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  1. Mar 7, 2013
    I'd love to give it a better review.. but since I can't actually play the game I paid for... still... day 2. This is the score it gets. Am I at 150 characters yet? It doesn't deserve that many either.
  2. Mar 7, 2013
    I still play SC4, and pre-ordered this piece of crap. Graphics and game play are like a retarded Facebook game. Everything has been detailed down in game so EA can sell you add-ons later and rape you even more on a 80 dollar game. City size are tiny, maybe a tenth of what they were in SC4, no subways, interstates are already on the map and in horrible places, no way to control taxes on things to prevent air pollution (for people to use mass transit) no way to build entertainment buildings or special buildings, only parks. OH and did I mention the graphics suck big time. Not what you would expect for a 2013 game release. Farmville quality stuff here. IM running dual 680GTX cards in my desktop and it looks the same as my 2003 dell inspiron 8500 with a on board POS graphics card. I retuned it so one less person on there servers. Expand
  3. Mar 7, 2013
    I have always been a huge sim city fan but the always on internet ruined it for me whoever at ea thought it was a good idea in a single player game should be fired.avoid like the plague
  4. Mar 7, 2013
    Review based on gameplay with a friend who purchased (and returned) his copy.

    I would happily buy this game if I could play it offline and save my own cities, on my own computer, on my own schedule. But right now, the only option is to pay cash up front to RENT access to a game that might or might not be playable, depending on the whims of the internet and the servers. Personally I
    don't have free time to sit around waiting, especially when a server glitches out and eats my city. If you don't mind paying to entrust your cities to the EA servers, then more power to you. As for me, I'll pass on Rent-A-City 5 and go back to my old copy of the awesome SimCity 4. Expand
  5. Mar 7, 2013
    DO NOT BUY THIS GAME RIGHT NOW!. There are far too many issues to justify spending any money until they get this mess figured out. I cannot speak to the actual game play as I continue to wait to connect to servers. I have owned this game for three days and have not been able to log on yet
  6. Mar 7, 2013
    ...........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................I hate EA.......................................................................................................

  7. Mar 7, 2013
    Whats the most important aspect of any game? BEING ABLE TO F*****G PLAY IT!
    I paid 600 SWEDISH CROWNS (THAT'S 93.83$ SRSLY) for this game, it took hours to get on, then i get disconnected, i get on, i try the game for a while, i get disconnected, save corrupted, if you're on a dodgy WiFi your session will disconnect, if EA servers act up, your save will get corrupted, the game itself
    seems fairly alright but it has been UNPLAYABLE since release date, also to play this game you need Origin, Origin is spyware; google it. I would not recommend this game to anyone and i will claim a refund, you should do the same thing. Expand
  8. Mar 7, 2013
    This game got a 79 review??? Wow, I wonder how many BJ's the EA execs had to give to these reviewers to get that high a score. All of the critics who gave this game such a high review should be embarrassed for their reviews. Its time EA is put out of its misery. Everyone who is unhappy with the game should request a refund. I purchased a download version of the game from Amazon and I was able to get a refund from them. I've also heard of people even getting refunds from EA so don't just give up on the money you paid for the game. Expand
  9. Mar 7, 2013
    I am the player who only want to enjoy the game after work. Don't make the online game if EA does not effort it. I do like the new version, but I do hate try and wait to play. Can't enter the server at all!!!!
  10. Mar 7, 2013
    Haven't been able to play; I knew about the always-on DRM but thought it would only "call home" but ultimately be a local game, completely independent of whatever happens with EA's servers.

    But no, seems I am tied to the reliability of the connection, their servers and the network cable not being chewed by a giant troll.

    Even Steam allows me an offline mode. Please, EA?
  11. Mar 8, 2013
    EA went so over the top to try and prevent pirating/used game sales that they completely destroyed what the game was intended to be, a great time sink when you do not have access to the internet or are traveling ect.. Not many fans of this type of game are going to play this instead of their staple games when they have the choice. Also not being able to save your city then completely destroy it through whatever hilarious methods the old sim citys provided just takes away one of the most entertaining aspects of the game.

    My wife walked by when I was playing the beta and got all excited because she though I was playing a new version of "The Sims" that seems to be the target audience of this new game. It is so watered down from what it should have been its gross.

    Anyone giving this game more than a 0 does not understand that us fans need to send a message to developers that this crap watered down DRM filled of a game is not acceptable and I will BOYCOTT all future EA games until they turn the company around.
  12. Mar 8, 2013
  13. Mar 8, 2013
    First of all, I have NEVER written a game review in my 36 years of gaming. I tried to put all the hate comments aside and bought it on day one. I actually played a few hours before my first disconnection. Since then, it has been nothing but frustration. Disconnects, lost data, game elements removed, and complete disappointment. The game itself is good, but all the issues that I have experienced since purchasing have completely taken away any joy I have had. If you are going to purchase this game, wait until the issues are resolved as it is completely unplayable right now. Expand
  14. Mar 8, 2013
    Ok, so I'm writing this to everyone who want to know if they should buy the game. This is my first review by the way. I saw how this game got bashed by users and after playing a couple of hours I decided some things had to be clarified to make justice to the team behind this game. First, this is a ***g a m e***. The ***g a m e*** is not really a sequel to previous SimCity to my point of view, I mean it breaks lots of classical rule the previous one established, its kind of a revolution in the series... not a evolution. That's why you see so many simfans lobbying here. But the game is really fun once you accept the fact that they used SimCity franchise to make something different. To my point of view, its less realistic visually than the previous game. But... the gameplay is incredible. You have to plan more, use more collaboration of other cities, and your cities is confront to organic like challenges... your cities is making huge profit based on coal industries? Don't sit on your back like previous SimCity, cause one day your cities mines will run out of coal... So as a mayer its your role to plan a head for the transition... Much more challenging than previous SimCity. You cant save your city Haha, even better you must think of your choice. Critics about the map size didn't realize they where playing another game than SimCity. Small size cities is really important for the balance of this game. You have to manage your ressources, large land would screw this charming mechanic, cause otherwise, even if the coal or ore is vanish from your city you wouldn't care cause you simply would have build everything. SimCity 5 looks a bit like RTS strategy game, except this is to build with others. The challenges of gathering all the ressources for a great work is also very nice. Compare to SimCity 5, SimCity 4 was like painting a city while the new one is planning it. Once you started playing with the specialisation, this game really hook you. I thanks the team behind the game for having the gots not to follow everyone opinion (which shows they don't just want your money) and make a nice piece of art with this game. But be aware if you buy the game early, the macroeconomics severs are being hammered hard, and they probably waited to the last minute before plopping enough server So yes, there is a lot of disconnect and waiting right now, and yes this is really annoying. Expand
  15. Mar 8, 2013
    Ok so to start off I have registered on Metacritic just to warn people how bad of a game this is. Something I haven't done before...
    Sim City has a forced DRM something EVERYONE knew for a while now. This is bad to a stage where I haven't been able to run my game in 2 days. I got as far as claiming my city and playing 5 min past tutorial when server disconnected.
    THAT, early days are always hectic I o not approve of always on DRM and I even hate it but I will not mar Sim City low for that as I knew what I was getting into.

