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  1. Oct 5, 2013
    POE is the deepest aRPG slasher ever made. It uses some tested ideas while introducing highly innovative systems and end-game mechanics. To put it straight
    Path of Exile is AAA+ game FREE of charge. No pay to win. Grind to win!

    The game is quite polished already future announcements make you connected to Wreaclast even more. Devs give their best, the rapport is great and from what i've
    seen in the past year the were 25+ patches, constant tweaking with the mechanics, skill tree* and skills.
    Dedication is the way Grinding Gear works. They way they introduce changes clearly shows how they care.
    *The sheer size of the skill tree is a guarantee jaw drop if seen for the first time
  2. Dec 21, 2013
    List of things I don't like about the game: Trading is a terrible experience due to chat spamming and no interface for buying/selling items. General game balance, in particular the scaling of skills. For instance, raise zombie is useless until the very late game and it's been like this forever. The lack of cooldowns for skills means you only have to use one, the best one. Desync. Their refusal to modify their game to combat this menace means there is no solution in sight and either you can accept it or you can't.

    The passive tree is a great concept but it's just as unbalanced as the skills. Many nodes will never be used because of how bad they are.

    Leveling takes way too long at higher levels (40+). A playthrough of normal difficulty is fun because you can run through each area once and complete the game. When you get to Cruel you have to start grinding the same areas over and over so you can keep up with the level of the monsters. Testing new builds is the most fun part of this game but the slow leveling combined with no option to respec your character makes this a chore.

    Grouping with other players is made easy by the notification board in the game but there's a serious flaw. It shows people from all over the world instead of just people in your realm. There's no way of telling where they are at so when you join a group and enter their instance it's pure luck whether your ping will stay the same or skyrocket to 200-300 because they live in australia and you live in US.

    The races that they do periodically are a good idea but the problem with them is that you always start at lvl 1 and often times they are only 1-2 hours long. Why not have some races start you in cruel difficulty at lvl 35 with some starting gear and skills?

    You can just press esc and close the game if you are about to die. Very hardcore if you ask me.

    I'm giving a 0 because I feel 8.9 is too high of a score for all these flaws. A more fair score would be a 6.
  3. Oct 23, 2013
    At first glance, this is the Mecca of ARPGs, with its dark, sombre mood and unforgiving game systems. You will almost certainly have a good time leveling up with your friends. Then you reach endgame.

    PoE's map system, which is supposed to reduce the apparent repetitiveness of running the same high-end area over and over again (as in most other ARPGs), is prohibitively costly in terms of
    in-game currency for anyone but the most dedicated mapping groups. Solo players sadly get completely shafted and are forced to run the same story areas over and over again. Why they couldn't have a less rewarding, free tier of soloing maps is beyond me.

    The worst however, is the combat. It is complex, but almost entirely passive; once your skill-tree (or skill-forest as it is more widely known) is in order, the game is little more than a mindless click-fest. This is actually probably a good thing because the game's netcode is so egregious that anything requiring the tiniest bit of finesse can send you into a rage: there's nothing quite like getting one-shot by a boss's mace half a screen away. The developers claim that the problematic netcode is a result of their commitment to minimize the effects of bots and other undesirables, which is laudable, but one has to wonder if in the end it was worth it.

    You may also get turned off by the extreme reliance on trading that is a consequence of the frustratingly unrewarding item drops and PoE's annoyingly random orb system (they function as a sort of consumable currency, as there is no gold in this game).

    I award the game 6 points because it is pleasant enough to play through the story once. It is remarkably bug-free for a game with such complex systems and, save for the wonky netcode, you shouldn't have any headaches. It's free, so there is no reason not to give it a try if you're not bandwidth-capped.
  4. Oct 24, 2013
    One or two runs through this game can be fun, but not more than that. End game (maps system) is based on pure and very unfair gambling and design to keep you as long as possible within the game.

    Maps have levels from 66 78. Anything worth farming and crafting (crafting is based on gamble too) starting from lvl 71 maps which will be unreachable to most of players since maps drop rate
    will decrease dramatically (drop rates lowered in background without any note to player) with each subsequent level of maps and will form a very high wall at level 71 maps. To counter that you will need insane amount of currency which can be acquired only through farming or trading. Since most items worth selling or using hidden behind lvl71 maps you will find yourself in process of very unrewarding farming.

    Stash space is limited. If you will run this game more than once or will want to reach end game you will need more. This is where free to play model comes in. Set of tabs for your stash will worth you 15$ (6 simple tabs) or 20$ (6 premiums). And you will buy them, because early game is so fun... But when you will reach end game, this will change into frustration of how it was designed (to keep you as long as it possible in game in hope you will buy some cosmetics effects or will run out of stash space again).

    After release they introduced Guilds which can help solve main problem of this game it was designed for party not for solo players. Solo players will die a lot and in most cases you won't be able to find out why by yourself (game is based on many things most of which is not self explanatory). But, again, to get from guilds most you will have to pay with real money again.

    The currency system is a pure gambling. Instead of gold this game have usable orbs which can change properties of items and maps in many ways. But they based on chance so heavily that you can trash all of your hard-earned currency in minutes and will not get anything in return. Go back to farming to repeat this process later.

    Dsync is another huge problem. You will die a lot because of dsync. Period.

    Game has "old school" (read outdated) leveling system. You will need to repeat process of leveling for every build you want to make. And since you will fail your fist build for sure, you will have to repeat this process over and over again while you learn this game. Follow the tip: go to the forum, find yourself a build and just follow. This will help to avoid much of frustration when things will not work as you was expecting.

    And some more if you got hacked, company will not restore your stolen items or deleted characters.
  5. Oct 4, 2013
    Greatest ARPG ever created and its finally being released the 23 of October. If you like playing an ARPG with endless character customization. Endless build diversity endless skill diversity and a passive skill tree that makes me have a nerdgasme then this is for you. This is truly a game made by gamers for gamers
  6. Nov 1, 2013
    To begin with, props to the developers. They've created a free game that truly tries to keep it grounded so players have to actually play the game to progress, instead of just buy their way through, a la gear from an auction house, RL player, ect.. This product appears to be a true labor of love, and the title screen even touts "After 7 years of development, we are proud to present to you POE!!"

    And that might be where the problem lies: The game feels extremely dated, extremely short, and fails extremely bad in most areas.

    The graphics are very meh, the story is forgettable music is just-okay, and with the way the party system is setup, you can literally win this game within ohhhhh, 4-10 hours? True story.

    The game has different difficulty levels, but who cares? It boils down to monsters hitting harder, not tactics. All you do in this game is mash buttons. There's so many animations and crap flying across the screen, you spend the entire game looking at your health/spirit level waiting to pop a potion, all while just holding down the auto-attack. I literally held "Q" and pressed numbers 1-5 for my potions.

    As far is loot is concerned, this game should be renamed Path of the Ninja Looter, because it becomes a crazy game of Hungry, Hungry Hippo when a rare item (and by god, they are rare) finally drops. You'll then sell that POS item to a NPC vendor who will give you scraps for it (literally) and then you put about 1000 of those scraps together to make some orbs, and then you spam-trade those orbs for other orbs (amassing about 1000 of those, too) and then spam-trade those orbs for other orbs, spam-trade more for another type of orb and when all is said and done you'll come out of it with LITERALLY 1 orb.

    You'll then take that orb and find a spam-trader, whom you will then trade you a sword that he found for you're 1 orb. Congrats after all of that running back and forth to NPC and real-life spam traders, you now have a sword that does 3% more damage, with a chance to evade. If this sounds overly-complicated and un-rewarding to you, let me assure you, it is.

    Now, I won the game at level 38; however, I see people leveling to 70+, grinding away to get the best gear, for a game, they've already beaten ....

