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  1. Apr 21, 2011
    Everything in Portal 2 is awesome. Gameplay is even better than in the original, graphics are better.... There is always something going on in maps, so many small details. Anyone who gave this red score is a troll or hater or insane or something.
  2. Apr 22, 2011
    Just finished the game and... wow, just.. wow ! It's funny, it"s engaging, sometimes makes you think real hard, but then, when you are getting frustrated it almost instantly cheers you up with a hilarious joke. Both the old and new mechanics work really great and even for new players who missed (If you did, it's a crime you should be in jail.. or at least testing with GLaDOS.). The graphics and music are great, and the voice acting is awesome, Ellen McLain and Stephen Merchant did a great job. 10/10 without question! Expand
  3. Apr 30, 2011
    This game proves one thing and one thing only: You don't need blood, violence, and language to make a great game. Portal 2 is probably the game of the year SO FAR. The characters are likable, the story is funny, and it's not stop fun. If you never played Portal 1, then you should so yo can understand the mechanics and the story of the game, but it'll take you an afternoon to complete the first one. The Co-op is amazing. Valve proved me once again that they are the best game developers on planet earth. Valve, since you got Portal 2 out of your hands, it's about time to make Half-Life 2: Episode 3! Expand
  4. Apr 22, 2011
    I'm seeing a lot of negative reviews and it's making me very sad. This is a beautiful game, it is an excellent game. It exceeded my expectations. I see the most common complaints are the â
  5. May 4, 2011
    Brilliant game, Valve once again have shown why they are such a game-making powerhouse. The game is based on an already tested idea in half-life series and first portal, with only necessary tweaks done to vary the gameplay. So, basically we have the more the same but better. The strongest point of Portal two is definitely its narration and story presented. GLADOS and Whetley banter, hilarious black-humorous Announcer, an addition of retro Cave Jonhson lies the true power of Valve, because playing is said before, Portal with tweaks. In reality, the only low points of the game and the reason why some of hot headed reviewers gave game bad reviews, are not-so-long playing time. Nothing of big concern, the story is quite long, wraps itself nice and you feel only a little regret that it is over, but not, for example, an anger that you played while eating dinner and it was suddenly over. The second lowdown are simple ,as for part two of already developed idea, puzzles. On a commentary track authors actually admitted that it was intentional not make game too hard. With the first game, it wouldn't be a problem, but with a second release, there must be expectations to have some more sophisticated challenges. Saying as saying, those two arenâ Expand
  6. Aug 25, 2011
    Best game I've played yet. If someone asked me what was my favourite movie I'd almost say Portal 2, just because it's a movie-like experience with many details everywhere. The game is short but extremely detailed in it's lenght.
  7. May 15, 2011
    Graphics are OK. The game can be easily maxed out with a mid-range GPU. Dialogues are excellent, guaranteed to crack you up. Sound effects are very crisp and fits well within the environment. Never saw any game breaker bugs or whatsoever. A game that requires me to use my brain? Oh yes, it deserves nothing less than a 10/10.
  8. May 11, 2011
    If it was an option then this game would easily be getting a 9.5, because it is a brilliant mix of comedy, and ingenuity. The beginning is yourr first taste of what to come, and it starts off on a high note and gets you laughing at the comedy that has made many fans of this game series. But when you reach the puzzles is whenthe game really shows of its capabilities as a puzzle game. The puzzles are interesting, but never beyond your ability, and they truly do help you start "thinking with portals." Sadly, however, puzzles and comedy are not the only parts to this game. As you progress you see longer transitions between puzzles that try to be puzzles themselves but are really just a test of your observational abilities as you search for a far off wall that allows for portals. Another point is that after every puzzle there is a loading screen. This made sense for portal 1 because it was forced beside 4 other games in the orange box, but portal 2makes these loadings seem unexplainable. Luckly, the loads are in a spot that seem natural and do not affect gameplay. This review was only for singleplayer. Multiplayer looks to be more of the same but you are more limited trying to find a friend who has not played it before you lest you lose the ability to figure out the puzzles yourself, but I am satisfied with the single experience alone, so it is worth reviewing alone, though I cannot wait to try coop puzzles. Expand
  9. Apr 20, 2011
    If I could give a 9.5 I would. Portal 2 is a perfect blend of awesome story telling and puzzles without bombarding you with walls of text or codexes that you're expected to read and without making any puzzle too difficult. In many situations you feel like you cheat the system and find a way to complete a section that wasn't exactly the expected way the developers foresaw which in it of itself is a great feeling. A fantastic ride the whole way though. The only nitpick I have is that it was too short! Expand
  10. May 5, 2011
    Let me start of by saying whoever thinks that this game is difficult is a idiot. This game is unrealistic and the graphics are garbage.The game is extremely boring. Great job Valve!
  11. Apr 22, 2011
    When I saw the user reviews for this game, I was confused. What was all this "DLC" fuzz about? Paid DLC on PC? Valve would never, I say, never do such a thing. Cosmetic items for multiplayer yes, but DLC, no. So when I got home from vacation, I fired up Portal 2 yesterday and started playing. What a wonderful game. And certainly not a mediocre game that deserves less than 5/10. Anyone giving a score that low has no credibility and they are simply just butthurt or misinformed.

    Anyways, the game is without a doubt fantastic. The controls are smooth, the graphics are gorgeous (The Source Engine still stands as one of the best graphics and physics engines on the market), the sound is glorious and the gameplay is simply amazing. The core gameplay from the first game has been kept, and the new puzzle features make a great addition. But even though the game looks sterile and very clean, it's definitely not for no-brainers. The puzzles get harder and harder, and there might come a point where you just decide to give up. I have certainly had moments like those. But the pacing is great, so the puzzles don't just start out easy and get hard immediately. It's a steady pace so everyone can come along.

    And I have not even mentioned multiplayer yet.

    The multiplayer is fantastic. With strangers, it's good. With friends, it's king! One of your mates (or a stranger), along with you take the roles of two robots that are sent through an unspeakable amount of test chambers and have to cooperate to get through them. Communicating is also easy, but it still has some hiccups here and there. Chat is available (press the T key on the PC) for those who wants to know.

    That's all what I have to say about the game. See ya!
  12. May 7, 2011
    Portal 2 expands on the amazing foundations of Portal and creates a rich environment and story to parallel it's innovative gameplay. I enjoyed almost everything about this game. I only wish there were more game modes/maps to keep me playing. I hope they do DLC.
  13. Apr 22, 2011
    amazing game! what was a small time puzzle game is now an awesome single player campaign/adventure. in a world where countless developers are bringing us console port trash at least we have valve to look up to still.
  14. Apr 21, 2011
    Great fun, great humor and great graphic quality, even with the old engine. The ''fluids'' are something that I've never seen before, and the havock works perfectly. I think this is a masterpiece, something different from standard gameplay, but still intuitive and easy to understand. Go on with this kind of innovative games, valve!

