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  1. Jun 5, 2013
    Summary: An excellent game that allows FPS action on a scale above your average shooter
    Pros: Free-to-play done right, epic FPS battles, fantastic co-operative experiences
    Cons: Resource hog, steep learning curve

    I love Planetside 2. The game itself is fantastic, giving players access to a three-way war between factions each with their own style and gameplay traits. Released in
    November 2012, the game is constantly being improved with new content. On the day of writing, the tenth major update has been released.

    Planetside 2 is, at heart, a shooter. But it's a unique one. While most shooters are designed around small-scale and 1v1 encounters, Planetside 2 (hereafter 'PS2') is designed around massive battles with hundreds of players and assorted vehicles. As a result, the game experience is truly unique.

    It is also free to play. Some reviewers have said that the game is pay-to-win, but I strongly disagree. All weapons in the game (with the exception of identical weapons of different colours) can be unlocked with the in-game currency 'certs', which are automatically given along with experience. As such, it is simple to unlock a weapon. You may not have every weapon, but that's unimportant the stock weapons are in no way bad, and are designed around catering to most playstyles. Other weapons will be better at, say, long-range firefights, but lacking in close quarters, so you can unlock/buy a weapon that better suits you, but you won't be worse off with the default equipment.

    The battles are amazing. Often, a single base will have over 300 players fighting over it, in a two-way or three-way battle that can go on for hours. This provides a real sense of accomplishment when you finally take that base, or when, at last, the enemy stops attacking and you begin the counterattack! The game's huge maps ensure that there are plenty of unique locations to fight over!

    Furthermore, the game is not really designed around individual encounters; rather, it is designed on an empire versus empire basis. Sure, you might have a stock character, but your faction will have many players who have unlocked every weapon in the game. In PS2, you will lose if you're ill-equipped to the situation, but the individual player is simply a tiny part of the massive battles.

    The 'new player experience' (or 'tutorial', as most players call it) is, to be honest, somewhat lacking. The developers have stated that they wish to improve it and, now, you get a chance to learn the basics of movement and combat before you're dropped into the biggest battle the server can find! The game can be hard to get into, but it's worth it once you get there.

    Where PS2 really shines is in co-operative play. Groups of players (known as 'outfits') will use VOIP and suchlike to organise massive operations, from tank formations to airborne drops. Joining an outfit, or even creating your own, will allow you to experience PS2 at its best. There are many outfits that are happy to accept new players try checking the forums or asking in-game.

    PS2 is a resource hog. As such, check the recommended specs before you download! The players who say that they can't run it probably don't meet the specs, and if you don't either, then your PC will struggle that's what the specs mean! Bear in mind that the devs are constantly working on making the game rub better since release, I've seen a 10 frames/second increase in heavy combat, with about 30-40 frames/second increase in less populated zones, with improvement every update.
  2. Jun 5, 2013
    The sheer scale and organization of PlanetSide 2 really overwhelms a new player, the thrill of running along with hundreds of teammates, doing large scale operations, is just one of a kind.
    Not to mention that its graphics are basically god-tier, up there with Crysis and Battlefield for sure.
  3. Jun 20, 2013
    This is a good f2p game it is not pay to win yes the beginning is chaotic but after an hour or two or with the help of some good leaders you the game becomes really enjoyable it is the best simulation of a real chaotic war this game is not really great if you try being a lone wolf but if you play with others the game is so much fun and ive ranked up without paying a dime
  4. Jul 24, 2013
    Planetside 2 is a game where the execution does not live up to the potential of the concept. It's just about better than average, but far too often your enjoyment will be overshadowed by frustration at the developers' bad decisions. Let's list a few.

    1 Bad approach to population balance. During beta, the character population was skewed towards NC. That's not surprising, since the
    NC is presented as freedom fighters, while the TR are presented as fascist oppressors and the VS as cultist weirdos. Turns out not too many people want to play as fascists or cultists who knew? The smart solution would have been to directly address the problem by making the TR and VS more appealing (for example, by giving VS characters less ridiculous attire). Instead, SOE decided to give those two factions buffs while nerfing the NC so to solve an unbalanced population, we got unbalanced game play.

    2 Bad approach to game balance. The game developers made a bunch of balance decisions early in the game's life cycle, before the game had a chance to mature. For example, in the early months of the game, air units were very effective because many players had not yet unlocked viable anti-air weapons (and none of the default weapons can play a meaningful anti-air role). The smart option would have been to make AA weapons easier to unlock, so more players could start using those weapons and the true Air vs. Ground balance could be observed. Instead, SOE buffed existing AA weapons and added new ones while the game was still young and players were still figuring it out. Fast-forward a month or two, and now everybody and their dog has unlocked a bunch of buffed AA options, and to fly aircraft anywhere near a meaningful battle is to invite a metric ton of flak fire and a few dozen lock-on missiles.

    3 No account verification. SOE decided to let anyone create an account with no verification procedure (e.g., no credit card check, no telephone number check, no address check, etc.). This means that anyone who wants to hack, exploit, or otherwise cheat can very easily make a new dummy account for that purpose. If they're caught, who cares? They can just go back to their main account, or simply make a new account.

    4 Over-reliance on player reports to catch cheaters. Instead of investing in automated cheat-detection, SOE decided it would be easier to just let the players report cheaters. Unfortunately, this approach will only catch out the obvious cheats, and will take a lot longer to find the subtle hackers, if it every catches them at all.

    5 Players can create characters on opposing factions on the same server. Initially, SOE did not allow this, which made sense. Then for no good reason whatsoever, they decided to make it possible. Now, a player can have characters from all three factions on the same server. Why is that a problem? Well, let's say a player has an NC character as his main, but also maintains an alternative TR character. If at any point this player is using his main NC character and is being overrun by the TR, he can go switch to his TR character and start sabotaging the attacking TR forces from behind to relieve the pressure on his real NC teammates. Way to think ahead.

    6 Too much MMO and not enough FPS. Bottom line, this game is decided more by who has unlocked (or paid to unlock) more powerful weapons and upgrades, instead of being decided by who is the more skilled player. SOE is very happy releasing more and more easy-to-use weapons that it can sell (e.g., spray-and-pray SMGs, lock-on rocket launchers, and the recently cancelled implants) instead of trying to find ways to raise the skill ceiling and create more rewarding gameplay.
  5. Jul 21, 2014
    There are no thousands of players as the previous review mentioned. If you're playing during the night you can barely find a 10 player fight across the whole continent and that says something. After playing this I felt like I accomplished nothing and in order for me to advance I had to buy a new weapon with real money.
  6. Oct 27, 2013
    Great fun for those who learn to play it, Most of the performance problems have been taken care of as well as the balance problems. There is simply nothing else like it.
  7. Jul 4, 2014
    I've never seen a game so graphically promising but play like ass. Right off the get-go, the game tries persuading me to use its instant action command only to drop me right into some enemy's sights conveniently. From thereon, it's trying to adapt to the guerrilla warfare tactics that are dictated by the huge environment and class divisions. And yet, no matter what I tried to kill someone it either resulted in being lucky and getting a kill after shooting them an extremely unnecessary amount of times... they got away, or they would just turn around and shoot me in very little shots.

    Seeing as how this game is P2W- I mean F2P, advantages can and do get bought to allow players to become stronger. When you make the game so headshotting someone a ridiculous amount of times doesn't even put them in danger of death but they can easily blast you because they've got everything available, you've completely alienated your new players.

    I highly doubt that this is a learning curve thing either as I've been able to jump into other FPS games without issue. Battlefield probably being my biggest leap which this game takes a lot of elements from... and that comes nowhere close to the amount of **** this game brings.
  8. Dec 18, 2013
    The game started off fantastic but like any SOE game, SOE's habit of ruining a good thing through updates has happened once more. Balance is horrid, updates are nearly always lopsided adding almost absurd advantages/disadvantages for factions, vehicles or weaponry.

    While that's to be expected perhaps with any SOE game, given that the game relies on a certification point system that is
    earned over time, it's infuriating to spend your precious certs on items, vehicles or classes only to have those choices irrevocably nerfed or broken without any way to get a refund on the certification points you spent.

    The ability to refund/re-certify has been on their development plan for far over a year at this point but continues to be pushed off while huge, untested and bug-ridden patches are put out in odd succession.

    Let alone that the game itself has 3 continents, each in a different stage of development making the game lopsided and uneven, the game suffers horribly from a fourth faction issue (where you can make alts for each faction and swap immediately to whatever faction is winning) has been a known issue since launch and unfixed despite that it makes the game a contest of who can swap to the winning side first.

    Avoid at all costs. The game is now in a stale development cycle as SOE looks to launch it on PS4 and the latest update (PU2) has once again brought the servers down for the last 2-3 days.
  9. Jan 25, 2014
    Planetside 2 is an intriguing mix of FPS, open world tactics, ATV driving madness. The game is very fun and the battles are gigantic, but it falls short on its "Pay to Win" pathways. Just because you've spent weeks on the game trying to get enough certifications to buy the next cardboard box doesn't mean you stand a chance against a level 1 who used real money to get the gold-plated cardboard box with a scope. That aside, the action is fast-paced, classes and factions are mostly well balanced and all around it's a game about teamwork, which adds a refreshing element to modern online FPS games. Expand
  10. Mar 9, 2014
    A great game, great concept and excellent setting that suffers from a number of baffling design decisions and poor 'knee jerk' balancing. The Microtransaction model also loses another point for me as done right it's great, but feels like SoE are starting to 'milk' it a bit.

    They are getting better at it, and the gameplay in an organised outfit (BRTD in my case) is incredible (this is
    not a CoD/BF4 style log-on play solo game). Overall it could be better, but is still currently head & shoulders above the rest of it's modern peers. Expand
  11. May 6, 2014
    Planetside 2 embraces the large scale warfare and landscapes that the original Planetside introduced to FPS gaming. Sadly, this is the only thing Planetside 2 does right when compared to Planetside and many other FPS games.

    The game's artwork, models and animation are nothing short of beautiful and their creators deserve a lot of praise for their hard work. The game stays true to it's
    predecessor by bringing all three factions with even great stylistic differences that really distinguish the players on the battlefield. These redeeming qualities is why I gave Planetside 2 a 2/10.