    THE BAD PART is that this is not Sim City, game is dumbed down from the start and city squares are so TINY that this can't even be called Sim Town but merely a Sim Village.

    If the game was called something along the lines of Sims 3 Societies I am sure people wouldn't mind as it would attract a different type of players but for the love of what's sacred to you PLEASE do not call it Sim City.

    If not for the fact I actually have some decent games on Origin I would try selling my account just to give it away! Luckily for me I still own good old Sim City 4 Rush Hour on Steam so I am signing off and goin to build a new metropolis.

    P.S: If Sim city 5 adds bigger city squares through a paid DLC we should consider adding a negative scores on Metacritic as this is a piss poor marketing policy...
  16. Mar 9, 2013
    This user rating is proof that the critics are on EA's payroll. How could the critics ratings be so far off of the consumers? This is the second time I have personally seen EA get amazing ratings for a garbage game. I am sorry that Maxis was sold off to EA. They will go down in history as the simulation trail blazers. Unfortunately, their money hungry master has tarnished the Maxis name for me forever. Expand
  17. Mar 8, 2013
    I love the SimCity franchise, which is why this pains me so much. I owned the original SimCity, SimCity2000, SimCity4, and I think one other somewhere in the mix. This game is unworthy of the name. From tiny maps that are not even a fraction of the size of SimCity2000 and artificially scarce resources meant to push this "connective" social experience (meant to justify the always online DRM), the game is simply terrible. Gone are features like subways and pipe laying to make your town more efficient, and the ability to save games or go back to old saves... introduced are hours-long waits to connect to DRM servers, random city deletion from their servers, and excuse after excuse as to how the always-online feature would make the game better if you could play it.

    It might merit a 1 on any other day, but EA/Origins is denying customers who bought directly a refund, if you purchased from Amazon or anywhere else, you're in luck, but if you bought the game directly from the maker... they want you to be far more patient with demanding a refund than they were with charging you for their non-functional product.

    Between the abject failure of the game and the absolutely terrible customer service, my only regret is that I cannot give this game a negative score. Not only have I not enjoyed it, purchasing this game has caused considerable stress and frustration as I either waited to play or waited on the phone with my bank to get the chargeback. This experience has been so awful that not only would I not recommend purchasing this particular title, I would strongly urge readers to not purchase anything from EA ever again.
  18. Mar 9, 2013
    Pathetic. Refusal to refund money when they breach their end of the contract. Threatening people with bans if they argue about wanting their money back. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM EA or MAXIS. FORCED ONLINE DRM is ANTI-AMERICAN and ANTI-GAMER! do not buy or use this product. Wait until it is hacked and put up online then get it for free and play it at will on YOUR computer when YOU want to!
  19. Mar 9, 2013
    This game is absolutely abysmal. Not only is SimCity a seriously dumbed down version of its predecessors, without terraforming, highways, subways, water tubes OR power lines, but the maps are TINY as well. One can only assume that this is a direct result of the always online DRM, and server side 'simulation' that this game comes packed with. This, in turn, also means that the small 'city' limits we have now will be stuck with us for the foreseeable future due to hardware limitations on EAs side (which have been made very obvious over the past few days), despite what EA and their sockpuppet Maxis have constantly been promising. These limitations, coupled with the ongoing connectivity problems, have really ruined this game for me. I absolutely adored playing the older versions of SimCity, and all EA would've needed to do with this game for it to be good would've been using SimCity 4 mechanics and adding CityXL graphics, but they managed to screw it all up. This complete sack of crap is more worthy of the name 'The Sims 3 Build Your Neighbourhood' than the name it was given, and I beg anyone out there who is thinking of buying this game to NOT give it the benefit of the doubt, for I certainly did and I am now stuck trying to get a refund for my Origin purchase. Ugh. Expand
  20. Mar 9, 2013
    I would have preferred that put me in the queue to pay for and download the game and not for play it. EA scandalous. Too bad the game itself is very well done. Well done Maxis. Much worse EA games.
  21. Mar 9, 2013
    1. Terrible online concept, 2. the citysize should be three times larger, this is like kindergaren facebookgame-size.. my tip to EA, you should change your name from EA, because i see a huge decline in your name.
  22. Mar 9, 2013
    One of the worst games I've ever played. The DRM it's killing the game. You are forced to be online whenever you wanna play the game... WTF? The game has good ideas, but it's imposible to play because of the DRM. Epic Fail
  23. Mar 9, 2013
    We are a few days after launch and the same problems persist, altough slightly improved. EA and Maxis try to buy off the buyers opinion with an apology that came way too late and a freebie was promised. But they do not acknowledge the fact that the fault lies by the always online DRM. This not sit well with this hard working avid Gamer. Too litle too late. Save your money, don't buy EA
  24. Mar 9, 2013
    Long time user of MC, first time poster. Long time player of Maxis games(Simcity, earth, ant, copter, etc). I've had this game since March 5th when it came out. I installed it that day. I've attempted to just play the game since then without success. It is now March 9th at 5:45am. I have tried every server listed. All I get is "Unable to load the city at this time. Please try again." Origin shows that I've played this game for 36 hours. That is how long I have attempted to get in to play the game I've been waiting years to play. I have not played it once. I have no problem with online DRM but I do have a problem with using it when your infrastructure before, during, and after game launch clearly can not handle it. Very highly disappointed with Maxis and EA. I'm sure they are trying to fix things but this is just completely unacceptable. I will not be changing my user score, even once I get to play it. People need to know what they are buying(consumers) and what their inadequate infrastructure and operations is doing to their reputation and future sales(Maxis/EA). Expand
  25. Mar 9, 2013
    Why do i have to be always online, to play offline singleplayer? I would like to play when im on the road, at my grandparrents house or on vacation. Those places either don't have a internet connection, or a steady connection. Not just is the online forced on us! But it dosn't even work correctly, people can not login to play the game they purchased. And those few who can, end up getting server issues, their cities are not saved etc..