    Sorry for my bad English .
  15. May 14, 2011
    This is the PERFECT sequel, aside from Valve's other masterpiece sequel of which I don't even need to name. Everything that was awesome about Portal is here, only multiplied by ten. The puzzles are extraordinarily creative, and each new item to manipulate is more fun than the previous one. It's so rare to see a game have so many fun concepts that all work perfectly together. I think the one criticism that people are throwing at it is really unfair - that it's not original or it's too easy. This is baloney. Yes, it's not an entirely new concept, but it is packed to the brim with brilliant new ones and carries over just a few from the first game. It's much more diverse, there are more characters, there are fun plot twists...the list goes on. Since it does carry over a few concepts, some might say the game is too easy. But this is just a stupid point - if you have played the first one then you already know the solution to some of the sequels puzzles, and you are much more aware of the abstract ways to get to exits. It's not the developer's fault that they can't erase some of these standards from veteran's brains. If the first portal did not exist, this game would be labeled very difficult. There were times when I just sat back and thought through a puzzle, and the game would do this to me frequently over my 11 hour playthrough. I never once was completely stumped, as I was not in the first one. It's difficulty is just right. One last thing - the dialogue is fantastic and cannot be beat by any other game out there. The writing is just hilarious and the voice acting rises to meet this excellence. Don't hesitate to get this. I haven't even played Co-op yet but I have already had a good enough time to justify my purchase - and then some. Expand
  16. Apr 24, 2011
    Have only played the single player campaign. This is a very worthy sequel to the creative Portal 1. The core of the game is still solving puzzles, but they have added a number of new mechanics. The length is much longer, the storyline is better and the humor is even sharper than the original. The environment is improved beyond the sterile laboratory setting (although you'll still see plenty.) Voice acting by Ellen McClain, Stephen Merchant, and J.K. Simmons deliver some excellent and memorable lines.
    Cons: not much. The experiments occasionally become repetitive, while the new game mechanics- gels and light constructs- do not seem to be used to their full advantage. Level design outside the test chambers occasionally becomes confusing, a trade-off of Valve's tendency for realistic level design. Although you might get tired of the puzzles, this time around you'll keep playing for the dialogue and story.
  17. May 2, 2011
    I dont think i have ever played a game that makes me think really hard and have a blast playing it at the same time. i feel like the story is clever and the humor is a good addition to it and the gameplay is amazing i mean i know that valve is a group of smart people but there are SOOOOO MANY puzzels that are mind bending but you feel good when you finally figure it out. i would recommend this to people that are fans of valve or the first game or someone who just likes bending their wits end. This is one of the best games iv played out of the MANY MANY games i have played 10/10 Expand
  18. Apr 28, 2011
    Short review: hilarious one-liners make the game absolutely worth playing. Gameplay is as good as ever, co-op is a brain-bending blast, and characters are classic.
  19. Apr 26, 2011
    You MUST play Portal 1 before playing this. Puzzles are easier then in Portal 1, but few times you just think what you should do. Game is fun and voice acting is great. Sometimes this linear "tunnel running" feels really limited.
    Most annoying things in Portal 2 is: Too small levels, and constant loading screens. Also, why there is multiplayer skinning that cost several
    dollars/euros/pounds instantly! For this reason, you just can't think if this is just another "try-make-quick-money" scheme... Too bad.

    But if you want 5 to 7 hours of fun with small, not-too-hard puzzles. I recommend it! I do like Portal 2. Maybe it just need something more after playing thru? And I'm not talk about costly DLS's.
  20. Apr 20, 2011
    i can't help but think those who voted this game down simply did so because they either a) couldn't get through the game because the puzzles were too difficult and felt the need to punish valve for their own incompetence b) automatically dislike anything the general public likes because they view their own opinion as 'unique' only if it conflicts with everyone else, or c) are just plain crazy.

    this game was a BLAST. the puzzles were challenging, yet fun and rewarding. the story line was engrossing and entertaining. the humor was sadistic and ever-present, and the co-op made me LAUGH TILL I CRIED at the joy of sending teammates to their untimely deaths at the hands of the game's deadly environs. was it short? a bit, but this game was an experience worthy of valve's reputation for quality, and definitely worth the $50. if you have the patience and mental faculties to wrap your mind around game play mechanics not found in any other game to solve some very interesting and challenging puzzles, and you just love good games, buy this one. if you don't like it, refer to my first statement.
  21. Apr 29, 2011
    absolutely awesome everyone must buy! best game out on ps3 this year! 'nuf said.. to begin with the story is all u'd expect from valve with quirky humour and great writing, the puzzles are hard and the multiplayer is awesome. what is not to like? this game is a MUST BUY, it is absolutely awesome!!!! :)
  22. Apr 20, 2011
    Full disclaimer: I'm only about an hour in, but I've already realized that Portal 2 is everything that was great about the first game and then some. It's got incredible dialogue, challening puzzles and a certain charm to it that just isn't found in a lot of other games. Yes, the graphics aren't the selling point here (what Valve game sells itself on graphics anyway) but the gameplay is phenomenal. Highly recommended for fans of the puzzle genre. Expand
  23. Apr 21, 2011
    Great puzzle game and great characters. It took me about 8 hours to beat the single player story and I didn't really get stuck anywhere. The puzzles are generally pretty easy if you're familiar with the mindset of how a portal works from the first game. They did introduce some new mechanics with "gels" which stick to surfaces and have modify the surfaces to have special properties. If you're wary of the $49.99 price tag (Steam) because you've never played portal before, I'd suggest picking up the Portal 1 first. If you have played the first portal, I suspect you'll have a similar opinion as you did for the first one because it plays almost the same. I haven't played the co-op mode yet (and probably won't), but the single-player story might get one more playthrough. Also Stephen Merchant is hilarious. Expand
  24. Apr 20, 2011
    Portal 2 is the perfect sequel to a much beloved game. Valve has built and expanded upon what made Portal such a great experience. The added puzzle elements get you to think in new ways. The music is an experience all in it self, I will be getting a soundtrack asap. The script has the same dark sense of humor that made Portal such a comical joy to play. I have heard complaints about the length of the game. Portal 2 is NOT a 4 hour game, I have heard an average of 6 - 8 hours plus the co-op which should add an extra 3 -4 hours that is at least on par with most action games I have played. The quality of the game is outstanding and I think people have lost a appreciation for quality and instead are judging games on $ to gameplay ratio. If we are going to start doing this everybody may as well just stop buying games and play WOW. Expand
  25. Apr 20, 2011
    Simply put, this game is excellent and exactly what was promised. The original Portal made us think about our games in a new way. This game doesn't aim to do the same, but to build on this framework and bring it up to the next level. The Portal universe has been expanded and refined to create a much longer and richly storied world than its predecessor. There are a lot of complaints being lobbed (like you might a potato!) at Valve and most of them are just plain unreasonable and unjustified.

    The game is very well paced and seems similar in length to any other FPS style game. As of writing this I'm about 4 hours in and I would be shocked if everything gets wrapped up in the next 30 minutes to an hour of playtime. Anyone finishing it in 4 hours is truly not paying any attention to the absolutely stunning world the game takes place in. There are countless hidden areas to find and the care and love that went into building this expanded universe is obvious.

    The pre-launch campaign was brilliant and funny (and completely optional). Many of complaining that they wasted their time and money to only expedite the launch by a few hours. The full retail value of the Potato Sack on Steam was nearly $200 and you were able to buy it for less than a quarter of that. I already own several of the games but I jumped on that deal solely for what it was: a great deal for a bunch of great games. Not to mention you are supporting small and indie developers with your purchase. As for the time wasted playing the games to speed up the launch: We were helping to reboot Glados, did you honestly expect her to keep her word entirely? [This is probably one of the best and most widely executed April Fool's jokes I've seen and I loved it]

    Day 1 DLC - Is entirely cosmetic for co-op mode. Again, if you don't want it then don't buy it. Valve is simply supplying a subset of their customer base with things they love... Hats! I don't see how people can be angry about this, how is it any different than buying hats for Team Fortress 2?

    Who cares if this is a console port? I'm running the game on max settings. It looks gorgeous and plays like a dream. If it is a console port then every other company that tries to port to a PC needs to talk to Valve and figure out how to do it this well.

    The bottom line is that this is an amazing next step in the evolution of the Portal universe. The game play is smart, the world is beautiful, the dialogue is funny and amazingly voiced. I won't go so far as to say this is the best game ever, but it is a great game. Valve as always delivers an incredibly well polished game that meets or exceeds expectations on every level. I strongly urge you to pick up this title. Enjoy the scenery, the dialogue and the experience. You won't be disappointed.
  26. Apr 20, 2011
    Ok, i'm going to try and keep this as brief as possible: 1) everyone giving this game a low score is a troll, don't listen to them. 2) graphics are amazing 3) sound design is the best i've seen in a while 4) campaign is short, but has so much gameplay packed into it 5) co-op is amazingly fun 6) end credits song = best credits ever 7) it is a HILLARIOUS game 8) directed to the troll reviewers out there. if you don't want to pay to customise your robot, then don't customise your robot. Expand
  27. Apr 20, 2011
    Portal 2 was an amazing game, a lot better than first Portal. I had lots of fun while playing it, it could have been slightly longer tho, but i guess considering how the story went, if it was any longer, it would have probably just dragged the story on too much. Quality over quantity in this case.
    Ive spend over 14h in the game already and its still fun to play.
    Music in the game was
    awesome and fit it very well (and ending song was even better than Still Alive).
    Dialog was funny and characters had nice personalities.. i mean, even co-op _robots_ have more personality than characters in most games nowdays.

    Also everyone else who wants to review the game with negative feedback..please stop bringing the ARG to the reviews you idiots, the ARG is not Portal 2 so you dont need to goddamn review it.