    The severe lack of strategy, tactics, vehicles, the jack of all trades character development, the grind for new equipment and weapons being very much the same are just a few of the many flaws in PS2.

    Overall, Planetside 2 is a terrible continuation of the series and would fit better as a Battlefield game.
  12. Mar 26, 2014
    >Frustrating and not fun describes my initial reaction to this game This guy said it best in his review bi0mech81 Frustrating and not fun describes my initial reaction to this game. First and foremost is the learning curve. from the start you spawn in the middle of a fight with nothing telling you what your objectives are, or even where your teammates are. Should you be unfortunate enough to spawn in the middle of a tank fight (as was my first experience) you feel helpless as you die, respawn, and die again as soon as you respawn. An in-game "Newbie" area, some kind of zone where you go only when you first start a character would be greatly appreciated as throughout my first hour of gameplay I was consistantly pitted against players of level 38 or higher. The extremely large playing area makes snipers and tanks gods on the ground. I have not been able to fly any of the aircraft, yet because everytime I spawn an air vehicle it is destroyed immediately. I'm not an avid FPS player by any stretch of the means- I grew up on Doom, Quake, and UT, and I manage about a 1:1 Kill to death ratio in CoD, and tend to play support roles in TF2. On average I have 2 kills and over 50 deaths in planet side due to spawn camping. spawning at a point that is distant from the battle just means I get to run for 10 minutes to die from a sniper that I can't see. Playing a supporting role in PS2 is down right rage-inducing. Healing a friendly player may or may not reward XP, and unlike TF2, you cannot heal a heavy to keep them up while they sustain gunfire. Reviving fallen players is fairly pointless unless they died less than 2 seconds in front of you. The Engineer's turret is too inaccurate for the distances at which forces are regularly engaged in. The tanks are done well- and in many cases are over-powered. many of the bases are designed so you can just snipe away at the enemy generator with your tank and destroy it without worry of being engaged by the defenders. Running over your own teammates results in a suicide for them, and no penalty for yourself- great if you just want to troll your own team, as is often the case. What this game direly needs is level segregation of some form- whether it's designated levels for zones where as you out level the zone you do less damage, or you cannot respawn into a zone you are out leveled for, something needs to give a new player some fudge-factor to learn how the game works besides dropping you straight into a fight that you are grossly under leveled for.

    I completely agree with everything he said, it's like he was reading my mind.

    Uninstalled after 2 hours of playing and I was even with my brother which should have helped the overall fun factor.
    >walking simulator
    >friendly fire
    >poor balance
    >no level separation
  13. May 7, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. YES!!! I was in a battle at the crown with a grand total of 500+ people!(I am Vanu, and we only had ~50 people there, and the graph showed we were 10% of the people there. Btw, you need a really good computer to play. I use a amd fx 8350 and a gtx 760. I play ultra settings, but the LAG when you have hundreds of people. A** kicking fun when you just see chaos XD) (Btw, smoke grenades and emp grenades=TROLOLOL in these mess up hundreds of elmos and smurfs(TR and NC) Expand
  14. Oct 16, 2014
    Planetside 2 has this huge disparity between people just starting out and those that have a lot of time put in. Unless you're spending really money, don't expect to be able to go head to head with anyone in the first couple months.

    The gameplay is fun but the game has horrendous balance, most people in close up firefights end up going heavy more than half the time
  15. Oct 9, 2014
    The learning curve is tough, and the periodic updates may make the game crash, but the improvements and eventual fixes that have evolved in this game are amazing. A highly engaged community keeps balance improvements and new content coming. If you haven't played since 2012, they've added tutorials, a full scale shooting range, objective and achievement improvements, a 4th continent, 3 new vehicles, and countless weapons. Play it for the giant scale, the huge 200+ player battles, and the nearly endless strategies one can employ. Just try and resist the urge to buy camouflage from their store. Expand
  16. Dec 21, 2012
    the only part of the development team that brought there a game was the art team game looks great but every other part of the design is flawed. after spending a month with this game i feel i would have to wright a 7 page essay for you to truly get across the depth of the flaws that scar this game and will keep it from lasting for more then 6 months the game may be "free to play" but this game is not worth your time because its not worth my time. were only in the world for so long play a game that can respect that. Expand
  17. Dec 1, 2012
    I had low expectations for this game because it was free to play. First impressions were 'damn this is hard...'. There's a steep learning curve and no tutorial as such, just jump in and fight to survive. And I died a lot. My next reaction was the indoor environments are kinda bland, although outdoors it's quite picturesque. I reckon I need better graphics card than the GTX 260 SLI I have to enjoy this game. Another thing is that there is no engaging storyline that I've grown to expect from these sort of FPS games. You are just dropped into the action and left to deal with it. However where this game outstrips every other sort of FPS in terms of scale. The maps are huge and battles can involve 2 to 100 individual units, from infantry to heavy armour, to air all in the scene at once. This is a phenomenal technical achievement. Additionally the squad command facilities are better than those I've seen in previous games. As a result stories form organically, and battle scenes that would be scripted in a COD game, evolve in Planetside out of the natural process where a group of humans have to complete an objective, defined by their platoon leader, like defend a base or capture a point. There's massive potential here for more to explored in terms of player coordinated squad based gameplay and Planetside has barely scratched the surface but has given us a taste of what things could be like. Expand
  18. Nov 28, 2012
    This game is a ripoff of the Battlefield franchise if it was to be turned into a MMO. You can get the MMO feeling every second you play this game. This game suffers from low production quality and poor optimization. Also I personally believe that the mircotransaction system is extremely tedious and annoying. I would rather pay the 110$ I payed for BF3 (+ premium) than waste my precious time on a game that is a huge uninspired world that has no goal and purpose to exist. Expand
  19. Dec 19, 2012
    Great idea, poor execution. Overall, it's not a bad game, and it's pretty fun to play (but only if you have friends to play it with -- playing solo is significantly less entertaining due to how the game is structured). It is HUGELY demanding on your PC, even high-end gaming rigs like my own still sometimes struggle handling this game (not due to lack of PC power, but rather due to lack of optimization in the game itself). I'm the type of person who enjoys options and variety -- sometimes I feel like playing an engineer type, sometimes a medic, etc. But in PS2 you would need to shell out HUNDREDS of dollars in order to have "decent" gear for your characters. Focusing on a single character with a focused skill(s) would be expensive by itself, but you can forget about having multiple characters and any sort of variety in your options without shelling out cash. They have definitely gone as far as they could when it comes to milking players for their money. However, the battles in this game can be very huge, intense and downright amazing at times. But expect yourself to pay, either in huge amounts of invested time, or huge amounts of invested cash, in order to really experience this game to it's full potential. Expand
  20. Mar 9, 2013
    My journey with this game started with frustration, I've installed game from Steam, wanted to fly, but joystick didn't work back then.. I came back few months later, and... everything worked great. I don't play a lot games, and I didn't play multi-player except for Starcraft 2 which was uber frustrating. But. after 80+ hours of play I can say that Planetside 2 is unique and very addictive With great number of classes, vehicles, tactics, and ways to develop your character gameplay is one of the best I've seen in my whole life. So, play, play, play and see you on the The Crown shouting "your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries" Expand
  21. Nov 26, 2012
    The game has a great deal of potential. However in my opinion it falls flat on its face because of the horrendous lag that's encountered whenever there are huge battles. It's a shame, but until they get this sorted out it's strongest selling point is a huge disappointment. You can't play an fps when everyone is warping around the place and your screen starts to flicker after thirty mins of play. Expand
  22. Jan 26, 2013
    There is a lot of people who write that the game is riddled with bugs and hackers. But that's a straight up lie. I play on lithcorp EU and have only experienced minor bugs, that's it.

    The good part is the massive battles, solid gameplay, the good graphics and faction difference.
    If you play in a squad or in a outfit you will have the most fun, coordinating attacks and executing squad
    strategies. it's a awesome sight when a horde of soldiers is pushing trough a chockepoint, or a zerg of tanks is rolling trough the indar desert devestating the opposition. That feeling is not found in any other game. The Bad part: many of the weapons look and feel similar, the unlock prosess feel a littlebit grindy, some minor bugs, some balance issues (smal ones) and a steep learningcurve (no tutorial and explanation for what's going on).
    You CAN ulock everything (not cosmetic items) just by playing, but it will take alot of time.
    And the starting weapons and loadouts are very good, it's almost all skillbased how good you will do in the game.
    So it's a OK Microtransactions system, but time-consuming if you don't want to spend a dime.

    Download and try it for yourself, You have nothing to loose since it's F2P =)
  23. Nov 23, 2012
    Planetside 2 has battles of epic scale and decent gfx but the gameplay is lacking and their F2P system went P2W even before the launch throwing everything balance related out of the window. Several bugs and lag issues along with the P2W factor make the game nearly unplayable.

