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  1. Sep 25, 2013
    Playing this Series since Snes (ISS) Ps1 Days...but PES 2014 is just horrible (while i think the Graphics are fine, unlike "elkranio"....but this is the only positive thing i have to say...)


    It plays unbelievable slow and sluggish. You dont feel that you have control over your Team. A good example would be hmmm imagine an online Match with a horrible Connection and you get
    an impression how PES 2014 feels! Every Action is soooo delayed...its actually painful to think about all the moves you could have made in a Match, if only the Guys on Pitch would respond to the commands on your Joypad in proper time... -_-

    In Matches (not only myself, Friends as well...) You find yourself cramping the controller and pressing buttons harder and harder, hoping to get quicker responses from your player...but nope.

    Gone are quick shots, passes (Manual of course) and exciting feels like a game of chance for the most part. Goalkeeper AI is awful as well...but that would be something a Patch could fix (if the game would be fun, this Point wouldnt even bother me that much at this moment)

    If you liked PES 2011+12+13...skip this one...its a different Beast in a worse way...sure every Year a lot of people are moaning, ranting etc....this time....they seem to be right...


    Played many many Matches the last days. They improved on how sensitive you can direct passes&shots with the analoguestick (compared to prev. Editions) but the delayed, slow Gameplay still ruins a fun experience, it feels like Work...the Fox-Engine seems to be capable of something great, if they only speed it up (setting Gamespeed to +2 actually gives you a hunch of how good this game could be...) this PES could/would/should take the crown of Soccergames...
  2. Oct 13, 2013
    I used be a great fan of PES and was really disheartened when FIFA overtook them in gameplay terms a few years back. This new season had so much promise with a new engine, updates all round and Konami seemingly could take the lead again.

    How wrong I was as this is the worst sports game ever, period.

    The sluggish controls, dimwitted AI (have played XBLA sports games with better AI
    than this), an interface that gives litterally no information about what stats your players have so picking a team is impossible and other stupidity that makes everything just feel like it´s put together by a group of 11 year olds.

    I can honestly say that if a reviewer has given this pile higher than a 1, you are either a blind EA hater or haven´t play´d this game at all.

  3. Sep 20, 2013
    Yes, is not perfect but it is a big step for a biggest change for the next generation. I like a lot the gameplay and the phisichs but there is something strange... Konami, please finish the works before release a game, the fanatics deserve that.
  4. Nov 12, 2013
    R$179,00 sendo que o jogo custa U$59,90, sem falar que FIFA muito superior. Não pago isso nem a pau e PES 2013 foi meu último, de agora em diante passo essa porcaria.
  5. Sep 20, 2013
    Worst PES I've played. As others have stated, the graphics and the new engine is somewhat interesting, but the rest of the game is just awful. Player movement/control is horrible, AI is dumb, game modes are the same as ever but with even less features, etc.. It's a shame really.
  6. Nov 12, 2013
    Serio? 179$ o preço ta salgado, você ta igual activision ta achando que dinheiro ta caindo do ceu só pode, e jogo ta ruim ta mais bugado que 2013

  7. Oct 5, 2013
    Good graphics and worst games play ever. In gameplay, while playing in professional mode (in other modes the Com AI players are too supid that its get boring after playing 2,3 games), you will try your best to reach the opposition goal but when you try to hit the shoot button the player will comply after 3,4 seconds. Also the uncontrolled player of your team are very stupid and in most cases run away from the ball. The other main issue and the most frustrating is the worst passing technique, the player happily pass the ball to the opposition player and I throw my new gamepad. If you love your gamepad and you are a little bit impatient, please don't buy this game. Even fifa98 is better than this in gameplay. Expand
  8. Nov 12, 2013
    Not only is this game a buggy mess, but the pricing in Brazil is totally absurd. US$ 80?? Die and burn in hell, Konami. I'm not buying this crap.Who on their right minds would think this is acceptable in any way, shape or form?
  9. Oct 9, 2013
    Huge improvement compare to PES 2013 thanks to new engine! Absolutely amazing gameplay and realistic animation gives it the potential to become THE BEST football simulator in history (with PESEDIT help)! DO NOT complain about low amount of club licenses and absence of EPL (it will be fixed by fan patches). PS also players faces will be fixed by Konami soon!
  10. Nov 12, 2013
    Such a step back for the franchise. Graphics are poor even on high settings. Faces are not looking nearly like in reality. They were better on the last incarnation of PES. Gameplay improved,but full of unnecessary changes to control system. Good feature is the intro of simple feints by two button combo. Worst feature by far is the Angry birds like targeting system when executing set pieces. It can be turned off,but nevertheless show that KONAMI has lost it's touch with football,since it's introducing these dumb features. Expand
  11. Nov 12, 2013
    $80 (R$ 179,90) for brazilian version on Steam? I'll stay with Fifa, you loosers, thieves.
    If they dont low the price, ill never get Konami games again.
  12. Nov 14, 2013
    R$ 180,00 at steam? Really?
    Very nice konami, you are losing yor fans at Brazil.
    Please show more respect to us.
  13. Sep 30, 2013
    Wow. I have been a PES fan for as long as I remember, back to the ISS days on SNES.

