• Publisher: Atari
  • Release Date: Feb 2, 2010
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 657 Ratings

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  1. Nov 23, 2014
    The best parts of this game come from the implementation of the intellectual property. The star ship and ground combat is fun but typically not well integrated beyond the core story missions. The end game content mostly includes instanced and battle ground play. If the game was not saddled with a developer hell beat on burying it and soaking the players for all they can get while digging the hole, I could recommend it. It is free-to-play so by all means try it, but avoid spending any money whatsoever. I have almost a thousand hours into this game so I do enjoy it but do not expect the developers to consider you beyond your pocket book. There are so many other games that will give you a higher quality experience with better treatment, and it is only a short matter of time before I walk away from this one. Expand
  2. Oct 30, 2014
    This is a review coming from someone who entered the game in late 2014. I am not exactly a hardcore Star Trek Fan, but I did like the franchise so I decided to give this game a go. STO offers a decently long campaign where you can choose to be either a Federation, Romulan or Klingon character, though only the beginning of the missions are unique to the factions, the later parts of the story are similar. The game is also open world, with many different systems and sectors to visit. Most of the story is told through reading, either from other NPC and cut scenes. Some of the story even continues or relates to the television series of Star Trek, which is nice. Gameplay is third-person, with the option to switch to a first person like. Combat includes both ground combat (character vs NPC etc.) and space combat, including both PVE and PVP. Combat is pretty decent, with different tactics to go about in ship combat. There are a large variety of different weapons, gadgets, abilities and other equipments to go with your play style. Different grades and rarity of items exist, with the good items being hard to find. Almost all the ships from the star trek lore is in this game, from the Klingon Negh'Var to the Sovereign to even Dominion and other alien ships. Overall I did like the game play and the story, I had alot of fun from it.

    Those were the good part of the game, now this is the bad part of the game. During the campaign, most of the story is through reading and combat, it gets dull quickly as a new player, you would be drawn into things like trying to level up to add more skill points, gain access to new ships, thus you would be tempted to just skipping all the reading and just quickly finishing missions. A lot more interaction could be used in the story. Then next, endgame content. After completing the story, you would only have normal MMO things left to do, which is to grind for currency, rare weapons, getting new traits, new ships and so on. You can enter dungeon like PVE game mode with fleets to earn items. However I find some extremely large problems for the end game content. Firstly, the ships. By playing through the campaign to level up, you will be granted free ships from a small selection of choice, starting from small escorts to larger cruisers, then battle cruisers. A total of 5-6 free ships. once you get the last ship which is the battle cruiser, the previous ships are mostly obsolete as they have less stats. However, the normal currency in this game, earned through selling unwanted items, or completing missions, cannot be used to buy any ship that would be at the same level as your last free ships, or better. A small choice of them requires Dilithium crystals, another primary currency. The problem is that you can only obtain the currency in 'ore' form, and to convert it, it's free but you can only convert 8000 a day. And the good ships that cost Dilithium cost like 120000 crystals! That would take you hours after hours of grinding, and even then you have to wait for 15 days. The majority of the good ships, that is 'Tier 5 and Tier 6', the biggest problem is that they can only be bought in 2 ways, real world money currency, Zen, or converting crystals to Zen then buying it. Each good ships cost way too much! Probably any player would want one of the faction specific dreadnoughts, like the Romulan Scimitar or the Federation Odyssey class. However 1000Zen cost $10, almost all of the good ships cost 2500-3000 Zen. That means each ship is about $25! You can earn your way up to buy it without real money but it will take you forever. With the current exchange rate of Dilithium to Zen from other real players, it will take roughly 50 days to convert 400k crystals to 2500Zen! And thats just for 1 ship and for 1 character! There are over 20+ of the good and nice ships in this game! There is currently no other way to go around this. This means that after enjoying your free new ships, you be stuck with that 1 cruiser for at least a month, and that is if you are really a hardcore MMO playing everyday! And this is just for ships. Both your character and your ships have intensive item customization. All the ultra rare items mostly cost way too much, or require a hybrid currency of Dilithium and others like fleet credits. All of these completely kills any endgame content unless your willing to fork out at least a hundred dollars. I have not played much of PVP, but I hear that the tier 6 ships is quite imbalanced for PVP.

    Overall, I played the game for about 6 days, putting hours into my Klingon character to level 55.
    While the story is decent, if your willing to read everything, the game quality is average, the graphics are extremely dated especially in this year 2014, and the game after the story is basically all the things you will see in an average MMO, just that its all spaceships. I cant really see any value putting hours into grinding in this game, and with an average quality, its a 5/10 for me.
  3. Oct 14, 2014
    This game continues to sicken me with every new expansion. The developers are putting out mediocre game cause the items are generally bugged. The company that manages the game is so money hungry and greedy it's just insane not to mention customer service means nothing to them. If you don't mind forking out thousands of dollars on a 'free to play' game then by all means or don't mind spending months online hours a day doing the same thing over and over go for it...if you a real gamer just find something else. Expand
  4. Oct 12, 2014
    I've been a lifetime member since day one, the game has improved leaps and bounds with every new piece of content released.

    If you are a fan of Star Trek and MMORPGs you MUST check this game out - it's a direct continuation of the Prime Universe after Star Trek Nemesis.

    Now is the time to jump in - a level cap increase to 60 is coming and a whole new story arc in the Delta Quadrant -
    with several Voyager cast members reprising their roles! Expand
  5. Sep 21, 2014
    STO isn't perfect, but it has really come a long way since launch is is one of my all time favorite games. Two of my favorite features:

    1) completely free to play: you can play every single mission in the game for free, and new expansions are also free. Not only that, but you can even get any item you want from the game store for free by trading in game currency for game store currency
    with other players.

    2) unlimited content: STO has a system called the foundry that lets players create their own missions and share them with other players. This means I have a brand new mission that I have never played before to look forward to every single time I log in. I will never run out of new missions to do, which is wild.

    But hey, don't take my word for it. The game is free to play, so try it yourself and thank me later =P
  6. Sep 10, 2014
    I'm a fan of Star Trek, so it saddens me to see the license squandered on such a carelessly built game. There should be a limit to corporate greed, but Star Trek Online is, unfortunately, not the utopia the Federation is based on.

    The story, the heart of main quest lines, is entirely forgettable. The plot points is interesting though cliche (war, shadow enemies, putting down
    rebellions), but poorly executed in game. The story is conveyed in a large block of text below a character portrait, with few animations, facial expressions, voice acting, or cutscenes to breath life into the story.

    Star Trek Online does provide a possible source of engagement: bridge officers. But they also squander it. The bridge officers lack personality, distinctiveness. The same text is repeated just with different portraits. This is partially mitigated by the Romulan expansion with a single permanent crew member, but the game is better served simply having a fixed crew for all missions for the sake of story then allowing the user to select their own after.

    The combat, particularly the ground combat, is a tedious affair. Moving 4 feet, engaging 10 enemies, then move another 4 feet, then engaging the SAME set of enemies. Repeat this for 8 more times before the 1st objective is complete. Then 2 more objectives to go! Nevermind the ground combat's mechanic complexity does not even extend beyond mashing attack and occasionally tossing out a special.

    The scenarios are uninspired; go here scan this, go here kill this, go here protect this. All missions will follow these same patterns; the only difference is order. Playing the game is an exercise in patience; the equivalent of chopping digital trees ad nauseam. Time spent on these missions is wasted.

    But the game breaker is the lack of polish. Icons do not line up properly with their description. Targeting is not fluid. The overall map does not relay where the next mission objective is. Numerous graphical glitches kill immersion. AI path finding and combat is broken. The list goes on.

    Yet, there is still something to love. The space combat IS fun. The details on the ship, even if not in anything else, is great. The concept of bridge officers is interesting. It's unfortunate these features were not fully fleshed out.

    There's still something here for Star Trek fans. But for anyone else, their money and time is better spent elsewhere.
  7. Aug 20, 2014
    Interesting game, only about 2 weeks worth of content. After that the story runs out, the only thing left is grinding for slightly better gear. There is little to no progression after completing the story, the only progression comes form reputation that you don't even need to be online to complete.

    My Biggest complaint however, comes from the fact that my best friend was banned
    permanently for sending me a private message which contained my Fleets website. No warning, instant ban. The system and policies behind this are asinine and are why i cannot recommend anyone play this game. Perfect world says they'll reinstate his account his account when he issues a statement that he was sharing "illicit" materials - they were not. I come to find out that several of our fleet Admins have been banned for the same reason.