    + Scale
    + Might get better
    + Cant get much worse

    - P2W
    - Balance
  24. Nov 27, 2012
    While any attempt at a massively multiplayer FPS is an ambitious one, Planetside 2 does a fair job of executing. By far the worst part of the game is the community. Whiny, self-appointed video game "experts" with an unfounded sense of individual entitlement love to cry about balance issues or that it's "pay to win". These players completely miss the point of the game. I guess this is to be expected in a F2P model though. The best part of the game, for me at least, is the massive power that can be acquired through organizing or becoming a part of an outfit, platoon or squad. There is no other game that can make you feel quite as powerful (or powerless). For example, there's nothing like watching fully loaded, 12-person Galaxy dropships headed right towards the outpost you're trying to defend. This is one of those "holy sh*t" moments when you can FEEL the inevitability of the situation ahead of you. It's quite amazing to be able to wield that kind of power to change the course of a large-scale battle. The challenge is getting organized. "Skills" in this game are much less focused on the individual, as in most other FPS games. Nor is there much character skill variation, even among the higher ranked players. A rank 1 player can take out a rank 20 player fairly easily. The real skill involved here is effective communication, organization and strategy. You'll have lots of communication tools at your disposal, and in this respect PS2 is a successful (and fun) game. Expand
  25. Nov 20, 2012
    Now, I think we can all agree that most of today's FPS could use a little more time in the oven, baking out all those little glitches and what not, and the same could be said here, but this here is still pretty damn tasty. I have watched PlanetSide 2 grow from the early stages of beta into its release and if there is one thing I am very happy about, is the community side support. The game took huge strides with improvement when it game to game play during some patches. Of course like most betas, the bugs ensued with new patches, but as the last ones came out, most of them were gone. This game really does deliver when it comes to large scale battles and every battle has the decision between brute force or using tactics. Teamwork and a good gun at your side are always a must. Ground or Air Vehicles. Lasers or bullets. Your choice really stands true here.
    Keep in mind this is also an MMOFPS so the action is not always a constant, and part of the problem solving in the game is getting from base to base. Although, they did a fantastic job of fixing the problem of logging in and not being able to get to a battle. Now you can spawn on your squad leader at beginning and that makes everyone happy. This really is going to be a great game for a very very long time, especially if the community support is as good as it has been.
  26. Nov 20, 2012
    A truely awesome, epic game. Everythign is well done. And these is just so much to do. You will not see huge FPS battles with tanks and planes Anywhere else. Love it!
  27. Jul 9, 2013
    Overall a pretty bad game. It runs so awful it is not even funny. It will finally be getting multicore support when it comes to the Playstation 4. Why? More money. Their resource system is quickly turning into a pay to win model. SOE seems hellbent on making sure there is always a huge nerf/buff cycle almost every major patch. The development team for the most part, seems unable to properly do their job. Bad game. Expand
  28. Nov 21, 2012
    Epic mmofps . Thousands of players all on the same map.
    The first planetside was revolutionary the 2nd is much the same. It's in my all time if not the best game I have ever played. I can't recommend this enough! First time player has a bit of a learning curve but get in a good squad and or platoon and the fun really starts!
  29. Nov 21, 2012
    Had great potential. Seems to have very bad optimization for Amd processors. Very low frame rates and game looks blurry even with settings maxed.
    I'm sure that it's a decent game, but it is unplayable on a mid range desktop.
  30. Nov 21, 2012
    Planetside 2, where do I start. First I must say that this game has revolutionized the way I have thought about FPS games. Most people work as teams, and this game has you making friends and following people into huge battles. This game is still amazing and I've been playing since priority beta. Good job SOE!
  31. Nov 27, 2012
    I am loving the game so far, it is the only game of it's kind out there for FPS's. The game shines at large combined combat with you Oufit and faction. The down side I think it needed a few more map for launch, example home continents and a bases that link continents from your home one like the first game. I now this in coming but I have to take some off for the early launch.
  32. Nov 21, 2012
    One of the best FPS', if not games of the year. Want tactical action? Check. Large scale battles? Check! Vehicle and infantry warfare? It's all here. Free to play? That's just the icing on the cake.

    Want some advice, get into a good squad and outfit as soon as possible. Even a small tactical squad of 5-6 will increase your enjoyment tenfold.
  33. Nov 21, 2012
    Long story short: Planetside 2 is a non-story driven MMOFPS which uses large-scale Battlefield gameplay mechanics to control territories in a Tribes-like universe. Is it a new idea? Not really. But is it fun? Yes, very much so.

    When you start the game, aside from a few pop-up windows and small descriptive boxes, you really don't know WTF you're doing. Now I know this may discourage new
    players, but I actually really enjoyed it. Spawning in a room with soldiers frantic running all around me, I just sort of joined the fray and followed the guy in front of me and I was fighting in a couple of minutes.

    The guns feel solid and while you don't start out with many weapons, there is enough diversity between the classes' arsenals to last you a while. Every FPS has a learning curve when you're factoring in bullet-time, recoil compensation, and tracking enemy movement past a firing muzzle while sighted in, and Planetside 2 is no different. Learn your weapons early on.

    The battlefield feels like a war with no generals, so each player must decide his role on his own. Provide support for a frontline defense, sneak past the enemy to provide sniper support from the rear, or just go out guns blazing, there are tons of options here. The terrain makes for very interesting battles and provides loads of unique cover opportunities. For those of you looking for a real reason to fight, you'll be a bit disappointed. You're signing up for a gigantic turf war that gives you little reason to care about your territory being lost other than the fun in defending it and pushing back. I'm really hoping they add some more story elements to the game, it feels a bit hollow in that department.

    Aside from a lack of story, everything about Planetside 2 feels solid. The environments are engrossing and the battles have a way of becoming very believable. SoE didn't re-invent the wheel with this game, but they definitely did a good job of oiling the crap out of it.
  34. Nov 21, 2012
    I have been waiting for this game ever since I first saw "Planetside Next" being mentioned somewhere several years ago. Planetside being my first ever MMO (of any genre) just stuck to me. When it went downhill (Duo-Core CPUs causing players to exploit and "cheat" with movement speed etcetera) I quit playing and hoped they were going to fix it all. Eventually I gave up hopes on it and when I noticed the PS website being ruined some years later I hoped that they would some day make a Planetside 2. FINALLY!

    Planetside 2 is a great successor to the original Planetside. While I do feel that the way bases are handled now are somewhat more harsh and lengthy I am also happy that they decided to get rid of the base resource system. The battles are bigger than ever as well and bases also yield unique bonuses to your faction if you have them under control, making them worth fighting for.

    Graphics are awesome. If anyone tells you that they're outdated, from a previous era or whatever, ignore them and tell them to buy a pair of glasses.
    The weather system is a great addition to the game as well as the day/night cycle although the latter can be somewhat frustrating at the time. I do like the combat at night as it gives you the opportunity to try stealth tactics with your squad, platoon and/or outfit.

    Combat is great. Think Battlefield but instead of 64vs64 it's 2000vs2000vs2000 PER CONTINENT. You won't ever have a situation where every player of every faction is in one spot because of the extremely large continents and the well spreaded base locations. Unlike the old Planetside base capturing mechanics you now have multiple bases that you can assault. This can lead to interesting results since the base you're rolling out from might get flanked from the south by the New Conglomerate while your intentions are to move east to battle the Vanu Sovereignty and capture their base there.

    Years of waiting patiently has paid off. I already had several epic battles. One of them lasting for over 3 hours at a single base, which we eventually lost but regained after 3 hours of fighting making a total of 6 hours of awesome combat!

    Certification Points are given at a steady rate per hour (even when you're offline) as well as for every 500 experience you earn and are used to upgrade your weapons, add attachments to them, unlock new weapons and other class specific abilities/utilities as well as unlock things for your vehicles.

    Early on you could think that everything is way too expensive but once you start shooting enemies around you, you'll forget about this problem and get used to the way they're earned.

    I do have a couple of issues with the game at this time.
    * The queue system does not work properly at the time of writing this review
    * Players experience random freezes which lead to crashes. Because of the population on the first few servers this leads to long queues.
    * I feel that the resources spent on air vehicles vs the countdown time is somewhat unbalanced. Early on, without certification points, it takes up to 20 minutes to buy a Mosquito so players that spend Station Cash are at an unfair advantage as they're able to buy early upgrades which means that players that did not spend any cash have a high chance of losing a battle (if skills are equal or close to).
    * Infantry resources give me mixed feelings. I'm pretty much always capped unless I spend everything on grenades and mines.
    * The servers are extremely laggy up to the point you see players teleport around (the game just launched so nothing new really. Wasn't expecting a perfect launch although I hoped they were a bit more prepared, see below).

    This aside, the game runs smooth even with massive combat going on and the lag will most definitely settle down once everything has been sorted out by SOE.

    While I feel SOE could've prepared better (and keeping their past failed MMOs in mind) and should've done more early on, the hype this game created and the amount of players that tried to push their way through that small doorway called "server" shows that there is still a great fanbase out there that's eager to play this wonderful game as well as many new players that want to give this game a try.

    I give this game a 9. No game is perfect. Every game has its flaws.
    The negative points I brought up have absolutely nothing to do with the fact I did not give it a 10. I just feel that giving any game for that matter a 10 would mean that the game in question is supposedly perfect and wouldn't have any issues/flaws/downsides at all.
  35. Nov 21, 2012
    Planetside 2 is the spiritual succsessor to Planetside 1, and it offers a product and experience as unique as the original. 2000 people on a map, 64x64km large, in a never ending battle for supremacy and bragging rights. Planetside offers every facet of war to a player, and at the low cost of free. While other games gouge players with necessary transactions to enjoy the full experience, SOE has decided to leave their experience relatively unsullied by adhering to a very inviting and honest F2P model.

    Truly the only game in the market to offer massive battles you're sure to talk about for days, Planetside is not without its faults in early stages. The game still has a few minor bugs and a steep learning curve. If attacked as a MMO, Planetside's learning curve is rather par for the course, but lacks good tutorials in games, mostly because it lacks the grinding mechanics that offer tutorials in other games. If apporached as a shooter, which it can easily be basically seen as.. the lack of a tutorial campaign and simplicity of play can be jarring to some players.

    That being said, Planetside 2 is a remarkable game. A remarkable experience, and hopefully just the beginning for an evolution in MMOs from point and click to full interactive awesomness.
  36. Nov 21, 2012
    Keeping the original game's thoughts in mind, I feel they have completely disregarded the fan base in which brought this game into being. I will not be spending the dozens of hours in which I did during the original PlanetSide, just my opinion.
  37. Nov 21, 2012
    This game is not finished. It feels rushed. I tried playing it but given that there was little to no tutorial I found myself running around and dying repeatedly with no idea what I was doing. My default FPS experience worked fine when I was running and gunning with no real game plan; it was when I tried to play a medic or engineer that the true frustration came in. I'm generally a support character because I feel that the 13 years olds' are simply better shots than me in my twenties. I like to heal people or repair generators.

    My short stint in this game as a medic proved an act of futility. My attempt at reviving downed players resulted in bugs. Revive icons were always lateral to the actual downed player leading to much confusion on the battlefield and 90% of the time the game didn't even register that I was reviving someone! Nothing like standing out in the open with the camera pointing down for precious extra seconds hoping the medic gun would actually connect and I would not only do some good on the battlefield but earn my well deserved XP!

    My stint as an engineer led to just as much frustration with the announcer stating there was a generator down without stating what generator or where. There was no tutorial for the HUD map so I had no idea if the generator even had a waypoint nor could I find a legend to speak of to figure it out on my own. Obsessively the announcer would inform me of a downed generator and it likewise being repaired but I gave up trying to find it after wandering aimlessly throughout all of the buildings dying over and over in an attempt to repair it! Finally as a standard, assaulting, run and gun player did I find ANY resemblance of a typical MMO shooter. The sheer number of players was both impressive AND chaotic since death literally loomed over every corner. This is more of a personal preference really since the original game was much the same. I personally think this volume is too much chaos but I can see the appeal.

