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Mixed or average reviews- based on 5 Ratings

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  1. Sep 7, 2013
    I very much enjoyed this game. It has a very interesting story, great graphics and fairly challenging puzzles including some quite creative ones.

    The story is told through emails, letters and diaries found in the game, so a lot of reading is required. This may put some players off but I enjoyed this format of storytelling, in particular since it allows the story to span several different time periods. Besides, the writing is good and I found that the diary of a former inhabitant of the farm in particular was a real pleasure to read. Many of the puzzles are based on hints given in the reading material and sometimes require combining information from several different sources to figure out the solution, something that I found made for an interesting challenge, but which will again put some players off, in particular if they are relatively new to the genre (or subgenre).

    The sound effects were good and added to the atmosphere of the game. There is not much music in the game, but the music that does exist is good and it is used at appropriate occasions. The graphics are excellent, both in terms of the level of detail and the visual design of the locations (for example I found that the 15 year old girl's room looked just right given the information about her gained from her diary).

    At first I found the navigation system a bit confusing, but I quickly got used to it. In the end, the main weakness I found with the game was that the automatic notes which provide a useful reminder of your current objectives sometimes also provided unwanted hints, giving away things that I would rather have figured out on my own. Also, since it is only possible to pick up objects when you need them, it was sometimes easy to guess the use of an object based on at what time it became possible to pick it up, providing another source of potentially unwanted hints. Without these minor problems the game would have provided an even more interesting challenge.
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  2. Aug 22, 2013
    Concept- great. Execution poor. The game grinds after about 30 minutes. You cannot collect items until you are on the "right" quest, meaning there is a lot of back and forth go fetch moments. While recognising this is an older game, it isn't so old that some of the graphics issues and the horribly bulky movement should have been used. This game could have benefited from voice over as a thinking out loud commentary from the POV of the player. The real game killer is the movement:
    - turn right-click- turn left click-straight-click-straight-click... There is no sensation of actually walking or natural movement.
    I gave it a 4 for concept and there were potentially creepy moments.
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