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Summary: James Sunderland's life is shattered when his young wife Mary suffers a tragic death. Three years later, a mysterious letter arrives from Mary, beckoning him to return to their sanctuary of memories, the dark realm of Silent Hill. Now James must go back to that special place to uncover the truth, unaware that the answers he seeks require the ultimate sacrifice. Check out the PC exclusive features below! [Konami]
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Rating: M
Developer: Creature Labs
Genre(s): Action Adventure, Horror, Horror, Survival
Number of Players:1 Player
ESRB Descriptors:Blood and Gore Violence
Cast Credit
Nozomi Akimoto Assistant Programmer
Takayuki Kobayashi Lead Programmer
Hidehisa Harada Engine Programmer
Osamu Komuta Assistant Programmer
Kazuhide Nakazawa Character Animator
Minako Asano Character Modeler
Gozo Kitao Executive Producer
Masashi Tsuboyama Director
Masashi Tsuboyama Town Design/Modeling
Masahiro Ito Monster Design
Hiroyuki Owaku Scenario Writer
Hiroyuki Owaku Scenario Writer
Suguru Murakoshi Cutscene Animator
Suguru Murakoshi Drama Director
Norihito Hatakeda Engine Programmer
Yuki Mizuochi Engine Programmer
Yukinori Ojima Engine Programmer
Kazumasa Ogiso Engine Programmer
Kazutoshi Sugai Engine Programmer
Hideyuki Fujii Engine Programmer
Hayato Fukushima Engine Programmer
Satoshi Kikuchi Engine Programmer
Taku Otani Engine Programmer
Hiromichi Ito Engine Programmer
Makoto Hiura Assistant Programmer
Shingo Yuri Character Modeler
Sachiko Sugawara Character Modeler
Atsushi Ono Town Design/Modeling
Motomi Minowa Town Design/Modeling
Mayuko Yano Town Design/Modeling
Hitomi Namatame Town Design/Modeling
Jun Inoue Town Design/Modeling
Hiroto Yamaguchi Town Design/Modeling
Yuko Ito Town Design/Modeling
Takayuki Ando Background Reviser
Jun Suzuki Town Design/Modeling
Takamitsu Nemoto Room Design/Modeling
Yasunori Kanetake Room Design/Modeling
Yumiko Fujishima Background Reviser
Masako Murakata Room Design/Modeling
Runa Sugiyama Room Design/Modeling
Noriyoshi Sato Room Design/Modeling
Chieko Ogura Room Design/Modeling
Kyohei Yamaguchi Background Reviser
Tomohisa Koike Room Design/Modeling
Takeshi Miura Room Design/Modeling
Hiroshi KOyama Room Design/Modeling
Yuichi Kobayashi Character Animator
Shigeru Kobayashi Character Animator
Atsushi Sakamoto Cutscene Animator
Atsuya Tanaka Cutscene Animator
Ray Matsumura Cutscene Animator
Shiro Kanemori Cutscene Animator
Takashi Ito Still Photographer
Tomoko Morohoshi Still Photographer
Eiichi Ito Item Design/Modeling
Tomoko Furukawa Item Design/Modeling
Morio Kishida CGI Movie Editor
Guy Cihi Voice: James Sunderland
Monica Horgan Voice: Maria
Donna Burke Voice: Angela
Akira Yamaoka Sound Composer
Akira Yamaoka Sound Composer
Akihiro Imamura Producer
David Schaufele Voice: Eddie
Masayuki Fujiki Background Reviser
Florence Minowa Voice: Laura
Atsumu Miyazawa Sound Director
Masayoshi Sato Effects Programmer
Tetsushi Takahashi Assistant Programmer
Hideo Ueda Assistant Programmer
Keiichi Ikeda Assistant Programmer
Hisashi Kato Assistant Programmer
Naoto Ohashi Engine Programmer
Keiko Yamazaki Room Design/Modeling
Daisuke Nakayama Logo/Package Design
Sato Works Monster Design
Kaz Nirasawa International Manager & Translator
Kaz Nirasawa International Manager & Translator
Dean Calver Lead Programmer (PC Version)
Oscar Cooper Programmer (PC Version)
Ian Sweeny Programmer (PC Version)
David M. Carter Programmer (PC Version)
Francis Irving Additional Programming & IT (PC Version)
Francis Irving Additional Programming & IT (PC Version)
Wayne Stallwood Additional Programming & IT (PC Version)
Wayne Stallwood Additional Programming & IT (PC Version)
Mark Stamps Additional Programming & IT (PC Version)
Mark Stamps Additional Programming & IT (PC Version)
Nathan Thomas Additional Art
Jayenne Montana Additional Art
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