    Day 1 dlc also leaves a bad taste in my mouth, it's sad to see that things that where already finished and ready to be put in the game. Is now being sold the same day the game releases. To turn a even greater profit for EA. The game is mostly bare bones, with content needing to be purchased to fullfill the emptiness. This game is not worth the money, the wait or the troubles. I can not recommend it, and i myself have turned it back to EA. 0/10
  26. Mar 9, 2013
    when it says servers are available, they actually aren't, I've spent the better part of 3 hours trying to connect to available servers only for ea to say servers are not available, on at least 6 different ones, the game looks good, but i cant play it, its a waste of time now even attempting it, if i could get on to play, who knows, i'd probably enjoy it, but i guess even tho i bought the game we shall never know if its any good, money thrown away buying this. Expand
  27. Mar 9, 2013
    Well what's left to say? EA doing it again and deserves the ****
    Every game EA touches becomes an fortunately i didn't buy this piece of ****.

    It's over EA is finished
  28. Mar 9, 2013
    Is this a scam game?

    My wife bought this game for me as a birthday present, but it does not work!

    I can't get into game because there is some sort of queue. I can't turn off multiplayer, I just want to play single player! WHY I NEED TO WAIT?
  29. Mar 9, 2013
    Remember the last time you bought a book that was missing the first 10 chapters? Neither do I............................................................................................................................................................
  30. Mar 9, 2013
    I want my money back....
    This game is not worth the bit it takes to throw it around in cyberspace server connection in a single player game is a joke. Graphics is way below standards of the average 2003 game (yes correct...2003 not 2013). The atmosphere that has been a trademark in the earlier versions of this game is all but gone. Why, why, why did I ever by this piece of junk????
  31. Mar 9, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Nipaigrat`!!!111 Lamal vseh v anal! EA nubyi suka, vashu papu, deda! Vse plohom igra crutaya, no servera huynya, ya vas shatal vseh!!!111 nipaigrat`!!! Ad vas zhdet!!! Expand
  32. Mar 9, 2013
    Broken Game, Missing Features, Always On DRM, Generally Awful.

    Another game EA truly got it's hands on. I'm honestly not surprised that EA has managed to turn a game which was highly anticipated and could have been game of the year into a pile of smoldering garbage.
  33. Mar 9, 2013
    This is the most useless game I've ever seen. Ontop of the servers being down since launch a worse debacle since Dialbo3 the game wouldn't even work anyway. Forcing people to have an ALWAYS on internet connection to play a single player offline mode is about as pointless as having three forks in one had trying to eat a meal.
  34. Mar 9, 2013
    At some point they'll turn the servers off and it won't be possible to play ever again. Not that it's possible to play now... I'd recommend buying an old used copy of Sim City 4 instead. Or an old copy of Civ.
  35. Mar 9, 2013
    Sim City was based on two things when I was growing up. 1) the ability to create huge sprawling cities (enter cheats, create disasters, etc) and 2) to run the game on cheetah if you did not cheat and allow you to accumulate money. EA has completely blundered at recreating any nostalgia for people that grew up playing Sim City. I do not mind playing on servers, if the servers are adequate and allow for all of the game to be played. I looked forward to playing many hours of this game. Now, I have friends that have lost cities due to the server inconsistency. Then, because EA wanted this to be a multiplayer game because the city size is not large enough for single player.I had a useless region with half of the cities corrupt because of server issues. EA I have owned many of games and I can say that this is the game that broke the back for the company. I will no longer be purchasing EA titles. Goodbye Madden, NCAA, Tiger Woods, et al. Expand
  36. Mar 9, 2013
    This always on DRM limits the usability of games in ridiculous ways. Gone is the ability to play this game on a road trip, during a long layover, in a hotel on vacation, or anywhere else you might not have an always on connection. But what scares me even more is how blatantly the DRM proclaims you aren't buying the game, you're only renting it. This DRM means you can only play this game as long as EA allows you to and they can pull that permission any time they want to. As soon as EA decides it isn't worth it to maintain the servers necessary to play, the game you paid $60 for becomes absolutely useless. And I know this review hasn't touched on the actual game play but it's very difficult to review something that you can't play because of the stupid DRM. Expand
  37. Mar 9, 2013
    While the game looks great, it is not satisfying in the way its predecessors were. My biggest complaints include the city plot size (which is confusingly small), and lack of terraforming. I want to create a large customized city as in Simcity 4, and I'm stuck with building villages on cookie cutter terrain. Massive disappointment.
  38. Mar 9, 2013
    DRM aside (which I don't support but can live with) this game is not what you'd expect from the the creators of simcity 4. I first actually got to play 2 days after purchase due to server issues but what I found is a game that is better suited for Facebook, I have little creativity in city creation and I have to start where they pre determine my highway connection is. The city I create very very quickly fills its boarders and the topography is non adjustable which wouldn't be so bad of the game wasn't 2km by 2km, I mean come on I want an in depth opportunity to be the creative city building nerd I always dreamed of but I find myself much more satisfied with building in tropico than this game and they don't even have a sewer system to build or subways.... Oh wait neither does simcity 5 Expand
  39. Mar 9, 2013
    I think GameSpot's review of this game says it best. This is a 5/10 game at best. I'm going to give it a 3. Don't get me wrong, over the next year I'm sure they'll sort out some of the issues, but in it's current state, it never should have been put in sale.

    Once I heard about the always online requirement, I knew this game would be a wreck. Server issues aside, there are serious
    design flaws and limitations around single player play. Even when you give in to the "social" aspect that was created to justify the always online DRM, you find loads of bugs that prevent you from working with others, allow others to wreck your cities, or even cause you to lose your city entirely. The level of frustration and disappointment is unbelievable.

    At the core, SimCity does some things better than ever, but it rarely works long enough for you to tell. In the end, it lacks the size, scale and features of previous versions, and spends most of it's time frustrating you.
  40. Mar 9, 2013
    DRM Is a Part of the game, and good game journalist's scores should reflect that. As should the always On experience be reflected in the games score.

    Hopefully gamers will now know not to trust scores from people who do not take both of these into consideration.