    Also unlike what many rage reviewers say, Portal 2 is nowhere near a console port.
  28. Apr 20, 2011
    Once again Valve has created a great game. Once again many of its "fans" are whiny and dont understand the concept of the game. If you dont like the game because it is only 6-8 hours long singleplayer and you cant find a friend to co-op with, or because you genuinely dont like the amazing voice acting, or the graphics (that while not top of the line, are not bad either.) then that is fine. But dont like to other fans. Expand
  29. Apr 20, 2011
    Wonderful story, beautiful dialog, stunning gameplay. It all adds up to be a perfect game, because of one small small detail. The store. Unless valve have big plans for new Co-Op maps and features the shop serves little purpose. However as with TF2 (to start with) the cosmetic addons serve no purpose than making you look stupid. This game is one of my all time favourites, and it only game out yesterday! I'm in love. Will be playing many more times. I would give the game 98% or a 10/10 Expand
  30. Apr 20, 2011
    Portal 2 is amazing. Great story, great humour, fantastic visuals (even more so considering the age of the Source engine) and all in all, pretty much perfect. My only problem was the number of loading screens. I would've preferred loading to happen in the lifts with amusing commentary to keep me company, but whatever.

    Now, on to those so called issues people are giving the game low scores
    for: - Day 1 DLC? So what? It's totally non-essential and A BIT OF FUN in what is a LIGHT HEARTED COMEDY game. Don't like it? Don't buy it. Don't complain. Idiot. - Short game? Took me around 7 - 8 hours. I didn't treat it as a race so I could brag to people how much of a geek I am. I took in all the lines of dialogue and did some exploration. Only about 3 of the puzzles really challenged me, but they were mostly down to me overcomplicating things in my head. - The ARG/Potatosack/early release really have NOTHING to do with the game. If all that was a problem for you, take it up with Valve.

  31. Apr 20, 2011
    Very solid game. All of what you expect from Portal specifically and Valve in general is there. Only weak parts for me was a particular chapter toward the middle-end of game involving the founder of Aperature Science. But that "weakness" was minor mostly a taste issue. My breakdown:

    Graphics: Source is aging exceptionally well, no weakness here. Gameplay: Riffs around the same
    theme from the original Portal. This is a good thing
    Plot/dialog: Best in class.
    Time to play single player: For me (I grind, don't rush, explore every nook and cranny): 8+ hours
    Time for co-op: TBD, havent done it yet, plan to this week-end
  32. Apr 20, 2011
    It seems that nearly all of the reviews that rate Portal 2 a 0-3 quote that the game only lasts 4 hours. This is an inaccurate report, these reviewers must be trolls and these reviews should be removed from Metacritic's Portal 2 review sight.
  33. Apr 20, 2011
    First of all I would like to make it clear to those who aren't sure, yes you do HAVE to play Portal before Portal 2! it continues the story and further explores the unique universe introduced in the first game, if you skip it not only do you deny yourself the full dramatic effect of Portal 2, but also COMPLETELY ruin the first game and it's amazing plot twists. Portal 1 is amazing, a great introduction to portal mechanics, very short, very cheap and lots of people on Steam have gift copies anyway â Expand
  34. Apr 20, 2011
    I felt the need to make an account to say that despite what all the crazies say, this game is phenomenal. I haven't made it all the way through yet and it's already worth the 60 bucks I shelled out for it. The game is beautiful, the story intriguing, and the writing is leaps and bounds better than in the original. It's a game far better than I had imagined, and the expectations were high. High five, Portal 2. Expand
  35. Apr 20, 2011
    Portal 2 is an excellent sequel to the already excellent original version. Even though the start was kind of confusing at first, I quickly rolled into the story and got dragged along with it in all its amazing plot-twists and hilarious dialogues. I finished the single-player mode and I have yet to play co-op but I can already say it is truly amazing.
  36. Apr 22, 2011
    To help your enjoyment of this review, smooth jazz will be deployed mentally in 3... 2... 1... As somebody who has been playing video and computer games for fifteen years I'm rarely impressed by anything these days, but Portal 2 has been an experience like few others. The pacing of the game is exemplary and the writing had me laughing from start to finish. When the game begins by telling you what the buttons do it's already deploying its trademark humor, and every character in the game is entertaining in their own way. The animation of all the mechanical elements often reminds one of Pixar movies, as do many scripted parts in their execution.

    There are two areas of criticism that this game gets: graphics and length. The graphics aren't as mind-blowing as the rest of the game, but they're not noticeably dated unless you go looking for faults, which can be found in every game. I can't share the complaints about length - Portal 2 has been the best eight hours of gaming I've ever experienced. (Steam under-reports it at only 5h for me - that's probably where a lot of the complaints are coming from...) It doesn't have the length of an open-world game, but it also doesn't have empty traveling and frequent repetition that these games suffer.
  37. Apr 21, 2011
    I must say that at first I was scared for the duration of the game. It is well known that first made â
  38. Apr 20, 2011
    Definitely Valves best ever game. It uses Portals innovations and genius ideas and expands upon them. Portal looks like a mere test bed now in comparison. Lots of great new features to play around with and a truly compelling storyline. Graphically superior to the original in all aspects. Fantastic voice acting for all the characters, all of which are well developed and have their own distinct personalities. The singleplayer is now 6-8 hours long and takes you through the immense facility that is Aperture Laboratories, showing you varying aspects in the companies development over the years while providing you with unique and mind-boggling tests and levels to solve.

    Co-op takes place after singleplayer, and is still very enjoyable. It also takes you through Apertures Labs as you work together under the beady watch of GLaDOS. It includes a simple and easy to use 'Ping' tool for informing your partner, and gestures that can be performed.
    Ignore the negative reviews. This is a true masterpiece on a huge scale. Funny, clever, mindbending - it is an experience you will never forget.
  39. Apr 20, 2011
    Easily one of Valves best efforts yet; Portal 2 does the impossible by vaulting over the insanely high bar set by the original game.

    The puzzles and humor remain strong as ever, if not stronger -- but this time adding unnecessary, yet surprisingly well-executed character depth to GLaDOS and fleshing out a little more about Aperture Labs, itself. Complaints about the length of the single
    player campaign can be easily dismissed, clocking in at seven to nine hours, assuming you possess the skillset to conquer the "science" being done in both the proper test chambers, and elsewhere throughout the facility. While initially I winced upon seeing the Portal sequel copy the "Team Fortress 2" model of in-game purchasable cosmetic $DLC for co-op play, the store is completely optional, and in no way affects the gameplay and story of the title. (In fact, it's trivial to simply dismiss the store entirely: you would miss absolutely nothing, except perhaps leaving you wondering why your random co-op robot partner is wearing a large pair of glasses.) If anything, the presence of the store suggests strongly that Valve probably has plans for Portal 2 far beyond the initial batch of co-op maps. If Team Fortress 2 and the L4D series are anything to go by, we may be willing test subjects for a long, long time. Expand
  40. Apr 20, 2011
    I will join the chorus saying that a lot of the most common complaints about this game are exaggerated, if not outright false. I can understand that many were disappointed in some things, but it's hard to believe that many truly mean the incredibly low scores they have given the game.

    To give a short, spoiler-free review and recommendation I would say this: The game is great. The writing,
    humor, puzzles, new physics elements, characters, voice work and graphics are all very nicely done. I believe that anyone who enjoyed playing the first game will greatly enjoy the time spent playing the second game.

    But is it worth the price tag? That's the real question here - because the complaints about the length of the game do have some meat to them. The game isn't very long. Though it seems that Steam's timer is broken and it reports shorter playtime than what people have actually been putting in, you can still finish it in about 7-9 hours, depending on how quick you are in solving puzzles. If you have someone to play with you can add a few hours to that for co-op. And if you (like me) are crazy about Valve's excellent Director's Commentary, another couple of hours of enjoyment to go around listening to that.

    All in all not a super short game (certainly not a mini-game like some reviews have called it) but it can definitely seem on the short side for the price tag. I don't think a game should be counted purely in hours though - the quality is definitely high in Portal 2's playtime, even if the quantity is a bit on the low side. Valve has as usual spent a lot of time and effort on playtesting, giving us an experience that is thoroughly refined. This is something I will always value higher than churning out as many levels/puzzles/maps as possible before release day.

    So if you're like me and enjoy a high quality experience and have the money to spare, I do recommend it. If you feel that a full-price game needs to be longer to be worth it, I don't hesitate in recommending you to rather buy another, longer game now. As we all very well know, any game on Steam is liable to experience a huge drop in price at a sale sooner or later, so if you think the price tag is too high I'm certain that a lower price tag is waiting for you.

