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  • Summary: Pax Romana is an historical strategy game set in ancient Rome. There are two sides to this epic game ? political and strategic. The strategic side is very much a battle of cunning and well-planned military tactics, whereas the political side involves the manipulation of senators and generals alike, as politicians seek to gain military and financial power. Both sides to the game require sharp wits and the ability to manipulate one?s peers, especially in the multi-player version. The game features an intelligent and intuitive interface with five real time game speeds and multiplayer functionality for up to 6 players. Ultimately the victor is the player who uses his political influence, wealth or military force to become the leader of Rome ? and then only if Rome herself is victorious! [DreamCatcher] Collapse
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  1. Along with the captivating Roman setting, Galilea/Antik has succeeded in humanising a grand strategy game. That's a tremendous accomplishment all on its own.
  2. A goldmine for fans of historically authentic strategy gaming. [Mar 2004, p.78]
  3. I would classify this as a game that was a fantastic idea containing a ton of great, raw material. Unfortunately, it is a little rough in the execution.
  4. Even the tutorials are riddled with poor grammar, grainy, pixilated text, and bugs. If I were Emperor of Rome I’d feed this game to the lions.
  5. There's little reward for all the indirect management you have to deal with, and the terrible interface sabotages the whole affair.
  6. The learning curve, hampered by comically poor documentation and badly-executed tutorials, is almost vertical.
  7. It’s a horrible game, plain and simple. It’s filled with obvious flaws that should have never been included in the initial development, let alone make it into the final product.

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  1. Sep 24, 2014
    One of the best strategy games of my childhood. Shame I can't find it anywhere, if anyone knows where to buy or download it please let me know. It has great political system which makes it interesting for for anyone (Except people who used to easy mode or spoilers and hints everywhere) Would recommend it to anyone who like strategy games with a challenge. Expand