    If you cannot play a single player game single player at launch for any reason, the game is not worth the time of day nor
    your money. Expand
  41. Mar 9, 2013
    I will only play this game alone. DRM automatically sucks, but having to be online at all times is like having to confirm your account number every time you change the channel on your TV.
  42. Mar 9, 2013
    Server overload can be a bummer when you try to play the new SimCity, along with the myriad of different bugs that will probably break most complex cities on their attempt to succeed.
  43. Mar 9, 2013
    The game is fine, I mean, it works for the most part. The layout is bad, control over the cities is limited. City size is too small. It has crashed 2 times. Certainly not worth $80. Maybe worth $25. This is the last time I will ever pre-order a game. I think I will go back to sim city 4.
  44. Mar 9, 2013
    Haven't been able to play at least half the time I've wanted to because the servers were down. These issues they are having are well known and have been solved by tons of other companies. Incompetent developers spoiling an amazing series.
  45. Mar 9, 2013
    There are many reasons why I think Maxis and EA have ruined simcity for me. First, server issues, I (and lots of other people) would much rather play simcity as a single player game. They force us to always be connect to their servers to play, not a deal breaker for me but when their servers can't handle the traffic it is. Next the game itself, they removed some of the best features from previous simcity games, you can't create your own regions or cities and terraform the land, making hills and rivers ect. The size of the cities is ridiculously small, the whole city can be filled up in an hour, so you have to choose what to demolish to continue building.
    Also there are very limited public transportation options, I'm sure they will have DLC with more in the future, but for the price of the game, more options should have been included. One of my favorite features of SC4 was that it allowed modding, the community created some amazing mods for the game, that's why it has been around and popular for over 10 years. I'm also worried about money hungry EA and their "micro-transactions", what happened to expansion packs, rush hour was awesome and totally worth it. I guess for now I'll just have to stick with SC4 until Civitas (moddable, DRM free, city simulator on kickstarter) is funded and released.
  46. Mar 9, 2013
    Is sad how Electronic Arts DRM, and servers removed the fun for such a good game, I wanted to play while I was offline in my free time and got surprised when I wasn't allowed to play and when I got online the servers where down EA has lost a user today the only good thing about this is that I got my money back
  47. Mar 9, 2013
    Where to start. Always online, small maps, frustrating game play, inability to control saves. Inability to alter the landscape. Make a mistake and you will have to basically start over. I built a high school and it didn't show up except for a little access road that I can't delete now. Building roads is so frustrating. Upgrading placed buildings is a great concept, but they require space outside their footprint, which F's up your entire layout. And the map, the tiny little city size I filled it up in a couple hours, and now just sit and watch as it progresses. This game would be great if they had just improved the deficiencies of the last Sim City game without dumbing down the parts that made it challenging. A complete and utter disappointment on so many levels. I waited for over 10 years for this game and they ruined it. Any of the "professionals" who gave this a 10 are either high, stupid, or just easily entertained. Farmville was more challenging. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME! If you must own it, wait a week, they will selling used for 10 bucks. I think I will use mine for a coaster. Expand
  48. Mar 10, 2013
    Piece of crap. I just lost my 5h city and since then i can't even login into that damned thing. Last night i managed to play for entire of 15min before it disconnected me from server. WASTED MONEY don't buy it!. Fok you EA!
  49. Mar 11, 2013
    It's sad to see a great game series like Sim City die at the hands of EA, the wonderful title was again used as an electric boogaloo to milk money off Sim city fans. Having started playing the Sim City series from 2000 it really breaks my heart to see a sequel being put together so halfheartedly. I have nothing to say.

    Bye sim city
  50. Mar 11, 2013
    Always online DRM was not OK when Blizzard did it, and it is not OK now that EA is doing it either. This is a trend that MUST stop within the gaming industry.
  51. Mar 14, 2013
    Don't buy this game (at least until they fix it or modders do)! It's ridden with server problems and bugs galore. After logging in, the available regions that others play play on are all full or bugged, so you can only play with friends (which they have to be on the same server) or by yourself. Achievements are only carried on the server you play. When you do play with other people, the server is so laggy that even talking in chat, there's a 10-30 second delay. The game is stupidly simple, it doesn't have the same complexity as previous versions. This game was not ready nor properly tested for launch, don't buy it! Expand
  52. Jul 21, 2013
    1. Game fundamental mechanism and logic is not working appropriately. Many bugs have not been resolved.
    2. Map size too small and annoying on-line DRM requirements. Developers are unwilling to change and indifferent to customer's complains and request.
    3. Greedy DLC business model. No modelling ability in spite of their false promise.
  53. Mar 13, 2013
    SimCity is at its heart a single player game. For greedy EA to force always-on DRM on this franchise is frankly unforgiveable. When popularity of the servers goes down EA will pull the plug and your access to the game will be forever gone. Also gone are my ability to manage my own saves so out the window also goes the ability to experiment with your cities without permanently destroying your creations. The city size limits are abysmally small and are not compensated by connecting several of these small towns together. Not only are the cites small but the locations are fixed and unchangeable another very bad move. On top of all that terraforming has also been completely removed from the game. Now I can't shape the land to form my masterpiece. It feels like EA has killed my favorite city building game and replaced it with a cheap facebook imposter. Expand
  54. Mar 13, 2013
    Trash, EA should learn a lesson to listen to the consumers. Servers a horrible even after they fixed them. Game is buggy and featureless. I'll never bu another EA game again. And that's a shame because I was looking forward to battlefield 4. Just save your self the over priced asking price and use the $60 to buy Tropico 3, 4 and all the dlc along with cities xl 2013 for about $30 if you want a city simulator. Expand
  55. Mar 13, 2013
    So yeah, launch was terrible, regardless of what some of these reviews are saying it was, in fact, worse than Diablo 3. Disregarding that however, the game, for what it is, isn't that bad. Unfortunately it also doesn't live up to not only the previous Sim City games (though I realize that this is a "relaunch" and not a sequel), but there are a lot of things that were told to us prior to the release that this just does not deliver.

