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  1. AnonymousMC
    Sep 17, 2009
    its VERY bad!! and if i say VERY bad i mean VERY VERY BAD.
    it shoul be burned!!
    Shooting dont even feels like shooting, its like your shootig with dummy-ammo.
    grafiks are not bad but too poor for the time with hd grafics. dont play it unless you want to be so bad surprised that you never NEVER play a shooter again..

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  1. Scorpion: Disfigured uses some well-known features from other games, like weapon and character improvements (Deus EX) or psychic abilities (System Shock 2). But nothing really works well, not even shooting, which feels like throwing cotton balls. For a shooter, that's the final nail in the coffin and this game should be buried.
  2. There are plenty of good ideas in this shooter. None of them are new. And none of them are implemented as thrilling as they could have been. All that´s left is a decent shooter with a not-so-bad AI, nice but partly overdone graphics and a non-existent story. There are moments of fun, though. You just have to find them.
  3. You walk about dark rooms, straining your eyes to discern doors from walls, rotate valves, kill hordes of zombies, mercenaries, robots… and pray that this level will be the last.