    That's is. Let me repeat. Beat the game in level 30's but grind away and spam-trade for gear up to level 70+. Oh, and you cant even inspect another players gear, so it is truly self-gratification unless you wanna be that jackass spam-linking his gear.
  7. Oct 20, 2013
    By far THE best ARPG game I have ever played! The game specializes in the utmost advanced character customization in any game I have ever played. The game has the best elements from practically every ARPG on the market today. The development team is 2nd to none, Grinding Gears Games out does themselves each and every day. Their community support and interaction is unbelievable. This game is a must play for anyone interested in a loot based ARPG that is willing to invest some time into learning the ropes. It can be a bit overwhelming for new players, but the community that plays is more than willing to help anyone get over the hurdles associated with beginning the game. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Expand
  8. Oct 17, 2013
    Probably the best ARPG out there, and its FTP. With 6(soon 7) classes, an enormous skill tree, customization of skills beyond anything I have ever encountered( even though this is first noticeable late-game) and a world so intriguing this is worth every second of your playtime. With constant Patches, Yearly Expansions(they promised) and multiple leagues with different game modes and lengths, this is a game that never gets boring, if you choose to explore it and what it has to offer. And if you just want to chill in the Standard League this is challenging in it self, because Path of Exile is not a game for the weak-minded, this is a hard, brutal game that will test you and punish you when you fail.
    Grinding Gear Gaming has shown the world how games should be made; with the pure intention to make an awesome game and they have succeeded. They listen to they community as most Indie game developers but they lash out a game so much better, challenging and interesting than most AAA+ games.
  9. Oct 24, 2013
    This is the true "Diablo 3". Brings back great memories of the way an ARPG should be. Geat loot system, AMAZING skill system, the MOST diverse skill tree you will ever see in a game. No two build will be exactly the same. Community is the best I have seen in any F2P game.
  10. Oct 30, 2013
    This is what Diablo 3 should have been. Dark, subtle, with a tons of choices to build up your character and being free-to-play and not pay-to-win doubles the charm of this game.
  11. Oct 24, 2013
    At first glance PoE does seem like an innovative and fresh game, and although it holds true in some areas there are many many problems still in the game. Just to elaborate on a few:

    1) Solo vs. Multiplayer. GGG doesn't care about solo players. Not. At. All. I've been in beta for over 2 years, that means longer than most the more "known" forumites, and when I joined in 2011 people were
    complaining that the game is a facerole in party and a drag as soloplayer. Well guess what, this hasn't changed at any given time over the last years. The game is still just a facerole as party and a rather frustrating experience as solo player. Show some good design and give monsters new (aoe) skills depending on how many players are in a party. Don't just increase health and damage. This would also battle the problem of multiboxers.

    2) Selffound vs. Trading. This game relies heavily on trading and playing selffound or offering a selffound mode seems unthinkable as GGG's lead designer say things like:

    "finding a unique item makes you excited because it has value to other players"

    How can someone who likes ARPG say something so utterly wrong. There are a ton of players who just want to play selffound and mostly or with friends and PoE does everything it can to alienate those people.

    3) Magic Find. Mindlessly copied from D2 although it should be known that it is a completly design as an item stat. No innovation whatsoever.

    4) Difficulty. Again no innovation whatsoever. Just a gear-check. Difficulty is only increased by increasing enemy health and damage. How about something more fun and something that actually rewards skill? Give monster different skills that require you to dodge, or make you take care not getting swarmed... oh wait..

    5)... I forgot, you can't actually make this game more fast-paced because it will desync all the time if you use something like flicker strike or high movement speed/attack speed.

    6) Skills. Although the trigger gems and support gem thing is very nice there are still missing a ton of actually fun spells. A fire witch has fireball and firestorm. Incredible.
    I know that this will get better over time but nevertheless I feel like pointing it out. ;)

    7) Item design is overall really good but the unique items often end up being a disappointment. The design goal here is to make unique items a build enabler, but especially in lower levels this makes finding one of the very rare unique items frustrating. Identifying a unique shield at level 30 and seeing that ALL it offers is the keystone passive "pain attunement" will result in you rolling eyes instead of thinking "wow what a great item".

    8) Item progression is... well. Not that great to be honest. The skill system is something new, but at the end of the day it's just inferior to a skill point based system design like TQ. Also the required links/sockets and the rather rare drops of orbs of fusing will add to making self-found an unenjoyable experience.

    Well I could go on and on, but let's just end with this:

    Path Of Exile is a decent game and I still see lots of potential, although speaking from 2 years of experience I will say that I doubt that they will now suddenly start to fix, what they ignored for so long.
  12. Oct 25, 2013
    Free to play with no pay to win
    game will keep you entertained for months, with weekly added features
    Devs are very vocal to the community
    Great immersion and depth

    Cons :
    Legacy items have ruined standard/hardcore forever
    Devs dont listen to the overwhelming feedback of certain things (see above)
    Desync lag on certain skills
    Takes all your life

    Great game regardless
  13. Oct 25, 2013
    Path of Exile is a great complex game...on the surface. Sure theres thousands of skill gem, support gem and passive node combinations, but comparing to its obvious competitor Diablo 3, you realise it actually offers less true character customisation. All Path of Exile offers is tons of ways to SCREW UP your character. I'm a gold closed beta supporter, and I can tell you there are less viable endgame builds in PoE than Diablo 3. The devs haven taken steps like increasing aura costs to increase build diversity, but judging from the highly negative community response, its unlikely PoE will ever live up to its promises

    I'll be back in a few years. Until then, enjoy 1 or 2 builds dominating the ladder, before GGG nerfs them and another 1 or 2 take their place.
  14. Oct 23, 2013
    Game is fun, the skill systems are highly interesting, and they even did free to play right, without any of the pay to win BS. Definitely worth playing.
  15. Nov 19, 2013
    Got to admit, I only played it for an hour so don't mistake this for a deep review. Took about an hour of gameplay for me to delete it off the hard drive. It's basically an online version of the tired old genre that started with games like Titan Quest. Click, click click on far too many identical enemies and watch their health bars go down. Then loot and repeat.
    If that's fun for you,
    then be happy. The game is free. Expand
  16. Oct 23, 2013
    Path of Exile is the first ARPG/Hack n' Slash I have loved since Diablo II. The game is free, which is in-frakkin-credible once you realize you've been playing for 7 months straight. I played it in beta and saw it change over time and I am in love with the final product! Thank you Grinding Gear! If you're looking for a game to tide you over until the D3 expansion, play this POE and you'll be like, "Diablo-who?" Expand
  17. Sep 30, 2013
    One of the best games existing at the moment. Not only it's overall a fun highly customizable and funny experience. IT COSTS NOTHING! So where's the trick? is there an item shop? Yeah there is one, so bad they don't sell anything that can unbalance the game in any way. It's probably the most-accomplished free to play experiment i've seen so far, and i'm playing online from over 10 years.

    If you think blizzard wanted 50€ for giving you something WAY LESS more funny than this(d3), and this is free, you can't seriously avoid wondering what's so terribly wrong in the gaming world.
  18. Oct 24, 2013
    At first glance, this is the Mecca of ARPGs, with its dark, sombre mood and unforgiving game systems. You will almost certainly have a good time leveling up with your friends. Then you reach endgame.

    PoE's map system, which is supposed to reduce the apparent repetitiveness of running the same high-end area over and over again (as in most other ARPGs), is prohibitively costly in terms of
    in-game currency for anyone but the most dedicated mapping groups. Solo players sadly get completely shafted and are forced to run the same story areas over and over again. Why they couldn't have a less rewarding, free tier of soloing maps is beyond me.

    The worst however, is the combat. It is complex, but almost entirely passive; once your skill-tree (or skill-forest as it is more widely known) is in order, the game is little more than a mindless click-fest. This is actually probably a good thing because the game's netcode is so egregious that anything requiring the tiniest bit of finesse can send you into a rage: there's nothing quite like getting one-shot by a boss's mace half a screen away. The developers claim that the problematic netcode is a result of their commitment to minimize the effects of bots and other undesirables, which is laudable, but one has to wonder if in the end it was worth it.

    You may also get turned off by the extreme reliance on trading that is a consequence of the frustratingly unrewarding item drops and PoE's annoyingly random orb system (they function as a sort of consumable currency, as there is no gold in this game).

    I award the game 6 points because it is pleasant enough to play through the story once. It is remarkably bug-free for a game with such complex systems and, save for the wonky netcode, you shouldn't have any headaches. It's free, so there is no reason not to give it a try if you're not bandwidth-capped.
  19. Oct 4, 2013
    If you like anything that you enjoy, you probably want to give Path of Exile a try.