    In conclusion, this game DESPERATELY needs a proper tutorial outside of the gaming community to teach the various aspects of the game. Had I had such a tutorial I feel as though I would have been much more forgiving with the other faults as I could have at least participated in the fray instead of simply dying repeatedly in an attempt to bring myself to a mere novice level.
  38. Nov 22, 2012
    It's basically Halo + Battlefield 3 on a map that is about 75 km^2. Well balanced, and lots of fun with a good amount of character customization. Plus, it is completely free. If you choose to pay anything, the items you can buy are entirely side-grades and flair, and do not make you a better player. A level 10 that pays will be on equal footing with a level 10 that doesn't pay (not that character level matters too much anyway, a max level character might be ~20% "better" than a level 1 because they can do minor things like add grips to their guns, carry more ammo and repair things quicker). My one complaint would me a lack of a meta-game, as you never get to a point where you "win". You can take over a continent for a brief period of time, but there is never a screen that says "round over, you win!". Only a permanent game over territory control. Capturing a base after a several hour assault still feels good though :P Expand
  39. Nov 22, 2012
    I played the original Planetside and tested this one since the tech test. This game is definitely the sequel of the original MMOFPS. Planetside 2 is MASSIVE and unique with thousands of players across three factions playing simultaneously on the same server. The Sony developers took on a behemoth of a job to recreate the feelings of warfare on monumental scale all around you, that familiar feeling from Planetside where at any minute you could be walking, driving, or flying into a three-way faction showdown. The gun play has been brought up to date and feels responsive and tight as a modern first person shooter should they also have new realistic vehicle physics. The game is built around customization and has so many options your head will spin; you can upgrade your starting weapons, purchase new side-grades from the Depot, and even customize your unique solider or vehicle with different armor and camouflage. Everything in game is purchasable with certifications that you unlock during game play which is very rare for 'Free-to-play' games; you can play the whole game and never spend a penny if you wish. The only thing that you must spend money on is personal customization skins for your solider, vehicles, and weapons; which is not needed for advancement. The developers motto is this game will NEVER be 'Pay-to-win' and they have kept their word. The game play mechanics aren't brand new but they are very coherent and are built from the ground up to support team play. The continents are divided by hexagonal bases that can be captured by any of the three factions. Controlling land is very important because different bases give resources that the factions use to purchase vehicles, grenades, personal med-packs, and other personal items needed for war. Planetside 2 also has a brand new meta game that allows a unified faction to dominate a continent and lock-out the other two factions which gives the winning faction unique passive bonuses for their war machine. There is a lot more that this game has in store for it's players and all this is just the beginning! Thank you for reading my review of the game and I hope to see you on the battlefield! Expand
  40. Nov 23, 2012
    Planetside2 is the epitome of modern FPS games. It belong to the MMO scene and brings a different approach to warfare. Forget about 16,32 or 64 battles. In PS2 2000 players can fight in the same continent creating some very huge and epic battles.
    But the most important thing is that the developers listen the community and bring improvements in regular basis. I haven't seen any other game
    where the development team participate in the forums and discuss several issues with players. The game is Free to Play so it is very easy to try it and play without giving a dime. It needs some focus in the beginning because of its scale but soon you will understand how to play. Expand
  41. Nov 23, 2012
    This is the ultimate FPS, taking it to the next level. Have you ever felt the adrenaline rush when about 50 enemy foot soldiers and three tanks are approaching your location and you are all alone? Didn't think so.

    I was lost in the beginning, but what would you expect when you get dropped down into the middle of a war zone without any kind of tutorial. I had chosen the Vanu Sovereignty
    (also known as the VS) due to their futuristic battery powered laser weapons. I soon got the hang of it though, once I died I switched to Combat Medic due to me being a team player and their long(er) range primary weapon. I spawned at the recommended spawn and just went with the flow. Soon I was out at the front lines again.

    This game is nothing for casuals, it has friendly fire and you are not going to be able to take damage like in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for example. Between five and ten direct hits with the Combat Medic's primary weapon will kill you.

    I eventually dragged some friends into it and we all joined an outfit. Soon we were all in-game, sitting in a Sunderer (a 12 person vehicle with dual anti-artillery cannons that can be used by two passengers) moving towards the front lines. Once we were there we deployed it, making it a mobile base. The developers have really thought out the team element and playing in a group makes this whole game a lot better.

    I haven't had this fun in a very long time.
  42. Nov 23, 2012
    This is a game with a lot of unrealised promise, which suffers at the hands of a new community.
    I love big, class based FPS games, I even loved MAG, but its pretty difficult to love PS2. Its scale is awesome, but you are unlikely to see most of the map given the spawns and hotpoints tend to be at small locations many Km apart. Its gunplay is pretty poor, guns are uninspiring and bland
    with no impactful feel.

    There are youtube guides out there that state that the most important aspect of this game is logistics. This is true, the most useful people are usually the ones flying mobile spawn points but they are far above the action. As such, people rarely fly the mobile spawn points because the most useful part of the game is also incredibly boring.

    The other problem this game suffers from is that there is no sense of achievement, even when you capture an entire region of the map.

    The community at the minute is still adjusting, so while it may get better in the future at the minute the 10% of people that arent playing snipers are running round wildly with LMGs.

    The game is incredibly demanding on PCs due to its scale, and still has a lot of lag and bugs in the EU servers. The concept behind the game is excellent, the execution at the moment is just incredibly bland. In addition, for a game with this much stuff and scale, there is no real tutorial to speak of. A few notes exist in the in the pause/map screen but at the start of the game you are pretty much dropped in a warzone and told 'GO!' leaving you puzzled asking "go where? do what?" until you die.
  43. Nov 23, 2012
    When I first saw the trailer for Planetside 2 I thought "wow" this game must be awesome... and I am sure it has a great potential, so I am not going to talk about what others praise here about it, instead I'd like to tell you about my own experience with the game. Ok first of all I am aware there are video tutorials for this one, but I'm telling you get ready to suffer because the game is not newbie friendly , so the first time you play you are launched in the middle of the field with nothing more but a small message like "good luck and kill your enemies" thing, so you are in this space pod falling down from above and the first thing that you will face as soon as you touch the ground is death... I thought to myself in disbelief "holly crap are there people camping spawn spots? how is this allowed on first place", btw something to notice is that I was killed by "generalfart" so that will also give you an idea of the kind of community thye are cooking there, I should have known I started all over again and same bs... once you manage to get into an ally base you are not told what to do and whatsoever so this game sucks, is not fun to play , after all what did you expect from SOE and a freemium game, if you are into that sort of games (cashshop included) maybe this one is for you, otherwise move along and don't waste your time downloading and hd space installing this piece of crap Expand
  44. Nov 24, 2012
    If i was one of the lovely people that gave this game a negative review, I COULD have said something about how the game doesn't run at top speed on my non-gaming computer. I COULD have poked at the fact that it's not the most noob friendly at times. But if I did that, i would be forgetting the part where the game has a) an extremely large map for a shooter b) some sense of teamwork that no other multiplayer shooter has and c) pvp battles in a scale that has never before been seen in any game. Really, a few weeks ago i got in a tank battle that had at least 1000 people duking it out across an entire valley. If 'modern shooter' means '20 person death match' to you, then you can keep your modern shooter. I'll take this instead. Expand
  45. Nov 27, 2012
    It seems most of the poor reviews are by people who have technical trouble. As someone with a decent gaming computer, I have no such issues and I'm thoroughly enjoying Planetside 2. As an Australian I find it an extra positive that theres a local server. The only negatives to me are the slowness of gaining certification points if you're a free player, and the lack of in game tutorials - the game is a little overwhelming at first if you don't spend the time to watch the tutorial videos.

    These negatives are far outweighed by the sheer joy of joining a huge tank convoy and rolling across the map, or doing tactical air drops into strategic points and paving the way for your armor to roll in, or flying air support for airborne transports, or simply operating an anti aircraft turret.
  46. Nov 25, 2012
    The things Planetside 2 does are astounding, the scale is almost unbelievable. And to think that they have an Ultra graphics setting which isn't even released yet...this game proves by itself that PC gaming isn't dead by a long shot. No console could do what Planetside 2 is doing. The development team is one of the best I have ever seen at worrying about what the players want. I'm saddened by the amount of negative reviews of people that want a totally free game. The game is fun when playing by yourself but if you join an outfit and have a teamspeak or ventrilo server going it suddenly unfolds into one of the best games you've ever played. The sheer amount of strategy and communication needed to dominate the battlefield makes this game more of a military simulation than any other on the market. The room for growth for this game is unimaginable too, SOE isn't even close to done. If you write this free to play game off you are going to regret it. Don't be phased by all the people that just want a free ride and don't want to support the development team at all. Expand
  47. Nov 25, 2012
    ...seriously just an "OK" game. Mostly a place for spam players and campers. Playing as a team or solo, you feel useless. If you're a fan of Black Ops, Modern Warfare, or the old Counter-Strike, this isn't the game for you.
  48. Nov 26, 2012
    A truly epic game. BF3 on a massive scale, and whether your preference is flying, tanking or infantry, you will immense fun. All 3 playstyles are well implemented, and have a significant role to play in the game. There are myriad guns, explosives, and weaponry to choose from, and customizing your trooper / vehicle is a lot of fun. These can be trialed for 30 mins before you spend your cash/cert points too Expand
  49. Jun 6, 2013
    I'm not a big FPS player, but Planetside has me hooked. A tremendously fun game that involves thousands of people battling for control of (at this time) 3 continents. All kinds of classes and 3 distinct factions. Absolutely awesome.
  50. Nov 27, 2012
    Epic. It's a word that is thrown around quite a bit, but it perfectly describes what Planetside is. Many other games have "epic' scripted events to make you feel like you are part of something massive. In Planetside 2, those events happen organically and often and with real players. The massive scope of this game is literally not found in any other fps game. While you will need a top of the line computer to get the most out of this game, it is still very playable on my computer with is 3 years old (some parts are even older). To me, this means the game will age well and still look great years from now.

