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  1. Positive: 8 out of 19
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  1. Pelit (Finland)
    Jan 4, 2016
    Star Wars Battlefront looks and sounds great, and with Battlefield-class gameplay could have ruled the multiplayer galaxy. Unfortunately, at best OK-level, Battlefront-class gameplay is much too shallow to last long. And this is THE one license, which really needs a single player campaign. [Dec 2015]
  2. Game World Navigator Magazine
    Dec 9, 2015
    For some reason people were worried that DICE would make “a Battlefield with blasters”, both angering Battlefront fans and splitting Battlefield player-base. Of course that didn’t happen – SW:BF is a laid-back shooter that should be played an hour or two between other evening activities. [Issue#204, p.66]
  3. Nov 18, 2015
    Aside from awkward performances and a poor original score, Battlefront is a master class in aesthetic authenticity. Beyond a few essential modes built for casual competition, however, Battlefront is unfocused, relying on excess game types to compensate for an absent single-player campaign.
  4. Dec 4, 2015
    Battlefront is a solid FPS game, with amazing visuals, which lacks that something extra that will make it shine. It has a good starting audience in the Star Wars fans, but anyone who has invested considerable hours in Battlefield might not find anything which can hold them here.
  5. Nov 27, 2015
    When it comes to generating pure Star Wars atmosphere this is a dream come true. But even that can’t hide the fact that in the end the content is fun but at this stage very limited.
  6. Nov 21, 2015
    Battlefront is a mainstream shooter without too many problems. But apart from the Star Wars atmosphere is doesn't offer anything special.
  7. CD-Action
    Feb 4, 2016
    A perfect game for short sessions. It’s not deep enough to convince online shooters veterans, but it will definitely win over Star Wars fans. [01/2016, p.34]
  8. Nov 27, 2015
    While Star Wars Battlefront is by no means a triumph, it’s not a disaster either. It nails the Star Wars atmosphere perfectly, with an incredible sense of spectacle and some of the most awe-inspiring moments in multiplayer gaming.
  9. Nov 18, 2015
    Brilliantly captures the look and feel of classic Star Wars, but beneath its cinematic flair lies a pretty generic multiplayer shooter.
  10. Edge Magazine
    Jan 3, 2016
    Any semblance of subtlety is abandoned entirely when it comes to the playable Hero and Villain characters. [Jan 2016, p.110]
  11. Dec 3, 2015
    The game, if nothing else, forces you to take another look at Star Wars. But in Star Wars Battlefront the form dominates over the content. Visually fantastic, technically flawless, with perfect atmosphere, yes, but continually receding euphoria reveals a simple and relatively poor shooter game.
  12. Nov 28, 2015
    It looks great, but it is in need of more substance behind the style.
  13. Nov 18, 2015
    It front loads its best content, only to fade in quality as the hours roll by. Star Wars Battlefront's skin is beautiful, but its legs are shaking, and threaten to buckle with time.
  14. Nov 30, 2015
    Star Wars: Battlefront is beautiful to look at, but too primitive at its core.
  15. Nov 25, 2015
    Star Wars: Battlefront is a game that looks and sounds awesome, has amazing maps and a very cool arcade way of shooting things. Unfortunately it feels like an incomplete game with little content and some really silly unlockables. Fans of the universe will be happy but everyone else should wait for a "full" package with a lower price tag.
  16. Nov 24, 2015
    Star Wars Battlefront fails to match the ambitions of its visuals with equally as impressive gunplay, leaving it in the awkward position of looking amazing while also being rather boring.
  17. Dec 1, 2015
    I felt at some moments that the mechanics of a great, or at least good, game was buried under all the blandness.
  18. If it was be a Tech demo, it’s the best tech demo we've ever seen, but all we can see is a game cut from the middle... EA must reconsider their DLC policy as soon as possible.
  19. Nov 19, 2015
    Star Wars: Battlefront does a fantastic job of transporting players into the Star Wars universe for a big initial kicker, but that ultimately fades when you realize how light it is on content and game features. A textbook case of style over substance.
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  1. Battlefront: the base game might sell itself frustratingly short on variety, and it seems confused about exactly who its audience is, but its spectacle is such that I’ll spend the night inside a Taun-Taun’s tummy if it doesn’t get away with it.
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  1. Nov 18, 2015
    This will be another negative review but I want to give my view that is different from others. I preordered the game and have since refundedThis will be another negative review but I want to give my view that is different from others. I preordered the game and have since refunded it, and I played a lot of the beta. Yes, a singleplayer campaign would be cool but I don't think that is the main issue with the game at all. The game itself is where it falls short.