    Now, regarding some of the other complaints in other reviews:

    1) "In-game store is just inflating the price even higher!": Yes, Valve is selling useless DLC-content in an in-game store, just like they do in TF2. And just like in TF2 you are perfectly free to ignore that content. I will certainly not spend any money on it and you don't have to either - so the people tallying the DLC-content into the cost of the game are frankly just being silly.

    2) "It's a worthless console port!": This was a complaint I was really surprised at. I was counting on people complaining about the price, length and store - but I do not get the idea that the PC/Mac-versions are bad console ports. The computer gaming market has (most unfortunately) been flooded with bad console ports of games for a long time now, and this really doesn't feel like one. Bad console ports are usually plagued by three things: Bad controls, stupid systems to save your game and sometimes really bad graphics. I do not see any of that in Portal 2. The graphics are, in my opinion, superb. The controls are just like the controls in any other Valve-FPS, not the crappy "gamepad oriented" controls we see in bad console ports. And you can save where you want, there is even a quicksave-button and none of those outdated checkpoint-systems that often plague console games. 3) "Argh, the stupid ARG was stupid and expensive too!": The complaints about Valve's pre-release-thing (with the whole Alternate Reality Game and indie-game-pack) are mostly nonsensical as well. Many say that the "potato hunt" and everything was just a silly marketing stunt. Which should only merit the response "Well, duh, what did you think?" Of course it was a marketing stunt! But it was also a fun event. A lot of us fans of strange indie-games already owned some of the games involved in the stunt and got some extra content and extra challenges to do, plus there was a huge sale on some great games. All in all a fun time to play games with some added challenges and collaborate for the silly project of getting Portal 2 released a few hours early. If you don't like that sort of thing you were not in any way, shape or form forced to participate, but I had a lot of fun.

    Some people are again adding to the price tag of the game, including the indie games from the "potato sack" in the price for Portal 2 - which is again just silly. You were not required to buy them and if you did buy them without wanting them you have nobody to blame but yourself. I for one bought the ones that I already wanted, and enjoyed the discount - so no extra money spent there.
  41. Apr 20, 2011
    Money well spent, truly enjoyed the entire game. The co-op just made everything a lot more fun, especially if you play it with a friend. Valve really outdid themselves!
  42. Apr 20, 2011
    This review is meant for those who waited to see the reaction before buying this game. Coming from a dedicated PC gamer who has played a large assortment of games of every type, I will tell you that Portal 2 is something special. Where the first game taught us to think with portals, this game perfects the original formula, and also gives players a new set of testing mechanics. Through it all, Portal 2 is the most polished PC game I have ever played, and manages to look amazing while continuing the snarky, funny, amazing storyline that was set up by its predecessor.

    Reasons to Play:

    Story: Aperture Science has changed, but Valve's commitment to immersive gaming remains at the forefront.
    Dialog: Following an act like Glados was a hard thing to do. No game could really have matched the original game, but the successor appropriately followed it up, and drove home the fact that you never left Aperture Science, and that they are still the strange, hilarious, OSHA violating people you knew and loved, and their announcements still show it handily.
    GFX: Portal was pretty in its own way, but a limited team and limited time translated to limited resources to work with, so complaints of monotony arose. There is no such problem here. Aperture Science looks wonderful, in its own crumbling, disastrous way. In my opinion, a decrepit research facility has never looked more beautiful.

    Addressing complaints:
    Length: The single player campaign lasted me 8 hours, and should easily last most people at least 7. That is the single player section of the game, and I have yet to try Cooperative. That's the length of the original several times over, yet people are complaining loudly about this. Part of the reason, and my reason to laugh at people like this, is addressed in the next section.
    Price: At $45 Steam preorder, Portal 2 wasn't a cheap game. Still, there are several things that should be noted here. Take the original Modern Warfare. It took me 5 hours my first playthrough, and yet it sold for pretty much the same price as far as I remember, and no one complained as loudly or unjustly as people have here. In the end, Portal 2 is not as long as something like Half-Life 2, but keep in mind, few people actually do make games of that length. Guess which company is one of the few who have done so lately? Valve, right...

    Buy Portal 2. If $50 is asking a bit much, wait for December. If Valve follows their pattern (ie, L4D, L4D2), it will probably drop to $20 semipermanently around that point. Of course, by then it will probably be hopelessly spoiled for you... At any rate, it's worth it.
  43. Apr 20, 2011
    To me Portal 2 was great! Single player had a great storyline and a nice little twist. I am a big fan of Adventure, Action and storyline games! Multilayer will really tests you and your friends hard when it comes to some challenges.
  44. Apr 20, 2011
    All I can say is that Portal 2 is a very pleasurable game to play! It's funny,challenging(sometimes easy).
    But I thank valve for not making it a low quality console game port for PC gamers! I don't regret buying this game. And the fact that Valve will release mods tools for it will make this game more amazing!

    Portal 2 is a breath of fresh air in an industry full of call of duty wanna
    be's & gives us a FPS that's completely different from anything else!! A Puzzle shooter..

    Also why are people mentioning Dragon Lame 2? When The Witcher 2 will stomp it on may 17th?

    Valve knows how to make a fun game that is why Dota 2 get's me excited!

    But anyway no game is perfect but Portal 2 is good in my book! I'll give it a great score..
  45. Apr 20, 2011
    This game is, unlike what many say, a fantastic game. Maybe its sort. Nah. This game is 12-20 hours long if you count the coop. I completed games just as quickly and more costly. Plus for the game it is and the storyline its perfect. The only way they could make the game longer is way more test chambers. Then it would be repetitive and not as good. Then the difficulty is also all right. Not too hard not too easy. Players of the first Portal will find most of it easy but im sure VALVe will do something for us there. Coop is also very nice. There isn't a single chamber that you can solve alone. Maybe only one has to place Portals sometimes but your partner will need to do something else to clear a chamber. About the Store I have no problems with it. It doesn't affect game play after all. Plus im sure that is not the DLC VALVe was talking about. Im sure we will get more test chambers (especially for players of first Portal that taught that Portal 2 was easy) in the future for free. And don't forget we are still waiting for the SDK to make our own maps. The story is just comical and awesome. Plus a few plot twists here and there. I however give this 9/10 since they just had to give us TF2 Hats to ruin the art style... Expand
  46. Apr 20, 2011
    This is a great game with hilarious dialog. The DLC is all of non game changing value. It's simply cosmetic and there's absolutely no reason to get upset over it.

    I enjoyed every second of play I had with this game and will continue to enjoy it as I did the original Portal.
  47. Apr 20, 2011
    Well thought out sequel to an amazing sneak classic. Well worth the Portal name and the polish put into this game shows. From the beginning levels to the later chapters, the game is well thought out. The attention to detail in guiding newer players through the levels as the difficulty slowly increases is superb. Indie Game devs, take note. The game weighs in at a fair 6~7 hours of play time. The real enjoyment for Co-Op lovers is the multiplayer mode. I can certainly see the current puzzles growing old, but there is obviously room for additional levels to be created and added at a later date.

    Overall, well constructed game. The music, dialogue and level design are all put together well. This game certainly hasn't run away with it's own success. It acknowledges and grasps the 'test, we'll see' style of the original game.
  48. Apr 20, 2011
    Probably the greatest game, but then again maybe not. It is definitely a well crafted and finished product, unlike most of the other crap that comes out nowadays.
  49. Apr 20, 2011
    Portal 2 is one of the best gaming experiences I've had in quite some time. I was a huge fan of the original Portal and have played through the campaign at least ten times through. I just finished the single-player story today and I could not be happier. The atmosphere and environments are wonderfully done, and will run well on plenty of machines (the game's engine is wonderfully optimized). The new voice work by Stephen Merchant and JK Simmons, plus the return of Ellen McLaine as GLaDOS, is absolutely astounding and the dialogue is hilarious and entertaining. The story is full of unexpected (and quite enjoyable) twists and turns. Even if you have seen the end videos, you'll be completely thrown by the progression of the story at times. The promise of more thought-based puzzles and less "ninja-portal placement" is delivered for sure. And while I enjoyed it thoroughly, some people may miss the old "ninja portal" puzzles.

