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  • Summary: Rugby Challenge 2 is a rugby game that features 110+ teams and 50+ stadia from around the world.
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  1. Nov 22, 2013
    A great improvement on the original Rugby Challenge. The career mode is what team sport games are all about and this area has had a huge overhaul. Nothing more satisfying than starting with a team full of nobodies and playing though many seasons building the team up to something epic with big name players.

    The downfalls I see after 25 hours of play is some very disappointing bugs. Lineouts incorrectly awarded to the wrong team when clearing from your 22 and loss of player control has occurred at several inopportune times. The pro difficulty is only harder because they offload way too many times for it to be realistic and half your tackles just aren't effective. Don't hold your breath for any updates either because there has never been 1 single update for RC1 or 2 to date...

    It is otherwise a very enjoyable game and highly recommended to anyone who is a rugby fan.
  2. Jul 25, 2013
    Good God where do I begin? This game is in need of improvement soon or this franchise will collapse soon. It is sad because this was one of the only rugby games out there. So first off this game needs to have the whole audio redone, one of the men talking sounds like a person you would talk to through a kinect mic, it is terrible and I can't even play the game because of it. Second of all it needs a lot of control fixes, there has to be some type of camera where you can use the mouse because you cannot see unless you use the far camera (which I will get to later). Not only that you cannot even use the mouse in the menus and it gets very frustrating after a while. And when you actually get to gameplay you are constantly pressing wrong buttons until you get used to it, I played for an hour I went through the whole tutorial and there are still controls I never knew were in the game. Now onto cameras thats a major issue they give you 4 options basically, sideline, close behind, far behind, and behind. No options other options and they all just completely suck the options.

    Okay now onto the game itself, so the game is very repetitive, it goes like this, get ball, run 1 meter, get tackled, win bind, get ball, run 1 meter, get tackled, lose bind, it is like that the entire game unless you play as the best team against the worst, but that turns into a joke. Also they need to fix the games mechanics, when on a bind you see a guy with his arms around another player and there is no one there and he floats in air, when kicking the ball is sometimes goes through the net and into the crowd, when being tackled or tackling a man glitches through another man, its endless! Of course on top of a load of bugs such as on binds your teammates will shift over and you and your teammates will be fighting air, the game crashing when you score over 10 points (happened once) and many other small things. I could go on all day if I wanted too but I am very disappointed in this game. A waste of $50 and just a waste of disk space. So overall it doesn't even deserve a point. Just find some other game like Madden or 2k then waste on this sports game.