    It's free to play so there's nothing to lose, and there are countless hours of engaging gameplay. It's in the ARPG genre, and many call it the "spiritual successor" of Diablo 2 (I'm one of them). It really does well the things that Blizzard did well with the first two Diablo games, and expands on it in
    its own unique way. The gameplay is just as addicting as other ARPGs, but because of the itemization, economy and skill system it's ultimately more rewarding. In Diablo 3 for example the gameplay was wonderfully engaging but ultimately not rewarding enough on account of the itemization system and level cap. In PoE the gameplay is just as fun (if not more) and the excitement of the loot explosion and the level ding NEVER get old.

    My only advise would be this: if you do try it out (and you should) don't make any final judgments before you hit level 20. That's where you start getting out of the basics of the game and start building your character.
  20. Oct 22, 2013
    Path of Exile is a stunning game, one of the most accomplished entirely free game out there.
    It might seemed a little complex at first, but once you understand the mechanism and the complexity of the gameplay it is a tremendous experience.
    The nice POE community will always be here to help refine your build or answer your questions if you have troubles.
    There are updates on a weekly
    basis adding legendaries, skills and correcting bugs.
    And then there are the races with ladder and prices (150 races of all kind/season), the 4month league, the maps (endgame content), so much to do that even 1000 hours couldn't be enough to do it all!

    Path of Exile is awesome, don't miss it!
  21. Oct 23, 2013
    If you liked D2, you will love Path of Exile! It's free to play, it's NOT possible to buy gameplay advantages, it has no ingame currency (it's all about farming, crafting modifying, trading), and the skill system is extremely unique and extensive (passive skill tree with ~1350 skills, lots of skill gems and support gems that works together). This game gives you quite no limits to your creativity for interesting builds and therefore guarantees exciting gameplay. 10/10 Expand
  22. Oct 23, 2013
    Absolutely smashing game. I will play many hours of PoE.
    OE is the deepest aRPG slasher ever made. It uses some tested ideas while introducing highly innovative systems and end-game mechanics. To put it straight
    Path of Exile is AAA+ game FREE of charge. No pay to win. Grind to win!
  23. Oct 24, 2013
    This is what Diablo 3 should have been, geared towards PC gamers, with fun upgrades and a dynamic skill tree. perfect for any one who still had LoD on the PC and is looking for something new to play.
  24. Oct 24, 2013
    Game is holy good for D2 fans. If you like endless character customizations, uniques that actually mean something, actual pvp and a grueling, challenging gameplay, this game IS for you.
  25. Oct 24, 2013
    I've been playing this game since it's a bettaand the developer of these games are really giving everything that the players need the game is free and if you're a fan of diablo 2you will have a really fun time playing this game
  26. Oct 25, 2013
    The true successor to Diablo 2. No complaints. Just goes to show the kind of game can be made when the developers openly converse with their community/fanbase.. Something that doesn't happen enough these days.
  27. Oct 25, 2013
    As a free, action RPG made by a smaller developer, this game gets all the right things right. The gear is complex and diverse enough to make your character yours while not so complex that you can't figure it out. Full community support and open interaction with the developers via several social media sites and their own forums make it even better since your voice is heard and discussed if you have a valid point.

    It's a great successor to the Diablo 1 and 2 franchise (Diablo 3 will be forgotten...) and a very solid recommendation for anyone into the genre.
  28. Jan 7, 2014
    For starters, I don't understand how so many of these reviews are 10.. 10 means a perfect or epic beyond epic game.. either you people work for GGG or you are willfully ignorant to the many flaws this game has.. why is a mystery to me, but this game is nowhere near a 10. To say this game is the deepest or best RPG ever made is laughable.
    Clearly these people have not actually played this
    game for any substantial amount of time, otherwise they would not be giving it a 10 or even an 8.
    Tough to take this site seriously at all with such ridiculous ratings..

    Now to the game.

    I started playing POE in Open Beta and have leveled a dozen or more characters in that time, several hardcore, several in Onslaught/Domination. All my characters have leveled to between 40-70
    In that time I have learned A LOT about this game and all of its systems and nuances, as well as the gear, trading rates, orb rates, etc.

    What people need to understand is that this game is decent, but certainly not great. On the surface, its easy to start playing and be enamored with POE. It isn't until you delve more deeply into the game that you see the huge fissures which unfortunately show the game's true colors. In fact for almost every good thing in the game, it has a flipside that is equally, if not more so, negative. There is nothing in the game that is outright amazing, so again, to give it a ten is a silly joke.

    I will break down my post into sections.

    The Skill System: Overall the vast variety of skills provides a user with options of how to build their character. Support gems further alter the usability of these skills and provide a good amount of variety and customization. What sucks however about these skill gems is that many of these are either underpowered or downright useless. Some are not strong enough on their own until paired with support gems to buff them, and some are just pointless entirely.

    Loot: When you find something in this game, there is a feeling of excitement, like any RPG. The problem is that stuff DOES NOT DROP. Take it from me who's put in around 1k+ hours. If I could sum up the game in one word, especially when considering loot, it would be "UNREWARDING". You will feel like you play for lifetimes only to find trash that is worthless and will net you a couple alts at the vendor. Good luck finding any gear that is a direct upgrade for the character you are leveling. By all accounts, unless you get insanely lucky, that AINT gonna happen. You will need to trade for anything you really need in this game, whether it be gems, orbs, or gear.. which leads me to..

    Trading: To get anywhere in this game, you need to trade. That is all there is to it. If you prefer to play self-found, run away from this game now.. I've just saved you a lot of time and heartache. Trading is a pain because not only do people overvalue every item they wish to sell, many people do not even set a fixed price on items and instead ask for "offers". If you offer less than what they wish to sell for, its not uncommon for them to set you on "ignore" or reply with vile speak. It takes forever to sell anything and the trade chat is nothing but a wall of spam on every channel.

    Crafting: There really isn't any crafting in this game, which to me is a humongous let down. You have all these different base items, with all these different rolls and affixes, and yet to try to craft you need an absurd amount of orbs to do so with any effect. Orb drop rates are pathetic (after leveling now 6 characters in Domination, I have a total of 7 found Chaos Orbs, 1 divine, 3 Gemcutter Prism, and around 10 Chisels) so once again, you need to trade to get orbs. Orbs are more used for currency than for crafting in almost every aspect of the game. The worst part though, is that there is no progression.. you can use orbs on an item, and there is a small chance it will improve, but a better chance it will regress in quality.

    Content: The maps are pretty boring after a while. Nobody give a toss about the story, because its unmemorable, and generally its a slow grind with numerous gear checks instead of any real innovative monster skills or mechanics. Its just Up the damage and resistances and implement bosses with single shot capabilities. Graphically, the game is good but nothing amazing.

    What makes me laugh the most though are all these reviews saying that this game isn't pay to win. Are you all unaware of the rampant botting and selling of Orbs and other items for real money? There are a slew of RMT sites where you can buy gear for this game and even some high end players have been known to partake. Anyone who thinks it isn't pay to win is kidding themselves or just ignorant.

    Also, does a game being free mean its automatically a 10? Apparently that is this game's best quality.. that its free to play. Well, that's not saying much then is it?

    Overall, if you have no life and are masochistic, this is the game for you. Otherwise, look elsewhere for an RPG
  29. Oct 25, 2013
    Chris Wilson and Grinding Gear Games has done everything right. I cannot think of a game in the last 5+ years that I have enjoyed more then this 1. Having played the beta for almost 2 years now, the best compliment that I can give it's developers is that I trust them, which is something I do not say bout game developers...ever. They patch content regularly to keep things fresh and create leagues to keep competition fresh as well. I cannot recommend this game enough. I use the term "game" loosely because in reality I think what they did here was create a world, and let a bunch of game players loose in it. The character development is refreshingly complex and simple at the same time. Please people, if you have zero dollars to spare try this game out. That's right it is free and it is NOT pay to win. The only thing you can buy are cosmetics. But if you are like me, then you'll want to spend a little money just as a thank you to GGG for doing such an amazing job. Expand
  30. Oct 25, 2013
    The first ARPG to truly succeed Diablo 2. That's all you need to know. Until PoE, Diablo 2 was still the king of ARPGs. Not anymore!

    This is the deepest ARPG ever in terms of its itemization and character customization/progression. Absolutely brilliant! You can sink a nearly infinite amount of time into this game if you desire. It is definitely for the hardcore of the hardcore you can
    expect to spend a lot of time theorycrafting and min/maxing your build and gear if you hope to survive much beyond normal difficulty.

