darkness cause claustrophobia. If the game was longer, she might have time to get bored small monotony, but its average duration is it a plus. Fans of horror recommended.
  14. Oct 16, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. A great example of a genuine horror game. The developers really understand that atmosphere and vulnerability make a game scary, not just more monsters. Outlast is one of the better horror games to come out in recent times. It's only major failings are in the over-use of horror tropes and predictability. I also feel that there was a missed opportunity with the final boss. The Walrider could have played a much more integral part of the story. Messing with the environment and causing havoc over the course of the entire game. As it stands now all this "super powered" being ever really did was chase you around the last level like any normal enemy. But really the experience as a whole is well crafted. Expand
  15. Oct 2, 2013
    A disappointing experience all the way through. Even if you look past the walking cliche of a plot: a cynical journalist (cliche) uncovering the secrets (cliche) of an abandoned (cliche) insane asylum (big whopping cliche) where some German scientists performed questionable experiments (cliche-a palooza). Seriously even if you could look past that you couldn't look past the biggest flaw this game has: that not one part of this game hasn't been done before by previous games far superior to this one. Lets start with its much touted camera lens view. Other than the fact that its a video recorder it's blatantly obvious this has been done before in the fatal frame series. But then there's the battery life system of the camera itself. It's suspiciously similar to the lantern and oil used in amnesia in that your ability to see through the dark of the game is a limited resource. But the key difference between the two is that amnesia's was more tense and involved and ergo better in the context of a horror game. Allow me to explain:
    In amnesia while the lantern allowed you to actually see, the oil burned quickly and oil cans were somewhat sparse and sometime easy to overlook so you had to use it strategically because it made you easy to spot while being used and when it wasn't being used your sanity would deplete causing all sorts of difficulties making gameplay more tense.
    Now in outlast by comparison your night does admittedly eat through batteries quickly, however batteries are plentiful enough that in my playthroughs I never once came close to running out. Also, unlike amnesia, you don't have a sanity meter to keep watch of and your night vision does not attract enemies, so there isn't a whole lot of reason to not use night vision as much as possible. In summary outlast clearly has a knock off amnesia light mechanic and it's inferior to the original
    Come to think of it, a number of different cues seem to be taken from amnesia. The protagonists memos to himself, the collectible documents, the hiding places. Alot of it just seems copied. But amnesia clearly wasn't the only game the developers were copying. The deformed psychopaths throughout the game have a silent hill deformed monster feel to them. The big ugly mother who chases you around at several points even reminded me a little of pyramid head minus the helmet. And the crazed doctor who cuts your fingers off gave me more than one Clock-tower flashback. The game simply feels stitched together from its superior peers.
  16. Sep 30, 2013
    Finally, a horror game in a long while what actually scares me.
    Gameplay was a little too simple, but it was enough with the constant moving,but it's a shame that the levels were too linear.
    Quite interesting story too, with some well-placed task changes, but the ending was brutally ruined the atmosphere.
  17. Oct 8, 2013
    Long have I yearned for a game with almost perfect graphics since the days of Manhunt...and now I have been given OUTLAST AT LAST! The Best graphics this year, and though the storyline is pointless it still manages to be a decent game
  18. Oct 3, 2013
    Don´t get me wrong: The game has a great atmosphere, nice jump scares, quite good graphics and everything you would expect from a nice survival horror experience. However, the idea of giving the player not a single violent option to defend himself is heavily displaced here. At least a crowbar or a metal piece from one of those beds would have been great.
  19. Nov 9, 2013
    A game that will terrify you to begin with (to the point I screamed aloud), however you do get used to it but the story keeps you interested right until the end, (I didn't like the ending but wont spoil it for you). Overall a good game worth playing.
  20. Oct 13, 2013
    This game is amazing, great graphics, great story, and lots of fun. I loved it. The only thing I hated about it is the ending, there were a few minor glitches, but it is still an amazing game, if you have the money, I recommend to go and buy it.
  21. Nov 1, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game is absolutely awful. As I was playing it, all I could feel was an intense frustration, and I was constantly hoping it would just end. The story- it's complete There was nothing in this game that came close to a coherent storyline, from beginning to end. The only I could understand was the most cliche bs I've EVER seen. Even the whole premise is garbage; you go to this insane asylum cause some anonymous guy tips you off. You get in there, and then as soon as you get in you are told to leave. But you can't leave from where you came because someone locked a door. This is just absolute garbage. There's no intriguing storyline to keep me interested at all, and the ending was I dont even have words it was so bad. God what the HELL? And the gameplay- it has a nice premise (definitely 'inspired' by amnesia...) but it fails at implementation. The camcorder gimmick doesn't work at all because nowhere in my whole playthrough did I run out of batteries, or find myself saving batteries. And yes my gamma was very low. This game has the dead space problem, the monsters just love being shown at any possible moment. This game doesn't understand that what you can't see will scare you more, and on the topic of monsters they weren't even scary. The big fat dude had me laughing my ass of at how stupid he looked and sounded. And having to go through sections after dying because the monsters never go away is incredibly annoying, absolutely destroyed my immersion after my first death. The jumpscares were really lazy and lame, not scary at all just annoying. The puzzles were ass, all they did was block progress. Seriously how many keycards and valves can you jam into one game? The linear gameplay was incredibly frustrating. Graphics were nice and sounds were ok, but the levels got really old because they don't change much. the only reason I gave it this high of a review is because it's just OK. It's not like garry's incident level of ****tiness, it does actually work and have decent production value, but don't buy it cause it sucks. If it was free I might recommend it just for funsies, but its 20 bucks so all i can is NO. play some amnesia if you want a good horror experience, just not the second one. Expand
  22. Sep 29, 2014
    A very enjoyable but short experience. I would recommend this game to people who like horror games, but it could definitely use a few improvements.