    Other minor complaints, the game feels rushed / low budget in a lot of respects. Many of the uniforms are bugged, having only half of the gear showing up and completely inadequate information regarding various damage types and differences between them.

    The positives, the game isnt pay to win as so many other free to play models are. You can legitimately get everything within the game without using money (though this will take you longer) by trading dilithium for Zen on the trade market.

    The game plays (in space) almost exactly like the old Orion Pirates star trek game that was released 10 years ago, same graphics and everything. I feel they could have done better.

    I will continue to play this game from time to time until, at some point, they arbitrary ban me, at which point i will go somewhere away from perfect world inc. and i'll be perfectly fine with that.
  8. Aug 18, 2014
    I've been pleasantly surprised with how this game has turned out. The ground missions felt a bit limited to begin with but they have gotten better as I've progressed, and the space missions are very fun. Really enjoying the story as well.
  9. Jun 19, 2014
    I tired this when it first came out and it didn't click. Recently gave the FTP version a try because it had a new tutorial and really liked what I found. And what I found was a very polished game with lots to do, lots to learn and lots to explore.

    I don't care if it's 'Pay To Win' (not that anyone seems able to explain what people are actually 'winning'). What other people do with
    their money is their own business. You don't need to spend anything to have a perfectly fine time.

    Ships are very customisable through equipment and crew, combat is akin to a 3 dimensional Starfleet Command, which works just fine for me.

    The galaxy has a real feel of 'everything falling apart at the seams' and the Federation bringing back into service anything that can mount a warp nacelle.

    Even though i'm only a humble Lieutenant I've swept systems clean of Klingons engaged in impromptu fleet actions against The Borg and all sorts of good trekkie stuff. All in all I'm having a fine time and without it costing anything.

    If you're a Trek fan then you've nothing to lose by putting an evening aside to play the tutorial and a couple of mission.
  10. Jun 10, 2014
    Free to play model definitely saved the game. Space combat is great. Ground combat can be too but there tends to be long ques for it. Ultimately its star trek and who doesnt like star trek?
  11. May 28, 2014
    I'm a doctor not a reviewer. I'm a doctor not a critic. I'm a doctor not a gamer. I'm a doctor not a know-it-all. I'm a doctor not an engineer. I'm a doctor not a tour guide. I'm a doctor not a peeping Tom.
  12. May 25, 2014
    I know I have spent a lot of time playing, but I personally am liking it less. The game has become grindy, and with waits between updates , I feel burnt out. The game is not THAT Star Trek, which was the original reason for me getting the game. It is fairly simplistic ... could be that is fine for the masses (IE: I'm 'above average') but ... definitely worth a try, at the very least.
  13. May 14, 2014
    Star Trek: Online is constantly being updated and improved and it's mostly a changed game from when it was first released. Space combat is awesome, missions are awesome, graphics and music are awesome.

    I highly recommend Star Trek: Online to anyone.
  14. May 7, 2014
    Sconsiglio questo gioco perché nel complesso è assolutamente penoso. Con una grafica grezza e approssimativa, durante l'esplorazione a terra e nei combattimenti ci si sente come dei manichini impagliati, mentre in quelli spaziali si ha l'impressione di guidare una lavatrice di plastica senza alcuna consistenza. La crescita del personaggio è oscura e di difficile comprensione. Raggiungere un amico nella stessa istanza per giocarci insieme avviene con la stessa probabilità di una vincita alla lotteria nell'arco di un'intera vita di un singolo essere umano. Durante i caricamenti l'ambiente scompare e per qualche decimo di secondo si vede il personaggio galleggiare nel vuoto dello spazio. Indicibile la nausea nel vedere la propria navicella infilarsi dentro un pianeta o rimbalzarci sopra come un cassonetto. In generale, il gioco non si distingue o addirittura scompare nell'enorme panorama videoludico dei multiplayer di massa, e questo è il difetto peggiore considerando che con un brand del genere si poteva fare sicuramente di meglio. Manca la traduzione in italiano. Un vero aborto.

  15. Apr 24, 2014
    As games go this is one that should be used as a great idea turned into a dismal failure. Instead of fixing the bugs and glitches which are numerous they decided to add more content, and forget about writing them a stern note on the bugs you have, they appear to be deaf as well as incompetent.
  16. Apr 23, 2014
    It's been a game with a very good premise, based on one of the favourite and most succesfull sci-fi franchises, but sadly it falls flat trying to stay genuine to the IP it represents. The game as of late has been gaining more and more generic sci-fi feel than actual Star Trek, the newer content is heavily grind focused and most of the development efforts seem to go into more and more starships, rather than places to use them in. Expand
  17. Apr 23, 2014
    It originally started as a good concept but the game still feel better. It seems STO or Cryptic don't care about it's player base especially starting season 8. It has ground and space combat but their is no end-game content. The company stated they will not make end-game content. Additionally, admittedly the game elite mode is easy mode which I fail to see how it makes sense.

    Exploration and ground combat is a joke. Any skills a player gained, the company has limited it to only 4 in which players will possibly be forced to use 4 skills out of 100 with the new reputation system.
  18. Jan 28, 2014
    This game is insanely good, its not action packed and the FPS is not the best but as MMO's go, it's great. I play this game more frequently that any of my other payed games like Bioshock 1,2 or 3, Civilization V, GTA IV, Dead Space, Anno 2070, or Mass Effect. The reason this game appeals to me is the fact that new content just keeps coming out it's incredible. The customization in this game is second to none. In most games there is 1 or 2 really good "items" (in this case ships) that allow you to be the best, but in STO there is no one build or one single ship that is the best there are so many ways to specialize and customize in this game that it never seems to get old. With its constant evolution and refinement this game is the best game I have in my Steam account right now. You may read low reviews but seeing as how this game is free I highly recommend you try this game before writing it off. Expand
  19. Jan 25, 2014
    I bought STO when it first came out, and found it clunky, unpolished, and just not that fun to play. A few years later I have re-visited it now that it has the "legacy of Romulus" re-brand and plenty of time to improve. Once I'd worked out how to link my new download with my old STO purchase - and found little or no benefit to having paid £50-odd over what anyone downloading the free game has) I discovered how little improvement there seems to have been in the intervening years. My starship has twice got "stuck" colliding with other objects, in the second instance the game became juddered, jumped, became unresponsive, and left me open to being pummeled to death by Klingons because I couldn't steer, fight back, quit the mission. When I force close the program and log back in I'm still stuck in the same juddering mission unable to quit to the galaxy map. Missions are borked either by this weird stuck-and-judder problem I seem to get, or by the game's failure to detect that you've actually finished a mission, or by poorly written quest updates that you have to Google to deciper. When missions work, they are mostly very dry fetch or kill quests. My desire to see a living Star Trek universe was great, and at least there is plenty of Star Trek in the design. But the universe feels empty and restricted - small stations, limited freedom between linear quests. A bizarre combination of a quite lovely warp area map, let down by a flat, un-interactive galaxy map, add to the feeling of incompleteness. Much is made by some reviewers out of the ability to customize ships or appearance - but it seems to come at the expense of gameplay, which revolves around dull, repetitive, pillar-to-post missions. Some people seem to like the space combat - but we're not seeing it from a bridge so this immediately felt less Star Trek-esque to me. It's also restricted to a sort of deep plane (rather than the 3D of space) so it feels less like space combat than the original Elite! Combat consists mainly of Warcraft-style button pushing with a little scope for steering tactics (e.g. broadsiding with phasers to bring the shields down, then turning to face to unleash a finishing torpedo). STO could have been so good! But how long do you really want to spend being told to run from one person to another, then pushing "1" or "2" repeatedly while bad guys fall over, however attractive the scenery and backstory? Expand
  20. Jan 24, 2014
    I have found this game beyond enjoyable. I have spend hours a day for months playing this game, and I still have yet to have it cease to amaze me. Other than some of the missions in the chapters being a royal pain, this is the best and most realistic Star Trek Game and the best for a true Star Trek fans.
  21. Jan 19, 2014
    This game is a respectable game that differs from the horde MMO games that are painfully similar to each other. Its very fresh and refreshing difference in a MMO. I am happy to say I could play this game until the servers are shut down and plan too.
  22. Jan 12, 2014
    The customer service is the worst I have ever seen. I got robbed by players in the game and all I got from customer service is "sorry" We are unable to nothing. another words go F your self you dumass customer who spend over $500 in the game. Never would I recommend this game too any one EVER. Thanks for NOTHING Customer service Incident: 140102-000​911
  23. Jan 12, 2014
    I love this game, great space combat, great community... I've still not completed everything and I am on daily and have been playing for nearly 3 years!
  24. Dec 30, 2013
    It's just one of those games, If you like the show play it, If not don't play its that simple. Its a fun game if your a fan of the show since you know what's going on and understand the plot. If you someone new too star trek your going to most likely have issues since you have no knowledge on the star trek universe.
  25. Dec 4, 2013
    Pardon me, but Cryptic. I am a huge fan of ST, particularly Voyager. I was wondering how will they achieve the meaning of ST exploring. Well... They didn't. Such a small effort was put in this that it makes me sick. They made a single player shooting game. This is an online game with almost 0 multiplayer options. Although this is a mockery to star trek, after I haven't played a while this game, I wanted again to drive the intrepid few more times. Well I couldn't, because Cryptic banned my account for some reason and wouldn't give me it back. Pathetic as they are, they even don't respect their players.