    The strength of the game is also its weakness, however... if you are a more casual player, this game will probably be the absolute opposite of fun for you. There's very little help in-game to understand the various systems at work (skill tree & currency, in particular). Also, while there's a nearly infinite build variety, probably 99.9% of the possible build variations you can make are horrible, due to the games' difficulty.

    However, if you are OK with the idea of either looking up a build from someone else, or re-rolling lots of characters as you learn, you are in for a treat with this game!

    Just expect some rough edges... even though this is the 1.0 official release, it still has some bugs and some balance issues (my personal favorite so far the end of A3 normal is more difficult than the entire first half of Cruel difficulty).
  31. Oct 24, 2013
    It's what Diablo 3 should have been and has been given to us completely free of charge.

    The game already has 3 complete Acts with Act 4 on the way. They plan to patch in new content every 4 months and release a new expansion every year all FREE.

    It's truly the closest thing to a D2 sequel. See for yourself.
  32. Oct 27, 2013
    My actual rating is a 9.5/10 but I'm rounding up because this is better than a 9. This game is AMAZING and addictive. Customize your character's gear and skills however you want to. Choose from 7 different classes. The combat is click-intensive but it's so much deeper than other "combat". I tried playing Divinity 2 that has 3 classes only, you have to stick to the same class, skills are limited, and combat is hack/slash. In Path of Exile I chose a Shadow (rogue type) and I can use any weapon or skill type like magic, bows, heavy armor, two-handed weapons, etc. I currently duel-wield claws, I can summon zombies that follow me and fight till death, skeletons too, I can animate fallen loot weapons to fight like a minion, I can detonate dead bodies to blow up, click to aim a freeze blast, or switch to my bow instantly for ranged combat....WOW is the right reaction. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU WANT TO YOUR CHARACTER. So much loot, so much to fight, quests to complete, and you can do all these things side-by-side with a friend. AND IT'S ALL FREE!!! At least give this game a try because they're not kidding when they say that is is the REAL DIABLO III and then some! Expand
  33. Oct 28, 2013
    I played the alpha and beta. Several years later this game is still fascinating and the developer amaze me with frequent patching, very very detailed patch log above industry standards and a definitely not pay 2 win approach for a F2P game.

    Path of Exile, with no exaggeration, spoken from my quite aged Diablo 1 & 2 and other RPG gamers heart is what Diablo 3 should have been.
  34. Oct 23, 2013
    One of the best f2p models I've ever seen, and one of the best ARPGs I've ever played. It's hard to believe a game like this is free. If you liked D2, I'd highly recommend checking this game out. Combat and animations aren't as fluid as something you'd see from Blizzard, but pretty much everything else in the game is an advancement of the genre. Many of the features introduced by this game will be common place years from now. Even D3 is starting to incorporate aspects of PoE, such as itemization and user-designed legendaries. Expand
  35. Oct 23, 2013
    The game is really awesome, lots of things to do, a huge possibilitys of buildings and a well done endgame, and GGG is doing all they can do to make the game even better, the game really deserve a 10/10 but i'll but 9/10 for some persona reasons.
  36. Oct 24, 2013
    Best ARPG to date. The true successor to Diablo 2 with a great atmosphere and gameplay.
    Anyone who enjoyed the arpg genre will find a true gem in this game.
  37. Oct 24, 2013
    This game is free to play. The developers listen to player feedback and have since they started Open Beta, which I have been in since 1 month after it started (over a year ago). The lore is detailed and deep. The game itself is of high quality (art aspects and such, the look/graphics of it). The gameplay is fun and complex. If you enjoyed Diablo 2, you will enjoy this game. One thing though: The ladders change every 4 months. If you don't like something about the game currently, wait 4 months. It's a long wait, but things change drastically when this ladder change happens. So maybe you will like it again.

    This rating is an overall rating of the game. Not based purely on it's current state, but it's track record for being awesome. Some people don't like the current state of the game, that will always be true, but it changes just often enough to balance making your progress worthwhile but giving something new to refresh your interest in the game.
  38. Oct 25, 2013
    One of the best games in the past decade for PC. If you loved Diablo 2, there is no doubt you will like Path of Exile.. as critics say "the true Diablo 2 sequel" PoE has the most insane character customization in any game i have ever seen. I have been playing this game for 8 months now and still to this day i feel like i have never seen 2 other players ever be the same. Not only is POE full of challenging and fun content the developers (GGG) are awesome, they REALLY listen to the community and respond quick (they don't take months to respond to a problem the community pointed out) bi weekly patches added content and no pay to win what so ever! What makes this game 10/10 for me is the items, and how they are designed which is what an action RPG is all about. The item system is so deep and detailed, you will either get intimated or fall in love at first sight. There are a lot of items in this game worth keeping and man oh man when you get an upgrade you can feel it!! Unique are insanely well made.. most of them come with a huge additional benefit.. with a cost however. But last but certainly not least is the end game. PoE is the ONLY Action RPG with a TRUE end game. Maps.. randomized maps which YOU roll the stats for (using items you find) and grinding your way up to level 100 but don't worry.. its not an "MMO fantasy grind" its the kind of grind that gets you at the edge of your seat everytime you play. I highly recommend reading up guides before playing the game because it Is challenging, however if you prefer to learn with trial and error thats ok too Path of Exile to this day, is now my top 3 games of all time. Im so excited and happy for GGG (they really earned it) and can't wait to see what kind of crazy amazing things they add in the future Expand
  39. Oct 25, 2013
    i dont plat diablo 2,im started with diablo 3,played it for 2000 hours on my barbarian,and POE came out.. and yeah,i tried it,and then i realised,and then i know why so many people mad at diablo 3,POE is way more better... im playing POE since 23 jan,12 hours a day,for fun and for life..
  40. Oct 26, 2013
    Have been playing games vor over 20 years. This is one of the very best games i ever played. Very balanced, very outlasting in regard to endgame content ans so on. An dthe best thing is that the developers will add content continously. You really should give it a shot or a hack+slay
  41. Oct 25, 2013
    The best ARPG game so far, unseen depth and diversity and constant updates, some completely reinventing the game and at the very least the vast majority of the builds in it. 10/10
  42. Oct 11, 2013
    Anyone who enjoyed Diablo 2 (especially the Median XL mods) will find the game they have been looking for in Path of Exile.

    There are many things that make PoE great, but the one that stands out the most is build diversity. You can make literally dozens of characters that all have real, functionally different play-styles. If you get bored of one character, there's always another build
    to try (whether based on Keystone passives, or unique items). Finding combinations of passives, skill gems, support gems, and unique items that work well together is the core strategy aspect of this game. Oh, it's also FREE and (starting October 23) will be available (for FREE) on Steam. The game will continue to receive meaningful updates (skills, uniqes, new playable areas, etc.) *frequently* for the forseeable future (1 year+ guaranteed).

    The negative aspects are as other reviewers have mentioned: non-negligible desynchronization issues sometimes causes unpreventable deaths, and issues with item crafting feeling more like gambling than upgrading. The developers have already stated that they do not like the current crafting system, and have hinted that the system will be changed or even overhauled, whereas the desync issue is their biggest headache and may not be entirely fixable based on how their server/client system currently operates. These problems, among a small selection of minor issues, are why I did not give it a 10/10.

    Regardless, as a long time ARPG player, I can safely say that PoE has set the bar higher than all who have come before.
  43. Oct 26, 2013
    better than diablo,
    +great economy
    +great skill diversity
    +superb skill tree
    +great enemy abilities
    it is awesome in anyway

    the only negative is the game engine itself ,still some desyncs here and there.
  44. Oct 23, 2013
    The fact that this game is free and isn't pay to win makes me confused as to how major publishers get away with the stuff they release sometimes... Anyways, Path of Exile for me is the game that Diablo 3 should have been and for that I say thank you grinding gears!
  45. Oct 23, 2013
    This game might not be very newbie friendly at first, but when you really get into it it provides such diversity and compares to no other ARPG game out there. All of the best features from Diablo 2 are used here and so much greatness has been added. Is not, and will never be a P2W game, just fantastic. The graphics are dark and gritty, not bad; some people are just used to more colourful environments.
    And you do NOT need to spend your time trading for good items if you don't want to, just play the game.
  46. Oct 23, 2013
    This is the first aRPG in a long time that takes some risks and really pushes out some fresh ideas. The currency system, the passive skill tree, the cosmetic items, the different leagues with different mods, guilds, and a constant barrage of updates from a developer that truly cares about its player base.

