Platoon: The 1st Airborne Cavalry Division in Vietnam Image

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  • Summary: Thundering helicopters tear through the skies overhead, wet muddy terrain sinks under your feet and tragic casualties cover the ground you crawl along. All the excitement of the big screen is finally coming to the small screen in Platoon, the first action RTS set during the Vietnam War. Control an entire platoon through missions based on historical events such as Operation "Shiny Bayonet" and the Pleiku Campaign and take part in one of the world's most groundbreaking wars and its most legendary war movie - Platoon! [Strategy First] Expand
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  1. These missions are very difficult. They are puzzles with very little margin for error, and as you load one for the second, fourth, and even 10th time, you'll find frustration overshadowing a lot of the game's strengths.
  2. There were too many shortcomings to bring a great idea into a finished product.
  3. 60
    Half of my frustration stems from the fact that I can imagine a ton of ways this could have been a really good game.
  4. How could such a complex war inspire such a shallow game?
  5. 40
    Tedious and frustrating. The emphasis on repeating each mission until you figure out the puzzle is exactly what strategy gamers don't want.
  6. My advice: do yourself a favor and stay clear of this well-marked landmine.
  7. A disturbing combination of poor control and frustrating, repetitive gameplay that feels more like a guerilla "Groundhog Day" than "Platoon." [Mar 2003, p.99]

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  1. Feb 5, 2014
    So, I see the you guys find it difficult, but i've finished the game when i did have maybe 12,13 years, the engine of the game is simple, just survive. This game is made based on the movie, not the viet war. It's very similar to commandos, way similar. Expand
  2. Jim
    Feb 11, 2003
    is that any save during the game??
  3. BarryH.
    Dec 25, 2002
    When i bought the game, I had to download a patch for the mouse to work. It is frustrating to play, especially the lack of control of individual troops. Expand
  4. OleA.
    Dec 11, 2002
    I hoped so much from this game, being a huge fan of the movie, but this is almost the worst game ive ever played. From the opening movie you can see this is not going to be good, and when you get to the gameplay you will start to cry. YES its that bad. Theres not one good thing about this game, well maybe that it uninstalled quite fast from my computer. So dont waste your money on this piece. Expand