    I have spent a lot of time in this game, I made a city with over 400,000 people in it, I filled up the map with an oil drilling city, I filled up the map with a city of almost nothing but high-density, high-wealth commercial and residential with landmarks making tons of tourist money, I made a mining city making tons of money selling alloy. Making them was great. It's too bad I can't play those last 2 now. Both of them are lost somewhere in that big, origin cloud in the sky. The only reason I'm on metacritic right now is because I just can't bring myself to make another city, pouring 10-15 hours into something that when I load it the next day it's going to tell me that it can't process correctly and then it completely disappears such that I can't even see the road connecting it when I'm in my city next door. I'l start with my list of gripes. 1) They said that people's lives were going to be simuated; they'd have names, jobs, homes. Well, that's true. They wake up in a home in the morning, you follow them to work. But keep watching. That night they go to the closest empty house, the next day someone with a different name leaves that house and goes to the closest empty job which is not the same as it was yesterday. Their "simulation" isn't simulating anything. 2) While this is a relaunch, it's missing key components from previous games. Most visibly, terraforming. There's a city in one region where you can't build anything but a 1x8 strip of road and maybe 10 houses and the rest is a giant mesa that's too steep for a road to go up. 3) The obvious part from earlier about my cities keep going missing. 4) You will run out of water. Your entire region WILL run out of water. There is nothing you can do about it. 5) I can't save my game on my PC. Now always-online doesn't bother me as long as servers are up (I haven't had a big problem with that), but I've been playing SimCity for 18 years and sometimes you just have to back up 30 minutes and start again. Plus I always enjoyed filling up a map with a giant city and then setting off all the disasters at once before I went to bed at night. When I got up, I'd reload the game and be right back where I was before the disaster. Here, you don't get that, what happens, happens. At least in WoW, which incidentally is also always online and doesn't save locally, there is nothing I can do short of deleting my toon that will completely destroy my gameplay (and I can even undo character deletion if I open a ticket). No local save Great chance of failure. 6) The city is too small. I don't care what anyone thinks, the city is too small. On every other Sim City game I always chose the largest city, why in the world would I ever want just a kinda big city or itty bitty city? I wouldn't. 7) Everything HAS to be next to a road. You can't build a residential square and put a park in the middle of it (unless you just plop a piece of road next to it as well), and you can't upgrade from a 4 lane to a divided 4 lane or move your road over 1 space (to keep in line with the rest of the city) without destroying every building along it. There's too much stuff for me to continue without saying what I like about it.

    So, what I like about it 1) I like that the roads are the pipes and the power lines. It simplifies things, but doesn't over-simplify. 2) I like how (when working) if you've built a university or fully upgraded your town hall in one city in the region, the benefits spread to the rest of the region. 3) Though I have to care about how happy everyone is, I'm glad I don't have to REALLY care about how happy they are like in SC4. 4) As I'm going over things in my head now, I realize what I like about it is the fact that it's SimCity. There's not anything in particular about this specific game that I can point out that is special and working that I like. Just building a city and watching it grow and change is the only reason I've made 4 full map cities (well, that and I keep having to start over since they keep disappearing). I could probably at this moment reinstall SC3k and not be nearly as disappointed.
  56. Mar 17, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. always online drm doesn't let you play game because servers don't let you play the game*UPDATE REVIEW*...ok thats bad enough. but now find out there was NO REAL REASON FOR IT eat a dick ea, can't believe I wasted my time and money on a game I can't play. never again. and maxis should be ashamed. *UPDATE REVIEW* servers mostly work now. but doesn't change that ea lied like a politician skin rug(like a rug but it lies more. think bearskin but slimy). never again ea customer. my review score would have gone up as they start fixing it if it weren't for ea's bull**** *UPDATE REVIEW* and now my key has been disabled by ea under false claims I started a chargeback....i hadn't but guess what I just did 10 seconds ago asshats? damnit metacritic. allow negative points in a review zero isn't low enough. it was so terrible I had to make an account here(no offense but I hate this site for some reason) just to review it. Expand
  57. Mar 14, 2013
    Dont get me wrong at its core it could be a beautiful game but there is so MUCH holding it back. The always online is a kick to the knees but the killer for me is City size, 0.5km x 0.5km is just so so small and then the traffic AI is just moronic, no left turns, avoids avenues for dirt roads if there closer, ambulances dont have right of ways buses have no routes and cause jams 7 firetrucks for 1 small house fire while a skyscraper burns down i could go on.

    Glassbox needs a lot of work

    RCI needs fixing its too lenient and unrealistic while at the same time we are seeing 100% residential cities working with no commercial or industrial.

    Graphical its beautiful but size constraints are holding it back.

    its a good game at its core but EA have decided to bring this game out of development too soon.

  58. Mar 14, 2013
    SimCity is a fine arcade game to play for a little bit I played 15 hours... but that seems a little short for a $60 game! There isn't much to do in this game other than get frustrated at protesters, not having enough money without pissing off your people and making your people leave and having too much to deal with with how little money that you can accumulate for most of the game. I've never played it, but personally Tropico 3 or 4 looks better since it appears to have more political depth, but that's just me. Expand
  59. Mar 14, 2013
    While always-online DRM is irritating, it's not really a problem for me, as I have an Internet connection wherever I play games anyway. So I could live with that. I was totally fine with connection problems the first week, knowing it would stabilize later. If the simulation was even close to what was promised. After building a few 'cities' and you are done with the initial creative exploration, you really start to notice how simplified the simulation really is. Destroyed the whole experience for me. And I think it's too fundamental things for the developers to ever fix with patches. Going back to SimCity 4 and Tropico. Expand
  60. Mar 14, 2013
    Drm, internet connection, small map but mainly a buggy game and the worst support i 've ever seen since battlefield 3... Thanks Ea Last game i bought on origin or EAgame...
  61. Mar 14, 2013
    First of all, there is the always-on DRM. EA tried to lie about this by saying the server connection was essential to running the game because a lot of calculations were made on the server. Turns out, that's not the case, as proven by a modder: So the server connection is just for their ridiculous DRM.

    Second, the game itself is not even good. The AI is dumber than Simcity 4 from 10 years ago. The pathfinding is especially horrible. Vehicles and Sims take completely insensible paths to reach their destinations. This leads to traffic jams all the time which shouldn't exist. School buses run empty but don't pick up children because they are full. Emergency vehicles get stuck in traffic, and also drive past their destination because they're on the wrong side of the road. These are just specific examples of how the game's AI is terrible.

    Thirdly, thanks to EA hating single-player games, and trying to make this an always-on multiplayer game, the amount of space you have to build your city is pathetic. It looks more like SimVille: The Facebook Game than a respectable PC game. I was looking for a modern, updated version of Simcity 2000 and Simcity 4. With today's graphics and CPU power, we could have built sprawling metropolises with stunning graphics. Instead, we have this pile of rubbish.