    Regardless of your views, there's no arguing that this game is a milestone in
    free-to-play games as well as aRPG's. Path of Exile is a game to watch out for that will have a player base that will last for years to come. Expand
  47. Oct 23, 2013
    This is such a great game. It has an absolutely massive and in-depth skill tree, lots of different skills you can use and alter with support gems. there are several leagues with different rules to keep the game fresh as well. All this and you can play for absolutely free. What more could you want?
  48. Oct 24, 2013
    Diablo 3 was my first ARPG. For some reason I never tried ARGP games in my long gaming history. I thought that Diablo 3 was already quite entertaining for the first 100 hours or so, but after that I got extremely bored.

    Then I tried PoE, mainly because people were comparing it with the 'legendary' Diablo 2 all the time. I'm now about 100 hours into the game, but I still have the feeling
    the I haven't discovered the biggest part of the game. PoE has completely taken me by surprise with its extreme details in gameplay and gamemechanis, its dark gritty atmosphere, and its thrilling (hardcore) gameplay.

    I will not be suprised if I still will be playing this game from time to time after several years. Since only a few games have achieved this in 20 years of PC gaming, this game deserves a 10 rating. I have considered bringing this 10 down to 9 because of the desync problems that occur sometime, but I must admit that all online games I have played had their own specific technical problems. So the desync is more related to the current of technology then the game itself. Therefore the 10 is well deserved.
  49. Oct 24, 2013
    This is everything diablo 3 should have been and more. The skill tree is huge, I would call it the skill forest, great endgame maps and most of all, it's FREE!
  50. Oct 26, 2013
    I don't often play video games. When I do, it's either an RPG, Tetris, or a random indie game that was on sale. I've tried to pick up others, but I'm slow to learn and need my hand held most of the way. The only other aRPG I've ever played is Bastion.

    So yes, I'm a filthy casual, but I feel like I should boost this game's rating anyway because no one I know plays it and I think I'm in
    love. Really. It's engaging, fast-paced and free-to-play, not to mention addictive! My only quarrel is that it's a bit hard to pick up. There's no help bar as far as I can tell, so you basically have to learn by doing. That's fine as I said, I'm a slow learner, so if I can figure it out, anyone can. Great game thus far, would recommend. Expand
  51. Oct 27, 2013
    PoE is really the Diablo 3 game I had hoped for.
    The business model is not at all in the way, and the game has much depth. The game also allows you to really chose what you want to be.

    I haven't really gotten into the story, but overall atmosphere makes up for this.
  52. Oct 28, 2013
    Bland graphics, bad animations, lack of variety in mobs, laughable tryhardy currency system, and the over reliance on spamming a single ability.

    The skill system, while at first glance seems interesting, ends up being a mess with a bunch of support gems making a single skill more powerful, which allows (promotes) you to spam a single ability even more than the average ARPG.
  53. Dec 17, 2013
    Path of Exile is what Diablo 3 should have been. I spent nearly one hundred hours playing after the Steam release, and each second was well worth it. The game is well designed and leaves you wanting to play more. I loved the skill tree system and the gem skill system, as well as the vendor recipe mechanic. Unfortunately, while this game is very amazing, I have to give it a zero due to the fact that I was banned for no reason. I went AFK to use the restroom and came back to see that I was logged off and I attempted to relog only to be greeted by a message saying I was banned by an administrator. I tried submitting a ticket to Grinding Gear Games only for a cookie cutter response that I violated their Terms of Use. I don't have any idea how or why I did because I have read through the ToU now three times and have yet to come to any sort of conclusion as to where I breached their terms. It seems that GGG doesn't want to go into details with what ever happened. Expand
  54. Oct 25, 2013
    One of the best ARPGs I have ever played. Complex passive tree, deep combat, many variations, polished graphics, amazing developers. It's everything you could possibly ever want from this sort of game and it's ALL F2P.
  55. Oct 23, 2013
    There's some people complaining about the economy in PoE. Let me tell you why they are wrong in short and simple terms.

    Diablo 3 (yes, ofcourse it has to be mentioned) had the Auction House, problem with this was if you didn't play for a week or two all your stuff usually fell in price drastically making you useless. Having to stay up at night or set alarms to try and win auctions.
    economics are based on a lot of currencies, the thing about these is that they are ALL USED in the crafting and usage of everyday items/maps in the game. What results is that there is hardly any inflation. Where in Diablo 3 your 1 million gold was worth a lot at launch and now useless, my items and currencies I got over half a year ago in this game are still largely the same in worth.

    What this evolves to is that PoE has a stable economy that lets people play for a few hours, days, or whichever, leave the game, and return later and still feel engaged and fresh! You always feel like you are making progress towards the bigger hole.

    As for the gameplay, remember in Diablo II how people could come up with these quarky builds and make them work?! I remember a duel-wield potion-throwing barbarian. Now in Diablo III there was nothing of the sort, pretty much every class had a "best" build (at least in HC).
    In PoE there are nearly limitless builds and combinations, every class can do everything.

    Want to be a two-hand melee witch (the frail magic caster)? You can make it work.
    Want to be a huge maurader specialized on traps or minions? Go for it!

    HOWEVER; There are some drawbacks to this, you usually need some tips on how to build a good character (the forums, reddit etc) and you should be prepared that during some levels of your build you will be pretty bad, just like in Diablo II there is a dead zone before your plan goes into fruition.

    That said, this is the spiritual and evolved successor to Diablo II in my opinion.
    Is it perfect? Not at all. But it's worth giving a try, especially with friends
  56. Oct 28, 2013
    PoE is the arpg that Blizzard should have made but failed badly with D3. We get the gritty killing and looting that we all expect from an arpg, with great animation, sound effects, background music, etc., PoE has it all. The 7 character classes combined with a passive skill tree with over 1400 nodes ensures an almost infinite number of builds are possible. PoE does take awhile to get comfortable with the pace of client input to server response timing but once you do it quickly becomes intuitive and easy. The concept of using spell gems that socket into gear with links that allow additional support gems to enhance the base gems function makes for wonderful combinations of physical and elemental attacks. This arpg actually has a story to tell (unlike D3 or TL2) that further enhances your total immersion into the world of Wraeclast that you have been exiled to for your crimes. GGG is stating a goal of new minor updates every 2 weeks, major new content every 4 months, and a new act every 9 to 12 months, so long term arpg playing is there in spades. If you got burned out of D3 or hate the cartoony look of TL2 then you owe yourself a favor and should take a serious look at this free to play arpg. Highly recommended for new and old arpg fans alike. Two thumbs up.

    ps. This game can not be judged in only a few weeks of play. The real fun is knowing that this arpg is going to take time to master and the journey you take from newbie to mastering PoE is a major part of the fun. So don't dismiss this arpg jewel after only a few hours of playing. Remember, raw diamonds are unimpressive looking too until they are polished.
  57. Oct 29, 2013
    Pure brilliant game. Extremely deep and extensive replay value. As people write; what Diablo 3 never became and what all Diablo II-players really wanted. Will play this for ages just as I did with D2.
  58. Oct 28, 2013
    Path of Exile is a dreamsend for the cerebral ARPG player. However, the drawback of having the decisions you make during character building matter in combat is: the decisions you make during character build matter in combat. If you want to just dive into PoE and proceed directly to the slaying, the game will punish your subpar build mercilessly, perhaps not by repeated deaths but instead the boredom of an accidentally self-imposed lack of combat options, leading to static and boring play.

    Which means: PoE is a brilliant game for a niche audience, very similar to Dark Souls, but not well-suited for the casual audience, and thus decidedly not for everyone.

