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  • Summary: RUNNING WITH RIFLES is a top-down tactical shooter with open-world RPG elements. In RWR, you join the ranks of an army as a common soldier, just like the thousands around you. To your superiors, you're nothing but cannon fodder... The open world approach lets you define your own path and story in the campaign. Push back the enemy with your comrades or go deep behind enemy lines to sabotage their efforts and loot valuable items. Expand
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  1. Mar 7, 2013
    This game has been out in beta for a while now but it's getting closer to the 1.0. I gave this game a 10 and I really mean it. I was dreaming for a battlefield-series game with a top-down view since a while. And this dream came true with this game. I don't need a monster PC to run this gem and it still looks pleasant to my eyes. Actually I really love the graphic style. The weapons are fairly realistic and the terrain system is great (height, cover system, etc). The AI is smarter than most AAA titles out there, which surprised me tbh. The multiplayer is very entertaining, even though the servers aren't very populated yet. I highly recommend this title to every battlefield/arma/CoD-fans out there if you want a fresh and clean alternative with a lot of potential. The price is very fair (8 bucks) as well. Expand
  2. Apr 3, 2014
    The video game industry needs innovation. From personal experience, this is definitely innovative. The gameplay feels smooth and the AI are not retards (They are not perfect but, better than most modern shooters that we see). It's not your average top-down "hero" game; "one shot, one kill" on pretty much all weapons. Gore settings is really how much blood you want, no blood, scrape, saving private ryan, and then shogun II.

    The main reason you would want to buy this game is because you want something new from the same thing that the "top dogs" of the gaming industry keep on pumping out. It gives you a different perspective and a different experience. Also, it's somewhat of an open world so, you can play the way you want. You could go guns blazing to the front lines or you could go commando around enemy lines to take out their comms truck and effectively taking out their means of giving their troops support.

    The game right now has three factions, green, gray, and brown; green representing America, Grey is Germany, and brown is Russia. I personally hope for more than that, if not them, the community as this game has an option just before you start a game to activate mods for your custom battle. This should increase it's value already.

    But, every game has a downside. Your own troops tend to be very passive with the vehicles they possess and the game still has a few maps or any kind of content for that matter. Keep in mind that it was in beta when this review was written so, currently I hopefully have just a glimpse of the game that you people of the future are playing.

    The AI still needs a little tweaking, there is little options on what you can do in-game, and the campaign is just another battle. But, the game has huge potential! That is why I'm giving this game a 7 out of 10. It's a great game in desperate need of new content for greater playability.