    I think it is time for gamers to simply boycott EA as a whole. Battlefield 4 is coming out? It's just a game, you can do without it.

    Don't buy EA games. whether created or published by them. Period.
  62. Mar 15, 2013
    This game is truly pathetic and has caused me more grief than actual enjoyment. Not only was it released on the 7th of March for me which is 2 days after the "official" release date, but playing the game has been far from an enjoyable experience.

    For the first week, I couldn't even logon to the game due to EA's servers being inundated with traffic. When I finally could, I realised how
    poor the actual gameplay was. Most notably, you're given a tiny map to work with which is a fraction the size it was in Simcity 4 and leaves you very limited options to expand your city.

    To top it all off, one and a half weeks after the game was finally activated on my account, Origin asked me to "re-activate" Simcity and asked for a product key. When I tried entering the product key I paid for, Origin advised me that the code has already been used. When I contacted Electronic Arts, I was told there was nothing they could do.

    This game truly deserves a 1 star rating due to its lack of features and extremely poor handling of its release by Electronic Arts.
  63. Mar 15, 2013
    Broken mechanics such as no need to make any Industrial zones especially and no need for commercials also are unacceptable. There is no meaningful corelation between zones or agents. This game is painting zones with no purpose! Besides all agents are moving mindlessly, creating chaos. ie While there is an avenue goes to point A and a dirt road, they choose dirt one for being a bit shorter then avenue although traffic is hell on that. Firetrucks respond all together to the same fire while your city is on the fire. List goes on and on. God bless us! That's not even a game.

    Stay away, because i don't think developers will accept their fault and fix these problems.
  64. Mar 17, 2013
    Huge step back from Simcity 4. Restrictive DRM and online only. Buggy and dumbed down from previous games. Maxis and EA lie about online requirements and "computations" being done by their servers. I will never pre order a EA or Maxis game again. I feel cheated and tooken advantage of. Graphics are nice but I've gone back to Simcity 4. More fun and mod supported, the way PC gaming was meant to be. Expand
  65. Mar 17, 2013
    Weeks after its release and after 'everything returning to normal' according to EA the game is still plagued by connection issues.

    After having spent a lot of hours into several cities on different servers, all my cities got deleted when randomly getting a 'city could not be processed properly' and doing a failed roll back to the last known normal state. Not worth the money, not worth a
    in-depth review. Expand
  66. Mar 17, 2013
    Biggest piece of junk yet. Played for 5 hours when i got it yesterday today they cant find my saved city and keep trying to get me to play with others. I don't want to I just want to build a city and have fun like in the old Simcity. Don't wast your money.
  67. Mar 19, 2013
    I am completely ignoring the DRM issue. My issue is with both Size, and complexity you have neither in this game. Even when you expect to have at least one or the other. Please do not support this product. Give it about 6 months.. and MAYBE they will have it patched enough to be somewhat fun. I honestly can't beleive i pre ordered this game.
  68. Mar 19, 2013
    I registered purely to give this game a zero, which is exactly what it deserves. Even if you can get over the disingenous excuses for the DRM, this game will let you play it for two days solid, then casually delete your game as if it never existed. Happened to me on 19/03/13 after two days playing, so it can't even be excused as a launch issue. The one good thing is that they gave me simcity 4 deluxe for free, which I'm now playing instead. Expand
  69. Mar 26, 2013
    The Good Art style and Graphics, The Bad Having to pay REAL LIFE money for my land Buggy flow issues with power and water No punishment for bad neighbors Consistently losing city data. No single player Always online City limited to 1/4 the size of SimCity 4 Constant waiting on severs Lack of Customer Service from Maxis in resolving problem. Disabled game features from launch not turned back on This game crushed my dreams of having a Fun SimCity game, not only that but I really think they should have named this Sim village MMO seeing that is about the size of the plot of land and all you get to do. Expand
  70. Mar 20, 2013
    This is not the worst game ever. This is however the worst and most disappointing case of anti-consumerism I have witnessed in my lifetime.

    As a life long fan of the SimCity games series I am in shock EA would release this game under the name SimCity. Anyone who played sc4 will immediately see the glaring diversion from the legacy established by previous games. As a gamer with a brain I
    am saddened and intellectually offended that EA would hold back fundamental aspects of the previous iterations (terraforming, subways, reasonably sized building areas, etc) with the intention of selling these things as dlc in the future.

    This game is incomplete. EA is selling a fraction of a game for full retail price.

    This game could have been epic but EA has exploited and destroyed yet another legacy from what used to be a consumer driven industry.

    EA states that releasing a version of this game consistent with its legacy does not fit their "vision" for the new SimCity... I state that paying $60 for a fraction of a game experience then purchasing the rest of what should have been part of the initial game in the form of DLC over a period of time does fit with my vision of what I want and expect from a SimCity game.