    For me, the 'terror' and fear of taking a single step only lasted for about 30 minutes. I wish it had lasted longer. The enemies become a little too predictable and avoidable. After 30 minutes, it felt more like a stealth game than a horror

    The story is predictable as well, and having multiple difficulties seems silly because there's no replay value to a 4-hour game based solely on story. I have no desire to play through it again. However, I never expected a thrilling story or replay value, so these things are fine for me. I wanted terror, but the intensity that replaces the terror was still pretty nice. You do not mess around with enemies, so running away becomes a very intense experience (except for a few stupid loopy areas where it seems more like dancing than running away).

    Overall, I really enjoyed this game. It still left me hungry for a longer horror game, though. The environment and enemies are wonderful, and worming your way through the asylum is a lot of fun. However, at one point, while dangling from a ledge outside a window, I was overwhelmed thinking, "There's a drain pipe right there that would take me to the ground. Why can't I just climb down it and run away?"
  23. Nov 1, 2013
    I dont like horrors, but outlast is great game. Good storyline, atmosphere of horror and hopelessness, nice gameplay and scary music. Graphics in this game not so good like others aspects, but this game is one of my favorite in 2013 year. Hope you enjoy this scary adventure. PS I Want Outlast 2!!
  24. Dec 28, 2013
    Благодарность играл.
    Слышал сделали.