    I'll give it a 1, only because I can't give a 0 to something that has"Star Trek" in it's name.
  26. Nov 30, 2013
    I really enjoy this game. The new features they have added make it an even more enjoyable game than EVER before. Doing some missions seem a complete waste of time, but the episodes are thoroughly enjoyable.
  27. Nov 23, 2013
    I highly recommend this game (even if you are not a star trek fan) It is my favourite MMO and I play a lot of MMOs, and is one of the few of which where you do not need to pay real money to be good at the game.
  28. Nov 8, 2013
    I had a blast playing this game. Over 200 hours+. From dancing in the clubs to flying my own custom ships (Attack ships forever!!) to the away missions, the game is a TON of fun and be played completely for Free!!
    A great game from Perfect World.
  29. Oct 12, 2013
    This game has about 4 good points to it, but none of them are enough to make me play this game anymore than the 20 levels I've gone through. Space combat is fun if not repetitive. PVP is challenging and rewarding. The Foundry, player made content, is better (much better) than the developer content. And ships, lots and lots of ships and customizations (most you must pay cash for). Everything else just doesn't matter.

    This game has a lot of detail, unfortunately most of it is useless filler. What isn't filler is unorganized, inefficient and boring. Especially ground missions which is running through a series of hallway connected rooms activating consoles and fighting groups of enemies. Or you in a small area outside on some planet doing the same. This formula is pretty much the main aspect of ground play. Regardless of WHAT you have to do the formula to do it the same.

    If you like PVP, play this game, if you don't like PvP you won't get much from this game unless you're a diehard Star Trek fan that just wants ANYTHING Star Trek.
  30. Aug 18, 2013
    I wasn't a Star Trek fan so didn't think i would like the game, I couldn't be more wrong i loved it and its now been updated and is fully immersing, explore your ship, follow different paths in game, lots of missions and good pvp,ST has come a long way since its release you gotta try it
  31. Aug 17, 2013
    I shall be concise. I have been with the game since alpha. I quit it a year ago. I have a founder life-time account. I have spent $1,961 on the game. Yes, I was a sucker to do it. Learned my lesson the hard and painful way. As a free game, it is somewhat reasonable. Decent graphics, decent space combat and ground combat. But the game never went anywhere and never will. Eventually, it is a repetitive treadmill grind at best. Now it's becoming more so than ever.

    It is not worth your money!!!

    Cryptic Studios mistreat their customers and treat their players as cash-cows to milk. The game has bugs which were never treated. Indefinite customer complaints which were ignored. Broken promises which are repeated since beta. The list goes on.
    There is just not enough room here to begin to detail how poorly the game is hang together by spit and gum and how horribly they manage their community and abuse their players.
    Lets not even mention how they trample and pee over the Star Trek franchise, incase you're an actual fan.

    Thus my suggestion: if you want a free ride, go on and enjoy it. But never spend a dime on it. It doesn't deserve it and it will only make you regret it.

    Post scriptum:
    Worthy of note that the Community is also rife with douchebags and whiners.
  32. Aug 3, 2013
    I think this is the only game where you can own a starship, fight in space and then take a select crew of officers and fight on planets as well. Also, the only game that seems to have improved consistently over time. Many of the reviewers need to do a re-review of this. Everything you can get for premium currency you can also grind off in-game currency. there are no hard limits to what a free and paying player can thus achieve (except of course a paying player gets it faster). Leveling is easy in my opinion and there's lots to do. I'm a solo player, but this game is best enjoyed with a group of friends who can play together when they hit level cap. This is also the only mmo I play that I leave and then return to over and over... The only problem perhaps is the fact that this game is heavily instanced, with set locations so no feel of one of Star Treks core values, 'Exploration', can be readily experienced. Though I suppose events and such may simulate that. I fully expect the game to get even better with ongoing updates and such. Expand
  33. Jul 20, 2013
    I joined this game only after it's transition to the Free-to-play model and am basing my review off of that experience.

    For a free-to-play MMO, this game is well above average. The production values, music, and what little voice acting there is, is excellent quality. The game feels quite polished, and for a starship junkie like me, the ships all look fantastic. The main quest chain is
    gripping and enjoyable, and makes leveling a breeze; a good balance of investment and reward as you level a character.

    The lifetime subscription to this game is quite a bargain at $200 USD, which equates to about 13 months of game time of a typical $15/month MMO, and will unlock everything that f2p players cannot access without microtransaction.

    In contrast to other free-to-play MMOs, the microtransactions in this game are kept to a minimum; all purchases made from the Cash shop are entirely cosmetic, having little to no impact on actual gameplay, and are not necessary in any situation to progress your character. In addition, an in-game currency called Dilithium can be converted in large amounts to cash shop credit, offering a cheaper alternative for those who don't wish to spend cash, but spend a lot of time playing.

    The space combat in this game is excellent. You have direct control over your ship and it's stations, with everything being laid out in front of you, and basic starship command is very intuitive. The controls are tight and concise, and is easily my favorite part about my STO experience.

    Ground combat is another story, however. On the ground, your skills are wildly different from that in space (of course), and your efficiency on the ground will be defined entirely by your away team (your group of starship officers that follow you to the ground). Ground combat is wildly more difficult than space combat, with much more focus on movement, equipment, environmental hazards, and multiple groups of powerful enemies. Coupled with the rather basic shoot-em-up feel of mashing your weapon attack, ground missions will wear out their welcome to most.

    The game's loose storyline and setting stays very true to old canon, commonly alluding to the stories and experiences of James Kirk, Jean Luc Picard, and even Kathryn Janeway in their respective series as you explore the galaxy.

    Exploration itself, however, is somewhat lacking. For a world as open as this one, the experiences you'll have among sectors and it's planets is mostly predictable and simple. Almost all missions consist of no more than destroying some ships, or scanning some structures. While an over-arcing story helps break the monotony or tie things together, most open-world encounters have no larger plot or worthwhile reward for time invested, making them more akin to little mini-episodes and slightly less gripping as a result.

    If you're one for playing solo, you will quickly discover that upon reaching level cap and completing the official episodes, you will have very little to do. In comparison to other MMOs, the amount of group content is scant at best, and repeating the same few group events dozens of times may quickly wear thin. I personally suggest you play this game with friends, or join a role-playing fleet (guild) to keep entertained and break the monotony of grinding the same few events all day every day.

    All MMOs have some grind in them; STO's problem is that there is no variety on what you can grind. If you want to be a Borg-slayer and join that NPC faction, you'll be running 5 of the same events for months. If you want to assist the Romulans, you'll have a lifetime of ground missions (primarily babysitting and kill-quests) to run around doing.

    However I can't be too harsh. For a free-to-play, this game is definitely better than most. It's enjoyable moreso with friends well polished, and a great game for Star Trek fans who've always wanted to run around inside their ships, or sit at the helm and fight among the stars.

    I find the game very high quality, personally, but the community is among the ugliest I've seen in any MMO to date. Every online game has it's elitists, it's dev-haters, and stop-having-fun crowd, but STO's community seems to house of the most intense of all of these. You can bet any "problems" with the game will be loudly vocalized, and when the servers are brought down to repair said problem, you can expect to see an equal amount of hatred directed towards the developers for the unstable servers.