    Konami has made mistakes on many of its games, and few are completely perfect. But there was always the magic there. A new game was always a joy to play, even in Free Practice mode.

    So the dissapointment could not be greater. Especially after all the promises, the new engine, the heart feature, etc.
    Really Konami?

    The magis is gone. PES has gone the FIFA route, but is years behind their formula. Sure the animations are better than ever, but it means the game is sluggish, waiting for the animation to run before a change in direction, shot, pass, etc. Very different to the crisp, immediate response of the ISS and PES games of the past. So, so far, from the great games like PES6.

    The new engine novelty wears off very quickly, as it is a prettier game but by no means jaw dropping. Only a slight improvement. And football games are about gameplay, who cares about facial hair and more accurate lighting, when shooting feels unreal and manouvering in the penalty box is so sluggish.

    Man covering is terrible. I cannot get my team to pressure or hold the formation I desire.
    Konami have tried to make defending possible by implementing some ridiculous turbo gimmick. Your player slowly accelerates and then decelerates. Very very unrealistic. There is no player explosion, you have to wait for the players to slowly accelerate. Also running a 20m sprint is now impossible, as your player will decelerate and be caught by any defender like Vidic, etc.
    It is a complete gimick and unlike real football.

    In the end, this game is like a blow to the stomach. We knew Konami had problems with PES and going back to a new engine, with all their promises, would bring back the glory days.

    Now, PES is even further away from the original formula. Looking withouth personality. It is a bland FIFA experience, sluggish, gimicky, licenseless.

    PES 2013 is a much, much, better game.
  14. Oct 3, 2013
    waste of money, pes 2014 is complete rubbish clumsy player controls, not fast enough on default Just rubbish, rubbish, rubbish. so disappointed. Looks like another year of fifa as it is the best game on the market, that's regardless if your a hard core pes fan crap wrapped in gold imagination is still crap, pes14 crap, devs needs shooting or watch the prem laliga, bundesliga they will have a clue what football looks like then. this is like virtual soccer, its that bad. Expand
  15. Oct 11, 2013
    bad goalkeepers who watch the ball and do nothing bad referee i mean really its like WWE not football any more without this two major issue would've been good game
  16. Oct 26, 2013
    PES game I've play ever. And I've been playing PES for 9 years. The control was horrible, positioning by the players is like they never play football before, and dribbling does not make sense at all. It's so unrealistic, so that a fast player like Walcott can be outrun by the likes of Hummels and Pepe just because he's on the ball? Perhaps the developers should try going out and actually see people playing football before making such a stupid mistake. Shooting take a massive toll too. The long shot almost always of target, doesn't matter if you are playing C.Ronaldo or S.Gerrard. Also man marking and tackling doesn't work, as it's very easy to turn your back out and shield the ball. The only bright side is the addition of the one-two play, and better graphic. Also, don't try to pass the ball when you have goal kick, just pump it up field. Half of the time the opponent striker will get it from your defenders or before your defenders and smash it home. It's extremely easy to intercept balls passing to someone, because of the slow reaction speed. Interaction with the ball seem realistic, until you try to pass it in a high speed combination (like tiki-taka and 1-2 plays)
    That was on gameplay. Now what most interesting about the PES series imho is the Master League. If you like this, then don't even bother to buy this game. Stick to PES 2013 instead. Not only the menu is shrink to tiny size of not that many options, the development of players is horrible as well. No more the ability for you to get a focus trainer for a particular player. No longer you can rely on finding a good gem out of your youth team. No easy way out of striking a deal to buy your favourite players. And it's so easy to manage your team revenue, it's sickening (I'm playing AC Milan with 32 players, with like 9 star players with salary above £10m, yet there is no trouble keeping my budget high up). Also you can't renew the contract of anyone you want to secure on your team, until his contract is about to run out.
    Bottom line is, KONAMI, please at lease finish making the game before it's released. It has potentials to claim back the rightful throne from FIFA, but if you keep choosing to ignore your fan reactions, you will never get back in the first place of football games
  17. Nov 13, 2013
    Simplesmente absurdo isso, lançam o jogo na Steam por R$ 179, 00. Devem achar que Brasileiro burro né. O salário minimo de R$ 678,00. Konami começa a respeitar os fã do seu jogo de futebol e colocar preços mais em conta, a concorrência sai por R$ 60,00.
  18. Nov 13, 2013
    The digital distribution copy costs more than physical copy. Outrageous price on Brazil's Steam store (180 reais, or $80 US dollars). I'll not buy this one this year. Sorry Konami.

