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  • Summary: Shattered Suns puts players in control of a fleet of space ships and space stations. Game play takes place in a solar system with one star, various planets orbiting the star, and moons orbiting the planets. Space stations fill orbital slots around planets and moons, serving to consolidate control over territory. Space ships gather resources from planets and moons, form supply lines between space stations, build new space stations, and--of course--blow each other out of the sky in fully three-dimensional space battles. [Clear Crown Studios] Expand
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  1. Resource management is boring at the best of times, and, in Shattered Suns, it's a yawn-festival.
  2. 43
    Unfortunately, Shattered Suns is ultimately an over ambitious game with perhaps not enough money, time, or resources to turn the experience into something out of this world.
  3. If you enjoy RTS games and realize this is an indie title that has brought a new gameplay style to the table you possibly could enjoy it, but this is also the type of game that requires you to be forgiving for design choices, the campaign and its lack of modern looking graphics.
  4. Shattered Suns wastes its promise with terrible presentation values and poor implementation of its 3D combat system.
  5. Considering that combat is as dull as the ship graphics, and that you can't even share the experience due to lack of multiplayer, Shattered Suns' $40 asking price is seriously overambitious. [Dec 2008, p.57]
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