    Community can be filtered out, however, and basing my score solely off what I get from the game, I can rest with an 8.
  34. Jun 9, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The lore itself is done well. With the addition of Legacy of Romulus you gain a new faction and new ships, and the addition of (finally!) warp cores/singularity cores.
    However, the core of it hasn't changed... a lot of the same old lot grinding, with plenty of bugs which are years old and plenty gamebreaking new ones. Also, with Perfect World having taken over, nickel&diming is the rule, not the exception. If you want to compete in end-game PvE or PvP paying real money is a near-must. The last and best equipped tier of ships (Tier-5) for the level 50's can be bought with dilithium, fleet credits and/or Zen. However, the amount of grinding necessary for the first 2 options is incredible, and while you can get Zen through trading dilithium for it, the grinding necessary for it is just IQ-killing. Making you often just pay for the 'last' ship, or keeping on the lesser strong ship from level 40.

    Also the Zen-bought ships have the thing that they have at level 40+ always an very handy console or special ability which you actually don't want to ignore.

    Last but not least: Cryptic has recently restricted the amount of stuff you can keep in your mail without an announcement about it, pissing off a lot of long-term players. Also the NPCs have gotten some 'special' attacks that you cannot see nor react on which can, depending on the category of the ship you're flying and the current health of your ship (let's say around 50%), kill you outright in one shot while they have gotten a major upgrade in damage resistance making fights very tedious and long.

    To sum it up: nickel&diming, grinding, still a lot of bugs (including some really old ones). Positive is that Cryptic seems to treat the lore with respect and they are willing to introduce new stuff to make it come a bit more closer to how Star Trek should 'feel like'. Too bad the cons against this game are starting to overwhelm the pros....
  35. Jun 3, 2013
    This game has become a scam, STAY away from it at all costs. I used to play with Cryptic Studios owned it and now that Perfect World Entertainment owns it they make it impossiable to connect/link your account to Perfect World Entertainment site and when you try to make a new account to USE your Cryptic account they say your email is attached to an already game account WITH THEM...then they offer no help to solve the problem and want you to rebuy everything 4 times the prices and reown the game again. SCAM SCAM. keeping away from now on Expand
  36. May 26, 2013
    I have to say that this is a great MMO, the team that works on the game keeps everything up to date. There are a lot of people that still play. Its a blast with friends. The only thing that keeps me from giving it a ten is the ground combat. The ground combat is fun but the animations are a little rough. If they fix that then this is my game. Its the one game that's close to Orion Pirates. Live long and prosper Expand
  37. May 23, 2013
    Captain's log, stardate... may 2013

    We started out a bleeding rock & ended up a shining gem.
    Dare I say we went were none has gone before...?

    Just give it a bit more than a few lvl's (ranks) & you will see
    that the game grows on you more and more as you go...

    Thank you for this beautiful free game!
  38. May 21, 2013
    It could have been a solid 6 star game but unfortunate the Zynga-isme business model detracts at the very least 5 of those stars which then just barley grants this game a single lonely star.

    Lets start with how STO earned it's 6 starts before then rapidly losing 5. It's a pretty descend MMO thou without any doubt somewhat dated and lackluster. One of the biggest complaints (a side from
    the Zynga-isme which we'll get to in a bit) is that the game is compiled of a series of endless instances which in turn means you'll spend a good amount of time going through loading screens which truly can break immersion.
    As a PvE experience you going to have a good time if you're a Trekkie as a Sci-Fi fan you'll be happy too if you can glance past the countless bugs and hiccups you are sure to encounter during your missions.

    Now lets get to what this game has degraded to since it took up the infamous Free 2 Play business model. Rumor has it that the executive producer Daniel Stahl once upon a time was a intern at Zynga Inc. and Oh Boi did he pick up a neat trick or two. You can now describe STO in a few simple concepts *1. Narly gambling (lock boxes) *2. Endless grind (time-gated reputation system) *3. The Ultimate MMO Power Trip (starbases provides insane value both in terms of time spend and real world moneys).

    PvP is straight up Pay to Win and since there isn't much else to do once you reach end-game you are going to have a bad time luckily you can choose well at least as a federation character to stay clear of any PvP mischiefs.

    My hope is that the future of gaming will be about creating great game mechanics and giving players unforgettable experiences and the period of how to manipulate game-play and thus players for maximum profit will became a brief and shameful footnote in development history.
  39. May 21, 2013
    I think your metacritc score was a fair grade two years ago, you really need to upgrade it. They have done a lot since then, If your going to score or rate games you should update your information.
  40. May 4, 2013
    Unique and unrivaled game and the whole world should know about Star Trek. I hope that the game will exist and develop and will be popular on the planet earth.
  41. Apr 24, 2013
    Solid Game, Free to play, and full level up without paying anything. Fleets, VERY good story missions. Ground and Space Combat, Crafting, Character Creator, Looting, everything in it what it needs.

    And the best part, Prime-Timeline. The original Star Trek, as i love it. It has bugs, and the controls could be better. The support is not bad. Graphics are decent.

    I really enjoy this
    game still, after 2 years of playing it. Expand
  42. Apr 2, 2013
    I enjoyed the expansive universe and the varied missions, as well as the different officers you could have. Basically you could be whoever you wished in Starfleet or the Klingon Empire. Another plus is how the story unfolds in "episodes" over an entire arc involving one enemy race as the primary antagonist, the game's equivalent to a regular season. However, the combat suffers from the same repetitive tactics in every single mission/episode. The biggest frustrations came from battling the Romulans. Every single space battle that happens, the Romulan ships always pull the cheapest maneuvers to instantly destroy your starship, the most used one being where the Romulans hold your ship still with a tractor beam before unloading a massive volley of heavy plasma torpedoes that quickly overload your shields and destroy your ship in one shot. That would be fine if they used it a few times, but the AI seeks to *abuse* that tactic as much as possible in every single mission's space battle (all within the Romulan "season"), causing the mission to be nearly impossible to complete even though the difficulty of the mission is the same as the level your character is at when you attempt it. The ground battles are nearly the opposite. The ground missions are generally very, very easy compared to the space battles if your away team has good synergy between the skills you've given them to use in battle.

    Another issue I have is the exploration. Whenever I'm between missions, I wanted to explore some random world to feel like a true explorer, as was promised from the first looks of the game prior to its release. Instead, I'm forced to stay in space to either 1) run an errand for a new race, 2) fight a battle, or 3) answer a distress call. Afterwards, there isn't even an option to explore the world, at least as far as I knew after scanning the entire UI for the option.

    So, here is the bottom line.
    + huge universe to explore
    + visiting familiar places from all of the TV series before Enterprise
    + varied missions
    + the TV-series-like feel of the story missions

    Cons (in minuses):
    - AI repeatedly abusing cheap maneuvers in space battles to get insta-kills
    - ground battles are too easy in comparison to space battles (PvE)
    - no option to explore random worlds

    The abusive AI in the PvE space battles were way too much for me to continue playing the game any further and I stopped playing. If I ever go back to it, I hope the AI has been improved to where they stop spamming the same one-shot-kill tactic in every single space battle (as the Romulans).
  43. Feb 13, 2013
    Star Trek? Check. Free to play? Check. Alien cleavage? Check. User generated missions? Check. Best space combat of any MMO? Check (sorry EVE). If you are a fan of Star Trek, EVE, free games, user generated content or even just a fan of alien cleavage, STO is worth taking a look at. Don't be turned away by the lackluster meta. This game is a few years old now and to their great credit the STO team has been busy adding more and more great content. P.S. I am not really a Star Trek fan. But I do think this is one of the best free to play games out there right now. Especially since the cash store is completely optional and not needed to enjoy all of the game's content and compete at the highest level of play. Props to Cryptic for that. Expand
  44. Feb 7, 2013
    I recently came back, knowing Star Trek Online went F2P. I have to say they have done an awesome job organizing the skills/abilities/ship stat,and generally smoothing out the game.
    I stopped about 3 months after STO launched, for the most part I quit because of all the stats/skill being so jumbled up that it toke forever to figure out what stat was good for what ability/skill etc etc. ,Oh
    and the ground combat was lack luster,still kinda is,but its much better now...imo Expand
  45. Feb 2, 2013
    The Best game ever, absolutely amazing. Very good graphics, feels just like a Star Trek game should. Large customization. The missions are really good, but I can see why people complain. YOU NEED TO READ THE STORY so it is good. I recommend it any day. Also I would have gave Star Trek Online a 7 a year ago, but the rate of progress is very good. Very strategic as well.
  46. Jan 13, 2013