  25. Nov 9, 2013
    I dont know if the game was worth the money but it was deffinately worth my time. Outlast is quite short like most survival horror games. The graphics are amazing. The story is decent and the gameplay is also great. if this game was as long as amnesia it would be almost as good as amnesia. Definitely better than a machine for pigs though.
  26. Nov 10, 2013
    First things first, this game looks freakin amazing. It is dripping with atmosphere. The soundwork is also stelar, but unfortunaly those are the only things that are constant throughout the game. The game starts out really strong, but the final third of the game is quite disapointing and not very scary. The game starts using more jumpscares and less tension the more you advance through the narrative. In the end, I still think it is a good experience. Expand
  27. Nov 6, 2013
    Outlast is a game with good potential that was marred by some poor design choices. The environment is good, and the general idea of hiding is well executed. Yet for a game that clocks in at around 5 hours, it manages to be repetitive in it's design. I understand there's only so much you can do with the concept, but the game literally becomes go here, turn 3 valves, flip 3 breakers, etc. While you hide from a guy who shows up to investigate each time you do it. This repetition removes any sense of fear that could be had, as if you know the person is always coming you cannot possibly be scared by them. A more minor complaint I would have would be the ending, which to put it bluntly, sucked hardcore. Outlast has a ton of potential and some great ideas, but they weren't executed as well as they could be. Overall, the game is probably overrated. It looks great and it plays well, but at the end of the day it's just repetitive and frankly the worst thing of all: It's just not scary. Expand
  28. Nov 7, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Driving up to this asylum let my heart beat so hard at the beginning. As you find your way into the building the atmosphere is numbing and overwhelming. This feeling won't change for the beginning and as you encounter your first inmates and dark corners and hallways somewhere you reach the apex of horror and fright as your protagonist breathes deeply and slowly in fear. This feeling is being projected on the player and you can feel the anguish of your guy going through hell.
    Unfortunately there is a plateau in atmosphere where nothing new happens You encounter the same type of enemy over and over again (that is why I only gave 8/10) until... you reach the evil and mangled doctor. At this point the game takes a turn and forces a new fear onto the player. But is this the End? Who knows? :D
  29. Jan 4, 2014
    Outlast is definitely scary. Those who have completed it will know that at some point in the game they have hidden in terror in one of the lockers as the Asylum Patients hunt you down. It relies more on jump-scares than Amnesia did, but like Amnesia it builds up a tense atmosphere with terrifying enemies and voice acting. If you liked Amnesia, try Outlast for a just-as scary experience.
  30. Nov 9, 2013
    This game is... excellent! It's a horror based on crazy people which is a good idea and the Asylum is well done. Very good graphics, I like them most, also the story is exciting, but sometimes it's really, really scary and intense. I hope you will make some more games like this one in the future!
  31. Dec 3, 2013
    I am not experienced with horror games and in all honesty this is only the second horror game I've played myself, with the other being Amnesia.

    One of the things that eventually frustrated me about Amnesia was that I felt like the core gameplay ended up being stuck in a big dark area with an objective or puzzle to solve which you must do while avoiding the monster(s) patrolling the
    area. Considering this game's gameplay is literally identical to Amnesia (with the exception of no sanity meter) this game falls down the same hole. Way, way too often does this scenario happen to where you have to wait in a locker or crouch in some dark corner and eventually die enough times to memorize the AI pattern and sprint your way to where you're going. It got to the point where whenever I thought of playing Outlast, I thought of waiting, and I'm sure that's not what any game developer wants their player to think.

    But don't get me wrong, on the "horror" side of things this game has some very scary moments. I was by far most scared during the first 30 minutes or so of the game, I thought the introduction to the asylum was done quite masterfully and during that first section, simply looking down one of the long, empty hallways filled me with dread. To me, everything started to kind of go downhill once the very cliche "Blackout Basement Breaker Run" kicked in. This game is loaded with cliches and it really hurts the experience of the game.

    Plotwise, the game starts out promising when you have no idea what's really going on, but as the game winds along it just falls apart culminating in a spectacularly awful ending. In the character department, there's really nothing remarkable here except for one specific character met about halfway through the game who despite only existing in the plot for about a maximum of 20 minutes is actually one of my favorite new characters of 2013. Otherwise all of the few actual recurring characters in this game (which is limited to you, the token religious crazy and the big guy stalking you the whole game) are remarkably dull of any kind of life with the exception of the protagonist's horrible mental dialogue that takes place in the form of notes he writes. He writes sarcastically about the asylum's environment and its characters, while in the midst of his life or death situation and as a result his personality comes across as detached from what the hell is going on around him and just kind of jerk-like. Aside from that one thing I don't have any problems with the character, and I liked his realistic breathing and I especially loved his full body awareness.