    R$180,00 ($78,00)
  19. Nov 23, 2013
    Have been playing Pro Evo since it was ISS on the Super Nintendo in 1995 and after 18 years i can say without any doubt what so ever that this by far the worst Pro Evo Version Ever!!! I waited until I could say that I am now used to the new version before I made a comment on it so that I would be more Impartial. Now the time has come. I always went between Pro Evo and Fifa until Pro Evo came out on the PS2 and Finally decided that despite being tougher it was an Evolution in football Games. I mainly play this game with a group of friends who all but one think it is dreadful, so dont care about the AI. This version is so bad that it has almost ruined the tournaments my friends and I play in. we always start the new season with the new version of Pro Evo. This year for the first time ever we had to make the unprecedented decision to revert back to Pro Evo 2013. Despite having worse graphis, Pro Evo 2013 has far more realistic game play, response, movement, running on and off the ball, passing, crossing, etc. It is just amazing at how badly Konami have Messed Up!!!! I agree with everyone who says how bad this version is and other friends who have tried my Pro Evo 2014 are never going to buy it. Very Smart. Expand
  20. Dec 12, 2013
    IGNORE any reviews from the critics on this page because the truth is they are professional critics, they will not play the game as much as the users that come here to vent their frustrations will. If you don't read this please look at the User Score.

    Where do I start? Let's do positives: the animations and graphics, which has been a point of criticism in the past has benefited greatly
    from the new engine. The animations are smooth. I own FIFA 12 and PES 2013 and I played both regularly. When I switched the difference between the smoothness of the animations was mind blowing, even better than the 2 year old FIFA. For a an hour or two this led me to believe that the game couldn't be that bad. Despite the good graphics only about 50 players have real faces. Even relatively well known players in big teams such as Arsenal do not have real faces. It's shocking how lazy the developers seem to have been on this game, it's as if they focused all their resources into converting the engine into a basic football game that they didn't have time for anything else. It really shows. The game is very, very bare bones. I read on one review that it was almost like a glorified Alpha version instead of a final release. On top of that Konami are really slow to try and fix these problems. If there was ever a time for PES to completely die off, it would be now. Even the large South American audience seems to hate it.

    Everything about this game feels wrong. The passing, the running, the shooting all feels as if you're moving in a plate of jelly. The shooting is the worst part. Advance shooting is too hard to control but might be useful for better players than I but the normal shooting is always, always delayed. Even with the latest data pack, patch and third party tool that's supposed to fix this. if you're one on one with the keeper forget about scoring, nothing you do will get the ball into the net, well except the goalkeeper messing up, which happens much too often. I have a feeling Konami realized the terrible shooting will result in very little goals scored so they made the goalkeeper make mistakes as much as possible. Any on-target shot hit with force will bounce from the keepers hands and into the net when shooting from inside the box. Besides making scoring too easy (which it isn't thanks to the terrible shooting mechanics cancelling it out) it also makes scoring a goal feel very unsatisfying. As someone that's played an entire season of Master League about 80% of my goals came from the goalkeeper simply letting the ball bounce off him when trying to stop even the mildest of shots. Defending has actually improved, it's easier to get the ball away from an attacker than ever because the passing and movement of attacking players are so sluggish. Simply attempting to stand in the general direction of an AI attacker will get you the ball. Speaking of the AI: It is horrible in every aspect. Every single COM team will attempt to press as hard as possible, leading to massive space to wreak havoc at the back. Your own teammates AI will always let you down, they seem to completely fall back whenever the ball is lost in the opposition area so you have to physically control them to go back and press.

    I think everyone has talked about the sluggishness but let's try and explain what they are talking about: the reaction time. If a loose ball appears (ie no one is in possession of it) it will take both you and the opposition several seconds to react to it, regardless of the buttons you press. It is the most frustrating problem I have ever faced in a football game especially when it happens in the box (yours or the opponents) The difference between a fast player and an average speed player is tremendous, any player above 80 will effortlessly run through defenses while even slightly slow players won't even be able to run 2 meters in their own half without being completely crowded by faster players. A team with 60 in every stat but 80 in the Speed & Agility and Dribbling Speed stats will beat any other team by at least 3 goals. If you thought pace abuse in FIFA was bad, don't even consider this game. This leads me to believe that the sluggishness and slow reaction time is a consequence of Konami trying to widen the gap between slow and fast players, which is absurd in the first place.