    The game is certainly free2play but definitely not pay2win. I have not dropped a single penny into the game and I have never felt at a disadvantag. Everything that is not cosmetic can be purchased using in-game experience. You never have to spend a penny to get any weapon or attachment that a paying player can have.

    While the game is certainly more fun playing in groups, I've had a great time just exploring the game by myself. However, the community is very open and friendly so joining an outfit is easy and rewarding.

    I have already had experiences in this game that I have never had before in any other game, and there is still so much left for me to explore. This is a game I've been waiting my whole life for, and I can see myself playing this game for years to come.
  51. Nov 27, 2012
    Planetside 2 is a genuinely enjoyable experience that combines the elements of a number of FPS games that I prefer. I enjoyed battlefield 1942 the first time I played it, primarily because I enjoyed the "epic feeling" that the game had to it; Planetside 2 simply brings this to a whole new level. It's a massive game, and the combat's scale is unrivaled. The factions are balanced, and easily distinct with their own unique play-style. The combat itself is really good, easily comparable with the best FPS's on the market to date. Expand
  52. Nov 27, 2012
    Ok so everyone who has been saying the game is terrible, it's free. Why is everyone complaining? For a free game, the graphics are incredible. The reason there are glitches and bugs is because it JUST came out and the game itself along with the maps are MASSIVE. Yes, of course there is an issue with unbalanced weapons due to people who pay. Why does it matter? Suck it up and enjoy the game for what it is. The game is amazing. The battles are huge, usually 100 people per team. The scenery is so well done with the atmosphere of the game that it's just... Beautiful. If played alone, the game is fun. If you play it with a squad of 12 people where there's a very good squad leader (the way I play) the game is unbeatable. Imagine sneaking behind enemy lines with a single Sunderer (the vehicle that allows people to spawn on it) and hiding it under an enemy base two territories over, then taking the massive base with 12 people, while the enemy doesn't even notice you're there until it's too late. Planetside 2 is the definition of teamwork and it's the type of game I and a lot of my friends have been looking for. Sony did an amazing job with this game. Yes, glitches do exist and can get quite annoying. Hit detection isn't the best. There have been times where I shot 50 rounds into someone's chest at point blank and didn't get one hit marker. But my team was there to kill him, so it's ok. Vehicles can be over powered at times, but all you need to do is shoot them with a rocket launcher a few times and it's all good. The Certification system is kind of like most other F2P games, but still a great concept and executed very well. If everyone would just stop complaining about stupid things like the people who pay 15 dollars a month to play to get overpowered things, and maybe look at the gameplay part of it, maybe everyone would enjoy it! That's those people's choice to pay 15 bucks a month to play. You don't have to, so why complain? The game is amazing and it's free, which makes it even better. Yea it's not the best polished game out there, and maybe Sony could've waited a month or two to fix all of the glitches and bugs, but it's FREE. You don't need to pay 60$ for it. I've already put 55 hours into the game and I'm still playing. I love it, and it's just perfect. I over analyze everything. But I seem to just stop caring about any negative things about the game and just enjoy it's pure awesomeness. It's free. Download it and try it. I always say gameplay is completely based off of opinion, which is very true, but this game is just amazing. If you like FPS, you need to at least try this game. Don't give up in the first 5 minutes because it's confusing. Play it for a few hours until you at least have an idea of what you're doing. Remember, ITS FREE. Expand
  53. Nov 27, 2012
    With all due respect, this is honestly a great game, with great mechanics, and a fantastic atmosphere. In other words - it was a success.

    However, in many areas - it falls short. Please note I have not played the original planetside, so this review is unbiased to the previous game.

    Where does this game succeed? In scale. The sheer scale of planetside 2 is enough to make you play it,
    it is highly addicting - and wtih a group of friends can be very fun. Coupled with modern day gunplay mechanics, this game seriously sets itself up to be a great game. However, aside from the good mechanics, and addictive gameplay - there are a few places where planetside 2 falls very very short.

    First of all, the game does not feel rewarding to me. This is a subjective opinion - but I did not save up one thousand certs to buy a gun that looks nearly - if not exactly, the same as my default gun. While the guns are well rounded function wise, LMG's on the same faction - will have remarkable resemblance to each other. In other words - the design in some areas is very bland and uninspired.

    I would also like to mention balancing issues, the TR as a whole, are an overpowered bullet spraying killing machine. To put it mildly TR vs NC. The TR can afford to miss, while the NC simply can't. However, there are always trade offs - so I do believe personally, that I am just nitpicking.

    Other than menial balancing issues, the game is incredibly buggy, and there are dozens of exploits. (Such as getting the health of a max suit on your light assault class.) I will not mention them all - but that is just the gist of many problems.

    Furthermore, the game lacks any sense of depth. The reason is that it is almost impossible to use even tactics to take an enemy base. The game heavily relies on zerg rush tactics. So all you can do is kill kill kill until one team or another overcomes eachother. (Or more likely quits.) I really wish, that there was another way to manage spawns even at smaller bases. (There used to be SCU's at smaller bases during early beta, which was a good addition - however, now they've been taken away. They need them back. Camping spawns is a stupid idea for spawn suppression! The devs should be ASHAMED of themselves!)

    However on a positive note, the game is still a very solid game. And will surely improve over time content and functionality-wise. Initial release for most MMO games is bland, so let us hope this one comes a long way. The game gets a solid 8 out of 10 in my opinion. Anymore would be overrated, any less would be bashing it.
  54. Jun 22, 2013
    After playing this game from Alpha, sinking a couple hundred Smed Bucks and spending a great deal of time playing the original Planetside, I'm incredibly disappointed in the sequel. The dev's are too obsessed with making new cosmetic items to milk the dwindling population, instead of making PS2 into the great game it should be.

    The business model is completely warped. When they should
    be addressing fundamental issues, they're busy buggering up the balance with new OP weapons (which are nerfed as soon as they hit their sales target).

    Honestly, if the dev's put as much time into developing the gameplay experience as they do generating cash items, the player base would be ten times as big. And the game would be so much more profitable than it is now.

    The main issues:

    1. Lack of Meta-game. It's just massive TDM at the moment, there's no real sense of goals or achievements and it's really stale. There's been a number of great ideas floating around since release (NTU's/Caverns/Cont. Locking), but they've not been integrated, and the game is fundamentally boring.

    2. No real MMO character development. There's no real individual character development found in other MMO's, just a constant grind to earn 'certs', which means you can basically upgrade everything. There's no individual roles, as you can change class at whim. I can see how this is difficult in an FPS, but PS1 had an excellent system whereby a player would really have to think about a finite number of cert's, before locking them into a role for a set period of time.

    3. Performance. I currently own a £2k 1 year old gaming rig, and I have to run this game on low settings to get decent FPS. Sorry, but this really has gone on long enough, and needs sorting.

    4. Constant balance changes. Nerfing and buffing with every update undermines player confidence in purchasing weapons, and the development team. So, air was OP when the game was released the solution? Nerf air, buff all AA and introduce new AA weapons. Where any one of those options would have been sufficient, all three have destroyed the air game. Players who like to fly feel alienated. Balance is delicate, and SOE seems to deal with changes like a bull at a gate.

    5. New weapons affect on balance not thought through. In their quest to milk the population, new weapons are rushed and not tested properly. A good example of this? ZOE. Players cried that it was ridiculously OP when it was on test and all of this feedback was ignored. So ZOE goes live, and lo and behold, it's crazy OP and destroy's the game in favour of one fraction for 2 3 weeks before SOE smacked it with the nerf bat. Then we have players who certed into ZOE complaining about the amount certs they dropped in it! IDEAS AND CHANGES NEED TO BE THOUGHT THROUGH.

    6. Minor bugs that have been in since Alpha still aren't fixed. Seriously, why the hell do ESF wheels STILL stay out on spawn until you land. It's the little things that make a great game. Unfortunately, bugs which should NOT be in a game are still present. It makes the whole game feel somehow 'sloppy'.

    7. New players are not eased into what's quite a complicated game. There needs to be a bunch of IN GAME tutorials and missions which give new players an overview of what the games all about, and give them a fighting chance. As it is, you have heavily experienced players flattening the new players. The experienced players feel bad, the new players leave. It's not a good system.

    8. Outfits. This game is about team play, but as a new players there's no incentive to join an outfit, or any outfits welcoming enough for new players (depending on the server). You should automatically be signed up to a large fraction outfit, with players dedicated to getting new players into the battle fast.

    9. No CR (command rank). Players in PS1 had to earn squad leader status through well, leading squads, which earns a player command ranks. There's no leader development, so it's a bunch of idiot's trying to command the battlefield with no experience. At least with CR you had to earn the right to command.

    I won't go on, although this list could go on forever.

    The bottom line. Avoid for another 6 months (if it lasts that long). If the dev's shape up and really start looking into the above issue's then this game will be unbelievably good. As it stands, it's not worth the time, and if you're a PS1 vet like me, you'll feel let down and betrayed.
  55. Nov 28, 2012
    Its a great game and I would recommend it to any of my friends looking for a good fps to play.

    The game has its fair share of bugs and problems but most should be fixed soon seeing as the game hasn't even been out for a month yet. Once you get started in the game and find a good outfit you'll find yourself sinking hours and hours of time into this game.
  56. Nov 29, 2012
    I love it in every single way, the maps are beautiful, the factions are balanced, the scale is massive, and it requires more than just a quick trigger finger to be good at. I've only played for a few hours and it's all been massively entertaining. If there's any game I would've wanted for Christmas, it would have been this, but it's free.

    However, there are still a lot of glitches,
    especially clipping after death animations, and even sometimes falling through the map. Also, the fact that only one person can drive a vehicle is slightly aggravating, especially when your teammate is an idiot......

