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  • Summary: PES 2010 focuses on enhancing the excitement of matches between players, making for a truly challenging experience that constantly tests the player. Intuitive zonal defending covers spaces and players need to look constantly for new ways to attack. PES 2010 focuses on being a real soccer simulation, as it requires both strategic play and quick reactions, as in real life. In addition to key out-field elements, goalkeepers are more versatile and with abilities matching those of modern shot-stoppers. The game's referees have also been reworked, with smarter AI elements allowing them to make more balanced calls during matches. PES 2010 has undergone a major visual revamp, with its celebrated player likenesses and animations now even closer to those of real-life players - including live player expressions to be depicted with an improved lighting system which differentiates between various conditions! [Konami] Expand
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  1. We enjoyed PES 2010's slower pacing, but FIFA 10 is slightly better. Especially FIFA's extensive licenses are missing from PES 2010.
  2. The king is back on top, on the modding-friendly PC at least. [Christmas 2009, p.93]
  3. Immaculate physics. [Christmas 2009, p.84]
  4. This year it is really a pity that Konami forgot to properly convert PES to the PC because Pro Evo could have won the virtual football battle against EA Sports - especially with graphics.
  5. Still playable, but coasting on a years-old reputation that needs to be renewed sharpish if Pro Evo is to stay relevant. [Dec 2009, p.82]
  6. Visuals: improved. Tactics: Improved. Chorals: Improved. Collision Detection: Worsened. Team Mates AI: Debilitated. Main Commentary: Absolutely annoying. Result: Stay with last years PES. [Dec 2009]
  7. Improvements are there, but lean toward the superficial side of this prolific franchise. [Issue#26, p.53]

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  1. Nov 1, 2013
    After PES 6, this game from the PES series by KONAMI is the second in my favorite PES games list. I had a great time playing it with my friends. It had amazing shooting, real pace, it was great. Expand

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