    The 500 characters I have left is not enough to describe all the issues, bugs and general gameplay problems so I suggest reading the user reviews or trying it for yourself (don't buy it though, that would be stupid). In summary: PES 2014 is a step in the right direction onto a landmine.
  21. Nov 12, 2013
    good graphics, nice engine (definitely a step forward), good animations, best football game imho, but when u see a keeper refusing to stop a slow ball going inside, or watching how the ball's out for corner instead of taking it, u wanna die. They removed a lot of good features, the passing is lame, and dont make me get started with the refree..., really, japanese have no f****** idea about football, why they keep making footbal games? Expand
  22. Oct 31, 2013
    An improvement over PES 2013 and a good platform for future PES games to build on. Switching to a new engine is never easy, as seen with PES 2008, but this time around it feels better.
  23. Sep 22, 2013
    I'm playing the PES series since PES 3 and I've played all the ISS games before PES but with the PES Games which where released on the currentgen consoles it went downhill with PES, so I switched to FIFA. I had no fun with all the PES games from PES 2008 to PES 2012 and the Fifa games felt so much better and more realistisc until I played PES 2013 at that point I switched back to Konami's PES series. And now I bought PES 2014 for the PC and I have to say that there are a lot of changes. First the graphics look really stunning on the PC at max. settings and there is less lagg than on the console versions. The gameplay feels really smooth and realistic. The ball physics is also really great. But there are also some points which i have to criticise like the licenses. There are less licensed teams and stadiums in contrast to PES 2013. All in all I'm really happy with the new PES and I hope they can optimize the Fox Engine till PES 2015 so that it won't lag at the opening scenes and so on. Graphics: 9.5/10, Sound 8.5/10, Controls 8/10, Gameplay 9/10 Expand
  24. Sep 22, 2013
    Yes, the game looks like it's dated 5 years ago and I certainly think Konami released it too soon!

    First the menu looks bad and it is unintuitive. Then the settings.exe isn't able to deal with many graphic cards properly (I have to play with a 800x600 Resolution with a Geforce GTX 670m). In some ways the commentary is funny because it makes so many weird mistakes but after only 5,6
    matches basically you've heard it all and it gets really annoying (and yes, you can turn it off... fortunately). Another thing: Reinstall the game and you lose all saves. Apart from that releasing a patch on the day of the official release is never a good sign (and you have to do a bit Internet research to get this patch so the start may be a bit confusing). I don't mind that they almost have no known teams but I don't like playing against teams that sound like badly made up with a random name generator. And yes, you can change it yourself or wait for an unofficial patch but I game should depend so much on stuff like that...

    After all what makes PES 2014 still good for me is the game play. It's not an arcade approach and it's not that fast. It's a lot more tactical and the controls are actually challenging and really something to get used to. Probably not for everyone but I like it. So I'm giving an 8, even though Konami messed up a lot of things this time.
  25. Sep 26, 2013
    With a big changes this year, especially in gameplay and visual terms, expectations were big. PES 2014 should have been a fresh, new start for PES franchise. But unfortunately, it failed.

    Let's start with positive things:
    -> Visuals (except there is no grass, again), presentation and atmosphere are way ahead of it's predecessor. Now, you really have the felling you are playing at a
    real life stadium. A big improvement for the franchise, no doubt.
    -> Full scale control over passing and shooting. PES 2014 offers the most precise passing in terms of controller input, when the "advanced" mode of passing is turned ON. When it comes to "advanced" shooting, some time is needed to get used to it, even for PES veterans like me.
    -> Dribbling. I am sure that PES veterans are not that thrilled with it because it is heavily simplified. But I am pointing this out as the overall improvement for a larger community of players. Less skill is needed to perform dribble moves.
    -> More licensed teams from other continents besides Europe.

    Now, the bad things and it is pretty bad:
    -> Performance because of the new FOX engine. There is no replay or any break in the game that will not cause a frame rate drop. It is maybe for a second, but it shows that the game was not optimised as it should have been. And because of the new engine, there is no rain or snow. I mean, really? And no grass again, as I pointed out already.
    -> AI (talking from the "superstar" difficulty perspective). Opponent players are pretty clever, maybe too much (magical defending), but the goalkeepers are not impressive at all. Another year and the same problem remained. Also, while playing BAL (Become a Legend), no matter what difficulty you choose, your teammates are braindead. It is a frustrating experience, more than enjoyable and I'm sure that is not the way.
    -> Passing. It is the most precise ever, but it demands hours and hours of practicing to be able to pass the ball correctly in the match. Most of the players will not have the patience for it, so they will switch to standard passing system which has another big problem. Pass target marking took one step backwards. In the match, you will pass several balls in the way you did not select at all. Tweeking pass support option does not help. "The game knows better" passes, I call it.
    -> Dribbling. As I have pointed out above, experienced PES players will not like it at all.
    -> So, with all this said, it is time to point out THE MOST ANNOYING thing in the game. LAG, LAG and LAG. When you press a button, you would expect that the game will perform selected action immediately. But that is not the case here. Game needs a whole second and the most saddest thing is the gameplay was made this way, it is not a performance issue. That leads to a slow and sluggish movement of players which eventually breaks the overall pace of the game.
    -> Stadiums. PES 2013 had 37 stadiums and this year we have only 18 if I'm correct. I know there has been some issues with licensing and EA, but common, they could at least add more generic stadiums.
    -> Soundtrack. Or the lack of it, better said.
    -> Stadium creator. Not existent in PES 2014.
    -> Fewer modes.
    -> No WE and PES United.