    Co-op is wonderfully done as well. The ping tool is a marvelous tool that has infinite use, even when playing with microphone. The gesture system is fun and intuitive and hard not to play with. The story isn't as strong in co-op, but lots of funny dialogue remains. But this being coop, more focus is expected on the teamwork, and it's not to say story is neglected, just much less emphasized. That being said, the great atmospheres carry over, and co-op is tons of fun. For the Co-Op Bot Store, people need to realize that it's all cosmetic items. They're kinda pricey, yes, but it doesn't have any bearing on the gameplay at all, and many items are unlocked through achievements and gameplay itself. I only had a couple gripes with Portal 2, and they're minor at best:
    1) Loading screens galore in the test chamber levels. Perhaps they are the reason for the terrific engine performance, but I was taken aback by the number of load screens, even coming after very short sections.
    2) No "advanced map" section. I was really hoping to see the return of Challenge and Advanced maps like in Portal 1, as they offer a huge replay value. And although they are to be released in an upcoming DLC (which will be free), it was kind of a let down to see them missing from the games release.
    3) Some options, such as Portal Glow and Help Pop-ups aren't options accessible in the main menu, and must be accessed via the developers console.

    All that in regards though, this is still a wonderfully made game, and is going to be a wildly entertaining experience for anyone who picks it up.
  50. Apr 20, 2011
    Valve tweaks Portal's minimalist formula to deliver a full blown epic with a story filled with betrayal, dark humor, human emotion from robots, some shocking character revelations and genuine fun. All the while, the game's central mechanic remains as engaging as ever thanks to the introduction of some new puzzle mechanics such as tractor beams, light bridges, lasers and fling plates.

    game looks absolutely beautiful. Valve's Source engine shines here, as GLaDOS rebuilds test chambers before your eyes. Debris falls realistically, the animations are eye catching as panels rearrange themselves, and as always the textures are wonderfully crafted. In Portal, we got to see the inner workings of Aperture Science's Testing Facility - a labyrinth of pipes, pistons and concrete. It made for very evocative atmospheric conditions, but in Portal 2 Valve outdoes themselves. The game takes place far in the future, and the run down Aperture Science facilities are exposed as giant rectangular structures in the center of a vast, vast abyss beneath the ground. This is one of the most visually breathtaking sights in any video game today.

    One of Portal's greatest strengths was its writing. The silent protagonist is a long accepted gaming axiom, and Valve does not deviate here or in the original, so the spotlight is on the sadistic AI who serves as the test coordinator, GLaDOS. Every line she speaks dripping with sardonic, dark humor, GLaDOS constantly references the player's murder of her at the end of the original game, but always is willing to put the past behind them. For science. You monster. There is a lot more than just GLaDOS here, though. A cheery little AI named Wheatley - voiced by the wonderful Stephen Merchant - provides an excellent sidekick, with a very clumsy quality to him that makes him rather endearing. In one of the game's greatest segments, the player travels to Aperture's old test chambers from the 70s and is guided by the recorded voice of Cave Johnson, Aperture's late founder and CEO. Johnson is voiced by the unmatched J.K. Simmons, who breathes life into the recordings to rival even GLaDOS. While all three characters pull off wonderful moments of humor, the game really shines in its character development. The way the three interact with each other - and, more importantly, the player - creates a surprisingly emotional series of events. The grand finale left me genuinely sad, for instance, and a number of the plot twists left me stunned. GLaDOS once again steals the show. I won't spoil how, but suffice to say a grand deal of backstory and development is pumped into the AI through the course of the game.

    Now to the main event - the puzzles! Portal was one of the most innovative platformers, and Portal 2 does not disappoint in the least. Some of the early levels are clones of the initial levels we played in Portal, and it takes no time at all to get reacquainted with the Portal Gun. The basic mechanics are the same, which is good, since the game throws new mechanics at us almost instantly. The MVP here are the gels - three paint-like substances that have special powers. Blue paint ("Repulsion Gel") makes one jump and bounce higher when landing on it, red paint makes one run faster across it, and white paint allows one to put portals on any surface covered in it. The three make for some truly intriguing puzzles that make for wonderful new test chambers.

    In addition to gels, we have lasers. Lasers are the spiritual successor to the energy balls from the original game (which are, regrettably, absent). They can be redirected with special cubes into power receptors that activate power lines. Light bridges provide impenetrable fences against turrets as well as a surface upon which to walk. Tractor beams do exactly what they sound like they should do, and can be directed with portals for some interesting platforming.

    The chambers are innovative and a number had me stumped for an hour or more at times. The single player can probably be completed within seven hours for a truly dedicated gamer trying to get to the end, but I spent a good eleven hours playing it and listening to all the dialogue. There is also a wonderfully inventive co-op campaign that words cannot do justice - it must be experienced.

    Portal 2 is one of the greatest games ever released, and a must have for fans of the original, fans of platformers, and gamers in general.
  51. Apr 20, 2011
    I'd like to start out by saying that I signed up on this website just to do this. Anyone who can rate the game anything not in the green zone must have a brain tumor, I signed up on this site specifically to write this review. This game is a game worth fighting for, and for the 40$ that I paid for it (Pre-Purchased, two pack) It was way worth the money. They could've milked me for twice that because the game was way worth it. If you are looking for a fun, exciting, challenging and amazing game then Portal 2 is right down your alley. Expand
  52. Apr 20, 2011
    Very interesting plot-wise, and the amount of in-game content has dramatically risen while keeping the same high levels of quality. The comedy is quite nice too, as is the final song during the credits.
  53. Apr 20, 2011
    consists of excellent and thought provoking gameplay and also has some funny dialogue. it's a great game! i look forward to more content from valve, and hopefully some user made maps as well.
  54. Apr 20, 2011
    This game is awesome. Really, ignore these BS trolling reviews. This game is, by far, the best release of 2011. I am seriously in love with the COOP. I had the most fun in the multiplayer with my friend. So creative, innovative and fun. I typically don't review games on metacritic, but this game deserves a review way higher than a 7.6 (the freaking trolls are annoying). Also, this game has no DLC, it has items that HAS NO EFFECT ON GAMEPLAY that you can purchase). BUY IT. Expand
  55. Apr 20, 2011
    Portal 2 is a perfect extension of the original. More levels, more interactivity, more surprises, more history. The main campaign is a blast, and the co-op is unforgettable. Yes there is costumes you can buy (who cares?) for co-op, but all the real content is there in the game, and the game itself is a blast.

    No complaints. Seriously.
  56. Apr 20, 2011
    Great game. 10+ hours of game play total and with SDK coming in there will be a whole more levels to play. Everything I have expected from Valve and more. It's fun exploring the levels and finding hidden stuff.
    FACT: DLC doesn't mean purely cosmetic items such as skins. If you believe this, you're retarded. FACT: You don't have to buy any COSMETIC items, they in no way affect the game.
  57. Apr 20, 2011
    They aren't trolling.

    This may be hard to believe, but they are actually people on /v/ and abroad the internet who believe what they're saying when they write 0 star reviews complaining about minor things like a store for optional, cosmetic, (in-game unlockable) skins and hats for robots. The opinions you're seeing here aren't a result of a "raid" but rather some legitimately deluded
    individuals who are allowing themselves to see only the negative parts of an otherwise nearly flawless game.

    I'm not going to come here to praise the game, if you want that then just go read a professional review. I'm instead going to address the particular "issues" that these certain individuals have had, and give my own responses.

    The biggest issue people seem to be having is with the so-called "DLC Store". This was something first seen in Team Fortress 2, where it stirred up nearly as much controversy.
    I'm not going to say I agree with it, because I don't. I will not be buying anything from there, and I would have preferred if Valve had not included it. This is part of the reason that I'm giving the game a 9 instead of a perfect 10. However, its inclusion did nothing to ruin my enjoyment of the game. Some people have said "The game immediately tries to suck you in to the store, and constantly reminds you of it". Well, I'm sorry, you must have played a different version than I did because I wasn't even -aware- of the Store's existence until I beat the game and poked around the menus. The store might be a big deal for me if it was selling, say, maps, or different game modes, or anything that would actually impact the gameplay. But that's not the case; in fact the store sells cosmetic hats and skins for your robots in co-op mode, all of which can be unlocked simply by playing the co-op mode in the first place. The store is only going to appeal to people with a large amount of disposable income, a group which I (and likely most people playing this) am not a part of, and therefore am not in the least bit concerned amount.

    The next complaint I've heard about most, is that the game is too short. That's closer to a fair argument, the game costs a full $49.99 on PC, which while not the price for your yearly Call of Duty title, is still a pretty hefty fee. But consider that I played the singleplayer campaign at a normal pace (that is, I explored every room, listened to all the dialogue, and got stuck once or twice on certain puzzles) and it took me exactly 6 hours in one sitting to beat it. That's not too long, but by the end of it I was getting pretty tired with the puzzles, if the game had dragged on for another 6 hours I probably would have gotten sick of it. Quality over quantity, my friends. I'd prefer 6 hours of exceptional entertainment over 12+ hours of mediocre, repetitive puzzles.
    Then there's the co-op campaign, which I have yet to play I must admit. However, from what I've heard it takes about the same length of time, depending on how skilled you and/or your partner are. So in total you're getting about 12 hours of unique content. That's longer than Half-Life 2, and nobody called that a short game. In fact, I think 6 hours is about as long as Half-Life 2 was for me.