    Amazing systems for meaningful choice in creating builds and maximizing skill effectiveness
    Innovative "goldless" currency and crafting system
    A variety of play modes, from hardcore to 4-month ladder to PvP to 1-hour race events
    Lore and music are simultaneously excellent and non-invasive
    Astonishing replay value due to a variety of viable options
    The game demands commitment from players to achieve even moderate success
    Failure usually leads to long periods of boredom before eventual, often equally boring death
    Lackluster netcode leads to desyncs
    Lack on in-game trading tools leads to reliance on forums and third-party sites
  59. Oct 28, 2013
    F2P done wright, no pay 2 win, it have something from all great arpg's, but reminds me a lot of Diablo 2,
    will recommend it to all that loves rpg's. So happy gaming...
  60. Nov 5, 2013
    In terms of getting the best value for money, this is probably as good as it gets, since path of exile offers a game compelling enough to rival triple A titles of the same genre, and completely free. Upgrades obtained through donations and microtransactions are purely aesthetical and have no advantage over regular gear, so..... that means it's really "free". Tackling the gameplay aspect, it plays really well, it offers deep character development via the huuuuge passive skill tree (a la Final Fantasy X) and a wide array of active skill gems, wich level up as you pass by wrecking havoc. This is one of the defining features of how skills are handleled to you in this game, in other games "skill gems" offer passive bonuses, while active skills are gained through character leveling via skill tree; Path of exile goes the other way around, giving the skill tree purely passive bonuses, while active skills must be earned through gems obtained quests or random drops, and socketed into specific gear in order for it to be active. It's a bold strategy, and one that may not convince a lot of players, but it's functional overall, and even more importand: it's addictive and engaging (the only quality action RPGs need to succeed).
    Character classes are interesting, they have a particular charisma, being gritty and enchanting at the same time, with fancy names like Maraunder (instead of the generic title of barbarian), Shadow, etc. 6 initial clases that are aligned to 1 or 2 of the main stats: Strenght, Dexterity and Intelligence. All classes have access to all passive skills in the skill tree, with the only difference being the point at which they start. That means that role playing is not completely restricted, with options for melee characters to have magic and viceversa. It's up to you to decide if this feature is a strong point because of the freedom it provides, or a weak spot in how it turns things a little bit generic.
    Graphically, the game is the bomb. It hits all the aesthetic and enviromental points that made Diablo II the dark gothic RPG it was, and in that sense, Path of Exile looks more Diablo than Diablo III will ever look like. Enemy design is good, although they tend to recicle previous models, and levels are really big and intrincate.
    The only gripe I have with the game is the lag....... it's really bad at some points. I didn't take into account this factor into the score, since I'm not sure if the problem is their server or my connection, but you can be certain I'm not alone in this one. The game has a bad tendency to "ultra" lag, making an unexpected pause for a few minutes, after which you find yourself killed by a miriad of enemies that weren't there before. But the most annoying tendency is the fact that the game just disconects every once in a while; log in again and you'll find yourself in the last town you visited, with your current progress in a dungeon ranging from partially to completely lost. In the best case scenario, the map will stay the same (enemies killed, chests looted, map discovered) and you'll just have to walk to where you left off; in the worst case scenario, the map will be randomized and EVERYTHING...... map discovery, enemy position and loot will be respawned like if you'd never set foot on the place, which is complete BS. If it happens to you in a multilevel dungeon prepare to ragequit, you've been warned!!
    This last aspect might deduct points for some of you, but in my view this game is a work of love, an art piece made for the sake of art, not gain. It deserves to be celebrated even in it's excentricities and faults, and in that regard it's one of the rarest gems, even if it's not the most polished one.
  61. Oct 25, 2013
    This game is amazing, I haven't spent this much time playing a game since WoW launched. The depth of the skilltree and ability to create any type of character you want is amazing. Highly recommend this game, and hey it's free to boot
  62. Oct 25, 2013
    The graphics very nice for an aRPG and the overall presentation is A+. I've been gaming for over 30 years, and not many games actually pull me in and make me want to play them for more than a few hours. However the fresh take on ARPGs, coupled with the original ideas, complex skill/spell tree, and difficulty of the game made me keep coming back for more. You can basically forget D3 ever existed and consider PoE as the true successor to Diablo 2. The maps are very large, and sometimes it can take quite a long time to find the path through a dungeon. The bosses are not a cake walk, and will take a few tries and some thinking and planning to kill.

    Overall, 10/10 because this game has really impressed me in a day in age that games usually don't because they are so shallow. I feel bad giving it a 10/10 because most people just do it because they are fanboys or the game is overhyped, but PoE really is a true gem.
  63. Oct 25, 2013
    Absolutely phenomenal game! This is what I have been craving since Diablo 2. I was severely disappointed by Diablo 3. It was dumbed down to the point of an Activision title. Path of Exile feeds the nostalgia feeling I have been chasing for years.

    The game is in constant production by an active game developer. While small, they have created a game far superior to their massive opponent,
    Blizzard. They began production with 10 people, in comparison to the thousands Blizzard had. I have been blown away by how deep this game is.

    The skill tree is reminiscent of the Final Fantasy sphere grid. You have skill gems which are altered by support gems, as well as trigger gems. Instead of the ever deflating value of gold found in similar games, Path of Exile uses a barter system with incredible randomization, creating a complex and evolving economy.

    Characters are not limited to their said class. You can expand into passives of other characters, making builds seemingly unlimited. The dark and gritty atmosphere is beautifully reminiscent of Diablo 2. I won't give any spoilers, if you were a Diablo 2 addict, this game is for you.

    While it is free to play, it is not pay to win. You have the option of buying cosmetic items to make your character look cool. If you're a pack rat, you can also buy more stash tabs.

    Don't listen to the reviews upset about end game. While there are great end battles, the developer plans to release new content to expand on the story line every six or so months. However, to keep you busy in the meantime, you find maps you can randomize and play with your friends.

    The only thing Path of Exile is lacking from my point of view, is the cinematic videos scene in the Diablo series. While I enjoyed those, you can't expect such production to come from an indie game developer.

    I hope you give the game a try. If you enjoy the game, consider purchasing some cosmetic items to support future content for this great game!
  64. Oct 26, 2013
    Path of Exile is probably the best game I have ever played. After the disappointment of Diablo 3 I went back to PoE and was immediately hooked by the league races, the seasons and the balance. I want to play a game where my choices matter and I have to make decisions that have little effects but add up over time.

    In a nutshell what I like most about playing Path of Exile is that every
    node I click on the passive tree is semi-permanent and is a balancing act where I am fighting to keep my stats up, get the keystones I need and not forgetting my defence and my health. This is what I found missing from Diablo 3. Expand
  65. Oct 25, 2013
    Truly one of the best ARPG games to have ever been created. Awesome skills tree, great features and unique concepts. Unfortunately this game has one huge drawback. The game is online only. While this is not necessarily a negative thing, Path of Exile suffers from terrible latency and desync issues (especially if you live in a country which is not near a server). What makes it worse is that the game is quite intense and often even a small lag spike or desync can get you killed. Certain bosses have abilities that can 1 shot most characters, these are easily avoidable unless your latency is over 200ms. If your latency is too high you cannot fight certain bosses without a party.
    So to sum it up PoE is one of the best games I have played in years plagued by one of the worst ideas games have had in years (online only). A simple addition of offline play or more servers around the world could easily make this a 9 or 10 out of 10 game.
  66. Oct 26, 2013
    Path of Exile is one of the best ARPG ever made because of the new mechanics and It's not like diablo 3 that you need to pay to win. This game is like diablo 2 but enhanced imho. I played 50 hours in steam and I still want to play more :D
  67. Oct 28, 2013
    This game is truth. This game is light. This game is hope and love and freedom and peace in a world beset by dishonour, iniquity and dark portents. This game shows us that the triumph of the human soul is all but inevitable.