    One step forward and two steps back. That sentence would, pretty much, describe what PES 2014 is all about. I will stick to PES 2013 for one more year and hope that 2015 will bring overall improvement to the game. Until then, a mediocre 5.
  26. Oct 1, 2013
    i have never played a pes so bad like this one i am choked and frustated to even talk abaout the dam game the ai is just bad, the player movement and wight is all wrong, the passing sistem is bad, players reaction is delayed alot, the framerate is crap, the goalkeeper is a mess im gona describe my last game, playing with fcp against psg the game was 0/0, at minute 58 lavezzi cross the ball and my player alex sandro on the area dominates the ball with chest and puts the ball inside my won goal line

    at minute 65 i cross the ball and jackson misses, thiago silva instead of cutting out the ball just stops in front of it, varela dash and goal, its like thiago silva had a strock and sttod there watching the ball

    against man utd i am winning superstar 1/0, at minute 42 rooney shots from the middle of nowere the balls hits helton and he defends up, but inside the net!

    and theres palyers movements and control i spend the entire game struggling against the controls because they are just bad

    pes tries to be fifa and does a bad job, i dislike fifa but i dislike this pes and for me its just the worst pes ever!
  27. Oct 9, 2013
    Much better than FIFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  28. Nov 13, 2013
    Subpar gameplay. Outrageous price on Brazil's Steam store (180 reais, or $80 US dollars). Go buy FIFA for less than half of what Konami expects you to pay on this piece of overpriced crap. Avoid any product from a company that has no respect whatsoever for you.
  29. Nov 13, 2013
    r$ 179,90 num jogo que já saiu atrasado pra PC, ainda cheio de defeitos, nem efeito de chuva tem, uma vergonha oque a Konami está fazendo, a nota ZER00000000
  30. Nov 14, 2013
    esse o pior jogo no qual joguei...muito bugado, mecanica fraca e pessima jogabilidade. pra quem cresceu jogando wining elevem, e decepcionante ver que a konami chegou nesse ponto.
  31. Nov 27, 2013
    Looks like PES 2013 is better than this. Face look unrealistic (even use DLC pack). Lot of bugs. FIFA 14 current gen is better than PES 2014 with Fox Engine.
  32. Nov 30, 2013
    My background: Played 3D football simulation games since FIFA 97. Played football in real life in a two amateur clubs. Football fan, watch games on a weekly basis. PES 2014 is probably the worst PES they made. What happens when you have two companies making games about a sport they don't understand: FIFA14 and PES14 happen. First let's keep in mind an idea, which is, when you actually play football you have insight that its impossible to simulate in a game, so what happens when you create huge delays for player actions, you actually make a double delay and add a huge random factor into the game.

    So basically when they made it almost impossible to make first touch passes, they broke the game completely,it makes this game unplayable. Football is not remotely about predicting movement, its about realizing its about to happen, so you cant have a game about football that relies on the concept that you have to pass the ball to a player that is fully marked 2 seconds before you even get the ball in your feet, and hope that the AI realizes that the pass must avoid the opposing player and predict the teammate run, therefore making all actions a random action where so much can go unintentionally wrong.

    I could go on and on about these completely wrong game design concepts, but now let's take a look at the game modes, they are basically the same thing they were 8 or 9 years ago, almost no evolution whatsoever, I'm not asking for a mix of football manager and football simulator, I'm asking for something with a less arcade boring concept, something that isn't made just for the player to suceed and feel good about itself, football is about challenge.

    The AI... can it get any worst than this? The positioning is just crazy bad, the computer always uses the same type of gameplay, be it Barcelona or the worst team in the game, they all play alike, no difference whatsoever, how dull, how boring, this is not football. Making pressure is just damn useless because bad players behave like good players, they always know precisely what to do, to who they should pass the ball and how.

    At least now players can hold the ball and not be overrun by super tacking defenders, which is the only improvement to the game.