    I was so excited to finally be playing the famed Star Trek Series online. But after 3 months, the games fees very 2D... Very shallow, and very unworthy of the Star Trek title. The game amounts to grinding for weapons and upgrades and then attempting to take on elite battles against NPCs or other elite human players just to find out that the past 3 weeks of grinding
    to upgrade your weapons was not nearly enough... I have repeated this trend in the game 20-30 times and have had enough. OK, that sums up space combat...
    Now for ground combat. Is there anyone who does not think that diving behind cover should then allow the NPCs to continue to fire through the cover and kill you? Really? The engine is a hit or no hit engine without any critical hit areas defines on the body map of the player. So head shots mean nothing. Ground cover means nothing. Just grind grind grind to get a better weapon and hope that your skill set matches the mission you are about to take on for the 100th time...
    And wait! $200 for a lifetime membership to the game??? Really??? Good grief. I cant believe someone actually smoked crack and paid that much for this grind fest.
  47. Dec 29, 2012
    Very well made. The space combat is near perfected and is incredible involved unlike any other. The ground combat is def lacking although makes up for it with involving stories. You do not have to be a trek fan to enjoy this game.
  48. Dec 21, 2012
    Haters of the game must not be Star Trek fans at all.First see all the episodes of all the diferent TV Series and then make your judgement.
    It's a big universe full of options,of course has some bugs and glitches but that's what beeing beta is all about.On top of all its free,not like Eve or other titles.You can cotumize your ships and better you can change ingame curency for Zen and buy
    ships that usualy people can only buy if they use credit card.takes a bit of time but with time everything you do you can earn it inside the game playing.
    Every year there is new ships and the developers give you a new one more or less once a year.
    about the textures complaints i have a state of the art computer and graphic card and everything runs smooth.Maybe the complaints come from people with bad configurations or bad graphic cards
  49. Dec 5, 2012
    I had lots of fun and ended up logging over 100 hours in this game (when it was still a pay to play title no less!). The space and story line is well done, but ground battles are terrible. Really should have just done FPS mechanics on the ground and stuck to their well made space battles. Missing some depth in space as well as far as gameplay, but overall pretty fun. Thinking about going back maybe in the new year and check out some new episodes! Graphics were also well done, but could have been better. Expand
  50. Nov 30, 2012
    I was in the beta for this game and played for a week or so after launch. At the time there were many bugs that still needed to be worked out. I came back after Perfect World bought the title from Atari and to my surprise a lot of the bugs have been worked out. The free to play model they are using is one of the best I've seen. You don't get the feeling you need to buy anything but that you want to. Sure some say its to much of a grind in getting some of the season 7 end game ships and upgrades if don't pay money but you can't have everything. I love all of the lore from Star Trek, the space combat is awesome, the verity of missions are nice. All and all its one of the best free to play MMOs on the market and I think better then most sub MMOs. Expand
  51. Nov 26, 2012
    The S7 Update is the clearest indication that STO is a Pay to Win game. Every aspect of advancement at End Game requires an epicly slow grind. Comrade DSthal is Overlord of Grind and Dementing Returns. STO will never be the same, it is a fraud for them to claim to be F2P.
  52. Nov 19, 2012
    What an absolute waste of my time. Do you like varied missions? Do you like doing more than engaging in repetitive and mundane space battles over and over and over again without having the option to skip or use stealth to achieve objectives without resorting to combat? Well then look elsewhere, friend. Sure it looks pretty enough and has lots of customizing options, but that's where the appeal ends. This is a Star Trek game for those who hate nuance, intelligence, or diplomatic solutions. This is only for those who want to fight over and over and over again. If you want real Star Trek, dig up Bridge Commander. You'll have plenty more fun than in Cryptic's piece of trash. Expand
  53. Nov 15, 2012
    One of the best Space Combat I have ever played. Fans of Star Trek would probably like that segment of the game. However, the mission systems were a bit mundane and upsetting, I basically skipped all of it as I had no intention or mind to play them despite the rewards given. Lots of boundaries which may require you to use Real-World-Money in order to secure the best game-play. Although ground combats don't work out much, the space combat makes me think that STO has the potential to do even better things in the future. Expand
  54. Nov 15, 2012
    Season 7 did horrible things to the economy, negatively altered the play style of a large portion of their player base and was ushered in with corporate doublespeak. Cash shop -> Lock boxes -> and now creative removal of in game means of acquiring currency in an effort to force you to buy with real life money.
    Season 6 was grindy but still fun, season 7 is just grind. Thank you China.
  55. Nov 15, 2012
    This game really had promise one it was out from under the thumb of Atari's negligence. But barely a year from being purchased by the Chinese game company Perfect World, the game has devolved into an asian cashgrab grinder. Expect to grind for months at endgame to (moderately) progress your character, unless you want to buy the in-game currency which everything now costs. The Season 7 update leaves even the Ferengi in awe. Expand
  56. Nov 7, 2012
    Uggg. Another game with great potential and a background story that is unique. Again we have another game with stale mechanics. If you made the graphics neutral you could probably swap this out for LOTR Online and have the same game. The linear quest lines have been dated for over a decade now. It is a shame the makers couldn't give this title some originality instead of just banking on the name.
  57. Oct 12, 2012
    7 out of 10 But to be honest about 5 of that is just for it being Star Trek and holding onto most cannon very well. The Ship, Racial, Weapons, and astronomic designs are excellent. And the story is solid if you like reading pages and pages worth of dialog, and back story thru each mission. But it makes me giddy sometimes, remembering old episodes and stories and realizing I was participating in that same universe.
    But the game itself despite drastic improvements since launch. Is very basic, bland rinse and repeat gaming, which is still a minefield of bugs and glitches. Ground combat is irritating, reminding me of a broken resident evil 1 turret control scheme, combined with ridiculously borked weapons, with stats, and skills, that mean nothing to the average gamer..
    The Space Combat is alright, its mostly what I play the game for now that I have level capped cause when you cap out there really isn't much left but PVE Events and Borg Missions. PvP is almost non existence going hours at a time without an instance starting sometimes. The space controls are excellent, it just takes awhile to get used to and realize a star ship doesn't steer like a smaller craft, Its like driving a bathtub in zero g. But once you practice a bit you can get some nice maneuverability, and sometimes intense dogfights. Which I enjoy very much.
    All in All this game is especially for people who already like Star Trek and are familiar with the various story lines from the TV series. Other wise this game is a solid 2 out of 10.
    Also Cryptic seriously needs to learn consistency when it comes to Markers for mission objectives, it would make things much less irritating. Objective Markers, a compass, something!!
  58. Aug 5, 2012
    I feel its wrong of people to give a game with as many bugs as this 10/10. 10 means perfect and this game is far from perfect. Cryptic have added more stuff since launch but have totally failed to iron out even the simplest bugs. I have made PD games since 1989 and I can see where the developers have been lazy or not thought about design. Eg planets merging with background planes. Objects placed on the skybox. Overuse of asteroids etc so Cryptic are forced to have really short pop up (just reduce the number of objects Cryptic jeez!). But the main thing that winds me up is your away team using devices out of combat..... I mean why? If you're a Trekky then this game is a must, if you like your games to work and last longer than a week then avoid this game. Expand
  59. Jul 28, 2012
    Now 2 years and 8 months since the game has launched and nearly 2 years since my initial review. In that time STO has not improved much. Failing in a subscription model Cryptic/PWE switched to a F2P model. Unlike many other F2P models, this one is a blatant cash grab and none of the transaction can be considered "micro". As far as content and systems go, nothing from my previous review has been addressed such as exploration, crafting PvP, factional systems, etc... leaving these important game systems in poor shape. In addition, the player-base has received word that the Feature Episode Series has been canceled, these missions were highly acclaimed by the player base. The only deep system the game has is the Duty Officer System, the new Fleet System was recently introduced but is indicative of the heavy grind found in asian MMO's where the reward is hardly worth the effort placed into it. From here, I will review the game's new season, Season 6 Under Seige. With $7 costumes to $20, you can only get per character, and lottery boxes with poor rewards abounding, the direction of economic model of this game will cause its ultimate failure. Season 6 took nearly 8 months to develop and while the system and generally the artwork are great, the poor content, rewards, and buggy aspects far out-shadow anything good. The monitization hooks abound in the Fleet System with some estimates saying the dollar cost of a fully functional Starbase is $1,500. The introduction of Season 6 came plagued with game breaking bugs to the Foundry, exchange, mail system, combat system to which Cryptic has been slow to respond to. In all, Season 6 has a good foundation that was poorly capitalized on by Cryptic. Even though this "shoot-em-up" version of the Star Trek Universe is F2P, I would recommend passing until the game could be fleshed out more. Expand
  60. Jul 22, 2012
    I've play this game a long time. I like this game and I can't say it have any mis take. This game is good change from games like Battlestar Galactica online. It's not same and this is a reason why is it so good. I'm not so good at speech so I don't have any ideas what I can say. Finaly: This game is awesome and I would to invite everyone who like Star Trek or "space ships games".
  61. Jul 18, 2012
    Frankly, I wish I'd discovered this game sooner... But I suppose then I would have purchased some kind of lifetime subscription, rather than benefiting from the fact that it's free-to-play.

