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  • Summary: Novistrana, an ex-Soviet state, ruled by a corrupt and brutal dictator. With a personal vendetta against the President and discontent spreading throughout the nation, now is the moment to seize power. Time to start a revolution - will it be to liberate the masses or to become their new oppressor? Starting with a single loyal supporter create a powerful nationwide faction strong enough to oust the President and take control. Using either your Influence, Wealth and Force, gain the allegiance of prominent public figures including members of the Secret Police, Councillors, Celebrities, Priests, and Criminals. Hundreds of diverse actions enable you to order and manipulate the masses from rallies and riots to constructing crime syndicates, holding charity galas, organising secret police 'hits' or broadcasting news propaganda. Threats come from seven other factions, all vying for supreme control. Over-shadowing everything is the President who will do anything to hold onto power. Be as ruthless or as compassionate as you want, but beware, as every action can have untold repercussions and consequences on the future of your Republic. [Eidos Interactive] Expand
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  1. It’s certainly not for everyone because of the poor design, weak interface and completely unfriendly learning curve, however those who like their strategy first and foremost and those interested in the games settings will likely gain enjoyment - just remember to scratch beneath the surface.
  2. The rather clunky and standoffish interface, combined with the fact that gamers will be required to actually learn things before they are comfortable with the game might put off a fair amount of people who were initially excited about the game.
  3. 72
    Unintuitive game controls can't wreck an engrossing game experience based on an imaginative adaptation of the old expansion/dirty tricks strategy design.
  4. 68
    The best advice I can give anyone playing this game is to keep the poorly written manual close at hand, because you'll be referring to it frequently. In fact, I can easily say that this game is almost impossible to play well without it.
  5. Four years on and Republic is revealed as a more familiar and modest proposition. What promised to be revolutionary has emerged as a mere curio. A shame. [Oct 2003, p.90]
  6. It just seems that the team spent a lot more time coming up with ideas for the game than they did executing them properly. [Dec 2003, p.183]
  7. Republic is further hobbled by a linear storyline that discourages replay. [Dec 2003, p.93]

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