    FIFA is the same dull boring simulation, this games are years away from being considered simulations. Can we have a european company with people that actually know football to make a football game?
  33. Dec 18, 2013
    PES 2014 is definitely some good fun. The graphics are just gorgeous, being miles, leaps and bounds ahead of the competition counterpart. The atmosphere surrounding the match is almost surreal. The sound department doesn't fall behind and delivers quite well. Might not be as good as the competition, but had a significant improvement from the last version (no, even though the sound has seen improvements, the commentary still sucking some royal "s"). The new team licenses add value to the game definitely (at least to some south american and asian players), but, unfortunately, the gameplay has some flawed aspects. The AI is unbalanced, oscillating between unmerciful and plain retarded. The controls, even though not being utter sh**, like some say, could've been better; the player with the ball could run a tad bit faster, just enough to not seem like he sh*t himself moments after the start of the match. Overall, the game has it's flaws, but is definitely a step ahead to franchise. Once the problems get ironed out, the competition will need to come up with something actually new to compete. Expand
  34. Dec 20, 2013
    Make yourself a favor, Do NOT buy it.
    The faces, the menu, the gameplay make me cry.
    Big disappointment this year. If you have PES 2013 stay with it.
  35. Jan 17, 2014
    This game is unfinished, gameplay is slow, stupid A.I, dumb passing system, tons of bugs including those from FIFA 10 - 12. The Fox Engine is incompatible with sport games, many player are unrecognizable. This is nothing compare PES 13 and FIFA 14.
  36. Oct 21, 2013
    I haven't touched a soccer game since PES 2006, and seeing i bought a new gamepad for my pc, i wanted to try this one after the FIFA 14 demo, i am amazed how the menu's still look just as horrible as they did in 2006! The graphics are ok, they do, the animations are good, but the thing that bugs the hell out of me in the game is these terrible controls, it just doesn't work, you really dont have the feeling you got control over you players, and they also added some pressure system, to put pressure on the player with the ball, this basically is just your players rushing towards the dude with the ball, most of the time this ends up you kicking the crap out of the guy and you got the ball, its that simple to get the ball. The difficulty is also very very strange, at one moment i'm absolutely destroying a A+ team with 8-1, and the next i can't even beat the lowest rated team there is... Looks like i will stick to Fifa this year to restock my interest for a soccer game. Expand
  37. Dec 6, 2013
    The worst PES ever i hope Konami change mind about this game. Pes is my favourite game ever since ps1. Everybody i know says the same and its not 2-3 guys.. Please just bring back 2013 style with only 2 improvements of 2014(live throw ins and lomb shot style) and just better graphics.
    Bad things: stupid AI. Defenders and attackers off the ball movements have completelly destroyed.
    through balls have insane gameplay i played a lot and i have saved about 70 videos with wrong things about this game... please bring back PES not FIFA
    not rensponsive passes...
  38. Nov 22, 2013
    If you are a standing Pro Evo fan of a certain age, chances are that you stuck with the series despite all your friends going over to FIFA with all its bells and whistles, not to mention functioning online gameplay, because: a) you have never really liked FIFA: b) You preferred the much more dynamic, fluid, and exciting gameplay in Pro Evo. Well, the bad news with PES 2014 is that it seems that Konami have been looking very closely at FIFA and how the game is constructed, and to a certain extent totally ripped it off (much like EA did with Pro Evo in order to finally get a half decent footie game out themselves). That is not too say that PES 2014 is just like FIFA, it isn't, but subjectively, it feels very similar to play. By that I mean, slow, unresponsive, over-burdened with fancy tricks, and worst of all, completely unsatisfying to score in. I have had fewer than 10 games on it so admittedly, I don't really know the game so well, but the problem is, I just don't feel any motivation to get to know it.

    Konami have completely thrown the baby out with the bathwater I am afraid and I doubt that they are going to find it again.
  39. Apr 18, 2014
    This game is for people who want to run carrying the ball until they score. Players should slow down when they have the ball. The fact that they don't makes this a Pro Evolution game, rather than a soccer game.
  40. Nov 1, 2013
    This game is based on the Fox Engine and it's a great leap forward for the PES series by KONAMI after a good PES 13.

    PES 14 has all the 3 major continental competitions from Americas, Europe and Asia, which is a big plus for me as I really like to discover new teams and players and to expand my football database.

    PES 14 adds 5 more leagues to the game, thus enhancing the Football
    Life experience.

    PES 14 has great graphics and improved gameplay.

    For me, after PES 6, the king of PES series, PES 14 is second best !

    Good job, KONAMI
  41. Aug 6, 2014
    Pos: New engine
    Neg: Awful gameplay, awful control, bad AI. Its feels like playing unfinished game, its impossible playing for one match without complaining how ridiculus this game is.
  42. Nov 3, 2013
    look nice, they kept the good gameplay wich is a good new but the rest is a bit boring and an IA totaly retard
    the new interface is nice. i didnt played fifa 14 yet but i think it can't be better.
  43. Oct 1, 2013
    worse pes by far, doesnt even feel like pes at all

    pros smoother graphic, betterpassing some tweak to game mechanics e.g freekick
    cons controls are terrrible, players feels so stiff and AI still bad like usual
  44. Sep 24, 2013
    Im very disappointed with this game, pes14 has not bad foundation for future, but now...this game all about BUGS, keepers, defence, players
  45. Sep 24, 2013
    I think they worked very well this time.

    The new engine has a future. Maybe this year they do not complete a lot of stuff but the progress is impressive.

    Definitively I will buy this game and my brothers especially because they concentrate a lot of American Soccer Leagues like Brazil and Argentinian, South American cups and Leagues especially USA, Concacaf about the Europe teams we
    always love the most popular the rest a lot of people even didn't know European Leagues only La Liga, Premiere League and Bundesligue the most famous of Europe.

    The people who knows a little of soccer feelings will understand my review without any fan boy crying
  46. Sep 27, 2013
    Again perfect visual display when u play a Champions League match looks like you are playing beside Ronaldo or Messi Liked the National Team Managing Setup......... MNL is not good and we can focus on building the best team.

    Poor Controls AI Needs to be redesigned not copied from FIFA Lost the "camera angles" variations ,the true reason for PES was successful.......
    player movements crappy....... Automation copied from FIFA but lacked the engine to deliver the total fun..... Some Loading issues on MNL.

    play PES 13 PES 14 looks good but plays badly.