    Gameplay is split between ship-based and character-based settings.

    In space, you command your starship as you explore the galaxy and engage in ship-to-ship battles. You can customize your ship
    both visually and functionally - equipping various weapons and gadgets, as well as tweaking the appearance of your ship.

    On the ground, you command a small away-team as you battle your way through enemy forces or simply explore an interesting planet. Tons of cosmetic options are available to change the look of your character as well as the rest of your bridge officers. And there's also weapons and armor to wear into battle.

    Gameplay does a terrific job of mirroring the franchise. It isn't just all-combat, all the time. Missions might involve delivering supplies to a planet in need, or surveying some unusual readings, or traveling through time to un-do alterations to the timeline.

    The graphics are good... But not outstanding. The game has been out for a while now, and the engine is starting to show its age. Nothing bad, mind you, but it isn't as spectacular as some more recent titles.

    Where the visuals simply shine is in their accuracy. Everything looks like it should. It's immediately obvious that you're playing a Star Trek game. And, further obvious that you're in a Federation environment rather than a Klingon one, or Romulan. They all look very distinctive. All look just like they should.

    The sounds, similarly, perfectly match what you'd expect from the franchise. The hum of a tractor beam, the whine of phasors, the twinkle of transporters. It's all there. And it's all exactly like it should be.

    The game is free-to-play now, which means there's no monthly subscription. But that also means there's plenty of things to spend money on. Inventory expansions, cosmetic options for your characters, specialty ships, more character slots, bonus XP... It'd be very easy to spend an awful lot of money in this game.

    But, at the same time, there are no real barriers to progress. There's an awful lot that you can spend money on... But there really isn't much that you have to spend money on. It's perfectly reasonable to play all the way up to level cap without spending one cent.

    As of the time of this review, Star Trek Online is still seeing active development, with Episode Six having just been released last week. Lots of changes and new content. Plenty to keep the game interesting.

    Definitely worth checking out.
  62. Jul 13, 2012
    Graphics are okay but unfortunatelly i don't remember the sounds. Starting with a very booring storyline, and when you complete, than you can just after leveling. The characters modelling are terrible. Contains a lots of loading screen and this is the worst in this game and every (which have) MMORPG games. When i play with an MMORPG games i don't want to see a loading screen looks like WoW. Have a lots of ship battles in the space and this is also horrible. This game have a booring gameplay, and if you not really like, not try this. Free to play but i don't want to play it again. Expand
  63. Jun 29, 2012
    To the first, the game is NOT a FPS and NOT a Simulation. It is not to compare with Elite Forces or Tie Fighter. It is a varied on line RPG. I have played the game over 100h and it is only 1 time crashed. In hundred times of explore random generated planet maps, i have found 2 they not work, i beamed in the rocks. ^^ The graphic is mainstrem. The maps will be randomized from varied patterns so every time you explore strange new worlds, you find different maps. Later you recognize the patterns but that is okay and amazing. You can delegate duty missions with your crew members, craft ship items, train officers, play endless missions, mine dilitium, explore for your own or in teams or fleets and more. The difficult is mostly balanced and in status presents (summer 2012) comparatively few bugs. It is not a hysteric shoot and die game like so many. For me the game is mostly better than mass effect, because the freedom of the game an one of the best F2P games i have played. Expand
  64. Jun 9, 2012
    When I first saw this game I was truly excited, the possibility of commanding my own starship with my own crew overwhelmed me, that was back when it was still pay to play. When I heard it was free to play I signed up to play, after playing the demo a few years earlier I new what I was getting into and I thought I would love it. I created my character using on of the best character creators I have seen in an MMO (Especially creating my own alien) I eventually settled with a trill captain an prepared to go boldly where no gamer has gone before (Pardon the pun) I delved straight in. I started playing through the story. A disappointing affair to say the least. When a brand says Star Trek, one expects much more than the general 'go in and slaughter them all' attitude in most MMO's, I was expecting diplomacy and exploration
    instead I got caught up in destruction and espionage. All that aside the foundry is a fantastic feature, the ability to create my own missions is fantastic (although I haven't quite grasped it) and again the system for character creation is great. Then their is Klingon play, it's underdeveloped and I found it horrible to play, the ability to play as 'the enemy' got me exciting but it was horrible, Cryptic have put next to no thought into the Klingon side. So in short Star Trek Online has potential, but it trips up on many hurdles, it has not stopped me from playing it and quite enjoying it.
  65. Jun 3, 2012
    WOW game mechanics like linear progression, tank-nuker-healer, taints every opinion I have on a game; basically I loath it. I've been there, done that, and I don't want to do it anymore.
  66. May 16, 2012
    Amazing MMO, started off two years ago very bland with nearly identical missions, but judging the additions from the last few months it is obvious the designers are working proactively to add new game concepts and awesome featured missions. The addition of the foundry allows almost unlimited content to be available in the star trek universe. The huge fleet and PvP system allows players to be much more cooperative and even allows mission to be done as a team. Space battles are much more exciting and shooter mode allows a normally RPG style game to be much more engaging. At first I would've rated this game a 3, but with all the work put into it in the last 2 years it's been shown that this MMO won't degenerate, it will expand. Therefore, based on it's potential if if follows the upwards curve the designers have started, I'm rating STO 10 out of 10. Expand
  67. May 15, 2012
    Overall an ok game. it has good graphics and its pretty cool because it is a star trek based game (star trek=awesome). The variety of ships and weapons is great and the universe is huge. However, i am giving this only a five for a few reasons. 1: The missions are extremely repetitive and seem to be all exactly the same. 2: The game is very complicated and updates a lot and if you are like me and have bad internet connection its not going to be fun. 3: It is far too complicated and lacks gameplay and game control instructions. 4: The space battles are boring. 5: it takes way to long to load all the different areas in the game. Overall its ok. 5 out of 10. Expand
  68. May 7, 2012
    The game has improved since it was first released. Ground combat is much better then it was. They revamped the skill tree which makes more sense. The perfect world lock boxes suck. I suppose I wouldn't hate them so much if they actually had better drop rates instead of taking your money and giving you useless junk..
  69. Apr 28, 2012
    Won't give the game a perfect 10, but she does deserve some credit. I've played this game since Open Beta, I've seen a variety of bugs since then. Yes the game still has many, but none as bad as they were in the P2P days. Game play is repetitive, PvP has no reward of it's own the game relies heavily on the STF in the End Game content. Micro transaction seem to be their philosophy since most end game content is in the C-Store, also some lower level content as well. The Klingon faction is weak in their content only a few missions to play as them. Would have to say my favorite part of the game is the Character/Ship Customization. You can also mix and mingle classes and rolls in the game on the fly in ground combat. Expand
  70. Mar 14, 2012
    the game did improve allot in 2012 its fun now its like eve online but beter get slowling better and its totaly free
    overall the game has some solid points. space combat is fluid and just as much fun as other star trek games like starfleet command. ground combat still has some issues like not having an active cover system. a lot of small things is what kills this game. unfinished tool
    tips. and the lack of a real starting area. Expand
  71. Mar 13, 2012
    I have played this game since the BETA testing. I originally signed on because I am a huge Star Trek fan so naturally at first I was captivated by the lure of the Star Trek universe in an MMO. After playing for a few months this allure wore off and I realized that underneath STO was a flawed game. There was little in-game content outside of the basic missions and the PVP arenas were constantly full, requiring you to wait at least an hour or more just to get into a match.