    But nevertheless I still think this game is recommendable, but that may just be due to my lack of experience or knowledge of the horror genre. It's a fine, short adventure with a well done atmosphere and some very doom-impending moments of walking in a massive pitch-dark sewer or a creepy, dead hallway where you have no idea what is around the infinite numbers of blind corners. Just expect things to get tedious.
  32. Nov 22, 2013
    Great game, it was really scary. The music, the camera thing, it's a really good game. The only think that i didn't like was the final of the history :c

    Good game Btw
  33. Nov 16, 2013
    The scariest game that ive ever played. Red Barrel, good job man. Hope to see more titles by you guys especially on consoles to. Will always have Outlast on my shelves til i day right next to doom, resident evil, and silent hill. 10 out of 10 all the way. Real horror reminds me of Chainsaw massacre or jeepers creepers.
  34. Dec 23, 2013
    I will admit to this, the first half hour is pretty scary. However, as a game, it is not that much fun. After the first half hour, the game turns from being a horror experience to being a simple game where you have to activate switches and the like. And it gets frustrating too. I read that there is a stealth element, but I couldn't find it since cover is only available in select areas in the form of a bed or locker (hence to active stealth while exploring the game). Certain monsters (mutated asylum patients) seem to have eyes in the back of their heads, finding you in the dark even if you are being careful, making the game frustrating at times, making you have to memorize movement patterns and using trial and error to get through the game. The problem with trial and error is that any feeling of fear is replaced by annoyance and scenes that may seem scary at first lose any horror element when repeated. Also, because the "monsters" and scares are similar throughout the game, the frustrating segments reduce the effect of later scares since we then get used to the ambiance and the kind of scares this game throws at us. If you are very curious (as I was), get it on a steam sale when it's less than 10$. These guys know how to create good atmosphere, but the shock factor goes away quick and you are left with annoying gameplay mechanics. Also, I don't find the running mechanic well implemented, but I seem to be a minority on that issue. Expand
  35. Dec 28, 2013
    I really enjoyed this game, I started off playing with mouse and keyboard but the 360 controller is by far the best way to play .
    This game is right up my alley, the story is twisted and the setting is the last place on earth I would want to be in person, this is the first horror game since Silent Hill 2 that I have been scared and had to really push myself to proceed into the nightmare
    which is going on in the game The tension in this game is awesome, having to always use the camera to see is a simple but very affective way of adding to the scary atmosphere and the fact you are defenceless sounds crap but offers excellent gameplay trying to survive the horror .
    I wont go into the story at all but in my opinion it just gets it right, I finished the game last night and would recommend this game to anyone, except people with heart conditions lol The game is best played alone, at night with the surround sound pumped up Enjoy
  36. Oct 21, 2014
    Fantastic start, good visuals, pretty intense atmosphere, horror elements, twice I almost jumped out of my skin in shock, but then it slowly turns into a bad horror cliche fest and it gets boring quite quickly, most of the atmosphere is gone and all that is left is running in dark corridors, trying to not get killed by some monsters, it's hectic and tedious. It's also very linear which doesn't help either and navigation can be pain sometimes. I was about to give this an average score, but without spoiling anything, the ending is really really good and improves the final impression at least 2 points up. 7/10 Expand
  37. Nov 29, 2013
    If you appreciate jump scares, linear stores, no puzzles and dark environments, you'll LOVE this game. If you enjoyed the mechanics of Slenderman then its likely this is for you. If however instead, you like games with some depth, such an Amnesia, then maybe this game won't be to your palette. Frankly, I feel quite angry that this game achieved such a high score, which encouraged me to purchase it. It certainly says something about how there's no accounting for taste. Expand
  38. Dec 2, 2013
    Play this game with the lights off and with headphones, it makes the experience a whole lot better.
    This game is great! Very tense and will make you jump an awful lot.
    The only thing I would say that honestly takes away from this experience is what feels like fetch quests. (Sneak through area while collecting 3 items or 3 switches or 3 generators ect. to continue.) Those parts made the
    game drag on and on. Really the game could have done the gimmick once and it would have been fine, but you'll notice the pattern repeat after a while (it only happens a few times though thankfully, but enough to notice).
    On the very positive side, it is a very fresh take on the survival horror genre, and it will have you changing your pants a few times a session. Creepy atmosphere, awesome stealth mechanics and the few chase scenes are where the game really shines. Overall I would give the game this rating due to the great atmosphere they pulled off. It would have been a near perfect score if they only added some more variety in the objectives.