    My first review :p
  47. Oct 22, 2013
    I have alternated between PES and FiFA for many years now (sometimes buying both also) and with the exception of PES 2008 & 2009 i always thought Pro Evo was the superior title. This year tho KONAMI delivers what to me is nothing else but a poor FIFA clone. It's PES 2008 all over again, whenever KONAMI announces a "whole new game" they deliever one with terrible AI, horrible referees and below par goalkeeper. The game flow, which has been the main reason for me liking PES more than FIFA is pretty much gone completely. I have started a Master League with Bologna on Superstar, looking for a bit of a challenge. I win pretty much of every match with ease and i'm not even happy about the goals i score, because they usually are histerical if not sad mistakes by the opposition's goalkeepers. The ones i concede are usually own goals by my GK or a case of switching to the wrong defender and not getting to the ball first because KONAMI decided, switching with the right analog stick was too convinient to have in a subpar FIFA clone.... Expand
  48. Nov 1, 2013
    plz konami call jenkey
    he is always genius he made atool that fix all of your bugs from pes 2010
    and now at 2014 he is the king of it and without this tool game is sluggish
    plz deal with him to fix the online playing 2014 is the first and the last year for me to buy the original game as online playing have bad response and alot of bugs so i hate online playing and play normal matches
    only with jenkey tool Expand
  49. Nov 1, 2013
    As all football games this generation it doesn't really play much like real football. But it does it better than FIFA in every single imaginable way and you will get glimpses of realism in this game. It will also give you situations that will make you want to tear your eyes out and feed them to your cat.

    A few patches and tweaks and this game will become quite good. It is already good
    compared to other football games. In time, maybe we will have a really good and fun football game if Konami keeps up the good work they've done on this one. In all fairness, the demo is better so let's just hope they implement the AI gameplay they used in that one and improve the keepers somewhat.

    It could also use a passing style option. The team styles doesn't really work all that well, as the AI will favor long passes regardless of what you actually set them to play. How can I give an 8 after saying mostly negative stuff you ask?

    Have you played FIFA? that one deserves -5... ok the two last ones maybe 0. Football games have SUCKED for a few decades and this is a HUGE step in the right direction so it deserves some credit for the effort. I have fun with it if I take it at face value.
  50. Nov 2, 2013
    So unfinished, lacking so many features in comparison to it's major rival. Typical of pro in that it removes more features than it adds. Terrible licencing, awful likenesses. Slow, dated menu systems. Broken gameplay in that long range shots are near impossible to score, defending is silly, tackling is unrewarding and based on chance. much potential. Wish they'd spend two years on it.
  51. Oct 3, 2014
    In one word..........RUBBISH. Hurry up FIFA 15 I will be buying you and not something that does not understand football....PES!! How many cards and free kicks in PES, that's not real...I had 25 cards dished out, and not all of them deserved......IT'S A JOKE this game. When a player gets the ball fist it is not a foul, in PES it is all the time.
  52. Nov 14, 2013
    Another poor edition of PES another year for FIFA. Good: - Graphics, seems to be better than last PES. Bad: - Game play is really slow, doesn't seem to be real football, FIFA is light years from PES. - Where is the goalkeepers AI? Its PES 2014 !!!!! - Player faces, what happens here, only a couple of players are similar. - Online, most of the time really lagged. - Less features than previous PES
    - No Pre purchase in steam (Thanks god haha)
    - Two month to be on steam and 59USD ????
    - No steam works
    - No steam cloud

    Always making the same errors.
    Your best choice, go again with FIFA this year.
  53. Dec 12, 2013
    My whole household will know that I play PES2014 when I keep cursing by myself while playing a game. A lot of bug, which was never fixed even with update. Stupid AI, I left FIFA since 2008 to play PES. Now I'll switch to FIFA again, much better, improved
  54. Dec 18, 2013
    First impression: Good game! Much better than many previous PES.
    Second thoughts: The players don't chase the ball (unless you force them by pressing as hard as you can your gamepad)! In addition to that the controls are not very responsive (especially in online matches), the players seem to be deciding and moving on their own (and that's not exactly helpful if you see the A.I. while
    defending or the Goalkeeper).
    Final thought: Gameplay is a bit slow and kind of boring after a while. The goals seem to be scored the same way again and again and all the passing is based on long balls (especially to the wings). All in all, a mediocre game despite KONAMI's efforts and online features after releasing the two patches.
  55. Jan 15, 2014
    No me gusto mucho este PES, la mayoría de los jugadores no se parecen en nada a los reales, el menu de inicio es muy básico, lo único que me gusto fue la integración de la Liga Chilena y la Liga Argentina y la pequeña mejora gráfica del juego.
    Siento que Konami no se esforzó casi nada en hacer este PES.
  56. Apr 15, 2014
    Good graphic but lack of license team. A very disappointing game play and worst PES series I've ever played. Waste of money, is complete rubbish. The sluggish controls, when you try to hit the shoot button the player will comply after 2,4 seconds delayed. Such a step back for the franchise.
  57. Apr 23, 2014
    This game should not have a score at ALL! the game is not complete... There are serious problems with Defence and first touches... Looks like they have given up on the 2014 iteration and moved on to the 2015 version but how awfull it makes the supporters feel, they dont have a clue... Other problems are: It is still very prone Internet lag! it should atleast! let you connect to GOOD connections only!

