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  1. The ability to show others your own work makes the game the unendingly original, organic environment that it is. But all said, Second Life is what you make of it.
  2. Fascinating, infinite possibilities, but it's rough around the edges. [Feb 2005, p.84]
  3. This microcosmic world holds together only because its players agree to suspend their reality and believe in each other's fantasies. If you find yourself too sceptical to join in with this shared hallucination, you'll find little entertainment here. [PC Gamer UK]
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  1. Mar 19, 2015
    This review contains spoilers, click full review link to view. To start off with, Second Life is what many people call a 'virtual world' rather than a computer game. On Second Life, you can create your own avatar, customize him or her by appearance, and explore a huge virtual world, full of plenty of things to do.

    The graphics are quite good. Very good in fact! You can even customize your graphical settings to your liking. Thing is, unless you have a decent graphics card, Second Life won't run effectively on your computer. In fact, it will be prone to lags and crashes if you have less than 4 gigabytes of RAM. Otherwise, the game will run just fine for you. In fact, you'll be able to make the game look a LOT nicer if you have a faster computer, processor, and graphics card.

    The amount of stuff you can do on Second Life is only limited by the number of Lindens you have. Naturally, the more Lindens you have, the more stuff you'll be able to buy. This means, you may potentially be able to own or even rent a house on land if you have enough Lindens to pay the land use fees every month. In fact, if you search around, you may be able to find certain things for free! You can even potentially get a car, a boat, or a plane for no cost at all! But as far as getting really good stuff, you'll have to pay some Lindens for it, which can usually only be bought with real money. However, you could get lucky and manage to get a few Lindens for free. In addition to this, if you want to actually OWN your own parcel of land and have control over it's general settings, you'll have to invest in a monthly premium account.

    And finally...There's the community. Generally, the community SEEMS friendly...At first. But in reality, SL's community is practically pure crap! -_- No, I'm not kidding! While they often take part in fun things like dancing, role-playing, and other stuff, they tend to become VERY easily offended if you happen to wander into the boundaries of somebody else's house while they're home. If this happens, you may find yourself banned from their parcel, even if you're friendly and say hi to them! And whatever you do, don't bother complaining about getting banned from somewhere on their forums-These **** frown upon such behavior and may ban you from their site for fighting for what you feel is right!! -_- After all, people take this dumb-ass game to damn seriously! And if you don't like a certain aspect of the game, then you'll never win an argument about it against the general SL public. People on there have called me a **** Ha! They are the **** Not me. This concludes my review of Second Life...DramaStorm over and out.
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  2. Jun 21, 2013
    This thing is scary. Second Life is not a game it's a 3D chat room and most of the people in this great world of Second Life are sociallyThis thing is scary. Second Life is not a game it's a 3D chat room and most of the people in this great world of Second Life are socially broken and rather disturbing to talk too. I found multiple people who where having really nasty conversations and the idea that people live in this thing is just plain creepy. I saw some really dirty stuff too that will burn in my head for many many years.

    I set out to try and find someone to talk to but people just stand around DOING NOTHING, I found the occasional person who would say "hello" but that was pretty much it. The "game" runs like a piece of crap and lags terribly because every island was filled with stuff, most of which was nude avatars.

    If you choose to download this I hope you don't see what I did and I hope you actually find someone to talk too.

    P.S The rude stuff is every where so prepare to see alot of porn and other nasty sh*t
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  3. Jun 7, 2016
    SL is a virtual world - not so much a game, per se.

    BE WARNED - The biggest issue I have with it is the utter lack of account security. LL
    SL is a virtual world - not so much a game, per se.

    BE WARNED - The biggest issue I have with it is the utter lack of account security. LL SHOULD be introducing Authenticators for $5 a pop, the way Blizzard Entertainment does - all the more so when you consider the very real fact that their in-world currency (Linden, or L$) is exchangeable for USD.

    Linden Research Inc (aka LindenLabs) however, seem to be too tight-fisted to invest in the provision of Authenticators.

    Until then, enjoy being hacked and having your PayPal account robbed. You, the victim, will be subjected to no end of hassles, delays, denials of responsibility, dramas and headaches trying to sort things out and you WILL be treated like YOU'RE the criminal (or at the very least, as though you're clueless about your own security measures).

    Oh and if you are hacked and robbed, be further warned that PayPal won't lift a finger to help (they're the Kings of Denial and will dismiss the very idea of investigating in a heartbeat) and LL will only freeze your SL account for a number of days while just making it appear as though they're doing something to investigate.

    The only form of help you can rely upon is your bank, who will cancel your card instantly for you and issue a new one.

    I'll give it a perfect score the day they start issuing Authenticators.

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