    The gunplay needs much more depth. It's just too simple. The only modifiers to the guns effectiveness is reduced damage at range, to the point where if you want to to long or even medium range shooting you have to use the sniper cards. At close range most guns will kill in a few hits, at longer ranges head shots will do around 10% HP.

    I don't know why this is.

    The other main issue I have with it is the random spawns. This game is called Battlefront, but there is no actual battle front if you know what I mean. You can clear an area only to have the enemy team randomly spawn behind you and the whole thing ends up feeling very spy-vs-spy.

    I really hate the direction they chose with picking up powerups off the ground. The vehicle controls are abhorrent. Strangely it seems like the targetting reticle is not actually zero'd at certain angles/ranges for nearly every vehicle. In turrets, the AT-ST, or AT-AT I would sometimes have to put the reticle well above an enemy's model to actually hit them close up or at some angles.

    I am generally pretty above average at the games I play, and my Origin profile gave me a 3.24 KDR on Battlefront before I refunded, but the game still felt very much like a spawn-and-die affair. Even with the quickly regenerating health, your shelf-life as a trooper seems like it's always going to be pretty damn short. It just feels like a McDonalds kind of gaming experience. There just doesn't seem like a lot of room for tactics and strategy, like the game was designed to keep the skill ceiling low to the floor.

    I think it's fine to appeal to casuals but I believe every successful MP game needs to be competitive to have any longevity. Why couldn't we have the current battlefront in a casual mode and then a hardcore mode with more in-depth mechanics to appeal to the competitive crowd? It's not for lack of interest, the most popular games are always competitive and e-sport like. Even if you don't like competitive MP you can't deny that.

    Even with its current simplified mechanics, if vehicles spawned on the ground, powerups removed, classes introduced into the game and the spawn system completely revamped to eliminate the spy-vs-spy spawning, supremacy and walker assault would be far superior.

    The other modes are extremely lacking though. Most of them are way too similar to offer any real value. Heroes vs Villains could have been cool, but in my opinion why is half the team made up of essentially fodder for the heroes? It's like playing that mode you have to take turns on having fun at all. You can't just play a hero. A whole new meta game could have came out of this mode but it the effort was a pretty big fumble. There is a lot of potential to make the heros have a lot of depth and a hero vs villains mode being very fun to play, perhaps even something along the lines of a MOBA, but it falls really short. The saber mechanics are pitiful and pretty much just end in one saber hero trying to stun-lock the other through spamming. The gunning heros are far better though and Boba Fett is really fun to play. Dice could have really expanded on this but again missed the boat.

    So to sum it up, this game should have been designed both around the competitive multiplayer and casual crowd instead of just a theme-park Star Wars shooter that gets old in a few hours. This game is salvagable in my opinion with a large patch that could revamp the controls, spawns, vehicles, weapon attributes, etc - but we all know that will never happen.

    So what we're left with is a lot of really pretty Star Wars assets that will probably end up in another game at some point. Maybe then us detractors will get something we want to play.

    This game is one giant missed opportunity. Dice threw in some pretty graphics, skinner box mechanics, and a little social engineering in the hopes of crafting EA a new money tree with the Star Wars name. That's all this is.
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  2. Nov 17, 2015
    People already saying the game is repetitive without having played for at least 1/2 hours, or even having the game. Just your typicalPeople already saying the game is repetitive without having played for at least 1/2 hours, or even having the game. Just your typical metacritic scum, I guess.

    To those interested in an actually useful review:

    This game is meant for the Star Wars fans. All the maps portray perfectly the landscapes, sounds, etc of the Star Wars universe. You just feel like you are there. While the gameplay is indeed shoot and gun (as all the FPS are), you have a sh*t ton of ways to play it. I had played the Beta for 20 hours. I admit I got bored in the end, but thats what happens when you play the same map and same mode for 20h straight.. The full release though has yet to bore me. I have played for about 7 hours straight since midnight and I always had tremendous fun with it. There are some various glitches which I witnessed but they were not enough to stop the fun I was having, sometimes it only boosted it a little! So if you want to have a good time, buy the game!
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  3. Nov 17, 2015
    Great graphics, great sounds, but complete lack of content, its empty, missing all key elements of previous battlefront and battlefield games.Great graphics, great sounds, but complete lack of content, its empty, missing all key elements of previous battlefront and battlefield games. And yeah the premium DLC pack has more content than the game itself Full Review »