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  • Summary: Catastrophe, first part: The planet of the Nomads burst. Catastrophe, second part: A few survivors drift on rocky islands through space and time. Anyway, the catastrophe has its good sides as well: 1.) A fascinating world in airy spaces was created. 2.) The game character you choose - mysterious Susie, clever John or strong Goliath - has survived. 3.) You have a task: Destroy the originators of the catastrophe and other creeps. 4.) Get ready for the final countdown. With magic items, you can transform your island to a battle giant teeming with weapons. You also use these items to produce heavily armed flight devices for the search of further artefacts and in order to gain raw materials for energy supply. There's heaps to do. Snap to it! [CDV] Expand
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  1. Achingly beautiful, eccentric combat in the clouds.
  2. It's rare that something that truly strives for originality, and even rarer that it succeeds with any degree of success. Project Nomads does so in spades. Bravo!
  3. Has a great storyline and is set in an amazing world, but is only a typical RTS/FPS title.
  4. Although it offers a mix of strategy, vehicle-based shooting, and third-person action, none of these elements surpass mediocrity due to the lukewarm gameplay. [Feb 2003, p.84]
  5. Definitely an ambitious project, but unfortunately, it's only the floating-island concept and not the actual gameplay that will make it stick in the minds of gamers. [Feb 2003, p.80]
  6. 57
    An ambitious genre-bending title killed by one tedious mission after another.
  7. The canned plot does all the driving and you're just along for the dull weird ride. [Feb 2003, p.71]

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  1. Feb 12, 2013
    Why is everything in this game for no reason?
    Why is everything in this game for no reason?
    Why is everything in this game for no reason?

    Why is everything in this game for no reason?