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  • Summary: Saints Row 2 is set years after the original Saints Row in a Stilwater both familiar and strange. The explosive conclusion to Saints Row has left the player wounded, betrayed and thirsty for revenge, and now it's time to take back the city that has forgotten him. A sequel to the first open-world title on next-generation consoles, Saints Row 2 features all new customization options, including gender, age, voice, crib and gang customization. The sandbox just got larger with a totally transformed and expanded city of Stilwater, offering all new locations to explore with new vehicles, including motorcycles, boats, helicopters and planes. Saints Row 2 is playable online in 2-player co-op through the entire single-player campaign or in the all new open-world competitive multiplayer mode never before seen in the genre. [THQ] Expand
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  1. While – both graphically and in gameplay – Saints Row feels behind the standards set by GTA IV, it has an ace up its sleeve in the online arena: true online co-op. And it works. [Dec 2008, p.105]
  2. A real challenge to... you know, that other sandbox game... Saints Row 2 expands on the original with a dizzying level of complexity. Stilwater is back and bigger than ever - there's so much to see and do you'll be entertained for hours.
  3. Though Saints Row 2 profits from its easy and humorous atmosphere, those can’t make up for its technical weaknesses. Especially the empty-headed AI and the indefensible hardware needs grind my gears. As a PC gamer I am at least completely happy with the wonderful multiplayer co-op mode which keeps up the multiplayer rating.
  4. We loved it, but if you're someone who takes games very seriously and are looking for a nigh-on carbon copy of GTA 4 this won't be for you.
  5. Saints Row 2 is a great action and racing game... at least on consoles. Performing and control issues diminish greatly the quality of this PC port.
  6. 63
    There's enough crazy-insane tomfoolery to keep a machete in the hands of even the most straight-laced citizens, you'll just need a super-computer to even think about running it.
  7. Saints Row 2, like its protagonist, has been in a coma for the last three years. Just like many other failed GTA wannabes, it offers bland story, cardboard cutouts instead of interesting characters and tons of mini-games. Stillwater is not a city – it’s a theme park.

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  1. Nov 26, 2010
    This game is what GTA: IV would be, if it wasn't so serious. Customization is through the roof, and one of the best I have ever seen in a game. The quests, while at times somewhat frustrating, are fun and humorous. The sidekicks in the game are funny and memorable. Gat, a psychotic killer who constantly cracks jokes. Shaundi, a pothead who constantly steals Pierce's thunder and gets around town. Pierce, a thug who whines about your music selection, loves opera, and is comic relief. The rival gangs are also quite memorable, from the hardcore tattooed Brotherhood, the voodoo practicing Sons of Jamaica, to the Japanese gang, the Ronin, ran by the pansy and spoiled son of a hardcore mobster. I do find it's rating to be completely undeserving, for it really is so much more fun than GTA. The only reason I can see why it doesn't have a higher rating, is because too many people have a boner for GTA and constantly, and unfairly, compare the two. The two games, while about open city crime, as two different philosophies. In GTA, its more "realistic" and "gritty", while SR2 is more about doing whatever the heck you want and not have some damn cousin calling you every 5mins. So I would recommend that Saints Row isnâ Expand
  2. Mar 11, 2014
    Это просто прекрасная, яркая и необычная игра, гораздо лучше всех игр из серии GTA.
    Кроч., стоит попробовать.
  3. Jul 1, 2012
    This game is absolutely brilliant. No, seriously, I mean it. Its gameplay is awesomeness itself. OK, it's a pure console port and navigating the menus is a bother (Ctrl and shift for left and right in the menus? What?), and it is a single-threaded program, meaning that all your cores are unused by this game, save one, which in turn means that it will run relatively poorly for a game that is now 7 years old. The graphics were great for that era, but they definitely look dated in 2012. No matter! The gameplay! It's simply brilliant! 9/10. Expand
  4. Nov 2, 2012
    Negatives first - the port is one of the worst I've ever encountered. Yet with the right set of mods and fiddling it quickly becomes an enjoyable and addictive game. Technical issues aside it easily tops SR3 with more variations, more locations and going easy on the over the top feeling. Expand
  5. Feb 11, 2012
    The game was okay. I like the fact that you get to build the gang up, as in Saints Row Three you're in more of a futuristic world that pisses you off. It's a pretty bad port, as the driving is terrible and the glitches and bugs are horrendous. I only have 2.3 hours of playtime, and I don't plan on increasing the number. Expand
  6. Dec 13, 2012
    A sandbox game full of wacky companions, ridiculous storylines, and tons of missions. SR2 has much better world design and customization than 3; however, after beating the formulaic missions there isn't much to do besides activities. The only collectables are CDs to make custom playlists (most of the music sucks) and your territory control is completed passively while doing missions. Probably the strongest point of SR2 is the cutscenes with their amusing character facial expressions, good camera work, and funny dialog. If you are looking for a less serious sandbox game then SR2 & 3 are both good options. Overall I think SR3 is better but they both have their fair share of issues. You will most likely have trouble getting this working because it is such a poor port. It has a lot of graphical, sound, and stability issues so be prepared to dig around for mods & fixes. Expand
  7. Dec 29, 2010
    Terrible driving views, it is way too jerky when cornering. I got this because I love the GTA, Mafia and Godfather stuff but this is awful. Weapon selection works by holding a key and pushing the mouse in a certain direction but getting those at 45 degrees can be a pain, but you can use the scroll wheel. I manage to solve some of the technical problems but still get a 50/50 chance of it crashing on startup. Terrible port to PC, might be better on a console but this has totally put me off wasting any more money on this series. Expand

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