    Absolute exploitation of a legendary game series. Tantamount to fraud.
  71. Mar 21, 2013
    This is a very poor attempt at a simcity game. Not only can this game not be played offline, but it's riddled with bugs, design errors, and nazi style DRM. It looks like EA managed to destroy SimCity too, but I'm sure they will fix it with overpriced DLC. Count on it.
  72. Mar 21, 2013
    Gave up. Hours of time wasted when I was booted and lost my game as it didnt save. Started a new game and was booted again after 2 hours with a "Simcity save corruption" error. EA refused a refund, instead told me to call a 1902 number which is charged at $2.50 per minute. I went to the bank and got my money back. Game was released 6 to 12 months too early.
  73. Apr 5, 2013
    this game! it. Do not buy it. It is a worthless piece of I cannot even access the game because I have to download a ****ing million ****ing things that all ****ing glitch out. I bought the CD version so I wouldn't have to deal with the hassle of downloading, but noooo,.. u still have to ****ing download a million ****ing things even with the CD version. EA and anyone else who had a hand in creating this game. You are all worthless pieces of ****ing Expand
  74. Mar 8, 2013
    Thanks for gimping a fully purchased game. I think the game itself has potential and I would like to play it but always online DRM is unacceptable for a SINGLE player game.
  75. Mar 17, 2013
    A huge disappointment. They ripped the heart out of a once beloved game series and created a shallow shell with not substance, simulation, challenge, depth or size. It looks pretty, but outside of that the game is no longer simcity
  76. Mar 7, 2013
    I'd gladly rate the game properly, if I could play it. Paying 90$ for a game I can't play is absurd. Don't cause yourself unneeded headaches and just stay a way for a while. I'm sure they'll get this sorted out eventually and at that time I may come back and re-rate it, but this is a farce.
  77. Mar 9, 2013
    Every single PC game requiring permanent internet connection for single player modus will be boycotted indefinately. Too bad, since I'm a huge Simcity fan since its humble beginnings, but I will not spend a single coin on this game before a patch for this silly DRM is released.
  78. Mar 11, 2013
    This is a mess form Maxis and Electronic Arts!! If they would have wanted it worst, they wouldn't have been capable to do so!! Sadly, the DRM and the poor servrs decisions have mede this an unpleable game. It has been almost a week since release, and I haven't even been able to launch (and update) the game due to a lack of servers availability. The game itselt may be awesome, but it's broken, and right now, as it is... It's just a rip off from Electronic Arts!! It's really so sad to talk bad abouta game for this issues instead of the fun factor an dit's gameplay... EA... you should be ashamed and give the money back!! I seriously recomend!! DO NOT BUY THIS GAME (at least, not for now)... If you do (like I did), you'll be throwing your money to Electronic Arts for nothing in return!! Expand
  79. Mar 9, 2013
    Single player game and always drm connection required. Electronic Arts don't think in players without on line connection. If they want fight piracy, don't legal players with this I think this is a real good game but i can play. I hope EA is thinking about of this and go back to this stupid situation.
  80. Mar 22, 2013
    When drm and server problems fade, the real weakness of the game shines through. Region lag is a continuing issue, and individual plots are way too small to accommodate any reasonably sized city. The AI is a joke, with traffic patterns driving you crazy. It'll take them a year or so to release the game they promised; if they don't give it to you for free, don't bother.
  81. Mar 6, 2013
    Yes the DRM really sux but that is about the only bad thing I have to say about this game. Games that always have to be connected to the internet is just going to be a reality moving forward so get used to it. There is a tone of complexity in this game. If you are a micromanagement glutton, this is the game for you.
  82. Mar 8, 2013
    Ok, I understand having to have an internet connection to play the game. But if the servers are junk or full and you can't even play the damn game that's just stupid! EA dropped the ball on this one! I don't care who but since I can't even enjoy a single player game. Because the servers are unavailable or down or full. This game is going back and I'll save some money and get Cities XL. I don't care who eats the cash but its not going to be me! Expand
  83. Mar 7, 2013
    It is sad, but if I would spend my 80eur on empty DVD box from Tesco, I would received more content :-/
    Simcity so far took my money, time (googling for status updates) and provided no content at all.
  84. Mar 7, 2013
    I have been able to play all of a couple token hours because of server issues. Problems-

    1. Can't play, servers are down 90% of the time I want to play.

    2. Major issues with vehicles. I had fire department helicopters to put out fires. All three of them took off at the same time and got stuck in mid air. I had to fix this by demolishing my fire department and re-building. Idiotic.

    3. Saves are not local. So, I play my city, the servers freak out. All progress after their save file is gone. Backups seem to take place erratically. I have lost as little as minutes of progress, to about an hour.

    4. Frustrated with losing progress on my main city, I started a new city. I was 15 minutes in before the game crashed and I was booted to desktop. When I logged back in my new city was gone. Nothing. The servers hadn't made a save of it.
  85. Mar 7, 2013
    Waited an hour and a half to get into the game. Played for a good 20 minutes until the game crashed. Guess what? I had to wait even longer to get back into the game.

    Pros: My computer didn't come to life and kill me.
    Cons: My computer didn't come to life and put me out of my misery while waiting.
  86. Mar 7, 2013
    This was released in Australia a few days ago and I haven't been able to play for more than about 90 minutes despite origin telling me I've played for over 5 hours!!!! WTH... I waiting in que isn't really what I'm after here. I can't believe I paid $99 for this game off origin. Really really disappointed. I like the idea of multiplayer, I can see how it might add a bit to the experience. MASSIVE BUT THOUGH, I just want to build a city by myself, and single player is definitely where people will spend the bulk of their time as the game develops.... So why must we have to accept this online DRM. Further compounded by the fact that we will be at the whim of EA servers which is just a horrible thing to look forward to. Really disappointed so far. I would get a refund if I could, cause this really isn't worth the grief. WHY HYPE THE HELL OUT OF SOMETHING IF YOU CANT LET PEOPLE PLAY THEIR SINGLE PLAYER GAME THEY PLAYED FOR................... Expand
  87. Mar 10, 2013
    Almost a week after I purchase this game and I'm finally able to play decently. I've lost my first 3 cities due to this mess but I'm not TOO concerned about that. This always online DRM is not for me though so I just got through getting a refund for the game. If they ever put out a single player offline mode I might come back for it. Until then I'll be putting my money towards the Civitas kickstarter. Expand
  88. Mar 5, 2013
    Not saying it's not a good sim game. In fact, it's a pretty damn good SimCity! However, I had to penalize the greed of EA for making it constant connection required, which impact the user experience more negatively than in a positive way. You want to add multiplayer and social interaction? Fine, give player the choice to do so! DO NO FORCE US.
  89. Mar 6, 2013
    Honestly this is the biggest letdown for me personally that I've ever experienced with a game. Leading up to the game I had no problem with the idea of always on DRM. I convinced myself that this was going to be the time it was different; EA would get it right. Nope. Not at all. I could rant and rant about how utterly depressed this game has made me, but really it all comes down the fact that this is a reboot simply done wrong. The entire game feels cheap and incomplete. Giant Bomb nailed it in their review, this feels like a tacked on multiplayer. I don't play SimCity to play with friends, there's a thousand other games that do it better than this. I wanted this game because of the promise that single player would work, and it just doesn't. Specializing cities is clunky and poorly implemented. The process of sharing services and goods between cities is convoluted and nonsense. I have had nonstop issues getting online as well with the servers not saving two of my cities properly and completely erasing my progress after saying it uploaded them properly.