    TLDR: If you liked the first amnesia but wanted more action this is for you. For those who want to be scared out of their minds.
  39. Dec 13, 2013
    This game is an amazing horror game, and coming from someone real critical about horror, this is pretty good. Just need to cut back on the gore by a LOT. This game is gorier than Manhunt, and that one of the goriest games ever made. Plus, putting nudity and sex in a game is dumb, only a pervert would do that. That ending in FC3 was gross. But overall, I give it a 5 because of the nudity and overexcessive blood and gore. Expand
  40. Jan 3, 2014
    Outlast... Scary, but not for long.

    In outlast you are a reporter who receives an anonymous tip sending you to Mount Massive Asylum, only for you to be greeted by horrible deformed psychotic humans. This game uses the same basic premises of Amnesia: Dark Descent, you have no weapons, your only defense is to hide, you have a light with limited use, and the enemies are as dumb as rocks.
    Basically the only difference is location and enemies, and yet Amnesia did it so much better.

    The graphics in this game are amazing, some of the best I have seen... or at least for the character models. Everything else looks good, but some textures just don’t cut it. The audio is fantastic, the ambient noises are scary and just make you want to hide under a bed, and being able to hear enemies footsteps get louder and louder as they get closer, and the little remarks they make just adds to the horror. And the hiding mechanic has been improved over Amnesia's, as now there are more things to hide under and in, and god forbid the person your hiding from decides to check under the bed in which your taking cover, as they will pull you out and smash you onto the ground. Hard. Your only source of light (that you keep on your person) is the night vision on your camera. Using said night vision drains the energy ridiculously fast, forcing you to scavenge around to find spare batteries, all adding to the horror aspect of this game, and don’t get me wrong, the first few hours are downright terrifying, but later in the game it just gets... boring. Instead of hiding and hoping they don’t find me, I just started to run around not caring if they chased me or not. Getting hit takes barely any health away, and there are pauses between each attack of around 3 seconds. With it taking four or five hits to kill you, this can ruin the suspense real fast. I wasnt even staying away from people that might try to hit me, I just walked up face to face and waited for a response. Also almost nothing was memorable, hell, the last twenty seconds of the game are more impacting then the other ten hours and fifty minutes.
    There’s also almost no story, just documents telling what kind of medications the patients were on or maybe a sliver of their backstory. But I found the ending well done (of course the final "boss" enemy wasnt scary) and original, it just being a slap in the face, and by far the thing i liked most about this "scary" train wreck.

    By the time I reached hour six I was praying for it to end, not out of fear, but because of how painful it had become to play this. But no, it didn’t stop at six, or seven, or eight, it stopped at ELEVEN HOURS. ELEVEN. I was pissed, bored, frustrated, and had a headache that took hours to disappear by the time this game ended, and when I heard of an upcoming DLC I had to just lay down. But, even towards the end there are SOME good parts, like being in huge flooded room were its like walking through molasses while a big pig is chasing you around, and there’s nothing to hide in, and the only way out is by a ladder in the middle of the room which by the way is also the only place with light, so once your there piggers is going to see you and he moves FAST.

    If the game had been able to keep up the fear caused in the first few hours, it would have been a near perfect score.