    Finally, the last major complaint is about the ARG and people feeling like they were cheated with the "early release" Okay, I'll kind of agree with this one. I haven't been following the ARG myself, I leave that to the Internet Detectives who actually comprehend decoding radio signals and all that stuff. So, I can't really comment on the quality of that particular issue.
    As for the Potato Sack debacle and the not-so-early release, well.. I half agree. First of all, nobody forced anybody to buy those games. As well, a lot of people are complaining that "all that hard work we put into those games didn't pay off!".... You're joking, right? Have we fallen so far as a civilization that -PLAYING VIDEO GAMES- is considered work? Are you serious? I can't even begin to take that criticism serious.
    What I can relate to, is the disappointment over the release date. I'll agree, Valve made it seem as though playing those games would give us a much earlier release, more on the manner of days than hours. So I can understand people feeling cheated after paying for the games mostly for the result of getting Portal 2 out early, and yet not getting it in return, or at least not to the extent that they wanted. I'm willing to give Valve the benefit of the doubt, that they thought GLaDOS@Home would fill up quicker than she did, and actually wanted the game to release a few days earlier, but, still. A little disappointing.

    In summary, just play the damn campaign. It's miles better than the original, which was a solid A+ game. You don't need me to tell you this.

    To /v/ in particular, listen: I understand that we're still on the hate bandwagon after Dragon Age II, but I'd expect more from my comrades. You're making us look bad.
  58. Apr 20, 2011
    Fantastic game, all that I expected and more. Finished both singleplayer and multiplayer, and both were tons of fun. Only thing missing are some bonus/challenge maps like the first game.
  59. Apr 20, 2011
    Ignore the idiots who say this game is bad. Valve has put its video game magic to work again. Portal 2 is a fantastic game, elaborating on Portal's original brilliance. With a longer solo mode and a new co-op mode, it's well worth the price. Bring along excellent voice acting, the usual Portal humor (Along with some newer jokes), a "new" setting, and new gameplay mechanics (Gotta love those gels) and you have a fantastic game. Also, with Steam integration on PS3, cross platform gaming comes in (Sorry Xbox 360, maybe sometime in the future) to add further interest. And now, to address those people with the negative reviews: you don't have to buy the DLC, the solo game takes maybe 8 hours, and co-op takes maybe 5 hours, and who cares about the early release? It's a great game, and you get some pretty slick games anyways. Regardless of all the trolls, I think Portal 2 is on its way to Game of the Year, and it deserves the awesome reviews from the critics. Keep on going, Valve! Expand
  60. Apr 20, 2011
    I literally just made a metacritc account so I can reveiw this game. I'm sick of the crap reveiws. IMHO Portal 2 is fun-as-hell and definitely worth what I paid for it. - Single player is super enjoyable and I know I will replay it to find all the easter eggs.
    - Co-op is exactly what I hoped it would be. Fleshed out, long, fun and innovative.
    - I don't understand why everyone is mad about
    the "hat shop". All that stuff can be earned. For free. FREE. - Surprisingly still as funny as the first. I expected it to lose a bit of it's charm, but it pleasantly surprised me

    Ignore the trolls. Get this game.
  61. Apr 20, 2011
    Best game ever. If Portal was an Independent art house film then Portal 2 is a big budget Hollywood summer blockbuster (but without the artistic compromise)
  62. Apr 20, 2011
    This game is almost perfection incarnate. It is so densely packed with lovingly crafted environments, biting- laugh out loud humor, and challenging puzzle. It is easy to miss the entire context of the game as you rush from one puzzle to the next. On one particular level I heard a strange tonal beat that was almost a direct replication of Star Trek the motion picture, Vger is coming home indeed.

    Everything a sequel should be, it's fun and irreverent, self referential and completely original.

    Mild irritation:
    I didn't like the paint so much, it doesn't fit with the mechanics of the world, IE - it fails to to keep with the limited resource theme of 1 cube - 1 button and it isn't mechanical in nature. It would have been far more fitting to give us the gravity gun with limited pieces of acceleration tracks to lay down. It would have fit the theme far better.

    So I thought I would point a few of the homages that I noticed in this game:
    Star Trek TMP- Music
    Cube - environments with homicidal tendencies
    HAL- obvious
    Bioshock - (maybe a mild spoiler )Cave Johnson
    Halflife- walking on pipes was like being back in Black Mesa, and the lovable headcrab sound is back.
    Zork Grand Inquisitor- the Wheatley character makes a nice lantern for exploring the underground.
    Silent Hill- Same mechanic with wheatley, a few seconds later,
    Mario- plumber pipes and the paint.
    TF2- All the wall posters.
    and so much more...
  63. Apr 20, 2011
    To put it simply, Portal 2 is and will be the BEST puzzle game of the entire year. What Valve has done with portal 2 is a thing of beauty. Not only have they captured that same feeling of accomplish and "woah that was awesome" from the first game, they have managed to make it seam completely fresh and new even to a veteran portal player like me. By adding in extra features, that at first glance could seem not much different when compared to the first game, they have added immensely to the experience and combine that with the funniest characters ive seen in a game in a LONG time and the hated but at the same time loved antagonist "GLaDOS", you have the recipe of an outstanding game. Oh! did i also mention that Portal 2 includes a fully fledged Co-op Campaign with its own separate storyline? Its a blast when you and a buddy are playing side by side solving the puzzle chambers. Its even more satisfying because the addition of two more portals makes every puzzle chamber an even tougher exercise that makes you and your buddy shout "YES!" after you solved the seemingly impossible task that was set to you. Bottom line? Its everything you wanted from the first game and a whole lot more and if you're new to the series then your experience with portal 2 will stay with you forever. 10/10 Expand
  64. Apr 20, 2011
    A perfect extension of the first game. The story dives (literally) into the history of Aperture Science, and the plot ties things up nicely, if not a little predictably. Chekov not only left his gun lying around, but his whole kitchen (including the sink). The puzzles and the gameplay are challenging, but not impossible, as the game does a good job of teaching you how to play as you play. I'm hoping with the DLC that Valve will release more levels, both single-player and co-op. Expand
  65. Apr 20, 2011
    I'm glad to have purchased this game. Valve have stepped up to the challenge of making a follow-up to Portal, and have done exceptionally well. I got about 7 hours of play time our of my first run-through, and will be playing through again to pick up some achievements and find some easter-eggs that I may have missed on my first time through. As far as the DLC goes, I'm all for the DLC that doesn't affect my gameplay if I don't buy it. As I have a limited gaming budget, and can maybe buy three games a year, as opposed to the 4 or 5 a month some people seem to go through, I am firmly of the opinion that gameplay DLC should be free, or at least below my threshold of pain for entertainment purchases (about $5). As the current DLC store for Portal 2 is just cosmetic mods to player-characters, I have no problems with the way it's set up.

    I was a little disappointed that I didn't see any of the advanced chambers from the promotional videos. I'll give it another playthrough and see if I just missed something.