    But Why am I complaining? IT'S FREEEEEEEEEEEE
  57. Nov 29, 2012
    Huge scale battles and absolutely no game crashes or bugs. Huge scale battles and absolutely no game crashes or bugs. Huge scale battles and absolutely no game crashes or bugs. Huge scale battles and absolutely no game crashes or bugs. Huge scale battles and absolutely no game crashes or bugs. Huge scale battles and absolutely no game crashes or bugs.
  58. Nov 29, 2012
    In my opinion this is what Battlefield should have aspired to be. This is a multiplayer FPS that goes beyond your normal COD rip off. The game is huge but navigable, the classes are fun to play and you actually feel like you are taking part in a real war not put in a sand box arena for 20 minutes to shot at each other. Other developers should take note, this is the future of FPS. And as an added bonus its FREE (which actually bumped my review score up). The game isn't perfect. There should be a system where more experienced players get to allocate objectives for platoons and squads to follow with incentives for people to follow them, I've kind of been spoiled by MAG in this respects and miss it in all games now, but the shear scale and confusing nature of capture points in this game actually warrants some kind of top down, overall control. I can see the game getting a bit stale after playing for a long time, especially after maxing out all the upgrades, so I hope to see some updates in the future (new weapons, classes, vehicles etc). I might even be prepared to pay for them. Expand
  59. Nov 29, 2012
    This game is amazing, the environment, the vehicles, the battle, just everything is great. I am not going to say that the game is perfect, but it is pretty friggin' close. You do have to have a semi decent machine to run it at a decent frame rate, but you do not need the newest tech out there. Of course there are still some bugs, but one can easily overlook them when in the heat of a massive, and i do mean truly massive, battle. I love this game, since it is free to play, I would say at least give it a shot. Expand
  60. Dec 1, 2012
    Planetside 2 has epic scale. It is great for team play so I would recommend looking for an outfit. It has lots of potential and will grow as a game. There is no pay 2 win, as other have suggested, as all weapons can be purchased with XP. As such, the cash shop allows people to get stuff faster. Graphics are nice for an MMO and they are pro-actively fixing bugs which are only minor.
  61. Dec 2, 2012
    Pros: - Beautiful graphics - Vehicles CONS = - No win condition. You fight over bases for Cert points. There's no other point. It seems like the whole game revolves around high Cert prices for items so players will be enticed to spend Station Cash on items instead. - Persistence does not matter. The game play is thus: Merry-Go-Round, Whack-A-Mole. It's like logging into a round of BF3 Conquest with an Infinite score limit.
    - Sluggish weapon feel. There isn't any crispness here. If you're used to CS, COD, or BF, prepared to be disappointed.
    - Abysmal base design. Bases are indefensible and are designed as simple TDM maps with a few Sabotage elements.
    - Unoptimized. ATI users suffer the most.
    - Boring and unappealing weapon unlocks. While listed as specific weapons most are copy/paste with a slight variation in stats and change to allowed accessories or firing modes. I.E.: Gun1 has burst, Gun2 has full auto.
  62. Dec 3, 2012
    Incredibly beautiful and breathtaking game. The map designs are brilliant. At the moment there are only 3 maps (continents) but each of them are huge. You never feel it getting monotonous or boring unlike BF3 or other modern military shooters. The Dev's have put a lot of thought into the design of this game and at no point do you feel its aspects being unbalanced. Every tank zerg or air brigade can be countered with a little bit of team work. The only criticism would be its current level of optimization and slow certification progress, which the devs are working on. Again, unlike said mms shooters devs, these guys have listened to the community and changed a lots of aspects of the game for the better since beta. You can play this game by yourself and appreciate its beauty as the day night cycles go on but it truly shines when you are playing with a group of friends or with a platoon of people working together. Highly recommend watching some tutorials on youtube though as it can be confusing for completely new players. Once you get the hang of it though you will enjoy this game immensely. Expand
  63. Dec 3, 2012
    Let my start by saying that if you don't like this game, you suck, PS2 is the best F2P FPS I have ever played in my life. Even a lone wolf could destroy with a sniper and some creativity, best of all you can not camp or cheat. Sony also does not seem to have any reason to make this game pay to win and so far, none of the paid unlocks are really that good. Its a well rounded game that destroys its competition with its new ideal and MMO style. Great fun for all players. Expand
  64. Dec 4, 2012
    If you like futuristic FPS with setting in 27th century, somewhere in the space, with unrealistic projectile weapons and unguided missiles like from WW2 then this game will suit your needs. You may even try flying a machine which seems to have an antigravity engine but is controlled like biplane. If you like hugely unbalanced challenge with one side designed to win and one to loose then feel free to try it as you really don't have to pay for extra content which gives your opponents extreme boost.

    Great concept of MMO FPS and design of the game world are two reasons I give it 2.
  65. Dec 6, 2012
    Well after hours and hours of frustrating gameplay from the beginning of beta to the games launch I can honestly say Planetside 2 is the best continent simulator I've ever played. You don't know thrill until you have driven on a shaky ATV 4000 meters to a frontline only to get instantly killed and repeat the process. My framerate has been consistently bad on this game because it has 0 optimization for amd users. They released the game far too early and it is still riddled with strange bugs. I'm afraid this awful piece of crap software is going to melt my computer. I've known about this game for a long time and was a supporter of this amazing idea. Then I got into beta and realized that the devs do not know how to make a game and it's the same pay 2 win style of tribes ascend but with slow agonizing gameplay. At best this game is you charging up a hill and taking out as many of the enemy as you can with a grenade. At worst this is you sitting at a checkpoint trying to capture it for 15 minutes only to get sniped by a sniper who you LITERALLY cannot see because the game hasn't generated them yet because of some bug or something. No wait the worst moment is walking outside a spawn facility and getting shot by the 20 Vanu that are milking the place for kills and having NO way to stop them. Oh wait no the worst part is walking outside and getting killed by an overpowered tank. NO NO the worst part is that the heavy class that kills you in 2 shots after you fire a whole clip into them. WAIT NO the worst part is this game had such amazing potential and failed so badly. Planetside 2 is literally indescribable, it's like a whole new category of crap games. My experience in the beta is that the devs didn't listen and were aiming for a target audience that does not exist. They ignore the veterans, screw the noobs, and pander to the rich. I once stepped on a nail barefoot and had to walk 100 meters over rocky ground. That was a better experience than this game and was more friendly. Maybe if the devs had listened to the intricate 10 page posts some fanatics posted. Maybe if capturing bases wasn't a pain in the a**. Maybe if performance was good. Maybe if everytime I got killed it didn't feel completely unfair.

    Listen heres my advice. If you have 10 friends with good gaming rigs and high end processors you should get a hold of them and go play this game with them. Now for the rest of the population. Go play this game to waste your time and see how truly bad it is. If you like getting in a tank dominating for 4 minutes and then waiting 15 minutes to be able to spawn it again than you'll love this game. I give this game a 1 out of 10 because it is a good way to kill an hour when you first download it.
  66. Dec 7, 2012
    There are some amazing, inventive ideas in this game, its whole brilliant concept being something rarely if ever seen before (except in the previous title in the series, of course). Unfortunately, that sweet center is tucked away inside a crispy shell of pure manure: The actual gameplay is thoroughly rotten. With clumsy, awkward movement and dull, bland gunplay, Planetside 2 is only as good as its weakest link: Not good at all. The amazingly lazy visual design that ensures new players won't have the slightest clue what anything is without looking up in the wiki helps make it even worse. But at least you can buy yourself more hit points and other advantages with cash, right?

    Unless you're already a Planetside veteran, or have the patience of a saint and absolutely no money to pay for a real game, don't bother.
  67. Dec 7, 2012
    Game is incredible. Ever battle is massive and scales hundreds of players. People giving it low scores have crappy computer or internet. This is the game of the future and requires a decent computer. I have laptop with nividia gforce 200m series graphics card and 6Gs of ram at college and this game runs fine. If you want an awesome game that blows battlefield out of the water ,and makes call of duty look sad...THIS IS FOR YOU Expand
  68. Dec 14, 2012
    This really is one of the worst games I have ever played. This is not a snap decision about the **** interface and ugly graphics - I played for over 30 hours before writing this review. I was a fan of the first Planetside, and I play many other FPS games, so I wasn't unaware of what I was stepping into, and really wanted to love this game. It failed me, totally. What I found in dropping into this game was a severely unpolished and unbalanced festival of frustration and endless active waiting.

    If you like constantly running through empty expanses of nothing, only to be shot and killed in less than a second upon encountering an enemy (you had no idea was there) only to wait to respawn so you might do the same thing again, and again, and again, you will love Planetside 2. If you want an experience that is fulfilling in any other way, look elsewhere. It's free, but you get what you pay for. Everything about it is designed to make you want those real-money-guns just so that you might manage a kill or two, and the fun might actually start. They won't matter, you're still going to be randomly killed from any angle before you can locate an enemy. Ideally, you could play long enough to buy them with in game points, but in the 30 hours I played waiting for it to get good I only racked up 150 out of the THOUSAND I'd need for ONE GUN. Seriously, save your time, and definitely save your money, because you don't want to award that to this poor piece of f2p marketing garbage.
  69. Dec 20, 2012
    Planetside 2 is a MMO First-Person-Shooter, published and developed by SOE. The player can choose from three different Factions which fight over control of the Planet. The Game world consists of three different continents and each of them has a few dozens of areas that can be controlled through conquering certain key points. The player is given the task to increase the influence of his faction by fighting for control
    of the areas. For this purpose you can choose from about half a dozen classes and vehicles per faction, which all can be customized even further. It makes sense to organizing in squads
    to increase the success rate in the battles and i highly recommend doing so, since playing alone
    makes no fun in the long run.

    Planetside 2 has beautiful graphics and looks really polished, however the areas repeat themselves a lot and there are no real highlights, which is acceptable considering the sheer amount of players taking part in fights and the game still running fluid.
    What really makes the game unique are the gigantic battles with hundreds of players participating, which sets the game apart from most other game of its genre which play all alike.

    Planetside itself is free to play, so everyone who has interest in playing, can do so
    without paying. It finances itself through an real-money shop in which you can buy additional
    weapons and visual adjustments for your classes and vehicles.
    Even though you can buy equipment for money it doesn't give u an advantage, because the weapons everyone gets for free are pretty much all-around weapons and bought stuff only widens the repertoire.