    The defending AI is wo weak against spams and every online player, Be it a "regular" or "Super Star" tends to spam the passes to forvets...

    No matter the formation or the Man marking settings... BLIND passes seem to reach the other 40m far end...

    Everymatch, i see my defenders staring at very interceptable balls... sometimes the passes actually hit them and yet they can not claim it! IT is depressing at very least!

    There is no voice chat or any kind of useable text-chat in ranked matches.

    Selecting the defence players are faulty, you can not select your defender closest to attacker...

    It is impossible to use the new feature to select players by R stick, it glitches....

    Actually , i can not decide whether it isThe PES devs Team or the Game itself at a fault...

    The Pes Team pretends to be receiving suggestions via twitter or some non-official forums but i dont see anyone realted to the team responding... ANd the faults of the game are so obvious that it begs the question of why they had to be reported...

    Game is months old and they have not still fixed the cursor change glitches that happen during set pieces...

    It feels as if no one is working on pes 2014 fixes any more... And the game is nowhere near the level that we got accustomed by KONAMI products...

    Very Dishonest business structure!

    Not supporting them any more.
  58. Apr 26, 2014
    Offline, this plays exceptionally well, its challenging and enjoyable, still plenty of room to improve, all the controls feel slow particularly switching between players which feels like an aeon passes before it changes.

    Online however, if you're lucky enough to get an opponent you then have the plot luck of whether it crashes and freezes just before kickoff, something that
    unfortunately seems to have gotten worse with each patch.
    if you're not interested in the online side of the game its worth a punt, if you quite like playing people rather than the computer then this years version will irritate more than entertain.
  59. Jun 19, 2014
    This is the worst version of PES I have ever played (playing since the PSX days). Players are sluggish and static with AI seemingly non-existent. The player settings and menus have become more cluttered and the UI in general has been inexplicably changed to make the game more impenetrable to newcomers. It's a shame that KONAMI are determined to destroy what used to be one of their greatest game series. Expand
  60. Jul 19, 2014
    Pes 2014 is sucks don't waste your time and money for this Shi* game !!!!! no reason to play this game Pes 2013 much much better than this game ......
  61. Jul 7, 2014
    the biggest **** of game that has ever been made fck you konami fck you pes make a good game or dont make games at all! I hope your everyone who worked on pes will die soon so he will be replaced with someone who will make the game better!
  62. Aug 6, 2014
    i've played pes for almost 10 years and this PES 2014 is the worst. Controlling ball never difficult as now, take too long time to do throw in, **** freekick, player positioning is slow and bad even i played in top star level, player move like they were drunk, difficult through pass, **** set pieces, etc. And the worst is the ref! Easy cards, easy penalties...yellow card is a must for every tackles even if they were clean and clean body contact is included ( i replayed in many cases and it just ridiculous). it's football game not a baskeball game! Expand
  63. Sep 1, 2014
    This game is pure **** compared to past iterations. So many bugs, well im not sure if they are bugs or intended. As the slightest challenge will get you booked. The game is too slow. Responses (especially when passing) is so slow. Players have absolutely 0 passing accuracy. Too many times, the pass receiver will leave the ball for no apparent reason. The new manual controls suck, so u should shut it off as soon as you get this game. every game is an Italian Seira A game, as you either win or li

    I can go on forever, I will switch to FIFA having been a hardcore PES fan for years.
  64. Sep 14, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This is my first review and for giving this review only i've created my account.

    Coming to PES 14, :( i really disappointed alot with this PES14, i am PES fan and played all the PES series, and honestly the PES 6 and PES13 were really awesome games every regarding graphics,ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE and all other aspects compared to PES14. In PES14 the ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IS REALLY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY BAD, You'll feel irritated with the AI in this game, you cant pass the to the desired player,you cant run faster than your opponent, the GOAL KEEPER is a TOY, he'll respond after the GOAL. And so many full of negative points are in this game. Hoping best in PES15. I SUGGEST DONT GO FOR THIS AND PLAY PES13

Mixed or average reviews - based on 9 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 9
  2. Negative: 0 out of 9
  1. Nov 18, 2013
    PES 2014 is rife with frustrating flaws, but still, underneath all these layers of disappointment, there is a powerful core. In rare instances, when you are in control of the game, and there no bugs to spoil the fun, PES is more natural and alive than any FIFA.
  2. 60
    New engine brought freshness to the series and if it wasn't for shoddy online support and a bunch of nasty bugs, FIFA 14 would be trembling. [Nov 2013]
  3. Oct 24, 2013
    The PES series has definitely left the grey zone, and with its new face and trained muscles it gets again into a fight to win the football cup. This is going to be a hell of a fight with the well started FIFA series, however, it has to start somewhere.