    This game is also really fun.
  68. Oct 27, 2013
    Fantastic ARPG that has definitely earned its high user score, I downloaded immediately after seeing the massive skill tree on the trailer but the game really sunk its hooks in once I figured out how the skill system actually works. No gold or monetary system also makes for an excellent dynamic that I have never seen in a game like this before. There is also no aspect of pay to win it seems, you get what you play for, and for a game with a pvp element included I have to say massive props to the devs for sticking to that! Free to play. You'd be mad not to get this gem of a game if you're into the ARPG scene. Expand
  69. Oct 26, 2013
    Greatest Hack and slash game ive ever played. Give it a try, but take your time with your judgment. Its BIG!!!! and COMPLEX! You can build near limitless different builds (and i dont mean it just with the passive points). You have TON of loot (and nearly everything is viable), you have TON of skills (they add every 3 weeks 2-3 new skills), you have TON of Uniques (every 3 weeks they add a bunch of new uniqs), its free to play AND IT IS NOT PAY TO WIN! The item shop is just for cosmetic effects! Give it a try guys U will miss something BIG out Expand
  70. Oct 26, 2013
    This game is the true diablo 3. GGG really have put a big gaming company such as blizzard to shame. Everything about it is amazing... From the core mechanics to the boss fights, endgame etc... GGG have taken a massive on diablo 3.
  71. Oct 26, 2013
    Been playing this game in beta for a couple years now, and it's finally officially released. Seriously the best game in the genre, and free to play to boot. If you like ARPGs, play this game. There's still a desync problem so it's kinda while playing on hardcore, but it'll get sorted out in further patches. Really a great game.
  72. Oct 24, 2013
    Path of Exile is exactly what the genre needed. I hardcore development team true to the game and it's idea's. Maybe it's just me but Diablo for example seemed to care more about it's revenue model then the game it's self.

    Also i would just like to add for the guy crying about his ATI 6800. I have the exact same card as you 6870 1 GB. Other than during the shadows off (You need to do
    this in pretty much any game for ATI cards) i have perfect performance. You might want check your system for a virus etc... Expand
  73. Oct 25, 2013
    Since the first time I played this game in early beta, it felt like the game that Diablo 3 should have been. I'm not talking about slick graphics.. I'm talking about gameplay. The skill system. The item system. The level design. This game feels like the TRUE heir to the Diablo throne, not that bastardized half-wow monstrosity Blizzard churned out. POE is fun, exciting... and hell... even if you don't like it.. no harm done because it's FREE. Imagine that. A company makes an awesome game, listens to the community, and the game is free. Expand
  74. Oct 25, 2013
    Path of Exile is a game made by Grinding Gear Games. A developer of old hardcore Diablo 2 players. These guys (and gals) decided enough was enough and went out to make a game they wanted to play. The End result is a Hardcore Action RPG with unlimited depth with its Skill grid, socketable skills gems, flasks, crafting, insane amount of currencies that double as resources... i could go on and on.

    At the start of the game you have the choice of selecting seven classes. The Marauder, Templar, Witch, Duelist, Shadow, Ranger and Scion (complete game on normal to unlock). Once you select your class you are tossed into a harsh world that consists over three acts across over thirty sprawling zones, hundreds of monster types and Dozens of bosses.

    To keep things fresh GGG offer the player a choice of game modes and challenge leagues. You have your standard league (softcore) and Hardcore league then two others Domination and Nemesis the last two are four month duration leagues with slightly different core rules. PoE also offers PVP arena, Capture the flag and a variety of racing seasons over the course of the games life.

    The player has enough here to keep them busy for a long while. GGG has created something special with POE and its easily my favorite ARPG since Diablo 2... well done folks, well done.
  75. Oct 25, 2013
    Great game. Graphics aren't impressive, but the depth, challenge, and just endless possibilities make it amazing. It's closer to what D3 should have been and it's FREE!
  76. Oct 25, 2013
    PoE is the true successor of D2. In my opinion, it has probably surpassed even D2 and is the best ARPG around today. It has extremely deep mechanics which can leave you theorycrafting for hours. On top of that, it's free!
  77. Oct 25, 2013
    What every hacknslash MMO should aspire to be. Sets the standard for all others.The skill tree, reminiscent of Final Fantasy 10, and the Spell system, whispering of the Materia system in FF7, mixes for an absolutely astonishing finale.

  78. Oct 25, 2013
    So much better then Diablo 3. Like this if you know when a certain narwhal bacons ;)

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  79. Oct 25, 2013
    So good I uninstalled D3 and renamed my Path of Exile launcher to Diablo 3 instead!

    Try this game if you're not a little runt that likes the rainbow level in D3.
  80. Oct 26, 2013
    A great hack and slash game, with a great player base. Not only is the player base growing, but it also quite friendly. Another great thing about this game, is that it not pay to win. Getting gear can be done by spending a decent amount time farming(the act to keep killing monster to find items). Some unique features that make this hack and slash different from others, is it skill system(it kind of like the one from Final Fantasy VII(7)), it currency system(Items base), and it passive tree(it kind of like the one from Final Fantasy X(Ten)). In all, Path of Exile is a great hack and slash game, but unless you are going to put a good amount of time, learning it rules and ways, I feel some players will be confuse or lost to what to do. Have a nice day. Expand
  81. Oct 25, 2013
    I love this little game. It brings much to the genre and really rewards the player. It lacks an Epic feel to most encounters that Diablo 3 delivers and the story is rather poor and cliched. But it plays well and the skill tree is very impressive indeed. Value for money is off the scale.. Get it.
  82. Oct 25, 2013
    Path of Exile is the definitive ARPG of our time. It's the only game since D2 to give me a similar feel and response to gameplay. The combat is exactly what you'd expect and top notch, ignoring the de-sync which isn't a part of it. The loot is on par with D2, if not better, and will easily become better over time as they're adding new loot every two weeks or so on top of bigger patches. The monsters are diverse and full of challenge for almost every build at some point, and in the endgame you have to think about all of your defenses being properly balanced. By far the best part of the game though is the constant change of ladders and events. There are race seasons constantly going in and out, which are temporary leagues ranging from an hour to a week or even a month, where you race to the top of the experience ladder for points.

    On top of that you have temporary 4-month leagues that come with new loot, monsters, mods and challenges. This is great for people who enjoyed the ladder resets of D2, as this essentially fills that role and adds more to the game on top of it. For instance, in these new leagues, they've added a new shrine mechanic to one and tougher monsters with unique mods to the other, changing the game completely. This level of attention to their game is what sets it apart from other ARPGs it's going to be constantly changing towards the better, and may very well be the next D2, something we play for 10+ years.
  83. Oct 28, 2013
    This game is amazing and I have a feeling it will only get better. Hopefully with the money they make through micro transactions they are able to make it even more amazing which I'm sure they will. Grats to grinding gears for making the real diablo 3. Thank you!!
  84. Nov 8, 2013
    This game is the true successor to Diablo 2. Dark, gritty graphics, old school action, and a phenomenal skill and talent system make this game miles ahead of its competition. Its even free to play! Whats not to love?
  85. Oct 25, 2013
    Best game ever! No doubt about it.

    It beats any other ARPG in every single aspect.

    Not only that, but Grinding Gear Games are also the best developers ever!
  86. Oct 25, 2013
    Probably the best dungeon crawler I've ever played, and I have played most of them stemming back to Diablo I and Balder's Gate I. As one of the many who got sucked into Diablo 3 just to be severely disappointed, I can honestly say Path of Exile erased my terrible memories of D3 and replaced them with pleasant memories of Path of Exile. Now this surely is not the game for people who want to be able to quest their way to the gravy train without any grind. But since the gear drops are so high and the fact that it is fairly easy to turn bad gear into good gear even if you are having bad luck with drops.... it really makes the grind a lot more fulfilling. The graphics, while not top notch are very fitting and acceptable to the Dungeon Crawler genre. The combat starts off a bit sluggish, once you get to the end of act I in normal it starts ramping up a lot. Leveling occurs rapidly. Late game replay value is high due to the companies intensive thought into late game gameplay. Sound quality is great. One of the biggest complaints is there is no key bindings for control, so you gotta use the mouse. But for this reviewer, that is no issue at all as I prefer to use the mouse to move. Everything else can be keybinded. The learning curve is moderate, you will surely need to do some trial and error with the skill tree. I personally recommend just aiming for what you need at any given time that you get a skill point... and worry about what builds are "OP" later. partially because no builds are overwhelmingly OP compared to others. If you screw up severely that is really the only way you'll feel totally unsatisfied with a build. But there are very few "wrong" builds. You are also not bound to class.... any class can have traits of any other class, although each class does START at a specific part of the skill tree so in the beginning you are SOMEWHAT bound to class. Pay 2 Win does not exist at all, which is a rare plus. Really my biggest complaint about the game is with the chat and social features.... which are functional and complete, but need to be upgraded to modern standards.

