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  • Summary: Assume the role of the super hero himself, weighing great power with great responsibility as he embarks on a career to thwart crime and put an end to a mastermind criminal, the Green Goblin, and his legions of evil. The game features all-new aerial combat and maneuverability, an advanced combat system with dozens of combos, and new super villians including Shocker, Vulture, and experimental HK units compliments of Oscorp Industries. Expand
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  1. Although there is a lack of extras, earning them is worth it, as it's a must to try the Green Goblin throughout the game (he has his own arsenal of moves).
  2. 80
    Ultimately, if you've got the choice, it makes more sense to go with the Xbox version.
  3. Great fighting engine, good graphics, great “hey, I’m Spider-man!” feel, great level design, well-detailed city, and a really bad camera.
  4. An improvement on nearly every level.
  5. It gives you one of those feelings that make you play like crazy until you finish the whole thing.
  6. It doesn't seem quite as good as the first Spider-Man game from Activision. [August 2002, p.74]
  7. 60
    Spiderman is meant to be a console game. It works on the PC, but would just feel better on a console system. I also encountered a few bugs and an occasional crash on the PC.

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