    This is a broken game for single player. Pick this up once it's $15.
  90. Mar 9, 2013
    I'm going to put aside issues with the DRM and the cloud saving, the latter of which will probably be fixed in the future. I'm simply going to give my opinion of the game because that is really all the matters. That said, DON'T BUY THIS GAME. Gameplay is fast paced but very small scale. Picture sitting in a sandbox...literally, the sandbox that you sat in as a kid is probably about the size of their cities. You want a huge metropolis? Too bad but for an extra £20 you can get the European Cities Set! I have no idea why you have to pay an extra £20 for a few game maps and a dozen or so new buildings but apparently EA have a damn good reason. There are a few interface innovations that take away a lot of the micro-management that plagued the two former games in the series but you will quickly run out of things to do and I personally was bored after a day of the single player. Multiplayer is really where they placed all their eggs and that is good fun if you're playing with the right people, but it's not that much different from one of the social media sim cities that are free. The reliability of the servers is bad for one person, with 3 or more it's impossible to get a really good game going so you are forced to stay small scale. Because of the online DRM you can't set up an LAN connection so I don't see this issue being solved anytime soon. All-in-all it's a steaming pile of that costs £45 (£65 for European Cities) and it's worth about £0.01. I looked at their website which claims they have won 26 PC game awards...I'm absolutely at a loss for where they got that figure, though many were given pre-release. It's just an example of how corrupt and deceptive is this thing called Gaming Journalism. Stay away from this game and away from anyone claiming to be a professional game critic. Expand
  91. Mar 8, 2013
    I should have cancelled my preorder when I saw these negative reviews, because they were right. Simcity is a complete and utter train-wreck. I used to pirate most games when I did not have the money, but have lately made it a point to buy all my games. But now I think most of us would rather pay MORE for a pirated version. Anyway, there are a lot of other great releases coming soon no need to waste time on a technical headache like this! Expand
  92. Jun 18, 2013
    I agree with the mean of the user score, even if I'm a professional reviewer and I've to give it a vote near 6 (55). I TRIED to play it at day one with the problems you witnessed. Then tried to play it after update 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0. No way, SimCity is fundamentally broken. A piece of s**t, in other words. Will Wright, please make ti properly (better than SC4!) via Kickstarter, we'll finance it.
  93. Mar 7, 2013
    SimCity is an amazing game. There's hours worth of challenges just getting the game installed and operating at a base level, then then later trying to get it to connect. Once you can actually get a region started, you might be able to actually start a city. Once you do start a city, the ACTUAL amazing game starts. And it is really good. Deserving of the name and the franchise. Until you try and save the game that is, which is when you'll notice that there is no manual save option. You have to trust that the game has managed to save your progress. Which is fine except it usually doesn't save anything. Anyway, this game doesn't work, don't buy it right now. Once it does actually work though, it's a great game. Expand
  94. Mar 7, 2013
    Another beloved franchise from my childhood spoiled by corporate greed. Draconian DRM, small city sizes, no ability to create your own terrain or even choose where you build your city. This is not SimCity. I should have listened to the other user reviews but I wanted to believe MAXIS would not defecate all over my heart.
  95. Mar 7, 2013
    What is there to like about a singleplayer game that no one can play? You guessed right, nothing! I know EA is bad, but I never expected them to be this bad. Anyone who is giving this game above a 0 is the cancer that is killing gaming. If you are for some reason still thinking about buying this, don't. It is a massive waste of money. Kill yourself EA.
  96. Mar 7, 2013
    I was excited about this game.... until I bought it and tried to actually play over the last few days. Simply awful. I've been continually booted from the server and I've lost cities because of this stupid DRM crap. "Always Online" is the worst thing that ever happened to SimCity. I want a refund.
  97. Mar 8, 2013
    Well this is frustrating, isn't it? That's the best description, I think, Frustration. Not because I'm suprised, or not because I cant get onto an online game on the launch day (or even week), thats to be expected these days. No, I'm frustrated that the game "needs" to be online in the first place. The online "requirement" adds nothing to the game that Option Multiplay wouldn't have done a million time better. It's something no body wanted stopping us playing a game we want to play. And now EA are trying removing Leaderboards and Achieviments and other online featurs that were sold to players as the reason we should love to be online. So now we're online (if your lucky enough to be online) for the sole reason of being online. If EA want me to be always online to play a game I paid £60 for, then they should be always online when I want to play it. Expand
  98. Mar 13, 2013
    I bought this game as the servers began to stabilize, hoping to have a good experience now that the game is supposed to be playable. Boy was that a mistake.

    This game is very broken right now. None of the advisers work right, telling you to zone the wrong things and build the wrong things. None of the indicators work right. I have filled my city with fire departments and hospitals, with
    max coverage over every inch of the city. I'm still being yelled at by my Sims for not having enough fire/medical coverage. I have three police stations and I'm being yelled at about crime levels. I have two grade schools, a high school, a community college, a university, and a library... yep, I'm being yelled at for not having any education. I have plenty of citizens and plenty of jobs, but the citizens complain about unemployment and the businesses complain about no workers. The search function to find a region to play in does not work. This game is horribly horribly broken and I am going to seek a refund immediately. Please do not waste your money! Expand
  99. Mar 14, 2013
    Fun concept but an un-worthy sequel that is extremly flawed and buggy. Read for the complete story.
  100. Mar 9, 2013
    It's day four now and still the game isn't a game, it remains unplayable. It's a shame, because there seems to be a good game there, maybe even a great game. I might be one of those rare people that didn't really mind that its a always online game. I thought that knowing that there might be some issues with it from time to time. But at it's current state I just fell like a fool for ever thinking that. I have contacted EA customer support (Via Origin) three times to request a refund or any kind of help with the issues I have been experiencing. Each time I was refused both. Origin refuses to refund a broken product that they sold in good faith, which is a clear violation of U.S Federal law, as well as nearly every other western country. This is the first time I've ever purchased a game through Origin and it will be my last. Since I was refused a refund, I feel like I have been scammed. I will now do something I've never done in my life, which is to boycott the products of a company. I will never buy a EA involved game for the rest of my days, and I would encourage all game lovers to do that same. I would also advise investors of EA to jump ship and sell. A company that has been accumulating this much bad PR is not a safe investment. Expand

Mixed or average reviews - based on 75 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 26 out of 75
  2. Negative: 10 out of 75
  1. 65
    Given enough patches and DCLs, SimCity might eventually become the game that should have been on its release and justify the ambiguous choices that its developers made. [May 2013]
  2. May 9, 2013
    Hints at great things but is limited by small cities and promises it can't deliver on. [June 2013, p.80]
  3. May 9, 2013
    There's more problems with this game than I have words. Looks great though. [June 2013, p.80]