    I can only recommend everyone who enjoys playing shooters at least once in a while to try
    out Planetside 2, for this is one of the best games of the year and by far the best free game of the last years.
  70. Dec 23, 2012
    This is the best F2Pfps on the web. Just due to the size of the maps and battles. Not very good to a person who has never played a fps on a pc. If you have played and of the fps games it will catch on quick. The vehicles take practice. Very realistic flight/battle UI. Sign up and step right in to an epic experience.
  71. Dec 24, 2012
    This game is just amazing. But he is killed by his community. In fact, on my server 85% of Terran use hack. More than, cheat engine is available on all server, it is very stupid and destroy the game. Maybe 1 month for this game if nothing happen...
  72. Dec 24, 2012
    Don't play unless you're willing to shell some real cash, game is a true 'pay to win' game, and is very unbalanced. The game also renders poorly causing enemies to at times vanish or fail to render at all. Planetside is also very crash prone, It will crash at startup, it will crash while in game frequently, and will crash out half your squad at the same time. I've even had the launcher crash continuously forcing a re-install

    Short: Don't Play.
  73. Dec 24, 2012
    When I installed this game, my only intention was to relay how well it ran on my machine for a friend. What I didn't know, was that I was going to have 100 hours logged in less than two weeks of playing it. Planetside 2 is an MMOFPS which boasts servers of up to 2000 players, waging a three way war, in a constant world containing a variety of astounding environments. And the best part is... it actually works. With no NPC's, players alone fuel the intensity and environment that are immediately there when you log in. Some of my favorite stories are simply about how immersive the game is. Like when our Galaxy (aircraft) gets taken out of the sky, and I bail, landing in the midst of an entire enemy army getting prepared to seize The Crown. And with nothing but camouflage and my sniper rifle, I single-handedly cut off a majority of the reinforcements they might have had, while remaining unseen for almost an entire half hour. The game manages to stay on par with FPS's such as Battlefield and Call of Duty, while hosting the elements of an MMO that are enormous in scale. And while I do have my fair share of complaints about the game, SOE has done a great job making sure they listen to their players, and fix what might be wrong. My last words to those of you who are on the fence about playing this game: bring a friend, join an outfit, and prepare for the most engaging experience in online gaming to this day.
    Oh, and it's free.
  74. Dec 27, 2012
    Ich finde das Spiel einfach klasse. Toller MMO FPS der sich super flüssig spielt auf riesiegen Maps und 100erten von Spielern und das völlig kostenlos. Bin begeistert und kann Planetside 2 jedem empfehlen der auch gerne Battlefield spielt.
  75. Dec 28, 2012
    Planetside2 has taken the next logical step for an FPS. There truly is not another game like it out right now. If gamers would like to see something new, check it out. In response to some of te negative reviews, I'll touch on a few points. First, the game is not pay to win. I have a buddy that has spent zero cash on this game and has far more weapons and gear unlocked than me. He plays a ton more than I do however. The store is for people like me. People that have a little cash to spend but can't play the game for hours on end. People that would rather spend a couple bucks to unlock some great gear that would require more time to unlock than they're willing to spend. It allows casual gamers to have access to gear they can't get with their limited play time. Next, this game really shines when you're playing in a group. So do yourself a favor and find a decent outfit. PS2 is at it's best when coordinating tactics and actions with a large group. If you're having trouble finding a good group on the Mattherson server, come by We have a great outfit and have a lot of fun. Last, the game is always evolving. The new content is rolling out consistently as a result of player feedback. So if you don't like something, don't quit. Speak your mind. The more people report bugs, and voice what they like and don't like, the faster the problems get addressed. Expand
  76. Dec 29, 2012
    This game will change it everything, not more generic Call of Duty, in Planetside you will see the most EPIC and MASSIVE battles ever, maybe its not very good optimised but un January SOE say that they will be make a LARGE patch to optimise the game, this game is in TOP 10 in the best games of 2012, just look at the amount of prices it has!!
  77. Dec 29, 2012
    For people that feel that the game could use improvements they are righ for the most part. like with certs, though i dont feel like it is such a big issue, but that just me.For people that spend 30 hour and only get about 100 certs try to find a outfit that you like, that you have fun. that when the game get fun. true they should spen a small amount of time to make new player feel like they are helping the team and getting the use to the game. just like many people are saying with lag and the fps i usally alt tab out the game and just go to task manager and find planet side 2 in the 2end tab and right click it then set the priority i think it is and set it to high and that should help some though it might not Expand
  78. Jan 3, 2013
    This game lures everyone in with it's free-to-play style only to force (to stay competitive) the spending of money for "side-grades". Which are really either useless or a significant upgrade to give an advantage over new players. With the lack of good item descriptions or a community wiki the stuff you pay for may or may not be what you expected, not too mention most purchases fair greater than $7.00 which is outrageous. If you were to buy everything in this game you would end up spending nearly $350 doing so. The subscription feature at $15 month is barely worth it as well, you get a priority que, 500SC and some xp and resource boosts. Your money would be better spent on blackjack and hookers.

    The game is constantly changing and still feels like a beta. As long as "x" amount of the community complains to Smedley and friends, there tends to be a change in the upcoming patch just for them. The hacking is apparent within the first 10 minutes of jumping into the game. The combination of free-to-play and the ability to simply use throwaway email accounts without the need for any other authentication attracts trolls from all bridges inside the internet.

    The worst part of this game? There is barely any story or character development. It's almost as if someone spent an hour at most thinking about the lore and story of this game and decided that's what will be released. There is very little point to the game as well, let me summarize this. Launch game>>pod into somewhere>>farm xp>>farm xp>>farm some more xp>>about a day or two later>>unlock item>>rinse and repeat for months>>unlock all items>> ???. You'll quickly find out (especially in voice chat) how obsessive people become about unlocking the ultravortexcannon3000 for their hoopty that really the only thing that keeps people playing is the need to unlock more and more just to try and be the "best" or have the higher advantage. The game preys on the player's materialistic mindset. No one seems to care about base captures or defending, but rather KDR and just plain out kills and XP. Even capturing an entire continent (somehow the community's self-created climax of the game) feels completely pointless. The developers continue to produce more weapons and items (again "side-grades") to keep the players into the never-ending gotta catch em all mentality. Outfits, or guilds or clans or whatever you want to call them... Yes they can fix some of the above problems, but they can also create some of their own. Most tend to shy away from fun and get a little too serious. You'll find that out quickly when 15 old Billy gets home from the school and and logs into his squad leader account only to turn into a complete power-hungry douche. Billy will then give your squad orders to go defend the bottom corner of the map that hasn't seen action since the release of the game for hours on end. Oh and don't you dare question his authority or he'll make sure to start yelling "clear coms" as he's trying to talk to his dad about what their neglected mother is making for dinner. Who says "clear coms" anyways? "Standby" sounds a million times better and that's coming from someone who works with communications and radio on a day to day basis.

    The community for the game as a whole really just tends to complain to oblivion. You can see this by logging into any of the popular message boards and half of any given page will start out with the titles "Suggestion", "Bug", "Why", "When" or "PSA"... Hell look at me, I was part of the community for the last three months and all I do is complain now. Prime example. Good day.
  79. Jan 5, 2013
    Soo many hackers. every big battle has atleast one hacker. You can even find live streams of them, it's rediculous. The game feels so bland too, all people do is spawn kill and capture and recapture the same **** all day.
  80. Jan 3, 2013
    Planetside 2 is essentially an unfinished game that is still in Open Beta and it retains none of the spirit and iconic features and game-play of the original. It is poorly optimized and still has a myriad of bugs, some of which are game-breaking, to put up with. Compounding these issues is the fact that SOE has the gall to charge money for side-grades/ monthly memberships for something that is essentially a COD/Battlefield clone. Also the game-play is repetitive and boring, and as for tactics, the zerg is the meta-game. Its a huge step back from what should have been a huge step forward, especially considering all of Planetside 1's good points, none of which where improved upon/implemented in Planetside 2. My verdict is that PS2 = fail. Expand
  81. Jan 5, 2013
    This game is dying very fast ... servers had very high population and every map was full of people and epic fight. Now every server is medium to low and only epic fights are on INDAR ( one map). AMERISH is always empty and ESAMIR almost too...
    Faction are very unbalanced and population is another topic... this game has a very bad problems in population and vehicle/weapons balance...

    ZERGS.... WTF is this ? If you go with zerg it will be boring and easy mode for noobs.... if you go with small group you will be killed by enemy ZERG :D really?.
    Less and less people play this game every day and this game is all about mass fights with many people. But if this game doesnt have people, it will not have mass fights and everybody will return to BF3/COD ...
    This game will play only fanboys who say as always :" its a great game"... NO IT ISNT.
    This game has a great potentional but if devs dont fix all this problems they will lose a lot of people and money of course.
    I have played this game many many hours and spend a lot of money on it... and I can give you a advice... try it, have some fun and leave it if they will not fix it... DONT SPEND MONEY
  82. Jan 5, 2013
    So for whatever reason I can run BF3 on nearly high settings, but this game won't even run on the lowest. The devs did not optimize this game very well at all. FTP should also not be the future of PC gaming.
  83. Jan 5, 2013
    This game is dying. Steam stats show a near 50% decrease in users over the last month. One month ago it read out 19,299 peak Planetside 2 now it reads 11,299 peak Planetside 2. Its obvious as to why all the players are leaving. The game is not worth spending even $15 on. The servers are becoming increasingly smaller and some are just plain out unplayable.
  84. Jan 5, 2013
    Its Great that there're a lot of people to play with and to communicate with, the gun play isnt reall skill based and isnt any fun really to play over long grinds. Plus the Beginning sucks
  85. Jan 7, 2013
    When I first heard about Planetside2 I was beyond psyched for the release. I was a die-hard fan/junkie/addict of Planetside 1 and the thought of a new, up-to-date version of what I would have considered to be one of the most groundbreaking FPS games of my generation gave me goose bumps. I was fortunate to get into late beta and played for the final 3 weeks of beta through release. I've currently logged well over 300 hours of post release play time.

    That being said. I really wanted to like this game. Every time I log into the game I don't think, "this game is so awesome". I think, "Man, I really miss Planetside 1". The truth is that the developers, Sony Online Entertainment, took what was an amazing original game and essentially threw it away. This is NOT a sequel to Planetside 1. It is a dumbed down, watered down, shallow ghost of the original. They managed to turn what was an amazing online shooter with a rich degree of depth and character into little more than a large scale COD-like fragfest with virtually no strategy or depth of play and where everyone is focused on K/D instead of teamwork and strategy. Combine this with massive in-game vehicle and infantry balance issues and the fact that that the development team has very little interaction with the player base and you have a recipe for low population of players on most servers where the term "Massive" is starting to become a bit of a stretch.