    First few hours are scary as hell
    beautiful graphics
    great audio
    original and good ending
    improved hiding mechanics
    enemies look horrifying

    almost no story
    gets boring
    gets REALLY boring
    gets so boring I’m not going to recommend this game purely because of it

    Rate: 5/10
    Rate (If Scary All The Way Through): 9/10

    Only time I’d suggest this is if you’re a diehard Amnesia fan.
  41. Dec 24, 2013
    Outlast is your next so-called-horror game. That's it. It can bore you to death if you aren't prone to jumpscares.
    Good premise, promising camera gimmick, and it all goes repetitive and boring in no time.
    Remember: Silent Hill 2 had firearms. And it was so scary you won't sleep for the next week.
    Outlast is just a 'Call of Duty' of this new SlenderoAmnesia horror genre big, explosive
    rollercoaster of epitome of Absolutely empty and hollow. If it's enough for you buy it. If you are searching for something deeper, for something psychological pass. Expand
  42. Dec 26, 2013
    Excellent Graphics, the storyline is a little numb, but who cares, I played the game to have some fun and get scared. Not kidding, this game is so scary it can actually make you cry.
  43. Dec 31, 2013
    Très bon petit jeu, bien flippant et très bien fait.
    La DA et l'effet avec la camèra donne vraiment bien l'écran, on est impressioner par certaines scène qui nous glace le sang, un très très bon survival
  44. Jan 2, 2014
    Excellent game, very well made. Beat it in a little under seven hours, very enjoyable! I don't play a particularly large amount of horror games, but Outlast seemed like a fun game that would help me extend my comfort zones. I am extremely glad I decided to play it; it had excellent gameplay mechanics and decent storytelling. I'm going to do my best to review it without adding spoilers.

    In a nutshell (I expand on these points in the wall of text below:)
    -Very good scares, excellent chases where you are running for your life with lots of variety in how you do so and why, does sometimes feel repetitive but only a FRACTION of the time.
    -Horrific environment and story, well made and does it job of disgusting you and pulling you into the game
    -EXCELLENT atmosphere. This had to be my favorite aspect of the game. The level of details in the game combined with the story and gameplay mechanics all added up to create a game that REALLY pulls you in.
    -Great mechanics and controls. Another favorite aspect of this game. Watch trailer 2 to get an idea for the full range of motion your character has as he flees for his life.
    -Last level is very reminiscent of F.E.A.R.
    -Ending was, in my opinion, not what I was hoping for. Probably the game's only big weakness.
    -Story was hit or miss; you need to explore and find the spread out documents to get a good idea of the story.

    The scares were pretty decent; some good jumpscares here and there, though the main scares came from enemies chasing you through the asylum, as the game ads showed. The chases themselves were definitely scary and got your heartbeat pumping, however, some of it's power was lost after playing the game for a few hours and experiencing the same formula several times. Push the 3 generator switches without the giant bloodied enemy catching you. Turn the 2 pipe valves without the demented doctor cutting you up. While this sort of thing was only PART of the chases in Outlast, it did result in the scares losing SOME of their effectiveness. Overall though, I do believe the makers did an excellent job mixing up who was chasing you (with unique, developed enemies might I add), where you were being chased, and how you escaped. I think there was a huge variety in the ways you were chased and scared, aside from the one recurring formula I mentioned.
    If I had to compare the scares, I would say they were similar to F.E.A.R., in that the majority of your fear came from not knowing when you'd find another enemy, and going through a very creepy, well-made environment.

    I'd also like to touch on the horror aspects of the game. There is an extensive amount of blood and gore, though I never found it to be over the top or distracting, and there is literally nothing that the game's creators won't subject you to. From making you watch as your fingers get cut off, to ending a near-death chase by falling onto a pile of guts and bodies, to stumbling across a mutated patient jerking it in the corner of his cell, there is an impressive amount of effort and thought in the horror and environment in the game. It's a good variety of horrors that will keep you disgusted and afraid. This in turn contributes a good amount to the atmosphere.

