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  • Summary: Could it be? How could it happen? It’s virtually impossible -- Bosco, proprietor of Bosco’s Inconvenience and ultra-paranoid master of disguise -- is missing! Could it be a kidnapping? What kind of inhuman monstrosity would want Bosco around badly enough to steal him? This could be the toughest case yet for Sam & Max! [GameTap] Expand
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  1. 100
    The longest episode of the season, and perhaps the longest episode of the entire series.
  2. Chariots of the Dogs sucked me in and completely immersed me with the joy that comes from playing a special adventure game.
  3. I'd say Chariots of the Dogs might be the best episode in the new Sam&Max series yet. The environment is fresh, puzzles are challenging and logical and simply put toying with the time muchine works just great. As for me this time nearly all of the jokes hit the spot. Hail Sam and Max! [June 2008]
  4. 90
    Chariot of the Dogs may be missing the satirical edge of earlier Sam & Max episodes, but the funny certainly won't disappoint long-time fans of the Freelance Police.
  5. This chapter is the best so far of Episode Two. It does a great job of bridging the gap between the first several episodes, and the subsequent second half. The setup is wonderful.
  6. Even before the credits roll Sam and Max shoot their way into the shop, defeat a laser grid, complete every child’s favorite science project and get abducted by aliens in the process. Just another day for the dog and hyper kinetic rabbity thing!
  7. I'm all for games that want you to reach the end, and encourage you to stay on board for the whole ride, but, assuming that the vast majority of people following the series are experienced point-and-click players, this is starting to feel patronising. When the actual core gameplay becomes an undemanding routine, that's a dangerous position for an episodic series which needs to keep players playing.

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  1. Nov 30, 2011
    Yes, it's the best Sam & Max episode ever made. UFO's, time travel.. what's there NOT to like? Very aesthetically pleasing, weird experience in general. Expand