    All in all, well worth the $50 I spent on it. It'll satisfy my gaming itch for some time!
  66. Apr 20, 2011
    Going into the sequel of one of the greatest, most clever games ever made, I was ready to be accepting but still expected a great game. Dealing with expectations, Valve had to both continue the Portal tradition, keeping everything that made the first game great, while also bringing to life a completely new game that wouldn't seem copied. With a beautiful makeover, original humor that wasn't too tacky and over the top, and gameplay mechanics that were familiar yet still refreshing, Valve delivered. Everyone knew that this game could have gone wrong in so many little ways that might have killed it, like a tower so high that it must be perfectly crafted lest it fall over. Portal 2 was fantastically entertaining from start to finish, and the only problem you'll have after playing it is whether you want to jump into the full co-op campaign or start from the beginning again to catch all the wonders you only glimpsed the first time. Expand
  67. May 4, 2011
    Valve are legends of the gaming industry, no doubt about it. For those who are complaining that the game didn't go towards YOUR expectations, you're missing out on an obvious nominee for Game of the Year. Continuing the innovative gameplay and story from the first game, Portal 2 expands the story tenfold into an epic journey through the history of Aperture and the AI struggle over control and power. Gameplay is top-notch, and each campaign feels complete and entertaining despite their short lengths...if you're a pro at Portal. And of course, graphics are phenomenal in presenting the haunted remnants of Aperture, and Sound Design is great. Oh, and the sarcasm and humor are still there. So, if you want the greatest experience of gaming this year, Portal 2 will be your buy. Expand
  68. Apr 20, 2011
    Amazingly well written game, well polished and a huge amount of fun to play. The puzzles are well thought out, and can be VERY challenging. Graphics on both PC and PS3 are very good. A lot more game play than the first portal, all of it heaps of fun. Funny and witty comments from both GLaDOS and Wheatley make the game even more enjoyable. Definite 10/10 from me. Multi-player is also awesome, and there are a lot of achievements for it as well as the single player achievements. Expand
  69. Apr 20, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Nice Game .. .... ... ... ... ... .. .. . . ... .. .. ... . ..... .... ........ ... .... . ... .. ..... ........ ....... ... ... ... .... .. .... .. ... ... ............ ........ ....... ....... .. .. ..... ... ... .... ... .... .... .. .... ....... .. ..... ...... . .... .... ....... . ........ ..... .... .... .... ... ... ........ .. ........10/10 Expand
  70. Apr 20, 2011
    Just as Portal 1, pure genius. Great story, plays & looks very pretty... I am enjoying every part of it.... Kudos to Valve for again creating a top-notch game!!

    Recommended to everyone with somewhat of a puzzle mind & humor :)
  71. Apr 20, 2011
    this is perfection in a video game. solo campaign length is perfect, not too long, not too short. the co-op campaign is pure genius. the voice acting is the shining star of this series and the talent brought in for portal 2 delivers. stars like j.k. simmons and stephen merchant bring these invisible characters to live. well done valve well done.
  72. Apr 20, 2011
    So far Portal 2 has been one of the best games I have played in a very long time. The story is very engaging with excellent writing and voice acting. A few of the puzzles made me think a bit, but so far I haven't gotten stuck on any of them. I haven't finished yet after playing for about 6 hours and I feel like I'm not all that close to an ending. These people who say they finished in 2 or 3 hours must be way smarter than me, which I'm ok with. I'm having a blast playing and I find myself laughing out loud quite a bit. I haven't touched the co-op mode yet and I will definitely be looking forward to playing with my friends after I finish the single player game. Expand
  73. Apr 20, 2011
    Excellent game!! single-player is long, with many new things,there are some parts very hard and take a while to pass it. Co-op is just amazing, i just can play in split-screen with my friends! cooperative levels are difficult and very innovative. The best game of the year!
  74. Apr 20, 2011
    Don't let the entitled /v/ trolls fool you, this is easily the best game of the year so far. The story is superb, and the characters are some of the most memorable you'll ever find, with fantastic voice acting. They really brought this game to life with the attention to detail, incredible environments, and cinematic quality. The puzzles were as mind-bending as they were entertaining. All the time they spent on this sequel paid off tenfold. Expand
  75. Apr 20, 2011
    Although its not perfect, its the best game so far that has been released in the past 4 years (or ever?! :)). The improvements in the game are stand in good stead, but also are in case of necessity. Albeit I missed the generally aseptic and clean environmental mood this time, cause most of the levels were in the state of raunchy, due to catch up to the story's nature. Some of the new features are really interesting, and Im glad that Valve really did adopt some of the best ideas from the gamer ardent spirits, that have been counselled about the sequel in its forums, during the first games terms of office (Yess, I was a part of that :)!). But im still a bit confused about that they wanted at all hazard, to intensify all of the unique elements (like the cynic humour) of the predecessor with a bit too roughly style, and they sometimes slightly overshoot the mark a little. The another controvertible part was the barely outdated engine, although the graphics style fits to the game perfectly, ideas like this game is based on, relay deserve a bit more gloss, I would really like to see some improvement on the side of this from Valve in the near future! Oh, and yess Valve, we want the co-op to be expanded by new DLC maps too! Taking it all round, Portal 2 is one of the most outstanding, most extraordinary and intellectually challenging game I ever played with. For me its the must have category, just like its posterior will be (hopefully in a few years)! Expand
  76. Apr 20, 2011
    For those complaining about the short length and cost of the game: Valve releases barely any games and when they do release major ones, it will be costly and is justified by that because they have to do business. Now comparing it to other games such as call of duty, they charge just as much for their games released every year with the the single player mode being as long or shorter than portal 2. What did you expect? Fallout 3? As for the potato sack, it was optional for you to buy it. Who are you to criticize the actions of other people when they chip in and try to get the game out early? Their loss or gain is not Valve's problem as it is optional and the game will be released anyways. It's a gamble. Expand
  77. Apr 20, 2011
    For starters, this game is damned impressive. I was a bit wary at first: I wasn't sure how Valve would handle the sequel to their previously so well-received title, but they really managed to pull this off well. The level of polish is pleasantly higher than expected and overall the game feels like a very well-produced product. The humor has had me burst out laughing at times and the gameplay is as entertaining as ever.

    Many people have been harshly criticizing Valve for including "first-day DLC", but it must be considered that this is entirely optional DLC - it is purely aesthetic and you do not suffer being kicked from a game or any other consequence should you choose not to purchase it. The campaign is about as long as you choose to make it, depending on how much you choose to rush, how much dialogue you listen to, and how good you are at solving the puzzles, and one must also consider the presence of the cooperative campaign, which stands entirely on its own. Overall I think Valve has done no less than we could have expected of them, which was to produce an excellent game.
  78. Apr 20, 2011
    This is pretty much the most fun I've had with a game in a while. The campaign is masterful. My favorite part, without a doubt is the coop though. It's so satisfying to FINALLY solve that one puzzle that you and your friend just couldn't get past.
  79. Apr 20, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Not everyone can complete the game in 3-4 hours. Some of us have jobs, university, school, a family AKA a life. The game is astonishing. Unforgettable experience. GLaDOS is funny as hell. Even if you didn't play the first Portal game you'll laugh because of her jokes and sarcasm. Expand
  80. Apr 20, 2011
    Upon completing this adventure within Portal 2 an initial reaction was satisfaction. It offered so many amazing gameplay mechanics that it never feels boring for a second while also never frustrating when solving the complex level designs. In addition the campaign's story was so funny, immersive and entertaining as a full length title that Valve must be congratulated in creating one of the greatest games of this generation. To note giving this title a '0' (the lowest score you can give for a game) soley based on supplemented DLC is not a good critical analysis at all. Expand
  81. Apr 20, 2011
    I honestly don't think I've ever been so engrossed in a game before. Half-Life 2 and that series is a very close second... but Portal 2 really, really takes the cake on this one. I didn't see a single flaw, either in graphics, storyline, or delivery. Hands down, amazing. Good job Valve. I will be recommending this game to all my friends, and even people I have never met before.