    The game's atmosphere is fantastic; this, tied with the gameplay and chase mechanics, had to be my favorite aspect of Outlast. The game's creators really put a great deal of effort into breaking the fourth wall. There are many details that the player can appreciate, from the bloody footprints your character leaves after stepping in guts and gore, to the cracks on your camera lens after you drop it, to the well made game controls and mechanics (which get their own section in this review). In addition, the music and sounds are very well made and appropriately used. Your character has fearful breathing and sobs that realistic rather than gimmicky. This game did an excellent job of pulling the player into the demented and bloody world of Mount Massive Asylum.

    The gameplay mechanics are another favorite aspect of Outlast. The makers created controls and mechanics that are very detailed and realistic, but are still practical and used in the game. An example is the ability to turn your head behind you as you run for your life. In addition, the range of basic motions are present and well made. Your character can run, vault, climb, shimmy across a ledge, jump, and hide from enemies, and it's all made so smoothly you really do feel like you're in the game. If you really want to get an idea for the range of motion your character is capable of, the full official trailer is actually very accurate. Pretty much everything in the trailer's chase (2:45 to the end) is do-able in the actual game, down to getting pulled out of cover by your chaser if you weren't fast enough!

    For me, the game's only weakpoint had to be the ending. The last level reminded me greatly of the last level of F.E.A.R & felt weak. I'll leave it at that to avoid spoilers
  45. Jan 3, 2014
    Very good survival horror game. The only negative things I have to say are smaller nitpicks. One, the game wouldn't be scary at all if your character had a 9mm, or even a small pocket knife.Two, the game after about the third encounter with a Variant (The psychopathic inmates) the entire hiding mechanic and button-pushing and valve-opening thing became very trivial and not very scary. This can probably be remedied with playing with the lights completely off, alone, with headphones on turned up very loud. Three, the ending was piss poor and was in no way an adequate resolution to an otherwise very good game. All together a very good game. Expand
  46. Jan 3, 2014
    Really good horror can scare the s**t of you
    The only cons are the outdated engine (Unreal 3 engine and that the game is really short gameplay
  47. Jan 22, 2014
    I was terrified. I personally was afraid of cancer than Echinacea deongeot can not believe that was like a great indie game and graphics! I was one of the best-gamer living in Korea.
  48. Mar 9, 2014
    absolutely amazing. why? sahneler gerçekçi, korkulu saniyeler yaşatıyor, hikaye gerçekten oturmuş konu sizi sarıyor sarmalıyor. hem ne olacağını merak ediyor hem de nerden ne çıkacak diye titriyorsunuz. ha bir de oyunun sonu güzel olmuş, alışılmış değil sonunda bile mest etti.
  49. Feb 11, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. What is new ? Not even holy water? The control is bad. The graphis PS one. Only first person view . Can you use a mantra or pencil to defend yourself? Only run and run an jump . I prefer used my cel and film my old house! Expand
  50. Oct 14, 2014
    If you're a fan of the horror survival genre like Amnesia and Penumbra, then I highly recommend this game to you. The graphics and controls are great and the environment is terrifying. Basically you're in an insane asylum that the patients are loose and you're trying to investigate and try to escape.
  51. Apr 17, 2014
    Outlast es un juego muy bueno. Desde el principio te sumerge a una atmósfera de terror. Junto con la música va creando un ambiente de horror que te lleva a concentrarte exclusivamente en el juego. Una vez hecho esto comienzan los sustos y espantos. Todo esto hace que en todo el juego estes alerta y atento. Simplemente genial. El principio, el desarrollo, el final. Digna de una obra maestra.
  52. Oct 19, 2014
    Possibly the scariest game I ever played in my life! The objectives can be a bit difficult, as you can be pursued by demons, ghosts, and other things.

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  1. Feb 21, 2014
    A game that is not as innovative as you would hope. It is very old school. Nevertheless, this is a real horror-game and we can guarantee that you will freak out. It may be old school, but it is still a very good game that will blow you away.
  2. Dec 5, 2013
    This is probably the most horrifying experience in videogames, ever!
  3. Oct 31, 2013
    On one side, you have linear gameplay, at times simplistic game design and plenty of clichés. On the other – an exciting opportunity to star in a very cool horror ‘movie’.