    Gameplay 10
    Graphics 7
    Sound 10
    Gear Diversity 10
    Build Diversity 9
    Monster Diversity 9
    Combat 9
    Skill Tree 9
    Pay 2 Win (0 being P2W and 10 being totally free) 10
    Lag 7
    Replayability 10
    Community 6
    Cash Shop Prices 7

    8.6, rounded up to 9.
  87. Oct 27, 2013
    Just stumbled across this piece of art while checking metacritic. Played for several hours now and really enjoy it. It has that great dark feeling, as the setting is really well chosen, interesting and new (to me). I just love being able to game a real badass. (Not someone who got captured and didn't do anything...) Hack 'n Slay at it's best. Also fine that you're not forced to game it 'multiplayer' (my zombie minions are enough company to me ;))

    So, if you like hack 'n slay, want it diablo-style but diffrerent, you really should give it a try. I mean... hey, it's free.
  88. Nov 9, 2013
    This game is awesome Co-Op fun. I haven't played it singleplayer because its an MMO. But I've really enjoyed my time in Hardcore mode so far. This game hasn't made me rage quit yet, it feels pretty fair and has a lot of polish to it. I give it a 9 because as great as the game is.. That Chat interface is dreadful. They really need to work on that. if it were possible to give this a 9.8 I would. Because its pretty damn good but it just has that one annoyance.

    The skill system is a breath of fresh air in RPGs. This game doesn't have classes so much as a massive sprawling skill tree system that is incomparable and unparalleled in its complexity. Its also extremely intuitive as well however I did discover that its possible to build you character wrong or rather at least not as optimal is it should be. The loot is surprisingly complex and I love the gem system which reminds me a lot of Final Fantasy 7's Materia system.

    The games non-linearity and choices are actually pretty meaningful and interesting.. Very refreshing for an MMO.

    The icing on the cake is the price.. The game is free powered by Microtransactions which are purely cosmetic. This is one of the most hardocre ARPGs I've played in a long time and I've enjoyed everything about it. Its also shocking to see a bunch of Indies from New Zealand make a better game than Blizzard and charge nothing for it. I hope to see a long career for these developers and this studio. Our industry is better because of them.

    Thanks for the great game guys. Looking forward to see what comes next.
  89. Nov 18, 2013
    The game is fun and, for the most part, well designed. But for a game that was in a closed beta for years and open beta for half a year, it's a very poorly optimized game. Creatures teleport around due to lag, as does the main character.

    The worst, however, is the constant BSODs that occur for just about anybody using a Creative sound card. This has been going on for years, and the only
    solution given is a command line switch to bypass using hardware audio at all. The good news? The "solution" kind of works. The bad news? Yeah, it doesn't really work while the BSODs are lessened, they still happen. As far as I can tell, the official response to this is to use a command line switch to disable sound entirely. That's just poor programming and poor customer service. Yeah, it's free, but that doesn't excuse shoddy code. Expand
  90. Oct 26, 2013
    Path of Exile is the most complex and best Free to Play Action Role-Playing Game I have ever played, I was in the beta but I didn't enjoy it at that time... Now that it's released and bug free, I'm totally in love with it. What a beautiful and deep strategic game you are PoE
  91. Oct 24, 2013
    Absolutely love this game. Quite steep learning curve for newcomers to the genre but once you have the basic idea it is so much fun figuring out the best and most efficient ways of eliminating all that sand before you. A classic ARPG experience. A huge skill tree and skill gems allow you to tweak you build just how you want it. It's free to play and has no pay to win elements at all. Any purchases available are for vanity puproses only such as skin transfers and non-combat pets. Expand
  92. Oct 25, 2013
    Path of Exile is a great game for Diablo lovers. The environment is dark and gritty, the mechanics are shallow enough to get started but deep and complex for advanced users to customize their builds, and the action is visceral. Innovative, deep, and free to play, Path of Exile is a game any hack and slash fan should try!
  93. Oct 25, 2013
    Path of Exile is the without any doubt the deepest, most interesting and player-creativity-encouraging RPG I've ever played. It challenges you to not only react fast, not only to be constantly vigilant---for there are monsters to counter every character build--but to be creative, use math, use strategy, use your trading skills, and design your own completely unique hero, then try him by fire in a hardcore league with only 1 life. It's pure hardcore gaming heaven! I've been playing it for a year now and still loving every minute even more than when I started.

    I'm having so much fun that it's really hard to avoid wanting to spread the word!
  94. Oct 25, 2013
    ARPG done right. It gets things right on a lot of fronts. Game depth, mechanics, character building, environment, mobs variety, even the F2P model helps not breaks. Recommend to any ARPG lovers!
  95. Oct 25, 2013
    POE was easy to set up, easy to get into and very much easy to enjoy. It's been a long time since I've been this excited for an MMORPG. Everything seems well balanced, yet challenging enough to continue replay.
  96. Oct 25, 2013
    Truly a terrific dungeon ARPG. The skill system is simply amazing, giving you so much versatility and so many options it's staggering. For first time player's it can be a bit overwhelming, but with the new tutorial feature things are explained quite clearly.

    The gem-skilling feature is quite an innovation as I've never come across a game with something similar, and allows you to create
    some very interesting combination of skills and abilities, while the skill tree helps further augment those skills and your character as a whole.

    Gameplay wise its a fun, smooth and interesting foray of monster slaying. And given how different each character you make can be, it'll take quite a while for things to become repetitive.

    The graphics are terrific for an ARPG, especially a free one at that. The dev team have worked hard on the lighting and shadows and the results speak for themselves.

    Try it out, you won't be disappointed.
  97. Oct 25, 2013
    I spent years trying to fill the void D2 left open when I got tired of it. This game has far exceeded that void, and managed to make every game is the genre seem like Not only is the game play great, but so is the community. I started back in closed Beta, and it has come so far. The designers and crew at GGG are fantastic, responsive, and truly care about this game. 10/10 would bang.
  98. Oct 25, 2013
    Great game, one of the best I've played. What really sells it is the company, Grinding Gear Games (GGG). They're very active with their playerbase and the community, more so than any other company I've seen.

    Path of Exile is what Diablo 3 should have been and could have been. It's a bit daunting at first, due to the complexity of the skill gem system and the HUGE skill tree, but after
    some practice and getting used to it all it becomes second nature.

    The game caters heavily to hardcore players which is a breath of fresh air. Hardcore is fairly difficult with the different monsters in the game. They also have 4 month leagues that are even harder than the normal leagues for those who enjoy an extra challenge.

    All of this paired with their "race" seasons in which you race to be the highest level in a set amount of time (1hr, 3hrs, 1 week) make an amazing game! I absolutely love it and I never got to experience D2 when it was relevant, but PoE let's me experience that. It pays homage to one of the best games of it's time and strives to be as good as it, and better.

    It's free to play, so it doesn't hurt to give it a try!


    My reasoning for giving it a 9 instead of 10 is simply because the game has much room to grow. The longer it's out, the more GGG will add to perfect the game. It has a fairly hard learning curve and also, desync can be rather annoying. Besides these things the game is beautifully made.
  99. Oct 25, 2013
    Path of Exile is an amazing ARPG that does everything right. The depth of the combat, gear and skills is phenomenal and the game makes D3 look like a childrens game
  100. Oct 25, 2013
    If you're reading this then you already know that PoE is an arpg that everyone is talking about. Well im here to tell you that it is hands down the best arpg to come out no question about it. PoE is the game that will be talked about for years to come do you really want to be that 1 person in 10yrs that didn't play it? Do yourself a favor and just download it you won't be sorry I promise.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 27 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 25 out of 27
  2. Negative: 0 out of 27
  1. May 9, 2014
    Grinding Gear Games has created something special here, and given it gratis to the world.
  2. Mar 11, 2014
    Hack & slash games are addictive because they follow a simple formula: kill, kill and kill some more. Path of Exile is no different in this regard. During your quest in the perilous continent of Wraeclast you need to slay thousands and thousands of monsters but it never gets boring because there are a plenty of fresh ideas like the very vast skill system and barter-based economy that differentiate it from other similar games. But it's not a perfect game. The story is weak and the difficulty level is too low in the beginning. [Dec 2013]
  3. Jan 13, 2014
    An exceptionally generous free-to-play action-rPG. What it lacks in punch it makes up for in depth and value for money.