    I am happy to say that since then, STO has vastly improved. There is a ton of mission content, more upgrades and customizations and crafting content and a lot of interesting side-missions. It is still not perfect, the missions get repetitive (as in all MMO's) and the PVP wait is still a long time. Overall, if you are a fan of Star Trek you will enjoy STO, especially since it is now free-to-play.
  72. Mar 5, 2012
    I don't play MMO's but I am a Star Trek fan. When Online went free to play, I decided it was time to check it out. The first thing I noticed was how easily I fell into the world. The development team does an excellent job of convincing you you're in the universe. The introductions and segues by Spock are helpful. As far as being a quality experience for free, your experience is pretty amazing for no cost save some space on your computer. The difficulty can be variable and so can the quality of some of the missions, but the story missions are pretty engaging and well though out. The highlight is the foundry, in which fans create awesome missions that occasionally rival those of the STO team. It's a quality experience, but can occasionally become repetitive or feel limiting based upon "classes". If you're a Star Trek fan, do yourself a favor and give it an hour. You'll be hooked in for the next week, at least. Expand
  73. Feb 28, 2012
    I've been playing Star Trek Online for around eighteen months now and so I've been able to watch the game grow into the behemoth it has become. I burned through all the content on my first character too fast for my taste, but the update release structure has ensured I keep returning.

    Every few months, Cryptic releases a new "Season" which contain new missions and storylines, remastered
    older missions and various new features such as shuttles, new locations etc. We are currently on Season 5, and the game is now Free to Play. There is now more than enough content to satisfy a player, and the stories keep the missions from feeling repetitive.

    I'm not going to pretend STO doesn't suffer from what RPGs and MMORPGs in particular all suffer from, but they hide it well. Grinding is buried as new missions in new sectors and systems, end game content is limited but its focus on team play brings you back for more.

    The developers also release "Feature Series" missions, which are weekly released missions set in a short (five-week) campaign. Playing through the missions on their release week entitles players to new loot which may not be available later on, although Feature Series are re-released a few months later.

    My initial interest in STO came from back in the days I used to mod Star Trek: Bridge Commander, possibly to last good game based on the Star Trek canon. As such, it was the idea of flying my ship around the galaxy that initially had me parting with my cash. The free-roam "galaxy is your oyster" mentality is what I wanted from the game, and that has been achieved remarkably well.

    For Trek fans, the story in STO links back to the TV series and films, with characters and events being referenced or popping up occasionally within the game. Cryptic has set STO 40 years after the last prime-universe film, and has carefully written the history bridging the two. They have also taken references from the Pocket Books, with one character in particular emerging later on.

    As with any MMO, PvP is an option for players, though not required for those who would prefer to go in peace. Each mission pits players against each other to either kill or achieve objectives against a third AI opponent.

    Missions can be played either solo or in teams, with team play becoming much more prominent at end game and PvE missions against fleets of enemies.

    Star Trek Online is continually evolving at a much faster pace than other MMOs, and the developers always listen to what the players have to say. It's far from a perfect game, but it is the best Star Trek game and, for me at least, the only MMO I've been able to enjoy for more than a few hours.
  74. Feb 25, 2012
    STO is now F2P so i gave it a try for 4 weeks.
    The first 3 weeks of gameplay was interrupted by daily patches and daily server shutdowns to fix the broken patches.
    leveling was extremely fast,and boring doing the same cookie cutter missions over and over at each level.I reached the level cap in 1 week and thats when the real boredom started.After reaching the level cap there is nothing
    to do except a few STF missions which you need to do hundreds of times each in order to try to get the good gear that you need to participate in pvp.
    The game seems to be a typical low budget cash cow game. The community forums require a cash payment in order to gain access to them. some of the mission rewards called mystery boxes require a cash payment in order to open the box and receive your reward for completing the mission.
    A never ending stream of bugs and glitches seems to be the major features of this game.
    STO makes the same mistake that many other F2P games make, they seem to feel that since it is F2P that all the user can be treated as,and used as,beta testers to weed out and report the bugs and glitches that infest the poor quality patches and updates.If I want to be a beta tester I`ll go play a beta game. when I play a live game,either F2P or P2P, I don`t want to be the lab rat that tests the poor quality patches and updates.If they can`t be bothered to do a quality job creating and testing their patches and updates why should I have to be burdened with finding and reporting the bugs and glitches in their patches and updates.
    overall the gameplay reminds me of some cheap knockoff of an old NES type game.
    As with many other F2P games the customer service in this game is dreadful at best and non existent at it`s worst. This game is hardly worthy of the Star Trek name, I expected much better.
    If your just looking for another pointless low budget,generic grindy, cash cow game then you`ll love this game.Personally I wasn`t the least bit impressed with it.
  75. Feb 24, 2012
    It starts out with a character generation system outdated by much more than the game's actual age, goes on with a completely heart- and soulless tutorial, an interface that is not only confusing and uncomfortable to use, but also incredibly ugly and leads into mediocre gameplay and horrid graphics. I am incredibly relieved that this game is free to play now, for I could hardly stomach how it must feel to have spent money on this. I'd have to get paid to play it and I'd have to get paid even more to recommend it without swallowing my tongue. Simply horrible and a shame even for the Star Trek franchise. Expand
  76. Feb 22, 2012
    I decided to come back to this after buying on launch originally a couple of years ago. Originally I played for about 2 weeks before becoming bored with the repetitive and buggy experience. By now the game should be in better shape, right? First the good. The space warfare is fun. For a time. Now the bad. Over the course of the couple of years since launch it actually appears to have become MORE buggy. How this has been accomplished I have no idea, but the situation is so bad I actually started to suspect some kind of corporate-espionage style sabotage. Over the course of my two days replaying, here is SOME of what I discovered.

    1. Certain HUD tooltip elements don't deactivate on mouseover properly, instead flickering in a seizure-inducing manner. 2. The speed control slider moves up and down of its own accord at inopportune moments.

    3. Gas cloud texture maps are broken

    4. Away team members vanish without explanation on occasion

    5. Keyboard shortcuts for abilities sometimes don't work - and I mean don't work at all, not just a long delay.

    6. If you 'pin to taskbar' the game icon then try to launch the game from it, it will appear to work until the point of login, when the game will freeze at "connecting to account server". I noticed several people on the STO forums complaining about this and not realising it was related to the 'pin to taskbar' function. They were simply fobbed off or insulted.