    And for
    anyone that says the game is short... it's not, honestly, and do you really think Valve won't add on more content later with extra challenges? It took me about 6 hours to play through the story line, and I will definitely be playing through it again and again. This game was worth every penny. Expand
  82. Apr 20, 2011
    This is no game, this is a new type of entertainment with maximum usage of brain, even it contains comedy and epic story ! A must buy not only for Portal/Valve fan.
  83. Apr 20, 2011
    I have no idea why the user average is 7.7. It deserves a 9 at least. The concept is amazing, gameplay is solid and exhilarating, new features are never forced or gimmicky and voice acting is stellar. It's an incredibly funny game that never has one dull moment. It's full of nothing but robots but they have more personality than most games with people. They tell an interesting story through nothing but voice and it's so fresh and so valve. If you loved the first, you will love this hilarious, exciting, gameplay feature packed, great looking game. The multiplayer is the best because the puzzles are more complex and give you such a great feeling of accomplishment that you just want to high five your buddy and cheer! From start to end, this game will make you laugh and think and marvel at the sheer beauty and quality that valve has packaged for you. The best game I have purchased since the beginning of 2010. Expand
  84. Apr 20, 2011
    By far the greatest Valve game that has ever been made. I started playing this at 6 PM my time, and refused to go to sleep until I finished it. It was 2:30 AM when I finished it the game. All I can say is that Valve took all my expectations and passed them. They turned a small 2 to 3 hour indie experiment and made a 8-10 hour full-fledged game. Valve proved to the world that they still know how to make an amazing game. The levels are beautifully designed, richly detailed, and reward you immensely for looking at it closely. Stephen Merchant and JK Simmons voice their characters beautifully with incredible humor that doesn't force itself. All I can say is that Portal 2 almost a perfect game. Aside from a few difficult puzzles (which are actually easy when you beat them, as they require you to think outside the box) there is nothing wrong with this game, and anyone who can buy it, SHOULD BUY IT. Expand
  85. Apr 20, 2011
    Let me start by saying that I think this game deserves a 9/10. The extra 1 is to try and balance out the idiots who are giving this game 0-3/10. They're either trolls or people who absolutely hate puzzle games and shouldn't have been playing this game anyways. That said, I loved this game. Stunning voice acting, clever puzzles, and a riveting storyline make this the best game so far this year. Those who are claiming this to be a console port don't know what they're talking about. There's up to 8x AA on AMD/ ATI cards, up to 16x AF, other expected texture settings, and it even supports Eyefinity (resolution of 5760x1080). I look forward to going through the campaign again to find the secrets that I missed. I did find the puzzles to be easier to solve then the ones from portal 1, but that is to be expected considering that I beat that game a couple times. I've had practice. Expand
  86. Apr 20, 2011
    To the **** and haters. Your points are noted, but invalid. Go kill yourselves. Love, Sloth
    PS: Make a better game and prove me wrong.
  87. Apr 20, 2011
    The best game I've played in a long time. Don't believe the over-entitled crybabies leaving negative reviews: this game is 6 to 8 hours of perfectly formed single-player entertainment, and the same amount of co-op multiplayer entertainment.
  88. Apr 21, 2011
    Simple the best Valve's game so far. Portal 2 has very amazing singleplayer experience and is full-length game when comparing to other games. Graphics in this game are beautiful to old source engine (middle-high-end when comparing to all games). Game is well optimised and runs on lower-end computers well.

    The story in this game is interesting and the plot is excellent. Most of jokes are
    hilarious and rest of them make you laugh too. For me, Valve has nice sense of humor. Game mechanics works very well, gels don't make you lag and they're smooth. (exclude driver issues etc, that are in every game).

    As a true portal 1 fan, Portal 2 beats it in every sector, every single one. People say that this game is short, but should the game last 5 hours on speed run? If people played this in hurry to something like 2-3 hours, I'd say it's not short. (Portal 1 can be played in
  89. Apr 21, 2011
    Simply fantastic. The new elements in Portal 2 diversify the gameplay without overburdening it with complication. The storyline is convincing and immersive; the voice acting evoked pathos and drove humor. The game took me around 7 hours to finish, not including the separate co-op section.
  90. Apr 21, 2011
    Valve delivers on the good stuff once again. Single player takes a good 8-9 to complete, multiplayer can last another 7. Overall, you're looking at a good 15-16 hours of gameplay give or take. Your experience with this game will vary based on how much you enjoy challenging puzzle gameplay, but even if you aren't a huge fan of this, you will likely enjoy the game's sense of humor and it's well written dialogue.

    This may not be the longest game ever released, but to pretend it only lasts 4 hours or whatever claims are out there, is simply deceptive, and flat out false. This is one of Valve's finest games and again, assuming you enjoy puzzle gameplay, it's hard to find an experience as satisfying as Portal 2. It's one thing not to like this game, but to give it scores of 0 or 1 on here for a game with these top notch production values...let's just say I question if these people are blindly hating, or if they actually played the game.
  91. Apr 22, 2011
    Absolutely amazing game. Game is well written, levels are terrific, character voices are hilarious. You really feel a sense of accomplishment when you figure them out.
  92. May 19, 2011
    It's a great game that I honestly recommend to everybody I know, even for the price point. Those rating it low, remember once the developer tools come out there will be loads of very, very difficult, as well as some easy and also just plain fun, maps to play for absolutely free. There won't really be story to those maps, but at least it will lengthen the game substantially, thus making it worth the $50. All in all it is an amazing game that is well worth the money, even if you have to wait a little while for the extra maps. Expand
  93. Nil
    Apr 21, 2011
    There's just a handful of games that are crafted with as much love, and I am quite surprised because most of them are Valve games.

    Portal 2 is a sweet puzzle game that will have newcomers to the 'thinking with portals' mechanics entertained considerably longer than the rest of those who already know their way around them.

    Still, regardless, in personal experience the Single Player
    campaign runs at a satisfactory 6-8 hour game. You can, however, rush it through in a bit more than 5 hours when you already know the puzzle solutions.

    Now, apart from being fun and filled with comedy throughout this game has depth. I know! Try and look around for details, if you haven't played the other games in the Half Life universe some details might go over your head, but there is plenty to discover about the Story of Chell and how she fits in it.

    Then there's Cooperative Mode. It's fun and depending on who you play it with may end up going for hours. Do try to play it with friends, since playing with random players usually becomes stressful because they are prone to leaving mid game.

    And finally, disregard the DLC complaints. The game is enjoyable as delivered, what the Cash Shop included in the game provides is just a short cut for people who find the game so hard that they would rather pay to unlock content instead of playing more. And besides, most of the Shop items are nothing but cosmetic modifications which do not, in any way, affect the game. At all.
  94. Apr 21, 2011
    Graphics, scenario and atmosphere are top notch. Gameplay is great too with the new mechanics. Great game, as always with Valve.

    PS to go over the 150 char limit : don't listen to all the bad reviews, most of their arguments are invalid.
  95. Apr 21, 2011
    One of the best games I've played this year so far. Where Portal was a 2-hour prototype for the portal mechanic, Portal 2 is a 5-6 hour (single player only, not including co-op) full-fat game which greatly expands on what Portal achieved. Perfect voice acting, amazing graphics (which just goes to show how much mileage Valve can still get out of the Source engine), mind-bending puzzles which will definitely give your brain a workout, and a powerful and hilarious story which carries you all the way through both game modes. In my opinion, definitely deserving of a 10/10.

    Oh, and don't listen to all the trolls who are, for some reason, using very minor issues as excuses to give a 1 or 0/10. There's no reason to give something a 1 or less unless the game in question is utterly broken beyond comprehension, and doing so only highlights the lack of ones ability to discuss things like an actual grown-up. Giving 5's or 6's might help their case better.
  96. Apr 21, 2011
    a very nice follow-up on the first portal. it's a good thing they didn't loose there sense of humor that was in the first game. a game rarely makes me laugh this hard. the level design is of a high quality, almost too bad your are going trough it so fast. the puzzles are challenging and have good new elements. the only down side is the length, witch is just too short for this kind of game
  97. Apr 21, 2011
    Portal 2 is a great expansion on the portal universe. Valve took what they had as far as they could. The game is a solid 10 hours with stunning visuals and brilliant comedic practices which will have you rolling on the floor laughing. highly recommended. I think users expected something too different from portal 2 than portal and thus was met with negativity and hostility.
  98. Apr 21, 2011
    this game has a level of polish rarely seen, and some of the best voice acting in any video game to date. Valve took the original and without removing any of the charm created a much deeper and more fleshed out game-play experience. portal 2 is truly a fantastic game.
  99. Apr 21, 2011
    A good follow up. The dialog is even better than the original. I don't know if it's because we already experienced the "think with portals" game play before, but the test don't seem quite as difficult. Not that I have gotten stuck trying to figure them out a few times in 2.
  100. Apr 20, 2011
    All I can say is that Portal 2 is a very pleasurable game to play! It's funny,challenging(sometimes easy).
    But I thank valve for not making it a low quality console game port for PC gamers! I don't regret buying this game. And the fact that Valve will release mods tools for it will make this game more amazing!

    Portal 2 is a breath of fresh air in an industry full of call of duty wanna
    be's & gives us a FPS that's completely different from anything else!! A Puzzle shooter..

    Also why are people mentioning Dragon Lame 2? When The Witcher 2 will stomp it on may 17th?

    Valve knows how to make a fun game that is why Dota 2 get's me excited!

    But anyway no game is perfect but Portal 2 is good in my book! I'll give it a great score..

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Critic score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 0 out of 52
  1. Oct 20, 2011
    Almost as good as the first one. Main reasons are lack of cake, unfunny Wheatley and slightly boring one-solution middle-levels. Otherwise Portal 2 is as clever as it is well written. And now Half-Life 2: Ep 3, please. [May 2011]
  2. Oct 6, 2011
    The graphics may not be of the same caliber of other AAA titles, and the story may falter from time to time, but those are paltry excuses not to experience one of the best current generation games around.
  3. Jun 13, 2011
    A hilarious slice of gaming glory. [July 2011, p.92]