    Planetside2 was clearly released to market way too soon. The game should have stayed in Beta for at least another 4 months. There are many bugs in the game and way too many balance issues at this time to retain a strong player base. At its core I think its clear that the folks in charge of this title (with such amazing potential) at SOE are the wrong people for the job and are basically steering this title into the ground.
  86. Jan 6, 2013
    PlanetSide's development team doesn't seem to understand what the game needs anymore, and the wrong people (those bridge-dwelling pieces of feces) seem to be the ones changing the balances to favour themselves.

    Once upon a time (Beta) I had faith that this would be an extremely successful game with some optimization that could keep the game from looking like **** on any standard
    non-gaming devoted PC.

    I think I started losing that faith when SOE introduced a weak store and jacked up prices. Not to mention that people started to realize that certs were taking way too long to acquire than before. It seemed like the devs' new idea of balance was a system that involved making aspects of the game much too expensive to even bother unlocking for most people. The slow xp gain rate seems to have been made to keep players hooked due to a lack of content.

    I understand this is F2P, but doesn't anyone remember when Higby talked about how the gap between grinders/payers and casuals would be removed? Can anyone really say that's the case now? I don't believe so.

    It's been nice participating in this game's (d)evolution.
    I wish you well Sony Online Entertainment.
    Perhaps I'll come back when you guys sort your shyte out, but then again, I might come back only to find empty servers and lost potential.
  87. Jan 6, 2013
    Hackers are everywhere. So far, I've seen Teleporters, Flash Gordons, Shoots Through Walls Man, Sees Through Walls Man, Magic OSHS(carbine) Engineer/Light Assault Guy, Invincible Man, the classic aimbotter, etc. I really regret spending money on this game considering hacking isn't going away. PS2 doesn't even have any anti-chest software, they ban solely on reports and stats. And sometime it takes a week for someone to get banned. Plus they only IP ban and we all know that isn't going to stop anyone from making a just new account with a different IP. Expand
  88. Jan 7, 2013
    This game had potential, but SoE's pay structure ruined it. Anyone with skill who doesn't want to spend money on the game can't enjoy the game because it's a struggle to level. While children with equally childish player names who spent their allowance on Station Cash sky rocket to level 30+ and then commence to harass anyone with unearned levels. Games with pay structures that affect direct purchase of gear and leveling just don't work and won't last. Expand
  89. Jan 8, 2013
    Amazing game. You need a new computer to run it though. Hard core battles with a mix of armor, troops and air. Highly addictive! You will spend hours and many bases or just one depending on the size of conflict and how important the base is. Yet to play a better game.....enjoy!
  90. Jan 12, 2013
    Spawn camping is a major problem and essentially shuts down almost any battle regardless of size. Nobody enjoys being hit by a liberator or tank round the second they leave the spawn. It greatly limits a factions ability to defend a base and makes capping significantly easier. Defending and resecuring bases is punished while attacking is significantly more rewarding. The meta game simply is not rewarding enough or important enough to even convince people to leave Inda. Low population servers. People bailing out of vehicles the second before they explode. (This is something that has just been annoying not really to big a problem) Expand
  91. Dec 6, 2013
    A really great game that everyone that likes "First Person Shooters" should have installed on there PC.

    I cant recommend this for the Playstation because I will never own one to play games on. I will only game on a PC.

    Some minor bugs shows up now and then but that's todays reality with a company's ability to patch on the fly. Its really that games hit the market with flaws at
    all, but they do, and this is no exception. It is getting better and better every week, and this game still is one of my all time favorite FPS that I plan on playing as often as I am able to. This is coming from a gamer that has owned all Battlefield games and COD. This time though I spent that money on PS2 instead of the other AAA titles.

    I would have a score of 10, but the bugs drops it to a score of 9

    Download it today and find out for yourself what MMOFPS is all about.
  92. Jan 13, 2013
    I wouldn't bother with this game, but chances are you will try it just due to all the hype.
    Let me start with the main problem with planetside - It is far too graphically demanding. Even some of the top end PC's and gaming laptops struggle to make this game run smoothly and it may cause you to buy better software and still discover the game cannot run. "But wait!" I hear you cry "My PC is
    amazing!" Then go play a far more enjoyable Free to play FPS such as Team Fortress. There is nothing unique about planetside other than its large scale gameplay, and if MAG taught us anything it's that this simply doesn't work. Combat is frantic and guns have no attachment to the player since they all feel generally similar and scenarios often involve two players meeting and the one winning being the one who clicks first. After a while this just gets boring and repetitive.
    Lastly, although it is beneficial for the creators to advertise this game as "Free" it is a micro transaction game, meaning if you really want to get anywhere with it your going to have to fork out.
    To conclude, I'd just say it's shocking how some people would rather play this than decent FPS' like battlefield or Halo.
  93. Jan 14, 2013
    While a pretty solid game from SoE it is not without its flaws. It has some very enjoyable large scale combat and the special skills each class possesses give you the ability to approach the battle in a variety of different ways. Another good point about this game is that while a player can simply make an account and buy all of the in game content straight away I have found that a majority of the time this does not cause the game to become unbalanced or unfair as winning a gunfight still largely comes down to the skill of the player and not the equipment he or she was using. While all of these points do give the impression that Planetside 2 is certainly an above average F2P game it does have some rather game breaking flaws. First being how horribly un-optimized it is, as a keep PC gamer I ensure my computers hardware is as up to date as my bank balance allows yet I still seem to encounter some serious FPS problems as I begin to enter larger battles. The FPS drop does not make the game unplayable but it is certainly noticeable and I believe that the FPS drops would be far more of a problem for people playing on lower end PC's. The next problem is that I have encountered more than my fair share of bugs while playing this game. While most are no real problem there are some that can cause some real annoyance, for example the sometimes non-existent hit registration and Sunderer spawn point sometimes clipping my character into the ground causing me to be unable to move.

    Overall I believe Planetside 2 is a good game with a lot of potential but its current problems are simply too big to ignore. Hopefully SoE will work hard to patch the various bugs and better the optimization so that players are able to experience the game as it should be.
  94. Jan 18, 2013
    It Action the **** out of your brain, world war how you never see it again! Epic battles, huge maps, many vehicles to play! The best F2P Shooter since Team Fortress 2!
  95. Jan 20, 2013
    Frustrating game too big maps and too less players. You can run 2h and you don't see any enemies.
    Graphic is nice but not on high-level. Is there few bugs. Planet Side 2 is next game pay for win not play for free.
  96. Jan 21, 2013
    Hackers. Hackers everywhere. Now the new hack added to all the regular ones is to somehow mess with the collision in the game to send you flying from the spawn half way across a continent to fall and die. This game is riddled with bugs and hackers everywhere.
  97. Jan 22, 2013
    At best, I would say "meh." I think the price is about right though.....I would have been upset if I paid for it. The graphics are alright, but the action is chaotic at times, but that's only when you find it. I am not sure exactly what it was, but I kept thinking about the fact that I had a perfectly good BF3 game in the next room....
  98. Jan 24, 2013
    I'm a veteran FPS'er and have enjoyed several MMO's, and though it's not the first of its kind, PlanetSide 2 is by far the best MMOFPS I've ever played. I'm hooked and know I will enjoy this for a very long time. Free. Beautiful. Stable. Active population. Great mechanics/physics.

    Give it a chance. Ignore the learning curve. Join a big platoon with a headset (and listen to the squad
    leaders). Drive some vehicles. Shoot some guns. Take it in. Epic battles await.

    Only suggestion would be a little more social interaction and maybe out-of-combat activities (skills, crafting, etc.). That would just grow the user base that much more. But even without, this game is great.
  99. Jan 25, 2013
    Game is broken. Full of cheats and hackers - they can even teleport other players to their death now. Bugs - lots and lots of bugs, like falling through the floor, the ground, gun turrets that sometimes work and sometimes don't. I could sit and list all the bugs in the games, but I just don't care. SOE doesn't care - why should we care.
  100. Jan 25, 2013
    Lol at this game "becoming" an esport. The dev's made a terrible decision in this route. The game is far from competitive in the sense that there is absolutely no accomplishment in winning or losing. It is more of a marketing campaign than an actual competitive campaign.
  101. Apr 13, 2013
    Planetside 2 is a game that has a tremendous amount of potential. The recently incorporated Alert system and test servers should provide a boon of confidence to those who have stuck with the game since alpha. It features (more or less) seamless sandbox exploration/combat on (currently) 3 massive, beautiful 5x5 km landscapes.

    All this combined with a convenient and easy to use platoon
    interface and a moderate selection of weapons and attachments, this game would be a great game to play with friends and family.... in about 6 months to a year. Right now, despite its massive, ambitious scale and spectacular visuals, the only word that comes to mind is frustration. Pure, unadulterated frustration. Frustration that I can only get 20-25 fps in large scale battles on a high end PC, frustration that bugs that should have been squashed earlier on are still prevalent more than ever, and frustration that no matter how I look at it the ACTUAL METAGAME, the one that should have been at its current state should have been where it is 6 months ago.

    The game as a whole feels very much like a late alpha/early beta state game. It was clearly pushed out the door before it should have been, and it's clear it still has a good 18 months before I would consider it a 'launch ready' title. That said it is a MMO, meaning that it's development cycle never really ends, unless the game flat out dies. That said, I think this game will have a nice long life, and will absolutely be worth trying out in another 18 months.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 42 Critics

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  1. Positive: 38 out of 42
  2. Negative: 0 out of 42
  1. May 10, 2013
    The shooter fundamentals are all there. The visuals are great but the progression just doesn't seem to deliver any payoff for players outside of the hardcore. It's not quite as much of a shameless cash grab as something out of Zynga, but it definitely sours the experience.
  2. Feb 19, 2013
    Planetside 2 is a good free-to-play, strong functional and very funny, which does not envy anything to the founders of the first-person shooter genre.
  3. 89
    It might look overly complicated, but PlanetSide 2 is nothing more than your average class-based, objective-oriented competitive FPS. What makes it stand apart from other F2P games (aside from the huge servers, of course) is the co-operation factor with other players. [February 2013]