    7. Planets sometimes appear as transparent circles, showing the starfield behind

    8. NPCs vanish (which is annoying when they are required to finish a quest)

    9. Invisible phaser beams from invisible enemies sometimes shoot you and your team

    Now I'm bored. **** game, forget it.
  77. Feb 16, 2012
    THis game is awesome and since free to play started the population is swarming I personally bought this game at release. Great Game and no cost to you AWESOME
  78. Feb 6, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. and the best game of my entire life!
    I tried it for years and gave maximum gaming experience!
    The greatest thing in the game and you can explore space! Game and virtually endless! With steam I understand much better the graphics are indeed the better! With steam game and very comfortable! Update are many! Game has a great future ahead of it!
  79. Feb 4, 2012
    An absolutely amazing game. Brilliant space combat, brilliant story, great community, great content. The events and Featured Episode Series, are especially good. Ground combat's a bit weak, but it's better than it was. It's getting more and more 'trek' by the day. And this is all free, so why would you not play?
  80. Feb 3, 2012
    I tried STO during release and left less than a month into the game. It was horrible. When the recent change to a free to play model was announced, I was curious as to what changes had been made. I reactivated my account and gave it a try. I was pleasantly surprised at all the changes to the space missions and especially the ground missions. Space combat in STO is the strongest appeal the game has. It is unlikely that STO will ever be a mainstream game, but if you are a Star Trek fan, then you should really enjoy STO at this point. Expand
  81. Jan 3, 2012
    I have fallen in love with this game, though she is not perfect, what game is. I am a Science Fiction fan, not just a Trekkie, just wanted to throw that info out there. By far, the greatest thing this game has going for it, is great space combat. The Graphics are great, with many beautifully built space and ground zones, well above many other popular MMOs.
    Character customization, the
    level of detail you can go into with just creating your character was daunting at first, but once i got a handle on the vast number of slide bar settings, you would be squeal with glee at how precise you can replicate some of your favorite actors/family/whoever, with this character creator. Huge number ships available also, with many very degrees of customization available. The Foundry. Have you ever wanted to make your missions and raids in one of your favorite games? In STO, you can. Some of the Player Created content/missions I have played, you would think it should have been on the television, being advertised for "Next Weeks Episode of Star Trek" they are so well made and written.
    Now a few bad parts.
    The Foundry. What?!?! I just said it was great thing right? It is, but... Since it was introduced there has been little to no improvements made to it. There seems to be little Developer support keeping it running right, as the Foundry system itself was actually made as a Cryptic Developers tool for their upcoming Neverwinter game, and them bringing it to STO was really more of a testing of the system.
    The Graphics. What?!? I said the graphics are great? They are, but not so if unless you have a very up to date computer to play with. Otherwise you have to reduce your graphic setting and don't get to enjoy just how beautiful this game is.
    The Klingon faction. Often refered to as "that other faction", has been, until very recently, severely neglected. As a consequence, only about 20% of the player base play on the Klingon side. The brighter side of the sad story is that small player percentage is extremely loyal to their Klingon characters, and they really enjoy being at least partially "in character" all the time, which deeply helps with the immersion factor. Another not so good thing that happened for/to the Klingons, was the recent release of 10 new ships to be flown. Good! Except they are all Game Store ships that require purchase. Another thing wrong, is the lacking of costume options for the Klingons. While the Federation players enjoy about 20 Game store purchasable costume options, on top of a large number of free ones, The Klingons have 1, and only a few free costume options. The Federation characters can show the personal body armors that they are wearing, Klingons can not.
    (see how I went on about the Klingon faction? I told you we were a loyal bunch)
    There are some persistant game bugs, but most games have those, and nothing especially game breaking, except for one bug that is currently effecting Klingon progress.
    Star Trek Online is going free to play on January 17th, I certainly hope you will at least come and take a look, and judge for yourself.
  82. Dec 22, 2011
    Quit after 5 hours or so. This game really would only appeal to hardcore Star Trek fans in my eyes. Graphics are good for an MMO. Space flight is ok because you can control your own ship. Rest is just honestly boring and not much fun. It is going FTP soon though but honestly I wouldn't even download it if it was free.
  83. Jul 22, 2011
    The space combat is new and fun but that is the only redeemable quality about the game. The ground/planet combat really just looks and feels incomplete, like it received no love from the developers. There also isn't enough built in emphasis on playing with others, something that is more and more common and necessary in MMO's. I also, and this might just be me, wanted to be a member of a ships crew and work as a team. That was not the direction they chose to go with STO where everyone is the captain of their own ship. I really think that was a mistake and that someone will strike gold when they figure out how to design an MMO around that style of gameplay. Expand
  84. Jul 21, 2011
    I am an avid Star Trek Fan. I love this game. I played it in BETA. When the game was like 3 years away from being released... The graphics are good, Sound good... controls are excellent... The problem you will find with this game like myself, is the boring gameplay. Not that the gameplay is boring, but you get bored doing the same thing over and over and over again!
  85. Jul 4, 2011
    Not sure when the last time any of the reviewers played Star Trek Online, but it has come a long way since it first came out over a year ago. So those who gave negative reviews should go back and play it again. I think they would be pleasantly surprised and give a higher rating score. They will be greatly improving ground combat here in the next month or so, and a lot of new things have been added, and fixed. More fixes are in the works. I love this game so much, I shelled out the $300 for lifetime membership, and so far I haven't been disappointed. Expand
  86. Jul 1, 2011
    Its a 'Marmite' title at no mistake, I think the haters are very wrong though, it is expansive, exciting to watch and play, filled with Trek lore and a really fun game to play. A really refreshing change from the dull grind and raid of most MMORPG's out there.. Think original mass effect mixed with Earth and Beyond and your not far off what this title delivers. I love it!!
  87. Jun 10, 2011
    Addictive as hell and incredibly fun. A good mixture of activities and team/fleet play. I hook up with my mate and we tackle enemies together. The fun never stops! Well worth the £2.37 I got it for on Steam :-D
  88. May 27, 2011
    Great Trek game bundled with hours of fun. There are two forms of combat, space and ground. Space combat is intense and fun, ground combat is currently not as fun. The foundry is a groundbreaking quest building utility that allows players to create their own missions for others to play. STO is not a perfect game and not for everyone, the game was a little rocky upon release but as someone who took a years break after the first month I have definitely seen massive improvement. Expand
  89. Mar 20, 2011
    The game is repeating it self over and over again. Exploration is about seeing exciting new worlds, finding/solving mysteries, discovery, adventure, to boldly go where no man has gone before. Well with STO I felt like I didn't want to explore after a point, of endless silly scanning around for anomalies. Ground combat is appalling and most focus is on space combat, of which I am not a great fan. After playing STO for about a year I would describe the game as mediocre, only thing great it was hearing Spock talking and the jokes in chats about Sulu and Kirk. Now I returned playing WoW and EVE for sometime (like most ppl I know) and am waiting for SWtOR which looks quite promising btw. Expand
  90. Feb 6, 2011
    Alright so Startrek Online has finally turned one. The game has come a great way from its beginning, less then a month after initial reviews Cryptic rolled out their first set of content updates. These â
  91. Oct 13, 2010
    Don't listen to most of the people saying this is a terrible game i played the beta and when it first launched and i thought it was fun but it did have lots of annoying gltiches and it was very limited. Now i've come back after 7 months or so and found 95% of the bugs have been fixed, theres is no crippling lag, they are constantly adding new content and everything has generally been improved. I've noticed some people are **** about "all you do is kill kill and kill some more there is none of the diplomacy or exploration that was what the star trek universe was all about" there are exploration missions with minimal rewards and there is some trade and diplomacy involved in them but THEY ARE THE MOST BORING MISSIONS IN THE GAME. What people are forgetting is that without the warfare this game would cease to be fun. Would anyone be playing a game like WOW (i personally hate the game just using it as an example) if all you were supposed to do was explore, trade and do diplomatic missions with a little combat? NO. now onto the actual combat. The ground combat is very dull though i've found its become more enjoyable since they removed almost all of the glitches. The space combat is amazing as a huge fan of games like Starfleet Command and Star Trek Bridge Command among others i found they took most of the best elements of both, put them into a single game and improved the graphics and gameplay by about 10x and while it is true it gets a little tedious after awhile but really doesnt any mmo? my biggest problem with the game is that you cant buy ship upgrades with your energy credits (money) from the vendors you need badges of exploration to do that which means doing the boring exploration missions. Expand
  92. Oct 6, 2010
    I was not one of the players that was there during beta or launch but as someone who has jumped into the game 9 months after it was first released I find STO to be a very enjoyable Star Trek video game experience. It is evident from the game's website that Cryptic is working to correct any mistakes that were there during launch and while I can understand bad feelings because of the game feeling unprepared when it was released, it is definitely worth checking out now.

    At this point, what the game does well:
    + Beautiful graphics created in the Star Trek universe
    + In depth and interesting character and ship customization options
    ++ Featured Episodes (the studio has implemented weekly episodes or missions based around a new story arc being introduced into the game) + Space Combat (from what I've read this has been one of the highlights since launch)

    The negatives (at this point)
    - Ground combat is still repetitive (although being able to flank and dodge has been fun)

    Overall, if you are a Star Trek or Sci-fi this is definitely a MMO worth trying, especially since the demo is free. That's how I got hooked.
  93. Aug 23, 2010
    If you have A) never played MMOs before, B) are a Star Trek fan, C) only want to play the Federation, and D) only play about an hour a day, you will probably really enjoy STO. However, if you are used to the "standard" amount of content in most MMOs, want to play Klingons, and play alot you will probably find yourself with nothing to do very quickly. To sum it up, STO was released about a year too early. Sure, it could be a great game a year from now, but thats not how reviews work, so see my score above for how STO currently is. Expand

Mixed or average reviews - based on 34 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 10 out of 34
  2. Negative: 3 out of 34
  1. This is as fine a[n] homage to one of Sci-fi's great franchises a[s] you can get in an MMO format.
  2. Despite all of these complaints, those hordes of starship captains are quite happy. They may not have many different things to do, and the missions and UI may be rather buggy, but there does seem to be enough content to sustain them - at least until the endgame - and even at its worst that content is knockabout fun with more instant appeal, and more suitability for casual, short-session, low-commitment play than most MMOs.
  3. It is one of the worthier options among the titles which try to compete with WoW, and the one that has convinced us the most to date.