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  • Summary: As Lt. Tuvok, you'll leap into action to defend the Voyager from assault, battle through derelict spacecraft, infiltrate a Borg cube, and take on the ultimate colonization force -- all while facing annihilation at every turn. No one said being a hero was easy. [Activision]
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  1. A romp to remember and a multiplayer taste to acquire and savour.
  2. The best Star Trek game ever, and a first-rate FPS in its own right. [Dec 2000, p.138]
  3. Couple this awesome visual presentation with a solid game engine and then couple that with a painstakingly faithful Voyager plot and you’ve simply got one of the best Star Trek action/adventure games you’re ever going to come across.
  4. The most important thing, though, is that Raven seems to have actually made the world of Star Trek: Voyager -- dare I say it? -- fun; an impressive task in and of itself.
  5. Multiplayer play is uninspired, but still entertaining because while the traditional multiplayer elements are lacking, the fact remains that you're playing in a creative universe, with characters you're familiar with and with "authentic" weapons and settings that come straight out of the television show.
  6. The varied mission types, scripted events and engrossing storyline made it great fun to play, an "experience" more than just a game.
  7. The main reason Elite Force works so well is that it combines not simply the Voyager license with the "Quake III" engine, but merges a well-written story with an incredibly solid first-person shooter.

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  1. Aug 2, 2012
    Excellent plot and acting, though it's a shame they couldn't get Jeri Ryan. As far as I know, the Elite Force series is the only Trek incarnation as an FPS. Fortunately, they nkocked it out of the park with this one. It's wonderful getting to explore Voyager and be a part of their journey for a brief period. Yes, compared to today's high def graphics it looks ancient, but it still plays competently. I recommend it to any fans of the series, but it should appeal to anyone who loves sci-fi. The expansion (from what I recall) doesn't really add much to it, but getting to explore more of the ship is certainly a treat. Collapse
  2. Dec 23, 2013
    Star Trek Voyager Elite force remains faithful to the original TV series even infusing a sense of charm on it's own. However the gameplay may not have aged as gracefully as it could have. Expand

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